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hello, live at 5 for moscow headlands. this our on a cross new coverage straightened from south africa, presents a high risk globally the w h o saying as it spreads around the world with nations, no counseling, flight leaving, keeping the fully vaccinated in isolation, shoplifting and vandalism. as the festive season begins, flash mob and smash and grab robberies, put us authorities to the test. a new in a leaked new document suggest germany tried to pressure the us not to impose sanctions against the north stream to use gas pipeline. as berlin's envoy to ukraine says that gas line to europe won't start operations for another 6 months. ah
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oh, i there monday the 29th of november life motif world news h q, kevin o' in here for the next 30 minutes. thanks. she company. so 1st the big news from santa, we talked about a cove. it has to start off again, but all the cronies causing havoc around the world, the new coven mutations been highlighted as a variant of concern by the world health organization and has already been detected in multiple countries. now, they're also phase. it's highly contagious, and even those were fully vaccinated could easily get it is the worry. nations already started closing their borders to prevented spread. now we're going to show you now the 1st images of the new strain originally detected in south africa. they've been published by italian researches. what you saying on the right is all me crohn on the left, the delta very and see a lot more and read areas on the right there. well, that's suggesting how many more mutations this particular variance go on. it means that the virus has further adapted,
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but it must be stressed to it's not yet totally clear if it's actually more dangerous to think it's going to be about $8.00 to $10.00 days to try and get a better handle on that. but while governments are trying to find that out, many people have found themselves stranded in south africa. travel buttons have been imposed around the world and places pulled asleep. got the latest from johannesburg, 1st off, desolation, desperation, aspiration, and anger. these are just some of the emotions that people here in south africa are experiencing. i'm here on the tambo important one is that this is the main international airport in south africa. and as you can see, the airport is practically deserted. a far cry from the scenes we saw just a short time ago when thousands of people were riving here desperate to get on any available flight. often announcement was made that most international travel in and out of 6 african states was being implemented. that announcement came as
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a complete surprise. you had people that were witty boarded that was sitting on planes about to take off that they had to disembark. you had people that were waiting in the skies flying that had to turn around and come back. the situation such is that you now have tens of thousands of people who are stranded here in south africa. people who need to get back to jobs and families. and at the same time you have so many people aboard. many of them, south africans desperate to get into the country. many of them have not been able to visit for at least 2 years. and they have loved ones, some of whom are sick, some of whom are l to be here in the country and waiting to see them. i said to them, okay, i'm coming to check in. will i be able to get home? i'm only going for 10 days to my mother and she started the computer interested. all the flat for december had been cancelled. so if you go, you can get back. and if you get back, you're going to go to parenting for 2 weeks and i've got 2 boys and i just knew that i actually had to knock for their flight. and i was devastated and heartbroken
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. i've got double vaccinated, i've got a booster shot. i had all the documentation, i could have got on the flight and that would have taken me to south africa back australia close to the borders to that they wouldn't allow anybody to come back into the country. and so i feels excessive and i feel very sadden, but i feel like that obviously have information that's making them really concerned just in a few days. everything's completely changed. i was out, i got a message from a friend. i'm checking the news and then more and more news updates had to keep checking, not knowing what would happen. and then within 3 days it, i mean, it's all just completely changed and there's no way that i can go, i have been vaccinated 3 times. so i am as vaccinate as could be, it wouldn't make any difference. i do congratulate the, well, the leaders for taking such quick action. but i do think that they really need to do it properly informed before making decisions that really affect the lives of so
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many people. the prices for the few remaining flights out of here have skyrocketed as has the cost of mandatory cova testing. now, the international community is very cognizant of the fact that as many as 7 out of 10 south africans have not been vaccinated. and this is partly because they're not enough vaccines in the country. and also because many south africans are worried about the long term effects of the vaccines that are on the market. now, south african scientists have been very vocal in saying that they were the 1st to come forward and be transparent about this new variant that has been found things. so it's not a south african variant. and that it is elsewhere in the global community that instead of being applauded south africa has now been push on the blacklist policy r t to hannah's book, south africa on advisor to the italian health authority says the current preventative measures are only having a limited impact on the news straight and it could be a reality for years to come. meantime over in the u. k,
