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ah, scientists rushed to a dark co vaccine to tackle the latest strain of the virus were the ami chrome very enforcing countries to re impose tough restrictions. many of us might think we're done with corbett 19. it's not done with us. nursing indians from 28 countries to mother suspension of coven vaccine, payton's so poor countries can legally produce them. they say such jobs have been unfairly hoarded by wealthier nations as backlash in australia over the countries news, social media laws that could see user data handed over to authorities. although some say they viewed as a clamped out on their privacy. the same sets of rules could be used by
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a state enormously malicious, marla. this is not about containing free speech issues about released increased ban speech from the powers of the new media oligarchs and fake until you make it a top health official for indigenous people in canada loses a job after lying about at heritage. and it sparked another debate about white privilege. ah, oh, welcome to the program. lo from ortiz will des h q. my name is kevin. oh, and i got 30 minutes of our latest for you. and 1st than that, she heard more countries are closing their borders of affairs. surround when you cove it varied on the kron the u. k. a. u and u. s. of all imposed travel bands on southern african countries where the mutation was 1st found me time scientists rush in to try to adapt to existing vaccines to fight the new strain which is yet to be fully studied. although the world health
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organization says in their view, it potentially poses a very high risk globally. we shouldn't need another wake up call. we should all be wide awake to the threat of this virus. but i'll make her on this very emergencies. another reminder that all so many of us might think we're done with corporate 9 to it's not done with us new covariance. how big is the threat? put november 24th. when we constrain 1st reported from south africa with, with a number of infection cases is surging. it is already spread to at least 3 european countries raising fears of unusually false transmission. in order to win to read into this crime. so enough of a lot of patients with jeffrey williams' equation of sound they voyages plus is
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able to spread the past. i in danger of sprinting. you wait for the punch in the wall to wall, november 26, w 8, june names on the chrome very soon. given the unusually high number of mutations and higher re infection risk, many countries started imposing travel bands, canceling flights from south africa and both while it was at 1 o'clock, a hearing it so crow for other folks if we can change that, sam, this is of samples of sam with 3 and that's what we've done real fast. it was, it was already placed, patients experienced extreme weakness and suffer from headaches. so far, no other unusual symptoms have been reported. but it will take time to determine how severe than you bear with 2 weeks. there was an approximation. so people know how might share in unity ricardo is free
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with russian of corona virus. this is the same question which really thought there is no support by now. but that is a piece of plastics. so many nations and outline their own new measures to try to get a handle on the spread of the virus. some european countries and astrology to of suspended flights to and from south africa and bring states while others of bad every body except their own nationals arriving from that region. israel or japan of gone a step further. they've imposed a complete ban for a while. japan's prime minister saying it's crucial to avoid a worst case scenario. while studies continue into the new strain at many back, the government stands to. they were the more i am from a rural area. and i am very worried and my wife is also very worried. wondering what tokyo residents are thinking about the new variant does. what are the you know? so i feel relieved now that prime minister kasheila announced very strict border
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measures, have to feel it. i think it was good that is sheila 2 of the border measures. they're swiftly and on top of that, i want team to prepare well for things like hospital beds and similar issues. i'm scared because oil people like us are a bit too relaxed now. to criminals is for sure. it's better not to allow people who might be infected to enter japan because the situation in japan is really stable. now. it's initial feeling while another twist to it though, the origins and timing of this latest variant are in some question after. busy dutch health officials now say that on the cross was detected in the netherlands before it was reported in south africa. so unclear, so far. if the infected people visited the region. but it could also mean that there are many more cases around the world. so many countries now re imposing tough restrictions, germany amongst them for snap show. what's happening there, let's say catch up with our europe, her editor peter oliver. the chances going to be discussing new measures that are
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in germany today is another full locked in on the cards. not this news came in about the origins of the netherlands. maybe in brief is a bit on that as well. it's put another twist into it where exactly this started year p. well, it certainly has that news coming out the netherlands, very new that we could well have seen this virus on this new varying of the virus in europe for quite some time yet. be checking in with that as more information comes when it comes to what's happening here in germany though, and you asked about the potential for a new locked down. well, and no news on whether that is going to be happening yet. what we do know what's happened just recently is germany's top called the constitutional court and has ruled that locked downs fit within the basic law that basically germans, germany constitution. and in the ruling, they said that locked downs had interfered with basic rights. but work. busy compatible with the basic law now anglo merkel and her successor in waiting all af
