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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 4, 2021 3:30am-4:01am EST

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ah join me every thursday on the alex salmon? sure. i'll be speaking to guess on the world of politics. small business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah. hello, i max kaiser. this is the kaiser report. let's get right into it. great. well max, you know what jamie diamond has no intrinsic value? well, that's a response to his tweet tier jamie diamond,
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bitcoin has no intrinsic value. bitcoin says, cry harder jamie diamond. but of course max, there is no such thing as intrinsic value. all value is subjective and derived from human consciousness would say col, manga right, right. the fact that the coin has no intrinsic value or utility value is one of his greatest attributes. one of his greatest features. why is that? because any time like a commodity would have some intrinsic value, let's say with silver or some of the electronics applications used for gold. that means that part of the community brings in what they believe to be its value industrial value. and that would have an impact on the overall price discovery. and that would mean that it's not perfect money because some of those participating in that market have different expectations about its use case. then those who are looking at it for the purpose of storing wealth with bitcoin because it has no
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utility value and no intrinsic value. it's perfect money. it's only uses as a monitoring a premium is 100 percent versus gold, which is maybe 8085 percent solver, maybe 45 percent calories shells close to 0. new us $1.00. they have the u. s. dollars, no monetary premium whatsoever. it's literally worthless. so it is, jamie diamond is a guy who's a bureaucrat, he's a, he's a button pusher, he's a bean counter. he's from the back office of the making. industry has no creativity . he's never sold anything in his life. he is a complete idiot. well, of course the u. s. dollar, as paul craig, mom pointed out his back. my men with guns and violence does have some power in which is valued. so it's certainly they do have a monopoly on force around the world that they can apply almost anywhere on earth without any sort of consequence. so there is that,
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but in terms of what jamie diamond said here was an interest response from gobber. go back suits with a van act that e t fund. he said the monetary value though, looks over a trillion dollars exactly what you're saying. so it ok, there's no intrinsic value, but there's monetary value, which is the trillion dollars market cat, right? the because it's perfect money and then it has no utility value to order intrinsic value to interfere with price discovery. it's d monetizing gold, silver and the dollar. that's why gold is people are selling their gold to buy bitcoin because gold is a less perfect in terms of being a perfect store value them bitcoin. and so it's being ah, that d monetized. and that's what we're seeing happening in the numbers speak for themselves. so in terms of having no intrinsic value, let's look at the definition of spoof i. k. s spoof can be either a noun or a verb. i'll read both them in this context to what we're going to talk about. it's
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actually we're using as a verb, but i'll read you what google throws up in terms of define spoof noun, a humorous imitation of something, typically a film or a particular genre film in which is characteristics. features are exaggerated for comic effect to a trick played on someone as a joke. so harry turned to the verb one, imitate something while exaggerating its characteristic features for comic effect to hopes or trick so pokes trick, imitate it's a trick or an imitation a hoax. so jamie diamond, he says he knows about no intrinsic value. well, let's look at his headline. j. p. morgan settles spoofing lawsuits with $16000000.00 payment. yes. spoofing, lawsuit. well, the firm was engaged since 2008 to 2016 and spoofing. precious metals markets. reuters have reported that j. p. morgan, chase and company has agreed to pay $60000000.00 to settle class action litigation
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by investors who accused the large us bank of manipulating prices of precious metals, futures and options u. s. government investigations into a form of illegal trading and precious metals and us treasury markets known as spoofing. but note they also meant sion us treasury markets, so they were spoofing us treasury. market spoofing is where traders place orders. they intend to cancel, hoping to move prices to benefit their market positions. for example, a traitor could put a massive bid in to buy gold underneath the current price and the hope that other traders will see it and start buying. this could push the price higher when the original bid was never meant to be filled. all the while the traders could be holding the commodity, watching the price rise. we've been talking about this for those entire 8 years. we reported on it the gold anti trust action committee was reporting on it in the early 2, thousands. we've made films about it. we've talked to experts about a, jamie diamond and j. p. morgan having been engaged in massive market manipulation
