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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 29, 2021 3:30am-4:01am EST

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ah, hello, and welcome to cross stock where all things are considered. i'm people about legacy media continue to prepare a western audiences for a military conflict and ukraine. another war of choice. also, the united states doesn't export much these days, maybe, except for so called values, or those values attractive anymore. ah, to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess was papadopoulos in london. he is a historian analyst, an author of the book, arise will see in the return of russia to world politics and in plymouth. we have kennings and he's the editor in founder of the 21st century wire. doc. hi gentlemen, cross talk rules and effect. that means you can jump any time you want, and i would appreciate it. it was going to marcus in london. i pride myself on this program to keeping a microscopic eye on what's going on in ukraine. because when you look at the,
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what i to say is outright propaganda and western media about upcoming war in ukraine. of course, russia is deemed the aggressor, but they're, the audiences are being prepared for what the west wants to see happen when it comes to ukraine. i don't think nato wants to fight russia. i don't think the united states wants to fight russia. but a, they certainly are intrigued by the idea that ukraine may fight russia, which we all know what the result would be. and that is a plan result. go ahead, marcus. i, most of you. that's the well, it is beginning to reach a climax regarding ukraine because america's goes in of russia has served a purpose. specifically, buying washington have been proven to play increase naval. ready presence in the black sea, this has inevitably about
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a response from russia, and that has provided the americans with a pretext to increase, not only nato's a presence in the baltic and in eastern europe. but it is also enabled the americans to increase their military and economic assistance to ukraine. so the americans and the british on now at the same time, the international monetary fund, which of course is a weapon of washington and london has agreed to release funds for ukraine. so we can see that a very dangerous picture is american, and the americans and the british are now in a position to cement that fission in your crime. and you're saying this is that they're trying to provoke
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a response. this is the intention. yes, they are trying to promote a response, but i think primarily they all look into and haunts their position in your crime. that carries a lot of risks. is fruit with risks because it was, america does not and will not go to war with you. trey is, of course, a risk of an accidental war and for nato. ukraine is necessary to and circling russia on its west, and ukraine is not necessary to the western military block security. however, ukraine is vital to russian national security. and this circumstance is compelling to russia. we'll go over your crime. and if that means going to war with america, if you try and it will do so, because as i said,
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ukraine is absolutely crucial to russian national. ready security if the russians were sent in to the gulf of mexico, you would see america take very, very clinical. ready response, it is no different for russia in the black sea with it, but it's very interesting, patrick it. ukraine is also necessary for nato because ukraine gives nato a reason to exist. ok, because they, they claim nato's opposition is that it's a defensive alliance. and then it projects stability. however, army ever more sophisticated weapons to kim is the stabilizing. it's the stabilizing to be the conflict that is going on inside of your brain. we need to remind our viewers. this is an intra ukraine conflict that i believe the west russia to be involved in is always said this is an internal conflict dom bass of
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course. but if the dumbasses attacked, which would basically be a form of ethnic cleansing, of the don bass rush is. this is a red line here. so again, adding all the elements for a possible military action is as we just heard, mark to say, if this could happen by accident, but i have a feeling lot of people in washington in london would love to see an accident. go ahead. yeah, absolutely. the other problem is ukraine's become a kind of dumping market for corporate welfare in the united states. that's really what military aid is at the end of the day they're, they're dumping various products or discontinue products or whatever. and now we've got the issue of drones. and so, as the technology of military advances and you have the sort of the revolution in military affairs with drones, for instance, this is kind of problematic because of the proximity between russia and the ukraine being next door neighbor. so it does increase the chances of all sorts of problems,
