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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 27, 2021 10:30am-11:01am EST

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they are destroying the us dollar because the us dollar can't hold its purchasing power because it's via money and healthy out money over the past 300 years has ever gave trading to 0. ah, an old hungarian proverb says you can't put everything under one hat. it means that the same rules can't be applied to every one. and yet this is what beauty passed, signed up to when it entered the european union in 2004, today hungry is accused of all possible sins against democracy. now does the or bank government feel about its future and place in the european family? ah ah, a
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with i'm after that senior watching, going underground in another week of u. k. u. s. e, you nation armed. saudi arabian asked strikes on the poorest country in the middle east, yemen to day, meanwhile, is 48 hours ahead of the 74th anniversary of the united nations partition planned for palestine. that arguably capitalized so much bloodshed, and population displacements. as the u. n continues to struggle to deal with the most important issues of our time from climate change to monopoly power. i'm joined now from geneva by professor how for de zayus. he was the 1st you an independent expert on the promotion with democratic inequitable, international order, and author of building a just world order. alfred, welcome to going the ground. again. the book is a myriad of issues. i mean,
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some might say it should be embalmed in the new york and horses. i mean, that's just begin though, with a question that you know before before we live in a society where a book, the games to save every, every human being alive on, on the planet before it's given to all that ambassadors of the u. n. is a mandatory requirement. can you understand why people don't trust the united nations today? the united nations is a great idea and if it didn't exist, we would have to create it. now, of course, it's $193.00 states, and it's not. i'm done with that and it's not monkey movie. i mean the organization is the state and anything that is human is, of course, in a way is functional. it in a way of corrupted. you know,
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way i jacked and the united nation does very good things. i and i plan, especially off the work done by the world health organization and the international labor office and the world intellectual property organization. but of course, those highly political issues are what does the security council do to preserve the peak? that is actually the principal. on the united nations daughter, the commitment to human rights, a commitment to the right for the development in all of those areas. we are. 1 limping and we're limping badly and of course human rights and we have the standards. i mean the norms are there, the mechanisms are they are what we don't have it. and for some of the special report her for the human rights council, they are elect. and the procedure of alexi,
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the expert is anything but perfect is extremely political. and for that reason, obviously most wrap or curse are those people who are going to tow the line in friend is just to interrupt that. we've had very good ones on this program, arguably higher actually. that's a good note. ask it the good news if we have a meals meltzer, good friend of mine. we have an elaine, i go hand, good friend of mine. we have only a, there's root that good friend of mine. but of course not all independent like these 3. yeah. and when they write their reports, that you obviously value and you and you mentioned that would be able to see our interviews with some of them on our youtube channel. you, me, you mentioned them in, in building a just well daughter. there, there letters to governments are ignored. i mean, obviously, julian assange comes to mind and you, you make it clear that before me, i mean,
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along with the importance of peace. the right to truth, you say is so crucial in bought a bought of building a just world order. a niels melchor's letters to the british government were often unanswered. i think i'm not even sure what whether they have been answered about what torture of a journalist in this country. well, certainly is a case of torture, both physical and psychological and a working group on arbitrary detention or rate 2019 declared the detention on the condition in which up a sancha was living in the ecuadorian embassy in london. if violation was 9, overcoming on political rights, arbitrary detention. i hammered on that several times when i was rock motor on international audit. and what the british government say at the time,
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they thought that we were ridiculous. that's the word they used. we were ridiculous asking this back to you, what you say to quote, perhaps the most scandalous and immoral example of the multinational corruption of the rule of law of a law fair as regards as regards the son, just case in the context of a and this is a constant theme in the new book in your new book, the degradation of language. well, it really, i mean, if you thought that this is an aussie, i had a bad, well, you know, see, i hear everybody was intimidated. what if they clearly are of our age, is that we're being lied to every day. we are swimming in an ocean of life, and we're happy about it. we accept the fact that cnn and box on the b b. c on the new york times and the washington post light was every day. and i'm not saying that
