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[000:00:00;00] a asylum seekers. it may have to wait months at the bellows border to get processed. if a new plan from brussels gets to the go ahead rights groups say the move throws away the rule book. nursing unions around the globe call for coven vaccine. patents to be lifted, blaming production restrictions for deaths in the developing world on the constrain will be followed the others if we cannot act and it all countries in here to think of vaccinations, traffic and england cancer catastrophe. senior medics react to gaming government findings at 700000 potential cases may have been missed since the pandemic began.
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ah, a broadcasting lot of direct, more studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now 1st violating asylum writes. campaigners are angry at an e you solution for asylum seekers attempting to get into europe through the bell russian border. there are still thousands stranded in bel roost at a temporary shelter set up by the authorities. now brussels wants to extend the asylum processing time by months and keep the migrants in special camps. well, it happens, but rights groups warned that that would set a very dangerous precedent. if the you can allow a minority of member states to throw out the rule book due to the presence of a few 1000 people at its border, it throws out any authority as on human rights in the rule of law,
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stopping detaining and criminalize in people trying to find safety in europe, brakes international and european asylum law supporting the detention of migrants at e, you borders puts politics over people's lives. b, e. u is trying to get tough on migration, particularly on its east in bo, does. now in a bid to tackle the issue that it's gone to 3 countries, controversial emergency asylum measures that will give poland lithuania and latvia. the power to hold people in special asylum processing centers, up to 16 weeks. that is a massive increase on the current timeframe that they can do that full weeks. the moves have shocked your human rights organizations. they've accused that you are playing politics with people's lives and bowing to pressure from eastern european member states. and that said that this is fueling an empty migration agenda. these
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new rules will also extend the time that these countries have the even officially register asylum applications that could now increased up to 4 weeks up from a maximum of 10 days. at the moment. now, tensions on the eastern borders of the e. u have been high for many months. the e u is accused better routes of frying migrants to minsk and dumping them with the buddha. the e u says minsky is attempting to destabilize the union by flooding it with migrants in reaction to sanctions. it's placed on bell roost. minsk though, rejects these allegations. there are currently thought to be around $8000.00 migrants being held in centers in eastern europe in countries. also, they crossed over the border from belarus around 7000 more. a said to remain in belarus itself and what the commission describes the situation as improving. it
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still defends the idea behind these new measures to protect our borders and to protect people. we are giving flexibility and support to member states to manage this emergency situation without compromising on human rights. this should allow the member states in question to fully uphold the right to asylum and align legislation with you. a quays, quit even you diplomats and lawmakers of finding this pretty hard to swallow. they describe the move as lowering you standards and even violating you law, leaving many to question how the you can hold itself up as a protector on human rights on the one hand and implement these measures on the other. charlotte, even ski r t, paris. the proposal suggests that migrants weight and special camps on new territory while their applications are processed. however, the head of ox rams, you office believes that the conditions in those kinds of facilities would
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undermine basic laws. the commissioner also has said that these are not the highest number of migrants, right? it's a few 1000 and you should be able to manage that in a fair and humane way. unfortunately, we've seen that every time when a situation at the border rises, whether that's now in, in poland and about 6 days, or whether it's on the southern border with greasy to leeward or spain. there's this panic to reaction and instead of managing it and working as you member states together to share the responsibility for hosting asylum seekers and for sharing responsibility for the for them aside and process. we see that is every time this is instead of political crisis, we've seen this in spain and in italy and most currently on the greek islands where these restrictive measures of keeping people at the board are keeping them in substandard facilities and prolonging the time that they can stay there only has
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lat to flaw to sign up procedures and to asylum seekers being stuck in detention for months and sometimes even years. and this also means that people were arriving at the border to claim sign him to ask for asylum are often already severely traumatized to have often several vulnerabilities. they're staying in substandard conditions. there's no legal aid for them and no health services, so they won't have a fair and you main asylum process. so that's the 1st concern. and then the 2nd concern is, but because of these flawed asylum procedures, in these border border detention tantra, it will also make it much easier to send people back to harm, which is a clear violation of international refugee law. so those are the 2 main concerns for us. the world health organization says $38.00 nations have now
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detected cases of the new co variant omicron that's up from $0.23 just to wednesday . now the race is on to get more people vaccinated and others, their 3rd shot. but nursing unions from 20 countries say that the developing world is being left behind. and they are blaming vaccine patents for causing avoidable deaths. they're demanding that farmer firms drop their monopoly on the potentially life saving jobs. the direct consequences of the failure to distribute vaccines and treatments equitably to the vast majority of people of low and moderate income countries could likely fir the transmission of coven 19 further mass illness. and large numbers of fatalities in those countries. there should be reason enough to address the crisis of global vaccine apartheid where not us represent within 2 and a half 1000000 health care workers worldwide. we asked that all peyton's for convict vaccines be abolished or emergent acts is be granted to them at the moment
