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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 2, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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ah, german chancellor, anglo merkel announces harsh curbs on the unvaccinated as rallies continue against mandatory inoculation amid a surgeon coven cases and worries over the new on the constraint. as russia's top diplomat notes, the u. s. has torn up practically every treaty with moscow, sergey lab wars. the kremlin won't take kindly to even more harsh sanctions threatened by his american counterpart at toxins. we'd the trove of documents appears to show the u. s. government failed to prosecute cia employees suspected of child sex abuse. was your headlines this hour, my colleague and your farmer will be here in just about an hour's time with
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a full and fresh look at your new stay with us. this is our jan fashion. ah, i max kaiser, this is the kaiser re port one of the many paradoxes of big coin is that it wants everyone to attack it. that's what makes it strong. acid makes security go higher. that's it makes the price go higher. and now we've got some new delinquents on the same attacking bitcoin, stacy, well max, we have what are called concern trolls in the i guess you could say there's slipping into the big coin world from the monetary universe of theat. and they are looking very troll, like 1st of all, i use this photo of hillary clinton from m s m,
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b c. as she is expressing concern about bitcoin. here is a mean created by the big coin community within a few moments. no big, greenest, threatening. the dollar is reserve currency. yes, says thinking man. yeah, i mean, whenever i see or hear a video of hillary clinton talking about big coin, i always think about that video i've seen of a guy he shave the backside of his dog and taught it to walk backwards. and that's what she reminds me of. well, there's a lot of concern trolling going on, not just from hillary clinton, but also from the bank of england and the i m f. and that's in the 1st headline here. bank of england governor raises concerns about el salvador, bitcoin adoption. this is andrew bailey, he's the governor of the bank of england and bailey was attending the cambridge university students union responding to questions. during this session, he called el salvador bitcoin adoption,
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concerning as unsuspecting consumers could be hugely affected by its volatility. he said, quote, it concerns me that a country would choose it as a national currency. what would worry me? most of all is due the citizens of el salvador, understand the nature and volatility of the currency. they have what the citizens of el salvador understand is the nature and volatility of central bankers who inflate and print their money into extinction. and as a way to transfer wealth and property from the masses to central bankers, that's what the citizens of el salvador understand. that's what citizens all over central america understand. remember, the united states is overthrown. 15 countries and central america, and they use the dollar of their primary weapon. it's a weapon of mass destruction, the u. s. dollar and the english pound. this fella, bailey, over the bank of england, is concerned that he's going to lose his job. within 3 years, the bank of england will be no more. well, of course,
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i mean el salvador until it adopted bit queen as legal tender already has the us dollar as its currency as legal tender there. you know, this introduces anti fragility and individual sovereignty down to the level of the ordinary person, which is very important. all you have to do is go to wikipedia, look up the el salvador civil war and look up the role of the u. s. there. it's actually quite shocking, even what, what wikipedia is willing to publish. it's remarkable. and it protects, i think, the ordinary person, the bottom, 98 percent of the salvadoran population from whatever the future holds from america, what they decide to do in the region. and i think that's important for the long term viability of the ordinary person and the economy there. that's my opinion.
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andrew bally, maybe his concern trolling is right. go listen to him if that's what you want, but my opinion is a bit different. that has, well, this concern about volatility is misplaced with fear money are mathematically guaranteed to lose purchasing power. as the british pound is done now for a census creation is lost over 99 percent of its purchasing power was bitcoin. your mathematica guarantee to increase your purchasing power. so that's the choice, or you will you accept a little volatility for a mathematically guaranteed increase in purchasing power or john andrew bailey, no volatility. mathematically guaranteed loss of purchasing power. the el salvador ants are saying, you know what the maxim stacey, right, but it's on confiscated will and it censorship resistant. now the likes of ange, andrew bailey and j pal, preside over an all theat regime whereby it's not just your leaders. if they decide that they don't like your leaders for whatever reason, look at the people of iran,
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venezuela, that they themselves, millions of millions of people are cut off from global commerce from global trade from global travel, from being just global human beings interacting with other human beings around the world, simply because they use that payment's rail as a weapon to punish collectively the entire population. so for those outside of the privileged imperial centers, like washington d. c, a london, the argument for bitcoin that is way more important. that feature a fair coin than any sort of volatility as its hyper bitcoin ices are, you know, to a higher level. right. and what naive buccheri the president of el salvador is doing is he's taking the power of government and he's decentralizing it. he's distributing it to the population. the 7000000 people living in el salvador will
