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tv   News  RT  November 26, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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ah ah, i didn't do anything special. i simply battle for my life. every person in my situation would have done the same. birth was oroscoe's miraculously found alive and a siberian colma, and after being presumed dead, a criminal probe has now been opened into thursday's explosion, which claims more than 50 lives. a new strain of cobra is identified in south africa. robert fears that could prove far more infectious than previous there and spoken to the head of the rushing investment fund, which was i was seeing the rollout the sputnik maxine, the new variable force has to be started. and we need to see how addition comes exists and exchange ideas in your area. so it shouldn't be about em. are they monopoly? it should be about portfolio of different extreme technologies and to stays up in the market for answering the english channel. the french president is insane. is the author the british prominence that took the twitter to let to paris about the
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crisis? ah love for moscow. thanks for joining us tonight. arthur international and daniel hawkins worthy was this evening. welcome to the program that we begin this soon. usa with the 1st pictures of a rescue who's found alive after thursday's deadly mon explosion in siberia, which claimed the lives of 51 people he'd been presumed dead. or these are his 1st words off to his miraculous savant. but he saw notice, alexander, how do you feel? i'm doing great. we'll show you the steps. are you able to see better now? yeah, better. where would you say, you said where all bursting with pride, that it all went well? you're like. well why i didn't do anything special. i simply battle for my life.
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and every person in my situation would have done the same good job. but what i wanted to get well soon i guess was film if he was being taken to hospital in an ambulance. i spend the night trapped under the rubble. his family had already lost hope of seeing him alive. even posted a line about remembering ceremony for him. the doctor say the rescue his life is not in danger. that whose condition is serious? the whole of the tragedy now stands at 51 people with a recovery operation now forced to halt because this phase of another explosion as rude to please sir. let me share some great news. while the rescue teams were working in the mind facing all the risks down there, one rescuer was found alive. he's one of our medics who was saving people right there. this wish him health present boulden has issued an award for the 6 rescuers including the recovered person. the other 5 will receive pos, humorous awards. all this is nothing short of a miracle. one of the rescue workers who was presumed dead as of this morning,
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has unexpectedly turned up, alive, reported, leaving, coming out to the rescuers on his own. he was one of those 6 missing rescuers who were declared yesterday to have not made it out of the mind when the operations was, were for to a halt. now this is obviously giving hope to the relatives of the victims at as of this point, there are now $51.00 victims. ah, instead of 52, that was initially reported earlier this morning. but unfortunately, the authorities say that there's probably not much chance that they will find any more survivors. this is wanted of a kind miracle. as a matter of fact, the rescuer himself is right now in stable condition. however, it's important to know just how unusual to says, especially given the chaos and the devastation that was going on in that mine. a quick breakdown of what happened is basically that almost a full day ago at 9 am on thursday local time. there were reports of an explosion
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and smoke spreading throughout the mine. at that point, there were 283 people working there and most of them managed to survive. one of the survivors actually spoke to us and describe the chaos of that situation. we pulled out the saw blade, then we heard a loud bang and that was it. we couldn't see anything there was guess everywhere. those who could drop to the floor and put on their self rescue devices. those who were able to came out, and those who couldn't, didn't. now behind me is the mine were this all had and we've been here all morning and throughout the entire day, relatives of the victims have been pouring in to 1st of all, received the final word on the fate of their loved ones and pick up some personal belongings, things like keys, they're cars from clothes and what have you. obviously there were all the family members were all very, just try. these are the wives of the mothers, the daughters, the sons,
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close relatives of these miners who unfortunately died here. now obviously people want answers at this point and a criminal investigation has been launched into what led up to this tragic accident . and already there been some arrests made, namely, the head of the mining organization, his deputy, as well as the person in charge of this particular mine. also, there were 2 safety inspectors arrested, who apparently carried out a safety inspection of this particular this exact mine just a week ago, a week before this tragic accident. now while that criminal investigation is still ongoing, obviously people want answers and hopefully we'll receive more of them in the near future. however, right now the thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones in this incidence. and hopefully, maybe despite the unlikely in us of it that more survivors could actually turn up. but i would just have to wait for that other highly infectious co restraints,