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and fraud in the precious metals markets and the treasury market for a long, long time, many, many years. unless be clear, that when you're spoofing a market, you're committing a fraud, and there's no 2 ways about it. now the great thing about jamie diamond and the perfected the art of pay it keeping a $0.90 of every dollar he steals. so that $60000000.00 is a, a very small fraction of the money that they made by committing spoofing fraud. if, if jamie diamond was not from in fraud, his bank, j. j. p. morgan would have gone bankrupt many years ago due to his reckless bets and the losses that they took, and without the bail out from the taxpayers. he would have been bankrupt 3 times over, all ready. so, and he's not the only one warren buffett, the guy at wells fargo, the bank of america, goldman sachs, they're all in on doing the exact same thing. slight tweaking,
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slight variations. remember, i've always said remove fraud from american business, and you have absolutely nothing left over except a few teepees and buffalo. but that's the only thing that's ever had any value in this continent. are the indigenous people, everything post plymouth rock is turned into complete garbage freight who actually the article points out that these are lit against, received less than 10 percent of what they had claimed and law says, so you are right on that. it does mention that they've paid the tape more in the bank itself, has paid hundreds of millions over the past year in terms of fines to the department of justice for the spoofing. they, however, did not have to admit to any wrong doing. they just sent this money like benevolently know the government. the banks are self regulated, that means they write their own regulations and in the regulations that jamie right
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to says, if anyone catches a spoofing, we pay a small fine. i get to keep 90 percent of our more of the profits and i don't have to talk about it in public or anything like that. and my daughter who buys bitcoin, she won't be embarrassed that her dad is a serials recidivism crook because i'm jamie diamond. and i love to eat tape worms because i'm a tape worm and i crawl into the the anal cavities of your society. and i still owe your money. then i'm a genius heath that guy, man. if there was any justice in this country, boy, he'd be with, he'd been well, boy, so in a spoof the deaf and as i read to you before, it is a humorous imitation of something. so i think you, no one could laugh, or one could cry at the imitation of free markets, of, of capitalism, of democracy. and maybe they're laughing there while they are certainly laughing all the way to the bank. they're making a lot of money doing this. but in terms of this intrinsic value,
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there's no intrinsic value in anything we're going to look at and then the real yield oh for and i germany because there is no intrinsic value within any of those bonds. they're right. like they're negative yielding bonds and negative real rates. so good morning from germany where the financial repression intensifies real yields tenure bones. inflation plunged to negative 5.52 percent afresh. all time low after inflation jumped to 5.2 percent in november from 4.5 percent in october. real yields now negative for 67 consecutive months, another historical record. that's what it looks like in a chart. plunging, plunging negative real yields that take a 5.52 percent from here. wealth your pile wealth, but that's right. so your savings are being subtracted by over 5 percent. to feed
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the bankers who use who steal that money as a form of theft. it's a cluster up talk, mercy, and they, and they buy a yacht, they hang out monica with your money. and the solution would be to curbs the system of these guys by raising rates. and you knew like you would take some something to induce vomiting because you need to get it out of your system if you need to vomit out. these bankers that are putting the negative, yay can yields down downstairs levels, but nobody has the courage for that. well, so this is the e c be buying, this is the fed buying, these are the central banks buying regardless of pushing down these rates in order to cause the so called repression. i think one day instead of calling a financial repression, they'll call it financial emancipation. in a way, i believe it is. you could look at it negative or you can look at a positive. and i think in a way like where bit quieter is. i don't care really about the system where you
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know, our job and our role out there to educate as many people worldwide, to tell you what's coming in, what's happening. we're looking at their own data. this is what their own data is telling you. you can choose some people, some people pay good money to get whipped like that. and you know, if they wanna be repaid financially, repressed some people might like it. but i think a lot of people don't, and we, this is why we cover bic line. this is why we cover hyper big quantization, which is an exit plan, an opt out to this system. so you could either endure this, you could either endure and like it, you can either endure and cry and whine and complain. or you could just like literally step away. that's all it takes. got you right now. i don't get me wrong. i. when i talked about the horror of this, i'm channeling the anger of the audience. this doesn't apply to me. i've been buying bitcoin for 10 years since it was a dollar i'm profiting from their skull dory. thank you very much,