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that country re introducing quarantining the government mandated hotel for people coming from south africa. bruce health secretary also believes cobra is going to be with us as he put it in some form forever. he was asked to learn to live with coven . we will never defeat it. we have to learn to live with it. we have to learn to live with it as we have learned to live with flu. of course, it is not flu and we need to learn more about in cases of omnicom have already been discovered in germany in belgium, the czech republic. and there are at least 13 cases in the netherlands that came after a flight of individuals came in from south africa. now in a separate development, dutch police had to read plain just before it was about to take off. after it emerged that 2 of the passengers on board had been in quarantine hotel and had escaped from that desperately trying to leave the netherlands to try and get home
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as that panic is spreading. it turns out that the quarantine hotel that they had escaped from there were individuals who had presented with the omnia corn strange. you really get a sense of just how scared people are at the moment. some individuals are now facing a lengthy stays in quarantines, which are incredibly costly, particularly in the u. k. for me there is just no ways i can afford 50000 rand, which is equivalent to 2 and a half 1000 pounds to be in a hotel in london. when my home is around the corner and, and i live on my own, we are consult oscillate. and secondly with the job that i was meant to start. if i'm now i'm starting approximately 3 weeks later, which means i'm 3 weeks without seller which is basic, have worked it out, which is basically my rent money for the month. i'm a british citizen, i've lived there for 23 years. i have to find a way the government has to do something about the hotel quarantine and people are
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up in all that government con, make these rulings and then expect the citizens to pay for it. you know, for those who were fully vax, as we heard from those individuals facing problems from south africa, they really thought the, perhaps this pandemic was about to be over, at least for them because they followed all the guidance. they done everything that they were asked to have done. so this must be coming now is a bit of a cold shower for people in europe to realizing that having 2 or 3 jobs just isn't enough. when we faced these new strains that we know so little about in france, the french health ministers resigned to the fact that omnicom will be found here and says that the government needs more time to look at it. they don't use if you don't. and with only to you, since it's circulating in the u. k, italy, in belgium, it's probable that there is a case in circulation and france. researchers are looking at whether vaccines must be modified, but it's too early to say, since it was only discovered a few days ago. scientists who i spoke with on the telephone yesterday,
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including internationally say we need a period of around 10 days to know more. meanwhile, the ministers, the health ministers from the g 7 countries will meet later on monday to discuss this new variant and how it possibly can be tackled at the same time as the experts i really left in a situation with a race to understand exactly what this mutation means and what that means for the a fight for the end of this pandemic. here. so as western governors push the citizens to get opposed to shot the world health organizations expressed opposition to rich nations extending their nok elation programs. well, vaccination rates remain very low in poor countries. case in point much of africa, for example, less than 10 percent of the population has had a single dose. no more vaccines should go to countries that have already vaccinated more than 40 percent of their population. until kovacs has the vaccines,
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it needs to help other countries get that to normal boosters should be administered except to immunocompromised people. most countries with high vaccine coverage continue to ignore our call for a global moratorium on boosters. it is a huge pointed conversation. contention right now we put it up for the fate with a panel of guests. it would make no sense to ensure that most people at least get their 1st dose of the vaccine love and then pushing for people to have the the booster. but then i think, oh, important, we have to look at the efficacy of the actual vaccine because we still know that people who have double days you can still pass it and then also still and be affected by the virus off in as one of the issues that i think they should be meaning of gina. i've seen that education is key because we do still have a lot of hesitant people not. we're not, not wanting to take the vaccine. and also just really,
