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a ah, the headlines when anti international israel becomes the 1st country to close its borders to all foreign nationals due to a new coverage strain. the on the cross barron who's already spreading with the u. k and the ciocca public among the latest to find cases. also in the headlines on asi, international, my son was down here in the line with his mother. i feel that he is alive and seems a pot break as families more than the laws of 51 people in a siberian coal mine explosion. a several managers and officials have been arrested over those days. designs 2 processors are killed and almost 20 injured by the french military in nice. yeah, that's according to local authorities. after a french army convoy was confronted by riots is on the way to molly. and
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also in the program, soaring price is prompt american families to opt for low cost turkeys, substitutes over the thanksgiving holiday with many blaming joe biden, for a 30 year inflationary record. ah, so not just a busy week for your top headlines, but also a busy weekend as well. welcome to the weekly as we run down the top stories of the week and of today or nazi international. so israel is closing, his board is now to all foreign nationals for 2 weeks. as global panic spreads over a new cove, it variant that dozens of countries of stop flights from south africa where the all new chrome strain was 1st detected. meantime in johannesburg, the restrictions have left a passengers scrambling to get out many airlines of just grounded their flights, although people apparently do have until monday,
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fly back to america off corresponding policy, i spoke with travelers at south africa's biggest that nothing i can do coming as a poll not getting anything that's the thing. and i didn't know when, when we checked on the friends and the flight wasn't consult. thank you here on the 10th, replied the well, everything gonna buy a new secret chaos, anxiety and confusion. following the discovery of a new cove, varian told me crohn at his turn, the world upside down. people rushing to the a port in a pace for the attempt to get on any remaining flight. and in fact, the queue of people are lining up in front of a close the ticket sales counter. they're hoping it will open and they might be a few things that they can still get on. many of them a person, because the united kingdom was the 1st to read list 6,
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southern african countries. and in that, any travis coming from them would have to go into calling team 14 days at a government affinity. since then, the united states, canada, and the european union and other major destinations have followed prices for flights and rapid pcl taste, sky rocketing kim cur, who is the founder and lead volunteer of community circle home south africa ads for the last year. been hoping, traveling in an south africa, navigate the regulation. she's been inundated with calls apart from people running out of money. yeah. funds that they had that they had thought that was going to cost them to be her. medical aids usually only cover you for a certain amount of time abroad. travel, medical cover only covers you a certain amount of time that's going to run out. people have to get back to jobs. schools are gonna open soon, and the people trying to get their children home. the sense of loss is going to be
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felt because people are feeling like they are really trapped. and they're becoming more and more frustrated and see more and more tis what i'm hoping that governments can put measures in place that not just citizens, but family of citizens. if you can show just show proof of some ty to that country, that those people will be allowed entry. even if it means extra p c r testing. or it means a little bit of quarantine with retesting in that country. but people have to understand that these are human beings. these are people who have got a need to travel, not a one. it is not clear where the army con, very 1st emerged. scientists from south africa were the 1st to alert the world health organization. the south african government has criticized international community for rushing to ban travel before the variance is properly assessed and is concerned about the damage, the bad will to both travel and business. for now, the fate of people stranded at this april is unclear,
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as well struggled to deal with the new 300 south africa vaccine developers are preparing to test the drugs against this new cupboard strain . and the head of the russian institute behind sputnik v says lab studies will start as soon as they get hold of a sample. and so far as we understand, research is, are optimistic. now, hungary is one of the european nations using put new v a study. there has found that is very effective against all of the previous covered mutations. it's actually proven more successful in preventing hospitalization and death than other vaccines . the hungarian foreign minister disgust, whose countries immunization efforts with our teeth on our boy at the interview on well, depart as just a bit later today. i really don't find the verse to describe how i feel about the fact that there are still many countries. considering the issues of vaccination as if it had a political or, or ideological nature, you know,
