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given the service that the design, it's not about the quality trade workers. it's about the mime. japan and brazil are among the latest to report, omicron cases making a total of 20 countries so far hit by the rapidly spreading cove. each strike they still believe the revolution has been stolen. problem law, tens of thousands, march against military rule following last month's coo and sedan, we report from the scene and also this our a high school shooting in michigan, please. 3 students dead and 8 people injured. a 15 year old is under arrest and also to come face grey over to his future after the online giant gets and you both sees asked comments from freedom of speech, have raised concerts. ah,
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good morning. hello, just gone 10 o'clock here in moscow. you watching are t international. now japan has registered its 1st omicron case less than 24 hours after the country sailed. its board is for foreigners as a protective measure against the new mutated code which strain it echoes the world health organization zullie. conclusion that it's too little too late for blanket travel bans is omicron has already spread around the world. yet now effects 20 countries. most of them in europe. charlotte uminski has more europe's fight against the idea of importing this super mutant strain of coverage 19 looks like it's already lost its 1st battle. the health authorities are now suggesting that on the con, was present on the continent at least 10 days before it was identified. by our researches in south africa, that means that it may have been discovered down in the south africa,
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but not necessarily originated that. and that could lead to more weight added to the claims of we heard from some presidents of african countries earlier this week that they feel that they're being punished with the travel bands that are currently in place. because there were searches were able to identify this new strain of covert 19. now meantime, many a questioning as we heard there, whether the vaccines are going to be efficient against this new strain, which apparently is widely different from the original strain of covey. 19 we've heard from the ceo of madonna, who said that he is not sure that they will be as effective. however, the head of european medicines agency has said, even if they're not effective, there will be new vaccines developed soon. we could be in a position, but were there a need to change the existing vaccines? we could be in a position to have those approved within 3 to 4 months. us from the
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start of the, of the time when they would store to, to, to change. and that's work that the companies will do. this version of the covey 19 variant has considerable uncertainties attached to it. it may be able to evade the body's immune system. now in light of that many countries are bringing in new restrictions and are pushing again for those who are unvaccinated, to go and get a job. for example, in greece, they have just now stated that from next month in january, though sure, age 60 or over and refused to be vaccinated, will now have a fine of a 100 years every month. they refused to get the job. meanwhile, austria is pushing ahead. however, with its plans to meet the vaccination mandatory for everyone, and they're saying that there will be a 3 strike system there on that 3rd strike. if you still refuse to get vaccinated, you receive a fine of 3600 euros. you haven't monsters me. we didn't want
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a vaccine mandate. let me make that explicit sex gown, but 20 months on from the start of the pandemic. we are in a situation that is dramatic. if you look at intensive care units at hospitals, many had been hoping that 2021 would see an end or close to the cove. it 19 pandemic will. it seems that that a virus and it's variance, including the super mutant strain, are certainly far from ready to go away. or so far here in russia there are no reports of omicron infections. however, developers are confident though that the country sputnik v job would provide enough protection from the new variant. at w h, i representative in russia says that progress is being made in understanding the strain, although more work is needed. when a mutation shows a number, all i would say change is a number of rotations ah,
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that we can relate to something either to previous knowledge or for example, the so by this variance has mutations many more mutations on the spike protein. it is actually used to need all that the virus is using to getting to the south to make us infected, to actually cause infections to spread further. and this is why, because it has many more gen other versus other variants, each has immediately come into concert. so i think has scientific knowledge, but we don't have a logical knowledge. you telling us at dinner that this is a more deadly virus? what we know from south africa is that maybe young people at mrs. wherever cluster was detected. and we do know that callie's been young. people is lighter. we do not have reports, and he's no man that is causing more severe disease or that it is more lethal. this is not something that we should speculate off. we really need
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a bit more time. and this is why we have said that there is no place for panic, but there is place for preparedness, proportion, and action. now he is just stays in to his new job is to which his ceo with pat i got got a wall is already ruffling feathers. throng phase of mall clamp times own content at the social network because of his past comments about knocked, prioritizing, freedom of speech or twitter has already moved to ban the sharing of photos and videos of people without their consent uses. can i flag each and it will be removed, the band that doesn't apply to public figures if the tweets are of public interest, although it seems that the platform itself will decide on blat with more now on the new boss, his eagle, she done off the 1st thing to know about twitters new c, e o. he may be new as well. the chief, this is officer, but his not a new face in the company, per se. this sir. 37 year old man of well indian descent, he joined twitter all the way back in 2011 as chief technology officer. so he has