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have an equal stake in the country. this'll be the 1st time ever, not since the american constitution has this type of revolution been started. so now we're going to see the next phase of the american revolution. and he further stated that the international monetary fund, which monitors global financial risk, is not on board without salvatore's decision. either the i m f repeatedly found of caution and the recent past on choosing bitcoin as legal tender. while it's warnings were earlier veiled, it openly called out the country for monetary policies. earlier this week, it recommended the country narrow the scope of his big crime off strengthening the regulation and supervision of his newly established payment ecosystem. payment ecosystem are 1st hand knowledge, you know, i'm sure. and to bailey has not been there to l. zante to see what it has encourage what the reality on the ground is is it was instant payments. instant solomon of a bare asset to the people of l. zante from everything from some purposes that we
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bought, using lightning payments, network settled instantly, cost nothing. they were like a high tech economy amidst, you know, more, a more rural c side surfer town. right, and let's not forget the i m f is not a credible actor. their role is simply in debt, countries a, to the most aggressive point possible to foist american products onto them. essentially, that's america as global empire. now it works in the m f as a tool of the american corporate empire. and so these new volcano, bonds, i'm not going to spend a lot of time at, at this very instant, but they will afford the ability for el salvador to pay off the i m f. loans and just say get out of our country weasel. but the ordinary person there on the ground selling papoulias says in dante, they are able to build generational wealth. not to be the victim of generational debt. that that's what the i m s. voice on nations is generational debt so that
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they will always be subject to whatever the debt holders imposed upon them as generational wealth versus genocidal debt. exactly, and that's been that the fact for a long time and now there is a way out of it. now, returning back to the concern trolling of, you know, from the u. s. i want to make a note of like hillary clinton has a mullet now to kind of like tony blair has a mala. i thought it was bobby clark who played on the philadelphia flyers back in the 1970. if she opened your mouth right now, she probably would be missing all of her teeth. is a very karen hair do i get? i can't say minds not like needing to be a little bit fixed. i hope mine looks a little bit better than hers, but there is also elizabeth warren in the press and we just mentioned it at the end of the last episode. so i want to bring it up again here because you know,
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this is that the regime right? whereby everybody else gets the blame except for that mike. so hillary clinton was a new saying it's bitcoin wishes, jeopardizing the us dollar as reserve currency. it's bitcoin fall. it's not the fault of j. powell or the treasury, or the congress or the mismanagement over the past few decades. of the u. s. economy is bitcoin. here we see as a reminder, what elizabeth warren said, wondering why your thanksgiving groceries costs more this year is because green corporations are charging americans extra just to keep their stock prices. hi, this is outrageous. her statement is indeed outrageous. i mean, suddenly, out of nowhere, these corporations all suddenly became greedy and had nothing to do with the 6 trillion dollars printed last year in treasury bonds that were given to the people essentially and base money supply that had nothing to do with that. and she refuses
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to mention that that is the same problem with hillary, clint as identifying is that their us dollars reserve currency is under a threat because a big point they, the, to the concern trolling goes hand in hand, right, because it is a light. and when that light is flicked on, like we say in el salvador there goes hillary clinton and elizabeth warren to cockroaches, running for their lives to escape the light. and they, they really, they really need to get new jobs. remember they used to be back in, i think eighty's or ninety's or used to be these trolls that you put on the end of your pencil. you know, people, you see pencils and pens. go google it, look it up. if you don't, if you've never had to use the penciller pen, you know, must kids just use their finger pipe right? well, that's a good idea is like a some trolls told out from i a math from the e. c b from the bank of england. hillary elizabeth warren like
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a series of political trolls. monetary trolls. oh yeah. yeah. we have a troll doll. actually 2 feet away from here. i think oh get it. what it is. you know, and speaking of this, i mean, we've seen the inflation showing up and commodity prices in agricultural prices and house prices and stock prices and all of these prices. and here's a always, an important one is most lee is for agriculture, and that is north american fertilizer shortage sparks fears of higher food prices warning to get your fertilizers now as farmers postpone nitrogen purchases, raising threat of rush on supplies before planting, seizing, so the texas arctic blast in february and hurricane either august disrupted us fertilizer production, then prices of natural gas, a key input in my in producing nitrogen stored in europe today. man low supplies global urea, prices this month to top to 1000 a ton for the 1st time. and because russia and china, they say have curved exports,
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as everybody hunkers down, ready for more locked down more very, it's more money print thing, more inflation and the end of the global theat rashid. right, right. well, our modern farming that uses hydrocarbons effectively as with the sea, with these modern fertilizers, they are subject to the same problems that we're seeing. inflation kick in across all commodities. and this is an error of d globalization. the fee optimization di central bank is ation. and so you're going to see people whored fertilizers to feed their own people. and of course that's going to drive prices a lot higher. the response from policy makers, of course, will be to print more money like elizabeth warren or, or hillary clinton. it will be like we needed to print another 10 or 20 trillion dollars this month. and of course i'll drive bitcoin to a 1000000. hey, we're going to take a break when we come back much more coming your way with