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they are disseminating only fake news. of course, i read the new york times. i read the working of those, i must be informed, i want to know what you're saying. the problem is that they so correct information . these are correct. sometimes 50 percent of what really crucial to understand an issue. that being the case, you are b like to those media organizations and say for purposes a space and they reply to a criticism like you just made by saying no, the fake news problem stems from people who defend juliana serge. well, the fact is that if it was only great news generate a history i'm, we're dealing with fake law because the us president, they are not state ok, downing street burly. they make the law,
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i think all along. and then they a book principles which actually are not hard law as if they were. and that leads of course, to a clash when you have a representative of the european union. and who is speaking with the foreign minister or the president of paula or of palmer. and they're not speaking the same language. they don't mean the same thing when they're talking about your mock proceed or freedom or identity or culture. it is a problem when the united states wants to say, come back to the agreement on not iran. well, they're not speaking the same language. let's pick a phrase, humanitarian intervention. i think people would recognize that i don't know the
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soviet union, the duration of our, which was humanitarian intervention. i think italian intervention is a pretty established phrase. in the book, you explain how that, that phrase, which is meant to save lives, kills people out of humanitarian intervention. they invented a new term, which actually is pure propaganda responsibility to protect our 2 p. i. so i don't see a scam, as we say, as well as that the purpose of our to p, the purpose of humanitarian intervention is not human. a terry, the purpose is regime change. the purpose is to circumvent the absolute prohibition of the use of force. lay down and article 2 or 4 of the un
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charter that is hard law and the your and charter. trump's all other agreements as you well know. but where they broke, i can they pick up sales? i strategy that say we are going to bring you money. terry assistance to libya, 2011. if you any kind of resolution. 1973, i mean that was seen because what the intended, what to help the population all that libya and not to destroy the country, create total chaos. i don't even get a b simply functioning mammography afterwards. so here you have the
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emblematic case of correcting language and you said that in itself is something that you and i both agree and we do want to help individuals. we do want to how you saw that. you saw that at the time, but russia and china can easily be blamed to for abstaining on that. we have to say to you and not to go to counsel. you know, when i spoke in the general assembly, i presented my report. that must have been 2014 and i was pushing for the idea of reforming the security council and doing away with the legal power. i actually explained like that. how you can graduate, not from now to tomorrow, but gradually move away from this veto power. and the russian delegate took the floor and took me to and say, look, you know, we were full by the french and the bricks and the americans. and we went
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along and only put in our ah station, ah, to resolution 970 great. they're not gonna lie to us again and they're not going to for us again. we just had i 3, if you have them though that was under president med with it. and of course then we saw syria and we saw as strikes of the biden administration launched as strikes on syria within the 1st 6 months of his inauguration. all illegal, all illegal and our sank and normal price winner. barack obama. they came off the ground. no one has killed more people with groans and back obama, but he still are said, this is of course the kind of indoctrination that we get day in day out in the new york times. i mean, the washington post. this is that per section on reality,
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that the narrative managers are trying to impose on the rest of us. i have to get to another theme me in the book here. you talk about investors state dispute settlement systems. there was a sort of cassandra reveal the power of corporations to subvert me in the convention. and i suppose it's particularly timely your chapters on that, given what has happened to a lawyer defending indigenous communities in ecuador, i must ask you in the, in the context right in this book, what happened with steven don's ago? why is he in jail right now? there is a 2nd law affair. this is a corruption of law. this is what we say, a collusion between our corporate power and the judiciary. and that is not uncommon in the united states. and it's, it's really a matter of concern how the administration of justice and the administration of
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criminal justice has been hijacked by the billionaires by power and the military industrial complex. and everybody remembers it was on the 17th of january, $961.00 that my president, dwight d eisenhower warrant off america. the where, off the military industrial complex is the greatest press to our democracy. nobody listen. the military industrial complex today is the greatest, shall we say, destroyer off democracy in the united states. it's are the one that fuels war all over the world. the one that while takes in money away from health care from education, from maintenance of british don't bring us fall into the mississippi for lack of
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a maintenance. and why is that? because we spend more than 40 percent of the budget in the military in procurement, in more nuclear submarines and more grounds for his ass. i'll stop you there more from the also building a just wild order after this break with ah, i saw a message from an unknown account because it had a selfie with my passport as its profile page. i saw pictures of my documents, ill say also send that credit contract or if i had just 3 days comply with their demands. if i didn't send money i, they sent up an online hate campaign that i was supposed to be a very dangerous man.