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. we have not achieved success in the european union, but we need to continue working. leading countries such as the united states and spain are already in support of this initiative, where there is a big imbalance in purchasing power as well. rich countries have obtained 7000000000 doses of covered vaccines that compares to just 300000000 shots available to people in low income nations. and the health unions save the imbalance could lead to even more death. paloma repealing warns of grim repercussions if the world doesn't adopt a unified vaccination strategy. s k. a lab valiant only going to let you know the only constrain will be followed by others. if we do not act, if all countries dinner at here to a single vaccination strategy. at the moment, there is a global kovacs initiative aimed at cooperation in the field of exceeds the initiative is commendable, but all the it initially seemed to have a well thought out strategy. it did not dealt the expected results not to day where
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facing an equality. despite the efforts of high income countries, only 14 percent of the vaccine convex should have received, were provided with feel it is necessary to remove intellectual property rights in order to create vaccines and distribute them right as primarily in low income and middle income economies. social more than 700000 potential cancer cases in england, that should have been urgently referred to doctors have been missed since the pandemic began. according to a deming report from a government watch dog, a leading cancer surgeon says the national audit office findings reflect the biggest cancer catastrophe ever. now the report also finds one in ford, cancer patients have been on waiting lists for months, and up to 60000, missed their 1st treatment due to lock downs and the threat of coven, the report recognizes that the government releasing extra funds to fight the
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problem. but medics warned that that's nowhere near enough. the national audit office report shows wearing the middle of the biggest cancer catastrophe ever to hid the n. a chess. there is a deadly cocktail of delays across the board. a regional lottery of cancer inequality and to growing cancer backlog. and it feels like the government and in a chest leaders have their heads in the sand. we've contacted an h of england for comment and we will let you know if we do get a response. a spokesperson released a statement earlier admitting that the extra demands of treating chronic virus and victims have affected their ability to provide routine and non urgent care. british microbiologist, professor simon clark says that all points to some difficult months ahead for hospitals. yeah, the number is far too high. it is surprising, but it's not surprising when we should have a backlog all throughout the cave it saga which is lasted well for, for well,
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every year. and i was unable to deal with his normal case loads and arguably could have been even worse without a lot downs. so those cases are just going to mountain top it's, it's still going to be a critical issue. the winter is always pi times dna testing lives, and i can see us having, if not a disastrous time this week probably won't be austria's day. will be tied to the season is and we've got these cap this backlog. some cancer centers did manage. it was difficult, it was not easy. and of course there are questions about infrastructure. so regional cancer center, for example, may have better infrastructure and better ability to type a more local center. so it's not always straightforward, but it can be done. tech giants, google and meta, the owner of instagram and what's app,
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and maybe find up to 10 percent of their russian revenue after the countries media watchdog sued them for repeated failure to delete illegal content as r t. dan hawkins reports. well, the problem really is a longstanding dispute on a stalemate between rational authorities and western social media and tech joints. the former accusing the latter of bringing to russian law by failing to remove access to harmful content on line on russian tarrot for you. now, social media media joint such as facebook are now matter as one of the others, like google and youtube has already been repeatedly found guilty in russian course of breaking the law. take one example. youtube. this year found guilty of 16 administrative violations. find a total of $37.00 and a half 1000000 roubles. that's about half a $1000000.00 rushing into the watch store, claiming my fail to remove around 2 and a half 1000 pieces of harmful content. what they mean by that is anything from access to child, pornography and materials promoting drug use and sales through other extreme with
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content facebook. another company found guilty of 19, which is amounting to nearly $1000000.00 in fines going back to 2019. and some of these companies haven't even paid the fine to, to the courts yet. are those google have claimed they are in compliance at least the best variability with russian legislation enforcing these rules and deleting up to 96 percent of bind content, paying all the fines, google se never moved just in the 1st half of this year. around half a 1000000 videos that just goes to show the scale of this problem, which both sides are dealing with authorities. no. oh, now rating mistakes they will be taking these cases of google of meta to court on the 24th of december of this year. and the following, this farm could be much higher as high as 10 percent. now, all of these a tech jones profits in russia to put that into perspective. last year, for example, google's affiliate in russia reported profits of 1700000000 roubles. that's around
