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tv   News  RT  December 1, 2021 12:00am-12:31am EST

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ah, deadlines and r t is the on the throat infection spreads around the globe, the international community debates, the best strategy to fight it with me, restrictions coming into for also this, our high school shooting in michigan leaves 3 students dead and 8 people injured for 15 year old is under arrest. and growing fears over to with his future is a beacon of free speech is the online giant gets a new boss who's passed. comments have already got people worried, and barbados stitches the brief one, the key to become the world news independent republic. we'll discuss the implications live later in the bulletin. ah hello, good morning. you watching i to international this wednesday just gone 8 o'clock
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here in moscow. i vaccine mandate supposed to jabs or a completely different drug. those are the topics for world leaders at the moment. and scientists, as they seek to tackle the new strain of cove it 20 nations have already registered over $200.00 on the con infections within a week. and japan and brazil are the 2 most recent countries to join that list. they also took part to help me, although i vaccinated. i don't know if the vaccines will help me or not. i am tendered to travel during the holidays, but i'm not going to anymore because i don't know if i'll be able to return afterwards on why? because the pitcher was in europe is very worried. why that makes us a little scared, but i think we have very little information wise. awesome. okay, well let sir talk about this further now with our correspondent charlotte davinsky, who's in paris for some charlotte was looking at european they've had their fair share of new cases to just bring us up to date on what's happening there.
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will europe's fight against the idea of importing this super mutant strain of covert 19 looks like it's already lost its 1st battle. the health authorities are now suggesting that on the con, was present on the continent at least 10 days before it was identified by our researches in south africa. that means that it may have been discovered down in the south of africa, but not necessarily originated that. and that could lead to more weight added to the claims or we heard from some presidents of african countries earlier this week that they feel that they're being punished with the travel bangs that account in place. because there were searches were able to identify this new strain of covert 19. now meantime, many a questioning as we heard there, whether the vaccines are going to be efficient against this new strain, which apparently is widely different from the original strain of covey. 19 we've
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heard from the ceo of medina who said that he is not sure that they will be as effective. however, the head of european medicines agency has said, even if they're not effective, they will be new vaccines developed soon. and they'll be in a pharmacy near you in the very near future. we could be in a position, but we're either a need to change the existing vaccines. we could be in a position to have those approved within a 3 to 4 months. us from the start of the, of the time when they would store to, to, to change. and that's work that the companies will do. they, they will have to look at adapting their formulations to include the new sequencing. ah, and they will then have to show that the production system works. they will then have to do some clinical or some,
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some clinical trial am to determine. but this actually works in practice. now on the evidence presented so far, the world health organization feels that omnicom prose is a considerable risk. it says that it has to consider is consider all of the parameters in. it says that this version of the kobe 19 variant has considerable uncertainties attached to it. it may be able to evade the body's immune system. now, in light of that, many countries are bringing in new restrictions and are pushing again for those who are unvaccinated, to go and get a job. for example, in greece, they have just now stated that from next month in january, though sure, age 60 or over and refused to be vaccinated, will now have a fine of a 100 euros every month. they refused to get the job. meanwhile,
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austria is pushing ahead. how i will, it's plans to meet the vaccination mandatory for every one. and they're saying that there will be a 3 strike system there on that 3rd strike. if you still refused to get back in a, did you receive a fine of 3600 euros? you haven't monsters me. we didn't want a vaccine mandate. let me make that explicit sex guy, but 20 months on from the start of the pandemic. we're in a situation that is dramatic. if you look at intensive care units at hospitals. well, the idea of mandatory vaccination is gaining track with the new german chances saying that there is also in favor of that. meanwhile, here in france, we know that vaccines have now been approved for children as young as 5 years old. and we should see the roll out of that in the coming weeks and months on lucon has also been really bashing the markets. we know that they are very tense,
