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tv   News  RT  December 1, 2021 7:00am-7:31am EST

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ah, charlie, brazil are among the late says to report on the crown cases making a total of 20 countries so far to be hit by the rapidly spreading covet strain. also is another dia, gas canister. they are somewhat to see the effect of yes they, they do irritate the eyes of the throat, but only a little bit. the report from the scene of protests in sudan now were tens of thousands of march against military rule. after last month cou, a high school shooting and michigan leaves 3 students dead to the 8th injured, a 15 year olds under arrest. plus, twitter gets a new boss who believes the online giant shouldn't be too preoccupied by freedom of speech. ah,
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and i will come to the program. it's kevin, over here at ortiz world usage q live with you for the next 30 minutes and the top story than just in the last hour. in fact, denmark and i was confirmed that a person infected with the new cove where it was apparently the concert, attended by almost 2000 people, still unknown. what the ramifications of that are. while japan has registered his 1st on the chrome case in less than 24 hours after the country sealed its borders to foreigners as a protective measure against the new mutated coven strain, it echoes the world health organizations early a conclusion that it's too little too late for blanket travel bands, because i'm a crumbs already spread around the world and now effects 20 countries. most of them in europe, shall it depends. he's got the latest. europe's fight against the idea of importing this super meeting, strain of covey 19 looks like it's already lost its 1st battle. the health authorities are now suggesting that on the con, who is present on the continent at least 10 days before it was identified by our
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researches in south africa. that means that it may have been discovered down in the south africa, but not necessarily originated that. and that could lead to more weight added to the claims of we heard from some presidents of african countries earlier this week that they feel that they're being punished with the travel bands that are currently in place. because there were searches were able to identify this new strain of covert 19. now meantime, many a questioning as we heard there, whether the vaccines are going to be efficient against this new strain, which apparently is widely different from the original strain of covey. 19 we've heard from the seo of madonna who said that he is not sure that they will be as effective. however, the head of the european medicines agency has said, even if they're not effective, there will be new vaccines developed soon. we could be in a position that were either a need to change the existing vaccines. we could be in
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a position to have those approved within 3 to 4 months that from the start of the, of the time when they would start to, to, to change. and that's work that the companies will do. this version of the coping 19 variant has considerable uncertainties attached to it. it may be able to evade the body's immune system. now in light of that many countries are bringing in new restrictions and pushing again for those who are unvaccinated, to go and get a job. for example, in greece, they have just now stated that from next month in january, though sure, age, 60 or over and refused to be vaccinated, will now have a fine of a 100 years every month that they refused to get the job. meanwhile, austria is pushing ahead how i will. it's plans to meet the vaccination mandatory for every one. and they're saying that there will be a 3 strike system there on that 3rd strike. if you still refused to get vaccinated,
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you'll receive a fine of 3600 euros. you haven't, instead of me, we didn't want to vaccine mandate. let me make that explicit sucks can but 20 months on from the start of the pandemic. we are in a situation that is dramatic. if you look at intensive care units at hospitals, many had been hoping that 2021 would see an end close to the cove. it 19 pandemic will. it seems that that a virus and its variance, including the super mutant strain, are certainly far from ready to go away. so far in russia there are no reports of our macro infections, but developers are confident that the country sputnik voyager will provide enough protection from the new variance on w. h. o. representative. very russia told me, progress is being made and trying to understand the strain, although more work is needed. when a mutation shows a number of, i would say changes
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a number of mutations that we can relate to something either to previous knowledge . for example, the buyer. this variance has mutations many more mutations on this pipe. brock pain is actually the, the needle that the virus is using to getting to the south to make us infected, to actually cause infection to spread further. and this is why because it has many more to an advisor or the variance. he has the media to come into concert. so i think i say and just acknowledge, but we don't have, i think to me all the logical noise you telling us at the moment that this is a more deadly virus. what we know from south africa is that maybe young people and this is where the cluster was detected. and we do know that car been young people is lighter. we do not have reports at the moment that it is causing more severe disease or that it is morally felt. this is not something that we should speculate
