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to make video games a high paying job, you have to be gifted and quickly. i'm hearing to open up with the listening and this sounds like you with the media board number with the booth fucking establish, glove voice when you mo, stormy, another. to deal with. i don't you, me, i was at middle school wide keyboard support, the beautiful middle football guy of the owner, but that, that needs to call, it will still be stuck. if these are the bill, i don't need any of the children with moles bucket i saw with respect ma'am, in the booster. i'm sure formidable to both of you still have to
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meet with one united. somebody can go to school and you should be bush, but call them a with go up. it is up to come. i didn't get them teeth with him. get them. you mean what the dead hasn't come straight to the norm. you know, you good. it should was jim prostate was to be cleaner. he, i think i'm better, mike and i bite, i'm giving out like it's not as yet. right. you go to the how much would that be anyway? you graduated allocate support testing. i think i see need to be media. what i mean go to a meeting, i sort of feature so that the truth is put gluttony bureau. if i get the full shares
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a little bit of july out cletus roster, you had an affinity for me to get a response me and noticed that we would do is do we bill to be a donation balance? hampshire wasn't the only problem that you've been at in washington to see us. and we had to put a sticker with a little compromise in that. avoid almost done here with collection of like the pistol out there with you brought it and get out of the process of that contract for comply. the boy with blue sky, blue hall, missouri to look into some important employ
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each go down when they are not are maybe even we help our william hall, which was for one year to see the germany mania used to work with. i'm a variation for me. luckily for lisa model, or to push on, i love those parts. mila, on the bottom, with the needs we should, they should be the assembly from the commercial, in the total. now we for you change middle to be able to go for when they do for you come on, they can move forward. you loosely that when you're from what really got on your 2 bachelors. you're going to use my meal or enjoyable to bite. nathaniel leslie, what are you now that you can actually mail up to multiple, legitimately you deal with the court order? and we believe that when you look at the same as i big them left for middle for easiest, him ordering him that you actually you left for a while and for more you i
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have the boys do with club with the guard from their thoughts. are you still gotta keep sport is that would be fortunately, reporting them to some boards. guy didn't fall off a muscle or glendora may up by the shall use. they bought saw e detrimental national bar code to suggest media. we're reformed to use it is to fish door. apostolic milan thought his daughter kentoria. what was the guy from florida who i could respond to it a little more and i had to move to court in the ninety's, gaming tournaments where nothing like that. that's where it all started with primitive volcano, where the most valuable thing one could win with a chance to play the next game for free. then they were come. so those kids could
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finally play against each other and a new era her door was the time of personal computer players who realized they could link desktops in the local network. first, inside the apartment, then in time neighborhoods by running cables between ru, oh, 1st computer clubs opened in the basement of those buildings. that was where the 1st russian east won't start practice all night long. catching nap, sanchez back then there was no talk of any contract money. the biggest reward was a chance to play some games for free. oh, i'm with
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a moisture yes. then we're going to idea if it got or if he needs a computer ability. mama, papa. yeah, ma'am, it's usps, you know, some with the steer most definitely you know, when you use way commander, we will, we will be in your when you what we lead to assist in with a neuro, but we will, we will let you know when you cut them on get the order. got those have any process, you need the right one, families you more to you got over to put on file for you said they only come with j seamless law. we store them, let them go back when you just moved. but most of these people claiming that the company with us to yourself share the approach to it. bremer. redefine what does the computer i just way it's a little bit started a new group, new cross to cut me down, loop a t
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b t a year short because i wasn't able to would yet. eta: yes. just look at niagara. so she stood up bridget only number got yang, grab pretty ringing. i think not yet complete my mental ill gardenia. because with my input that i will can that will dishes that they did when you're stopped short. yeah. digit monkey. no stop on board it down as written down your. he's doing it. no. michelle most will be sharing with me. others in the butler's to it. when i bought those throws and my lack of correct financial aid was the question you with the teacher and i old pushed out numerous creature. i don't even prove true because he can
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ah, didn't meet up all the things, but it does it still to us because it means it was there, but he hit our number correctly. east staff easy. mcallister, some goes to the music, the guy he met with a mom that would be people would have to be capital up in the shipping. just that the shape i'm is down to see a face come on a that. now i need to pull a tad engine that was my understanding, a fellow with the will at the bus. so what some, some nature come up with a fish, unless on with one of these guys to get a little with
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people and will not pay for a lump. it's because it's all on this, but it's all on them. was a little bit more my name is jonathan. i play on the north, the american server for team rain. my end gay name is his royal fatness, and i'm competing here at twister. the key to winning is playing a unique being on predictable playing the right moves not, not just rushing one side of the math, you know, thinking about setting up traps and stuff like that. i would say it's pretty even every team representing here at the 2 bullets twisted up is very competitive and very good and none of them will be just an easy steam roll. you know, every team wants to work really hard to get a victory. so i would say we have a good chance, but also it's gonna be a lot of work to get this guy on the school day . my, well you're with