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they were thinking that this was about time that businesses would be able to recover from the pandemic so far. and this is a real blow to those businesses not being able to return to normal. and of course, supply chains that will already under pressure not just here in europe, but across the world could be facing even more difficulties as we had now into the holiday season. many had been hoping that 2021 would see an end or close to the cove it 19 pandemic. but it seems that that a virus and it's variance including the super mutant strain, are certainly far from ready to go away. yeah, the certainly seems to be no end in sight. okay, thanks. charlotte. there was a charlotte davinsky reporting there, impairs our world health organization representative in russia to say that progress is being made in understanding the new stray. but this more work to be done. well, a mutation shows a number of i would say changes
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a number of rotations that we can relate to something either to previous knowledge . for example, the buyer. this variant has mutations many more mutations on the spike. brock take it, there's actually these to need all that the virus is using to getting to the salad, make us infected, to actually cause infection to spread further. and this is why because it has many more to an advisor or the variance. he has the media to come into concert. so i think has scientific knowledge, but we don't have a logical knowledge. it's telling us at the moment that this is a more deadly virus. what we know from south africa is that maybe young people and this is where the cluster was detected. and we do know that callie's been young. people is lighter. we do not have reports at the moment that is causing more severe
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disease or that it is morally felt. this is not something that we should speculate off. we really need a bit more time. and this is why we have said that there is no place for panic, but there is place for preparedness, proportion, and action. for 2 experts we spoke to you, i say that the next fortnight will show how severe the new variant will pick. point to having traveled band, if you've already got the simulation of virus around the world. anyway, we've seen that this is a political decision rather than a medical or if you're lucky i'm a crime is just the next in the wave of what the world is going to see just as alpha and be, and millions of people. millions of people of losing their livelihoods, they're using parts of their life. they don't die. there are a lot of people who have been men to preach vaccination. depends on the severity of
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this don't there enough that i think the world can say that it's worthwhile considering a mandatory slash wider uptake of vaccination. that's why every single local park across the plant, irrespective of. busy elliptical affiliations. the science is telling you the vaccination. ah, the us now why we need to do is really sequence the virus that were found in the netherlands compared to the sequence they had to were found here in south africa. i think since the beginning they saw that ticket was put in the band a lease from last week. we were at games again, we were very surprised why, why was it dec happening when we do new dance? strange chapel very quickly and spread it very quickly. we have not seen an increase the he not be delays ations yet. i think these next 2 weeks will be very crucial to see if we assume increasing hospitalizations. if these hospitalizations
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poor out the camps compared to the previous way. and to really understand if these areas is more severe compared to the previous when so definitely the next 2 weeks will be very, very important to understand the behavior of these new bear. yet another news this morning, 3 students have been killed and 8 other people injured, including a teacher in a school shooting in the u. s. state of michigan. please say that the 15 year old suspects 5 more than a dozen shots from a semi automatic hand gun. however, he surrendered 5 minutes after police responded. a police officer stationed at the school did help detain the suspect and said that no shots were fired during the arrest and the teenager did give up without a struggle. meanwhile, the motives for the attack do remain unclear, and the suspect to so far refused to cooperate. while mother descried the atmosphere at the school, absolute threat was stating bad. i hear your voice in. if you come to this school,
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your gun and you're gonna get shot are not you are so if you don't want it, you kill tisha stay home. a lot of keith, of the ones that i do know did not want to go to school. they haven't been met one to stay at school. so this is not something that you know, but then it just up to date, to say i don't want to go to school. something has been going on after high there. it's been keeping the field not one to go to school. well, there have been 28 school shootings this year. most of them since august and 2020. there were 10. the difference probably to, to the shift to the remote learning for nearly all schools. last year we talked a news anchor and commentator john de master about the ongoing problem of gun violence in america. you start to think about back when, when we went to school, they didn't have metal detectors. didn't have happened, the things that they have now. and even with all these precautions, somehow things still happen. you know, how did, how do they get them in the 1st place?
