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and found in the river like that something else had to be happening. i my kaiser with more of my guy to finance all survive. all this is a hedge fund, is a device used by professional galli wags to earn money? that's right. these hedge funds are completely not accountable, and we're just adding more and more to them. totally, the stabilizing global economy. you need to protect yourself and get inform white guys with ah,
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with you a tool that was bad for your eyes and your post. yeah. that it would stop you from having real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they failed to mention is that you could make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video games. a couple of them because i always wanted to question a lot of them to have it was originally with no of course to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quickly hit. i'm going to open up a ticket on selecting people listening part of this sounds like you with all media born with the food fucking established yet globally when you most or me and i will do it. i don't you me. i was like neil's feel like
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what the beautiful never portfolio guy of the owner put out that it's like a call. it will still be stuck. if these are the bill i with the children with moles and i still think i'm still respect ma'am. in the booster school with a level to both of you still have to just meet with everyone united somebody can go to school and you should be bush, but to call them a with no stuff
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go up in a bit. it is a question, i didn't get them to thought him yet, then you mean what to get a at the norm? you know, you get it should wish to improve. that was to be cleaner. he, i think you them better to mike, you know, by them giving out like it's not as yet. right. you go to the how should it be anyway? i wish it allocated support. it is not to proceed with media. what people do a reset if needed. okay. alrighty, sorta feature so that you are the foot globally. bureau of your the full shared cult. gone home. i little bit of july out creve, but roster yet in a shiny community. yes. especially through bo, response me in that list that we better do is do we british by, via the election ballot tip. if someone was any other limited body of the machine gun that was going to see, asked me to put the stick with
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a little compromise that didn't that avoid with the idea that is the flood is that was with them. collection groups like me to study at that with every key approach hasn't gotten approaches of that. you contract with them plan. yeah. like the boy with blue sky blue home was that he wanted the summer he did employ each. go down with him. you breathing. we help by william hall, which was for, i need to see the jimmy mean. yeah. yes. we may have to put barrenca operation for me, look, at least we need to move on to push on that as miller on the but i mean, i was actually was that you did use the needs we should,
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they should be the ask them recently. and luckily that total now we for the shane you middleton, he at the civil us all when they do for you, come on the, to move forward. you loosely at the window from what really got realty bachelor's. you're going to use my mom got up now are enjoyable to buy my stadium. literally. what are they up now that you can actually watch me and i'm to multiple, legitimate dealer about ordering would be a big a muffler middle for easiest him ordering them. i bet you i get to you left for a while them for more. you with the boys do with the guard from their thoughts a bit of support is that would be fortunately,
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according to some boards. guy, beautiful washed up at l. a. muscle, a gland doors and they, uh, they showed you, they bought, saw e detrimental national bar code or just help desk media. we're reformed these. like you said, it is defeated all of the other than i up a solid milan of his daughter, cathartic what that was a valuable donita who i can be supported with with my mom is a go, i did something a little more than i had to move towards that if in the ninety's gaming tournaments where nothing like that, that's where it all started with primitive volcano, where the most valuable thing one could win with a chance to play the next game for free, then they would come. so kids could finally play against each other, and then you hear her door was the time of personal computer players who realized they could link desktops in network inside the apartment, then in time neighborhoods by running tables between ru, oh,
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1st computer clubs opened in the basement of those buildings that was where the 1st russian eastburn stars practice all night long. catching nap, sanchez back then there was no talk of any contract money. the biggest reward was a chance to play some games for free. oh, i'm with joy beckett got daughter. she needs the computer go to mama property. yeah. if it was it that you were supposed to be in or some of the bulk of thought to who steve steve murphy, i was on the stamps on your way. amanda,
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we will. we will put that in when you want. we will assist you with a new role, but we will, we will, there's a couple more get orders that always have any process you need either. right? well, i mean you, it more to get over to put on file for you said nickel who j seamless lot. we store them a call back when you just moved. but most of the stuff people claiming that they come with your so sure the pro check up to the email read. what does that come to them? but i just way say a short break. i wasn't able to work yet. it gets to just with niagara. so she stood up, if you don't in the ballpark yang, you can grab a pen with my mean please got on. yeah. because with my me posted i will conduct the shows that they did when you're stopped short. yeah. did you get the model? yo stop on board it down as recent down you didn't get no nutrition
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most will be telling you i will. it's monday the day the meet on was to start any other than that, but those 2 things that i bought, those throws money back out of correct financial aid was told by question you with the teacher and i old pushed out numerous creature, i believe he's, he's in pro trip this weekend, he been with me, it up all the things, but it does. it still wouldn't means in this was there, but he did us number grecki, e staff, ease i v of smoke analysis. some goes to the music it, but like i see you might, could our building up here. yes. it's 50 a month. it would be people would have to be happy to know just in the shipping
