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that's a public to give them a service that they desire. it's not about quality train workers. it's about to mine. ah, german chancellor, anglo merkel announces harsh curbs on the unvaccinated as rallies continue against . mandatory inoculation amid a surgeon coven cases and worries over the new alma constraint. as russia's top diplomat notes, the u. s. has torn up practically every treaty with moscow sergey lab. rob warns that the kremlin won't take kindly to even more harsh sanctions threatened by his american counterpart at the talks in sweden. and a trove of documents appears to show the u. s. government failed to prosecute cia employees, suspected of child sex abuse. ah
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o. broadcasting live direct from our studios and moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. and more and more countries are detecting the new colored strain, omicron among the latest, our india, switzerland, iceland and greece. in germany, the government there has announced tightened restrictions on unvaccinated citizens and is considering making jobs. mandatory. outgoing chancellor. anglo merkel says vaccinations are the only way out of the crisis via the n we were is they have access to culture, recreational facilities and events throughout germany. only to those have been vaccinated or cured. it is also possible to do an additional test for those with a complete vaccination plan, though every day shops like supermarkets are excluded. well, with all of the measures being imposed, not everyone in germany thinks that they are necessary. one anti mandatory vaccination rally and munich on wednesday led to classes with police. as you can
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see, they use force to calm people down. this protest was also held in solidarity with a similar demonstration in austria, held a day before. that's for novel ways to treat the sick in germany, a clinic in bavaria is illuminating the rooms of covered patients with a red light to try and make conditions more comfortable and relaxing. and also makes the number of covered cases clearly visible from outside the building. there are quite a few of them. as you can see, germany's chancellor to be all off, schultz has voiced his support for compulsory vaccinations. he said he wants 30000000 people to get the job by the end of the month. critics, however, say that that's not enough time biologist, thomas schultz from the hanover medical school points out that to achieve that feet, there would have to be more than a 1000000 vaccinations per day. that has been kind. lucas seeker, if you will have to vaccinate 1250000 citizens per day, who managed at an early summer when vaccination preparedness was high at that time,
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many people were vaccinated. in the meantime, it has become more rare. the problem is not the injection, but the education. we need to find a clear legal solution so that no one is held liable if there was a vaccination problem. technically it is certainly possible and many other countries do the same. i have never been a fan of compulsory vaccination, but i think we have to do it. as we see there will not be possible to vaccinate 90 percent of the population. otherwise we need that to deal with delta. and if our micron turns out to be more dangerous than we will have to achieve such a high vaccination rate, there is no other way to do that except with compulsory vaccination. the vaccinations will work at least to some extent. it won't be that the vaccinations don't work at all against tom micron. we can be sure of that. the question is how effective they will be if we assume that the vaccinations will not work so well against the army kron. it is important that we achieve a high vaccination rate. that is the most important thing. that is why we have to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, and boost boost, boost. and you're in south africa, the country that 1st identify the variant. daily new covered cases have again risen
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in the past 24 hours, but everyday life there is continuing pretty much as normal with shops and restaurants remaining open arches. paul sir, is there for us a positive case per day. now this is a 20 percent increase on what the figures were just a few days ago before the commute perfect value. and we conduct was discovered the carolina like the so you'd imagine that south africa to wait, find, pay for it. and i tend to type in the strain you'd have the people here who are just to fight it the way strong or open. nobody, as you can see, social discipline thing. nobody is wearing moss. i'm one of the few people here in protecting me. wearing them off and even that is on my turn being out is, is, or is it is friday by you can also not limit your life for living in fear. because
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if you live in fear, you will always be consolidated to the circumstances that you are in for like going against rule. so we don't, we don't, we not very law abiding citizens in many cities around the world. you have to show a passport when entering a restaurant. in other words, keeping vaccinated. hearing south africa, no such thing exists. and this is a country way 70 percent of the population has not been vaccinated. and the entry factors are using, and that's new on the, on varian. as proof at vaccinations, don't worry. the only thing you need to do in south africa when entering a restaurant, it's put on some kind of car. we only gets an entire and sometimes it gets screamed, sometimes we don't get screamed, okay, temperature of which the temperature of to the mean back off when? well, some people can go to a restaurant during the 19th. but because of the ignorance, nobody actually take it into consideration. so i feel like the safety protocols letter please put in place and not enough to ensure that everybody is safe. you can