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that somebody help them, those are all the questions that law enforcement that police are asking. right now . we want your answers for, you know, a few days. i'm sure maybe a week it, it depends how quickly they can put it all together. but how do you completely stop something like this? and then when you take away weapons to take away guns, you run the danger of, how do you protect yourself? and if somebody does get ahold of one chances are they, they don't have them legally. how do you protect yourself daily? you run the risk of taking, taking weapons away completely. and can you ever really get rid of them now he's just days into his new job is twist his c o. but put, i could, i was ready ruffling feathers because there are phase more clamps times on content at the social network because of his past remarks about not prioritizing freedom of speech. a twitter and twitter has already moved about the sharing of photos and videos and paypal with that. their consent uses can i flag in each and they will be removed. the band though doesn't apply to public figures,
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if tweets are of public interest, but it seems the platform itself. we will decide on that with more on the new boss, hayes, hugo, she done the 1st thing to know about twitter, new ceo. he may be new as well, the chief executive officer, but he's not a new face in the company, per se. this 37 year old man of well indian descent, he joined twitter all the way back in 2011 as chief technology officer. so he has already a long, long history of being an executive within the company has been involved with all the pretty much all the main strategic initiatives with twitter. so it hardly comes as a surprise that this person is well, he is sharing the general line behind that the twitter has been taking the past few years that the well, twitter is bigger than, you know, freedom of speech, the twitter has its own understanding of this term and that it's their backyard and they are, you know, they're in their right to dictate the rules his ah,
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a statement of from the last year that came back to haunt him. now have a listen. our oh, is not too big. bombard, men, women, but our oldest sir, we'll have to leave only conversation to focus less on thinking about speech, but thinking about how the dance of change. so right now we are still to see his, the 1st moves that he makes because everybody's anticipating or what to expect from him. and some pundits have been arguing or that, well he won't bring the will needed change to twitter needed, especially by the investors. because the, there are, they were growing increasingly unhappy with jack doors. he and his handling of all the scandals, you know, around twitter. there's been a lot of controversy. a lot of people, of course defending twitter. a lot of people well being on the other side of the fence on the other side of the barricades. but one thing a so far, oh, well, one thing that we are seeing so far that there are no indications that twitter will abandon their policy of, you know,
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giving some people the spotlight and taking the spotlight from others and doing it at their own will even though the company hasn't always been like this, i mean, compare the statement of prague or wall that twitter is not about the 1st amendment, and that it will not be hampered and or hindered by it. with something that former twitter ceo, for example, on decker castillo, said up to one of our core values is respect and defend the users voice. and we're the free speech wing of the free speech party. we believe our purpose is to serve the public conversation and that does take a stance around freedom of expression and defending freedom of expression as a fundamental human rights. so braga wall also has experience with microsoft with a t and t. so he's no stranger to the broader, you know, silicon valley and you know, the high tech scene. so we'll have to see what he will bring to the table and whether or not the concerns of all of investors is something he will be able to
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deal with. because don of there will whatsapp is also in the spotlight at the moment after document revealed how easily the f b, i can access data. the source and destination of each message can be sent to investigate is an almost real time if warrants are in place. the document this date back to january, but was never published at least 9 major messenger services and the level of the f b i 's ability to get data from them. whatsapp doesn't disclose message content insisting that privacy shouldn't be breached whatever the reason we spoke. cohen about this isn't internet law expert and social media solicitor. he says, uses don't expect privacy any more. user trust is only been broken. if the user has got a real expectation or to privacy, in order to appease to be the case is the user's despite of our promises by but by,
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by our pole, and by, by other social media companies. and they do provide the information to law enforcement and they said that, so i don't think there is a real expectation by users did their data will completely remain private, only exist at all. they don't provide information date or within the, the conversation so, so they will not provide you with, with the actual conversation of the actual messages, but only with information around it. we have to believe them. we don't have any other choice in a think, one point is the fog debate. there is a constant. our power struggle between government agency and the social media companies. now, the birthplace of rum and riana. barbados is cut ties with britain. after nearly 400 years, the caribbean nation has officially dismissed the queen as the head of state and