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it's about the lives of the people who knew the lives of the people. what is it for them as far as the political? it's whether a political and ideological debate, i'm very frustrated about that. to be honest. and i tell you why europe on the regulation speaks very clearly about hallway vaccine, can be approved on the $33.00 of the 2 ways. first, by the european madison agency, which is a normal, let's say business of usual way of approving gave action. but a european regulation says that in case of the state of emergency, this one, the national regulators, are allowed to approve of axioms. also on a temporary basis before we started to use both scrutiny casino far from china, the national regulator of ours has approved the use of both. which means that the use of scrutiny in hungary is being based on a european regulation. and that's why, to be honest, we don't understand why it is not being respected by the by the other member states
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. whenever i talk to western european colleagues on my vest or european colleagues of mine between for i, they always tell me that they know that the russian scientific performance can be spoken about all in very highly. and i said it 1st the best. of course it works well, hungary and experts have approve that. and regardless of the fact that privately, they all say that when it goes to public, they act totally differently. i know that you, you have plans off actually producing to think on your own territory. so you're actually gaining from the lack of action on the part of your european neighbors. actually, we begin to lot, especially at the beginning because, you know, at the beginning, i mean like 1st part of this year, the deliveries from western producers were quite sometimes late that they were cancelled even sometimes, totally. or the volume was less compared to what was contracted. and at those times
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the fact that the boast uniform and whitney delivered on time to us additional volumes compared to others. that gave us a huge advantage. we could the reopen the country and the national economy around 2 months earlier than the european of rich. can i ask you a personal question? and it is really a personal question since your preferred ass putting of all be at. i think it's 8 vaccines that i approved for use in hungary. why did you do that? the reason for my decision was crystal clear that when i was a kid, i was vaccinated by rack scenes produced in russia that i'm salvia union. and since i'm alive by fine, i fought that. why should i change quite that change? so that was the very simple reason of my decision. google ah mm hm.
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well, vaccine makers should work together to end the pandemic. that's according to the head of the russian fund. behind this wouldn't be shot for our interview with korea . dmitri f. just head over to ot see dot com renewed, pandemic clamped down across much of western europe as spoke widespread on rest and clashes with police. although the european union is actually distancing itself from the top security response is by saying that, well, all of that is just a matter for national governments. ah, with that since the european commission was not present at the scene of the riots and is not
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a police organization, it is not in the best position to comment on the actual police of the states. the maintenance of public order is strictly within the scope of the national forties of the you states and is supervised by the national courts and european commission that is not in the best position to make specific comment. order has been an anti locked on protest. and a dutch city of rotterdam. there were 51 arrests, and 3 people are hospitalized off the police, 5 warning shots that were similar scenes in the hague. with 7 arrests being made there and, and austria, demonstrators were met with a heavy handed police respond softly announcement of mandatory cobra injections. they have also been large scale marches across france and belgium as well. and while the e u is refusing to condemn tough crowd control tactics in its own member states, it does take a rather different view with other countries. the attention of over
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a 1000 demonstrators and violence used against them by the russian authorities across the country today. threatened the fundamental freedoms of expression association and assembly in the russian federation, where it's pressed. our grief concerns about the proposed national security low for home current. we talked on china to follow the promises made to the people of home current entity, international community. regarding hong kong high degree of autonomy and guaranteed freedoms. we talk with our powers based journalist, our local here, bay, who thinks europe's views on human rights are riddled with contradictions. europe to european union have been commission. this is all the land they think. we think somehow all europeans that we are gods gifted that we know what is good for the people in the world. we think that on human rights, our position is, was the right one. so sanction people we sanctioned be a mar if you're just done an african countries, asian countries,
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china and russia. of course, the arch villain. it is a double standard because i was astonished as you got a pin citizen to see that in the that the last one of the most democracy, they provide countries in western europe. the police had to shoot with real bullets in the crowd. the press was very silent about this. it was in a respite. they did not insist while to me, it's something incredible. it's the 1st time since the last world war that we have to police in western, you're shooting directly and people walk. there were some problems just after the war, but, but not that much. so ok to had reasons that was black blocks, you know, extremists were there in groups demonstrating that still in western europe, shooting with real bullets and the crowd. and then we have lessons to give to other countries. right, that's, there is a problem that obviously uses from the land should say something,