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it just seemed quite unfair that they still mandate in ice is now mandatory that health workers should have the vaccine. i think it should also include education, the immunity generated by vaccination. decays, it over time, particularly actually in the elderly, the most vulnerable, and certainly of the 6 months these boosters just really have a really significant impact. seen that in real world data from israel, for instance, where they rolled out the booster campaign. so we can see the value of booster shot, you know, various are going to continue to be generated. ready was those of ours is allowed to spread, particularly in countries. indeed like south africa, where vaccination rates are lower than what this emphasizes the need to control the pandemic at the global level as well as locally. and it's all, it is in all our interests to support the role of axis across the world. and we shouldn't be in a position we're having to choose we should be supporting the increased manufacturing distribution of vaccines. and we should choose between boosters the
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most vulnerable and elderly and whether or not somebody else who hasn't been back, somebody gets their 1st job. so while you cobra baron spread across the world, more more countries are introducing masks in britain from choosing a toner pound. fine, if you don't wear one and enclosed places and shops, but joe biden, i'm the married san francisco where in hot water over their own mask mandates far la, violated that we can read up about that. what went so wrong at r t dot com away from cove it now a leaked new document such as berlin tried to pressure washington not to impose sanctions over. nord stream to germany is foreign ministries also warned the u. s. that sanctions against the new gas pipeline from russia, damages, trans, atlantic unity as it was described as get across. this will a correspond, he goes down or figure, what more do we know and any reaction on it from berlin, take us through it. well, kevin, in fact germany has already confirmed that it's their officials have reached out to
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the us to the us authorities and a bid to try and discourage them from imposing new sanctions on the nord stream to gas pipeline. that runs all the way from russia and straight into germany, according to berlin and factors such new sanctions and new penalties would be damaging between the would be damaging for the relations between the 2 allies. yet if american national congress is all there is a document suggesting that the german government urge members of the u. s. congress not to impose sanctions on the node stream to pipeline, because this new would undermine us credibility and damage, trans, atlantic alliance, unity. they would you confirm the german federal government efforts to come to the sanctions. i can see that departmental chiefs of both the foreign and economics and technology ministries visited washington d. c. recently and conducted fruitful negotiations with representatives of the u. s . government and congress. we are continuing intense coordination of efforts with
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the u. s. administration on the implementation of a joint statement on nordstrom to. we regularly exchange of views on the subject on many levels. our position in regard to sanctions is well known. where categorically against any sanctions against allies, so they should not surprise anyone soon becomes. what can you tell us about the success and possible outcomes of germany's efforts on blocking the sanctions in the u. s. senate? i stated that they were fruitful negotiations. that is all i can say at this moment . while germany said to become the one of the main benefactors when new stream to is made operational, in fact, the new pipeline could in fact help europe try and well battle and combat the energy crisis that it is in right now. despite, excuse me, despite that the german ambassador to ukraine has revealed that it won't be until the next few 6 months that the pipeline will be made operational. and in fact,
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the construction of new stream, too, has been hampered by you know, has, has been hampered by some fierce opposition coming from the u. s. and ukraine because u. s. has been imposing round after round of sanctions on some companies involved in the construction of the pipeline. and ukraine fears that when this new pipeline will be made operational it services as a transit country will be made obsolete right now. a big chunk of rushes gas gets into europe through caves, pipelines. but this is despite president putin's assurances repeated assurances that no dream to will not be made into an economic weapons or ego keep us posted if it is 6 months or so good for the rest of europe. because a big winter's coming up isn't of course, or keeps posted. next america there. well, there's been trouble lay the wave, a smashing. grab robbery shaking us during thanksgiving on the weekends. black friday sales with many pointing the police seem to be overwhelmed with
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a level of crime that are up to the christmas holiday. just around the corner. people are asking if authorities could actually keep the city safe with a hands apparently. so tied up right now by new policies, sussex taylors, on the story. remember the days of good cop bad cop while back on in case you missed the memo. now every cop is a batty. well, we need to completely dismantled minneapolis police department, i ah. 7 no, no. off to george floyds, my dad people came for policing budgets were slashed, force was and no go stop and such was out. accountability was in. so where are we now? while the politicians who pulled the money plug, leaving police departments high and dry, might feel safe from neg gated communities. but for the rest of america,