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but identify this time in south africa, the world tell jose sions can read an emergency meeting to discuss the potential risks of what's been labeled super mutant. very. the 1st case of it in europe has not been registered in belgium in while we've spoken to the head of the russian direct investment fund, which is i was seeing the global distribution of the sporting vaccine. it has a range of different jobs, is key to fighting the panoramic i think it's very important to investigate because in your very out a so far student has shown to be incredibly effective against all of the different mutations and we will share some good data, hopefully a little bit later on a greater efficacy against delta marion. so the new variant of course, has to be started. and we need to see how efficient as exists and mixing site games in your area. but also we can really quickly about vaccine when you very and if needed. and we believe that different council report folio different vaccines. we
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see is a monopoly walls. and we're in a vacuum in europe failed to protect europe. so it shouldn't be about emma in a monopoly. it should be about the board fully or different extent acknowledges include in russian vaccines, chinese vaccines, other vaccines from britain astrazeneca is very good. and all this report folio different vaccines can countries like themselves? molyneux variant has also been found in botswana and hong kong since 1st being detected in some africa scientist site as an unusually high number of mutations and they've described it as the worst. so for british microphones has talked to some and clock outlined what scored experts. so worried one has accumulated quite a few mutations interesting parts of it, spike protein. the spite of course is sort of like the virus is key on its surface and it's cut itself a new key. essentially, this version of the virus and the antibodies that are raised against the vaccines
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and 11 has to be section, might not work against this new version of the key. similarly, this new key might be bit more active and allow for better transmission of the virus between persons person. just because the transmit more readily does not mean the course that, that people are going to be sick. but if you have more people even less sick, potentially then the burden on your health service, your health system could be greater. meanwhile, discussions about a vaccine mix and match approach as a way to maximize the effectiveness of shots is circulating in the medical community with separate clinical trials on different shot combinations currently being held in pakistan on the u. k. and as well as young the head of the russian direct investment fund, again thinks partnerships between the vaccine manufacturers are going to prove vital moving forward. we provide a longer term solution. we believe the partnership between emma and they have
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exchange and then the viral machine will just put, nick. so i chose johnson and johnson astrazeneca provides a long being you'll response that would allow to avoid spikes is a, be a seen right now in europe in the us. because emma and they and then the vital partnership will provide full on community. and just and we're in a technology we for example, in columbus trials in argentina showed that it's nick, like sheen increases into borders into cell responses sooner. foreign vaccine and times. and today we had the great meeting was our chinese colleagues on the investments to think about joint award on different maybe combination of maxine, so we open to partnerships and we believe that different restrictions are based on vaccine ah, approvals are wrong that a difference function certificate should be interchangeable and acceptable. so i think the world needs to comp understanding that it's not so much about extreme brand. it's about the level of anxious boy, this is a truly mattress,
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is sometimes very individual response of people how quickly declines for different people. so, but really we need to put aside political and appropriate cheering motives, a site and award to much better, a global community, you know him, unity for global community, different function manufacturers together to solve the big problem with the world. war of was wrapped in between france and the u. k. following wednesdays, tragedy in english channel, in which $27.00 migrants drowned, the french president lashed out at boris johnson for resorting to social media to demand paris. take back those who make them. they think he was crossing auntie, shall newman's k. takes up the story. president michael now we are having that blistering attack directly at the u. k. prime minister boris johnson. this follows i just a fuel was after we found out that the french interior minister had essentially barred his u. k counterpart from coming to a meeting over the weekend where the current migrant crisis was due to be discussed
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. that means pretty patel will not be there. to represent you, k as frocks meets other countries, such as belgium and the netherlands to find out how they can stop this crisis from continuing this, all of course results following a tragedy. earlier this week in which 27 people lost their lives. when they dingey capsized as they were trying to cross over the english channel. now, boris johnson published this letter on twitter, which was talking about cooperation. what could be done between the 2 countries that has really irked france at president mac korn, saying that, you know, this is absolutely unacceptable. this is what else he had to say. just future creed emitted, i'm surprised by these methods, says they're not serious. one leader does not communicate with another on these questions via twitter or an open letter. well, that letter from boris johnson, the you case, as a kid doesn't regret publishing it on
