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me the israel becomes the 1st country to close its borders to all foreign nationals due to a new college strain. the con variance is already spreading globally with australia and italy among the latest to take cases. also ahead. my son is down there in the mine. as his mother, i feel that he is alive. among the stories that shaped the weak scenes of heartbreak in families mourning the loss of 51 people and a siberian coal mine explosion. several managers and officials have been arrested over thursday. the disaster and protesters, 2 of them are killed and more than a dozen injured by the french military and the share, according to local authorities after an army convoy on the way to molly was confronted by writers. ah,
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i can't see live direct rosters. moscow, this is art international. i'm john thomas. but with us as we recap, week's top stories with our, with the program. israel is closing its borders to all foreign nationals for 2 weeks. global panic spreads over a new co variance. dozens of countries have halted flights from southern africa, where the arm across strain was 1st detected in johannesburg. the restrictions have left air passengers scrambling to get out for many of them, it's already too late. the last plains to europe and north america have already departed ahead of travel deadlines imposed by government while flight 2 major connection hub, such as dough. hard to buy and singapore have all been suspended. post clear earlier spoke with travelers and south africa. the biggest airport trade in because nothing, nothing i can do coming as a poll. not getting anything. that's the thing. and i don't
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know that when, when i can, i can fly between. we've checked on the front and the flight was an consult. i think you can. you hear? i'm see, i tend to feel like the way they do everything. so we're going to buy and you keep it so chaos, anxiety and confusion following the discovery of a new coven variant called emmy crohn. at is turned the world upside down. people are rushing to the airport in a desperate attempt to get on any remaining flight. and in fact, the queue of people are lining up in front of a close the ticket sales counter. they're hoping it will open, and there might be a few things that they can still get on. many of them are questions because the united kingdom was the 1st to read list 6, southern african countries. and in that any traffic coming from them would have to go into calling team 14 days at a government facility. since then, the united states, canada and the european union and other major destination have followed prices for
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flights and rapid pci. skyrocketing kim kirk, who is the founder and lead volunteer of community circle home south africa ads for the last year. been hoping travelers in south africa navigate the regulation. she's been inundated with calls apart from people running out of money. yeah. funds that they had that they had thought that was going to cost them to be medical aids usually only cover you for a certain amount of time abroad. travel, medical cover only covers you a certain amount of time that's going to run out. people have to get back to jobs. schools are going to open soon, and the people trying to get their children home. the sense of loss is going to be felt because people are feeling like they are really trapped. and they're becoming more and more frustrated and see more and more tears. what i'm hoping is that governments can put measures in place that not just citizens, but family of citizens. if you can show just show proof of some ty to that country,
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that those people will be allowed entry. even if it means extra p c r testing. or it means a little bit of quarantine with retesting in that country. but people have to understand that these a human beings, these are people who have got a need to travel, not a one. it is not clear where the army con, very 1st emerged. scientists from south africa were the 1st to alert the world health organization. the south african government has criticized international community for rushing to ban travel before the variance is properly safe and is concerned about the damage, the bad will to both travel and business for now, the fate of people stranded at this april is unclear, as well struggled to deal with the new 300 south africa. with so many questions, mounting around the new i'm a con variant. we spoke to helen race from one of the largest research institutes
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in south africa to find out her 1st hand experience of the strain. the concern about this variant is that it has a large number of mutations many more than we've seen before. some of these mutations we've already seen on other variance, and we know that they can be associated with increased trance, this ability and possibly increase what we call them. you an escape. what that means is that they're more resistant to the protection that you get from vaccines. we've also seen that mostly initially in young people. that's probably because young people are like they are all around the world getting fed up with all of the restrictions that and what they are describing of the same sort of symptoms that we've seen with other covered infections. so fever, headache, muscle, lakes, fatigue, cough and i haven't yet heard anyone talk about the lack of smell and taste with this variance. we also have noted,
