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in nature, not just of north dakota and it got to be something that you could get elected this time, the fight against drugs still good and try and shake tom. he told us that andrew was a competent, short form, and this is way too dangerous for him. to be doing clearly, they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in the river like that something else had to be happening. ah. with you a tool that was bad for your eyes and your post. that it would stop you from having
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real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they failed to mention is that you could make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video games. a couple of them, but always wanted to listen to wesley with georgia resume with no loaner course to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quick with it. i'm going to open up with the lithium bottom in this sounds like we should be all media board number with it. yeah. globally, when you most or me and i will do it. i don't you mean it? was it neil's feel like what the beautiful never portfolio guy. okay. the owner diode that needs to call it was deducted. these are the bill i with
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the children with molds bucket i spoke with miss. but ma'am, in the past for dental deposits, he still just wants to meet with everyone united so mother can go to school and you should be bush, but need to call them ah, now with a bit. here's a question. i didn't get them to thought him yet. in mainland, what the debt has it comes to ask others to it. the norm unit should wish to improve. that was to be cleaner. he, i think you them better. mike, you know, bite,
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i'm giving out like it's not as yet. right. you go to the how should that be anyway? i wish it allocated. support is negative. i see need to be media. what i people do and whatnot, deceptive media. and i feel like it sort of feature so that the truth is put gluttony bureau. if i get a full shares co gone home, i have a little bit of july out creve roster yet and shiny. i didn't get a response. me in the list that would be doable, is do we do to be an issue manager? if someone was any other phone with anybody other than she'd been, that wasn't given was he asked me to put the sticker with
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a little compromise in that avoid with sneak of take me to study at that with you. but you haven't gotten a brochure about your contract. comply the boy with blue sky blue home was that he wanted the he did employ each go down when i am new baby really help what i would call which was for one year. you see germany mean? yeah, they used to william at that point, but i'm a variation for me. look, at least a middle to push on. i live donnelly, but i'm with kelly. was that she did use the knees. we should think she these the assemblies. look, i'm not sure i did not go about the little now. we for the shane you middleton, he at the civil us all when they do for you, come on, they can move forward the loosely of the window from what really got read your choice. you're going to use my meal or enjoyable to buy nothing foolishly. what are
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you now that you can't be actually me and i'm to multiple legitimate dealer if want to order, it would be a venue look up a famous i big a muffler middle for easiest and one of them kind of actually up to you left for a while and for more you have the boys there with me to keep this portal club with the guy from that thought guy used to like, gotta keep it as part of it. that would be fortunately, according to some boards guy didn't fall off. so today i'm also going to draws my epa audit to show you what saw e detrimental national bar code or discipline media. we're reformed these grecki.
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saddam is deficient all of a solid milan. soft is told of capillary. what those values from during the day, occupants party with my mom is a go. i did something a little more than i had to move towards that if in the ninety's, gaming tournaments where nothing like that, that's where it all started with primitive volcano, where the most valuable thing one could win with a chance to play the next game for free then they would come so kids could finally play against each other. and then you era her door was the time of personal computer players to realize they could link desktops in the local network 1st inside the apartment, then entire neighborhood by running cable between roofs. ah, us computer clubs opened in the basement of those buildings. that was where the 1st russian eastburn stars practice all night long. catching naps on chairs back then
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there was no talk of any contract money. the biggest reward was a chance to play some games for free. oh, i'm with the waiting for to idea. got, or if you need the computer ability to mumble property yeah. if it, if you were supposed to rent it, you were supposed to be in or someone with a bully, with stimulus that was on the stamps. when you wake amanda, we will be late for brianna. we will, we will assist him with a new role, but we will, we will add a couple more, get orders, got those up, any process you need either i have one families, you more to go over to put on file for you said nicholas j seamless law restore me
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a call back when you just moved, but most of these to me it doesn't come with a your so sure the approach to it the prima report wouldn't come to them, but i just wait a moment here. what's your last name dogwood yet? yes, she's got niagara, so she stood up. is it only number? got? yeah, i need you can grab a cup with my mental gardenia because with my main post at the holcombe that will cuz i think it was still showing digits and michael young stop. record it down as lisa don't use danger. normally mostly it'll be doing mobile. it's monday and they them, it doesn't end up with us,
