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children are getting much sicker than in the 1st wave and worse than the 2nd and 3rd oh yes, worse than waves $2.00 and $3.00, which is just a few complications developed very often after covered. i do not depend on the severity of the disease or even children who has shown no symptoms, face complications. what do you think about vaccinated adults? i think it's a very good idea. you're dreaming, hasn't died. there is no time to wait for children. also a source of infection, which if children are not vaccinated, will not be able to grade the necessary collective immunity, which we have all been talking about are so lafayette that work sooner about with the vaccine work. so what should the concerns be here? the theoretically, we understand that this vaccine cannot be more dangerous than ada. no virus infection. well, some of the vaccine is infectious for cell, but not for the body in petroleum at the level of the organism, the virus does not reproduce. that is not really real. so you please hold.
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okay, but that was of dates up. see at the top of the ah . disappear and you think you all nominate but they did in a viable yeah, mapping by hi. marilyn and i on my here up my lap, and that hail of that i man thought was not more like an integral. blackman, marla van thought, no alarming after a bit a well, i mean, a happy correlation. ah,
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yes. with the simple story is that the decline of the us postal service coincides with the rise of the internet and e mail. and that story is just too simplistic. first, class mail volumes have declined and that has created financial pressure. but if you look at mail volume as a whole, particularly if you look at the parcel segment, they have grown substantially. looking at internet use, people with more use of the internet or more access to the internet tend to get more mail. ah, the role and influence of private corporations is tremendous. and their ability to shape the legal environment than really reflects their desire to limit competition . if the postal service was out of the way that you think your fedex,
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and you could charge more for what they do, if the postal service was out of the way that you think the vampires and congress could sell off all the property and all the assets the postal service has and steal that money, lou, all across the united states. we're losing very distinguished buildings and public art that they contain major buildings that the post service own, iconic, beautiful buildings in the centers of town have been sold to real estate developers for not that much money. oh, ah. they were designed to be among the best buildings in town, architecturally distinguished, but also the craftsmanship. oh oh,
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artworks were commissioned for the 1st time for small rural towns where people had generally never seen art before. let alone public art the depicted themselves and the work that they do and their legends and their history and their landscapes. oh, it was to a noble americans who do common work so that they would know that this is part of what constitutes a civilization of all of us working together. doing our bit, ah, the real estate portfolio which the public owns and paid for it early estimated to be worth $50.00 to $100000000000.00. so anybody who can get their hands on that is going to make out very nicely, like a bandit, perhaps in the postal service, gave an explicit contract to the world largest commercial real estate company, cd ari. to not only sell our property,
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but also to advise them on what to sell and also to leave mac property, which the postal service done on to it. so this is a very nice cushy deal. mm. where it really gets interesting is that the chair of the board and largely the owner of c, b r e is none other than richard c. bluff a billionaire private equity capitalist who just happens to be the husband of senator dianne feinstein. perhaps the most powerful senator in congress, or by any measure. this is a rather startling conflict of interest that nobody seems to have looked into when the press is scarcely mentioned. mm. oh, in my own city of santa monica,
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i was involved in reforms that transformed that city. so that the downtown of santa monica became if not the most one of the most vibrant retail centers in all of california. and there's a beautiful post office in that set of blocks and the post service sold it to some guy who's making into a movie studio. whereas they could have shared that space expanded the opportunity so that they would have ongoing revenue and maintain this beautiful location in the middle of town where everybody could go to it. they've moved the post office to some place on the other side of the freeway where the bus depot is it's, it's really a crime. that's an area where they postal service has not followed my suggestions at all. and i'm quite frustration about ah
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ah, in washington dc, you can go to the old post office and pay the president of the united states $24.00 for a cheeseburger, a mary burkhart, pacific branch, president of the national association of postal supervisors. every 4 years delegates gather to elect the officers who will represent them in washington. you need to be a service, you need to be even a little aggressive. and he has to be unafraid. that was always my expectation. the 3 officers that we elected and were paying almost a $150.00 pounds. so you think those are the best. they're fighting their 247. and so it was always
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a little disappointing to see that they leave right at 5 and did carry cellphones and didn't even know a lot of the basic rules. we have not elected the right people. when i 1st ran, one of the national office has told me, why are you doing this? because it was already the election happened 4 years ago. he said, all votes were promised to other people and you don't have anything around, but your skills are full convention. is that correct? why and how it dial it? it and promise it in the office of national secretary treasurer john gene, 1200. a brighter 1009 or 35.