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even if it's not aimed at the dutch government for want to now, it should be aimed at old government's asking for restraint. minimum that she should say, that you're running down the top stores of the week. let's give you an update from kemo about where search teams are working to retrieve bodies from a siberian coal mine where an explosion killed 51 people on thursday that's including 5 rescuers. emergency crews have had to stop their work several times due to high methane concentrations and phase of fo the blasts with the latest now he has autism, dmitri polk. well, so the 4th day since the explosion shared the list version a coal mine which ultimately took the lives of 51 people. now emergency services have been working around the clock on trying to clear the mind. last night they were able to clear the top layers of the mine and recover 5 bodies. now these 5 bodies were identified as miners by the management. and now families are expected to come in and verify
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those identities. the bodies themselves will be handed over to the relatives on monday. now efforts to stabilize the mine have been going round. the clock in nitrogen has been used to clear out the dangerous method that is built up inside the mind and poses a risk of explosion. now at this point, there are literally no chances that anybody has survived was trapped inside. however, the distraught family members are still hoping that there could be some miracle and that their loved ones could still be alive. yeah, that might yet you, my son is down there in the mine as his mother. i feel that he is alive without some hope. when one man was found alive, you see if that man kennedy down there and survived like mints, it's possible to see. and i thought we had tall people dying 2 or 3 hours. do you think the lack of players did or mine is how onto the rappel they are already counted. his dad will you just like that man? his mind in the thumb. now it's hard breaking to watch those scenes. there are still many family members who haven't lost hope. and their hope was only pulled
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through by the miraculous recovery of a rescue worker who was presumed dead on friday. and having spent almost an entire day trapped inside the mind, the 51 year old alexander's recovered ash and somehow managed to get out of that mine. and here was his 1st interview since being rescued. fernado alexander. how do you feel greats? lucy, to stand. are you able to see better now? yeah, but we want you seal gotta do soon. where all bursting with crying and it all went well. i didn't do anything special. i simply battled for my life. morally mostly, my situation would have done the same how it's still unclear how exactly he managed to get out. he can't properly explain it himself. doctor, see? he suffered parcel memory loss. he was in a state of shock. he suffered hypothermia smoke inhalation. his condition right now is stable, although critical, but it's expected that he will make
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a full recovery and make it back to his wife and son. but unfortunately, the same can't be said for the others who are trapped inside the mind. 51 people ultimately died and people are now wondering how this happened and what led up to this. a criminal investigation has been launched, and 5 people have been detained and arrested. the director of the coal mine, his deputy, and a person in charge of this exact mine have all been detained and also to safety inspectors who are accused of faking a safety inspection just a week before this tragic explosion. now all these people have denied their guilt, but nevertheless they have been arrested for 2 months, pending further investigation. but one thing that has become clear is that this line has been plagued by safety issues. apparently, most of the miners knew about these issues and reported them to the higher ups who apparently did nothing to a remedy them. and here's what one of the relatives of the miners has said on that matter. one rosco's, honestly, i remember my brother in law telling me about
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a methane program in the mine, and the instances of a gas build up and so on. told me that when the level of methane went off, the scale and all work ground to a halt. but sometimes despite this, there was a forbidden level of methane and even though it wasn't that high, the mine is still at work. they even had results to various methods to decrease the level indicators in order to get work done. he occasionally let his former head know about the situation. he wondered how he could work in such circumstances. the minds management was aware of going on how all of these reports will be taken into account by the investigation, which is trying to get to the bottom of what happened, how it happened, what led up to it, what were the underlying causes? and ultimately, how to prevent such things from happening again. but while that investigation goes on and rescue services continue working on securing the mind and recovering the body's relatives are still distraught and demanding more answers to meet you. power
