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tv   News  RT  December 5, 2021 7:00am-7:31am EST

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ah, he's just give us a nightmare scenario of military confrontation has returned to you room. that was at the start warning from russia's top diplomat ahead of our meeting with his u. s. counterpart. adding that the moscow would not tolerate the beefing up of nato's presence in neighboring states. asylum seekers may have to wait month, so the e u bela bruce order to get processed if a new client from brussels gets to go ahead. a rights group, oxfam told us the move, throws away the rulebook. we could have managed this easily, but apparently the commission is not very interested in doing that. the cia is embroiled and a child sex abuse scandal that involves children as young as to, with all but one alleged offender going unpunished, according to declassify document,
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also in the weekly as the armor con vera and hits 38 countries. the w h o tells it tells us that more time is needed to understand the true nature of the threat. we do not have report at least moorland that is causing more severe disease or death is morning out. this is not something that we should try to re dos. we really need a beat more time. ah, 3 pm here at moscow on this sunday in a very will welcome to you. this is auntie international with the weekly and the top stories of the week. and of the day a lack of diplomacy, that's what russia's foreign minister has accused nato wove. he also exchange tough words with his us counterpart of the meeting of the organization for security and cooperation in europe. also giving this stock warning just ahead of that meeting. because gifted is up, as
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a nightmare scenario of military confrontation has returned to europe. moscow categorically will not accept the transformation of the countries neighboring russia into a military foothold. i suppose you can't get to grips with bridging wat, divide you, unless you get all of those problems out on the table. it certainly seems to be the way diplomacy is being carried out here in stockholm it on the sidelines of this o se ministerial conference, as the foreign minister of russia said galen, for all held a meeting with the secretary of state of the united states. anthony, blinking, what we heard from said gala froth was a list of issues he has. and what written russia has with the way that russia has being dictated to by nato, by the united states. and by the west. talking about treaties though, said gala, for all pointed out that there is a real lack of agreement in concrete written down when it comes to russia and the west for those are, the 2 continues to escalate the situation directly on our borders. and as for
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military security in the euro, atlantic region, it continues to deteriorate. there's only one treaty left between russia and the united states. the strategic arms reduction treaty, the treaty on short and medium range missiles and the open skies treaty were essentially torn apart by our american colleagues. so glover of also said that in the very near future, moscow would put forward a new security strategy and new security packed that it wants to see, have some certain things written down in black and white as far as the relationship between nato and russia goes now antony blinking, the u. s. secretary of state also, i had given a press conference following that meeting. he said that as far as he was concerned, and as far as the united states was concerned, russia posed a significant risk to the security of ukraine. there would be serious consequences for russian aggression toward ukraine as well was some of the
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efforts that we see russia taking to try to destabilize ukraine from within. well, the problem with sanctions, of course, is as they always result in counter sanctions and fight said gay law for all did say that there had been essentially a failure if the clo missy from his west and partners and said that if serious sanctions were imposed on russia that there would be consequences going back, feel the way that usually possibly a group know if, if you, as the say hellish sanctions follow of course will react, we cannot not react. what will be our response? it will be seat. i don't want to guess what the west will decide to do threatening some financial sanctions, new sectoral sanctions. this is a debt and road and indiana it will backfire. and the initiators of this illegitimate unilateral measures what we may potentially take away from this is something that antony blinking said after his and his meeting with said gala, for all he said that had been a frank and full discussion and honest and sober ad debates and that both of
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foreign ministers, both senior diplomats will take that away to their respective presidents. and we may well see some more discussion. it that much higher level in the very near future. and such talks have now been confirmed with the video cold between joe biden and vladimir putin scheduled for tuesday. meanwhile, another incident came just a day after the meeting of the ministers as a nato spy plane forced to passenger flights to change course, to avoid a collision over the black sea. russia called it a danger to civil aviation. we spoke with richard becker from the anti war anti coalition. he says, it's not russia that's on the march presentation on what's going on from the us side from the secretary said lincoln is so lacking in credibility and so full of threat since $999.00 just 22 years. the number of countries
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in nato has almost doubled and its cry and fire from the north atlantic, which is what it was. you know, what it's so it's called the north atlantic treaty organization. but it's clearly the strategy became to surround russia. presentation is false on the part of, of lincoln. it's not russia that's marching westward and, you know, every year surrounding the united states a little bit more or germany or france or britain, or any of the nato countries. but that is what is happening in regard to nato and its relationship to russia. violating asylum, right? that's the verdict of campaign as angry at an e. u. solution from migrants attempting to get into europe through the bellow russian border. there are still roughly 2000 of them that tried that, and bella roost at temporary shelters. and now brussels wants to extend the asylum
