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really special oh ah, starts a conversation about mandatory vaccines with the public about the controversial advice of the world health organization to countries amid europe wide protests against the introduction of compulsory jobs for certain groups also ahead of time. oh, on rest, down looting grips that fringed caribbean territory of guadalupe over a tough new coven restrictions fueling local hostility against the authorities in paris. and 11 people are killed in an explosion of a mind in the siberian region of camera. more than 30 minute remain on, accounted for search operation as being halted amid fears of new york.
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ah, live from moscow? this is our etc. my name's unit o'neill on 30 minutes of news and views start not the world health organization is urging countries to start a conversation about what it calls the very delicate monitor of mandatory vaccinations. it comes a day now after it's dark warning that europe's cobit debt told, could had to 1000000 by next spring through lessons of history here when mandates have come at the expense of trust and social inclusion. so it's very delicate. we think it's time to have that conversation, both from an individual and a population based perspective. it marks a clear you turned by the w h o. earlier this year, it said it did not support making jobs, compulsory stating it was best to focus on informing people,
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unmaking vaccines readily available. well, the latest spike in case numbers as prompted countries across europe to reimpose curbs. at lee greece and the czech republic, bardon vaccinated people from restaurants on entertainment venues, sweden and from sir, considering military booster jobs for people over 40 and spanish regions including catalonia, or limiting movement for vaccine hesitant citizens in germany as well, chancellor, in waiting all our shows says call for mandatory co, but shots daily case numbers they've had a record of 74000 with the debt tool. not passing 100000. the governments describe the situation of an emergency or europe correspondent peter oliver reports from berlin. was deep concern at the moment, and it's particularly when you look at those figures over the last 24 hours. the number of covert cases that have been reported to the robert cock institute, passing 75000 for the 1st time. also, germany reaching
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a san milestone as 100000 all over 100000. people have now died from cove at 19 in the country. we are in a period of governmental transition here in germany at the moment, says angular merkel steps down and all our schoultz looks likely to be the man that will be replacing her. now both governments have set the alarm bells ringing really when it comes to this latest wave of coven 19 the problem is obvious. we are heading for an emergency. the likes of which we have never seen before in this country. is that also the way out of this pandemic is that in institutions where especially vulnerable groups are cared for. vaccination is made mandatory. all i've shown they're talking about the idea of introducing mind the true vaccinations in certain situations. now it is a big question here, found elsewhere about why vaccine uptake is not being as, as prevalent as in german speaking countries. so basically germany and austria were
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looking around 69 percent 68 percent, whereas you look elsewhere that haven't part mandatory vaccinations. i'm talking about spain, italy, portugal well over 80 percent in portugal, 98 percent. so the big question is, why haven't people in germany, austria come forward to take up these jobs now in australia, they've said that they're going to introduce mandatory vaccination for everybody from february of next year. now polls being taken of people here in germany suggests that that would be reasonably a popular idea. the idea that vaccinations were made mandatory. the thing is is that there's a really bleak picture being painted for those that don't. a jump is the outgoing health minister yan spawn. the sign is written probably by the end of this windsor, as is sometimes cynically said, pretty much everyone in germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead. but it's true with the highly contagious delta. very,
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this is very, very likely, while the federal government here in berlin can sets an overarching covered policy, the individual 16 states that make up germany, they have the powers to be able to implement things as they see fit on the ground. and what that seen is a patchwork of, of methods that are being employed. if you're in states like bavaria, north ryan wistfully abandon borden bird, the rhineland palatinate and others. then you're pretty much barred from public spaces if you've not been vaccinated, can't prove that you've got a, a valid vaccination. all that you've recovered from covert 19 in the last 6 months . elsewhere like in the cities of hamburg and here in berlin, then you can get on public transport without being able to prove that you are vaccinated, recovered, or that you have a valid p c, r test. now we gauge the opinion of some people here in the german capital of what they make of the measures employed. i find it absolutely right, especially in the current situation, we must be very thorough. personally,
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i have no issues with this. as i want to have safety when getting from a to b c, it's similar. it's difficult for many when they did not want to get vaccinated, but still when t is public transport, they will have to find other ways to my friend. i find it in big device if ya, it's shocking how they are using case numbers to force us into another lockdown. miss deserter said we are 9 on the scale of $1.00 to $10.00 at the apocalypse. we are at 9, but that relates to the quality of our politicians and not to the situation that prevails on the ground. or we have a new government on the way and they are going to be facing huge challenges, whichever way you slice it when it comes to this latest a of the covey pandemic. now there is news coming out on thursday that the outgoing chancellor angle america had wanted to put the country into a 2 week lockdown that would have started from well thursday. today. however,