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sholtes are going to be meeting with health ministers from germany. 16 states on tuesday. and during that meeting that be looking to try and i and out a national approach to tackling both the new variance and the existing variance of coven 19. now this comes as germany, seeing some of its worst numbers ever during the whole pandemic when it comes to cases of infection. also, when it comes to the amount serve intensive care beds that have been occupied market zada is the leader of the state of bavaria. is said things need drastic action indeed to protect our healthcare system. we unfortunately have to shut down the whole country on uneven straits basis. a federal emergency break must be decided this week. well, one country that has taken drastic measures had been austria, they're in the middle of 3rd national lockdown. it will go on at least until the end of this week,
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most likely that will be extended until the 13th of december. as was written in the initial a ruling. they also were the 1st to announce that there would be mandatory vaccination against cove at 19. that's to set that that's set to start from the beginning of february next year. now, the health ministers, another leading officials in austria, been taking some questions following a meeting on tuesday. they weren't altered for coming about some of the different facets of this rule that will mandate vaccinations we haven't got, for example, what the, the cutoff age groups will be where that will affect what we do know is some of the punishments for those that don't go ahead with it will be over 3000 euros for a 1st offense, potentially also facing a 4 weeks in jail. if you don't pay that fine fines getting as high as 7200, a euro for repeat offenders. they're the health minister though from the green party has come out and said that. busy mandatory vaccination is the only way
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forward as far as they see it in order to get the jobs in enough people's arms in order to make mass vaccination the to will they wanted to be to fight cove at 19. now the omicron variance has been found all over europe. now we mentioned that at the beginning about it of popping up in the netherlands and may well have been present for some time earlier than we'd previously thought. but as well as the netherlands, we've also heard of cases in denmark check, republic, italy, belgium, and france saying that they have suspected cases of the virus as well. it's prompting ursula for delay in the e. u. commission president, to say that more needs to be done and action needs to be taken swiftly to fight against this new variance. before we start seeing other variance popping up on the scene, you are now in a race against time. the scientists and manufacturer need 2 to 3 weeks to have a full picture about the quality of the mutations of this army chron variant.
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i mentioned that austria would be implementing mandatory vaccination for all of its citizens. started from next february, or greece has also announced on tuesday that for the over sixty's vaccination will be mandatory. there is well, a much less a fine in place than in austria. they're looking at something around a 100 euro for not getting it done that comes into play from the middle of january next year, stepping outside of the european union into the united kingdom. we're seeing action being taken against this new omicron variant. there were in england, they've decided to re impose. busy the wearing of masks, or to make that compulsory in shops on public transport. and the ministers for health in that country saying that they need to act in order to try to work out just how transmissible and how much of a threat is posed by this new variant. we're trying to get that balance in proportion and,
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and it is difficult because it's unknown. so we need to buy some time. so our scientists can work with the world's leading scientists to just basically. so think about what they're in. we know it's very transmissible by looking at that the year, but we don't know whether it will work with the vaccine vaccine wack or the other treatments, etc. so the scientists do need some time for that. well, that's the way it looks across europe at the moment, i'll be keeping a close eye on what comes out of germany to see if we are going to see more measures being imposed by anglo merkel. as we faced up to the reality of living with this new oma cron variant girl, you are not read break, he just turn our views against it. pock tennis has come into play. will it go from over there? read breaking said the oranges and timing this latest version questionnaires, touch health officials. no say i'm a chrome, takes it earlier than the thought in the netherlands. so maybe it's been around a bit more before. get a bit more on that for us for later pete as well. now, earlier i spoke to israel, former you and ambassador, who says the measures to completely seal the countries borders are unnecessary burden, as they're simply not enough known about this new strain. it definitely,
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i think maybe it was too much, but it's better to be on the safe side when you deal with new variance and we don't have that data. but i hope that, you know, within 2 weeks time will be able to open our borders. you know, it's very divide, open everything up and stones more events. so i think you know the precaution because we don't know exactly about the value we have case actually. now we have 2 cases of confirmed the only quan variant you need well that's why the government didn't do acting very, very fast. and to close the borders to the allow only lady to come in and those out to run for 3. dave, even though we exceed the base, you know, whether we should use the, acknowledging it to actually one of those that carry the very end, you know, we have, it should, according to what the people that debated and that's when both the author sure again, so actually as we speak, the government decided to we initiate that policy,