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new problems that are emerging, that sometimes take years to get ironed out with the introduction of new technology . turkey is also been supplying them with arms and drones. actually the 1st drones, i think, supplied to the crater from turkey, not the u. s, but that, that day might not be too far off. peter, when the u. s. is sending reapers. drones or other, you avi's advance you a b. s. the problem is ukraine's in this cycle of dependency. so the u. s. and the west have captured them politically. they've captured them. and now economically, in the cycle of a dependency and aid comes in various forms, ok, and once you get in that cycle, you become a kind of you become colonized by the west. i mean, next thing will be if there's a significant intelligence presence or listening stations based in the ukraine, then it control over the ukraine's political bodies becomes a kind of
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a foreign affair. australia had fallen into that trap years ago during the cold war . that's one example. many countries actually fell into that trap during the cold war period, and they're still in that cycle all these years later. so, i mean, i see this is a kind of a colonization, a long term colonization of a. i agree with that kind of mental premise here, but it also can turn into a wag the dog situation as well because that dependency isn't now. now they're all in so many different levels. all we need to do is the seal. the deal is love a few more of a few more drones while the don basses create an incident to me because you've already made a commitment, it can be very difficult to withdraw me. we already are now be a historical example of august 2008 a and saw percent ok. it's going to be and because if the u. s. doesn't now stand by its commitments, then it will face a disgrace,
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the military. so the military, so i could be over very quickly. this is a political situation more than anything. and i'm sure the you credit the credit would like nothing more than to see the mix piece process realized. but a lot of interference continues to happen constantly at every single turn by the us or by whatever leader it had installed for shank. and now they seem to have a tremendous amount of influence way over the current president zelinski. it's not about the the markets over the last couple of days. lensky has been making claims very public claims. that there is a plan who against his government. here is this, this, another site got here or, or is he in trouble because he's lost his majority in the parliament. many of his close associates have turned on him. a major opposition figures based being, being held under house arrest. he's attacked independent media. he's in trouble
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here, but i mean, is this create this part of the site here of pensions growing, or is he sending a message that was getting logged in saying, let's go ahead nearly 8 years now. ukraine has been in the west sphere influence, so therefore it follows that the lens he came to power as a result of his masters in washington, london, i'm brussels. having decided that he was the person they wanted to be in power in care of them for he is part and parcel over provided a pretext for ukraine to be eventually brought in tonight. so for you, for nato to increase its presence in the boat in eastern europe and also in the black sea region. that is why the landscape is making these completely off. and
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actually, unsubstantiated claims if he has evidence that a foreign government is planning a country and go to the united nations and present your findings there. that is why the united nations or that is one of the reasons why the united nations was established in the 1st place. but of course, there is no evidence to suggest about moscow or any other foreign governments in the world is attention to the reason he made the allocation is to give a pretext to keep on building up its presence on the russian. yeah, but the irony is here, and then there was a 14 by foreign governments against the duly elected president at the time. i mean, it's really quite rich. you're talking about a foreign meddling in your domestic politics when he is the result of it. i can't
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imagine where they're getting their intelligence from that i can't imagine. so he's privy to the special briefings and u. s. intelligence will probably have plenty of files and dossiers to open up on the desk of president zalinski to show him how an under threat he is from, from moscow, it's not in moscow's interest to be over throwing government, especially in the ukraine and doing it in the sort of public view, but this, this narrative plays over so well and constantly in the west. so this is a very much a battle of narratives. and i might add that this is a very complex situation. is not only do you have eastern ukraine, but you also have the issue of crimea and they're always keeping the on the burner in washington as a sort of reach out retaliation. pretext and europe's kind of almost gotten past crimea by now. but washington will just keep dangling it around like they do with cuba, for instance, constantly and forever. but the reality that the reality there is, they'll never contextualize what happened with crimea in any historical context.
