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ah, it's ours help headlines here when our tea and twitter fate is a barrage of accusations that are doing the u. s. government bidding. it's off to the social media giant, worked with a washington think tank and suspending, more than 3000 accounts from 6 countries for alleged state back to propaganda. but you case royal college of midwives apologizes for new inclusive guidelines describing mothers as post natal people. a former and a chest nurse tells us a vocal minority has hijacked this conversation. is he yet another example of school going in with diversity offices and telling people how to reset the thinking that memphis. and in a landmark ruling, a woman born with a spinal defect wins hug case against
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a doctor who 20 years ago fail to advise her mother properly about having children . i guess debate the case because what i do now is medicine. now in 20 it's time we may judge my action is the doctor has completely wrong. but there is something rather bizarre about somebody, shane, and i mean this is a sensitive like, i wish you would never been born. ah . gore at 4 pm on saturday here in moscow. this is, are you international welcome to your program. we're running down the top stories of the day. what concerns are being raised now of a social network? twitters possible ties to the u. s. government. that's off of the tech john suspended more than $3000.00 accounts from 6 countries, including china and russia. it's all over alleged state sponsored information operation. now twitter admits decisions on which accounts to suspend were made with
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the guidance of the australian strategic policy institute. it's a think tank that sponsored by us government agencies, including the department of defense parties. daniel hawkins, now dells deeper into the institutes, activities. it's common knowledge that trusts in conventional media is falling. you know, when you ask someone where they get their news and they reply, i don't watch tv, i'll do my own research or get my news off social media. that's fair enough. that least with normal news, you tend to know who's sponsoring it, be it's a government or corporation. and you can make your own conclusions. but when you see who's behind an organization claiming to be independent and non partisan draft in to help provide independent analysis to stop social media manipulation, well, anyone would have a few questions. it's not like the australian strategic policy institute hide the fact there, sponsored by the u. s. government or some of the biggest names in the military.
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industrial complex. the long list is there for all to see is just when so much funding comes from the sources. one does wonder just how independent and balanced they can be. even former australian officials have concerns about the things thanks . output echoed by some current lawmakers. surely it's fair to subject aspect funding arrangements to scrutiny. sb receives core funding a $4000000000.00 from the department of defense. again, the thing thank makes no secret of its anti china stance and the list of works on their website. in fact, china is a key target of the organizations works from human rights in shin gan to chinese tech systems influence projects or this information in social media. many funded by the u. s. department of state and defense. their definition of independence may be malleable to say the least. an a s p, i are good at what they do,
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at least for their defense, industry, sponsors. the numbers say it all since the think tank was founded 20 years ago. weapons manufacturers have collected tens of billions of dollars in government contracts prior to the cobit pandemic. the organization hosted dozens of events from bringing it together. key players in defense and politics. providing the opportunity for closed door discussions with government departments and agencies. the s p i is so heavily involved with foreign governments and political organizations. it's even registered with the australian governments. forward inputs transparency register. many were so pleased with the think tanks work. their funding to the organization has grown significantly year on year, as have their funds from sponsorship and commercial revenue under the direction of executive director, peter jennings, who is himself clear where the blame for increasing tensions lies militarized themselves. shawnasee, posing china's authoritarian control in hong kong,
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threatening taiwan and japan on a daily basis. china is the strategic problem in the region and back to the point. the thing thank is now partnered with the social media joint, helping to decide and coordinate what information users have access to and what is sensitive so much for an opponent, analysis and serving the public conversation is little wonder that some question whose interests does this really serve twitter stresses that his goal is to ensure the integrity of public conversation and alexandra, bruno, and independent. political analysts says as much more to it than that there is a climate of tension of geopolitical tension already surrounding that. so it's not surprising that twitter is very happy to comply to you the, let's put at the u. s. mainstream or the deep state view. i'm not surprised at all