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$23000000.00, so you can see this is going to have a much bigger dent on their profits in the country. now this spring also, which is also placed new requirements on around 13 top 10 companies to open officers in russia. that will include also registering an accounts on the russian internet watchdogs website and opening a channel of communication with uses here in russia. now the watch, the claims, they welcome constructive dialogue with these companies, but they also say they're going to use all the measures their disposal. a lot of these companies might have, for example, still haven't officially commented on how exactly or if it's all they intend to comply with these regulations and open their offices in russia. so company, year, once this quote process is over, there could be several outcomes. the internet check jones could face an even bigger hit to the profits, access of these sites can be slowed down in russia. that's something what stock has already done. whatever one is hoping for, of course,
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is some sort of consensus and compromise. because in the case of them being found guilty and no such consensus being reached really will be no winners. so all eyes really all the while on christmas eve to see how that quote process goes with everything going on in the world right now, you would hope a little christmas cheer might take a lot of people's minds off of it. however, some politicians aren't so sure not least being worried that they are using the right language to describe the winter holidays. we will tell you more after short break. this is hard to international. ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah, a ah, there is no pinnacle of evolution. everything's flat. a bacterium is a product of 4000000000 years with in a specific environment. so are we, so in our sense where we are, the few survivors are the end of a long, long process you. so as in silver springs at yellowstone, we will not do very well. bacteria will do much better in that sense. a welcome back. this
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is our to international. now lawmakers have criticized european commission plans for a so called woke christmas. politicians warren, the inclusive language proposed is essentially an effort to cancel christian traditions and lacks common sense with commentary hears. so ask your tailor. it's not easy being the european commissioner for quality, because when the rest of your colleagues and brussels are figuring out how to stop the us from overheating, how to stop migrants from drowning it, see how to resuscitate the economy and how to mandate vaccinations without starting revolution you have to focus on the really serious issues. ah. with
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john? yes. the current commissioner, helen dalley, has been busy drawing up guidelines for inclusive communication, an operable goal? the thing is helena miss, right? the room? it's been a long 2 years since coven fast rocked up people, a tired christmas is warm and cozy, and it already got stolen last year. moreover, europe is overwhelmingly christian. so when the document got leaks, that wasn't exactly a shoe of fans outside her door to him, but i think this document is absolutely offensive. everyone must be proud of their origins and traditions, but also of the religious faith. oh, there was a lot of hypocrisy distorting christmas, and the language we use at this holiday is really shameful. i grew up in the family were christmas. it's always been wonderful. the fairy tales waiting. and i don't
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see why my children have to deny themselves this opportunity. i don't want to do it either as a parent or as a politician. i am indignant if someone in europe wants to change all this and wants to do it in my house. it's all absurd, probably not to surprise, but one institution with a particular bone to pick was the catholic church. what was it being begun? tradition on christmas and generally christianity. so one of the vaskins cardinals tore himself away from morning prayers to issued this rebuke. it boy, there is the cancellation of our roots to christian. i mentioned for europe, especially with regard to christian festivals, with the fear of god to put in to her daddy withdrew the guidelines as they clearly need more work. yes, meaning christmas has been saved from the e. u. g wrenches for now. but it just seems to be the season for bashing yuletide because across the channel the u. k. government was looking for a touchy tech talk, so going to encourage students to get faxed before the holidays job and go whoa,
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whoa, whoa, mary medina, christmas, that kind of thing. and though the celebration of jesus is, boss hasn't really bothered anyone since it started during the roman times. london decided and 2021 that it just doesn't cut it anymore. we have been advised by the cabinet office that we should not use the word christmas, that the government campaign needs to be inclusive and some religions don't celebrate christmas. the other option was festive season, which keeps the emotional motivation. we have gone with. don't take coven 19 home for the holidays as it links to school and university christmas holidays. in cat shame turns out, though the very well paid civil simons are not in touch with reality. shocking! because if you believe twitter, those non christians, what aren't you want to ban stockings sabotage center and just topple the trail? trafalgar square, actually quite light christmas. in fact, the general consensus seems to be, you said i had a christmas because it's a holiday. exactly nice thing. yeah. can we have nice things any more,
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a question that no doubt millions of breadth our staff to hearing the latest advice from this government official. well for what it's worth. i don't think there should be much smoking on the mistletoe. you don't need to do things like that. so yes, with gwinnett is our king in every chimney. it seems it's not just covered, might steal christmas. i'm excuse me, please take that snow covered factory commonly associated the bright particular holiday and some out of hair. so inappropriate, so offensive if there's need to read the guidelines, rushes ambassador to suden has warned that a potential refugee in flux from the northeast african country could overwhelm europe. a transitional government is attempting to try and restore peace and stability there right now. which of the russian ambassador says is crucial to avert a potential humanitarian crisis to cancel them. saddam is indeed located in a turbulent place. geographically, it's regional surroundings are