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and they won't call out the actual how things actually unfolded. there when that process happened in 2014, so you know, 90 bucks out with before we go to the break here. i mean, it's really interesting is a harping on crimea is in an army, and here, i mean this, i mean, it's very low cost for the us, but it's very important to russia because it's border security and the security of its sovereignty. so the white cynical game and ukraine almost had nothing to do with that per say, 15 seconds back regarding. yeah, and not only that, you know, this, you're constantly champing in the west oh, blasts and independence movements and f know, independence and so forth. and this is a perfect example, crimea of something that normally they would get behind in any other part of the world. but in this case, because of the no political implications, they won't only only friends get self determination. that's what we learn here. i
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gentlemen, we're going to go to a short break and after lunch or break, we'll continue our discussion on, on some real news, stay with me. ah, ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck rather than fear i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real somebody with a robot most protective phone existence with
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ah ah, with a with a a
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welcome back to cross top where all things are considered. i peter labelle. this is the home addition to remind you were discussing some real news. ah ok, let's go back to patrick. patrick lee, the the, the us with the by the administration is sponsoring a democracy conference on december 10th and 11th. that's all going to be virtual. i think 110 countries have been invited. we can look at the the list. ok. there's some interesting admissions and then there's some interesting additions which one good question. and it puts the entire idea of democracy into doubt in the 1st place . however, this is an interesting cudgel here. i mean, it seems to me that the washington, the washington consensus is very, very nervous. it needs to convince itself that no beating the world in terms of democracy is if that is what is driving the world through this whole narrative of
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democracy versus a talk or see, falls apart like a house of cards. it's laughable in the 21st century. go ahead. yeah, it's, it's, it's the sort of contracts are just endless and i, i thought that they would die off at some point in the past, but no, they're going to expand the sort of thing. and it's even more laughable. the fact that these are all being done remotely by zoom, for instance. so they're just kind of these digital. com, fab's, ultimately very meaningless in terms of what's going on on the ground, but in terms of showing the public what direction. this sort of the social agenda is being steered towards then in that case it is kind of significant. it is important. and so this idea of social justice, this idea of this sort of cultural agenda is very much baked into the un sustainability goals. and all of these countries have bought into those talking
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points and those objectives. and so, and the world economic form as well. all these things, social justice, the, you know, trans agenda and inclusion and equity. and all of these things are baked in to the world economic forums literature and what they're promoting. and also the un sustainable development goals. so it's not something that's just a feature or an ornament. no, it is a central part of what's driving this agenda. so i think whether it's through climate change and you see this at the g 7 as well, everything is gearing towards that. so they're trying to inject this on a globalized social agenda. and you can read this as a direct attack on new traditional family structure to religious institutions and all of the sort of traditional features that have created modern nation states that have broad society and the world to this point in history. this
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is in the process of being undone, i think through, through all these comp, i think, i think another thing that's being undone, go back to marcus in london. here is that this is a replacement for what we understand as international law and replacement of the united nations. and in the founding charter, this is, we've seen this repeatedly. this is actually not a new idea. john mccain the late john mccain wanted to have a league of democracies. it is and basically in the washington consensus of proceeding international law in the united nations. and we see this continuing right here and actually brought up a very, very good point. is it, this is all, it has actually very little to do with democracy. i mean what, there's 500 people being held in washington jails because of the riot on january 6 . what about their rights? ok. it's a bit rich to be talking about human rights when we have a situation like that. but what it is is that again,
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it's is the washington consensus with its meal liberal ideology trying to replace institutions because those institutions are just inconvenient for them. go ahead. in line, so the societal changes, the diabolical society changes occurring in america for washington to keep home preaching, to the rest of the world about democracy amounts to simply inversion because through his physical ailments, i believe that joe biden epitomizes symbolizes how america is the sick man of the world because there was a time when americans in the context of at home could claim morality. they could claim democracy, but those days are long gone. because firstly, there is very little freedom of speech left in america today as
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a result of mere liberalism, which manifests itself today for work. and of course, work very much includes b, l, m. there is a very little freedom of speech in the workplace and america, in schools, in colleges and universities. and also in schools. we hear how near a champion tolerance and a champion diversity. they are some of the most intolerant people you will come across. these people love diversity. if you do not, if you do not support their values and i use the word values in a very loose way, then they will demonstrate to you and to everyone else look in on just how hateful just how violent just how poisonous they are. secondly, in my opinion, what something else which is emerged in america and has also the most in britain
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and which is worse than the deterioration of freedom of speech in america, is the emerge of the most wicked, the most abhorrence, full of sexual depravity. and that is, the fire was read brandon themselves in american society. you know why it normalized the failure. so i am referring to a term which has arisen called minor attracted persons that is a france for pe, the failure minor attracted persons has a presence in fact is pervasive on social major that have been numerous investigations which have exposed just bind on 40 rights to refer to written the house as a white supremacist,
