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sport business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. ah, the origin to that new coverage strain on the crone is now under question today is dutch health officials say it was detected in the netherlands before it was reported in south africa. nursing unions from 28 countries demand a suspension of coven vaccine, payton's so the poor countries can legally produce them. they say such jobs are being unfairly hoarded by wealthier nations away from cove. its mother these french far i, journalist eric z, moore's naps t sufficiently entering the 2022 presidential campaign from despite losing political points with some very public scandals. and those backlash in australia over the countries. news, social media laws that could see use a day to hand it over to authority, some seeing it as
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a clamp that on with privacy though. the same sets of rules could be used by a states that enormously malicious mother. this is not about curtailing free speech . this she's about to release increased bin speech from the powers of the new media oligarchs. ah other welcome to the program. the tuesday afternoon for moscow live from ortiz, will d z h q, kevin, out here for the next 30 minutes with our latest. and a lot of it dedicated to this new coven, straigten them. the origins and timing of it are in question as well. today is the big headline out after dutch health officials say that all micron was detected in the netherlands before it was reported in south africa. it's unclear so far if the infected people had visited the african continent. but it could also mean that there are many more cases around the world. i got the latest from
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a correspondence policy clear, and peter oliver relates to 2 separate tests that were taken in the netherlands on the 19th, on the 23rd of november. that is of course fall before we had heard about the omicron variant in anything to do with it, and supposedly it originating out of south africa. now this information has come to light from the dutch national institute for public health and the environment. they say that looking at samples that were taken almost 2 dates that they can see the similar mutations in the spike protein as has been seen in the omicron variance of coven 19. now, what this could me and what it seems to mean is that it would have been present in europe fall before we expected it to be in. it stands to reason it if it was here in europe before we thought it was, then it may well have infected far more people than perhaps we have been thinking it had done so far as some comeback should have been it from our list,
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a pool of sleep after south africa revealed this new virus to the world, it was cut off pretty much was net, we closed board is o'connor restrictions, not a bag of air. i was engaged as being reasonable or not as the days go on now. well, certainly does not mention this new information is coming forward. is creepy. welcome to authorities here in south africa. this is because from a start, ethan had from example, it helped minutes, minutes fi saying that mutations won't happen. and it isn't a base interest of the global community, that conscience who come forward and admit that they have picked it up on natalie's . and this is the feeling in south africa, people falling in east african variance and they would say, no, it's not a south african family. scientists and i, experts are so far advanced that they were able to pick it up to teach it, be honest to not to report it to the world health organization and very much the eating here in south africa to the last few days following these travel bands has been that south africa has actually been lackluster to politic. rhonda had been
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a just now getting to give a good back manual and honest, i'll follow board of the clothes and the people are suffering from the different well 5 vehicles. all concerning. what we have seen is that in sections here in south africa have morning. triple in recent days, the last official figures have awful sundays when they were 2800 new cases. and this complaints were just 500 our later days earlier, the hospitals are approaching that they expect a lot of pressure in the next 2 to 3 weeks. and they also expect more than 10 panels and new cases by the end of this week. at the same time, the laws that people wearing mos enjoy and respect and gathering has been we implemented that you still have thousands of south africans award course of return
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to the country. i'm supposed to be in israel until the 7th of december. so i'm sitting in a bit of a predicament because i don't know if my flight will be able to fly or not. the numbers were very, very low in south africa. it did not come. it did not originate in sub if, you know, we hoping that that the voice of reason will prevail and that countries will realize that it's not stuff if it came from other countries because our scientists identified it. it's not a south african variant. he international cover band of them in k, although the latest information you have is that british arrays should be operating again from tomorrow. but now we've heard that immigrants has suspended. so the situation is very fluid. south africa is in its ways. and the situation on the ground, despite the discovery or perhaps in addition to the discovery of this new strain, still remains very worrying back to your pizza. how has europe responded to this new stroke? especially cause for this news that actually it could have been around
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a few days, maybe up to 11 days earlier in germany, where the constitutional court talked court in the land has ruled that locked downs that had been imposed in the past were well within the framework of the basic law that's equivalent of germany's constitution. the at the top court, they're saying that they interfered with basic rights. but we're compatible within the basic law. now that's important, because on tuesday, angular merkel and the as well, her most likely successor or left sholtes as chancellor. and we'll be discussing with the health ministers from germany. 16 states what they're going to do for a national tactic to tackle the current outbreak of coven 19 now are figures across germany, have been through the roof for the last few weeks. so we have seen the slightest of slight downturns in ab 7 days. indices, 7 day numbers of, of people who have been infected and over the last 24 hours. but when i say slight,
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i'm talking about 0.2 of a person incredibly slight indeed. so we'd be looking to see what comes out of that meeting between angular merkel or like shots and the are the leaders of the 16 states that may well be something about when schools can be closed. also something about curfews as well. be paying close attention to it. however, some of the regional leaders in germany, a saying action needs to be taken immediately to protect our health care system. we unfortunately have to shut down the whole country on uneven straits of basis. a federal emergency break must be decided this week. for one country that's already in the middle of a lockdown is austria. that's going to run through until at least the end of this week. it could well be extended until the 13th of december. and we've been finding out a little bit more from the austrian government about their proposal that they're going to him make it mandatory for people to have vaccines from the 1st of february. and