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off. we really need a bit more time. and this is why we have said that there is no place for panic, but there is place for preparedness, proportion, and action. all producers of axioms all over the world are testing now they are doing are in laboratory. they're looking at how the, neutralizing antibodies are behaving against this variant and who knows to but the key thing is that if the well, the good you will see all the available methods. number one vaccination, number 2 masks. and based on the same number, 3, ventilating, close spaces, and number 4, hygiene that will dramatically reduce the transmission if we manage to get the vaccines to the populations, which will have the vaccines. when managed to reach the level of coverage, which is pretty high, a for any disease, any right. our disease, your needs are less than 10 percent of susceptible population not to have major out
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there. but even with 80 percent, you can't control the our brakes because this disease that is causing as symptomatic, it was but we have to, we have to comply, we have to and we have to work together away from calvin, tens of thousands of march to the city these capital called toom against the military government that following last month, qu, security forces tried to break up the crowds of tea, a gossum from one of the protest road gosti of a senior correspondent someplace this report. as tennis is being fired by us, should a nice police to disperse these protest. 30, a few 100 people hear these tear gas canisters that the outdated, so there are beyond due date. so the effect that they have isn't quite as powerful as if they had been pressure to people can comfortably pick them up, throw them away and play this game with police officers. and police evidently
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weren't having any of that. and these are, it is getting a bit uncomfortable. his eyes are beginning to sting as well as people's throats. but police are again forcing people back, asking them to disperse. people here nevertheless, are, are still angry. i still angry. they still believe the revolution has been stolen from them. what i heard is another tear gas canisters. they're being fired by police to this bus to disperse protest this year. and dana today was supposed to be a $1000000.00 man, much i protest against the military takeover as they say, protest this year of the government. this all young voice is what this again is,
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is government. they want us even young government. what does it happen to people? the people who need agreement piece is justice. many people here feel betrayed by the actions of the prime minister, the civilian government, who agreed to the military demands the militaries, demands that they hand over a part of their power to the military. we are out against hum duke and bro hon. their political agreements and government and we are not pleased with this work at the political games. we are industries because no one rules and no one can ruin. we rule ourselves. we have to go. it's a, it's getting a, it's becoming unbearable. i and i teach just days into steve jobs, twitter ceo, but parker agra wallace already ruffling feathers. the face of more clam turns on content to the social network. because of his past comments about not prioritizing
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freedom of speech and twit has already moved to buy and the sharing of photos. videos of people without the consent user cannot flag the image and it will be removed. something else that came in but doesn't apply to public figures though if the tweets are public interests seems, the platform itself is set to decide on that. ah, rule is known to be bound by the 1st amendment amused, reflective of things that we believe lead to a healthy public conversation. focus less on thinking about free speech with it's not going to make a distinction between muslims and extremists. then what should i distinguish or to white people embraces? ah,
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ah, dorsey, on the far from both parties, defends labeling tweets twitter deliberately prevent accusers from shaving contra biden laptops or tweaks at buns. trump's account citing risk of both the violence. darcy, sand company was wrong to block new york past country biting story. dec dorsey has been kind of on the, on the way of being forced out for some time. he has some activist investors who have been heavily involved in this company who have wanted him out for some time. he says he's going to go focus on bitcoin. can he loves decentralization lies by the way. he loves big coin because he wants to control the space, not because he believes the centralization hadn't said that love jack dorothy was probably going to be on his way out anyways, as i said, because of those investors. but i think the bigger issue now is his replacement, his replacement, who was even more anti free speech than he is. in fact,
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these new rules are, were just instituted just today by twitter. they came out and essentially said that you cannot take pictures of anyone who's a 3rd party private individual and post it on the platform without their consent. and that's insane. what does that mean for like project veritax? what does that mean for any whistleblower? what does that mean for anyone who just takes a picture out in public? the supreme court is already when you're in the public space, you have no expectation of privacy. so what twitter is essentially saying is that there are no rules in the world, including laws that surpass its own policies and it's policies are the law of the land. 3 students have been killed in the 8 other people injured, including a teacher in a school shooting in the u. s. state of michigan. please say the 15 year old suspect 5 more than a dozen shots from a semi automatic hand gun, but he surrendered apparently 5 minutes after police responded to police officers stationed at the school, helped attain the suspect. unconfirmed. no shots were fired during the arrest and the teenager gave up without a struggle. meantime,