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already a long, long history of being an executive within the company has been involved with all the pretty much all the main strategic initiatives with twitter. so it hardly comes as a surprise that this person is well, he is sharing the general line behind that the twitter has been taking over the past few years that the, well, twitter is bigger than, you know, freedom of speech that twitter has its own understanding of this term and that it's their backyard and they are, you know, they're in their right to dictate the rules. his are a statement of from the last year that came back to haunt him. now have a listen. oh is not too big. but when, when, but our goal is to serve a healthy body conversation to focus less on thinking about speech, but thinking about how the dance of change. so right now we are still to see his, the 1st moves that he makes because everybody is anticipating what to expect from
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him. and some pundits have been arguing or that well he won't bring the will needed change to twitter needed, especially by the investors. because there are, they were growing increasingly unhappy with jo dorsey and his handling of all these candles, you know, around twitter. there's been a lot of controversy. a lot of people, of course defending twitter. a lot of people well being on the other side of the fence on the other side of the barricade. but one thing a so far, oh, well, one thing that we are seeing so far that there are no indications that twitter will abandon their policy of, you know, giving some people the spotlight and taking the spotlight from others and doing it at their own will even though the company hasn't always been like this, i mean, compare the statement of prague or wall that twitter is not about the 1st amendment, and that it will not be how today or hindered by it with something that former twitter ceo, for example, on decker castillo, said it to one of our core values is our respect and defend the users voice. and
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we're the free speech wing of the free speech party. we believe our purpose is to serve the public conversation and that does take a stance around freedom of expression and defending freedom of expression as a fundamental human rights. so braga wall also has experience serve with microsoft, with 80 and t, so his no stranger to the broader, you know, silicon valley and you know, the high tech seen. so we'll have to see what he will bring to the table and whether or not the concern of an of investors is something he will be able to deal with. tens of thousands have marched in the season. he's capital cartoon against the military government following last month. king security forces try to break up the crowds there with tear gas the take over and did a partnership between civilian political groups and the military reporting there from karting, his lawyer against heath guess tennis is being fired by us sudanese police to
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disperse these protest. 30, a few 100 people here earlier the day protestants had tried to stall the government offices and police evidently weren't having any of that at these. are these getting a bit uncomfortable here? eyes are beginning to sting as well as people's throats. but police are again forcing people back, asking them to disperse people here nevertheless, are, are still angry. i still angry. they still believe the revolution has been stolen from them. one, 0, oh, it is another g, a gas canister. they're being fired by police that this bus to disperse protest this year. dana today was supposed to be a ww man march. my mom taught protest against the military
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takeover, as they say, wrote as this year of the government, this all young voices. but this again is, is government. they want us even young government. what does it give up? men? good people. the people in, in the agreement piece is just this many people here field, but tray by the actions of the prime minister, the civilian government who agreed to the military demands the militaries, demands that they hand over a part of their power to the military. rightcast tanf reporting that 3 students had been killed and 8 of the people injured, including a teacher in a school shooting in the us state of michigan. please say the 15 year old suspect fight more than a dozen shots from a semi automatic handgun, however, he surrendered 5 minutes after police responded. a peace officer stationed at the
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school helped to detain the suspect and said that no shots were fired during the arrest. and the teenager did give up without a struggle. meanwhile, the most is for the attack do remain unclear, and the suspect has so far refused to cooperate further with police. while mother describe the atmosphere at the school, absolute a threat was stating that i hear your voice in. if you come to this school, your gun and you're gonna get sharon, not that you are. so if you don't want to get your dishes stay home, a lot of keith, of the ones that i do know did not want to go to school. they haven't been met one if they a school. so this is not something as give, you know, but then it gets up to date and say, i don't want to go to school. something has been going on after high there. it's been keepin, if he is not one to go to school with a have been $28.00 school shootings this year. most of them since august and 2020. there were only 10. and the big difference there is probably due to
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a shift to remote learning for nearly all schools. last year we talked a news anchor and commentator john de master about the ongoing problem of gun violence in america. you start to think about back when, when we went to school, they didn't have metal detectors. didn't have happened, the things that they have now. and even with all these precautions, somehow things still happen. you know, how did, how did they get them in the 1st place? that somebody help them, those are all the questions that law enforcement that police are asking. right now . we want your answers for, you know, a few days. i'm sure maybe a week it, it depends how quickly they can put it all together. but how do you completely stop something like this? and then when you take away weapons to take away guns, you run the danger of how do you protect yourself? and if somebody does get a hold of one, you know, chances are they, they don't have them legally. how do you protect yourself? you run the risk of taking, taking weapons away completely. and can you ever really get rid of them? let me hate it has a name that russia has developed
