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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 2, 2021 10:30am-11:00am EST

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i guess you could say they're slipping into the big coin world from the monetary universe of theat, and they are looking very troll. like, 1st of all, i used as photo of hillary clinton from emma and be c as she is expressing concern about bitcoin cares. a mean created by the big klein community within a few moments. oh, big, greenest, threatening. the dollar is reserve currency. yes. says thinking man. yeah. anyway, sir, here a video of hillary clinton talking about big coin. i always think about that video . i've seen of a guy he shaved the backside of his dog and taught it to walk backwards. and that's what she reminds me of. well, there's a lot of concern trolling going on, not just from hillary clinton, but also from the bank of england and the i m f. and that's in the 1st headline here. bank of england governor raises concerns about l. salvatore's bitcoin adoption. this is andrew bailey,
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he's the governor of the bank of england and bailey was attending the cambridge university students union responding to questions. during this, ostrom, he called el salvador, his bitcoin adoption. concerning as unsuspected consumers could be hugely affected by its volatility. he said, quote, it concerns me that a country would choose it as, as national currency. what would worry me? most of all is do the citizens of our salvador, understand the nature and volatility of the currency. they have what the citizens of el salvador understand is the nature and volatility of central bankers who inflate and print their via money into extinction. and as a way to transfer wealth and property from the masses to central bankers fest with the citizens of el salvador, understand that's what citizens all over central america understand. remember the united states is overthrown. 15 countries in central america and they used dollars,
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their primary weapon is a weapon of mass destruction, the u. s. dollar and the english pound. this fella, bailey, over the bank of england, is concerned that he's going to lose his job. within 3 years, the bank of england will be no more. well, of course, i mean el salvador until it adopted bit queen as legal tender already has the u. s . dollar as its currency as legal tender there. you know, this introduces anti fragility and individual sovereignty down to the level of the ordinary person, which is very important. all you have to do is go to wikipedia, look up the el salvador civil war and look up the role of the u. s. there. it's actually quite shocking, even what, what wikipedia is willing to publish. it's remarkable. and it protects, i think, the ordinary person, the bottom, 98 percent of the salvadoran population from whatever the future holds from america. what they decide to do in the region. and i think that's
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important for the long term viability of the ordinary person and the economy there . that's my opinion, andrew bally, maybe his concern trolling is right. go listen to him if that's what you want, but my opinion is a bit different than hes. well, this concern about volatility is misplaced with fear money or mathematically guaranteed to lose purchasing power. as the british pound is done now for a census creation is lost over 99 percent of its purchasing power was bitcoin. your mathematica guarantee to increase your purchasing power. so that's the choice, or you will you accept a little volatility for a mathematically guaranteed increase in purchasing power or john andrew bailey, no volatility. mathematically guaranteed loss of purchasing power. the el salvador ants are saying, you know what the maxim stacy, right, but it's on confiscated will and it censorship resistant. now the likes of ange,
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andrew bailey and j pal, preside over an all theat regime whereby it's not just your leaders. if they decide that they don't like your leaders for whatever reason, look at the people of iran, venezuela, that they themselves, millions and millions of people are cut off from global commerce from global trade from global travel, from being just global human beings interact with other human beings around the world, simply because they use that payment's rail as a weapon to punish collectively the entire population. so for those outside of the privileged imperial centers, like washington d. c, a london, the argument for bitcoin that is way more important. that feature a bit quieter than any sort of volatility as a type of big queen isis or, you know, to higher level. right. and what name book kelly, the president of el salvador,
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is doing is he's taking the power of government, and he's the centralizing it, he distributing it to the population. the 7000000 people living in el salvador will have in equal stake in the country. this will be the 1st time ever, not since the american constitution has this type of revolution been started. so now we're going to see the next phase of the american revolution. and he further stated, at the international monetary fund, which monitors global financial risk, is not on board with l. salvatore's decision. either the i m f repeatedly found of caution and the recent past on choosing bitcoin as legal tender. while it's warnings were earlier veiled, it openly called out the country for monetary policies. earlier this week, it recommended the country narrow the scope of its big coin, la, strengthening the regulation and supervision of his newly established payment ecosystem, payment ecosystem. our 1st hand knowledge, you know, i'm sure and to bailey has not been there to l. dante, to see what it has encouraged, what the reality on the ground is,
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is it was instant payments, instant element of a bare asset to the people of l. zante from everything from some purposes that we bought, using lightning payments network settled and instantly cost nothing. they were like a high tech economy amidst, you know, more, a more rural c side surfer town. right, and let's not forget the math is not a credible actor. their role is simply in debt, countries a, to the most aggressive point possible to foist american products onto them. essentially, that's america as global empire. now it works in the m f as a tool of the american corporate empire. and so these new volcano, bonds, i'm not going to spend a lot of time at, at this very instant, but they will afford the ability for el salvador to pay off the i m f, loans and just say get out of our country. you weasel. but the ordinary person there on the ground selling papoulias says in aus on today,
