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tv   News. Views. Hughes  RT  November 26, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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critical race theory where race is critical to your theories and, and so by definition, this is the only way that they can see any issue in america. it, everything is about race. math is now racist. grammar is now races, according to these people to whom race is always critical to their theories as the headlines for their so as they soon with us here, naughty for news, views hughes in just a few moments time. we're back can often i will let us join us again that oh, i use to form the double membranes structures which are like sax, which capture the portion of either plasm and then deliver them to all the incinerator with the license for degradation. so that's what we'll talk to
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the americans are projected to train close to 200000000000 dollars this year on travel during the holiday. but while the cars to go over the hills and through the woods might be higher this year, no matter your means of transportation, the uses and the timbers are much shorter. we will discuss how airlines are handling the crowds and doesn't really passengers as some wonder if the industry is really prepared to handle the holiday rush. also, another statue has been removed from a city hall this time, thomas jefferson joining a list of over 100 confederate statues from there were torn down just last year. but it's more polls remained for statues from every period american history leading back all the way to her founding to be removed. will there be any left standing and is it fair to judge history with mom and a standard? i am going to use and we're going to give you the $360.00 view of these issues on
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this special panel edition of news use use right here on our to america. ah, or maybe it is your desire to get out of the house, or maybe your emission to see loved ones who you have missed over the past 2 years . but if you are looking to travel this holiday season, you're not alone. triple a expect more than 10 percent normal will be hitting the. however, the biggest surge actually happens in airline travel, which is estimated to be more than 80 percent more than just the previous year. and more traverse than flight means, the potential for more stressful situations between travelers and airline staff. are some of the problem is being created preventable by the airlines are benefiting some while putting others unfairly at odd manage. reduce our panel, former n t s b official, jamie finch hillary for which of a straw mark l c n n. martin,
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publisher of pro american report dot com. thanks for joining me on this conversation. i have no doubt of him going to be a lively one considering the last 10 minutes before it was ro. i'm sure they're gonna bring that fire here. jamie, i wanna start with you on this, you have a background in the airline industry. let's start with the airlines. you know, we have seen continued abuses that have been happening. of those are the staff. now you have this influx of passengers are the airlines and back up ready to go at full force and able to handle this rush. i'm hoping that they are, i mean they think they've been trying to ramp up with your staff and with, with planes or work. they just take some time. and also they're having delays on the place that they were expecting to have the, from the oldest that they were replacing, which was the $737.00 max. and those are backed backlog into, in being delayed in delivery. so they're really trying to do their best, but i think they're going to have to just mark down and deal with it. you know, people are so many people traveling like jefferson or well and they're allowed to buy flaring but also goes the idea of price increases because it's not cheap. now
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granted, in the past there's been sales, but hillary this time, how is this year any different? the prices seem to be the same and if it's not what caused that influx? i know gas prices on the road are a lot higher. yeah, absolutely. and pleasure to be back to you and just to add to what jamie was saying, i mean that giving tie quando and crockett classes to some of the students. so i think that might help and, and them though, but koby, the ceo of united airlines were saying actually that it will be about 55 percent more expensive to travel. a couple of factors you're right, absolutely about the off. the fuel buying, of course, has now released some of the strategic petroleum reserve a little bit too late, a little too late. i'm not really going to help those prices, but a few things. also the staff that they let go, and the staff that they put on follow during the pandemic, because although they had government funding to help them through that period, they actually didn't realize how quickly travel would rebound now it's vaccinations, travel is up to such a great extent there was a huge demand and that having quite
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a few problems, getting the staff to come back. so what are they doing? they're inducing them with extra pay extra overtime pay. also a lot of the maintenance staff actually for the airlines, the maintenance staff is put on a lot of extended full load and they've actually had to induce them back. so you've got these higher cost on the staff side, as well as the cost of the fuel very well to compound in practice. that's logistics, but well, but also we have a, we have a couple of problems. one is, a lot of people have use this. pandemic to get control. get excited about it. i mean, i never had that we call the air host. this is don't call air hosts, do it or host the yeah, that's not a lot. but all the sudden the mass got to be on you. the story is a mass drops down over your nose and you get somebody over and says, get that up, right? and, and your neighbors upset the tension on flights after you haven't been on flights for awhile. or, you know, you actually have been flying through the pandemic. people don't handle it. well,