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a motion of which i live in virginia will still be going you video for me. i'm scott. sheila yeah, more, but he's a little bit me of them. pound comes muttering monday video games in terms of outreach budgets and the number of developers have long been a match for hollywood. the approach towards game development is similar to filmmaking, from graphics to audio, all and that should i, am i as a consultant of any with the going in. yeah. was it the walk way? like i'm sure i'm someone dalio. mm hm. so when you mine yeah, yeah. okay, you pilot, for with me it was that i'm so was that i always lost the key moment of them, but you can always mingle, say a big also, i'm a deal on chess. you wanted to follow the box the up on my down when we
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bought a vehicle. a postal service delivers a 155000000000 pieces of mail every year like 40 percent of the world's now right now the us postal service isn't a part of its life history that is really bad financial shade now facing default
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also service is a cash cow, and there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put into the federal budget. there was a mandate that you're bringing a $100000.00, new revenue every month. the nature of privatization in the us postal service is very much hidden from public view. it's privatization from the inside out, a big business in money. it's not about the public and given them a service that they deserve. it's not about quality trade work there. it's about with
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ah, one with a little go ahead and pay them with them. but i was in the most grated you provided with the company has a ban like a sound at the show. i don't got to do is we'll pretty up. i'm glad you got got one smoking garage with tanka, with the lease to lead me to do anything that would kill or else make us model me. it was when you come, we question your solution to put into a bank of freshman, but with one look at the value in your in your mind is just for the most at the
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machine wishing inventory. i'm going to put some of you get to him, thumb crowds, a leak, a quote from us while in his last one session for the one was wish it will simulation games or exemption because it's not a t method. you manage entire clubs or national teams on your own eyes with my ra, a for the on the open with a
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a for 4th, a more traditional staying with a lot. that's another thing that makes more simulation games special. you could get to meet the real person, your digital player was more laughter. alexei smith and for example, legendary russian football is playing days are over, but you can don't the can for your virtual team on school goes with him. even if he never scored as many a chelsea bullet, you gotta come. chelsea under premier league about with the a, the student edition a university. but you'll to let them take a look at lost a commodity. but it's
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a national, big rush, steaming toiling me to some attributes. many of those in my dc connect the by at the more nor do you. why is that the forum, sasha, for goodesky syndrome group, go ahead and use donors, have hercules will support their salary. disconnect their son, nash, lydia, sierra, chima rock. we're not going to have a site that you did with briefly when you wrote to theater. because in the study with
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my, my been my sustainable. it doesn't, i will, that was today actually. i was on the music listed it and you know, i said into the dos say, i mean yes, is also the theater with the stuff ah, very interesting to speak about battles. it's very interesting to watch battles, brain with a wonderful, wonderful pin. so what a great you called a right i'm on the bushes, came in the low damage. yes. very soft batch out that he doesn't have that one on for you. they're going to be reloaded. he knows he's done . bob. incidences mother is by end with talking with somebody, let them as necessarily nab them with that kind of i am way and he's room way would make i mean, unless he is lou dakota which accept private personally the somebody in the crimea
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ever got to see absolutely there was still because always with my me and they and the kind of the boy, i don't think you, i wasn't prosecutor unless he is void. he basketball, re lease out my camera. i knew that it belongs. i'm like a mom that there was a good president of work. i'm on the he took a should easy short a couple to puff guys up with him. come when my me an emotional because i, it's just a go back. i had a night years lateral storage unless i'm there and jessica, i at the studio. them way up. know, i wish not, but i'm more than what you theory me as the much you don't mind she mailed or got the mirror load him a much lawyer, boston much or at the counselor maps and the lead to couple border effects. stellan dillard them. garrison. i have kristen itself, aka, in his own night sniper, 32 years old, a veterans slab athlete. he started in 2005 and used to be one of the best russian doubt. a 2 players he played in russia and china, among many tournaments with various teams. he retired in 2013 and now works as
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a streamer and commentator atoria line nationalist a deal that the quote it'll skip recently. hopkins thought as the shy was because each now would you thought in total nationals missed we could almost by what you much, how would you put us motivate them with the movement but i don't with mrs. jo chicken, the only 3 of them wants to move, but that be so can you do it? but i thought about this that they came through board, get them. we kept getting you to thanks. i was not there yet. the meet the collection of concepts like them, ideally to the edi i deal with the music. good. always wanted to be and what seems to be mirror is that kim just want it, not watching chest occasionally you can or no, i can pull you up with a more complete knowledge of me. think project with us toto you. me a team wants to get a full shampoo here. yes. a student sort of mississippi or criminal could you come out with need to carmella that gc, pete?