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and this is true if you seeing the reports that we're getting from other countries as well, where they're also now identifying cases that people have been vaccinated and in some cases fully vaccinated. so what we don't know is whether, what this variant is, is managing to do is to overcome vaccination completely. the antibodies that you get from vaccines completely, probably not. we're still hopeful that the faxes will protect against severe disease. and with the other variance that have emerged we've, although we've seen a reduced or reduced response to, to the vaccines. we have still seen protection against severe disease and death. we also spoke to the head of the russian direct investment fund, which is over seeing the global distribution of the student vaccine. he says, a range of different jobs is key to fighting the pandemic and no strains. i think
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it's very important to investigate as in your very out a so far as to make, as shown, to be incredibly effective against all of the different mutations. and we will share some good data, hopefully a little bit later on, agreed to efficacy against delta, very and so. so numerical force has to be started and we need to see how efficient as exists in like seems like games in your area. but also we can really quickly about vaccine when you variant, if needed. and we believe that different conference with her portfolio, different like seats we see is a monopoly off. and we're in a vacuum in europe failed to protect europe. so it shouldn't be about emma and they monopoly. it should be both or to fully or different extent acknowledges, including the russian vaccines, chinese vaccines, other vaccines from britain authors and it gets better and good. and all this report folio different vaccines can countries themselves. meanwhile, how do you appropriately turn up to work with cove it as if this is the question
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that plague does have checked president, as he prepared to emerge from his sick bed to swear in the countries of new prime minister. he turned up with health workers and hazmat suits and rolled into a glass cage in his wheelchair for the ceremony. in addition to being out with coven positive symptoms, he, the president had previously been 6 weeks out as well, with an unrelated illness. the new p. m. will take power and prague after being elected back in october. staying with cove id as fears mount over the new variant omicron and countries titan restrictions. san francisco mayor london breed was spotted flouting her own mask mandate by hitting the dance floor in a night club. without a face covering, ah, san francisco may, a london breed is seen at a party in san francisco, not wearing a mask in doors, violating can run into a mosque mandate. meanwhile,
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children across san francisco have to wear a mask while letting through the week. party like it's 1999 without mass quality, cd has fallen apart. london breed already got caught once before violating her own rules and had plenty of excuses. and here she is again. and she is not the only one. the american president himself was spotted masculine, in a shop, in massachusetts, despite repeatedly telling americans to wear them indoors. joe biden announced a covert action plan aimed at tackling the pandemic earlier this year. it includes mask wearing and social distancing, and the restrictions will be kept in place until some time. next year we spoke to radio host and political analyst, dave perkins, who thinks the politicians should set a better example. they are lying to the american people when they attempt to force americans to wear a mask. and the proof is quite clearly their under tv screen that the elite themselves don't bother with the masks. we've seen time and time again where groups
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of the leads in meetings are told by a camera man. we're going live in 30 seconds and they all scrambled to get their master. before the camera goes on, the lights come on. and then when the cameras finished doing its work, the masks come right off again. they never wear them in private. they never wear them inside closed rooms where they don't expect to be seen. they only wear them for show. it's quite clear the elite in america do not think masters are necessary or don't think that they do anything or both. but they're still happy to thrust that restraint on the public and to punish them when the public does not meet the requirements of the law. gigantic, visible hypocrisy, a renewed pandemic plant down across much of western europe has sparked widespread st unrest and clashes with police. however, the european union is distancing itself from a tough security response, saying that's purely a matter for national governments. now
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since the european commission was not present at the scene of the riots and is not a police organization, it is not in the best position to comment on the actions of the police of the you states. the maintenance of public order is strictly within the scope of the national forties of the you states and is supervised by the national courts. and the european commission is not in the best position to make specific comments. earlier this month that an anti lockdown protest in the dutch city of rotterdam, $51.00 arrests were made, and 3 people hospitalized after police fired, wanting shots, similar scenes to in the hague, where 7 arrests were made. and over in austria, demonstrators were met with heavy handed police response after the announcement of mandatory covered shots. there have also been large scale marches across belgium