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processing time by months and keep the migrants in the special camps while that happens. but various writes groups, a warning that plan sets a dangerous precedent. if the you can allow a minority of member states to throw out the rule book due to the presence of a few 1000 people at its border, it throws out any authority as on human rights in the rule of law, stopping detaining, and criminalize and people trying to find safety in europe, brakes international and european asylum law supporting the detention of migrants at e. u. borders puts politics over people's lives. the e. u is trying to get tough on migration, particularly on its east in bo, does. now, in a bid to tackle the issue that it's gone to in 3 countries, controversial emergency asylum measures that will give poland lithuania and latvia. the power to hold people in special asylum processing cent is up to 16
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weeks. that is a massive increase on the current timeframe that they can do that for weeks. the moves have shocked your human rights organizations. they've accused that you are playing politics with people's lives and bowing to pressure from eastern european member states. and that said that this is fueling an empty migration agenda. these new rules will also extend the time that these countries have the even officially register asylum applications that could now increased up to 4 weeks up from a maximum of 10 days. at the moment. now tensions on the eastern borders of the e, you have been high for many months. the you is accused better routes of frying migrants to minsk and dumping them with the buddha. the e u says minsky is attempting to destabilize the union by flooding it with migrants in reaction to sanctions. it's placed on bell roost. minsk though,
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rejects these allegations. there are currently thought to be around $8000.00 migrants being held in centers in eastern europe in countries. also, they crossed over the border from belarus around 7000 more, a said to remain in belarus itself. and while the commission describes the situation as improving, it still defines the idea behind these new measures to protect our borders and to protect people we are giving flexibility and support to member states to manage this emergency situation without compromising on human rights. this should allow the member states in question to fully uphold the right to asylum and align legislation with you. a quiz quint, even you diplomats and nor make is a finding this pretty hard to swallow. they describe the move as lowering you standards and even violating you lose, leaving many to question how the you can hold itself up as
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a protector on human rights on the one hand and implement these measures on the other. charlotte, even ski r t, paris. the proposals suggests that migrants weight and special closed comes on you territory while their applications are processed. however, the head of ox farms e u offers search the conditions there undermine basic laws. they're saying in substandard conditions. there's no legal aid for them and no health services, so they won't have a fair and your main asylum process. so that's the 1st concern. and then the 2nd concern is that because of the florida side and procedures in, in these border border detention center, it will also make it much easier to send people back to, to harm, which is a clear violation of international refugee long. so those are the 2 main concerns for us. the commissioner also has said that these are not the highest number of migrants, right? it's a few 1000 and the you should be able to manage that in
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a fair and humane way. unfortunately, we've seen that every time when a situation at the border rises, whether that's now in, in poland and the baltic states, or whether it's on the southern border with greasy to lee or, or spain. there's hispanic, to reaction. and instead of managing it and working as e u. member states together to share the responsibility for hosting asylum seekers and for sharing responsibility for the for them aside and process. we see that is every time this is instead of political crisis, doesn't ca, employees have been involved in alleged sex crimes against children as young as 2. and only one of them was charged. that's the diving revelation. octo trove of documents was to classified a correspondent, even as john off takes a closer look more than $3600.00 pages of deeply disturbing material.
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75 of them ever more. so the part of the trove logging sex crimes against children committed by at least 10 cia employees. and contractors, in the worst of cases against very young children, had inappropriate sexual activity with an unidentified 2 year old girl. admitted to have an inappropriate social contact with the then 6 year old on 2 separate occasions, the personnel evaluation board voted unanimously to recommend termination and re vocation of his clearances. the eastern district of virginia u. s. attorney's office declined prosecution of based on taint issues from the information and the lack of previously identify a child, pornography victims. in his videos, this individual whose identity was clothed by a code name along with everybody else was fired but never charged according to the papers. another cia employee was caught with thousands of inappropriate images of
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children. on his work, laptop. the agency employee, his youth, his united states government, laptop computer to view approximately 14000 images of pornography, of which a 1400 were of underage individuals. the united states attorney's office declined prosecution of in favor of administrative action by the agency in view of the personnel. revelation board recommendations. it is recommended that this case be closed with no further action was any legal action taken against them. while the answer to that question remains a mystery, none of the 75 pages mention anything of the sort. they do mention a cia contract to them who crawled into the darkest corner of the internet and thought he was seducing a child. the child, luckily, turned out to be an undercover of b, i agent allegedly solicited and under cover special agent from the f. b, i in an online chat room in an attempt to travel in to state for the purposes of