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ah, welcome back to the kaiser report. i max kaiser time now to go to simon dixon of back to the future. also author of the same book, back to the future of published in 2010, the 1st book ever to mentioned bitcoin simon, going on to be the 1st and probably the best investment banker in big coin simon. welcome back. oh, it's a pleasure to be him at all righty. now. big news, as you know, as i know, i was frantically trying to reach you a few days ago. damn. do the news. the 1000000000 volcano bonds from el salvador. you live streamed an emergency broadcast when it was announced. you know, this is big news. tell us what your thoughts are at this time. you have a little few days to study it. what, what, what's your current thinking on the assignment? yes, and when the president, no,
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salvador thanked max casa for the inspiration behind the big coin bonds, and he unveiled his vision for bitcoin city. i thought this is the accumulation of a decades of bitcoin structuring, coming to it's real, almost bretton woods style moment, but a big coin, city internet site. most people will see this as a 1000000000 dollar bon structuring a max. when, when we see this, we see somebody trying to see a significantly superior products that could potentially outperform any bond. there's obviously a big degree of risk in it, but taking out the risk by backing it with the coin, say all the money raised will be used to purchase bitcoin. and if the past does equal to future notes, and it will then the potential to reinvent the bond market and other countries follow what else salvador is doing. now that they have made it quickly who attend
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really gives the offer. it's used to reinvent the financial system. on a scale that could rapidly go on in 2022 into one chain of events leading to hype a bit quantization or central banks needing to put the coin on the balance sheets. now that was salvador has taken the lead as the 1st mover, just like many corporation states and just like individuals did. and it's just a really exciting time in financial history. and the history in the region is one replete with the united states over throwing government 15 governments to be exact of central america overthrown by the u. s. the imap immediately condemn the idea of the bank of england condemn the idea. but simon, this is a speculative attack that we're seeing in the corporate realm, micro strategy headed up by of course, one of the top ceos in the country. michael sailor. and they are doing this.
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they're raising money in dollars, and they're using money to buy bitcoin. here you have el salvador, a country, they're raising money in dollars via this volcano bond, but they're going to put half of the 1000000000 into bitcoin. this is a spectacle of attack on the u. s. dollar and the monies and the central banks around the world. simon, is that overstating it? no, no, really. it's not an overstatement because this is p countries using big coin the way it was defined 2 years. many people use bitcoin as classrooms so that they can borrow some dollars because historically with excessive money printing dollar value goes down because big coins, money supply is fixed, is just basic supply and demand economics be in place here at the country that some individuals have been doing that for a long time. as you said, corporation started doing that throughout 20202021, whether it be a test lower or micro strategy. and now el salvador is saying this makes the coin
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leave with tender. and let's play the facts that you can issue, you know, a boss inflation returns. you can get the, the amount of interest you have to pay down by having a big coin kick, backing the bond. and so there's a bit of financial engineering here, which really is doing the way the big coin was designed. a, you know, boring and inflation re, currency that goes down in value a, the time backed by a deflation re currency that has a fixed supply. that goes off over time. and if the economics go in the way this, the big coin has been designed, then this is really a, a signal for countries to follow. in order to really move away that dependency using the toll of what it is. and using big coin for what it is in something that could really, really have a cascading effect. and i think that that is reflected in the comments that are
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coming up. and it really requires a brave, brave, brave president, an entrepreneurial president. and el salvador seems to have to cuz he needs to execute this. yeah. when i heard about this and every time i think about it, i'm literally shaking with excitement. sampson mouse over there. block stream says this is the biggest thing, sense big coin itself. going back to the genesis black of 2009. it should be noted that samson matt over a block stream while we were talking about these big coin back bonds as being a real way to fight back against the i m f. when el salvador 1st announced that they were making the coin legal tender i was very vocal and saying, hey, do bonds do big coin back bonds. do volcano, bonds sampson and block stream? or actually i'm in conversation with el salvador, the government, and architecting the very this very thing. what we heard on a call recently, simon is they went essentially with the samson mal plan, which is
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a bond that'll be half invested in big coin, half in infrastructure. it pays a 6 and a half percent coupon, which is, as you point out above the inflation rate. and that, that infrastructure spend is going to go in part to a new city in el salvador called bitcoin city to the east. this is another remarkable development, simon, because you know, we've witnessed over the past 1011 years, a lot of countries and a lot of territories flirting with the idea of becoming bitcoin and hyper bitcoin ization. for example, i'll of man and others. but this looks like they finally got to do it, simon, they're going to create hyper quantization circular economy. all based on bitcoin right there in el salvador. is this the really, the, is this the one we've been waiting for? every is and say, you know, max, we both been on the government left conferences. we did one back in 2014. we did the 1st big queen conference in prague in europe. and then we did the country level