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a new powerful hypersonic weapon and says, the development of these types of missiles is in response to the pentagon, escalating tensions with the criminal you. if missile sites appear on the territory of ukraine than the flight time of missiles to moscow will be 7 to 10 minutes. and the case of hypersonic weapons 5 minutes. imagine that what else can we do? we will be forced to create similar sites as a reaction to those who threaten us in this way. and we can do it now because we have successfully tested a hypersonic missile. and at the beginning of the year, we will already have new c based missiles and service, which can travel speeds to mach 9. the flight time for these missiles will also be 5 minutes. why are we doing all this? creating such threats for us is the red line, but i hope it doesn't come to that. i hope that common sense and the joint responsibility for all countries and for the well community will prevail. meanwhile, the russian aggression narrative does seem to dominate in western countries at the moment. his ne, so,
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and the us warns russia not to interfere in the politics of european sovereign states. and i says, i have stated several times thought there will be a hoist, a high price to pay for russia if that once again use force against the independent sovereign nation ukraine. and also. busy overhears also increased over the military presence in this region, just to make sure that all our laws are totally the founded unprotected incident against the russian resurrections. the global posture of you strengthens the combat, credible deterrent against russian aggression in europe, and enables nato forces to operate more effectively. we continue to watch with great concern movements by russian military units near the ukraine border. i obviously can't speak to their but their intentions, but we continue to believe that any escalade, tory or aggressive actions would be
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a great concern not only to the united states, and i have but have a to our allies in partners there on the european continent. when were you and weapons inspector scott ritter told us that he thinks that night i was playing a very dangerous gang. there's nothing about what nato is doing right now. that makes any sense whatsoever. at the end of the day, they're only playing to russian strength. it's a very dangerous game because as a prison, buddhist said, of russia has read lives in these red lines aren't just figurative, they're real. and there will be real consequences if these red lines are continue to be violated. as far as anybody can tell, is not prepared to invade ukraine unprovoked. if you train attacks or otherwise promotes russia, russia will respond. but the notion of russia just starting a war of aggression against ukraine, out of the blue, is ludicrous and nato knows this. we need to put this in the perspective of where nato and the u. s. is right now, under the trump administration,
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the relationship between the united states, nato, was a very strange one, and it didn't get any better under biden. and nato right now is looking for relevance and looking to reassemble assemblage of substance. they can pick the only target they have right now, which is russia, there's nothing nato can do to stand up to it. so why is natal provoking russia? it simply doesn't make any sense. you watch nothing, national still that he the sad, big names in fashion like proud and i can adie das could be contributing to the destruction of the amazon rain forest. we'll have a look at how just after the break with ah, ah, ah ah,
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ah, ah, i know, ah, there is no pinnacle of evolution. everything's quite a bacterium. is a product to 4000000000 years with in a specific environment. so we, so in our sense where we are the last few survivors at the end of all along a long process you so as in silver springs at yellowstone, we will not do very well. and we'll do much better in that sense.
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ah, hello again, our report on the deforestation of the amazon claims that some famous fashion company, such as product nyc and anti das, contributing to the destruction of the rain forest through the production of leather and leather goods in the region. according to the research, some of the companies are likely violating their own policies against sourcing that are from brazil, while most don't even have relevant rules in place. the leader or the lead author of the report, greg haig says that the companies need to know every step and the production of their goods. we've been doing this kind of research for 2 decades and we can, i can come across as time and time again where, where companies feel that they're the relieved of responsibility because of supply chains are complex. but it's actually the entirely the opposite. you know, the supply chain started, they've created, are their own creation and complete their responsibility of the brands that are supplying the product to the consumer to ensure their own suppliers and supply
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chain to are free for problems. if a company is unable to verify its own supply chains by asking supplier to take certain according to the course of action day and then, then perhaps they need to consider switching suppliers. well, according to government, 8 and 87000000, heck says off, the brazilian rainforest have been destroyed. over the last decade, greg hakes again says the authorities need to step up and not be complicit in the destruction. obviously in brazil, the, the key decision maker is pursuing government, so they're the only ones that have the legal authority to change the system in order to stop deforestation. but there's been a record of complicit involvement and deforestation where we see the rates of deforestation increase year by year over the last decade. the brazilian government is not taking responsibility to stop deforestation, but nobody really knows ecology that's playing on the site. everyone had assigned these companies. there are some people inside the companies that have really strong moral, imperative to take action and they want to take action. there are others that are
