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these is hard to do with ah, no headlines to see the smart. see, the e you can sit is mandatory vaccinations, is the new coven strain paste? have been on the continent much earlier than thought we speak to to have our ologist from the russian developer of this. put nick the job on what to expect from this new form of the virus. it in the cases we're seeing now. everyone has a mild form. on the other hand, there's no data on how it can affect elderly people. want to wait another month or so to be sure. is another. dia, god, god, has that. they are somewhat to see the effect of yes they, they do irritate the eyes and the threat, but only a little bit. also coming up to report for the scene of protests in sudan when tens of thousands of marched against military rule following last month's coat. and cnn suspends top anchor chris cuomo,
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after he's embroiled in the sexual harassment scandal involving his brother, the former governor of new york. it's adding to criticism of the network to for turning a blind eye to andrew cuomo allegedly hiding the truth. told of care home covered debts in the stay. ah, oh, come to the program live from ortiz, will d z h q is kevin? i would have for the next half hour with our latest full you and 1st the new coach straight on the chrome. we'll talk about then continuing to raise concerns around the world. latest is eve, chief 1st should have underlie and he said, now the block should consider mandatory vaccinations. big news that as european nations have discovered the new strain was present on the continent at least 10 days before it was initially reported in south africa. he's a europe correspondent, lot going on all across europe when it comes to the omicron variant on dealing with
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this latest wave of cove at 19, which really has the continent in its great time in sweden right now. where from wednesday we seen vaccine passes having to be shown if you go to any public gathering now, there are some issues with that because not everybody in sweden is able to get not required vaccine pass even if they have job. now if your residency is being processed or if you got your jobs outside of sweden, you're going to face problems there. and you're not going to be able to show that all important piece of paper, all q all codes elsewhere in portugal. what we're seeing is the government that a see what's called a state of calamity. it's the 2nd highest state of alertness in the country, and what it means is that they're going to be bringing in new measures again, going to be bringing back in measures. i beg your pardon, things like mass squaring in public. you're also going to need to be able to show either a negative test or a vaccine certificates if he has to go into bars, jims,
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restaurants, hotels, or cinemas. now all of these measures are being brought in as european chiefs are having serious discussions about a mandatory vaccinations being rolled out across the u. s. lafond line has been talking about just that it is understandable and appropriate to lead this discussion now and how we can encourage and potentially think about mandatory vaccination and within the european union. this needs discussion. wiley, a, you commission president there is talking about mandatory vaccination in the a you won't country that is already said it will be implementing mandatory jobs is austria that set to come in in february. the country is currently in a, a full national lockdown. it's supposed to be in not least until the end of this week, it can be extended through until the 13th december. however, that moves to implement. mandatory vaccination has not gone down well with some
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people in cities of girths and linds we've seen demonstrates as out on wednesday, shutting down public transport where they can also demonstrates is on the streets of vienna as well. however, officials in austria say they didn't want to have to bring in mandatory vaccination, but their hand is being forced in this issue. we haven't once dismissed, we didn't want to vaccine mandates. let me make that explicit check scanned that 20 months on for missed out of the pandemic. we are in a situation that is dramatic. if you look at intensive care units at hospitals. oh, finish off in germany, where the country recorded the highest coven death rate. since february of this year, 446 people in the last 24 hours dying with coven 19 in germany. we are going to be looking ahead to angular merkel. and the german government meeting with the state leaders in that country on thursday. we're expecting to hear of mo, developments,
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perhaps more restrictions put in place in germany as well. so far here in russia there are no reports of omicron infections, but the developers of the country, sputnik vega, confidently say it will provide sufficient protection against the new strain. and in the unlikely case, he doesn't that a modified version the vaccine could go into production in just 45 days. we spoke to to the chief raj us of moscow's galle research center, which developed the sputnik ve job telling us that that new cobit strain, actually a paste, had been weakened by its mutations. still didn't work out of that. he hadn't witnessed the army cron. varian has $32.00 mutations in a spike protein, including mutations that already existed, as well as new mutations. and this origin isn't clear, but 32 mutations is too many. while some people are terrified, i find that aspect rather favorable effort mutated 32 times. that means it has an unstable genome. i suspected system controlling the accuracy of his genome has become damaged. if so,