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declared herself an independent republic. with her, our concerns though it could encourage other members of the british commonwealth like estrella and jamaica to jump ship to prince charles attended the ceremony in the capitol bridge town on behalf of the queen, where governor general sand from mason was sworn in as the islands president, he expressed hope that the u. k and barbados would remain strong friends let hammer bacchus nam gay too is trailing historian and professor at jenny hawking. you very well can. thanks come home this morning. jenny. even though it's probably evening where you are at the moment, um, do you think this move is largely symbolic or is there a lot more significance attached to it? oh, good morning. no, it's tremendously significant. of course, this is really mocking the final severance of what the former colonial ties to britain. it's mocking a final point in full autonomy and fully independence. and, you know, this has a tremendous impact, not only on the constitutional status, of course, of barbados,
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but on the way in which the civil society sees itself, the way in which it sees its pastor history. and that's in idling the country really to take its own path forward to no longer have to swear allegiance, in particular, circumstances to a foreign monarch effectively. because queen elizabeth, of course, is also the way of 16 or now 15 other commonwealth nations. so it's a tremendous step forward now. really, really significant. well, what, why do you think the timing is ny? why's that happen? i because i understand that people have talked about barbados becoming a republic since the 970 s. what's taken us to this point today? well, it's not unusual from moving towards or a public to take a very long time. and they, we've had a very similar situation here in australia. and certainly as you said about that, it did become more fully independent in the ninety's sixty's. and then there was
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a strong push towards republic. after that, there was a commission of inquiry into that it. i think it was 1919 seventies and ended. it is an important but slow process because of course there were sign many entanglements. what you might call a sort of residual colonial relics the but tie these countries together, you know, you still had appeals to the pretty counsel from the upper courts in barbados, as we did in australia to many years in australia, that on the end of the month, united seek, so you know, these aquatic story connections that remain with the colonizing power for a long time, even after independence has taken hold. so it, it's taken that long both for the legal requirements, the constitutional issues to be worked through. and of course, to gain the popular momentum for a change by the switch does tight some generations for it to really tight hold for the population to support it as
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a date i had in great number in barbados. if you think of the countries and are gonna follows suit him, what about the strider all look at the commonwealth nations and they are now. i think she's staying or mining a constitutional monarchy for which the queen is still the queen and the head of sight of those countries. so certainly it's a natural progression and whole lives. countries including australia will be looking very carefully this on the not find out as a historian, but also as a proud republican myself, i'm on the board of australian republican movement. i find it slightly humiliating both of us as an australian, and also as a, as a general citizen. that country still swayed allegiance in that way. in that our head of site is fine. and i think it's long that you, for all 4 colonies to, to move towards full independence and, and an ability to shape a history in the why. now, that doesn't deny that history that builds on look forward for us. so you think
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when queen elizabeth is no longer queen, i mean look, she is 95 and prince charles takes over. is that a good point for countries to reassess? you think you think we're say this conversation take place in a more countries you know, because of that? well, that's inevitable. i think i think the longevity of the coin, the fact that she's been such a permanent, a comma saying is a permanent, permanent fix to as a mock means that it's an actual point to reconsider that. but i actually don't think that the co reasons why a nation ought to become a public depend on that. irrespective of who is the monarch who is in that position, who is our head of state. and it's not an australian. we need to address the fact that we ought to be a republic regardless. i think one of the things that is concerning me about the adventures, if he's to baking childhood and of course, by determine that 9 at a later date. but if that's the case, then what concerns me is that he has
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a much more political role. he's been a more interventionist monarch to be if you liked, than the queen has the queen has at times i think so into that. and of course, as hate of a constitutional monarchy of the queen and, and, and the future king must at all times be politically neutral. that's a concern that in fact that he's breached regularly, and we rarely hear about us because it's mine time by secrecy that way. lashley on the way. but we are becoming increasingly aware of those for as into the political spice. and it's simply something that isn't acceptable in a democratic age. so there are a lot of reasons why nations locker strike that will be considerably republican. i think it's in any visibility. i will look jenny, look, we're going to leave it there. but a fascinating tote. this morning that was a strolling historian, professor jenny hawking. thanks for coming up. thanks so much, andrew. thank you. nothing used, letting me, peyton, has announced that russia's develops,