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but i know you out there and we don't on bitcoin are in a lot of pain. so i'm channeling your anger and pain to let you know that it's ok just by bitcoin in terms of this like that said, pig headed nest the wrong head in his jamie diamond pick one has not changed value . then we're seeing a lot of theat apologists of fee out bugs who will say, you know, it's immoral to have big wine. it's a moral to have money that does not decline and value. so, so, you know, i'm thinking like when you look at this, the built in obsolescence of our system is in their own minds, needs to get faster and faster like so the value of your bonds, they should disintegrate, faster and faster because that's the only moral thing to do and their universe, that's like the argument undertakers make against the people dropping dead. it's they, they, it's in their interest that people drop dead. that's in their interest for some
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financial pundents to see the value of the currency lose value because they could gain traction on social media saying it's somehow a good thing, but not everybody is an undertaker. not everyone is a grave robber. you know, some people are actually out there trying to be productively productive lives. and of course, that philosophy of, oh, the currency has gone to 0 and less than 0. and that's a good thing is a, is the, is the, is a madman, lunacy. but that's what they get paid to do. all righty, we're going to take a break and when we come back much more coming here way. ah ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on of very dramatic development. only personally,
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i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time to sit down and talk with it. i have to say this, then the criteria are in germany for many years. his main compatibility was public opinion. those politicians paused as competent in line with what people expect from them, but public opinion is produced or shaped by mass media associated by journalists. most german journalists are sympathizers of the social democratic and most the green z a for as long as it goes huge green social democratic policy projects. you pass is a competent leader. you
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were told that was bad for your eyes and your post. yeah. that it would stop you from having real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they fail to mention is that you can make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video getting a couple of them for the. so we formed the fortune of with georgia, was me with too much for to do up is no phone of course to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quick with it. hang on to a spike. took it off to listening to close to listening. bottom in this sounds a webpage with booth but even started yet go away. when you mouse storm you my video it out or you me know neil's feel are you guy? okay. the owner. but i would that be cool, it will still be stuck with these. it's hard to do. i also need
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ah, welcome back to the kaiser report, i max kaiser timed out to turn back to our conversation with simon dixon of bank to the future. wrote the book bank to their future, 1st mention of big coin and a published book i once again. thank you, simon. always good to be here. thanks, matt. let's discuss predictions for 2022 and beyond. as well as your assessment of the year that has just ended, let's start with that. what were the 2 or 3 biggest economic monetary or financial stories of 2021 in your mind will, of course is going to be the salvador making big coin legal tender. and of course, it's going to be the announcement of the coin volcano bonds because these lead to, as we've discussed in the previous episode, the reinvention of not just money, not just debt capital markets, but also equity,
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capital markets and securities in general, which are jar norma markets and to be able to see those, you know, be built upon digital hot sound. money is really the next phase of big coin adoption. and the reinvention of the financial markets will, could be more important than that. but i'll solve it, are making bitcoin legal tender. you know before that one, what happened there was a guessing game. who might be the country to make the coin legal tender? nobody had al salvatore on their bingo card as i, as i recall, ah, who do you think might be now the next i i'm hearing tonga could be of the next. there are, of course, a $160.00 or so countries around the world. any one of them could be next. any thoughts on that? you know, the order of, of them says it could really be any one. it could be an iceland, it could be anyone this in a situation where they want to transform their personal sovereign debt. those that may have a large dependency upon the dollar, but not the ability to create the dollar, which is many countries that are placed by that challenge. and so it's a, you know,
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it's a, it's a chain of events where at the very top of the chain you've got the ones that have the most to lease, which would be the federal reserve good down to the european central bank. i'm going back to japan and then at the very bottom, you have countries that really have no sophisticated financial markets. no, you sophisticated central banking and maybe a dependent upon another currency of the one that they crates all the countries, some kind of 5 inflation reinvent the fact that these countries get another choice short. it means that there's many countries in that situation right now. so there are many countries that are experiencing the incredibly destructive effects of destroying the currency. and so they might say, well, we don't want to be at the mercy of the monetary policy of the fed, and we don't trust ourselves. so what's the logical next step where you can return to a gold standard but you know, or you can just use a bit coin standards and say,