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it will be weak. it can spread well because of natural selection. but as pathogenesis might have been greatly reduced, in the cases we're seeing now. everyone has a mild form. no one has died so far. on the other hand, there's no doubt on how it can effect elderly people. will have to wait another month or so to be sure. was that. how did it emerge? viruses don't ask anyone for permission and they live, they mutate and natural selection works in favor of what can reproduce well, but the degree of pathogenic city isn't guided by natural selection, as it's not very important. and this variant has undergone. so many mutations, a virus doesn't need so many mutations to reproduce is a sign of genetic instability. tens of thousands of march to the sudanese capital cartoon against the military government they're off to last month. qu, security forces tried to break up the crowds with tear gas from one of the protest . so senior correspondent merged scarcity of sent. this back. bass can assist being
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fired by us, should a nice police to disperse these protests. 30, a few 100 people here. these t a guys cabinets, is that the outdated? so the beyond due date. so the effect that they have isn't quite as powerful as if they had been pressure to people can comfortably pick them up, throw them away and play this game with police officers. and police evidently weren't having any of that at these. are these getting a bit uncomfortable here, eyes at beginning to sting, as well as people's throats. but police are again forcing people back, asking them to disperse people here nevertheless, are, are still angry. i still angry. huh. they still believe the revolution has been stolen from them. when i heard is
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another tear gas canisters, they're being fired by police to this bus. this bus produce this year. and dana today was supposed to be a ww man march. i protest against the military takeover as they say, just this year of the government. this all young voice is what this again is, is government. they want us even young government want to see it of up men, kill people. the people in, in the agreement piece is justice benefee. people here feel betrayed by the actions of the prime minister, the civilian government who agreed to the military demands the militaries, demands that they hand over a part of their power to the military. we are out against hum duke and bro hon. their thorndike agreement, and this governments, we are not pleased with this work and the political games. we are industries
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because no one rules us and no one can ruin. we rule ourselves. we have to go. it's a, it's getting her, it's becoming unbearable. i see the correspondent there to get another handle on it . we'll spoke to the deputy chairman of the sudanese transitional council. this is just new in. he says the countries in the grip of a crisis and a further escalation could impact not only nearby states in africa, but also europe learn, wilkinson guarantee. sudan is now in a real crisis. there is real starvation. there are some people now who might have only one meal a day and may be some who don't even have one meal. everything is expensive and we kept on warning, but unfortunately, no one listened. we did everything we could. we agreed an economic commission at the time that the country was at the peak of distress, but unfortunately, the council didn't want us to work together, so we left it. there was also security problem, no laws were implemented. so problems were numerous, but hopefully with hard work we can overcome all these things. sedan is in dire
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straits, in the south of the country, which has its own trouble. there at least 2000000 refugees. we have open borders with chad, which is a little more stable, but experience is conflicts here and there. sedan has a strategic location to the world and especially to africa and cartoon. now there are i still members, there are many terrors sleeper cells ensued in the cities, the welsh of records to them with grave importance. if an escalation happens in sedan, it will affect not only africa, but the entire world. because sedan is a corridor for illegal immigration and trans national crime robber. cnn suspended his leading anchor chris cuomo over his role in advising his brother, former new york governor cherry, a sexual harassment scandal. andrew cuomo had previously been accused of hiding the true numbers of care home cove deaths in the state, or the contributor lauren chen explains. most of us are probably aware of by now. chris cuomo is the brother of former governor of new york. andrew cuomo who had to resign in august following
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a slew of sexual misconduct allegation. and even though there's nothing inherently wrong with that sibling connection with one brother being in media and the other brother being in politics when it comes to the cuomo, brothers, specifically, chris cuomo is yet again, being accused of using his position at cnn as a prime time news anchor to help the political career of his brother and these questions of impropriety on behalf of chris cuomo, as part, are not new. they 1st started early last year when at the height of coven hysteria, chris cuomo chose to interview his brother, who was at the time governor of new york on his show. so that in scale, this was the actual swab. that was beer used to fit up the double barrel shotgun that you have mounted on the front of your pretty face. and so when that interview came out, a lot of people i think, were correctly wondering why chris cuomo was joking around with his brother, governor, about giant cute. it's when at the same time his brother was being accused of