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it said be reported in those german tabloids that the incoming government led by all our shots. they have blocks, they said that's not the way they want to go. so it's not going to be locked downs . there is this huge problem with the 4th wave of coven 19 in germany. we're going to have to look to see what their plan is to tackle it. peter oliver, with germany's 4th coven, waive in full swing hospitals, are feeling the strain intensive carry units are running at full capacity. nationwide. frontline stuff for not only dealing with that but also the push for them to have monetary vaccinations to this is for nick von a few weeks ago there was discussion about making vaccination, compulsory foreign nurses. many employees are afraid since there are risks medical concerns that, that up against taking it. but the compulsory vaccination for all discussion has taken root. now because the virus spreading, hearing about compulsory vaccination for all meaning throughout the health sector
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and other industries is also not unprecedented. it was discussed a few weeks ago since it can be a fast way of containing the virus. the situation was already tense. before the pandemic. the workload is high in nursing homes and hospitals. it's not surprising that there is opposition of health workers have to get vaccinated by it, but vaccination was made compulsory for every one hesitancy could be reduced significantly. health workers would be less single doubt. and every one being in that together it would lead to broader acceptance. all this in turn would create high vaccination rate and increase the chances of containing the virus and subsequently hygiene related cove measures may finally be abolished. moreover, it's a chance to relieve the added pressure that health clinics and care facility staff are experiencing a nighttime curfew has been extended in the
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french territory of guadalupe by mid unrest over covered restrictions. riots have also spread to another caribbean island martinique. its rig nodded, longstanding hostility against the authorities in paris. all the french colonies are places where there is misery and violence, and this is going to remain like that. unfortunately, it was necessary to arrive at this point, but nonetheless, they were elected representatives who listened, but they were not able to understand what we had to say. i haven't even been meeting with locals, the prefect, a meeting with anybody, and they're ready. they are sending forces at the national, under marie intervention group, the $250.00 police officers and soldiers. where is this going? honestly, this also called the french government has already held crisis talks over the violence. it's even sent elite security forces to the islands in a been to take back control. now that came off,
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the shots were fired at police officers. you cannot use the health of the french people to drive political battles. public order must be maintained. there's a situation that is very explosive, which is linked to a very local context and to tensions we know of and that a historic, as well as to certain interests that seek to use this context and anxiety. the government is mobilized, while the politicians here in paris scratching their heads to find a solution as to how to quell those protests. the president of the department of guadalupe says the issue, the problems firmly at the doorstep of the french government were asking today to be treated in the same way as in metropolitan france. there are things that we can resolve quickly. we've always asked for support. i've given plenty of alert, sent letters, messages, and made calls. it is unacceptable. we've not seen any minister. and in fact, the last minister of the interior that we saw was bernard cason iv. i'm at mercy jones. the crisis that's flared up now in guadalupe is not only the results of the
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healthcare crisis, but also from france stepping back from its overseas territories 15 to 20 years ago . but now the vaccination campaign has become a spark that signal to the barrel of gunpowder. it's all the results of abandonment, its betrayal, and contempt towards our compatriots. from guadalupe guadalupe suffers from a high cost of living like other overseas territories, as well as such a shameful thing as a lack of access to drinking water. all of this lead people to run out of patience and give them violence is unacceptable and must be condemned. but it's obvious that we must fight the roots of the problem. general unease with this french state isn't just apparent on the other side of the atlantic over in the pacific ocean to another island, colonized by frances waiting to cast a vote for teacher one that could seem new caledonia, choose full independence. the result of that referendum in just a few weeks time is expected to be far too close to cool with so many issues
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rearing their heads in frances overseas territories. all at the same time, the government may be forced to focus on resolving then. and that could come at the expensive events here on the mainland. difficult decisions clearly lie ahead for president mccord. and at a time when he is pleading for a 2nd term in office, he's government inability to control events in so many parts of france, so only likely to raise questions about his ability to deliver the security. he's so often promised challenge even sky r t. paris, another big story, an update on it, french police have arrested 5 people in a cracked on, on human trafficking gangs after at least 27 migrants died, trying to reach the u. k. in inflatable dingey on wednesday. the toronto has also
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led to london and porous treating accusations over. we're responsibility lies u. k. home secretary, pretty battelle till the house of commons this afternoon. she'd outlined her po, sold to france and hard to resolve the crisis. by once again, the south made my offer very clear to france in terms of joint france and u. k. cooperation joined patrols to prevent these dangerous journey from taking place. there is also, madam deputy speaker. no quick fix. 27 people drowned and the english channel near car lay after their boat cap size, which marks the biggest loss of life in the english channel. 5 women and even a young girl and pregnant women were all among those gentle front since 1500 smugglers have been arrested. and around $44.00 smuggler networks dismantled. but that's simply not good enough. considering the latest statistics of nearly 26000