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you know, to borrow a phrase from, say, 15, amazed, you know, to be able to build it upon digital, hard sorry, money is an opportunity for every country in the early in the country decides, you know, most people will be watching el salvador right now. those see how it works out for them. and then they'll do deciding that the earlier we get on board to this, the more the opportunity to have the bigger effects in terms of wiping out some silver and depths. and moving to a monetary policy where there is no central bankers. nobody can interfere in the monetary policy days. volcano bonds designed primarily by santa mal over there block stream that el salvador is going to be floating. it's a 10 year bond. the big coin is half the bond, or half a 1000000000 with a 5 year lockup. as sampson tells it, you know, that's a half a 1000000000 big coin that's off the market for 5 years. i'll solve it or i could
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do a follow up. certainly what? bond and do several 1000000000 more other countries can follow suit. so the supply demand equation for bitcoin is very compelling. simon, with these demand, i'm sorry. oh yeah. what these demand shocks? no. if 10 countries suddenly follow suit, there's going to be very little bit coin around at these low price, simon. yeah, you know, in this is just really a, you know, the next phase are so many people don't get, it's a bit coin because they have these perceptions of these attacks and you know, some of them, of the government ban will in 2021. the government band became a we call the example of what happens when a country bands and when a country doesn't ban. so in the united states, they decided that they would, the fcc, which supports a big coin, features back exchange, trade to fund. and now the most sophisticated finance pensions will have some big coin through the t f within that pension fund. now now you will also,
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they had the infrastructure bill, of course they want that cost. so if you can't beat it, why not try and get some tax? and so you had that happening in the united states. and then in the same time in china, china says we're going to buy big coin mining and what happens, bitcoin had a correction and went up to all time hoist. just like last time they said that they get a bad bitcoin and then they have a consultation around. so have we been a little bit hasty here? is bitcoin a tool that we're going to need? and the upcoming currency was, as we enter these geo political currency, was and debates and say, you know, and so a lot of the mining went to texas and america was the benefit, the beneficiary to that. so these government bombs, you know, really punish those the make these babs. and there's always another country that says, well, we want all that. if united states is getting a bit of the industry, we'll just create, make it quite legal, tender, and we'll just create bonds back by it. and i will take it to the next level and
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say really these, these currency was such in rickets as always talked about, you know, be coin, this become a major player in that it was always thought that gold would be the, the player in that game. but the, the returns that been achieved through spectrum, this is sort of ideal. i bitcoin opportunities for every country to have bigger impact, and not just have this, you know, disa, this store of value that doesn't really increase the wealth, but also one the attempts to because of the economics increase. well, so have you seen a big coin? people get scared off by the volatility. people get scared off by the government bands, but this is the way big quinn is. design is a bit of an a stringent you know, it pulls out the poison in a pulls out the bad actors and reveals them for who they really are. a rubini or a chef or overrated blowhard state, we're really deserve not to have a reputation at all. money managers who have not invested are under performing dramatically. pundents like paul crew going to new york times expose as
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a war monger in a slime bag. and that's what big coin can do. it reveals the truth now. now talking about slime bags and posers. in the past weeks, joe biden said that big coin makes it difficult for us to impose sanctions on other countries. hillary clinton, i said that big coin undermines the u. s. dollar. so who's zooming? who here simon is, is big coin revealing the slime bags for who they are or do they have a point while they're doing their job? some fussy, of course, every point and the job was to read, you know that, that job by definition is to maintain a power and influence over the world. 3, the dollar. that is that job. and the minute the federal reserve sauce buying some bitcoin, which is why they'll be the very last person to buy bitcoin on de moines. that goes so also, you know, it's why when, when trump was in power and he was negative towards bitcoin because his job is to