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arts, he camera no enters her moment. her on the program, let's now have a look at and understand exactly how this entire tragedy unfolded. a. 6 50 dead out. they horrific mon explosion inside barium. 8 30 am november the 25th. the mind with 285 people inside filled with smoke after me. fain explosion. a with 9 am november 25th black tuition and rescue work starts. reports of 1st casualties . the authorities announced there is no contact with at least 37 people and 5 pm november the 25th rescue operations suspended in mid fears. if possible. explosion with over 30 mine is still missing. rescues say there's not much
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hope left because it's minus have only 4 hours of oxygen supply. 10 pm november, the 25th group of rescue work has failed to come up after the threat of explosion. latent 3 of them were found dead. oh, cool. with 3 15 pm, november the 26th, a presumed dead rescue work came out on his own bracing hope among the desperate families of mine, as it is not the 1st deadly accident in this mine with another me said explosion, claiming 13 lives in 2004 i do a video list, you good spot, you out with
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a get a reaction from disaster investigator on old bix. he explained as some of the difficulties facing the search cruise. it's not like on hollywood. you can't send emergency services in so day, so far with technology, even today's technology to getting there safely. the area has to be made safe. typically in a mining accident when something like this happens, vit varies no simple solution. this is the, the worst nightmare of, of anybody who's involved with mining. they usually aren't other options when the ventilation systems being compromised, when you've had the explosions, when the systems are destroyed or severely damaged. at the, the options of very limited recovery operation in circumstances like this is extremely dangerous. it's extremely dangerous because in the 1st instance,
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the fact that the disasters occurred at all suggests that there's been a failure in the emergency and in fact normal ventilation systems and then they, having bain and explosion, um it means that many of the safety systems, a likely now to be in operable and i suspect certainly it's been, it's my experience, but that's the sort of difficulty that these rescue was now facing on the one hand . and there's the possibility that people may be, i'm trapped in areas with a, which is still tangible. but on the other hand, the very real risk that rescues themselves may be injured or worse in their attempts to find them to protest as have been killed and almost 20 injured by the french army in need air. it's caught him to a local officials. it's after a military convoy on route to molly was apparently blocked by a large scale demonstration. the convoy of the french volcano force,
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escorted by the national gent armory, was blocked by very violent protesters in sarah, in the tele bery region. where at spend the night in its attempt to break free use force leading to the death of 2 people and 18 wounded. while we have it from official accounts authorities in nyja, which say that after the french convoy had passed from booking of fossil into niger about 30 kilometers in a huge crowd about a 1000 demonstrators tried to stop the convoy this this. busy french conway, french, a presence in the area, has been unpopular with many people, with some at felicity's. they believe all manner of stories about french fruits and their relations with various rebel groups in the area. but they tried to stop this . convoy and french troops reportedly began firing what they describe as warning shots,
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as well as tier gas. it is unclear how warning shots could have injured 18. people killed 2, but apparently french troops as well as an is jerry and troops began firing a warning shots. again, as they say at these crowds details the still somewhat scarcely expect to find out more. but the convoy has moved on after this incident. again, a very ill fated and convoy because it landed in the ivory coast to support the french opperation in the area is, is seen, snaked its way up towards the north, towards molly. and on the way it has said capital matter of incidence and book in a facet level multiple attempts by, by crowds in the thousands who stopped these cottonwood, voskus void made up of more than a 1000 vehicles. and then also they had the. busy flood warning shots as well as tier gas in an effort to disperse the crowds. also number of people injured. as
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we've heard. busy but again, this convoy is now on its way through niger, intimately where fred share bases in french troops are station thousands of them. in this decade long flight that france is waged against terrorists. it cools them as well as religious extremists in the region. we have asked the french defense ministry to comment on the incident. we'll let you know what they say earlier though. a french army is spokespersons said that soldiers firing wanting shots, so they had to fire the shore, dr. say off the quote, a violent group tried to take over the convoy vehicles so in just a few days or the german, excuse me, finance minister olaf sholtes will become chancellor ultimately replacing angular merkel. that's after his party and 2 others agree to team up in what's been nickname, the traffic light coalition, referring to the parties, colors. now it took 2 months for the social democrats, the greens and the free democrats to agree on tons off the september's election.