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we'll start with what we don't know about that rule. we don't know exactly what age brackets it will affect. we don't know how it will ultimately be policed. what we do know is that anybody who doesn't go for a. busy vaccine could be eligible for a fine of just over 3000 euro or spend 4 weeks in jail, repeat offenders face fines as high as 7200 euro, another country in europe though, it's been talking about vaccine mandates and is greece and they're going to bring theirs in from the middle of january of next year. it's only going to be for the over sixty's to start with, and they're talking about far smaller fines for those that don't adhere to it around $100.00 euro been spoken about in greece as opposed to the, the thousands in austria. but omicron is really at the forefront of everybody's mind across europe. at the moment we heard that it may well have been with us for far longer than we thought we are seeing cases, almost all over the country,
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all over the continent. we're looking at it present in spain, portugal check republic, italy, belgium, and the netherlands. as i mentioned, frances, looking into 2, at least 2 suspected cases there. and what we're hearing from ursula fondling the a you commission president, is that more action needs to be taken to try and tackle this new variant here. now in a race against time, the scientists and manufacturer need 2 to 3 weeks to have a full picture about the quality of the mutations of this army chron variant. while staying in europe moving outside of the european union, the night in the united kingdom, england has re introduced the wearing of face masks on public transport and in shops as, as a legal requirement. it had been voluntary since the summer and ministers for health there is saying it's because of this new variant and uncertainty over how it
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may affect people were trying to get balance and proportion and, and it is difficult because it's unknown. so we need to buy some time so our scientists can work with the world's leading scientists to just basically. so think about what they're in. we know it's very transmissible by looking at that the year . and we don't know, you know, whether it work with the vaccine vaccine wack or the other treatments, etc. so the scientists do need some time for that. well, that's how it looks across europe. right now we're be keeping a keen eye to see on what news develops, either with from the netherlands, with regards to the announcement that at this omicron very, it may have been present here for much longer. also watching what's going to come out from here in berlin. where anglo merkel, the german chancellors meeting with regional leaders as they try to establish a new national protocol for it when it comes to trying to tackle this covert outbreak. yes, as we heard nations now applying their own new measures, sir variously to tackle the spread of the virus. australia, along with european countries,
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are suspended flights to and from south africa and neighboring states, while others of bad everybody except their own national sir, arriving from south africa. israel and japan are gone a step further and they've imposed a complete ban. meantime, japan's prime minister says it's crucial to avoid a worst case scenario while studies continue into the new strain and many are back in the government stance there at the moment. i'm off. i'm from a rural area and i'm very worried. my wife is also very worried wondering what tokyo residents are thinking about the new very and the you know, so i feel relief now. the prime minister casita announced very strict border measures. have to deal with. i think it was good. i guess she took the border measures very swiftly and on top of that, i wanted to prepare well for things like hospital beds and similar issues. i'm scared because people like us are a bit to relax. now. problems are for sure. it's better not to allow people who might be infected to enter japan, because the situation in japan is pretty stable. now,
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it's initial feeling. meanwhile, amid the spread of the new coven strain vaccine supplies in the spotlight, nursing unions and 28 countries. want to get rid of peyton's for corona virus jobs, so that can be legally made by any qualified manufacturer. the group seeking backing from the u. n over it saying that poor countries lack the shots because they've been holding by the wealthy countries where they're being produced. it says the vaccine and balance could lead to even more death. the direct consequences of the failure to distribute vaccines and treatment equitably to the vast majority of people of low and moderate income countries could likely further transmission of coven 19 further mass illness and large numbers of fatalities. in those countries, there should be reason enough to address the crisis of global vaccine apartheid. well, with on the cross spreading, the united kingdom is back in the spotlight for its handling of the pandemic. this time, it's nurses unions in 28 different countries are accusing. richard nations of essentially
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costing lives worldwide and even of creating a vaccine apartheid system. now essentially what they're doing is taking their complaint directly to the united nations. basically, this is all about many rich countries, including the u. k and the e u. they're refusing to barge on rules, particularly regarding intellectual property rights regarding the vaccination. remember the race for many different nations across the globe, trying to get that job 1st back at the heights of the pandemic. and then many accused these rich nations of basically hoarding at these vaccines trying to protect their own 1st and foremost. well, that's essentially the agenda here today at seeing that rich nations have secured 7000000000 doses of the vaccine in comparison to the low income nation's only having around 300000000 doses. now these nurses unions are really accusing rich nations of violating patients rights. instead of supporting this waiver,
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certain governments are protecting the profits of big pharmaceutical companies at the expense of public health. these countries have violated our rights and the rights of our patients and cause the loss of countless lives of nurses and other caregivers. and those we have cared for. well, nurses unions in 20 different countries have now filed an appeal with the united nation, saying that the global gap between rich and poor is only does exacerbated with pandemic. and is now becoming blindly obvious. not only that, what they argue is that the transmission of cove it in developing nations increases the risks of new variance emerging like we've just seen with all the crumb developing and 1st being identified in south africa. now, a waiver on all of these provisions for vaccines would then allow them to be made more widely and then distributed more widely as well. it would improve the global distribution of the vaccines. now, even the world health organization has weighed in there to this debate,