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but only 2 people who were confirmed with with that was, i don't know, had a few people. i hope it will be the number. but i'm not sure the policy was physically that other sentiment, so that policy empowerment and in the public, you know, you'd be possible to do sat down all the flights. why are we going to do that every time the, the no variance coming out. but the yes, i think you, they want you to carefully and learn how to deal with that and the 3rd of the public to be patient about it to cooperate with a guideline. other developments today, nursing in from 28 countries want to get rid of peyton's for coven vaccine. so that can be legally made by any qualified manufacturer. the group seeking backing from the un over it's saying the poor countries lack the jobs because they're being haunted by the wealthy countries where they produced more on it than from shot. it was dashti. well, with all the icons spreading. 6 the you case handling of the pandemic as back again in the spotlight, not just in terms of those on the frontline here in britain,
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but now those on the front line nation wide and globally even as well. so what we're hearing now is nasa's in $28.00 different countries, nurses union, several hitting out rich nations, accusing its actions of costing lives and even creating a vaccine apartheid now taking their complaints to the united nation. so basically, what this is all about is many which countries, including the u. k, and other european countries. they're refusing to budge on particular rules in terms of intellectual property rights for vaccines. are. remember at the beginning of the pandemic, many different nations were roll racing to try and get the job 1st and then thinking mostly about protecting that and then looking further afield. well, this is still very much an issue, and what we're seeing now is that rich nations have secured 7000000000 doses of the coven vaccine in comparison to low income countries, with just 300000000. and now these nurses unions,
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they're accusing at these rich nations of violating patients rights instead of supporting this waiver, certain governments of protecting the prophets of big pharmaceutical companies at the expense of public health. these countries have violated our rights and the rights of our patients. and cause the loss of conflict lives, of nurses and other care givers, and those we have cared for. while nurses unions in 20 different countries have now filed an appeal with the united nation, saying that the global gap between rich and pull is only exacerbated with the pandemic and is now becoming blindly obvious. not only that, what they argue is that the transmission of cov, it in developing nations increases the risks of new variance emerging like we've seen with on the chrome developing and 1st being identified in south africa. now, a waiver on all of these provisions for vaccines with allow them to be made more widely and then distributed more widely as well. it would improve the global distribution of the vaccines. now,
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even the world health organization has waited to this debate, saying that there needs to be a cap on how much of a country is vaccinated. no more vaccines should go to countries that have already box united, more than 40 percent of their population until kovacs has the vaccines. it needs to help other countries get that to well here in the united kingdom, it all fill scarily reminiscent of 2 years ago and we heard of cases popping up in various pockets around the country. we've now got the toll of 14 cases of on the chrome identified here in the united kingdom. it feels as though it's almost a race to trace the cases. it's now back on like it was at the heights of the pandemic. but of course, this isn't just a u. k issue. absolutely. a global issue right now in many richer countries are now being accused of arguably, going back into that somewhat selfish mindset. and unless the u. k, i know the countries get out of it. we might already go back to square one with
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other variance emerging away from cov for minute. and the strategy is said to introduce some of the wools, toughest anti troll legislation. that would force social media companies to disclose the identities of online trolls. prominence has got morrison says he wants to put a stop to a lawless internet. i want to ensure that a stride ins saif online. making sure that the rules that exist in the real world must exist in the digital an online world. the online world shouldn't be on a wild whist. well, these laws would set up her complaints procedure, in theory for anyone feels defamed to polydor attacks on line platforms would be required to collect users personal information likely to include the names, the phone numbers, and e mail addresses. if a case goes to court, judges may require social networks to hand over the data. and it's those online companies not the uses or owners of pages on their site,
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who denby held responsible for the damage in content we got out. there isn't the already been a wide spread backlash against these plans from uses. filing privacy is wrong. people already give out too much personal info, t social media and no government should for any corporation to violate their users privacy. it is 100 percent obvious that scott morrison wants to use this against his online critics. the only reason for forcing an on to become mr man is to take action against him. genuine trolls are mostly faith accounts, so that will work. just morrison's mouth and brain. unusual disconnects the sooner he goes, the better government must be pleased about the framing anti troll. confused a few of the labels anonymity ending law id collection law. australia is already low tones with internet giants this year after it brought in the online safety out, which let say a government commissioner developed information about abusive anonymous accounts.