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people will handle a mask on, well, i'm vaccinated. i'm booster here i am. i got to where the mask, my neighbor is going to complain. she's got a masks on, she's wearing a hero. i want to know enough. i don't want. i want to try that. you are allergic, so we're going to have pretzels and i can't get my 3rd jack daniels. it's going to be one of the 2nd one i've got a mom i but that's one thing. one thing is the power of the, of the, of the workers and they have a problem, right? it's a tough thing, but i do think it's people are grumpy, right? holidays are hard and i think people are going to be grumpy or that yet. it was one thing. remember the pin number, you had the seat empty between you that was like, this is a now this stacked on top the and they got 8 masks on on, you know, i think it's going to be really interesting to see, you know, who has just come out of that little hole. so who would have been cooped up? yeah. and they've been all used to actually even socialization or interaction around that way. i think we need to put it in that country through like a nice a nice them for a nice class and make remind everybody. i mean, i can make people mean i'm ending on depending on what it
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is. okay, so when you look at this travel costs you investigations, i've gone into initiated for unruly passengers. there has been a problem between what the, how the passengers are acting and how the staff is acting. some say, like you said, some say it's those below your nose and you might get and you have a local agent. they've also on short lifted, it definitely has gone up. that means a lot of these reasons don't make sense. you know, when you're waiting in line, you're on top of each other to check in your waiting line to go through to say, and then i know they go into an nfl football game and they're all going to be next week and good. everybody right next, you know they're, you're taking it off and of course the person next week comes in with a big goal and a sandwich in the whole time there does munching around on it. like how is this making sense? does that have any part and you think in the frustration that passengers a whole is a combination of all of it? i mean, you know, people have just been like this that you said they've been taught at home. they've had, you know, where you mash the old now you don't have to where you mess. nope. put us back on
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in there. pissed off about that and it's become very politicized. and, and it's just not fun to travel anyway. you know, play a practical matter. did they, did the planes adjust with filtering? i've heard that the plaintiff always say planes are actually one of the safest places. and yeah, the uh, the hipaa filters, it circulates the entire cabin with every 2 or 3 minutes. all the air. if you are then you're right, that's what i'm saying. so yeah, my point is i don't have a place to relax. i mean i, i was i, a few days ago on the present. we're not going to do mask in d. c, at a day or 2 ago, i should say, and he said, you know, you can if you want. well, if the hipaa was so good at best needs to relax, well, you know, it should be like the quick engineering to get on the bottom of the air. couple sort of puts more sleep. okay. i don't know if i want to write on that one, but it might work for you there is we make sure the air and the pilots in their chamber at least you know, i do have to talk about the airline staff here because they are able to build this
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list right now of unruly power that are not able to fly anywhere. but guess what? every industry has rude people right now. they're not able to build a list. okay? so what is the difference here if you had a fairly, say, because you're putting a plane in the air, 35000 feet at risk, and that this is deadly serious when you are disturbing the safety of a plane, i think has done a test for job of going after these things, not doing what they need to do as far as going after it's and prosecuting these people are not having their mass down or somebody up or having confrontations in the car or continuing on a diet. i don't have your match. yes. every, as you go after that, no, i mean, the only thing about behavior, i think it's exacerbated. now that's the issue. it's been multiplied and exacerbated, and he was rude and united actually point out the pointed out, he said listen, we would love to share our list with the other airlines. that unfortunately the government won't let us do that. government regulations, what govern regulations and the union did not make says why can i fly on united but
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you're banned from there? i'm just going to go book my flight on delta. why is it there a unified list of no fly limits in his role as well? the units are another part of the units decided, but when you're talking about logistics, i'm trying to get the people being able to fly wherever the logistical issues i've grown. the weather, i guess i've not been able to like what part or is it these outside organizations playing? well, i'm look, i'm, i'm and i check to decide easy lists. he's listen in general. i think you should be able to, as you say, if someone does something wrong to the extent to crime or charge him after that you got to be able to have a bad day. and i and i that the weight of the industry plus, frankly, i don't think we're transitioning to say, could it be more useless, right? could ts say, be more useless. everyone. i could get you into a better mood to get on the plate a time. they get on there. what is it again, on the way to look at the guy, the person with me before you get on the plane a and that's i'm in your still tell you it is
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a lot of to because i have clear as well, you go to clear and the 1st thing you get is a big smile. they do the same thing, but they're absolutely delightful. it all comes down to the training, the ts, a people could be just as delightful if they were trying to. i see those clear people, you know, big money people go pay a lawyers in there, you know, just wait. but you know, it's, but that's the thing you had to pay for to ya. now you have these alpha once again, is this dividing america? yes, it's already expensive to travel, but we don't know why you're at tech, but you're talking about if i get band, guess what? if i'm rich, i'm gonna go private. do my own play. yeah, it's on that side and then that's fine. is there a crash? you're open and the industry has taken off as travel actually chattering plant and they getting into groups and they're doing so. yeah. what again that divide, they go straight. so they the idea about this no fly list is forever. there's not a, hey, in 5 years, 10 years, we might, that should, should be by degree of what you did if you did something really, really bad in 5. but if not, but again, the common sense in these lines that are making them and that, that frustrate on that goes with it. well, i think that, you know,