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the motives for the attack remain unclear, and the suspect has so far refused to, to cooperate further. while mother described to us the atmosphere, the absolute a threat was stating dad, i hear your voice in. if you come to this school, your gun and you're gonna get shot. i know who you are. so if you don't want to get killed, you should stay home. a lot of kids, of the ones that i do know did not want to go to school. they haven't been met one to stay at school. so this is not something that you know, but then it gets but to go to say, i don't want to go to school. something has to be going on after high. that's been keeping. if he is not wanting to go to school, there's been $28.00 school shootings this year. most of them since august saying 2020 they were 10. the big difference is probably because of a shift to remote learning for nearly all schools. last year, we talked to new sanker and commentate to john to master about it on the ongoing problem of gun violence in america. you start to think about back when,
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when we went to school, it didn't have metal detectors, didn't have happened. the things that they have now, and even with all these precautions, somehow things still happen. you know how that, how do they get him in the 1st place that somebody help them? those are all the questions that law enforcement that police are asking. right now . we want your answers for, you know, a few days, i'm sure, maybe a week it depends how quickly they can put it all together. but how do you completely stop something like this? and then when you don't take away weapons, take away guns. you run the danger of how do you protect yourself, and if somebody does get a hold of one, you know, chances are they that they don't have them legally. um, how do you protect yourself? do you, do you run the risk of taking, taking weapons away completely? and can you ever really get rid of them? ukraine is urging nato to boost military cooperation and prepare sanctions against moscow in order to protect the country from russian aggression. as the lions summit in latvia and has its 2nd day early of let him a potent lamps that rushes tested, a new powerful hypersonic weapon that the development of this type of missile is in
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response to the pentagon, escalating tensions with the kremlin. i, if miss l sites appear on the territory of ukraine than the flight time of missiles to moscow will be 7 to 10 minutes. and the case of hypersonic weapons 5 minutes. imagine that. and what else can we do? we will be forced to create seamless sites as a reaction to those who threaten us in this way. and we can do it now because we have successfully tested a hypersonic missile. and at the beginning of the year, we will already have new c based missiles in service, which can travel at speeds up to mach 9. the flight time for these missiles will also be 5 minutes. why we doing all this? creating such threats for us is the red line, but i hope it doesn't come to that. i hope that common sense and the joint responsibility for all countries and for the well community will prevail. go walk me while the russian aggression narrative seems to dominate in western countries at the moment, as nato in the u. s. warn russia not to interfere in the politics of european
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sovereign states. and i says, i have stated several times thought there will be a heis, a high price to pay for russia if that once again use force against the independent sovereign nation ukraine. and also the odious also increased over the military presence in this region. just to make sure that all our laws are totally defended, unprotected the incident against the russian resurrections. the global posture of you strengthens the combat, credible deterrent against russian aggression in europe, and enables nato forces to operate more effectively. we continue to watch with great concern movements by russian military units near the ukraine border. i obviously can't speak to their but their intentions, but we continue to believe that any escal latoria aggressive actions would be a great concern not only to the united states. and i have but hello to our allies
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in partners there on the european continent, former un weapons inspector, scott ritter telling us he thinks natives by the really dangerous game. there's nothing about what nato is doing right now. that makes any sense whatsoever. at the end of the day, they're only playing to russian strengths. it's a very dangerous game because as president goodness said, russia has read lines in that these red lines aren't just figurative. they're real, and there will be real consequences if these red lines are continue to be violated, as far as anybody can tell, is not prepared to invade ukraine unprovoked. if you train attacks or otherwise provokes russia, russia will respond. but the notion of russia just starting a war of aggression against ukraine, out of the blue, is ludicrous and nato knows us. we need to put this in the perspective of where nato in the u. s. is right now under the trump administration, the relationship between the united states navy was a very strange one and it didn't get any better under buying. and nato right now is
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looking for relevance and looking to reassemble assemblage of substance. they can pick the only target they have right now, which is russia, there's nothing nato can do, stand up to it. so why is natal provoking russia? it simply doesn't make any sense. while law, while the world anxiously watches how events unfold, re that aside to it, this u. k. foreign secretary list trust is out cruising on a battle tank with british troops that estonia but of a p. r, stunt was remarked on line, didn't go down well in all quarters. summer noticing echoes may be of margaret thatcher and the politicians appearance to let you make your own mind up. this is our international thanks for watching today. kevin. now we met this hour now coming up then sir n suspenses top anchor chris cuomo up. he's improved in a sexual harassment scandal involving his brother and the former governor of new york. i'll bring the latest on that and so much more to that 92nd map.