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people reaching british shoals just this year alone, which is triple that of 2020. now both sides of the channel are essentially blaming each other. we've long had a tit for tat war. was between boris johnson's government and dave emanuel microns as well. and now the french authorities are flat out, refusing to join in with that promise of a joint patrol mission on the shores, which by the way, the united kingdom put for 54000000 pounds for that mission. so they're all questions like, where is that money going and in any case, can you really store money after situation like this, a humanitarian crisis. now, while the french say that they've been working day and night to stop these crossing, however, just yesterday morning, a group of more than 40 asylum seekers were pictured carrying a dinghy towards the waters in that photograph french piece appeared to be standing by and simply doing nothing there all to the questions for the u. k. government as
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well because whatever the government has been doing, it's not good enough either. simply isn't working. we've had over the last few years, pretty much empty platitudes and almost aggressive slow and it's coming from the government, particularly from the home secretary press to patel view has around 3 years ago, said she would make these crossings an infrequent phenomenon. and more recently, she vowed to shut off the route entirely, making them on viable. well, despite this tragedy just yesterday afternoon, and indeed this morning, we've said more boats attempting to cross the english channel. the terrible weather expected in the next few days potentially is why many people are risking their lives across the english china because they feel this is almost their last opportunity for a while. but we've had from the head of the porton calla, and he said, this is something we were sure could happen. and even those on the rescue mission just yesterday said how, just,
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how many more people must lose their lives before the governments actually intervene to stop this to this is real group assassination. and then the situation we experienced today, we have been driving it for a long time. we have been sounding the alarm for a long time despite this humanitarian crisis. now, will the government actually do anything after years and now years of a worsening situation? still ahead on the program we look at, well, the opposed to merkel euro will mean for germany as a coalition deal is finally struck with a new chancellor and waiting that's coming up like a 2nd on morbus ah ah
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ah ah, you know that this is the 400 year anniversary of the very 1st thanksgiving. think about that 400 years of thanksgiving in north america. really an incredible miles down with
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. ah, it won't come back to the program on explosion out a coal mine in the central russian camera of a region has killed at least 11 people. however, it is feared the death toll could rise sharply amid reports that dozens of miners are still trop. this thursday southgate taylor can tell us more, what is it? in fact, no one at this stage? many were shocked on thursday when they woke up to the news that an incident had to cut in these type areas, city of camera, and that's in the center of rush on a flight from moscow to the east. we had that around 8 30 am local time, a coal mine exploded on the depth around 250 meters. now at the time of the blast, almost $300.00 people were underground. and finally, the majority of them managed to make an out safely. the big question here is what is going on with the 35 or so minus, who remain on accounted for local authorities about absolutely note communication
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with them since the incident took place. of course, people on the ground are trying very back to find out what is going on and very quickly off to the last. a much substance of course, appeared at the scene and they really spent the rest of the day trying to reach the remain us. while the miners who remain trapped we part you, they were backing incredibly heavy smoke. the latest update is unfortunately, those such rescue efforts have at least temporarily been put on hold. and not as because i was growing concerned that a 2nd explosion could take place imminently the cause of the dissolved at this moment. it's still yet to be established. a criminal probe has been launched, but preliminary findings suggests it cold off caught fire in the ventilation shaft and then smoke spread throughout the coal mine. we know that the russian president is aware of the situation that he has taught the regions governor with restarting those evacuation efforts. as soon as
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a safe corks are popping across the us today as the country marks thanksgiving day, but celebrations are muted, somewhat because of the backdrop of the highest inflation rate. in 30 years. it means that traditional turkey dinner is estimated to be almost 15 percent more expensive than last year. the inflation rate is seeing belts being tightened this holiday season, but don't fritz. we've got a short survival guide that gives you truth. hello, thank is given dinner, serving a paltry costs. $1.42 a. so been base dinner cost $0.66 and provides almost twice as much property with
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german finance minister, olive shaw says, said to become the nation's next chancellor, replacing angler. merkel bounce off for his party and 2 others are great to team up in what's been nickname, the traffic light coalition, referring to the parties colors. it took 2 months for the social democrats, the greens on the free democrats to agree on terms after september's election. the cd you party, which leads the outgoing government at this to say about the country's new leadership, different loc, the, the agreement that was presented today is relatively blunt. and in many parts it's vague and the parties for sort of the things they propagated during the election
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campaign would. despite the differences between the 2 main parties, olaf shaw says stance on foreign policy is seen as close to that of. busy anglo merkel and judging by the new coalition agreement relations with moscow are unlikely to see drastic change. russia is an important international plan. we understand the importance of substantial and stable relationships, and we continue to strive for them. we're ready for constructive dialogue. we will take into account different threat perceptions and focus on a common and coherent a new policy towards russia. last cross live now to frank christian hanson, who's a member of the berlin parliament for the alternative for germany party to like to have you on today. so we have a governing coalition, it appears, but your party wasn't in the reckoning at all to have a share of power despite having won almost as many votes as the f d. p. did you expect to be sidelined completely?