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ah. with ah, welcome back, i'm still here with professor alford is asked to for me,
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you an independent expert on the promotion of a democratic inequitable international oda and fuel sort of building a just well, do you make a recommendation that essential services should be kept in government hands, which obviously i'm talking to you from britain where everything's been privatized when you really think water, energy internet, the un should, should make a global pack the, the essential services should be in government adds, as you recommend in this book. i think that if you read the comment on economic social cultural rights, ah, you will see that stage already had an obligation to guarantee those essential services. and of course, there's no enforcement mechanism. so, oh, state bodies, truly covenant on economic social cultural rights can violate with unity, the united states systematically ignores what the human rights committee says in
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concluding observations, including what with regard to indigenous. i mean, you realize that the indigenous of the united states, which we call indian, so they have nothing to do with the indian. so often it, but they creased on the seal and the navajos and the charities. i mean, these people, not only did we massacre, but we stole praise of dollars all their natural resources. and these indigenous are completely, can we say this in franchise? you say the w t. o should be incorporated into the united nation system or to me, it would have to be if, if those native americans were going to get the land back. obviously the dummy deal is something britton is particularly interested in because of bricks and how could the w t o ever be incorporated into the united nation system? well, they already has an association agreement, but it is not for the secretary general of the united nations. i'm going to go back
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to tell the director general of appeal what to do. the same thing happens with the bretton woods organizations, meaning the international monetary fund. and the world bank are they have a very loose relationship with the united nations. and essentially, they work against the interest. again, the purpose is on principles of a united nations, rather than advancing the right to development. what they often do is that they can say black male country is a little bit of money. well then you have to prioritize everything and then you have to cut the civil service, and then you have to cut the investment in education and in the health care. and that actually is at the source off the pass for
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a fee in so many african countries that have not been able to come to grips with it, or for that matter would allow, with that matter, with all these. and that makes that break out in africa regularly because the money has been taken away from the hospital. you read all about it in the lancet. it's not like you have no access to information. actually, internet is a fantastic source of information to prove that the i a mass. if i didn't, the purposes and principle of the united nations and the i m f and the w t. o was he denied they claim that they are for the benefit of mankind or their public private partnerships or did i, is again, brought and nothing. but let me give you
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a quote by, by scott la me, the old former, the director general of the, you know, he said trainee is human right in practice quote, unquote, i say, oh wow. human rights in practice. well, how about help me? you know, the pressure men in bangladesh or the fisherman and wherever overcome the over fishing that you have by the commercial, enormous fleet. that just to equal everything. the main, we say sickness of the system of human rights protection today is what i call the red herring, the wrong priorities. the money is being spent for issues of gender.