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well from coast to coast, from small towns to big cities, crime is on the rise one year and the biggest annual spike of homicides in 60 years later, states are now trying to fast track a return to the good old days of laura, in order to reverse the tide arising crime, we need to stop demon demonizing and sabotaging the dedicated men. women who risked their lives every single day to keep the rest of us safe enough is enough. we can not the fund the police. we need to refund the police. instead of less funding, we need more investment and public safety and a knife in the back of the democrat, lawmakers everywhere. almost 90 percent of marilyn's black voters back him. because if they have been most affected by fewer patrol cars in the neighbourhood,
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and this isn't a one off. this yet has seen a wave of pro police candidates be elected all across the country from liberal seattle, to minneapolis, the very place george floyd died at the hands of a police officer. the list really does go on. it turns out that lol assess is not as exciting in real life as it is in the westons. and for the democrats already terrified of a mid term bloodbath. this could be a death knell already blue republicans, the proud gun toting law and order party a polling 8 percent higher than democrats nationally. it's almost like voters have realized that it's one thing to shout, to slow going to make a gesture. it's another thing to come up with a real game plan. it does not present any sort of plan for what will come after. there is no specificity as to what services which provide what law enforcement would look like. what residents can expect. police might be back in demand,
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but it looks like too little too late. the usaa saying record numbers of offices leaving the force and recruitment numbers away down despite all types of incentives to boost them. when you start treating those who hunt for criminals as the criminals themselves, then also willing to go out and take a bullet few, a lot of the competent people who would make good police offices, a refraining because they feel that they can go to prison for doing their job, 3, a police officer, you put your life in jeopardy. now some feel they're not protected. the criminals have more rights than police officers to day. careful what you wish for what started as a cat t slogan and a bed to be down with the voters turned into a radical agenda that's been kind to criminals and cruel to the lawful and assigned to it. little aside to it worth bearing in mind people enough to be much more careful. they refer to this spiking cry with socially aware won't ness, forcing a change in the usual terms.
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well, it would be, but we didn't have any sound on that show you next hour. sure, we know this is new ukraine in jan. this is in hot water strip. lay did a video of him firing and artillery gun. what he claimed russian occupies one was i must admit, i may have been involved in the killing of some people and on bass, but exclusively in the death of russian occupiers. the journalist says he posted the video on a national day of remembrance of the holiday, more famine. something that devastated the soviet union in the 19th thirty's, but the video is being cited as proof of ukraine violating a sci fi deal designed to the years long civil warner, near the russian border critics of the journalist and to defend their rage
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on or any such journalists left in ukraine, looks like cube of chased away will those who dare to tell the truth about ukraine shilling and killing peaceful population and dumbass of blatantly violating sc agreements and trying to shift the blame on russia. in response to the backlash, the journalist issued an update to his post and which he partly backtracked on his original woods. with the claim that the video been shot a long time ago was not in violation of any ceasefire agreement. how complicated this, let's try and roughly get a bit more clarity on a broad mcdonald's. the journalist who heads the russia room for most of the union desk author dot com. hello, that thanks, she times. this is talking to tea cup. i mean, 1st of all, the actions of this journalist are they in line with journalism, you should be practice them. this is old video now says that it was showing anyway . well, 1st of all, he actually said on facebook a couple of days ago that it was something he'd done this week. so now i think the backtracking of that. like you said, the main issue here to youngster kevin,
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is that what he's doing is putting other journalists covering not just this war, but probably other wars in danger because obviously a journalist becoming a pursuit, a participant in a conflict. it's a very, very dangerous thing. especially in a situation in east ukraine worth previously during the hot phase of this. now, frozen war back in 2014, a number of members of the press were kidnapped by militiamen and you know, the pro ukrainian side of the fence, the ukrainian government side have for example, i could be made it impossible for journalists to do the crimea and various other places, so the filters harm on both sides there. but what he's basically doing it is created the priests. and now whereas if you are a militia man, a rebel or whatever, you want to call them. and in the don't boss, looking at that on the internet, you're thinking how many other journalists are doing this. you're starting to think, well, they're making themselves competent there. and that's the danger of it. and you know, you reboot yourself is a very radical guy. he's known for it. i mean he's, he certainly blurs the line between activism and journalism. but then again, kevin,