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simply doing it to increase revenue really matter what the motivation is. because that comes down to the action to take if they are the same, make money in the process by becoming green. company is absolutely fine, but we can't let the earth be destroyed. that's what it comes down to the amazon rain forest is the most iconic rain for the most of about diverse in the plan. it's already moving toward tipping point where it's starting to become in places that emitter of carbon dioxide rather than a sequester already because of human interference. 2 percent of global c o 2 emissions is not a small issue to be taken lightly. the birthplace of rum, andreana, barbados, is cut ties with britain. after nearly 400 years he caribbean nation has officially dismissed the queen as head of state and declared itself an independent republic. a prince. charles attended the ceremony in the capital bridge time on behalf of the queen, where governor general sandra mason. hey, was sworn in as the islands president, and he express heights even pay amber. they dos could remain strong friends,
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but there are concerns. the transition could encourage other members of the british commonwealth like estrella and jamaica to jump ship to struggling, historian jennifer hooking told me it's long overdue for countries to gain full independence. it's tremendously seat member can of course this is really mocking the final saver. i don't solved slot, walk before my colonial ties to britain. it's, you know, these aquatic soon re, connections that remain with the colonizing power for a long time, even after independence has taken hold. sorry, it's taken that long both for the legal requirements, the constitutional issues to be worked through. and of course, to gain the popular momentum for a change by these which does tight some generations for it to really tight hold of the population to support it. as indeed i had in great number in barbados,
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you think other countries and they're gonna follows suit him. what about estrella all look at the commonwealth nations and they are now think she's staying or mining a constitutional monarchy for which the queen is still the queen on the side of those countries. i'm certain they, it's a natural progression and all life countries, including australia, will be looking very carefully this. i may not find it as a historian, but also as a proud republican myself, i'm on the republican movement. i find it slightly humiliating both of us as an australian, and also as a, as a general citizen, that our country still swayed agents in that way. in that our head of site is the claim. and i think it's long as the $2.00 oh $4.00 colonies to, to move towards fooling dependence and, and an ability to shape mystery in the why. now, that doesn't deny that history, but builds on look forward for ourselves. cnn has suspended one of its top
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anchors. chris cuomo, but his role in advising his brother, the former governor of new york during a sexual harassment scandal. a backlash erupted off to cuomo was back on there with his show on monday. if this story is accurate, it describes a series of shocking ethical breaches. farmable offences at any of a news outlet. not surprised him. the least embarrassing to any honorable journalist. it's hard to imagine any news executive keeping chris cuomo on stuff after today's revelations. then again, as seen and likes to say this is cnn. amazing that chris cuomo still has a cushion job at cnn after friendly violate in journalistic ethics. while the suspension came within hours of her demand by melissa rosa, former aide, to the ex governor that cnn should find his brother. she also said that chris cuomo had tried to smear her and other women who had accused his brother of sexual
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harassment, incriminating text messages between the anchor and the government. governor's former aid have been released by the attorney general. i have a lead on the weather girl room a go in the round from politico want to more people coming out to morrow care check his are says on it. no one has heard that he is did he get any more intel? well, the c n n anchor has insisted he was not closely advising his brother and that he had only a regular contact with the governor's aid, legal media, sorry, legal media analysts line or says the messages detail though a different story, a suspended indefinitely. what is that mean? if somebody's in a coma indefinitely, i, i, i think i think the writings on a wall, but to be fair. this was a high paid $6000000.00 a year,
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cnn prime time anchor, who basically was texting his brothers, political advisor, explaining exactly what he was going to do. show of there's a crime for being stupid. he should get the death penalty because that's just insane. he had to do it, was somebody's approval. he had to have the approval of cnn for him to go in here. he didn't even really address. would you figure? well, i'm just going to just move on water under the bridge. we'll just move along. now remember, this is, this is a person who has incurred the wrath and the resentment of a lot of his colleagues and journalists across the board. this was the fellow during coven, who claim to be living in a basement. when others saw him out and about me lie after lie after lie. cuomo hold out. it was enough. he needs to just leave lead
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people. forget about him. we call this the united states of amnesia. just wait, go. washington. ashleigh. that brings you up to date with a nice and i don't get that plenty of stories on a website. take that out to them. mm hm. ah. back breaking toil. forced labor stress. industrial injury. corporal punishment.
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with the obama will union in the western continues as president, biting up quite a former obama official to be the top arms buyer for the pentagon. we will discuss if a bill the plant should be viewed as experienced for just another military contractor crony. this, while the pentagon is ordering a new inquiry into an air strike which killed dozens in syria, is this a target investigation into an event from 2019. while the pentagon dismisses the latest one just for a few months ago in afghanistan. and do you remember when a major hollywood actor said he was attacked by trump supporters, which later was disclosed, he staged at the entire of that quarter's now in session on this hate house and our 360 panel pool, the skies in strides in a i continue to be made this time living robots being able to reproduce, we will tell you about this.


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