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a powerful new hypersonic weapon in response to append to can statement, escalating tensions with the criminal i you if miss al sites appear on the territory of ukraine than the flight time of missiles to moscow will be 7 to 10 minutes and the case of hypersonic weapons 5 minutes. imagine that. and what else can we do? we will be forced to create similar sites as a reaction to those who threaten us in this way. and we can do it now, because we have successfully tested a hypersonic missile. and at the beginning of the year, we already have new c based missiles in service, which can travel at speeds to mach 9. the flight time for these missiles will also be 5 minutes. why are we doing all this? creating such threats for us is the red line, but i hope it doesn't come to that. i hope that common sense and the joint responsibility for all countries. and for the well community will prevail while the russian aggression narrative does seem to dominate in western countries at the moment is ne. so, and the us warns that russia, oh,
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warns russia to not interfere in the politics of european sovereign states. and i says, i have stated several times thought there will be a high rise, a high price to pay for russia if that once again use force against the independent sovereign nation ukraine. and also. busy the odious also increased over the military presence in this region, just to make sure that all our laws are totally defended, unprotected the incident against the russian resurrections. the global posture of you strengthens the combat, credible deterrent against russian aggression in europe, and enables nato forces to operate more effectively. we continue to watch with great concern movements by russian military units near the ukraine border. i obviously can't speak to their but their intentions, but we continue to believe that any escalade, tory or aggressive actions would be
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a great concern not only to the united states and i have but over to our allies in partners there on the european continent. reform un weapons inspector scott ritter told us that he does think that night i was playing a very dangerous game. there's nothing about what nato is doing right now. that makes any sense whatsoever. at the end of the day, they're only playing to russian strength. it's a very dangerous game because as president buddhist said, of russia has read lines in that these red lines aren't just figurative. they're real, and there will be real consequences if these red lines are continue to be violated . as far as anybody can tell, is not prepared to invade ukraine unprovoked. if you train attacks or otherwise provokes russia, russia will respond. but the notion of russia just starting a war of aggression against ukraine, out of the blue, is ludicrous, and nato knows this. we need to put this in the perspective of where nato and the u . s. is right now, under the trump administration,
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the relationship between the united states, nato, was a very strange one and it didn't get any better under bye. and nato right now is looking for relevance and looking to reassemble a semblance of substance. they can pick the only target they have right now, which is russia, there's nothing nato can do to stand up to it. so why is natal provoking russia? it's simply doesn't make any sense. ma ma says it's western states and not russia had a fighting to provide on says on the case of criminal critic, collecting a family that off to global chemical weapons, watchdog, the apc, debbie criticized mosca. the russian federation has not provided information sufficient to answer the doubts and concerns raised into questions submitted by 45 states passes. we urge the russian federation to provide the necessary clarification in accordance with its obligations under the convention. there must be no impunity for those who use chemical weapons. well, jo, pc,
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w stance. there is that certain of only a paste has been poisoned in august of 2020. he fell ill on a moscow bound flight from siberia and was treated in a russian hospital before made into a berlin care center. germany claims they that the valley almost died from the effects of a nerve agent, but the russian doctors who initially treated him, found no poison in his system suitable for their school. several states asked russia to answer the following questions. what steps has rusher on the taken will to the results? why has russian not been able to accept the standard conditions put forward by the secretariat to provide technical assistance? we provided detailed answers to all of these questions using pre investigation materials. we've interviewed 230 witnesses and carried out 64 by a medical analysis. our experts did not find any trace of organic phosphorus compounds in the russian blog as material
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duca glove. now there are only groundless statements which are unfortunately circulated by the o. p. c, w secretariat. this includes accusations that chemical weapons were used on russian territory and that the political figure was allegedly poisoned. but these are just fake statements that have not been corroborated. why do they conceal from us the chemical formula allegedly used? and the main question remains unanswered, how, when, and under what circumstances, where the traces of the chemical agent found outside russian borders. so now someone did it in reality, western states such as germany, france, sweden, and the u. k. tried to conceal very important information, which is required to finish pre investigation analysis in russia. they refused to cooperate with us through the o. p. c w or bilateral channels. just think about it. i'll prosecutor's office has filed 8 assistant requests to germany. we have fog numerous notes to berlin,
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france, sweden, with no result. my personal opinions, there are political motives behind this case. western countries are driven by a desire to marginalize, russia politically through the o. p. c. w. they are not concerned about the health of the russian blogger, as i just gone half past 8 this wednesday morning, here in moscow that brings you up to date will have murphy at the top. mm. ready hm there is no chemical of evolution. everything's flat. a bacterium is the product to 4000000000 years reduced.


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