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ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah, a pool. ah, it moved when i was shown seemed wrong when i just don't hold any new world to shape out this day because the advocate
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an engagement, it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. oh oh again, so soon and suspended one of his top anchors chris cuomo of his role in the advising his brother, the former governor of new york during sexual harassment scandal. a backlash as a ruptured after quote was back on air with his show a monday. if this story is accurate, he describes a series of shocking ethical breaches. farmable offences at any other news outlet. not surprised in the least embarrassing to any honorable journalist. it's hard to imagine any news executive keeping chris cuomo on stuff after today's revelations.
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then again, as seen and likes to say this is c and an amazing that chris cuomo still has a cushy job at cnn after flagrantly violating journalistic ethics. while the scene in sar allegedly use his sources and media to seek information of women who acute his brother, andro, sexual harassment, incriminating text messages between the anchor and the governor's former top aid, melissa derosa have been released by the attorney general st. and said they show a greater level of involvement than they were previously aware of. i have a lead on the wedding girl room a go in the round from politico want to more people coming out to morrow. can check his are says on it. no one has heard that years. did you get any more intel? chris co insisted he was not closely advising his brother and that he had only had irregular contact with the governor's aid, legal metre,
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alice line or telling us so the messages appear to tell a different story suspended indefinitely. what is that me if somebody is in a coma indefinitely? i, i, i think i think the writings on the wall, but to be fair. this was a high paid $6000000.00 a year. cnn primetime anchor, who basically was texting his brothers, political advisor, explaining exactly what he was going to do. show of there's a crime for being stupid. he should get the death penalty because that's just insane. he had to do it was somebody's approval. he had to have the approval of cnn for him to go in there. he didn't even really address and you figure, well, i'm just going to just move on water under the bridge. we'll just move along. now remember, this is, this is a person who has incurred the wrath and the resentment of a lot of his colleagues and journalists across the board. this was the fellow
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during coven, who claim to be living in a basement. when others saw him out and about me lie after lie of your lie. chrome old out here was enough. he needs to just leave lead people forget about him. we call this the united states of amnesia. cheers. weight bo was. consists, the u. s. still has time to stop an escalating diplomatic ro between the countries of the american authorities said deadlines to force, dozens of russian diplomats to leave the u. s. and he's total court has got the latest russia's foreign ministry has told a number of american embassy workers that they need to leave the country by the end of january. it's the latest in a number of diplomatic spats between the u. s. and russia and comes just one day after it was announced that washington will not grant new visas to the family, members of russian on voice to the united states,
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making an extremely difficult for them to live and work at the embassy, their rushes deputy foreign minister said that moscow would be quick to respond. we will respond in a similar way, in the same number of american personnel will leave russia according to the same principle, diplomatic spats like these, between the us and russia have actually been going on for quite a while now. just recently, washington shortens the term that russian diplomats conserve in the country 23 years. while that term is actually 5 years for other countries. this means that 55 russian diplomats will have to leave the country by 2022, something that the russian foreign ministry has called de facto expulsions. and the united states has said that they are not earlier this year, washington also ordered the closure of its consulates. and stopped processing non diplomatic visas, forcing russians to go to u. s. embassies and other countries to apply for visas as quote, homeless nationalities. now back in june, russian president vladimir putin and u. s. president joe biden met to discuss
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a normalizing embassy services at their 1st bilateral meeting, but unfortunately, the russian foreign minister, a survey laugh rob said that these talks were fruitless, since washington apparently was not ready for compromise. so months later, we continued to see a continuation of this tit for tat between washington and moscow. european central banks under fire of inflation rights in the e u, a broken historical records the worst in the euro's 20 year. history. economies plainly, inflation research than on an unprecedented growth in energy prices, notably oil and gas, as well as the increased cost of goods and services. a tough and slow recovery from the corona virus pandemic is sorta major impact to what small rating agencies are now saying that the on the cross strain could also hamper any improvements of the economic situation by bringing uncertainty to the global economy. european central banks, confident though that the situation as they put it is under control. most forecasts actually assume inflation will fall below 2 percent. so there really are no signs