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the cd you party, which leads the outgoing government, had this to say about the countries incoming leadership. they've unlock the, the agreement that was presented today is relatively blind and in many parts it's vague. the and the parties fall short of the things they from get a during the election campaign wouldn't. despite the differences between the 2 main parties, olaf sholtes his stance on foreign policy are seen as very close to that of anglo merkel. and judging by the new coalition agreement, analysts say relations with moscow are unlikely to see drastic change. russia is an important international plan. we understand the importance of substantial unstable relationships and we continue to strive for them. we're ready thought constructive dialogue. we will take into account different threat perceptions and focus on a coleman and coherent you policy towards russia. we heard from the village, emma, german, lawyer and politician who thinks the coalition certainly has its work cut out. it
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is too early to see it all the same today. and so the question being elaine finding on the huge tech problem is about the involvement of what are being on the he had to deal with bank and the sequential no, not in the campaign. just a question, whether the candidate with the political been going to lead to form a government just because this thing i'll put it in about it is not enough in the german edition, it will be more proactive if there were phone a great causation or, and all upon the government to deal with this and you would really doing
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well. american, so this week enjoyed one of the biggest holidays of the year. of course of thanksgiving with prices soaring at the fastest pace in 30. busy years many families simply have to improvise ortiz, saskia taylor has more on the by the ministrations inflationary headache this thanksgiving. it wasn't the talk he hoping for a pardon, but the president, because at this point, the only thing that's not been hit by inflation us up. i did the ratings, but don't worry because his right hand woman had just wanted cross of the issue. prices have gone up. yes, they have probably why comedy decide to take advantage of a walk chip to paris to drop a cool $400.00 on a single cooking pot. so much better than over paying back home. now the average american though decided to reuse lost his pot for this year's turkey to keep the
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price of the thanksgiving meal down. but it still ended up costing 20 percent more than in 2020. so maybe if they'd listen to the mainstream media's top tips, they could saved a dollar or 2, perhaps forgo the turkey. bear with me, i know that is the staple of the thanksgiving meal. however, some people think turkey is overrated. and so it's tends to be the most expensive thing on the table. maybe you do an italian feast instead. now if you shorten ideas where to buy things, your cheap italian se i recommend puppy into your local branch of the dollar tree web. every item costs you guessed at a dollar for 35 years, that is been inflation popped along and it's now the $1.25 tree which might sound unprecedented and very, very bad. but actually, you know, inflation is nothing more than biden's enemies spreading rumors a lot of talk about inflation, nothing from you. but in general, out there has been of, it's become a political huddle. and while spending all your savings on
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a holiday meal might seem a big deal, you're really losing sight of the big picture here. they didn't really appreciate that. within a year, the bite administration has passed 2 major pieces of legislation through both of the house and the senate. now i wonder if the truck has have just been mandated vaccination amid a supply chain crisis, an historic shortage of drivers. appreciate biden. all those who this winter will probably see their energy bills jump by up to 50 percent, or those who might have not just a cold christmas, but a don't want to. people who are monitoring the electric grid are incredibly concerned about brown outs or black out. and wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, in the future or now. now and yes, bite and did release some extra oil barrels to fight rising energy prices, but some think he's just covering up the real problem. his own energy policy.
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that's why 14 states suit biden for stopping or, and gas leases. lawmakers want him to reopen the keystone pipeline, and unions that backed him in the elections. now site, you regret it. generally, there are too many fans of his all that green thing president by whose energy policy is both weak and dom, but just as common has got a handle on inflation. the energy secretary knows has stopped. so don't worry how many barrels of oil you consume per day. i don't have it given how well things are going. it's really missile one to that biden's piney a 2024. we run. if you want to celebrate thanksgiving this year with only foods i had risen of price the last year, you could have hotdogs, she's lettuce and cookies. so even beyond the economic and financial effects of inflation in places, roy, individual style to action as to.


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