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just that they can you by ms. thompson. yes. faith, come on, gotta precise for that. now i need to pull the chad in. that was my understanding, a fellow with the bus so, but with, with on, with one of these guys to get, i'm not a little boy, 2 people and one on the plates. because i mean the lump. it's because it's all on because it's all on one level to still be smart. my name is jonathan. i play on the north american server for team rain. my indian name is his royal fatness, and i'm competing here with the key to winning is playing
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a unique hand on being on predictable playing the right moves not, not as rushing one side of the math, you know, thinking about setting up traps and stuff like that. i would say it's pretty even every team representing here at the to ballistic up is very competitive and very good. and none of them will be just the easy steam roll. you know, everything want to work really hard to get a victory. so i would say we have a good chance, but also it's gonna be a lot of work to get this guy to go do a little rainy when you're still going to be able to put money on scott, jewelry ex model. but in a way, you don't pay me of them. bankruptcy muffin. the monday video games in terms of outreach budgets and the number of developers have long been a match for hollywood. the approach towards game development is similar to
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filmmaking. from graphics to audio, a consultant. i need a little colonies. so did and the youth on what the going in. yeah. have to walk away like and show em somalia theorem. so when you, when you get a little bit and listen to me or could you please answer me. it was that i'm so was that i always lost the key moment along a way. kimberly can get a big, also video and show she wants to file for the up on my down moment, but that's the only ah ah said linda have to say that the stand the criteria in germany for
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many years has been compatibility with public opinion. those politicians pass has come to 10th. we act in line with what people expect from them. but and public opinion is produced or shaped by mass media, that those are shaped by journalists. most german journalists are sympathizers of the social democrats and of the green. g. a for as long as it, cuz you written on social democratic policy projects. you pass is a competent leader. isn't it? no, no, no, no, no, no, but they did a mapping by middle now i own my head up my lap and i had
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a knuckle. my wow, bob you can thought now, well, i'm up here a bit a well, i'm really happy lation sperber. yeah. now with who ah, with a little girl. it's got a donkey. it fed them with them. but i was the most grated provider
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with the company a sound at the show. i don't got to do is we'll pretty up. i'm glad you got got one smoking garage with mr. dunker with the list to lead me to do it would kill or else make us model me. it was when you come, we question your solution to put into a bank of freshman, but with one look at the value in your in your mind is just but the most are at the most she wished in inventory and you end up with some of you get to them crowds, a leak, a quote from us, while in his last one session for the one was which it will simulation games. amr rim exemption because it's not
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a t method. you manage entire clubs on national teams, on your own eyes with my ra, a a for, for of course, a more traditional saying with a little more of a little muscle. that's another thing that makes more simulation game special. you could get to meet the real person,
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your digital player was model after alexei smith and for example, legendary russian football is playing days are over. but you can don't the can for your virtual team a school goes with them. even if he never scored as many a chelsea well the chicken on chelsea, one with the a the student edition a pursue. but you'll to let them take a minute. but it's a national geographic team actually go to i let me put some attributes. many of those in my dc connect the by at the more nol, as he was at the, for me, it's a shame for good syndrome group. go ahead and use dealing with small percentage that percentage the grid senior chima block
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we're not going to have a story that you did with briefly when you were brought to theater. but who's in the area with my, my bill museum. i still wish it doesn't. i'm that was today actually, i was in the meeting was today, you know, i said until i say i'm yes is on the feeder with very interesting to speak about the battles. it's very interesting to watch battles, brain with a wonderful, wonderful pin. so what a great you call it right, i'm on at the bosses came in the low damage. yes. very soft batch out that
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he doesn't have a job the one on for. is that gonna be reloaded? he knows he's done. bob. incidences mother is by end with talking to somebody, let them as necessarily nab them with that kind of i am way that he's room way would make i mean, unless yes, lu dakota, which has a private leap estimate from both in the crimea ever got to see how quickly the was still because of it's with my me and they and the boy, i don't think you know, i wasn't prosecutor unless he is void a basketball re lease out my camera. i knew that it belongs. i'm like a mom, but there was a good president of work. i'm on the each other. could you sold a couple of pos garza with him? quin my me an emotional because i just i'm with like i had a night years. lazurick sturgeon less from there and jessica, i at the studio. them we up know, i wish not, but i'm more than what you theory me as though my chima,
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though might she mailed or got it? the mere love him a much lawyer, both the much are the counselor, my and the lead to got football effects. stella dillard them. garrison, kristen itself and his own light sniper, 32 years old, a veteran slab athlete. he started in 2005 and used to be one of the best russian delta 2 players. he played in russia and china among many tournaments with various teams. he retired in 2013 and now works as a streamer and commentator. i metal number, i was in a 3 year online to national on a it was because it's now just thought in the list of missed some we could almost by what you much how would you point us motivate by them? what like doing with mrs. jo chicken only to be a good day and wants to move, but that this is vicky to veto. but on thought about this that they can we sure boy get them we can get you to thanks. i was want to present that is the meet the collection of concepts like them, ideally to the edi i deal with dad with music good. always wanted to be and what