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facebook hit back saying it was impossible to monitor all comments. while a twitter says such moves for whistle blows at risk, we discussed australia, new strategy, them with talk, radio host and columns, john gaunt and also with digital privacy activist and tech expert, bill mew, i can't see how if twitter gives into australia and agrees to this set of rules, how it would then be able to refuse to get into other more a draconian regimes which seems to suppress dissent. and to write down on whistleblowers, where the same sets of rules could be used by a states in an enormously malicious manner. simple, bottom line is the moment they band and the president, the free will donald trump, than facebook in particular, became a publisher just like the sun newspaper or the daily mail in britain. if they're going to decide who can and cannot speak on their platforms, they're publishes,
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therefore, they should have the same rules apply to them when it comes to libel. defamation slandered, cetera, cetera, as newspapers to you know, countries when we get people on j. k. rowling, the harry potter author being bullied and harassed and thrown, thrown around on twitter, it has to stop. and these people, the hide behind anonymous accounts. so if they have the passport or the name and the address of that individual, and remember saying only if it goes to court, they would have to get that name over. i think that's right. those authorities have a set of courts within their country. that dean, some sort of comment to be a libel or so trolling in some way and demand the details of someone. then you're going to lead to people being exposed, who i believe need some form or protection. so we possibly need to have a broad brush approach where i know neighbor t is eliminated in the norm, but there may be some special application procedure that basically mean with
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a not. now, will you agree with australia, not with the saying only when he gets to court, but the very fact that he's there would stop the strolling, but it also has to be about free me. this is not about detailing free speech. this is about releasing free spent speech from the powers of the new media. oligarchs. why, oligarchy, why indeed, should not zuckerberg be able to set the standards of taste and decency around the world? why? who gives him the god given right to do that? they've taken over the media, they've read local democracy. when it comes, the local newspapers, local tv channels, radio channels, because they can do whatever they want. it is the wild west. a top health official for digital people in canada has lost her job after lying about a heritage and opened up a whole debate about race. faking together heads all. take a closer look at what happened is asked taylor have you ever wanted to be someone
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else? someone, claire, for someone which is someone more successful, have you ever wanted it so badly that you name yourself morning stall, bear. i'm bear clan ammunition helping me chief from treaty for territory. and i want to acknowledge that territory, but i'm in treaty 6 territory. i also want to acknowledge my ancestors her career. here was me. well, i'm not sure her ancestors appreciate the shout out. in fact, for people who emigrated from russia and poland back in the 19th century, the revelation that their descendants, who tom tribal regalia held a feather and claim to be indigenous would probably be quite a surprise. yes, outed by her own system. it turns out morning stop beth, a k paying old carrie bourassa is a fraud, also known as a pretend in all a race faker. a person who steals all this heritage to get ahead without having to
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have suffered centuries of discrimination and abuse. because if you can bypass it, why not? it's colonialism and it's worst form and it's a gross form of white privilege that he can just take somebody else's identity and claim to be them. given that this year alone, more than a 1000 on mark greys have been found in former residential schools where indigenous children were forcibly assimilated, starved, and beaten buses, claims, feel all the more egregious. it's a wonder she was fired. having enjoyed 15 years on to cover at the top of her field, but still the question lux, why? because if you think she's a one off example of white privilege on steroids, think again, last year, 6 people at canadian university is turned out to be carries, in fact, left leaning academic institutions have become a bit of a haven for them, a growing trend. so alarming that the idea of penalties has been floated around jail time or a quarter of a $1000000.00 fine. and it's not just for the higher ups all. no people lowered
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down the chain half cottoned on to the so they found that 34 percent of white americans who applied to college falsely claimed on the applications they are a racial minority. the number one reason why applicants fake the minority status is to improve the chances of getting accepted. 81 percent 50 percent also lied to benefit from minority focused financial aid with universities and businesses pushing for diversity. it seems white students feel left out in the cold that trying to squeeze themselves into any quotes as they pan feathers at the ready, the home generation of kerry's ready to be caught at any moment in that nice because this is 2021 and genetic testing exists just ask elizabeth warren, i'm going to get one of those little kiss and in the middle of the bay when she proclaims that she's of indian heritage. because her mother said she has high cheek bones. rachel dollars, how are you? african american?