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if you did something that was moderate until, or, you know, maybe for a free period but not for the rest of your life. but also i think that other private industries, retail, everything, if they weren't bad, some people because of poor behavior. other they should be able to do that because they have dodges to responsibility to making sure their business is going well, their responsibility to their customers. and we actually are sure that they are okay and safe. so i think that's a well, let me bring up the next one. the next question is, can you, what are they doing with vaccinated? can you get on a plane vaccinated? right now? i and i get on a different flight. so obviously i thought there was one for that you either had to show a test and a negative test within 20 international or have internationally. but right now, anybody are we going to get to the point where vaccinate cards are going to be shown? yes, i'm look at it and then that scared, especially for when you go to that filter on the list or you want to list because you're on the back side. does that count as bad behavior for you could be? yeah, see, the government control does a divergent i. when i was checking vaccination cards, well,
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to sit on the stage. once they made me other kind of cards and then natural immunity is even stronger over stay in that side of it. i have my medical doctor check you guys up next time after the break. would you like to own one of the 1st draft of the u. s. constitution? don't jump it that way. i know your answer. you actually want to purchase it in case some day. it faces the same 8 as many statutes of america's past. we're going to discuss with ah
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ah the you is in the process of finalizing what is being called the strategic compass for security and defense. this is shorthand for what may become an e u. army. this is not a new idea, and there is no guarantee that will ever come about is europe capable of defending itself in this competitive world? i saw a message from an unknown account because it had a selfie with my pulse board as its profile badger. i saw pictures of my documents, ill say i also sent a credit contract. if i had just 3 days in
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a comply with their demands to see if i didn't send money and they sent up an online hate campaign that i was supposed to be a very dangerous man. with competition. give insight into the mind of america founding fathers and well anyone can simply google the information these days. there's actually something special about being able to see the historic document in person. it's why so many tourists walk to washington dc, that museum of national archives just to get a glimpse of the real thing. but another 1st edition copy was a just folded auction. and as artic on it, natasha suite explains it so fast and cost more than you might expect. a 1st edition copy of the u. s. constitution sells for a whopping $43200000.00 in only 8 minutes. and many were surprised as unknown
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bitter beat out a crypto crowd funder, who also made a group effort to obtain that $1787.00 documents. there's nothing more american than the phrase we, the people for many who consider themselves. patriots. see the u. s. constitution as gospel for how this young country was started and many believe we need to heed the founding fathers directions now more than ever, regardless of where you stand politically, all can agree there simply nothing like the real thing. at the new york auction thursday, a mystery bitter bought the 1st edition copy in minutes. his person out bid aid crypto crown funder, who managed to raise 40000000 for the historic document. but in the end, they were 3000000 sure of what the prize documents went for all the group constitution, tao did not win the bid. they saw their efforts as a victory saying in a tweet they show the world what crypto and web 3 can essentially do on boarding thousands of people in the process, including museum curators and art directors who are now excited to keep learning constitution doubt emphasize while they were the 1st to work with a set of bees,
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they know that they would not be the last. and the u. s. constitution replaced the articles of confederation. it's been amended some 27 times. now this 1st edition copy of the u. s. constitution is so rare, it's only one of 11 known copies remaining in the world, 9 or in museums, a 6 or in us institutions, one in london, and only 2 are privately held copies, which are both in the united states. reporting for news use hughes and hockey suite r t. okay, we're back with our panel and ed. i bet you have just texture while saying you know exactly what you want for christmas and thank you so much for giving you. yeah, my wife was taken up guests and for 2 kids to the national archives. so she'll get the one the gift shop, they have a copy there that would be that would be very cool story. i mean, i think looking at, in light of the c r t debate and all the things we talk about more education about the constitution looking at it. it's origins, how it came about, even the story of the articles of confederation and how it was replaced. it's
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wonderful, it's powerful, you know, my old boss late, philip laughed. we used to say it was a divine event that we, that these pretty regular very towns and all. but they were regular people. they came, men came together and put it together and it worked out. it's an extraordinary miracle, not just that piece of paper, but even though that is an actual symbol, which brings us to the speaker. yeah, it's happening right now. thomas jefferson stature banished from the new york city hall after a 187 years sketchy will be relocated to the new york historical society by people just put that on their maps to. and what is that when the new york and the chair of the black latin, an asian caucus, denique miller, who represents queens actually said he wanted statues gone because it doesn't represent contemporary values. while the minority leader, obviously public and minority in new york job, really actually from staten island call the move in attempt to sideline history. so who is right? bring back in our panel once again, 4 inches, be official, jamie finchley ford, which of israel mark elsie and ed martin,