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that they cooperating with an institute such as the australian, and that's not the only one there cooperating with the perhaps they chose those too early to appear independent, but they don't expect independent advice. they're looking for the kind of view that reflects, we ultimately be american view. how different is the australian view from the american right now, considering that they have just joined our course. that institute is much more closely aligned to langley in virginia, where i'm located. but it is to twitter users wanting independent information to the u. k. now where the royal college of midwives says, sorry for its latest supposedly inclusive guidelines which make no reference to women or mothers, but only to post natal people responding to complaints the college called it an oversight. and one former and a chestnut we spoke to says it's not the union's role to tell midwives what to think. it's perfect. you don't see a slide,
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they apologize because of the instantaneous backlash. health services set up to be a safe environment for this normal process is not true. presence to happen. it is not the moral college of midwives role to tell them, make wise how to think and, and i'm afraid that this is yet another example of stonewall going in with diversity offices and telling people how to reset the thinking of their members. the midwives that union withdrew the gender neutral guidance, often online backlash in the instructions for an address staff on how to put newborns to bed safely. they do not mention women at all referring rather to parents and cares. the guidance was supposed to be l g b t inclusive, but it hasn't gone down well with most people. how can you possibly rise about pregnancy and thighs without mentioning women? that's deliberate, not an oversight. apparently the royal college,
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a midwife says midwives need to call mothers postnatal people, not mothers or women. so to all you ladies out there, you're a postnatal person, not a mother. i. right. how did the royal colleges meet wives? forget about women? they are the so reason you even exist low former and h us nurse, rebecca butler says that neither the general public nor transgender people support this idea. people don't want to replace the word series, a very, very vocal minority, and a very effective act. this group in stone. whoa, who want to rewrite the rules by which we live? i don't know who they think they're appealing to, because the person in front of the midwife is a biological woman. why the world college you've made wives, has chosen to adopt policies, advocated by stonewall, is
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a matter for them to answer. but my point here is that the general public does not support base midwives do not support tate and i actually neither does the transgender community. it is one organization that is pushing it to jan, does so hard and he's getting it very, very badly. a mother is a mother and the role of the midwife is to ensure the mother's safety and the baby safety. and that is the end of that role. they should not be involving themselves in this so to ridiculous political posturing. a young woman with a spinal defect has successfully sued her mother's doctor for giving her bad advice . 20 years ago before the mother's pregnancy. in alignment ruling of the u. k is high court agreed that his failure to tell her to take supplements amounted to negligence of evie tombs overcame her condition to become a parrot show jumping star though she has to spend days at
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a time connected to tubes. the judge said that this could have been avoided if her mother had been told to take folic acid both before and during her pregnancy. in accordance with official guidance provided with the correct recommended advice she would have delayed attempts to conceive in the circumstances there would have been a later conception which would have resulted in a normal healthy child. the doctor in question denies the allegation, saying he provided all the necessary instructions. 20 years ago. we discussed i what president the ruling sets with august. so john gone to radio host on colonist and dr. dean egan. a g p. this time we're talking about was 20 years in the year 2001. i think it was around that time. we 2 would probably have been giving advice of well if your diet is rich and go to kathy, keep keep getting it. we don't necessarily need to supplement. so again, it's really hard to judge what happened back in 2001 by understanding we have today . can you really bring what you can? because what can you bring the case?