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a social media site. and it says that it was published in the spirit of cooperation . so what did the latter say that really irked france? well, one of the things that boss johnson suggested is that british police could patrol with french police here on french soil in a bid to eliminate this problem. and even worse, which really has put people's backs up, is boyce olson suggested that any migrants that reached the u. k from france should be sent back. i propose that we put in place of bi lateral re admissions agreement to allow all illegal migrants who crossed the channel to be returned. you know, the situation between the 2 countries has been pretty for now. for some time. they have been arguing over several issues, but this really marks a serious decline in the relations france for its part has made lots of accusations against the kates as the case for too attractive for migrant. that's why people are risking their lives to cross the english channel. it says cache. and it for hand
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jobs are which are on the black market, are much easier to get hold of. and while people make asylum applications and waiting for the results that they are often given shelter, they given access to medical care and they given money such as around 40 pounds a week they sit says is part of the problem. now the u. k. for its part says look, we're in the middle of titling our rules at the moment. this is a law we're trying to pass at the moment. which would mean that if you're an asylum seeker and you put in a claim, but you entered the u. k. illegally that will be looked at on favorably on your application. however, there are some that said that doesn't go far enough and they called for a repeal of the human rights act. the reader of the house has already mentioned the buddha's bill, but i fear that we won't be able to give back full control of our immigration of solemn policy unless we scrub the human rights act. now the u. k says, look, what france is trying to do is essentially, it puts in a bad situation as
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a result of all of these arguments that the 2 countries are having in this post breaks it, period it says prompt is going slow and not doing enough to stop migrants from leaving it shows on these terribly and ended treacherous conditions. it says that it seen record high asylum seekers. they haven't been at this level for around 20 years. and in the last 11 months, more than 25000 people have crossed successfully over the channels. it says france just simply isn't doing enough. now the friendship reacted to that and said, look, it's pretty impossible to monitor. every meter of coastline in northern france is something like 300 miles long. they say, you know, people hide behind some deans, it says it's doing whatever it can. now they were full cause for cooperation between the 2 nations as a result of that tragedy early this week. but what we are now seeing instead is
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what is turning out to be a serious diplomatic weft. president joe buttons delivered his thanksgiving speech with the message, america's back, but it was all from a typical national holiday with an ongoing pandemic cat inflation 3 decade high. now looking at how soaring prices of affected the celebrations, his husky tailor this thanksgiving, it wasn't the touchy hoping for a pardon, but the president, because at this point, the only thing that's not been hit by a patient us. i'll biden's ratings, but don't worry because his right hand woman has a slight grasp of the issue. prices have gone up. yes, they have probably why. camilla decided to take advantage of a walk trip to paris to drop a cool, full $100.00 on a single cooking pot. so much better than over paying back home. now the average american though decided to reuse lost his pope for this yes, turkey to keep the price of the thanksgiving meal down. but it still ended up
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costing 20 percent more than in 2020. but maybe if they'd listen to the mainstream media's top tips, they could saved a dollar or 2, perhaps forgo the turkey. bear with me, i know that is the staple of the thanksgiving meal. however, some people think turkey is overrated. and so it's tends to be the most expensive thing on the table. maybe you do an italian feast instead. now if you'll shorten ideas where to buy things, your cheap italian se i recommend puppy into your local branch of the dollar tree web. every item costs you guessed at a dollar for 35 years, that is been inflation popped along and it's now the $1.25 tree which might sound unprecedented and very, very bad. but actually, you know, inflation is nothing more than biden's enemies spreading rumors, blood, talk about inflation and i, thing from you. but in general, out there has been, uh, it's become a political huddle. and while spending all your savings on
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a holiday meal might seem a big deal, you're really losing sight of the bigger picture here. they didn't really appreciate that. within a year the bite administration has passed 2 major pieces of legislation through both of the house and the senate. now i wonder if the truckers have just been mandated vaccination amid a supply chain crisis. historic sorts of troy does appreciate biden. although i see that this winter will probably see that energy bills jump by up to 50 percent, or those who might have noticed a cold christmas. but it don't want to. people who are monitoring the electric grid are incredibly concerned about brown outs or black out. and wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, in the future or now. now and yes by did, did release some ext oil barrels to fight rising energy prices, but some think he's just covering up the real problem. his own energy policy.