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only assume that everyone is vaccinated. who's you would never know? so if you vaccinated, you did your plot, it sounds like place it to the population to remain calm. he says that there is enough information known about on we conduct this stage not to justify that restrictions. however, he has well that he might consider mandatory destination for some activities and for some location. it's the situation to terry. in the meantime, the sub to open, the restaurants are open to schools open. you can travel any way in the country you want. you can wear moss, keep enough, clear, moss: you can social distance, you can not social distance. in fact, what more south africans are afraid off is not a locked down rather than i'll be con valencia r t. john is the south africa, russia, top diplomat and his u. s. counterpart have held tense, talks in sweden at a meeting of the organization for security and cooperation in europe,
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trading warnings over military escalation in eastern europe with washington threatening to further extend the sanctions. boscoe says it will be forced to respond our correspond peter oliver report. i suppose you can't get to grips with bridging wat, divide to you unless you get all of those problems out on the table. it certainly seems to be the way diplomacy is being carried out here in stockholm it on the sidelines of this o se ministerial conference, as the former minister of russia said, a gale of rav held a meeting with the secretary of state of the united states. anthony, blinking what we heard from said gala rolf was a list of issues he has and what russia has with the way that russia has being dictated to by nato, by the united states. and by the west. he said, time and time again, the western partners of russian nato, the united states. everybody else saying that they had either miss on st. misunderstood or deliberately misconstrued the minsk agreement. and until that was
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properly adhered to, that it could never ultimately be a reality on the ground. talking about treaties though, said gala, for all pointed out that there is a real lack of agreement to concrete, written down when it comes to russia and the west for those new continues to escalate the situation directly on our borders. and as for military security and the euro atlantic region, it continues to deteriorate. there was only one treaty left between russia, the united states, on the limitation of strategically offensive weapons. the treaty on short, a medium range missiles and the open skies treaty were essentially torn apart by our american colleagues. a segue lever off also said that in the very near future, moscow would put forward a new security strategy. and you security packed that it wants to see, have some certain things written down in black and white as far as the relationship between nato and russia goes now antony, blinking. the u. s. secretary of state also had given
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a press conference following that meeting. he said that as far as he was concerned, and as far as the united states was concerned, russia posed a significant risk to the security of ukraine. and he said that if there was any increase or any action taken by russia to further increase those at those risks that were posed that they would be serious consequences, there would be serious consequences for brushing aggression toward ukraine as well as some of the efforts that we see russia taking to try to destabilize ukraine from within. well, the problem with sanctions, of course, is as they always result in counter sanctions and fight said gay law for all did say that there had been essentially a failure of diplomacy from his western partners and said that if serious sanctions were imposed on russia that there would be consequences going back, feel the way that usually possibly a group know if, if new as they say hellish sanctions follow,
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of course we will react. we cannot not react. well will be our response. it will be seen. i do not want to guess what the west will decide to do, threatening some financial sanctions, new sectoral sanctions. this is a dead end road, and in the andy will back fire on the initiators of these illegitimate unilateral measures the secretary of state of the united states and the foreign minister of russia. we're never going to get to the bottom of all of the problems between the 2 countries here in stock o. what we may potentially take away from this is something that anthony blinking said after his and his meeting with said galen, for all he said that had been a frank and full discussion and honest and sober debates and that both of foreign ministers, both senior diplomats will take that away to their respective presidents, and we may well see some more discussion it that much higher level in the very near future. all right, outside of discussions with anthony blinking ukraine was also the subject of talks
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between lab rav and u. k counterpart. elizabeth trust and the meeting was so eagerly anticipated that the russian foreign minister was forced to literally order the press away. i guess, with maybe journalists expectations were justified before arriving in stock. homeless trust was in estonia, where she posed for journalists on top of a tank for many channeled. the spirit of former u. k. prime minister, margaret thatcher, who was snapped during a visit to germany 35 years ago. a board of british army tank commenting on her photo, the u. k. foreign secretary said it represents her and the you case strength in the face of russian aggression. richard becker, western regional director of anti war group. the answer coalition believes that it's not russia on the march, but the u. k. america and the rest of nato presentation or what's going on
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from the us side from secretary state blanket sites is so lacking in credibility and so full of threat since 999 just 22 years. the number of countries in nato has almost doubled and strong fire from the north atlantic, which is what it was called. you know, what it's so it's called the north atlantic treaty organization. but it's clearly the strategy came to surround russia. presentation is false on the part of, of lincoln. it's not russia that's marching westward and i was, you know, every year surrounding the united states a little bit more or germany or france or britain or any of the nato countries. but that is what is happening in regard to nato and its relationship to russia.