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having sex with what he believes to be. and under his child, the case is been closed. the agency terminated the contract with the individual. and again, apparently no further action was taken, yet they say they take such crimes very seriously. while we cannot comment on the reasons why specific cases were declined, we do take very seriously any allegation there are prosecutes is declined to potential case based on an improper assessment of the relevant factors except according to unconfirmed reports. the c, i a was actively unenthusiastic about the idea of legal action against its employees and contractors. concerned more with the risks of classified information being compromised in the court crossfire. and it took years for these papers to even become public and reveal that apparently the c i a badge is a real life equivalent of a get out of jail free card even for the worst of crimes. we have asked of the cia
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and the us attorney's office in virginia to comment. we're standing by for that. meanwhile, for marcia was a blow. a john curious who told us the agency needs serious changes when it comes to general policies of transparency. c, i a, officers and contractors can commit the most heinous crimes, crimes against children, and not be prosecuted. they're very good at covering up crimes. all they have to do is say, sources and methods. all they have to do is say that they want to protect classified information. there should have been whistleblowers at every step of the way. and the reason why it took so long for this news to finally see the light of day his because the cia fought it in court. what the c i always fears is that to someone will get up on the stand in court to testify in his own behalf and reveal classified information and especially will reveal sources and methods, perhaps the names of sources or information about ongoing operations. and so in
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exchange for not revealing that information, there's usually a plea deal, or as you saw in this situation, no court case at all. this is what the polygraph is for. it's supposed to weed out perverts and criminals and crazy people, unless there is serious change inside the cia and certainly more transparency. i don't see this changing at all. garage running down the top stories of the weekend off today. this is the winning weekly program still to come though, here in it, that elf of the french president branding his british count, fought a clown, will give you the details on that and the rest of your top stores. we'll back in about one minute and ah
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon? sure. i'll be speaking the guess of the world of politics spoke business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm.
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ah ah. oh, a new variant of cove. it is causing concern, has been spreading around the world over the past week. the so called all mc. crohn's train has now been detected in dozens of different countries. now the new varied was 1st found in botswana that was just over a week ago. and then in neighboring south africa as well on the corners now also been registered in india, the united states and all the way over in australia as well. were scientists suggesting it's spreading twice as fast as that of the delta variant? will italian research as a published now the 1st image is the new strain. for example, on the right is the more constrained on the left, the predecessor, the delta variant. now the red areas, as you can see right here on the top of the picture, basically showing how many more mutations this strain has. and that means that the
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virus is ultimately of old. but it's not yet clear if it is more dangerous, no debts have been reported. however, officials at the world health organization of saying it's too early to relax. we shouldn't need and either wake up quarter we should all be wide awake to the threat of this virus. but on the chrome is very emergencies. another reminder that old so many of us might think we're done with corbett 19. it's not done with us. well, in response to the new cope, its trade, numerous nations, if i were strict to travel from south africa, israel and japan, there among the 1st so far to ban all incoming travellers, many people have described themselves stranded in south africa, trouble bands being radically imposed all these paula selina reports from gelatinous bugs at port desolation, desperation,
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aspiration and anger. these are just some of the emotions that people here in south africa are experiencing. i'm hearing on the tambo important one, is that this is the main international april in south africa. and as you can see, the airport is practically deserted. a fog crying on the scene. we saw just a short time ago when thousands of people were arriving here days. but to get on any available flight. often announcement was made that most international travel in and out of african states was being implemented. the situation such is that you now have tens of thousands of people who are stranded here in south africa. people who need to get back to jobs and families. and at the same time you have so many people have brought many from south africans disparate to get into the country. many of them have not been able to visit for at least 2 years, i think to them, okay, i'm coming to check in will i be able to get home? i'm only going 15 days, just my my bash and she started computer interested. all the flat for december had
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been cancelled. so if you go, you can get back within 3 days. i mean it's all just completely changed and there's no way that i can go. i've been vaccinated 3 times, so i am as vaccinate as to be i wouldn't make any difference. i do congratulate deleted for taking such quick action, but i do think that they really need to fall before making decisions that really affect the lives of so many people. the prices for the few remaining flights out of here have skyrocketed as has the cost of mandatory cova testing. international community is a cognizant of the fact that as many stephen alpha came south africans have not in vaccination. now, south african scientists have been very vocal in saying that they were the 1st to come forward and be transparent about this new variant that has been found. and it's not a south african very end, and that it is elsewhere in the global community that instead of being pulled it south africa has now been push on the blacklist policy on