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publisher of pro america report dot com. i'm going to, you know, you just yeah. what's the right look? i think we need to get rid of j. f. k. he was abusive and he was a philander right. they need to go off of every school. we don't a ladder that's all the work doesn't look. there's anyone that's not true. yeah, sure. we can find something else about the man. yeah. he lost his heart every day. so he's out say ok, i mean w probably didn't go ok. they all have their faults because we're all human. none of this is more it's, there's some i'm, we're talking before and this is much more important than people realize if we go this route where we're gutting our history, the whole shit, the whole american experiment is based on being a christian nation. now there were jews and others and everybody here, but it was a christian nation. christianity is a historical religion. it comes from that. and that,
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that whole identity we have the rule of law law relies on it. commerce relies on it . it's very, very serious. and frankly, the people to do this, they actually do hate america, we shouldn't, oh, they're confused. they hate america. the people that do this hate america and they want to destroy. they're not saying, oh, let's build something better. they're destroying something. that's great. well, that has been scribbling about the difference between the civil war figures. okay. find those in the south. they fought against the north. they lost mark. is it still you're still going to pay for this, but more importantly, it's the rest of history. that is it right to judge the people of today, by or of yesterday, by today's no, there's no software at all. i mean, it's ridiculous. i'd be in for that. you're going to do that. basically, you're going to review all the history every time that would that, that the chimes change. you're going to go back to the romans and everything else. you're going to have to rewrite the whole thing because that doesn't fit with our, our values state because they have slaves and they, they execute people all the time and all these kinds of things that we don't do now . and so i think that there's, you just can't,
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you've got to stop it and it's got way out of control. and also that's what shows me is one of these people. they're tearing down things where they were tearing down . the elbert pike's to us that you brought ulysses s grant statue, i mean things that they were tearing down last summer. this is like, do you not understand the history of this? well, that thing is that we just tearing down any stone possible and give us some background . obviously a being or we can say british this time being from england, you know, did, is there a history because we're still the teenagers on the world's fear as u. s. america, how about what is this taken on in the u. k and other countries with that same thing also, and i actually would go back to this point when he said about people that hate america. i would also say, i agree, but it's also people that are based at the ignorant of history. because if you look at the entire supply chain at the very different picture, this is the issue, is that most people like look at, look at the moment they actually on educated in terms of history. obviously, slavery is an absolute abomination, but it was throughout history to jamie's point. the romans, every single one of this table, most of our audience with all the descendants of slaves because the romans built
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those rows, built the colosseum. everything was built by indigenous people. i want reparation of reparation. this is getting to my next point. you've anticipated my next point in terms reparations. the supply chain started way in africa, who rounded off every single, then american se, and had them in shackles in cages on the beaches ready? the african kings would go in aluminum villages and eliminate cultures. they had them shackled in the cages on the beaches. they were making a fortune and money from this. it wasn't so much a racial issue. this is a financial issue. this was trade or just like it was of the romans. it's been like this throughout history. so slavery is unable nation. remember, he was about the english issue, the english right. william, we'll before 18. 07. was the 1st to actually start the abolitionist movement. it wasn't to $865.00 that slavery was abolished in america. obviously the u. k was in advance of that, but even in the u. k. now, in bristol, a very industrial town statues are being pulled down. and we've all heard of the
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road scholarships, right? roads, special roads, his stature was pulled down. and then this guy i've been, i'm thomas guy out the prize of guys hospital in london. are you ready? 75 percent of the public voted that his doctor should remain. nevertheless, the, the challenge that round runs the hospital still pulled it down so. so this is not just an american ignorant issue. this is everywhere that people don't know the history. i think the solution should be, keep, it's not true bought, do declare what an abomination. slavery was, how abhorrent it was, but talk about the entire supply chain. i think a lot of black people would feel a lot better if they realized it wasn't just not the white people. it was their block and festival kings that sold them and they're, they're the lucky they survive because they are the ones died when their black african kings either slaughtered them, packed off their right hands, or put on the safe trips. well, and are we talking about a double sparing guest slavery obviously is a big reason why barry is there bama nationwide for them. but like you point out, there were other bad things that happen besides slavery in american history and