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they are able to build generational wealth. not to be the victim of generational debt. that, that's what the i m f voice on nations is generational debt so that they will always be subject to whatever the debt holder is imposed upon them as generational wealth versus genocidal debt. exactly, and that's been that the fact for a long time and now there is a way out of it. now, returning back to the concern trolling of, you know, from the u. s. i want to make a note of like hillary clinton has a mullet now to kind of like tony blair has a mala, i thought it was bobby clark who played on the philadelphia flyers back in the 1970 s. she opened her mouth right now, she probably would be missing all of her teeth as a very karen hair do. i can't. i can't say minds not like needing to be
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a little bit fixed. i hope mine looks a little bit better than hers, but there is also elizabeth warren in the press and we just mentioned it at the end of the last episode. so i want to bring it up again here because you know, this is that the regime right? whereby everybody else gets the blame except for that mike. so hillary clinton was a new saying it's bitcoin, which is jeffrey. i sang the us dollar as reserve currency. it's bit coins fault, it's not the fault of j. powell or the treasury, or the congress or the mismanagement over the past few decades of the u. s. economy . it is a bit coin here. we see. as a reminder, elizabeth warren said, wondering why your thanksgiving groceries cost more. this here is because gritty corporations are charging americans extra just to keep their stock prices high. this is outrageous. her statement is indeed outrageous. right. i mean, suddenly, out of nowhere, these corporations all suddenly became greedy and had nothing to do with the 6
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trillion dollars printed last year in treasury bonds that were given to the people essentially and base money supply. like that had nothing to do with it. and she refuses to mention that that is the same problem. why hillary clinton is identifying is that the u. s. dollars. reserve currency is under threat because a bit coin. they that the to the concern trolling goes hand in hand. right? bitcoin is a light. and when that light is flicked on, like we say in el salvador there goes hillary clinton and elizabeth warren to cockroaches, running for their lives to escape the light. and um they, they really, they really need to get new jobs. remember they used to be back in the i think eighty's or ninety's or used to be these trolls that you put on the end of your pencil. you know, people, you see pencils and pens. go google it, look it up. if you don't know if you've never had to use a pencil or pen, you know,
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most kids just use their finger type, right? well, that's a good idea is like a some trolls troll dolls from i a math from the e. c b from the bank of england. hillary elizabeth warren like a series of political trolls. monetary trolls. oh yeah. yeah. we have a troll doll. actually just a few feet away from here, but i think i'll get it now. think what it is, mo, and a speaking of this, i mean we've seen the inflation showing up and commodity prices and agricultural prices, and house prices and stock prices and all of these prices. and here's a always, an important one is most, lee is for agriculture. and that is north american fertilizer shortage sparks fears of higher food prices warning to get your fertilizers now as farmers postpone nitrogen purchases, raising threat of rush on supplies before planting, seizing. so the texas arctic blast from february in hurricane either in august disrupted us fertilizer production, then prices of natural gas,
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a key input in my and producing nitrogen stored in europe. you died man low supplies, global urea, prices this month, the top 2000 a ton for the 1st time. and a, because russia and china, they say have curved exports as everybody hunkers down, ready for more lock downs, more variance, more money printing, more inflation and the end of the global theat regime. right, right. well, our modern farming that uses the hydrocarbons effectively as with the sea, with these modern fertilizers, they are subject to the same problems that we're seeing. inflation kick in across all commodities. and this is an air of d globalization. the fee optimization d central bank is ation. and so you're going to see people whored fertilizers to feed their own people. and of course that's going to drive prices a lot higher. the response from policy makers, of course, will be to print more money like elizabeth warren or, or hillary clinton. it would be like we needed to print another 10 or 20 trillion
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dollars this month. and of course i'll dr. bitcoin to a 1000000. hey, we're going to take a break when we come back much more coming your way. ah! this up with all the but they did. ah deny. alba. ah yeah. that's been happening by high middle now. i own my head up my lap and i love that. i am getting thought love a knuckle buckling. my love bob again thought now along up at a bit, a well, i mean a relationship with sonya nick long. i've been with her and
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i think wrong when i just don't whole. i mean you world yes. to safe out disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground in a worn drugs noted as a way to combat a grave problem. what's the war on drugs? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took her to try and shake todd. he told us that andrew was competent, short foreman. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him
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in harm's way. a rural college student doesn't interest get shot in the head and found in the river like that something else had to be happening. ah, welcome back to the kaiser report. i max kaiser time now to go to simon dixon of banks. the sheets are also author of the same book bank to the future, published in 2010. the 1st book ever to mention big coin simon, going on to be the 1st and probably the best investment banker in big coin simon. welcome back. oh, it's a pleasure to be here at all righty. now. big news, as you know, as i know, i was frantically trying to reach you a few days ago. the take a break in the kaiser report i mentioned would be take you to live use of the go to