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t to 100 south africa. so scientists now trying to adopt existing vaccines to that of a new strain. earlier we spoke to melita of william rich representative of the w h o. here in russia. when a mutation shows a number, i would say changes a number of mutations that we can relate to something either to previous knowledge . for example, be so by this variance has mutations many more mutations on the spike protein. it is actually nice to meet all that the virus is using to getting to the south to make us use that stage to actually pull infections to spread further. and this is why because it has many more gen other versus other barriers. it has the media to come into concert. so i can say it knowledge, but he don't have a logical normally he keeps telling us that this is
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a more deadly virus. what do we know from south africa? he said maybe young people and this is where the cluster was detected. and we do know that callie's been young. people is lighter. we do not have reports and he's no man that is causing more severe disease or death is more lee. so this is not something that we should accurate all. we really need a bit more time. and this is why we said that there is no place for planning, but there is a place for preparedness, proportion, and action. so a britain is led by a clown. that's what the french president has branded boris johnson has francais, former u. k. envoy warns relations have hit the lowest and molten true 100 years and micro allegedly made the remarks in a private conversation, not for a number of public routes. bo joe talks to me full speeds, everything's going well. we have grown up conversations,
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but he strikes me before and after, as having an inelegant way about him. it's always the same circus. it's sad to see such a great country with which we could do so much led by a clown. in the latest spot, macaroni took a fence to a letter the johnson tweeted that appeared to blame france for the record flow of asylum seekers. and pirates promptly scrapped into invitation to the u. k. to a european meeting on migration. now, i was a week and a half ago, the 27 migrants died, attempting to cross the channel. it was one of the deadliest incidents since the migrant crisis began. france and the u. k. have also been at loggerheads and opposed to brick to dispute over fishing rights. and some of johnson's fellow party and peas of rallied to his defense. they were in to pantomime seasonally and as the french election coming and some pretty unhelpful word was the prime ministers in the town. he's the elective prime minister of this country with a very big mandate leading this country through the pandemic. i'm surprised to hear that and, and disappointed and openly. i'm sure that we can continue to try and work together
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to tackle this unconscious that we will. i will hope that we will get a formal response back the artie host and our former m p. george galloway says that seems to be a bit of a destructive mood in european politics these days. only old fashioned, but i don't think the heads of state and heads of government should be publicly talking to each other and about each other in this way. it is indeed a toxic on tong corby all that we have now. but if bodies johnson is the circus clown, i'm afraid the manuel micron is the circus dwarf and the british. and the french deserve better than the leaders that they have. but they're the only leaders that we've got and they have to get on with resolving war on i think post partum politics. this is a anti nato, a post natal depression on the part of the french and b,
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e u. in general. we have. 5 left them, they find it impossible to bear. they want us to fail. they want us even to suffer, and they are ready as is abundant, make clear every day to permit the floor of thousands of people every week trance has the opportunity to elect a new president. soon. i hope they take the opportunity to make a change just as i wish, that the british people could make a change. i'm satisfied with neither of these 2 leaders, but as long as they are the leaders, then they have to obey diplomatic norms. for to some of the headlines for you in brief here on the program, people across europe just had it with cove in lockdown rules. in slovenia is ordinarily sleepy capital, a fury of a new restrictions let a scenes of violence as we understand right officers were hitting,
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demonstrated to the ground before making several arrests. but not justice. lavinia, 40000 flooded the streets of vienna, saying no to mandatory shots with a far smaller counter rally, also state amounting to about in a 100 people. as we understand more than a 1000 right offices was sent in to maintain order and from liliana to vienna to paris was several 100 protesters gathered there to show solidarity with austrians. they fear france may be next to enforce additional lockdown measures. in particular, vienna's locked down for that of the unvaccinated. ah, why that's wrapping up this. i was additional, the weekly hearing asi international. thank you for sharing some time with us here at moscow mall. highlight still to come when we were talking about the topic of mm. so the postal
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service delivers a $155000000000.00 pieces of mail every year. approximately 40 percent of the world's mail right now the us postal service is in the flight of its life facility . that is really bad financial shape. now facing default, the postal service is a cash cow, and there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put into the federal budget. there was a mandate that you bring a $100000.00, new revenue every month. the nature of privatization in the us postal service is very much hidden from public view. it's privatization from the inside out. i . 7 about big business and money. it's not about the public and given them a service that the design is not about quality trade workers. it's about
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with herman, by dreamer shaped banks, concur some of those with, ah, who dares sinks? we dare to ask a young being a little nominate, but they didn't in of iowa. wrap it up in the middle. now i own my head up my lap and i love that i am,
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i didn't thought just double up and the knuckle. my love bob, he didn't thought no, well, i'm going out there to be a well, i mean happy lation, suburban young man. he thought he, i hate not in a a confidential camera anything to receive try to pick apart everything that he did for the a year. and you just like hide who i don't know. it's tough on the text message. all of his friends smoked, we all sort even through all of this that she could of and like he wants to read and, and but he didn't.


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