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evidence has come to light that some ca, employees have been involved in child sex crimes, a trove of documents has revealed, and the parent failure by the u. s. government to prosecute the employees suspected of child sex abuse, are equal to one of comments more than $3600.00 pages of deeply disturbing material. $75.00 of them more so the part of the trove logging sex crimes against children committed by at least 10 c. i, a employees and contractors in the worst of cases against very young children, had inappropriate sexual activity with an unidentified 2 year old girl submitted to having inappropriate social contact with that. then 6 year old on 2 separate occasions, the personal evaluation board voted unanimously to recommend termination and revocation of his clearances. the eastern district of virginia u. s. attorney's office decline. prosecution of placed on taint issues. this
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individual whose identity was clothed by a code name along with everybody else was fired but never charged according to the papers. another ca, employee was caught with thousands of inappropriate images of children on his work laptop. the agency employee had uses u. s. government laptop computer to view approximately 14000 images of pornography, of which 1400 were of under age individuals. the united states attorney's office decline prosecution of in favor of administrative action by the agency and view of the personal evaluation board recommendations. it is recommended this case be closed with no further action was any legal action taken against them? well, the answer to that question remains a mystery. none of the $75.00 pages mention anything of the sort. they do mention a cia contract to them who crawled into the darkest corner of the internet and thought he was seducing a child. the child, luckily,
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turned out to be an undercover of b. i agent allegedly solicited an undercover special agent from the fbi i in an online chat room and an attempt to travel interstate for the purposes of having sex with what he believed to be an under age child. the case is being closed, the agency terminated the contract with the individual, and again, apparently no further action was taken. yet they say they take such crimes very seriously. while we cannot comment on the reasons why specific cases with declined, we do take very seriously any allegation the all prosecutes is declined to potential case based on an improper assessment of the relevant factors. accept according to unconfirmed reports, the c i a was actively unenthusiastic about the idea of legal action against its employees and contractors concerned more over the risks of classified information being compromised in the court. crossfire cia officers and contractors can commit
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the most heinous crimes, crimes against children, and not be prosecuted. they're very good at covering up crimes. all they have to do is say, sources and methods. all they have to do is say that they want to protect classified information. there should have been whistleblowers at every step of the way. and the reason why it took so long for this news to finally see the light of day is because the cia fought it in court. this is what the polygraph is for. it's supposed to weed out perverts and criminals and crazy people, unless there is serious change inside the cia and certainly more transparency. i don't see this changing at all. and it took years for these papers to even become public and reveal that apparently the c i a badge is a real life equivalent of a get out of jail free card, even for the worst of crimes. we have sent requests to both c. i am the us attorney's office for virginia to get their comments about these cases. if we hear
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back, we will tell you what they say. the court has ordered the baton administration to return a trumpet era migrant policy. the president passionately opposed and pledged to end a texas judge required the white house to restore the remain in mexico program, which sends refugees back while their u. s. immigration claims are considered. the ruling found that the government had broken the law in how it had reversed the scheme. ortiz kill them up and as more let's officially called the migrant protection protocols, though it's commonly referred to as the remain in mexico program. it was instituted by u. s. president, donald trump, during his administration, requiring migrants who would like to get asylum in the united states to wait in mexico for their approval. they don't wait in the united states, they wait across the border in mexico. now biden was very opposed to this policy.