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and that's why one day i want one member, one vote because that's the ultimate way to break this up. every time i mention it . so like we can't have one member ones out, we can't do that. and i said, why not legal? well, because they don't know what they're doing and i go but isn't that what the elisa said, you know, to england? and is that why we form this nation? and isn't that what people said of 18 hundreds. and is that why women could vote is that white black people can vote. and so what we're doing is we're disenfranchising everybody for a few good. oh boy, power brokers, nothing happens. and this is the tired organization with a lot of travel expenses. ah, a message with in
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november 2013, the postal service begins opening many post offices in staples, stores nationwide. a sign on the door. we closed a bill. there was a contract. i like to know what the contract had been. so with that, if you can hardly breathe, ah, we took an old we were hired to protect their meal. i'm a customer, i'm gonna say, protect our mail. after 3 years of pressure, the postal service was found in violation of its contract with employees and staples closed their postal counters about big business and money is not about the public. and given the service that me desired and not about quality,
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train workers is about the money with one of the things the postal system did was to create the expectation that a job can have reasonable hours, can have a good pension. what used to be called a middle class american dream lifestyle, right? if you destroy those jobs, what you're doing is you're ratcheting down the standard of living. you're allowing all the other employers in an area to offer less and less so that the only comparison anybody has is the poorer joe the 1st largest business. but employ the most people is wal mart and the wages there are so low. but many of the wal mart employees have to go on welfare. that is, they are subsidized by the taxpayer. and what you end up having is the postal service, retail clerk, subsidizing wal mart, in order to pay those workers so much lower wages. so it really changes the
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direction of co is subsidizing owned, traditional 9 to 5 doesn't work in our current economy. as people are working multiple part time jobs, you may work a 4 hour day at the post office and dr. uber for 4 hours. they've tried to bring in an hourly wage people for part time, part time, hours at $15.00 an hour with no benefits, no health insurance, even though they have a ton of employment opportunities. it's hard for them to find people to come and fill the spot. and then the people we do get sometimes they're, they just don't get it. they take the job is easy and it's not very physically enduring. you know, noon this past winter, it was the polar vortex. it was absolutely horrendous. we were working for st over time. we're working, 16 weeks, we're working 12 and 13 hour days. feel like this at all. oh really.
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con anymore. i was working with them for a plan. just wanted to know. you know, well with staying here until your oh yeah. they're not by choice. but like i said, we need family needs me. so i could tell myself my family needs with my wife 3 kids. oh, this is america's job. this is for the people. this has existed since the beginning of this country. there's no reason to stop with like they go to kelly is one of the most widely appreciated worker in the country. apostle workers know our. 7 people on the route,
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they take pride in being able to make sure that they're okay. we said quite a few lives all through the years. well, i did a few emergency breathing. they opened their way up. i didn't do anything more than anybody else will. yes, it is a hero, i believe just making sure i've been to the right time in emergencies and national security situations. or you're gonna deliver medicine. you're gonna deliver some anti dough, or you're gonna deliver some equipment. the post office is the last hope of this country because it doesn't say well, you know, that's not very profitable. i'm not going to do it. it has a civic obligation, as well as a legal obligation to perform on behalf of the american people. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order that conflict with the 1st law
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show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point obviously is too great truck rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offensive, very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk for
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the war on drugs is noted as a way to combat a gray problem. what's the war on drugs? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected to this time in the fight against drugs. took a to try and shake. he told us that it was a competence short form is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student doesn't just get shot in the head and found in a river like that. something else had to be happening you have powers in this country that are trying to choke off the postal service and take everything. it has that's worth any money. and then you have a group of people that are trying to fulfill the mission and to deliver to every
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address every day. the one philosophy flies in the face of the other. the way to do it is not to eliminate the delivery the way to do it is not to. busy eliminate door to door service is something that we've provided to people all these years. if you want to take it like foreign to people, if you want to put a box up at the corner and have your mother have to walk a while to get her mail every day. busy i don't think i want that. i would love to see us go the direction of the shelf directly more team self manage team because we're capable of making the decision. also, we can put rear fresh already, jo, forum desire commitment. that's what we want. you only get it when you make people part of the process. oh, we can definitely run it in my face in for example, i come from westlaw and we ran out. boy ran outside. you know what just on it every day. we can do it on the most,
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most of the oversight and the paperwork that the people deal with now is just, you know, didn't mail get their own time. did you know, did that box get there? did amazon get all scanned properly? mm. but there's a lot of people in here that are justifying their job, which is a useless job. we have one guy that comes down just to make sure the mail gets here in time. we could check it out. ridiculous. mm. let the post office be a pioneer again in the days of the pony express, in the way that it was, but now not about reaching into the far reaches of our country, but rather into the way we organized business. every post office should be a local workers, cooperative, a group of workers whose job it is to make that institution as useful as helpful to the local community, as it knows how to be free to do that in any way it sees fit.