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once where the island mom said that they want to make a big bold move. and then the government wants to get all excited and breaking a says then decide that it's not right for that country. and, and since then we've seen country that say we want the job, we want the innovation, but no one made me that l salvador is made. so why did they make that me? well, desperation is really the mother of all innovation. and so el salvador, in our situation where, you know, they have $17000000000.00 of that they have a really, this is the that, that loss drawer is to pick. well, what could we do? well, let's, let's make a big coin less construct bad. let's get the big coin community around. let's get the financial engine is max, gives in spite of the idea behind a bit coin bon bloodstream says you can launch it on top of bitcoin. the technology now exists today. you have banks of the future and bit phoenix that are able to provide primary and secondary trading. and really just all the pieces and parts of
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come together to make this happen. and as we said, you know, it is way can 2014, when we 1st started investing in between bonds, we could only find literally a bank for the future. about $15.00 to $20.00 investors. it turned out to be one of their best investments that they made. but we couldn't find 15 to 20 investors. that would take that risk right now. now we're at the stage where countries are doing it, and you can get the 1st phase of that $1000000000.00. and if this ends up taking el salvador out of this over in death situation and sparking off a wave of innovation, then this truly is the moment where david can be a lawyer and other countries can get on board until you have the final, the final central bank that has the most vested interest, the federal reserve, and capitulating at the very last stage. but all of the smaller ones get to do it 1st, and it can have a real game theoretical cascading effect. if this can be done correctly. yeah,
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great to see bit finance involved, you know, talking about 2014 and the fact that we were active going to these conferences at that time. we are both at the 2011. the 1st conference in prague bit fanatics, of course, and other new newbies, 2 big coin like crack and, and other companies are all part of bitcoin capital, which is something you and i launch back in that 20132014 period. great to see these names that are native to the space emerge. now, as the global players might, my understanding is that bit fanatics is now seeking a license to do business amounts or they'll be the 1st license exchange in the country to do so. my question is that where bitcoin disrupted money by essentially perfecting money after 100000 years of trying to perfect money, it seems like these volcano bonds and what president my book kelly is doing. an el salvador is he's disrupting the 300 year old securities industry. this is a new start for the securities industry, simon. yeah,
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here's the uniqueness of el salvador situation. i'm data really have security. how to develop market. and what we have often seen, like we did with lowball money in africa, is you see people that don't have bank and infrastructure leapfrogging to the next stage of innovation. now we're seeing that the, the countries that can use bitcoin, now leap frogging securities markets and reinventing them in line with the technology that exists today. so now that we have the innovation of securities, being able to be launched on top of that coin security as little as can not be based upon, you know, what is the impact. so if you do it in the united states, for example, you have 933 laws that were developed off to a spec into a bubble off to the great depression. i've had a few changes in a few iterations over time. i'm the largest financial market and the most liquid financial market. any change that they make in the securities laws has voss
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consequences on all the previous i p. s. on the previous public companies. but what if you could start from scratch? what if you have nothing to lose? well then you can reinvent and decide what should securities look like today, given that everything's digital, it can be done on top of infrastructure like big coin. it can be done using money, you can a money, you can spend one that has a fixed supply, and you can really build fit for purpose, securities laws. and so that's exactly what l salvador is saying, the consulting, the bitcoin industry bank to the future. you know, we'll make sure that we are, you know, involved in applying for such a license because it really is the re invention of securities laws, which is another join on the market on top of money. so you got the reinvention of money. you got the reinvention of the debt capital markets. you got the reinvention of the equity capital markets and custom built securities for the new age for the young person, the gas bit coin ushering in the digital area bill to palm beach calling. we'll be
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back in el salvador in just a few weeks. we've got some high level meetings, a schedule, i will personally pitch the idea of bank the future, getting a license for el salvador. if you guarantee that i've got a place within that organization in helping to move these bonds, which are we're talking about a potential market of the global bond market of a minimum of $100.00 trillion dollars. simon. i mean, this is, this is potentially the most explosive trade ever. yeah. maxim less, less, less. keep talking. you know, the bd is that over the years you've been given some amazing ideas. you always pitching. i'm thinking of financial innovation. you started even before the coin with hollywood stock exchange and the various other things. but now if we can just get that custom build security stores, this gives a playground to really innovate and build financial products that can do things that legacy financial products can navigate. i last time this over to 2nd segment, but for now thanks for being on kaiser report. thank you. all right,
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that's going to do this addition of kaiser report with may max kaiser and stacy herbert, i think, i guess simon dixon, the bank to the teacher until i signed by, ah, ah, ah ah mm
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