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housing corona, various patients with nursing home patients in the same facilities. but despite cnn's attempts to reinforce at least some standards of journalistic integrity, this would not be the last time that chris cuomo would be accused of using his position to help his brother. specifically, earlier this year, andrew comb was name was in headlines repeatedly because several women who had previously worked with the governor were now accusing him of sexual harassment. it didn't take too long before report started servicing that chris cuomo. the younger cuomo was actively advising his brother and how to handle all of these sexual harassment allegations. when my brother situation became turbulent, being looped in the calls with other friends of his advisors, but did include some of his staff. i understand why that was a problem for sienna and for a while it did seem like that would be the end of all of these different scandals at least as far as chris cuomo was concerned in till. that is, this week the new york attorney general's office released
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a series of documents showing that chris cuomo, involvement with his brothers office, was a little bit more in depth than he had led people to believe. a series of text messages exchange between chris cuomo and one of governor andrew almost top aides. melissa to rosa shows that chris cuomo actually helped draft statements for his brother in one text message. chris cuomo also texted melissa derosa that he quote, had a lead on the wedding girl, presumably referring to one of the governor cuomo, accusers, and in one especially concerning exchange derosa texted chris cuomo, quote, rumor going around from politico one to 2 more people coming out tomorrow. can you check your sources to which chris cuomo responded on it? followed by no one has heard that yet falling the release of those text messages from derosa and cuomo, a slew of different left leaning media outlets have been calling for quote resignation. if this story is accurate, it describes a series of shocking ethical breaches, farmable offences of any of a news outlet. not surprised and the least embarrassing to any honorable journalist
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. it's hard to imagine any news executive keeping chris cuomo on stuff after today's revelations. then again, as seen and likes to say this is cnn amazing that chris cuomo still has a cushy job at cnn after flagrantly violating journalistic ethics. so to be clear here we have chris cuomo using his knowledge as a media professional to help draft statements for his brother andrew cuomo when he was facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment. and not only that, but it also seems like chris cuomo was using his connections within the media industry to gather information on andrew collins accusers. so the question now is, what is next for chris cuomo? previously, it seems that scene and has been satisfied with chris merely going on his prime time t v show to make apologies, but i'm unsure whether that's going to be enough this time. and if chris cuomo is ultimately fired, it will just solidify a principle that we saw on action when his brother, andrew cuomo,
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resigned from his position as governor, which is that in 2021, you can apparently kill all of the nursing home residents. you want as long as you don't get me tude in other headlines today, washington says, rather moscow says, washington still has time to stop an escalating diplomatic rogue. the other way rode off to you, a society said deadlines to full scores of russian diplomats out before a ministry spokeswoman branding the u. s. move an expulsion and say they will react accordingly. thank you. my asthma to review this american demand precisely as an expulsion of our diplomats, we intend to respond accordingly. by january 31st old u. s embassy personnel in moscow who have been on assignment for more than 3 years must leave russia while kevin, this announcement by the russian foreign ministry that a certain number of american embassy workers are going to have to leave the country by the end of january, comes amid a number of diplomatic spats between the united states and russia, and just
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a day after it was announced that washington will not be issuing new visas to the family, members of russian envoys to the united states, making it extremely difficult for them to live and work at the embassy there, now these spots actually have been going on for a while now. just recently, washington limited the term that russian diplomats can serve in the united states to 3 years while for other countries. it's still at 5 years earlier. this actually also means that 55 russian diplomats will have to leave the country by 2022. this is something that the foreign ministry of russia has said are de facto expulsions. while washington has said they are not. earlier in the year, washington also ordered the closure of its consulates throughout russia and stopped issuing non diplomatic visas. this basically forces russian citizens to go to u. s. embassies in other countries. and to apply for visas as quote, homeless nationalities. now, back in june, russian president vladimir putin and