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as he campaigned for president, this is what joe biden said before he was elected. donald trump's remain in mexico, policies dangerous, inhumane, and goes against everything we stand for as a nation of immigrants. my administration will end it. the biden administration initially tried to dismantle and change this policy that was left over from the trump administration, but they were immediately taken to court by officials in missouri and texas, who took the biden administration to court. and now it appears we have a texas judge ruling that the remain in mexico policy must be re implemented in as we wait for the ultimate results of an august lawsuit. now, at this point, we've heard a comment from jen saki, the white house spokesperson about the re implementation of this policy, that biden initially oppose. and we want to end this program, but we also believe in following the law. and that's exactly what we're doing as there was a, a, there was
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a ruling that required us moving forward with implementation. now, there's been a very significant increase in the number of migrants crossing the u. s. borders sense, joe biden has taken office. a lot of videos and information has been revealed about how these numbers are rising. the number of people crossing over the u. s. border has been a big point of contention. many of jo biden's critics in the republican party and in local and state government in places like texas, arizona, new mexico have been very critical of biden and his administration and how they handled the situation on the border. so it appears that starting next week, some border towns in texas, i will be re implementing the remain in mexico policy of the trump administration, a policy that biden initially opposed and tried to dismantle. but it appears that it will be reinstated up to 30000 households in the
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u. k. r. without electricity for a 6 day. that's after a huge storm caused the biggest power disruption in more than a decade and claimed the lives of 3 people. northern england and parts of scotland were worst effected with many residents forced out of their homes. come home this what it feels look like. i have no roots and it's a bit tough. sorry, i didn't mean to cry, but it's been hard like we brought our animals at home and she, we got to go feature, other one today. and it is that feel very unsettling. you still trying to work and take the kids school and carry on like normal, but everything feels up to that you really have a base. so spit hard. well, tens of thousands of people in the north of england are still living without electricity or a power supply for a 6 consecutive day now, and it feels like there's simply no end in sight, because many people have been told that their power won't be restored until at least another week. now i'm in south lakes in cumbria where people are really quite
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desperate now to try and find a warm place to stay. hotels like this one have indeed open up their doors is being funded by the local counselors, nearly 1800 people are still in a near, on black out in justice every year alone. really that includes those most vulnerable, like the elderly, those living alone as well in as i can really say, absolutely freezing weather conditions. now the local counselor who's been relentlessly working day and night to try and re home people. she says as the community that's really come together, she hasn't seen any support from the government. the government is not in the community has done everything. it was only yesterday that we got the fist and teams going out and actually attempting to find people. but that was 5 days into this with as a say minus 5 degrees to 2 degrees temperatures. if he were to head oh people who
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in a room with no heat, no lights, no food, no means of a hot food, no hot drink. if you the say that, that even how, for one nights, he would say that was extreme. but that to that and it's been ongoing. well, the prime minister boris johnson says he's extremely sympathetic to all of those that have been affected whilst the business secretary, he says that the government is ensuring that people are comfortable when he was taken to task in the house of commons by the opposition. what is the government doing to help the most vulnerable residents enduring to get the help that the need not to moral, not next week, but to day we are working with the job or the local residents for in the 1st instance, the 1st instance to find out what's going on to coordinate local responses and then the government has very, very focused on helping them to get what they need to make the situation much more
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comfortable for people haven't been comfortable. that's certainly not the reality here or tool. i've had numerous stories for many different people saying that they've been waiting days to get a response from the power supply companies only to be central generic text message saying that they are working to fix the problem. now we've seen that damage really caused by storm. all, and we've seen debris and the roads, live wires, power supply wires simply on the roads aren't even in people's garden. so this is no exaggeration to say, it's been an incredibly traumatic time. we went to black, paul to stay the but the commuting is just been so hard. obviously we've left a house left animals and we just left for blackpool. and i finally got hold of somebody when i was in blackpool, who said, we do know of your fault because the 1st few times we had friends phoning for us and they said, or they don't know of your fault, we flag them down and they said they don't know of the faults, and then i did get hold of them. they said we do know of your fault. no. and just