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stock number russia's foreign ministers speaking at a news conference after meeting with us counterpart at the annual gathering. the o. s. c e n c. and we discussed the most urgent and topical matters on the agenda of this organization. and this situation is quite that challenging. not complicated, and we're seeing the negative trends, what it is could be as opposed to you. so in terms of european security and cooperation, when you mine you, of course moves and you could, you missed it, but when there is an increasing understanding of making, they'll see more relevant through collaborative efforts by reviving it as the leading unifying organization in europe. teen affairs, we expressed are concerned about the attempts by a number of countries to impose their concept of
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a rules ways in order and effective from all to lateralism. new group was a boy sure which places and number of western countries above others. and in fact, there's another promote discriminant to reproach, the international affairs tourist hill. insisting on the need to abide by the international law, the sand abiding by the universal rules that are at the same quote, the entire planet as foreign military security in the euro atlantic also thought good is crumbling count. there is only one treat you'll avenue in russia, in the united states and limiting to go look at the city, you mean should understood the go offensive weapons. so then you start treating and the open skies treaties and the other tree and the i n f treaty where terminated by our u. s. molecule colleague. so this as a matter of grave concern,
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even though no 11 silly to say why this has happened either this, every one just expresses concerns that these treaties are no longer working curs. gollum nater, who asses still seeks to escalate the situation along the are war of orders and nato refuses to work with us. so good on easing tension. we propose specific measures in this regard and the military potential in eastern europe and close to russian borders is increasing. every day we hear linear statements, sir, grows enormous, vociferous statesman with epsco threats against russia, which of course affects, and they always see among you and in this context, her muscles contract during the session and in our contacts with our western colleagues, were paid special attention to explaining on the initiatives by president putting
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as the expanded still meeting of the foreign ministry college him. and he repeated this during the ceremony of the presentation of whether there's a present says the kremlin, to the initial devise guarantees preventing any further escalation. and the emergence of new threats, the russian federation. as a concrete goal, there is an objective to issue should prevent any further expansion of nato to the east and prevent test your models and further deployments of weapons along with russia as western borders that could threaten the russian federation. it was emphasized yesterday the president talked about this, and i mentioned that during my remarks today that we stand up before the
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agreements that take into consideration. everyone says security, we do not want any. you'll let you know actual advantages. but we'll insist on these agreements to be respected so that everyone deserves them. as our western colleagues have done on many occasions in to including on their promises regarding their below the expansion of nato. to the they were saying that nate, those infrastructures will not be deployed in eastern germany, but then happened the same, happened to the founding, russia, nato act and many other things. because there were political commitments and the west ignored them as well. and we want the agreements mentioned by the president, but we need to be legally binding shooting. and we very soon
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we will ours to collate and put on paper these off annual, submit them to our western colleagues. and we hope that they will seriously examine them other topics that we discussed during today's meeting. of course, we have a lot of concern regarding the continued the violations of minority rights, including language and indication, provides this deals with ethnic minorities and also the falsification of history and glorification of nazi and system as well as efforts to close down the on. once it's media outlets, another thing is that this organization is called the organization for security and cooperation in europe. and we're seeing more in what antagonism in those are gonna station and in working processes are undermined within the organization which complicates the political dialect for which they serve station was created. this
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stands in the way of compromise that yes, even in areas where interest find side or similar. at this session, we had an initiative, we submitted, the ministers submitted, the draft document on terrorism and seeing that this is a very urgent topic. but unfortunately, our western colleagues without providing any substantial arguments on our proposals, refused to discuss them, removed it from the agenda because it was this because they did not like the fact that it was a russia that came up with this initiative in this environment. i mean, as sincere conversation, it is very important that you probably face to face. this was essential li, solution, voice, some concerns and they were heard which is very important and we'll see what there
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is interest in moving towards overcoming this problem. we also had a very fruitful debate on the canister and how the situation will affect always see countries in primarily in central asia. we explained our approaches that we coordinate within this, but it is as seo and the c s t o in addition. and we adopt for an agreed on the number of practical steps to support central asian countries to prevent st migration crisis from spilling over into this region. so you, so the terrorists don't get in to the countries of our allies and all the related provisions. they're working groups within this c s t o on afghan estin . and today we called on our colleagues,