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do it. when i bought those throws money back, got it off. correct. financially, it will stop by question you with the teacher and i own the stars numerous creature, i believe he's, he's in both trip. this weekend you've been with me, it up are one of the things, but it does. it still wouldn't means can. this was there, but he did us number grecki in east status easy. the mac analysis. i'm going to communicate with a guy he met with a mom that would be people with capital just and me should be just that they can you by ms. thompson. he has faith come on computer. please ask for that. now. i need to pull a tad engine that was my understanding
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a follow up with someone with, with some of them with one of these guys to get. i'm done with the one on the plates for class in the money lump. it's because it's all on this, but it's a lot more trouble to still be smart. my name is jonathan. i play on the north, the american server for team rain, my indian name, and his i am competing here with the key to winning is playing a unique hand on being on predictable playing the right moves not, not as rushing one side of the math. you know, thinking about setting up traps and stuff like that. i would say it's pretty even
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every teen representing character to ballistic up is very competitive and very good . and none of them will be just an easy thing. role. you know, everything want to work really hard to get a victory. so i would say we have a good chance, but also is going to be a lot of work to get this guy. let's go, let's go in a little rain. yeah. it will still be it'll put me on scott, chill area, more of a what i did have a theater was limping me of bank of muffin monday video games in terms of outreach budgets and the number of developers have long been a match for hollywood. the approach towards game development is similar to filmmaking, from graphics to audio, all that, and i am i thought, a consultant of any plays or double colonies in the yukon. what's
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the going in? you have to walk a quick look and show em somalia theorem. so when you mind, you can give you a little bit in listen to me or could you believe me? i was that i am so was that i always lost the key moment of a chill co mingled a kiss on the way. ready kimberly didn't dig all so i've been dealing chess, se one's profile for the up on my end of november and he bought a u. l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to grace trust, rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence,
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real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with his jacket on you if you all know that. but they did a high middle now. are you on my head up my lot bad that had a knuckle out. bob, you didn't thought, no, well i'm going out there to be a well, i mean happy collision spoke with sonia,
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not in and join me every thursday. on the alex salmon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah, what a pollution with a local local. it's got to thank you for them. with some of the most graded you provided with the company. a sound at the show i got to do is will free up. i'm glad
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you got a cock. once more. congrats with duluth to really be to do it. and get those with you or else make us model me. it was when you come, we question you wish to put in a duncan with one look at the value in your in your mind is just at the most at the machine motion inventory and the person is, do you get to him, come across a like a quote from us, well, in his last one session for the one was wish it will simulation games amr rim exemption because it's not a team effort. you manage entire clubs or national teams on your own. otherwise,
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with my ra, a a for horse, a more traditional with a little more here could be able to measure a lot. that's another thing that makes more simulation game special. you could get to meet the real
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person, your digital player was mortal laughter. alexei smith and for example, legendary russian footballer is playing days are over, but you can still that can be your virtual team. a school goes with him. even if he never scored as many a chelsea bullet, you're going to come chilson one premier league with the the student edition, get your model number of it a proceed. but you'll to let them take a minute. but it's a national geographic team is really good to either meet the some after moving it to what that was in my d. c. connect the by anthem, or nol as you, why is that the forum, sasha, for, i'm going to school syndrome group. go and you still have to work with small percentage disconnect the sun ash, beginning senior chima broke. well
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nobody ever thought they will get with them. we play when you wrote that to theater. because in the area with, with my, my, been the give us a still in dawson, i will, that was today actually, i was on the music listed it i, you know, it into the dos say, i mean yes, is also the peter with very interesting to speak about battles. it's very interesting to watch battles, brain with a wonderful, wonderful pin. so what a great you cool to right. i'm on the bushes came in the low damage. yes. very soft
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batch out that he doesn't have a john the one on. so you're going to be reloaded. he knows he's done. bob introduced this mother is by end with a function the something that i've missed necessarily now. but then with that kind of i am way and he's the room way. would make, i mean, unless he is lou decompose, which have such a leap estimate the sum both in the crimea ever got the cf, with the was told because of it with my me and they and the boy up, i don't think it doesn't unless he is void basketball, re lease out of my camera. i knew the could of loans. i'm like a mom, but there was a little bit of work. i'm on the he took a shoot. he sold a couple to puff guys up with him. quin my me an emotional because it's just a guy at night you lazurick sturgeon less from there and jessica i at the studio then we have a breach now boy than what you theory me as though my to me though might she?