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and france. and while the e u is refusing to condemn tough crowd control tactics in its own member states. when it comes to certain other countries, it takes a very different view the detention of over a 1000 demonstrators and violence used against them by the russian authorities across the country today. threatened the fundamental freedoms of expression association and assembly in the russian federation, fish to the people in hong kong. the support of it'd be a new new toys they autonomy, and fundamental freedom. we will continue to stand my dear people are hung barouche and stitching to the streets. we smash protests and towards the violence against this peaceful protest us was shortage and an acceptable return, then this brutality and expect a full and transparent investigation. yet,
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oh, but he said, i would like to read to write to the right of the cuban people to express their opinions in a peaceful manner. and i want to ask the government to allow these peaceful demonstrations and to listen to the discontent of the protest as former newspaper editor lucrative a thanks brussels views on human rights are riddled with contradictions. europe, to european union, europe in commission, all the land. they think, we think somehow, all europeans that we are gods gifted that we know what is good for the people in the world. we think that on human rights, our position is always the right one, so sanctioned people we sanctioned be amar if you're just done an african countries, asian countries, china and russia. of course, the arch villain. it is a double standard because i was astonished as he got up in citizen to see that in the netherlands, one of the most, the most acre conscious in western europe,
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the police had to shoot with real bullets in the crowd. the press was very silent about this. it was in a breast, but they did not insist while to me. it's something incredible. it's the 1st time since the last world war that we have to police in west we're shooting directly and people walk. there were some problems just after the war, but, but not that much. so ok, they had good reasons that work black blocks, you know, extremists were there in the groups demonstrating, but still in western europe, shooting with real bullets and the crowd. and then we have lessons to give to other countries. great, that there is a problem that obviously missed on the land should say something, even if it's not aimed at the dutch government for rocks. now, it should be and at old government's asking for restraint. that's a minimum that she should say. search teams are working to recover bodies from a siberian coal mine where an explosion on thursday led to the deaths of 51. people,
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including 5 rescuers emergency crews have had to stop work several times due to high methane concentrations and fears of further blasts. the bodies of 5 miners have been found at various stages since saturday afternoon, 300 meters underground. there had been a moment of genuine hope earlier when a rescuer who had been presumed dead, managed to get out. his survival was described as a miracle. he is now in stable condition in the hospital and described what happened. i feel better now that i'm getting all the necessary treatment inside the mine. i was lucky to find a place where the fresh air was flowing in. so that gave me time to lie down and get my strength back. i had all the life saving coupons with me. later i stood up and got out following the stream of fresh air and finally met the local rescuers team for which i'm thankful. now efforts to stabilize the mine of the going round,
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the clock in nitrogen has been used to clear out the dangerous method that is built up inside the mind and poses a risk of explosion. now at this point, there are literally no chances that anybody has survived was trapped inside. however, the destroyed family members are still hoping that there could be some miracle and that their loved ones could still be alive. yeah, yes, my son is down there in the mine. as his mother, i failed that he is alive without some hope. when one man was found alive, he see if that man spent a day down there and survived. it means it's possible to survive. but we are tall, people die in 2 or 3 hours due to lack of air minus how onto their ramble. they are already counted. his dad dislike that matt has survived. now it's hard breaking to watch those scenes. there are still many family members who haven't lost hope, and their hope was only bolstered by the miraculous recovery of a rescue worker who was presumed dead on friday. and having spent almost an entire
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day trapped inside the mind, the 51 year old alexander's the garage and somehow managed to get out of that mine . his condition right now is stable. it's expected that he will make a full recovery and make it back to his wife and son. but unfortunately, the same can't be said for the others who are trapped inside the mind. 51 people ultimately died and people are now wondering how this happened and what led up to this. a criminal investigation has been launched, and 5 people have been detained and arrested. the director of the coal mine, his deputy, and the person in charge of the exact mine have all been detained and also 2 safety inspectors who are accused of faking a safety inspection just a week before this tragic explosion. now all these people have denied their guilt, but nevertheless they have been arrested for 2 months, pending further investigation. but one thing that has become clear is that this mine has been plagued by saves eva issues. apparently, most of the miners knew about these issues and the reported them to the higher ups