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u. s. president joe biden met to discuss the possibility of normalizing embassy services at their 2nd a bilateral summit. but according to the russian foreign minister survey leverage these talks were actually fruitless because washington apparently was not ready to compromise. so months later we can we see a continuation of these back and forth between moscow and washington. yeah, donald colt, who is me earlier that you won't shing out t live for moscow. is kevin, though with you this out coming up. wow. fears of a freedom of expression, a growing of a common spike twits, his new chief executive that seemed to de prioritize free speech. i'll tell you more on the channel. it questions more might after this break with
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from supporters in conservative media spare no energy, dallas democrats are going to bar there to the left. is that really true? let majority of all voters say they support universal pre k free community college and low drug prices. so is going to far left really about the culture wars. mm. well it just seemed wrong when i just don't know. i mean, you will have to shape out the scene becomes the after kid and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will the parts we choose to look for common ground? join me every thursday on the alex silent. sure. but i'll be speaking the guess of
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the world of politics, sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. oh, i get an ukraine's urging nato to boost military cooperation and prepare sanctions against moscow in order to protect the country from purported brush and aggression . as the western alliance is summoned in latvia and has its 2nd day and as flying the flag for britain then less trust the u. k. foreign secretary was riding high a board of military tank in nearby austonia, just miles from the russian border. again, in a declaration that britain is urban, leading the way against what she called russia's malign activity. it didn't go a mess to the p. r stuff was a little bit similar to margaret, such as tank riding exploits in years gone by back then at a nato treading camp in germany will can make your own mind up. early of letting the future to launch the russia test,
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the new power for hypersonic missile and says its development is in response to nato's expansion of weapon systems close to russia's borders. the nato secretary general is adamant that supposed russian aggression towards ukraine is reason enough. he said to expand the blocks military presence with the largest, the human sto to me in a dialogue with the united states and its allies. we will insist on the developments of specific agreements excluding any further. nato advancements to the east and the deployment of weapon systems that threaten us in the immediate vicinity of the russian federation. have stated several times now there will be a high rise, a high price to pay for russia if they once again use force against the independent sovereign nation ukraine. and also. busy over the years also increased our military presence in this region, just to make sure that all ours are totally the funded unprotected incident against
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the russian resurrections former un weapons inspector, scott ritter, telling us he thinks, nights us playing a really dangerous game. there's nothing about what nato is doing right now. that makes any sense whatsoever. at the end of the day, they're only playing to russian strengths. it's a very dangerous game because as president goodness said, of russia has read lives in these red lines aren't just figurative. they're real, and there will be real consequences if these red lines continue to be violated, as far as anybody can tell, is not prepared to invade ukraine unprovoked. if you train attacks or otherwise provokes russia, russia will respond with the notion of russia, just starting a war of aggression against ukraine. out of the blue is ludicrous, and nato knows us. we need to put this in the perspective of where nato and the u. s. is right now under the trump administration, the relationship between the united states, nato, was a very strained war, and it didn't get any better under bind. nato right now is looking for relevance
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and looking to reassemble a semblance of substance. they can pick the only target they have right now, which is russia, there's nothing nato can do, stand up to it. so why is natal provoking russia? it simply doesn't make any sense. the european central banks on to far of translations. his highest of the year is 20 a history economists sublime the inflationary surgeon on unprecedented growth and energy prices, notably oil and gas, as well as the increased costs of goods and services. a tough and slow recovery from the corona virus. pandemic cells had a major impact, what's more credit rating agencies. and i was saying to the, on the chrome strain could also hump any can amik improvement by bringing uncertainty to global markets. european central bank though, says the situation at the moment is fine. most forecasts actually assume inflation will fall below 2 percent. so there really are no signs of price rises getting out of control. if without inflation would permanently sell above 2