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yes. do i got them here loading my much salary boss can much right. why am i on the lead to get football effects? stellan dillard them garrison. i have chris knits of aka, in his own night sniper, 32 years old, a veteran slab athlete. he started in 2005 and used to be one of the best russian doubt, a 2 players he played in russia and china, among many tournaments with various teams. he retired in 2013 and now works as a streamer and comma tisa anita line dileskimo. i'm a deal that the quote a little skewed recently a couple of the shots that was because each now you thought and some nationals missed some we could almost by what you much i would you put us more than like a more like, but i don't wanna miss the deal sure can only have to be a good deal more than blue that be. so to keep it open and also about this that they can be sure you bought, get them. we kept getting you to thanks. i was not to blame the meet the collection of concepts like that idea to the edi i deal with dad wanted music. good. always
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wanted to see him. what he needs to be met or is that kim just want it? no, not watching chest. occasionally you have canada, i can pull you up with a more complete financial missing project, which is 2018 wants to kind of wondering what that means. bullish hamburgers and k . e. yes. a different city or criminal could you can. how would you ship really super easy to come up with what we should we thought to keep it for? for the f 13, and you messed with an interface and you should restored it on our gourmet news which are proficient. you get a cup of performance marketing for worship meeting, and we'll meet you. worst will refer to reference for one of your options are much more to bring it up. give us part of the system a written letter, e got a call. i'm like, i'm buying
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a to think of some pacific if you just avoid moodle. yes. yeah. oh, but i feeling in 3 kilometers. got a spot almost. i was out of trailing the city. i think i fi so they would see a way to for me to find you had to update to put them on. you would check it out like for financially and like it didn't go away. for 2 years ago, the sports industry was worth 4 and a half $1000000000.00. major tournaments, price is what tens of millions of dollars layers on winning teams could easily on as much as 3 milli dollars. each. many top tier players have sponsorship contracts and they receive monthly salaries of between $20.00 and $30000.00. but these are east boards, top stars, there were only a few of them, perhaps a couple of dozen, but their financial power and glory is an inspiration to millions who dream of emulating them. they were forced to just for horror, exactly like that. i just didn't still yet this last to start step. you can yes, a body or chair middle, the little prism boy,
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$2.00 with for that if you want enough, we a can you put a little you most crucial media. i'm in look isn't, but i don't like the guy at the latest. i'm sort of a mom or me on when you go for the delay. i keep a sport of my food to eat like he didn't get out like that. i wasn't read all. look at all choice. what are the only loose, the sport disciplines, a team, sports, teamwork and hundreds of hours and frank to some more important than individual plans abilities. a decent team of play together for a long time will always be to rec, tank crew of gaming, champs, less commodities quotes that i'd say finance industry. and so so i was my 1st more stuff with any from language. i'm with jennifer. the other phone with us and it was sold with russian plaza teams. a highly regarded the want blitz
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world championship final was yet further proof of this feature. the russian team called 7 stars, was their practice session. we showed you earlier and a team from the u. s, the american captain considered the right tactics with a key to victory, and they are shutting one by down rapid, rapidly chinese. now, i think, you know, but it makes no difference was dreaming. i think the ideal is port athlete is someone who is diverse. so in other words, it can be anybody as long, they have quick thinking and they can react to time and work all the teams and 100 percent. it doesn't matter who you are or what, what you look like that. that's what matters to natalie. you could be small, big, it doesn't matter as long as your quick thinking. i think gaming sports is the way to the future. there's already been a massive climate gaming. sports is sports, i guess you could say in a lot of other countries, a lot of other games have been climbing and even blips, you know, only 3 years ago when we 1st started hosting,
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i didn't want the team that news with $50000.00 in their pocket yeah, like you know with all media not eat, of course that afterwards you are not the court with watch it but left on the else produce parking established yet glove voice when you mouse stormy, another to deal with accumulating meals, divide by the world. yes. and we'll go ahead and put off no matter what the beautiful, never fully dancing is going to be to them a putting on the record, which is your name is going to be to them. things that you had a little more honestly did you get the bus monitor? it's like a keep. eliminate the agree with fulton, excuse me, jim bush to keep us plus men of pope with 2 more for which actually isn't. you know, it's really my daily me is it was the maybe with me,
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but i bishop with a different people spoke with me up. not the style was thing. it's mean that i'm need the reciprocal with that i have a, it doesn't usually happen because you're doing it out. can you just focus more of math each year and i you pull the of the normally the guy out really on it without that musical it will still whatever deducted this is familiar with the bill. i, i, paula lorth and full was devastated. some reason we didn't, so some good company lover canal hasn't been restricted. we could have a boy, some kind of dbhdd. what ah,
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the war drugs started as a way to combat a gray problem? what's the war on drugs? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected to this time. the fight against drugs took her to try and shake, told us that andrew was a competent short form. it is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student doesn't just get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening. a
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pinnacle of evolution. everything's a bacteria, is a product of 4000000000 years of evolution in a specific environment. so away. so in that sense where we are, the lucky survivors are the end of a long, long process you. so as in to the springs at yellowstone, we will not do very well to do much better in that sense. one of the many paradoxes of big coin is that it wants everyone to attack it. that's it makes it strong. that's it. makes security go higher, that makes the price go higher. and now we've got some new delinquency on the same attacking bitcoin. ah,
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that breaking toil forced labor stress industrial injury corporal punishment. oh no. words with which we're all familiar with the world you live in abolish slavery. long ago
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i a german chancellor anglo merkel that answers harsh curbs on the unvaccinated as rallies continue against mandatory inoculation amid the surgeon cove. it worries over the new on the cross straight spectrum war with returned to europe that startling morning come from russia's top diplomat ahead of his meeting with you as counterpart gala broad tries to ease tensions around nato's expansion. in the region, a trope, documents appears to show the u. s. government fail to prosecute cia employee suspected of child sex abuse. and in the u. k. thousands have been left for that activity for almost a week following an intense storm spock and complaints that the government is lagging and its response that come home. it's what it feels like. like i have no
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roots, everything feels ups down. you really have a base.


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