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22 years after so many quarter forward. i mean, this isn't the little mind where somebody was given, you know, a tablet. it isn't that kind of situation. this scenario show it's actually going to take a long time in the future to very clearly document the advice and we give. and more importantly, actually the advice that we don't keep is going to be a significant bound upon our time. one of the big challenges, documentation, it's about how you are judged because of course, what i do now with medicine now and in 20 years time we made george my actions and the doctor was completely wrong because as time progresses we learn more. our practice is progress. one of my worries will be for doctors that they would do on the side of caution now and perhaps recommend him for other birth difficulties. may be abortion. i'm thinking particularly of down's syndrome babies when we do know that these people can go on to lead very successful lives as well. that have
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to be aligned the way. because of course we recognize that patients, there are no details of medicine. it's our job to teach them to bring them on that journey to get them both and we can make decisions to get that to treat the problem . pretty 1st thing and all that common sense stuff to fall into the lap of the docs that have to deal with and say, well kamani who's doctors responsibility to tell you how to live your life. what to do. not only they're responsible for prescribing, but that also responsible for telling you how to live help. and if you don't tell me that the doctor sole, and that's an impossible situation to doctors to work it. we do need perhaps now in the lights of this, we need to put some safety guidelines in there, most of the patient and for the doctor. i mean, i do find it incredible that 20 years after this, the doctor is in this position with his whole life ruined. and i still of immense sympathy, obviously, for the lady involved as well. you know, what were already in that position of jeopardy?
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because that's exactly the situation we dr. david moment. for example, if i was to give patients and advice today, and the patient doesn't necessarily follow that advice, doesn't necessarily come back to see me again, like i asked him to do. and then sadly they developed a severe illness and they come back and see me and say, well, the doctor never found it. my argument back would be, well, you didn't come back to me like asked you to or you didn't do the things that i asked you to. nonetheless, i will have to go through the process of call. i just think this is a really tragic case. and i wish you had never come to court. i wish the evie had got the help and the assistance she needs. but there is something rather bizarre about somebody shane, and i mean this in a sensitive way. i wish you would never been born. the u. k. is former information commissioner is raising the alarm over the government's planned, new advanced research agency, and this body will be exempt from requests under the freedom of information act. that basically means that journalists on the public could be left in the dark about
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how it spends the 800000000 pounds that have been earmarked for it. the u. k. that freedom of information act came into force in 2005 it entitled citizens access to data held by the authorities. and while hailed as a step towards open government. it certainly has its critics, including among those behind the new exempt research agency. from my point of view, as a truly malign piece of legislation, i am fully in favor of decisions and information about them being released. but i fail to see how the process ology, of government benefits at all from freedom of information disclosures. in september, open democracy revealed, but over the last 5 years, the u. k. government spend at least half a 1000000 pounds on legal battles trying to prevent. disclosures of information is mainly concerned to health and social care. a coordinator of the u. k. is freedom of information, extent mark, what's believes the latest exemption is an attempt to cut transparency time
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i think become decided that it will, it will not have to be subject to the information. i will not be subject to the foil. and it's the 1st time that a u. k. government, department or agency, a u. k. body has had that exemption, and it is an extraordinary development. and i think a lot of people that wondering why in the cities and i think it's quite clear that this is a government that does not like this. we can be a nation. indeed, those governments don't like to be held accountable intent, not to like we really nation very much. and this government here in britain most certainly does not. and the minister, which martin can make these comments about how terrible information was nice to you in june. and i think what he was giving away was the
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real view of that got an independent the fact that he said, and she will not be subject to it when the agency is, he was giving away the wide perception is held by the government, which is they do not my information he thinks for you is repugnant. the question is, what does he have to hide? what is his government at times? i was told to come here when the program including the christmas tree in need of a spruce up brits mocking the capitals, traditional festive gift from norway and trafalgar square. questioning whether the case on something to offend or we'll get to the root of that story. just a oh i use join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world,