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at one time, they are able to offer copying services in post office lobbies and kinko's got that shut down. they lobbied congress and also, and there's a law that you can have copy machines and your local post on the postal service has its hands tied by congress. for example, up until 968, you had postal savings system as part of the post office. and the banks didn't like it. even though people used it. it was convenient, it was reliable, banks pressured congress. they closed it down in all people who said, well, let the post office go into banking. well, you know, that's not why we created the postal service. we got plenty of private banks that'll do banking. i think it might defuse our mission. it might open us up to a lot of criticism. ah, yeah, the postal service didn't crash enemy and steal people's pension. the postal services are provided service for the people,
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unless the banking community has completely abandoned a certain area. and there are some areas that are under backed. there are only 30000000 on bank people in this country. and they could be the source of wonderful service and communities all over the country because of most offices there is have to be built and they will produce revenue for the post. i think there's a lot of other adaptations that we could be leading the way and such as a high speed internet kiosk access to a secure online bill payments center. there's communities all across the country that don't even have access to high speed internet period. and there's also many people that can't afford to have these services in their home. the postal service doesn't have to pay tax on their building. so if we're going to do that, we've got to find a way to level the playing field. so they don't put the mom and pop internet cafe,
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a couple of blocks down out of business. this would be the government competing with the private sector. you betcha, and that's a good thing. let the private sector have a competitor to exclude the government means the private sector can do to us the customers what it wishes. there's no one else who benefits from that, not to public, not the country as a whole, but for the private alternative profit makers. that's why this with an american people. li, i want to be able to bring back pride and be in a post to work. i'm proud to be opposed to worker. i'm proud to be able to served the american people that mean something that me something to me. i definitely want
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to see a lot of grass food activism. people getting out there and protecting united states postal service. the letter is so parson, all the emails and texting and all that is all impersonal and you know how much time and effort to take to sit down in pain something. so it means a lot more. my mom was clean out some files and gave me that picture. so i love it . i've been born to do this kind of stuff doin is way back being her mom, make sure i was ready. i guess she planned for me to be somebody and i got the envelope printed inside is a letter for me. i want to continue to do big things, but a membership as your chief spoke person, and that's what i am a t spokesperson. that's what the union representatives off when that law makers. so hopefully people don't look at us like some politician said different kind of election. some sent out way more than a 1000 of them. i need one more year to go with the union. and
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as i said, i think i'll be able smile of sleep a little better and not have nightmares about, you know, who most the job today or who's getting written up for silly stuff or things like that. if you take it personally, which i do, it stays with you in a very negative type of way. really? it with you get this allergic when you come here without a doubt, i say is 30 years here for my life. i sent an email to me. i want to drink, i'm here an hour or so. my fondest memories are coming here as a kid. and you let me sit at the counter and, you know, sell a book of stamps and count some change out for the customer. i wanted. i wanted show you that you want to treat people like you want to be
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treated, you treat people like you want to be treated. and i honestly, i firmly believe that even though these people were doing business with the postal service, they were doing business with me. and after the time they were not customers, they were family and friends. i was fired because i was accused of falsifying a federal document misappropriation of funds from the postal service which total of $579.56 over 10 year period, $0.13 a day. the postal service was a book to keep me out of work for $364.00 days without benefit of pay for hospitalization. very trying time in my life. i never took a big toll on him and i was about to go to college. and so he had a mortgage and you know, i know you had all these stresses on him and, and it just didn't seem right me. i
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was so happy that i how i was gonna rated the day before we were supposed to go to court because management knew they did not have a case against me. any reasonable subsistence expense that you incur as a result of official travel will be approved by somehow some way from my family. my family was at the far from my wife, my son, and the place we lived was at the forefront. and they gave me all of my strength. i felt like a box or who was on the canvas. tend to me. and somehow, god gave me the strength to swing by arms. i hit him and i want me to be ah yeah. oh, you me
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a man or even if at the end of the day and management has to put that worker back to work with full backpay, they will have achieved something in terms of imposing discipline and control on the workforce. i can't make a statement because then they're going to treat me like they treat you on the hold . i did lose my job or he please thing, right? you should get and you said you keep contacted me when i am talking to you, but workplace change never came from the postmaster general. whether megan brennan, or ben franklin, justice safety respect. they only ever came in small victories by employees who know their rights and fight for them. i might lose this thing. i might lose everything. there's big price to pay. fighting the
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system, but you have to, you have to make a decision that you're going to do it and it was my, my reputation, my, my livelihood. now i have my job back after 3 very long years of struggle. i've spent almost $20000.00 on a lawyer that something i might not even get even really was his anyone i got to be honest, i'm a. 6 boy, he had to be an honest man to does he turned out to be a better witness for me than it did for them. tracy won her lawsuit. management never. how have they expect you to give up? they want you to give me the way things have been run, has stopped people from standing up because they, they would feel that they would be standing along. and i hope to spread the
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message that you're, you're not alone that so. so go ahead and stand up and let's, let's, let's, let's take this on product with
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o. oh, and then i have to say this, then the criteria in germany for many years has been compatibility with public opinion. those politicians pass as competent. we act in line with what people expect from them, but public opinion is produced or shaped by mass media. those are shaped by journalists. most german journalists are sympathizers of the social democrats of the green. therefore, as long as of course you, green and social democratic policy projects, you parents is a competent leader. give
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us a nightmare scenario of military confrontation has returned to you room. that was a stark warning coming from russia's top diplomat, the head of a meeting with his u. s. counterpart. adding that moscow would not tolerate the beefing up noticed presence, neighboring states, news asylum seekers might have to wait months, said the bellows porter to get processed. if a new plan from brussels has given the go ahead run screw box fam, told us that the move throws away the rule. but we could have managed this easily. but apparently the commission is not very interested in doing that. so the caea is embroiled and the child sex abuse scandal that involves children. if young is just 2 years old with all but one alleged defender going on.


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