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not that gender is not important. what is not the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd priority? the 1st priority is peace. make a and in order to have peace, you have to control arms straight the arms race. you have to make sure, but if there is so much trade in arms, you want more so that they blow up the drone. so they blow up there and they need new, i'm going i'm going to say that, i mean, obviously when, when countries do say they want to evade that new liberal model and not have the public private partnerships to an extent. although lately that's not quite true . arguing it's venezuela and the human rights industry as it's cool comes down hard on them. you finish the book talking about venezuela. you probably know the
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president maduro believes that gold has been stolen by the bank of england here for a strong to consider the door and not even to be president some other. but i mean, it's like a crass violation of international law and international or the international the wrong place. or did they call it? was this that was completely within my roommate, an independent expert on international order. and when i, as the very 1st un drop with her, went to venezuela to be on the ground to talk to everybody. i talked to the opposition to the national assembly, to the chamber of commerce professors to students. i went on the street, i spoke with people real people. well, my report because it was not singing the song they expected me to say was essentially ignore. and he was thanks to a colleague of yours, michael selby. green,
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who interviewed me many months after the report had come out because the report what he needed it. but he did a long interview with me for the independent, which was then followed by interviews in your news and, and i guess you're at cetera. but the problem is, i had very concrete pragmatic recommendations. the thing is when government implemented them release 80 prisoners that i had requested right away, entered into a new corporation agreement with the f, a o was a w h o with you and hcr, etc. i brought a letter and said, look, you know, there are too many a lot of there and meet up roy. what you need is that not cracking, please help them. it is when people, not the government is when i'm people. but anyway, my message was that you,
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when you carry a crisis, if you call that a humanitarian crisis in 2007 being that this economic crisis. what i think that this economic crisis was a direct result of 20 years. all economic war waste by washington as well. and then of course, aggravated with these asphyxiating sanctions since 2015, it's inconceivable that there is when i was unable to transfer funds anywhere because no back would take a look when there was a year there as well. embassy or been as well on our mission somewhere and they had to transfer money. the banks would refuse it. and with regard here in switzerland, you know, i'm both an american citizen and it's we citizen and i'm very proud to be slaves and i very much believe in our system of semi direct or see what even
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that this wish even that you'll be. yes. even, you know, the big a banks are afraid of the american sanctions, so they will not even transfer money to venezuela. we just donated in the context of call the 19 when with regard to cuba, for instance, an association here in switzerland collected money for cuba. i wanted to purchase then 2 layers against a 19 and ship them to give the company here in switzerland refused to sell you a story. told time and time again, woodside just very briefly at the end i got to ask you, then if you're a world leader who doesn't want to appease washington and brussels, what do you do in the face of those sanctions?
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you have to organize within other countries of the global south, away from the united nations, away from the un security council i made, i made specific a recommendations with regard to a shall we say global movement. all saw countries that are suffering under sanctions, that they should know, all of them refused to cooperate with the united states. you can bring down many of these sanctions if there is like in the case of my gun, the and civil disobedience. if you have a mass movement that we will not put up with it, but the problem is that the european union has betrayed his own business people as the greatest own citizens by allowing the extra territorial application of united states legislation in europe,
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including the helms burton act of $996.00 by the way, also adopted under a democratic our friend bill clinton. everybody price is obama. barack obama. everybody prices bill clinton. but actually they're not much different from the republicans. they just, i mean they are lighter and they sell the product that provides a disaster. thank you and that's for the show will be back on monday, the international. they have solidarity with the palestinian people observed as u. s. u. k armed is ready, killing palestinians continues until then keep in touch by all our social media and let us know if you think the united nation still has relevance on the global stage . ah
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ah shoot, don't seem an official with the official someone at that the from the tech i was with ah. yeah. and the son didn't want them to dispassionate and want to see that they've gone yet the future posted in this. there's actually a lot on evan jo besides exile i me at the with him now they should usually should almost by you. so what i'm going to look up in cities. it took the test initially. how might you have to keep moments it she slightly, as she shared with
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a new co read strain in southern africa, sparks global public prompting countries to shut down or travel with the region. the variant is already spreading globally with the united kingdom, the latest nation to confirm cases. the developers of sputnik v, you're preparing to test the russian shot against the new mutation. we also hear from the hungarian foreign minister about his own country's maxine policy on the needs of bud lives above politics. there are too many countries. i'm considering the issue go vaccination as if he had a political order or i don't recall nature. you know, it's about lives older people and friends postpones mandatory vaccinations for it's caribbean territories.


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