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to be patient and so wait. so we're waiting. we haven't heard anything yet. so when they gonna fix it. well, the government in power supply companies say that this situation is totally unprecedented. and of course it is storm all. when has the wind speeds up to 98 miles per hour and some areas of the country, the snow has just continued to full? it all really feels like the united kingdom isn't really prepared to deal with a situation like this one, but it has taken some areas almost back into the victorian era and leaving families at totally in the dark britain is led to by a clown. that is how the french president has branded boris johnson. as frances former u. k. envoy warns relations have hit their worst in more than 200 years. a leading m p from johnson's at party brush off microns insult. calling his anti british stance. a pantomime designed to win votes ahead of next year's french presidential election. a con, allegedly made the deeply undiplomatic remarks in
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a private conversation after a growing number of public rouse. mojo talks to me, full speed, everything's going well. we have grown up conversations, but he strikes me before and after, as having an inelegant way about him. it's always the same circus. it's sad to see such a great country with which we could do so much led by a clown. all right, in the latest spat, micron took offense to a letter, johnson tweeted that appeared to blame france for record flows of asylum seekers. paris promptly scrapped its invitation to the u. k. to crunch european talks on migration. last week, 27 migrants died, attempting to make the perilous journey across the channel. as their inflatable boat capsized, it was one of the deadliest events since the migrant crisis began. france and the u . k. have also been at loggerheads in a post briggs, a dispute over fishing rights. some of the british premier's fellow party and peas
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have rallied to his defense thing. we're into pantomime season on we and the french election coming and so it's pretty on out for wood. was the prime ministers in the town. he's the elected prime minister of this country with a very big mandate leading this country through the pandemic. i'm surprised to hear that and, and disappointed openly. i'm sure that we can continue to struggle it together to tackle this unconscious that we will. i will hope that we will get 4 more response back. our g host and former british m p. george galloway says, world leaders should refrain from making such bitter comments about one another and public discourse tommy old fashioned. but i don't think the heads of state and heads of government should be publicly talking to each other and about each other in this way. it is indeed a toxic on tong corby all the we have now. but if but as johnson is the circus clown, i'm afraid the manual micron is the circus dwarf and the british and the french
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deserve better than the leaders that they have. but they're the only leaders that we've got and they have to get on with resolving war arm. i think post partum politics. this is a anti nato, a post natal depression on the part of the french and b, e u. in general. we have. 6 left them, they find it impossible to bear, they want us to fail. they want us even to suffer, and they are ready, as is abundantly clear every day to permit the flow of thousands of people every week france has the opportunity to elect a new president. soon i hope they take the opportunity to make a change, just as i wish, that the british people could make a change. i'm satisfied with neither of these 2 leaders, but as long as they are the leaders,
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then they have to obey diplomatic norms that there's a for me, this are, i will be back in about 30 to minutes with your headlights. this is hart international say with us ah, ah, [000:00:00;00] lose
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again, there are rumors of war. there are rumors up invasion and again, the country is ukraine. their allegations of a russian military build up within the countries borders. though it is a fact, ukraine is receiving legal aid from nato countries. o benefits from this stratagem . in the war drugs noted as a way to combat a gray problem. what's the warrant? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected to this time. the fight against drugs still good to try and shake tom. he told us that andrew was a competent short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student doesn't just get shot in the head and found in
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a river like that. something else had to be happening. ah, all inbound new national tracks must test within one day of departure regardless of their vaccination status or nationality. and we are extending the requirement, both internationally and domestically to where mass for travel on aircraft trains and public transportation through the winter months. the bio ministration has announced the strictest travel rolls a yet in response to the latest on the con variant. we will give you the reaction and if these new laws are justified. and this is the bind ministration plans on restarting the romaine and mexico policy after a deal with reach with the mexican government. however, number of my rent is showing up the border has and some say its because i has been


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