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from one rosco's. honestly, i remember my brother in law telling me about a methane program in the mine. they even had resorts to various methods to decrease the level indicators in order to get work done. he occasionally let his former head know about the situation. he wondered how he could work in such circumstances. the minds management was aware of what was going on with those. my husband came home and every time he was saying this won't and well, all the sensors were beeping down there. he sat, that's the conditions and minus half to working at the moment. now, all of these reports will be taken into account by the investigation, which is trying to get to the bottom of what happened, how it happened, what led up to it, what were the underlying causes, and ultimately, how to prevent such things from happening again. but while that investigation goes on and rescue services continue working on securing the mind and recovering the body's relatives are still distraught and demanding more answers. dmitri power r t camera among the survivors of thursday's explosion,
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dozens are injured. the list of their names is on display at the entrance to the mine medic say that they are making a strong recovery and are all in a stable condition. now let's rewind a little bit and take a look back at how the tragedy unfold. over 50 dead. oh, they horrific mon explosion inside burial. 830. i am november the 25th. the mind with 285 people inside filled with smoke. after him, methane explosion. sure, a small up with 9 am november 25th actuation and rescue work starts. reports of 1st casualties. the authorities announced there is no contact with at least 37 people. with 5 pm november the 25th rescue operation suspended amid fears. if possible,
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explosion without 30 mine is still missing. rescue say there's not much hope left because it's minus have only 4 hours of oxygen supply. 10 pm november, the 25th group of rescue work has failed to come up after the threat of explosion. latent 3 of them were found day. oh, cool. with 3 15 pm, november the 26th. a presumed dead rescue work came out on his own raising hope among the desperate families of mine as it is not the 1st deadly accident in this mine. with another me said explosion, claiming 13 lives in 2004. i a studio list, you good spot. you wasn't funny,
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a da we got reaction from disaster investigator arnold. dex explained in some of the difficulties of facing search cruise. it's not like on hollywood. you can't send emergency services in so day, so far with technology, even today's technology to get in there safely. the area has to be made safe. typically in a mining accident when something like this happens very, very is no simple solution. this is the, the worst nightmare of, of anybody who's involved with mining. they usually aren't other options when the ventilation systems being compromised, when you've had the explosions, when the systems are destroyed or severely damaged at the, the options are very limited. a recovery operation in circumstances like this is
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extremely dangerous. it's extremely dangerous because in the 1st instance, the fact that the disasters occurred at all suggests that there's been a failure in the emergency. and in fact normal ventilation systems. and then they're having bain and explosion. it means that many of the safety systems are likely now to be in operable. and i suspect certainly it's been, it's my experience. but that's the sort of difficulty that these rescue as a now facing on the one hand. and there's the possibility that people may be, i'm trapped in areas with air which is still tangible. but on the other hand, the very real risk that rescuers themselves might be injured or worse in their attempts to find them. to protesters have been killed and close to 20 injured by the french army in new jersey. this is according to local officials. it occurred after a military convoy in route to another african nation. molly was stopped by
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a large scale demonstration. the convoy of the french volcano, force, escorted by the national gent armory, was blocked by very violent protesters in terror. in the talbert region, where at spend the night in its attempt to break free use force, leading to the death of 2 people and 18 wounded. well, we have it from official accounts authorities in nyja, which say that after the french convoy had passed from burkina faso into niger about 30 kilometers in a huge crowd about a 1000 demonstrators tried to stop the convoy this this. busy fringe convoy friendship. busy presents in the area has been unpopular with many people with some ethnicities. they believe all manner of stories about french troops and their relations with various rebel groups in the area. but they tried to stop this convoy and french troops reportedly began firing what they describe as warning shots,