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percent. we would definitely react. however, at the moment we see no indication of this. despite those slight words of comfort to inflation, the block continues to gain momentum reaching 6 to 8 percent. we spoke to german economist who thinks it said to continue to for years to come. as i guess, visiting our homes, inflation glee, social injustices in floods. the winners, a few, the losers are the general population. you may not want to purchase in power of money decreases rents to become more expensive. holidays become more expensive, et cetera. but i inflation must be tech over at his roots meeting for there should be no 0 interest rates policy and no further expansion of money supply has rise and inflation is also a problem for industry. companies have to buy raw materials themselves on international markets and have to pay workers and so on and soaring in an inflation cycle. these goods become more expensive and the companies have higher reduction costs. these higher costs have to be placed on to the sales costs and companies that can not do this have less profit and can go bankruptcy to may. technically,
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you can put a can, we can to. the problem is to do so. the central bank must raise interest rates and curve growth of the money supply quality. however, this is difficult because many see inflation policy as the policy of the lesser evil patience. the european central bank is sticking to its low interest rate policy, and therefore one has to fear that inflation will continue to rise in the coming years in indian neg seizures days. and his new jobs twitter see ova perez, agro wells, already ruffling feathers. they're a phase of more clamped turns on content at the social network because of his past comments about not prioritizing freedom of speech and twit has already moved to ban the sharing of photos. videos of people without the consent to users can have flag the image and it'll be removed. the bad doesn't apply to public figures if the tweets for public interest, but it seems the platform itself will decide on that particular thing. ah. rule is known to be bound by the
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1st amendment. now moves reflective of things that we believe lead to a healthier public conversation. focus less on thinking about free speech with it's not going to make a distinction between muslims and extremists. then what should i distinguish between white people embraces? ah, ah, dorsey on the far from both parties, defends labeling tweets wizard deliberately prevent accusers from shaving contra biden laptop stores. twits at bands trumps account, citing risk of both of either. darcy sans company was wrong to block your cross country biden's. doing dec dorsey has been kind of on the,
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on the way of being forced out for some time. he has some activist investors who have been heavily involved in this company who have wanted him out for some time. he says he's going to go focus on bitcoin and gloves. decentralization lies by the way. he loves big coin because he wants to control the space, not because he believes that he centralization hadn't said that. love jack dorothy was probably gonna be on his way out anyways, as i said, because of those investors. but i think the bigger issue now is his replacement, his replacement, who was even more anti free speech than he is. in fact, these new rules are, were just instituted just today by twitter that came out and essentially said that you cannot take pictures of anyone who's a 3rd party private individual and post it on the platform without their consent. and that's insane. what does that mean for like project veritax? what does that mean for any whistleblower? what does that mean for anyone who just takes a picture out in public? the supreme court has already ruled that when you're in the public space you have no expectation of privacy. so what twitter is essentially saying is that there are no rules in the world,
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including laws that surpass its own policies and it's policies are the law of the land. yeah, by the song, they put up a 5 tape in america. check out more of these shows if you get a minute, but that's what we're talking about so far here from h q. moscow. reporting for you from ots international. my name's kevin i. with our flagship debate show, cross told on i was the one the only paid lavelle after the break enjoy a bought you a tool that was bad for your eyes and your post. yeah. that it would stop you from having real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they fail to mention is that you can make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video games. at the agenda stage should
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been a couple of them for though we formed diffusion of blood. so it's a little under a georgia resume with my produce up is no longer going of course to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quick witted. i'm going to open up with like a chicken underneath nicholas to live near bottom in this santa webpage bentley up amongst the booth, but even started yet, glove voice. when you mouse told me in my video it out. oh, you mean i was at mules? good guy of the owner. without that vehicle it will still be stuck with these it's odd to do i also use a
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ah ah that breaking toil forced labor stress industrial injury corporal punishment. oh no words with which we are
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all familiar. are you certain that the world you live in abolish slavery long ago? with with hello and welcome to cross top where all things are considered. i'm peter labelle from supporters and conservative media spare no energy. dallas democrats are going to bar there to lefty. is that really true? majority of all voters say they support universal pre k free community college and low drug.


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