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saying that there needs to be a cap on how much of a country is vaccinated. no more vaccines should go to countries that have already vaccinated more than 40 percent of their population. until kovacs has the vaccines, it needs to help other countries get that to well, the pandemic slogan has long been. no one is safe till everybody is safe. but really and truly it doesn't seem to be the case for many people arguing against the pharmaceutical companies that arguably operating profit for public health. and was there has been a global kovacs initiative. have these global initiatives really be in that successful, almost 2 years on now? from the beginning of the pandemic, and arguably, we're back in the eye of the storm. the feeling really is now that these rich countries are arguably having quite a selfish mindset and if they continue to do so well, we just go round and round in circles and go back to square one with these new
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variance emerging or away from co, from an in network, some of the news today salia said to introduce some of the world toughest anti troll legislation that would for social media companies disclose the identities of online trolls. provenance the scott morrison says he wants to put a stop to a lawless internet. i want to ensure that a strident site online, making sure that the rules that exist in the real world must exist in the digital and online world. the online world shouldn't be a wild west. so in theory, the laws would set up a complaint procedure for anyone who feel the faint, bullied, or attacked online platforms will be required to collect, to use his personal information likely to include the names, phone numbers, email addresses. if a case that goes to court closely, churches may require social networks to hand over said data, and it's those online companies,
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not the uses or owners of pages on the sites who would be held responsible for the damage in content. there's already been a widespread backlash against the plans from uses. filing privacy is wrong. people already give out too much personal info to use social media and no government should force any corporation to violate their users privacy. it is 100 percent obvious that scott morrison wants to use this against his online critics. the only reason for forcing and on to become mr. man is to take action against genuine trolls, mostly fake accounts. so that will work just morrison's mouth and brain. unusual disconnects the sooner he goes, the better government must be pleased about the framing. anti troll could have used a few of a labels, anonymity ending law id collection law. as some back story to this is trailers already locked horns with internet joints this year after it brought in the online safety act, which lets a government commissioner demand information on abusive,
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anonymous accounts, facebook id back at that saying it was impossible to monitor all comments to it says it puts whistleblowers at risk, we discussed is fairly new strategy then with talk radio host and column is john gold and also digital privacy activists and tech expert build new i can't see how if twitter gives into australia and agrees to the set of rules how it would then be able to refuse to get into other more a draconian regimes which seems to suppress dissent and to write down on whistleblowers, where the same set of rules could be used by a states and then enormously malicious manner. simple, bottom line is the moment they band and the president of the free world, donald trump, then facebook in particular, became a publisher, just like the sun newspaper or the daily mail in britain, if they're going to decide who can and cannot speak on their platforms. that
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publishes, therefore, they should have the same rules apply to them when it comes to libel, defamation slander, central center, as newspapers to you know, countries when we get people on j. k. rowling. the harry potter author being bullied and harassed and thrown, thrown around on twitter, it has to stop. and these people, the hide behind, anonymous counts. so if they have the passport, the name, and the address of the individual, and remember saying only if it goes to court, they would have to give that name over. i think that's right. those authorities have a set of a court within their country. the dean, some sort of comment to be a lie below, so trolling in some way and demand the details of someone. then you're going to lead to people being exposed, who i believe need some form or protection. so we possibly need to have a broad brush approach where i know neighbor t is eliminated in the norm, but there may be some special application procedure. basically in with a not now,
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you know, you agree with australia, that's what they're saying. only when he gets to court, but the very fact that he's there would stop the strolling, but it also has to be about free me. this is not about detailing free speech. this is about releasing free spent speech from the powers of the new media oligarchs. why, oligarchy, why indeed, should not zuckerberg be able to set the standards of taste and decency around the world? why? who gives him the god given right to do that? they've taken over the media. they've wrecked local democracy when it comes to local newspapers, local tv channels, radio channels, cuz they can do whatever they want. it is the wild west. okay, couple of years ago, french right wing tv punted eric zimmer announced his candidacy for next year's presidential election there. but despite his popularity, public scandals of heard,
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his ratings shall advances on the story. the would be bad boy of french politics has announced t's a mission the running did become the next president of frogs. this is eric simile, who's a highly divisive figure here in the country, but it's also in the last 3 months showing that who could gain a substantial following and really shake up this race. now he's setting out why, who should leave france by the busy people every day since you haven't moved and yet you don't feel at home. you haven't abandoned your country, but it feels like your country has abandoned you. you feel like foreigners in your own homeland. there's no more time to reform fronts. it's time to save it. that's why i've decided to run for president. that's why i've decided to ask for your vote and become your president of the republic. so our children and grandchildren will not face barbarity while daughters will not be forced to wear his job. and our sons will not be forced into submission, right?