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world history. and yet those stay up. yeah, i mean look again and one of the things i would say we're point in is this moment we're in, you can't get real news. you can't get honest news. i think you can't get real history. you get fake history. you go back and look at this and you say, so it was written history and you say, what is this? because for a certain number of people right now, you'd say for the last 40 years we've killed 50000000 babies, right? if you're pro life, you say this is an abomination. why are we at some point history, we're going to look back and say nancy pelosi was. so pro abortion she shouldn't have a statue. is that, that my point is who gets set the standard and the race to the bottom. but here's the real danger. the real danger is most americans, people watching all of us. we got a normal setting. verna barr, we get a booth so we could talk able to hear us because the pressure, the culture right now is that you're going to be accused of being racist to just have a conversation. i haven't heard about. like you guys, you know,
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i wish there was a time in america where there was signs and every other shop thing. no, i was i don't know. and where can i get my rep? nobody is this mean it's been also to people. this is really our history that has seen different people on the truck to do so. you know what i mean? it's going very good. that's the question of is, is moving forward from this my biggest periods, that old adage that those who forget about history tend to repeat it. yeah, there's some of these issues and it's not going to be savory as it was in the traditional sense in the past. but what is going to be the newspaper when, when do we actually and chain ourselves to something that we can't get out? well, i think that that's what we're doing, we're, we're wrapping ourselves up the change. but what this does, what culture itself, or where you're not even allowed this was going to the point is going to make you're not even allowed to ask a question. yeah. if you ask a question your basis and they immediately shut you down well in this and, and we're not studying the history and to end if we study the history and then people would understand it a lot better. you know, that has to do with the civic. they took civic dog. yeah. cool. that's
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a very good. yeah. johnny, at the very beginning, his conversation, someone said people want to be edified. if you wake up in the morning and you're 15 and you're told america's racist, it gets tiring, right? the whole thing gets tired. we're building a culture that feels bad about itself. instead of saying, here's how we overcome things. here's a system that can do better. i can take up any problems for me. so yeah, it is not unifying any kind of way. right? is, is, is putting us against the right. and it's making, it's actually putting everybody in silos much more hispanics with african americans . the whites, all of us are being siloed to start to a certain degree and just like, not having interaction with each other. and if you don't have interaction with people, you get to make up or whatever. i'll tell you something about that very point was going back to the irish catholic thing that like going up putting an idol tornado. i never met anybody catholic. i mean i from what we were taught in swimming. it's in the english constitution that, that one moment cannot marry,
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family can never be on the phone. so, and guy folks, of course, not really a pretty guy fawkes was a catholics over that you throw him on my fire on bone finite net. remember, remember, remember, so the only thing we said no, come to america. just like anybody else. you know i was married to a catholic, they're just abs. i'm divorced. i. my point is, is actually jamie's point is that once you then you interact when you embracing, when you live in a culture where everyone religion doesn't matter. i'm race doesn't matter because you just embrace everybody and you stop old and it's not just i think it to is. it's not just the race, it's also homophobic. it's also sexy. just hagin is it's anybody who's talking about it. all that does is divide. it takes to this law. my last point is, the more this is done, the more i think regular americans look up and want the democrat party and they want to trump, to be honest because they, well i don't, they don't top website about lemons. my body, he loves everybody equally. if you didn't, you, you attacked him and then be yeah, down can i say is the trauma policies without all the uncouth and gospel
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a little of us, it's hard to govern. we'll see how he does. yeah. graham that's out of it. well, wanted to get, i would think you this conversation could continue and we will continue it and thanks for joining me on it. in the meantime, we're going to continue the conversation with you the public to follow me on twitter. s got it and he's used the hash tag team and b h for their show in more detail on the portable dot tv app for your apple android device. thanks for watching and thanks for chatting with me in a short don't seem an official, mr. but sure. someone at that the, from the tech hockey, i was with some
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dinner, washed them for discussion and wanting to do phone yet the future posted in this i was asked to follow them when you decide next line me at the within another sheet. you can usually should almost by you. so what i'm going to look up into these 2 to test once michelin. yes. the key moments which she is legally. and she showed to proceed with cells full, these double membranes structures. i melissa the side of plasm. and then deliver them to water, the incinerator of the cell, eliza, so for degredation. so that's what we'll talk with
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. ah, well, i didn't do anything special. i simply battle for my life. every person in my situation would have done the same. the 1st words of a rescuer who was miraculously found alive in a seberio coal mine after being presumed dead. a criminal probe has now been opened into thursday's explosion, which claims more than 50 lives. a new strain of cupboard 19 is identified in south africa. i made fears that could prove far more infectious than previous parents spoken to the head of the russian investment fund, which was i was seeing the roll out of the support in the classic. and the new way of course has to be started and we need to see how the shows does exist in mixing site games in your area. so it shouldn't be.


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