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seems to be a mirror that can just want it. not watching chest and you can no, no, i can pull you up with a multiple. it's a nozzle missing project, which is sort of a team wants to kind of wondering what that means for which has a certain sort of missing city or criminal cookie cutter houses. you're probably super easy to come up with a she restored to keep it for for the f 13, pretty much we can interpret and use to restore it on our gourmet news which are proficient. you get to go for quarters are pretty popular that with you, we'll meet you worse for now, for one aggression during there much more to believe. i thought it was part of the system a come with a call. i'm like, i'm buying
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a to think of some pacific into sports. you talk to one immortal? yes. yeah. oh, but i've been going to kalama. got those spotters almost. i spoke to melinda for you. i think i key, there was a way to for me to find you had the pathetic to post by the one year which figured out all those things that by natalie like it didn't go away. for 2 years ago, the school is industry was worth 4 and a half $1000000000.00. major tournaments, price is what tens of millions of dollars layers on winning teams could easily on as much as $3000000.00 each. many top tier plans have sponsorship contracts, and they receive monthly is of between $20.00 and $30000.00. but these are east board top stars. there were only a few of them, perhaps a couple of dozen, but their financial power and glory is an inspiration to millions who dream of emulating them. is forced to just recorded a lot of i just didn't still yet. it's not just about you can yes ma'am. i was, i was about a body or child middle and
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a little lawyer to the doctor if you long enough for a while long enough, crucial media i'm in location, but i thought the guy told me that i'm still a mom or me all of when you go for the delay, i will keep a sport and i look like he's in that promotional rate law. look at all tried. what are the only loose, the sport disciplines, a team, sports, teamwork, and hundreds of hours of practice are more important than individual plans abilities. a decent team of play together for a long time will always we to rec tank crew of gaming champs. let us come on these quotes that are they finance industry and so so i was when i 1st more stuff with any of the language, i'm with us. so with russian players and teams, a highly regarded the want blitz won't championship final was yet further proof of
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this feature. the russian team course 7 stars was their practice session. we showed you earlier and a team from the u. s. the american captain considered the right tactics with a key to victory, and they are shutting one by down rapid rapidly chinese mount thinking. oh, but it makes no difference a dream leak. i think the ideal is port athlete is someone who is diverse. so in other words, it can be anybody as long as they have quick thinking and they can react in time and work on the teams and understand it doesn't matter who you are or less, you look like that's what nicely you could be small, big it doesn't matter, as long as your quick thinking, i think gaming sports is the way to the future. there's already been a massive climb and gaming sports. the sports i guess you could say in a lot of other countries, a lot of other games have been climbing. and even blips, you know, only 3 years ago when we 1st started hosting,
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i didn't want the team that new school. $50000.00 in their pockets. yeah. lucia video, media port. eat. of course the actual issue i'd like to quote with botkin establish yeah. glove voice, when you mouse stormy, another dealer accumulate niels provided by the world. yes. and we'll go ahead and put off some new marquee sport, the beautiful never fully dancing is going to be to them. e put us in the putting on the record, which is your name is going to be to them things that you feel a little more than to sleep at the bottom of it. it was like a keep in mind that you agree with fulton, excuse me, jim bush, keep a plus minute pulled out. and if 2 more for which actually isn't, you know, it's early monday them years ago with ya. but i bishop,
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with almost tim bushy will probably have to cancel the shins. different people spoke with me up noticed out one thing. it's mean that i'm neither with you on this, but i have a it doesn't usually happen at the humidity out. can you just focus more that's not the chair and i have to deal with the new on the new the guy out really on it but i would that be cool with odd to be like a little bit with this is sarah sanders, mother carrasco. that's almost like the little boy, some kind of news. what ah,
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the war drugs nodded as a way to combat a gray problem? what's the warrant? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it's got to be something that you could get elected this time, the fight against drugs still good to try and shake, told us that it was a competence short form is way too dangerous for him to be doing clearly, they put him in harm's way. a world college student doesn't just get shot in the head and found in the river like that something else had to be happening. i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a
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robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point, obviously is to race trust rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real. somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with a back breaking, toil,
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forced labor stress. ah, industrial injury corporal punishment for me. oh no words with which we are all familiar with the world you live in abolish slavery. long ago with
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a nightmare scenario, military confrontation has returned to you, the stark warning from russia top diploma head of a meeting with his us counterpart this week surrogate, love ra, 5 a that moscow would not tolerate that beefing up of nato to present the neighboring state asylum seekers may have to wait months, se beller roost border to get processed. if a new plan from brussels gets the go ahead, humanitarian organization oxfam told us to move through the way the rulebook. we could have managed this easily, but apparently the commissioner is not very interested in doing that. also ahead in the program of the all.


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