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the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in oh i'm sad. then i have to say this, then the criteria are in germany for many years has mean compatibility with public opinion. those politicians pass has come to attend. we act in line with what people expect from them, but public opinion is produced or shaped by mass media. those are shaped by journalists, most german journalists are sympathizers of the social democrats and of the green, z a for as long as it goes huge green and social democratic policy projects. you pass is a competent leader. with
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ah, it is good to have you with us today. now a violent attack by militants in west africa, marley has left 31 people confirmed that our local authorities say many more just missing. as we understand, armed men apparently open fire on a bus, taking people to a market. and comes a day after a un peacekeeping convoy was attacked, killing one civilian work and wounding another. the un mission of the country says that most terror attacks and marley are perpetrated by local affiliates, all of i. so i will bring you more updates as they come in to us here at our team. oscar now the new on the chronic strain of cope. it is now being found in $38.00 countries, that's according to the world health organization, and no death have yet been reported due to this latest mutation. however,
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the latest data suggests the virus is spreading much faster than the previous delta variant. meanwhile, with south africa, which was among the 1st tourists pool, this new strain is seeing record new daily covert infections. the low vaccination rate in the country has started picking up in recent days or injections are widely available that less than half of the entire adult population has so far been in ocoee lighted and correspond. paula silly. i spoke to vaccine experts in the south african capital. people don't know what this on the crown is, especially because sciences haven't confirmed conclusively what the side effects are. so we are getting a lot of people coming through out of fear, especially in our older population. you know, people who are regent, 7 seas and 8 sees we see been quite anxious to get the booster. and so the, as i would say, traffic due to fear of the unknown, the is a concern that the vaccines onto working. but i always say to them, remember, last year, how many patients we had in hospital in i seized hospitals, almost sets of converts every ward. and so many i see you and student that ye,
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ours compared to now people are still getting contracted with cove it but it's manageable. so we are seeing numbers going up. but in terms of how severe the reaction is to the virus it's unlocked, listened. this is a private explanation fainter, which means it is well we thought and full of information, a far cry from many of the vaccination santa's in the poor locations here in south africa, where there's a lack of resources. and people don't have the kind of information that they have here hadn't been here 6 months ago. it would have been a very different story. but in the last 6 months, you've had in july and race across the country. and in november, you had municipal elections. following those 2 massive in you now have a situation in south africa, where almost everybody knows somebody who has contracted coven. we need to realize that everything that we do will be a precautionary measure so that we can control and help save a good,
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a good number of them. i tried to, i've certainly needs also taken actual parts that we won't find during solutions immediately. i was kind of an inherent girl on in the world, you realize that if you don't put on the effort, someone else might have to die for you. so i just decided i'm going to protect people and you come and get my vaccination, then we need to get that immunity going and, and yeah, the boosters and the vaccines worth files as shown less and less in south africa. specifically, we've known that vaccinated people are not in hospitals on the internet, as it's mostly unvaccinated of the feeling that they'll be more videos, you know, still gonna, i'm still going to be the last one becoming so, so if unvaccinated, i'm also, you know, positive preaching physically i'm jimmy doodle. so all of you know, you know, thronging my body. this is help africa 2nd christmas and a locked down. december is also the main holiday season, which is why many here are concerned that with the ongoing international travel
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band, just what the impact on the economy will be, and whether or not they'll ever get to spend a christmas with a loved ones. policy a r t, johannesburg, south africa. the white house is blaming a surgeon lawlessness in america on cove. it a press secretary john sack, he when questioned about a recent mass looting blame the pandemic. when a huge group of criminals organized themselves and they want to go lu, pay store at cbs and nordstrom, a home depot, until the shelves are clean. you think that because of the hand i, i think a root cause and a lot of communities is the pandemic. yes. gen jackie's remarks coming into spike and looting in a number of states over just the last month. something that some are blaming on the rise of the defend the police movement is a very quick look back at some of that recent looting who
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retired police officer dominic is oh explained to us why he thinks the crime search has nothing to do with cove. it just embarrassing that they're not admitting what it is, it has nothing to do a cold, but it has nothing to do with bell reform. and then releasing criminals right back on the street, not prosecuting properly has nothing to do. a coven defined the police movement is an emotional response for any time that the public doesn't understand when use of force is needed, right? you have unarmed either black americans or whatever the case is shot by police and before an investigation is done. the civil rights activists come in and claim police misconduct. so we already have a situation where emotions are high. the voter thinks the emotional voter thinks is that who this is d funding, the police, which means we're going to get rid of the cops on our streets. and then let's