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that's why 14 states suit biden for stopping oil and gas. he says, you know, make us want him to reopen the keystone pipeline and unions that backed him in the elections. now site, you regret it. generally, there are too many fans of his all that in green thing president by was energy policy is both weak and dom but just is carmella has got a handle on inflation. the energy secretary knows her stuff, so don't worry. how many barrels of oil did you consume per day? i don't have it given how well things are going. it's really little wonder that biden's piney a 2024. we run. if you wanted to celebrate thanksgiving this year with only foods that had risen of price the last year, you could have hotdogs, she's lettuce and cookies. so even beyond the economic and financial effects of inflation in prices, roy, individual, stealth action as tremendous social pictures role is devastating. the by the administration is far more worried about making sure the blame is cast on the
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previous administration. as opposed to addressing the actual causes a better thing right now would be for the government to to observe some sort of fiscal. busy and monitor sobriety and low prices are go back to where they were before the pandora. but it seems like, as has been said many years by democratic politicians are, they're not going to let a good christ is going to waste. and they're going to take every opportunity they can to get the sorts of policies and sorts of platforms pass to while they still carry on a side note to that story, the one house has revealed was bought himself 8 for thanks giving on the money was time roasted turkey. grandma jacobs. savory staffing and an impressive row for dessert including comply and softly ship ice cream. so no luck ost turkey. substitutes for the commander in chief you'll be pleased to hit the curtains fallen on a costly production of the famous nutcracker. ballet in berlin. this year before
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and even been raised, that's amid fees. the $1500000.00 euro show would be deemed as racist over the representation of oriental characters. new nuggets aren't i? milk is current there. i number of possibilities. i see you did not show any thing, but that can't be right. or you can say that you changed the context. that is here, look at everything and perhaps identify programmatic parts of a work. you have to interpret question and reassess the work because society has changed. this is the time when the work was created was a long time ago, and that is the problem with historical performance art. in today's society, people see many things differently and have re evaluated them though. i think that is also our task. so no cancel culture, but a lot of accompaniment analysis and considerations for li, traditional production is now going back to the drawing board. sir. key scenes facing the ax include a chinese dance that described as representing a stereotypical image of the country and another in which
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a horem of ladies former with the. so louis is wearing a so whom black face makeup that smooth prompted plenty of reaction. ah crazy, no. not crocker. in the berlin state ballet. nothing works in the failed state. berlin, except idiotic identity politics. berlin will become the capital of absurdist. done . people the production works. stop the use of black face and it's good. the nutcracker, per se, is not the problem, is the fatal decision against this masterpiece. go exactly. basically, i would leave the pieces as they are and possibly write comments in the program guide. will see certain things differently to day than in the past. in 30 or 40 years, people will judge what we do to day, just as critically as we do to day about the past. you have to live with that history changes. i think it's totally absurd to demand that historical documents, books of place be like us to day. that's what it comes down to. we criticize
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everything that is different from what we think to day. then you can't use artwork or literature from the past at all. they thought differently from us in the future . they will think differently from the way we think to day. you have to tolerate that stock. the russian republic, if that austin has become a country's 1st region to require cobit immunity, pauses on public transport. the moves been met by a lot of local resistance, but dozens of people gather an agree tional capital because i lost my closing authorities to scrap than you restrictions. locals now have to present a q r code showing vaccination or code recovery before boarding a bus will train or fall russia. this only applies to the store and it's up to each region to decide on its own rules. egos done of reports from prison, were in a region that has some of the strictest anti coven measures in place. and all of russia, cafes, and bars have to shut down at 11 p. m. that's as visitors. to get in to show
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a special q r code showing that they're immune to coven 19. without this q r code. all of the public transport except for taxis, is off limits for you as well. and this latest restriction, well, it did not sit well with the locals. i don't work with walker, but it will not be a problem with, with the winning. wonderful. so on average, across russia, some 50 percent of its population has been immunized against coven 19. but this republic, the republic of toughest on, is lagging behind with its 44 percent. so this is cited as the reason as to why the authorities have decided to go will quite nuclear with the measures. i'm calling with a fellow which is a low, it's become very hard. the pressure on the conduct has, has doubled it. first i conduct to must check the q r code and only then give