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i don't, i don't understand the question that the jury's stand out on that one. are you an african american woman? identify as black? well actually that's up. identity theft, sometimes useful, increasingly trendy. oh, fun and games. until your sister turns on you or talking to fake it online. there's a trial that's gripping the u. s. at the moment. new evidence has come to light. in the case of accent, jesse smith let, who's accused the staging a racist attack against himself has gone on for about 3 years. and you can find out more at r t dot com, get up to speed with the latest from us. the sex trafficking trial of british socialite, glory maxwell has begun in new york. she's accused grooming under age girls for convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein, who died in prison back in 2019 is
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a look at what could be expected from these legal proceedings. coming up then khomeini's daughter. yep, the one and same x f b i director james comi, x special assistant to obama and ex girlfriend of convicted peter file, jeffrey epstein. they all are meeting in one courtroom. is all you need to know about delane maxwell trial. accused of sex, trafficking, and grooming underage girls for epstein denies the charges faces decades in prison . if convicted alison. g. nathan judge x special assistant to barack obama rejected maxwell's bail application. 4 times allowed prosecutors to refer to accuses as victims of recruiting word is based, unnecessary, and impractical. it is appropriate to use the times as a representative of its litigation position. busy allowed accuses to testify anonymously. marine co, me, one of the lead prosecutors, daughter of x, f
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b. i directed james co, me revealed that video of epstein's 1st suspected suicide trying had been destroyed . the requested video no longer exists from the backup system and has not since at least august 2019 as a result of technical errors, bobby stern. i'm one of maxwell's lewis foreman. so client o, some of been loudon spokesman in london, found guilty of plotting deadly 1998 bombings of us embassies in africa. delane maxwell trial, your holiday drama, this winter season, jealous commentator chadwick more told to, sir, it appears that charles, being heavily influenced by democrats, with a vested interest in keeping the details secret. you got a judge who is a week before the trial began. democrats are offering to give her a job motion into the 2nd circuit court of appeals. and then you have the
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prosecutor who james coby and daughter, james told me who of course, of the democratic party fixer and that very put and also off the off the case of her email. and with the former f b i, director, it looks like it's ever got the really circling the wagons in this. so we have this decision from judge nathan that says she can basically block a lot of information from reaching the public. the media has been barred from the court room here, which is very interesting. and the judge is made a ruling very recently that in pure and sensational information will not be released to the public. nobody really knows what the meter on impure and facial might be. none of that really competent in the justice system or in the trial to begin with. and now we have other information that you know, you don't want to create more of a circus around the trials. well, i don't know what the trial do with countries. i'm that are absolute complete surfaces. so why does this get special treatment? you know, it all just kind of reach something. something seems distinct here for
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a lot of people. will these embrace night demonstrate as a block to number of major roads in the lebanese capital by road there, protesting against worsting living conditions in a records, draw the national currency against the dollar campaign as they're asking for the government to step in and address the crisis elsewhere we showed you some of these pictures yesterday, bad weather for people having killed 38 injured in storms that have bots at turkey . fierce winds tool away, roofs up routed, treat over trucks, flights shed jill to land. that is tampa with averted to and crew is me forecast as expecting. pleasant weather. so the coal it to last until tuesday, though it is tuesday, should be over soon. that now in bolivia, thousands are rallying in support of the government in a day's long march for the homeland led by the current president and his predecessor, the 6 day event which is seen supports his walk about a 180 kilometers, was held in opposition to fall right,
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protest movement in the country to 30 past the hour. that's what we're talking about so far. reporting from moscow. my name is kevin o in for me and the team stop by for next programs in your part of the world. it's news. use hughes and thanks for watching our t international ah ah, lose .


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