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so we can pass to them the same fronts that we knew and that we inherited from our ancestors. sorry, when we're phoenix wrap up right now is a more has twice been convicted of inciting racial hatred. and he's currently awaiting a verdict over a 3rd allegation. he has been clear that he believes white french people will be replaced by norm won't known you repay an immigrant. zamora has also spoken out against islam saying that it threatens front says values. ringback and has said immigrants need to assimilate to the values of the french republic, suggesting that names like mohammed would be banned under his leadership. now, the pun, dates, and right to has spent the last few months unofficially campaigning, as she has been promoting his latest book. his pre candidate show campaign has been hampered by some events being canceled abroad as he i to reach out to frank's
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ex pats his events which draw my support particularly here in france. oh, so to protests about me on that i had given attention to you. i don't even want to pronounce his name. who has said such outrageous things is just an acceptable even if okay, wearing a country of freedom where everyone has the right to express their opinion. but to give so much visibility to one person like that is shameful. a premier pasco, hist, we hope mister zima will clean things up a bit. and the problem is there is been 30 years 40 years of that the state has been demobilized from many issues and we need to see it clearly. we need to re launch the country. i think the others won't have the courage to do it already or something. well, today we see that despite our differences, we all have the same problem in our daily lives. that is why we are all gathered today to say no to this to visit us, which is the work of certain extreme us among politicians. like with the far right
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to country, they call them a racist, but it's not true. he's no more racist than i am. i am of lebanese origin, and i'm here and i've integrated, well, subject law hillson being criticized recently by moving the penn national raleigh leader. he's more is being would be rinebold from the affection of his on the right . and she says, she's an unsuitable person to be president. now her native criticism came off. this, gave a woman, the middle finger mimicking a gesture that she had just given him. know some more has described the incident as being inelegant, but said that his instinctive reaction showed that he's prepared to break to bruce . now many have also describes him more as being the intellectual, donald trump. and he has had a popular right in the poll so far at one point, even before declaring his candidacy. polls showed that she could make the 2nd cut
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to the round voting, that will determine who's president not to shaken up many on the political scene, which is very traditional here. a scene still isn't quite certain as to who will be on the ballot paper next year. current president macro and still hasn't officially thrown his hat in the ring, while the republicans who all the traditional party of the right of still to choose that candidate. more enjoying things like marine the pen socialist power. is there any del, go on the left during fire brand new medicine as the eyes, the top job in france? show davinsky the keynote today with all the latest mac chrome developments, including the news that it was detected in the netherlands, maybe up to 11 days before being reported in south africa. putting all these lands on it, r t dot com. scott moore on that for you. bear with me 230 minutes for not reporting from our sco. it's kevin signing off. stop by for next shows in your part of the world. and thanks for checking it without international the channel. a broadcast
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live from russia. mm so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on of very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk with you a tool that was bad for your eyes and your post. yeah. that it would stop you from having real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they fail to mention is that you can make thousands of
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as a merge we don't have with charity. we don't have a vaccine, whole worried leaves to take action and be ready. people are judgment. come in, crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. one is confronting each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is grateful to response has been met. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. oh, hope in my body comes with a young handicap guy right here. what's up,
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dave? and it comes out in a good day, bye. be careful medicaid getting them on all this mail for him and he'll come out and give him his ma'am. just a friendly people don't like family. so i say we're coming up. i just rather mail or something like that. they get things like on their medicine, their tracks, you know, so you know, when that's coming and they know sometimes with special attention about on the job at that point. so it's not even like a job. you know, it's just like a normal family thing that you're dealing with
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a letter on your door. it will be handled to a spot, thousands of miles away in the most remote corner of the night. a really great, i mean, i don't get in the world. the phone, all right, there will take 3 or 4 of us to get my normal cup of coffee. if you get this letter anywhere in the world and you trust it's going to go that that's coastal service delivers a $155000000000.00 pieces of mail every year. approximately 40 percent of the world's name. you can actually see the people that you're touching and i'm a people person so it gives me a good feeling.


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