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not that we should report to keep it for for the f 13. and you mentioned with an intricate and you should restore it on our gourmet news, which are proficient. you get to go from others are pretty popular. that worship paralegal and we'll meet you worse for now. for one version during there much more to believe. i thought it was part of the system, a camera, the list, ego piscataway. if that economic i'm buying a definitive some pacific if you just avoid moodle. yes. yeah. oh, but i've been to kalama, a couple of those people almost died because i was failing to figure out the key so they would see a way to could to for me to find you had to update that will see a slight manya what i was like lisa by natalie, like it didn't go for 2 years ago, the sports industry was worth 4 and a half $1000000000.00. major tournaments,
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price is what tens of millions of dollars layers on winning teams could easily on as much as 3 mill dollars each. many top tier plans have sponsorship contracts and they received monthly salaries of between $20.00 and $30000.00. but these are east boards, top stars. there were only a few of them, perhaps a couple of dozen, but their financial power and glory is an inspiration to millions who dream of emulating them. they were forced to just recorded a lot of i just didn't still yet. this last to start. you can, yes ma'am. i was about a body full chat, middle and a little lawyer. $2.00 with that. could you to london for a long enough crucial media. i'm in little, just a but i thought the guy had to leave me a mom or me on when you can look for the delay. i've been sports and automatically with like, he's in that promotional rate law. look at all chart. what are the only loose
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piece for disciplines, a team, sports, teamwork, and hundreds of hours of practice are more important than individual plans. abilities. a decent team of play together for a long time will always be to rec. tank crew of gaming champs. singular commodities quotes that i'd say finance industry and so so some i was my 1st more stuff with any from language. i'm with jennifer, the other phone with us. so with russian plaza teams and highly regarded the want blitz world championship final was yet further proof of this feature. the russian team called 7 stars, was their practice session. we showed you earlier and a team from the u. s. the american captain considered the right tactics with a key to victory, and they are shutting one but down rapid, rapidly chinese. now just thinking, oh, but it makes no difference was really quick. i think the ideal is port
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athlete is someone who is diverse. so in other words, it can be anybody as long, they have quick thinking and they can react to time and work all the teams and 100 percent. it doesn't matter who you are or what. once you look like that, that's what matters to natalie. you could be small, big, it doesn't matter as long as your quick thinking, i think gaming sports is the way to the future. there's already been a massive climate gaming. sports is sports, i guess you could say in a lot of other countries, a lot of other games have been climbing. and even let's you know, only 3 years ago when we 1st started hosting, i didn't want the team that new school, $50000.00 in their pockets. yeah we'll we'll show video media port eat of course that after she was not the court would watch it, but little young booth but even established. yeah. glove voice. when you mouse
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stormy, another dealer. i don't you mean? yeah. was it neal's provided by the world? yes. and we'll go ahead and put off some new marquee sport, the beautiful never fully dancing is going to be to them a record, which is, your name is going to be to them. things that you for that more honestly did you get the bus monitor is like a keep element that you agree with. fulton, excuse me. jim bush keep plus mint of pulled out of 2 more for which actually isn't . you know, it's early monday. let me is. those are the maybe with me today, but i bishop with almost it's in boucher you from a different people spoke with me up noticed out was thank me that i'm neither was up record to put a it doesn't usually happen at the humidity out. can you stop us more of math each year and i you pull the of the new one, the new, the guy out really on it without that musical. it was still
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with the bill. i. i, flores, i'm fullest demonstrations. some of these leading. if there are some good company cannot demonstrate with little boy some kind of deals. what ah. awe
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breaking toil forced labor stress industrial injury corporal punishment. work with which we are all familiar. are you certain that the world you live in abolish slavery long ago?
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ah, i understand that i have to say this in the criteria in germany for many years has main compatibility with public opinion. those politicians pause has come to 10th. we act in line with what people expect from them, but public opinion is produced or shaped by mass media. those are shaped by journalists. most german journalists are sympathizers of the social democrats of the green. therefore, as long as it goes green social democratic, what is the project that you pass as a competent leader? who is your media reflection of reality? ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safe?
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isolation, whole community? are you going the right way, or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? is faith in the world corrupted you need to descend, have join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah.
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the war on drugs is noted as a way to combat a grave problem. what's the warrant? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs still good trench actor told us that andrew was competent short form is his way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that something else had to be happening
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with his up of a nightmare scenario, military confrontation has returned to you. well, that was the stark warning coming from russia's top diplomat to head of a meeting with his u. s. counterpart padding moscow would not tolerate the beefing up of nato's presence in neighboring states. asylum seekers may have to wait months of the e. u beller. his boards are to get processed if a new plan from brussels is given, the go ahead writes group halts from told us to move, throws away the rule book. we could have managed this easily, but apparently the commission is not very interested in doing that. see eyes embroiled in a child sex abuse scandal involving children as young as just 2 years old with all but one alleged defender going unpunished, according to declassified documents.


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