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a source of instability that could lead to conflict in the region. and the consequences of such a conflict will be felt far beyond the country's borders. i mean, 1st of all, a huge fucks of migrants, instability, sedan, wood from them to head north to europe, which will be a nightmare for our partners if saddam were to disintegrate, which i'm not saying is on the agenda of god forbid. but generally, if it's just a scenario occurred, it would displace a huge mass of people who would seek a country where they could secure a decent living. that's why our main goal now is to spare no effort and secure abilities to done in this very responsible period of time. you repeat the situation and so darn remains troubled, rather than precarious and uncertain as it was just a few weeks ago. in the immediate aftermath of what many called the military school when it intervened into government business. and since then, the military and the prime ministers of the civilian prime minister have cut a deal, a power sharing deal both side,
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saying that this was the best option out of how many options above be even worse. they hope that this will prevent or stop and stall the downward spiral here and sedan economically, in terms of prizes as well as socially and politically. the instability was reaching critical levels and it shows there is a lot less instability. it is evident protests, a drawing, much fewer people when instead of, ah, hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands. we're seeing it here in the capital. just a few 1000 people here in the opposition called opposition schools for, for a 1000000 people say to come out and to protest against the prime minister the decision to form an alliance with the military. something that many opposition activists here are, are unhappy with
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a divided over ah, we're seeing of worrying patton, emerging all over the world now these inflation price hikes, it is especially acutely felt here and so darn and surrounded countries where people had very little to begin with where there is not enough humanitarian aid, there may or inflation is in the thousands of percent. and that is, that is a cause for alarm because as people get angrier, hungry and more desperate, they could reach a crescendo. a crescendo which will be felt the consequences of which will be felt throughout the region and internationally. that does it for me this hour i will be back in, let's say 35 minutes with another full infrastructure newsday with us. this is art international.
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ah l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except when such orders at conflict with the 1st law shall your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point obviously, is to create trust rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real somebody with a robot less protective own existence. with this in their interest for some financial pundents to see the value of the currency
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lose value because they can gain traction on social media saying it's somehow a good thing, but not everybody is an undertaker. not every one is a grave robber. she know, some people are actually out there trying to be productive and productive lives. and of course that philosophy of oh, the currency is gone to 0 less than 0. and that's a good thing is a is the is the, is the mat luna's. oh i'm said, did i have to say, let's just in the criteria in germany for many years. his main compatibility was public opinion. those politicians paused as competent. we act in line with what people expect from them, but public opinion is produced or shaped by mess media associated by journalists. most german journalists are sympathizers of the social democrats and of the green, z a for as long as it goes, you read my social democratic policy projects. you pass is
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a competent leader. the postal service delivers a $155000000000.00 pieces of mail every year. approximately 40 percent of the world's mail right now the us postal service is in the flight of its life and that is really bad financial shape. now facing default, the postal service is a cash cow, and there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put into the federal budget. there was a mandate that you bring a $100000.00, new revenue every month. the nature of privatization in the us postal service is very much hidden from public view. it's privatization from the inside out. that's a
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big business in money. it's not about the public and given them the service that they deserve. it's not about quality train workers. it's about with my name is jason. wherever you are, you did you remember me? right? mm. he'd been searching the river. it was pretty obvious. he had muddy boots on. he was arrogant. he was sitting there like this with his muddy blue and you know, flick and mud all over the floor. and he just like he was king of the world when you thought he was aggressive, even at that time as far as as a how he how he handled himself scan.
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he got that feeling that he was searching for a criminal and that's when he told me that my son was a drug dealer. you are, you're here for next semester. she kinda has told us that he wasn't just using marijuana, but he was actually selling it on campus and he is had a felony against him and they haven't charged him with it yet. but he was pending to the lease of deliveries sauces. they took place on campus, volvo on their house, so they're kazi and on. and then he told us that sir, andrew was a confidential informant. i asked for you to do is use buys for me that you'd have to wear away or you have to go by meryl. i didn't even know what that was and
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had no idea what he was even talking about. um what, what any, that meant. each individual we do, we have do 2 deals on. okay, so you have to to neil: i've heard of it as thinking, well this is susan andrew. i mean, how can he, how can this hockey talking with the same guy? i mean, just, ah, agent webber told us that they believe, or he believed that he, andrew was on the run because he had to make these buys by may 1st. and he had only done half of them. you don't jerk won't be a rose garden with you. i'm sure you don't work anymore along the sort of a watery rush. i was just blown away. i mean, here my son is missing and. and now they tell me he's a drug dealer or i knew the dog often didn't make sense to me. but none of that


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