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a ticket, of course, arouse and scandals because of this. and our cases of physical assault or buses and trams have been turned into health pos, only zoe's the unvaccinated have been left in a state of ultimate uncertainty. so among those people who did not get the vaccine in time, all who do not intend to get one altogether. among those people, there's plenty who simply do not have a car. so commuting to work for them has become a huge problem. but apparently they have been organizing online with the drivers who have been eager to help and give them daily lifts to work. and right now we're on our way to leave one of them. the 1st person we're about to meet is only one of almost $10000.00 members of the telegram chat drivers. and one of the passengers used to find each other. oh, well, it's not hard for me to give someone a lift because many people got into a situation where they don't have a q r code and they can't get to work. and taking a taxi's extremely pricey. i picked up a woman the other day, she had to pay
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a 1000 roubles to get to work. this is a very high price focus. i have you received a job yourself? well, yes and vaccinated. we do usually give a lift to the same people. no, each time there is a different person. i feel sad for them. so i'm trying to say they're able to take the elderly to hospital and sometimes there are people who can't take their kids to hospital because they have no cure code. far from every one left without a q r code are hard line, anti faxes, some have medical conditions preventing them from getting vaccinated. some have received only the 1st jab of the to required and are still waiting for the jew date of their next shot. others though, have more inventive reasons, is there to look them up? i think this should be a universal covert vaccine for the whole world. it doesn't matter what it's called . the idea is our bill. it's charles to washington or new york with his vaccine and the corresponding q r code. good. now if i get vaccinated here, cousin, i will receive a q r cuz it's only valid in russia and i won't be able to go abroad with it. if the w
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h o registers this brittany, the jap would you agree to get it if you want, why not? if the certificates i guess is valid world wide, i usually go to work on public transport. but on monday i left home and couldn't go anywhere. i had to take a taxi and the prices were really high. my car wasn't really being used, so i decided if there are people struggling, why not help someone who really needs it? but not everyone is excited about the idea of this makeshift anti vax taxi service . here with all these anti vaccination groups, only make things worse than you are. it is sad that we still have covet by up to it . these are people who have nothing else to do other than to join in the groups. yet i'm guessing a job is a personal choice. so going, but auntie vox groups are just wrong. we've got local authorities have already loosened the lockdown, clamps a bit. people with an official medical discharge of those in between jobs will be eligible for a q r code. a change to the rule said introduced initially. when the prevails, i seen
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a decrease in the passenger traffic on public transport on monday traffic nosedive as much as 30 percent on tuesday, we had a 5 percent decrease, but russia's president vladimir putin has been repeatedly stressing that the vaccination must remain voluntary. but at the cost of a very unpopular measure, local authorities here have attempted to make it economically crippling to keep a vax in free lifestyle. i'm a guest on of reporting for ot see those are the headlines for this. our just stay with us next for boom, boston just a few, but it's time to see when i all back and off and out with the latest through join us again that ah ah, but, and i make no, you know, born is just like to tease and
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you fresh as a merge, we don't have a terribly, we don't to look back. see, the whole world needs to take action to be ready. people are judgment. come with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together with the you is in the process of finalizing what is being called this strategic compass for security and defense. this is shorthand for what may become an
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e u army. this is not a new idea. and there is no guarantee that will ever come about is europe capable of defending itself in this competitive world? and here is no thing. they can't ride on police report. it's an all cash in december 2020. a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so like if people, organization, if an idea that is a must be a ppo, is that you can't allow the gate while they may come with that. but he says, but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states as gotten reuben. this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are. in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter have to be on to the teeth that, that, that's all americas. we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we
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can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in with this is been by someone business, so you can't afford to mess. i'm ready to. why that and i bridge a boy and watch it coming up. we have a very special program for you today covering public debt. the united states has seen it get skyrocket at the debt to g d p ratio. if it's highest level, since world war 2 will go over, who hold that debt and what could happen if the nation default. and it's not just for us global public that has risen to nearly $300000000.00 of government worldwide have injected massive amounts of stimulus into their economy in response to the curb. and they can damage we on the panel on the economist on.


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