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yes, unfortunately. yes. i think we have the solutions for the future of germany, the other stones, and that's why they want to keep us out of any form of responsibility, which is not good for our country. actually. what do you think then this coalition can deliver for germany doesn't represent a major change of direction for the country. when i think basically, the merkel government will sort of continue because mrs. merkel and actually did made the policy, which were also already green program. you know, she had to turn in the energy in the energy policy. she made a shift in the migration policy and all the problems you had today due to her governing 16 years and will remain it's getting worse in that sense that that would be my mom i creation due to the greens. there will be more energy problems due to
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the greens and they wish to foster a renewable energies with wind and, and that's all our energy which will not work. we will probably soon back out on a major scale. so i think the merkel will continue to be even vers was speaking of the greens. they are the junior partner in the coalition, but they've been given some pretty heavy duty. ministerial roles haven't a high well deserved are those appointments. well, 1st of all, they have to be asked to be several hours because it's still in the paper. it's not coming to reality yet. so it's not sure whether they will get post. they want to have, of course, they have a very big role in the new government. and it's, it's much, it's, this new government will be much more ideological than it was ever before. and this
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would be a big problem because we have not solved our big, massive like migration policy, like citizenship, policy, energy problem, for the currency problem. and the new coalition, they want to form it's european superstate. they are not going to re nationalize what we want to do, what people have wanted to regain serenity on our budget and so on there, it will deepen the european union to a super state and that's not what we want. that's not good for our country. one policy that said, i think any, we're looking from abroad that's gone under the radar it's, it's not a given, but it's being tight. it is making it easier for people to become germans. citizens who essentially without having to give up their other nationalities. what was your response when you read? when this is typically for the end because they want, you know, the new migrations migration compact international migration compact,
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which germany also signs against our proposal from a se, which we would never have wanted to have assigned. this is to invite all the road actually to come to german need and take part of the social system. this is why the people who come the people don't come force item. lot of the majority come into into european union, be it by better. most of poland, they do not come to spain or they come to germany because they normally had the great social system and they want this money. so, and they want to legalize this migration apothecary already. and this is very dangerous and this will make german nation lose power and lose its own separate entity in the future. ok, the views of frank christian hudson, berlin n p from the alternative for germany party. thank you
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care. i want to bring you a little bit more now before we go with a break on our new story today. from the central russian region of cameras which a bluffs there has killed at least 11 people, the latest media reports just all communications have been lost. with a unit of rescuers who went underground to save $35.00 at miners who are believed to be trapped after an explosion under ground at we know that earlier the search operation was temporarily halted over fears of renewed explosions. but with a number of hours i go, the cause of the blast is not yet known. a criminal probe has been launched into it . so at that use again, just that in the mind, blast in the central russian region, camera, 11 people dead and communications. last, with dozens more miners, underground any and all updates on this and breaking news story we will of course,
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bring it to you later. alright, a thanksgiving thursday. visit to the kaiser report studio next max and stacy reflect on the things they're grateful for. from hyper bit colonization to hyperinflation. it's a fast, especially with a different me the when i would show the wrong one, i'll just don't get to see out the thing because the aptitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground and
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people is so thing they can't ride on police reports in all caps in december 2020, a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so like if people organization, if an idea that is a must be opposed, channel out the gate while they may kill their faces. but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to united states has gotten reuben, this is a chance to see who on t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right. and say that my life matter, i have to be on to the teacher. that's all america is we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in good
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patty, this is the kaiser report. i max kaiser, did you know that this is the 400 year anniversary of the very 1st thanksgiving? think about the 400 years of thanksgiving in north america. really incredible milestone stacy. right. well, the very 1st thanksgiving was in 1621 and plymouth, massachusetts monitored a plymouth massachusetts, and it wasn't called thanksgiving. then it wasn't called thanksgiving until under abraham lincoln in the 18 sixty's. you know, we're going to look at some of the things we're thankful for this year. and i'm going to focus on the h word. i'm going to focus on hyperinflation. hyper hardship and hyper bitcoin ization, they all go together. so let's 1st i guess talk about the hyperinflation because that was the big h word of 2021. it started, i guess with michael berry,
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he before he made.


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