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but he has not full right to intervene and to obsolete condemn the emergence of minor attracted persons. that is why i say that america is a sick man of the world and to bind it for his physical ailments symbolizes last. you know, it's interesting, patrick, this a going back to the democracy. confound, that's coming up. mean, a country like hungry, which is a member of the european union and under european union by laws you have, you cannot be anything but a democracy to be part of the european union. it is a member of the united nations, but it is being punished. it's not invited there because the washington consensus and it's ideology. i'm a poor what the democratic wishes of the people in hungry support. ok. you can like prime minister about or not, but i mean he was put there by his the people that voted ok again. this is
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a very pernicious way of understanding democracy in it. it has a whole lot to do about the values that we're talking about in this, from the lack of values. okay. i mean, it's either our way or the highway and i think that's already been sent on by both of you on this program. go ahead a probably the issue in terms are hungry. the issue is drawn the are of, of europe in the west is, is an issue of immigration and non greece, oregon stands towards that which, which isn't a lot different actually if you look at it from a lot of other european countries, but he's kind of been singled out and also i think because he's more and more conservative, he's champion family values, he's champing hungarian sovereignty independence, culture and so forth, traditional culture. and so this goes absolutely against the trend that western europe is heading very aggressively towards that the united states is heading a very aggressively towards. and if you look at this,
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i think the big advocates for things like open borders and things like the sort of the general depravity of culture and the vista ration of traditional families and values. corporate trends. national corporate cartels are some of the biggest beneficiaries of each and every one of these. so you'll see they're also very much on the woke left as well. so because for their bottom line that you know, children are a massive economic pool for them to draw from now, a massive consumer group that wasn't there before. and in terms of, you know, cheap labor coming in or the stabilizing traditional family values. these are all group things that benefit in the short term anyway, the corporate agenda and the profit bottom lines of many of these companies. so you'll find them backing these candidates who are pushing all of this, this agenda, and you'll find them generally, you know, running these ad campaigns and marketing with social justice ad campaigns have
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nothing to do really with selling the actual product. but everything to do with inculcating this generation was whatever that sort of idealized or seem to be ideal or social justice messages. they are selling an attitude in a bad attitude at that i would say, mark is, it's also interesting that countries that were not invited to the con, obviously china and russia are not invited. again, this is a form of some kind of new cultural cold war. and these countries are not, i'm invited to a white company here, but it, it goes in line with all this have been saying here is that, you know, the particularly russia russians, a conservative country and a proud conservative country. and it's something in the people in the washington consensus, or any other choice, no option, there's only one option. it's our option. and if you're not part of it, then you will be silenced, we will be disappear, you will be canceled here. again,
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this is a very much of a cultural cudgel. go ahead. marcus in love, absolutely. new liberals in america and in britain and other parts of the west have appropriated was and terms, and have deliberately the store to them in order to fit into their agenda. so today in 2021, social justice has lost its meaning, a quality has lost its proper meaning. diversity isn't as lost, its meaning. tolerance has lost, its meaning. these words and terms have been politicized, and they are being used as weapons. and i should that since weapons to silence people in america and in britain who oppose near liberalism, who is one who is baylor, but also a purpose in a g, a strategic way. and that is, russia is again,
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a great power. russia is the only country that can limits american global it, as you say, income 2 times in society. sometimes russia is a very conservative country. it was, it was a conservative country. of course, under the sauce, it was a conservative country under the bolsheviks and molten de russia continues to be a conservative country. it holds its cultural and spiritual values. and that is what such is staying in washington and london. it was against russia. it's a breath against the consensus. i want to thank my guest in london and the limit. i want to thank you for watching us here. are you next time? remember? oh, ah a
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oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? worth is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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the postal service deliver is a $155000000000.00 pieces of mail every year. approximately 40 percent of the world's mail right now the us postal service is in the fight of its life is to remain that is really bad financial shape. now facing default, the postal service is a cash cow. and there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put into a federal budget. there was a mandate that you're bringing a $100000.00, new revenue every month. the nature of privatization in the us postal service is very much hidden from public view. it's privatization from the inside out. that's a big business in money. it's not about the public and given them a service that they deserve. it's not about quality train workers. it's about to
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mine ah, stories this out on the chrome, the new k which strain from south africa spreads across the world with nations canceling flights and even keeping the fully vaccinated in isolation. closer this are shoplifting in vandalism. is the festive season begins. flash mob in smashing, grab robberies, put us authorities to the test. and parents that a school in texas have their personal details posted online after they speak out against critical race theory, a mask mandates we hear from one of them. he posted our personal information or addresses and told the internet to, to attack us. another guy threatened a bunch of us at a school board meeting ah .


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