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defend the dollar. that's the president's job. and so you'd expect this as soon as he's no longer president, and he goes through a financial blockade and censorship. he truly understands the benefit of money. you can a money you can spend and money that has a fixed supply. so it's just people looking out for their self interest and doing that mandates and doing what that meant to be doing. so i don't think we should be surprised by these things. but the reality is that what we've seen is that the queen at the stage, so this is whenever you get these attacks, whenever you get these, you know what's the next one? so people might be fearful of the 1000000. so totally coins hit in the market. well, there's now countries and so for ids and organizations, the sucker that supply. and so what would happen is you get the job norms correction and bit coin that we've seen before. and then you'd immediately get the buying power of people that knows that there's only $21000000.00 of them. so look
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another 1000000 to fit the market. this is money. you can spend money, you can own a money that has a fixed supply. and so therefore, you just go through the inevitable cycle that we've seen over the last decade, which is 1st you try it off it, it, and then you think it, then you realize that is something to be taken seriously. and then you try and eliminates and you realize how futile that is, a bit coin correct itself. the wells come along and accumulate more bitcoin and it rewards the people that were able to accumulate that and had a longer term horizon. remember, this is wealth. the fact, you know, this isn't fear, that based ponzi schemes, where your goal is to take one more debt because you know, the value of your fear is going to be worth less than the future. this is create a wealth effect whereby it rewards the saver because of his fixed supply in economics. and then once you have a wealth effects, you can re distribute, you can collateralized, you can borrow money that goes down like the dollar. and you can really reinvest that well,
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so this is oscar in economics that is happening aside the financial system. and every time someone interferes, it's just crazy corrections at craig, manipulation. it creates volatility, and that the long term fundamentals prevail, the clients come back from death. 3 times, i think jesus only did that once given idea the power bitcoin. now somebody made the statement that going forward, the world reserve asset will be bitcoin, world reserve currency will be the us dollar. do you agree? well, i think that there's 2 use cases that are going to emerge. there is money that you want to spend and use for expenditure and there is money that you want to save. and so the wise thing to do is put your money, put your savings in money that you want to save. and therefore, you look at the economics of that and for expenditure, you look at money that you don't want to save that money that you want to spend. does a simple gresham, little money that you want to spend will be central bank, digital currencies. as a d leveraging effect when the systemic banks,
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risks and all the data, i think the government's going to de leverage and use central bank digital currency to replace the money that disappears. every time a bank goes boss to hit some systemic risk of them. so the people, they lose their money and then pick coin becomes the place where people want to safe, which is money that tends to go up in value because of this economics over the long term. and so i think you end up in the end, you have a central bank, digital currency, the lead model, which is money that you want to use for your expenditure. however, they need to keep the user experience of that money. good. say one of the biggest risks with central bank digital currencies is that they use it as artificial intelligence, lead surveillance and control where they automate tax collections, where they put negative interest rates algorithmically, based upon the environment. and they connected with fiscal and monetary theory
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where, you know, politics is combined with money. the feature of central bank did so currencies, the very opposite is true, a big coin. and you have to 2 competing and a big coin becomes the reiki later of the regulator as well, which is the, regulates whole fia currencies. because if you get too bad with the user experience, so if the central bank, digital currencies, then you're competing with bit coin and we get into this, you know, really interesting communist versus free market debate on the currency war level that i think is going to be one of the most interesting and exciting times to watch and view in financial history, and we'll get to see it in real time and documents is from the beginning on the kaiser report. gray point fee of money equals communism couldn't agree more. simon dixon. thanks so much for being once again on kaiser report. thanks for having me. all right, that's what i do for this additional kaiser report with may max kaiser and stacy herbert want to thank our guys, simon dixon, back to the future. and so next time i'll ah,
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. hello, driven by drill shaped bank concur sent those with theirs. thinks we dare to ask
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a twitter faces a barrage of accusations that is doing the us government's bidding after the social media, john collaborated with the washington funded thinktank spending more than $3000.00 accounts from 6 countries for alleged state bank to propaganda. nothing. use the case or college of midwives apologizes for new inclusive guidelines describing mothers as a post natal people like former and they chestnuts does as a vocal minority is hijacked the conversation yet to now the example stonewall. going in with diversity offices and telling people how to reset the thinking that members.


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