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of price raises, getting out of control. if without inflation would permanently sell above 2 percent . we would definitely react, however, at the moment we see no indication of this. despite the words of comfort, inflation in the block continues to gain momentum reaching 6 to 8 percent. we spoke to one german economist who thinks this is set to continue to for years to come. as i can see, she had fought inflation create social injustice influence for the winners. a few. the losers are the general population, even with the purchase and power of money decreases, rents become more expensive. holidays become more expensive, et cetera. but i inflation must be tackled at his roots even for there should be no 0 interest rate policy and no further expansion of money supply has risen. inflation is also a problem for industry. companies have to buy raw materials themselves on international markets and have to pay workers and so on. and so oregon, in an inflation cycle, these goods become more expensive and the companies have higher production costs
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less. these higher costs have to be passed on to the sales costs and companies that cannot do this, have less profit and can go bankruptcy may technically, you can predict we can to the problem to do so. the central bank must race interest rates and curve growth of the money supply quality. however, this is difficult because many the inflation policy as the policy of the lesser evil, the european central bank is sticking to its low interest rate policy. and therefore, one has to fear that inflation will continue to rise in the coming years in india. next, by, by britain, the birthplace of rum and riana, barbados has cut ties with it. after nearly 400 years, the caribbean nations officially dismissed the queen as had the state and declared itself an independent republic. prince charles, attended on that spectacular british, played at telling the ceremony in the capital bridge turned on behalf of the queen were governor general, sandra mesa was saul in as the islands president express hope that the u. k. and barbados, though none the less would remain strong friends. but there are concerns here. some
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of the back story, the transition, the worry is, could encourage other members of the british commonwealth like astray, layer and jamaica jumped ship to around to farmer talked about it to a story. jennifer hocking, who continue, says it's that long over june fight for countries to gained full independence. it's tremendously significant. of course, this is really mocking. the final saver and solve plot walked before my colonial ties to britain. it's, you know, these aquatic story connections that remain with the colonizing power for a long time, even after independence has taken hold. sorry, it's taken that long, both full, the legal requirements, the constitutional issues to be worked through. and of course, to gain the popular momentum for a change like these, which does tight some generations for it to really tight hold for the population to support it. as indeed i had in right number in barbados. do you think other countries and are gonna follows suit him?
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what about estrella all look at the common all nations and there now i think she's staying or mining a constitutional monarchy for which the queen is still the queen and the head a side of those countries. so certainly it's a natural progression and all lies countries including australia will be looking for calculate this on the not find out as a historian, but also as a proud republican myself, i'm on the board of the republican movement. i find it slightly humiliating both of those else as an australian, and also as a, as a general because of that. our country still sway the agents in that way in that our head of sight is the claim. and i think it's long overdue for all former colonies to, to move towards fully independence and, and an ability to shape bacon street in the why. now, that doesn't deny that history but builds on and look forward for ourselves now. so we talked about your font so much more to us, he dot com. thanks for watching all it's international review to dens. kevin,
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i was setting off for now, but stop by of the break news. fuse hughes ah ah, the war drugs noted as a way to combat a gray problem? what's the warranty? it's part of the attitude of the nation and not just of north dakota and it got to be something that you could get elected this time, the fight against drugs to go to china. jake told us that andrew was a competent short form, is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harms way or rural college student doesn't just get shot in the head and found in the river like that. something else had to be happening.


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