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this is a reach of ukrainian media for the last 6 or 7 years. i mean, you need to look at their twitter accounts. there's so many ukrainian journalist you've got a political statement on their twitter account, ranging from crimea crane to, to support individual political figures in ukraine. something that wouldn't really happen in russia, and certainly wouldn't happen in western europe for example. the other thing was the timing of when this was posted as ukraine, the former soviet union mark holiday more memorial day. yeah. well, ukraine obviously makes is one of the cranes issues you see is that like a lot of young countries, it needs to find an identity for itself or what they would call a national miss. i suppose. the whole of the more is the ukrainian term used to describe a family that happened in the early $930.00 and soviet union. it was a pan when the pan soviet happened, particularly in russia, especially in the south of russia and ukraine, and catholics. and people who study of history are just on the school will know
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that it was part of the breakup of the cool acts. and the break up of the previous farming structure and the at the move towards the brutal moves towards collected farming. we shall be failed eventually and soviet union. now it is true that most of the people who died in that war, ukrainian, i think it was 3000000 and ukraine, one and a half 1000000 in russia. 1000000 in context on what the modern ukrainian status try to do is present the uniquely ukranian tragedy. when that was certainly not the case, i mean the style and certainly didn't really, you know, differentiate between who was going to punish at the time or our hearts at the time . and you put yourself partly back truck tony's on his words after this backlash. that's come, we still believe him. yeah. i think that's just a reaction to, you know, the backlash that he has received, i mean, especially from other ukrainian journalists to be fair. come out and you know, said this is way over the top. i mean, look the guy himself, he runs the website and key is called sensor. and what i presume it's faith based
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in ukraine anyway. and you know, some of the stuff come out with like, you know, he was basically firing. he said, russians already, probably many ethnic russians who are ukranian citizen, you know, i'm blaming them for a famine that happened, you know, as 90 years ago, that also killed one and a half 1000000 russian. i mean, this is bizarre. i mean, this is sort of like, you know, forgetting the fact that the soviet union with the, you know, a multi ethnic state impact led by ukranian for a lot of its existence that one lane had risen from the nic up on the cross. well, now he's tell what he's done and this possible truck is not the end of it, or we're going to see more reaction. i don't know. i mean, i'm not sure about the internal method, ukrainian ukranian state or ukrainian journalist for dealing with aaron's members of the press. i mean, you could imagine that in any normal country, on course, in the modern ukraine is not very normal. in any normal country, you will be prosecuted. i mean, he's a civilian, he's not
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a military officer who was fired and military weapon in a war zone. i mean, in any normal country that would get your jail time. imagine problem. whether the ukraine or d, sorry, no, say probably can leave it there. but thanks for bringing some speed on this. had as you are of the russia former soviet union desk at all t dot com. that is so she today very nice with the palm trees. have a good day. unless it's so far, stay across all the latest for this new coven, very in this that goes a lot of worry. snow so far, the things can be about $8.00 to $10.00 days to really get a handle on it. what does that mean for us around the world till then? and along the way, along with the rest of us stories of r t dot com, but reporting from moscow, my name is kevin stub for nick shows and your part of the world. and thank you is ever for watching out into still the global broadcaster life from russian. ah,
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well, that makes no sense. you know, born is another piece and you various as a merge we don't have with the we don't have a vaccine. the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are judgment. 2 come in, crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together with
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oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah,
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in ah ah ah
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ah. hello and welcome to cross stock. were all things are considered. i'm funeral about legacy media continued to prepare a western audiences for a military conflict and ukraine. another war of choice. also the united states doesn't export much these days. maybe, except for so called values, or those values attractive anymore. ah, to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, marcus papadopoulos in london. he is a historian analyst, an author of the book, arise rossi, and the return of russia to world politics. and in plymouth we have 3 kennings and he's the editor and founder of the 21st century wire duck.


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