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i do draft their own lands. and when doing so, to take into consideration what has already been done for our neighbors on the ground for process, among other topics, when we want to, they always seem to be more effective when competing all transnational brad's drug trafficking, terrorism, organized crime. and this would regard, we one just need to to should have more meetings of the relevant structures, primarily the committees dealing with the counter terrorism. many documents need to replenish the spring that were adopted. that was supposed to be adopted by the minister and the counselor removed from the agenda because some of our western colleagues which needed us to put the listener seats if you tried to sell them. i
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mean, literally the where the radical ultra liberal interpretations of the gender related matters. this does not serve our organization. and at the end we adopt one document on involving the o. c efforts to you so fighting climate change and then nothing else to there were well, yes, there was another when you doing the full resolution on they trance. nice chair. see settlement to the ministers of russia. the united states and france had the co chairs of the always seen mince group adopted a statement on the coordinate car, a bar settlement among other things, welcoming the mediation efforts by the russian federation, who's willing to work with you to believe this. and of course, we would like to see more results coming from this session, including a political declaration for more than 10 years will have been unable to adopt
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a political declaration because instead of focusing on ratio globe, which will china pan european media that those goals self reinforcing security on the continent, one to fill and a political declaration with there and you have any questions or if eating the conflict of references it to various counselor conflict. so that was an issue. so we're unable to reach a consensus. we decided with that in 2025, but it would finland will be. charing they always see this? will it be the 50th anniversary of the historical helsinki summit and next year would you porsha e. poland will be the assume, the chair of the person shipping office and the next meeting will be in the lodge hercules scots. and this is what i wanted to say. go to gun. yes, yes, of course we discussed you. crane and but all the positions that well known we,
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you post the drew the attention was you offer all of those so prize and to on the needs to firmly abide by the men's could agreement says, how little go as approved by the un security council. and that for the solution, you usaa man to a strictly follow it's mandate in both the all these instruments her really me provide foot direct and dialogue with and that's in a low guns. can fortunately, even the special monitoring mission has not always been objective unbiased in interpreting its mandate. we said this during the general debate and during our meeting with the secretary general of that, always he and with the share person in the office, the foreign minister of sweden. and we hope that all these ideas will be heard. we are interested in committed for the
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o. s. e to return to the helsinki spirit and to person. oh, the foundations that for a late in 1975 was in the interest of all countries are far very important region without ex, exception. our organization must deal with the security and corporation instead of escalating tension and confrontation. question please is the basic jazz newspaper with mr. lab row for him lately billed that he had newland and william burns came to russia and they talked about constructive talk to some, but they're saying one thing and then we hear a totally different rhetoric. is this a double game? what is it washington's game here? when you book it well, the 3rd girl, beautiful. yes. good. and i was not only before there, i mean 2 visits, but even after their visits,
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we come in that are comments on the context so that we had bass are saying the voice that hugh, you mentioned the short nevertheless. so the day goes, not always save that, russia must do something, russia must do. this man must do that during the debate. antonyms, lincoln, u, s. secretary states, he started on reading out the chance requirements regarding russia show how russia should implement the minsk agreements. like with drawing heavy weapons set and stopping with economy interference in done was of course i explained to him and i quoted you during our bilateral meeting and the specific provisions of the misc agreements where it is stated in your so that all this must be settled through direct knowledge between keith than that of commands logan's family. but this is only necessary to
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tie all the provisions. i was uminski, raymond said to russia as if this is something oh nato countries doing, this is what they are talking about. nevertheless, and today we had quite the professional conversation with the u. s. secretary of state including on the ukraine the united states is ready to help us implement and carry out with immense agreements even if we have a different way of interpreting this instrument. templeton, as i have explained to my counterpart still because we believe that the united states has a lot of influence on the key, free shame on the roof and the u. s. claims that it does not want to undermine or expand the norman you form instead of contact looks which as we would like to use
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this bilateral potential in our work, we need that 1st it cream reduced r. how will will proceed from what will proceed. but there could be only one foundation, the minsk agreements will go with them as they are written in paper, all they have to do is read this text and do as written, each sky will schedule a new address and we hear a lot of criticism against russia there was a doctor, the distributed circulated among all the participants, most of the draft resolution of the un security council and the declaration of for the leaders of fresh france and germany and the test of the immense agreement circle. yeah, so i asked all my colleagues having circulated these facts before, but you know, making any comments on the ukrainian affairs to read. you said attentively all the .


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