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as well as tier gas. it is unclear how warning shots could have injured 18. people killed 2, but apparently french troops as well as an is jerry and troops began firing a warning shots. again, as they say at these crowds details the still somewhat scarcely expect to find out more. but the convoy has moved on off to this incident again, a very ill fated convoy because it landed in the ivory coast to support the french operation in the area as it seemed, snaked its way up towards the north towards molly and on the way it has said capital matter of incidents and book and facile level, multiple attempts by, by crowds in the thousands to stop these convoy voskus void made up of more than a 1000 vehicles. and then also they had the. busy flood warning shots as well as
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tier gas in an effort to disperse the crowds. also number of people injured. as we've heard. busy but again, this convoy is now on its way through nyja, intimately where friendship bases and french troops, odd station, thousands of them in the decade long flight that frances waged against terrorists. it cooled them as well as religious extremists in the region. we reached out to the french defense ministry for comment. the reply we received was that nigerian police and the french officers had fire warning shots after being subjected to a violent attack and stone throwing added that 7 french soldiers and employees were injured. as a result of the assaults or that as a from a in fact, it doesn't for the weekly, but don't worry. my colleague andrew farmer will be here and let's say 34 minutes with another full and fresh look. news. see what it says are changing. ah
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ah ah what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even
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foundation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. very katy killed time, time to sit down and talk. ah, i ah, with i'm action or dance, and you're watching. going underground. 24 hours ahead of a meeting of nato foreign ministers, and as israel lebanon relations, a disgust of the un security council, lebanon has long been a key front in the cold war conflict, and, arguably,
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still is the capital bay route would play host to the most successful communist known to penetrate the british secret services. kim fil, be a new book about his time in beirut. not only expose the life and loves of the legendary double agent, but also scrutinizes the role class played in britain's cold war defeats. and it's all the former deputy editor of the independent on sunday or in britain, james hanning joins me now. james, welcome to going undergrad. so tell me about what's new. i mean, i thought everyone knew about him. phil be the most famous of british by after james bond. well, i thought i thought we all know the po, restore it's been done to death, but actually i, i looked into to pay it because i got some credit, some stuff from a former colleague, bronze soule, i about about the circumstances in which will be left perry and i started looking into it and i saw actually, i didn't do this, i didn't notice about the american wife, i didn't, and there was loads of stuff i thought. and he's one of those figures who's in the sort of public consciousness. actually, one, once i've, i certainly i find, i've forgotten an enormous amount about it. i thought there was so many new
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elements to it, especially anna brown, sewell and former art critic of a london paper who knew entity, blunt. so you have the queen's, a hanger of pictures as it were, but i mean, we had andrew lonnie on about his book on phil b in his as reachable recently. and you echo his view and other views. this is a huge class dimension to this. he was protected, defacto, protected as a soviet agent did the highest echelons of britain's intelligence services because of his class. well, that's right. yes. of course, they didn't know he was a, he was of our sense by bed, but everybody assumed that he was a nice chap and his father had been, was well established and been to cambridge. and he'd known lots of people at cambridge and saw. and it was assumed he was a nice guy and he was very likable, very polite, very kind or quite charismatic. i think very charismatic, is women loved him? certainly. i mean, he was, for somebody said he had an order of sexual suggestiveness about it when he walked into a room. and just to remind us about why he turned to communism,
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i think many people will have seen books if they know about philby, about him being a traitor. and it's full of vitriol against the people that died because he was a spy for the soviet. i don't think i've ever read in a british book about phil b. he had a social conscience load. his parents boss, close friends, be corrupted out of them by money had seen other social democratic left vacillated, shrank. a failure to confront fascism and the moderation of principles of his youth with the selling out just as the labor party had done. the ramsey mcdonnell left. i did i some people i say the kissed armor left austerity affairs of yeah, yeah. there was, there was, britain went through a most of your, it went through a terrible time in the late twenty's early thirty's. and he was horrified that the labor party, which was the convention regarded by then as the conventional way of opposing capitalism. if you like.


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