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replace them with the social workers or other people who are better trained and equipped to deal with emotional issues on the street. when you start to have that mindset, well then you're, you're looking at police negative. so already the immoral, the criminal who are out there, feel that they've got the backing of the public. well, i don't have to obey the law. i can break the law because there's already this massive movement to define the police, which means they're going to side with me. it's a mindset of it's okay for us to do this. and we're going to act like criminals because nothing's gonna happen to us as well. as facing a crime, wave of the u. s. is also suffering from soaring inflation. many americans are blaming the biden administration for that with 20 percent, saying poor leadership is the country's top problem. a democrats are among them as well, with some quitting the pot. he some even switching sides is, are corresponded ortiz caleb muffin with more details on this. apparently, it's not only working families throughout america who are disappointed by the biden
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administration's handling of several crises. it's also members of biden's own democratic party, some like the former spokesperson for the washington dc mayor have decided to switch over to the republicans in hispanic and also black eyes. i should be democrat by fault, but i'm going against their narrative. and i feel like right now, everything is crumbling for the democrats biden is completely destroying the economy right now and people can feel it. so that's what's happening in washington dc. now washington, d. c, is a city that is pretty solidly in the democratic camp. democrats sometimes even get 90 percent of the vote in elections. no wonder democrats as far away as texas are switching sides. friends something it's happening in south texas and many of us are waking up to the fact that the values of those in washington d. c. on not our values, not the values of most texans, the ideology of to funding the police of destroying oil and gas industry. and the
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chaos our board is disastrous for those of us who live here in south texas. in addition to the recent shifts, 19 democrats are set to leave the house of representatives in 2022. that includes 3 committee chair, some are retiring or seeking another office. republicans only need to gain 5 more seeds in the upcoming mid term vote in order to re take control of the house of representatives. and many observers say their chances of doing so are pretty good. some are comparing it to the republican sweep 10 years ago. how's democrats have more retirements than they did in 2010 when they lost 63 seats? it's not only the party that's losing people. kamala harris, the vice president of joe biden, is watching her team implode as well. her spokesperson and her communications director have both decided to quit with reports indicating that there are 2 more aids who have one foot out. the door reports are leaking out about strife between
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her office and the biden team, and the backdrop to all of this is the joe biden's approval ratings. keep going down. the mid terms are less than a year away and the democratic party seems to be crashing and burning. it appears that some in light of the circumstances have decided to jump out of a sinking ship, which might be causing the democrats even more trouble. the democrats are not delivery or plain and simple, and they're specifically not delivering to the people who are responsible for putting them in power, namely indigenous black, brown, asian, and poor white people. they have given his president and his congress a chance to govern, and the results so far have just not been adequate enough. we have not seen a protection of voting rights. we have not seen police reform. we have not seen action on climate change. i think that people are rightfully letting this administration know based on the approval ratings that are more needs to be done and very, very quickly. or there will be electoral consequences if things don't turn around.
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and i did very, very quickly where people can start to see the trajectory of it going upwards in their favor. they're going to respond with their boats and the democrats could be wiped out. the festive season has got off to a bad start in london at the capitals showcase christmas tree in trafalgar square. isn't quite up to his usual standard this year is leaving some to wonder whether norway, which traditionally provides it is trolling. the brits ah ah ah, the trafalgar square christmas tree got a trim from forest johnsons baba all we had to go with no, we know that your focus gray christmas tree has arrived
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with the following media includes potentially sensitive content. sometimes i wonder if no way is trawling us debates, when they choose which tree to give us full trafalgar square. i would like everyone to know that half of my branches are not missing their social distancing. remember to stay safe this christmas and where a face covering on public transport and while inside shops will ada continues online at auto dot com, click on the u. k. section. well, it's right now 2430 in the afternoon here on saturday and moscow. this is dorothy international. thanks for joining us. we're back soon with more. oh.
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