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the owner, but the outside vehicle it will still just get these. it's odd to do i. okay. it's a nightmare scenario of military confrontation has returned to europe. the start warning from russia's top diplomat ahead of a meeting with his u. s counterpart. sergey lab rav added that moscow would not tolerate the beefing up of nato's. busy presence in neighboring states, asylum seekers may have to wait months at the bellows border to get processed if a new plan from brussels gets the go ahead, man carrying organization oxfam told us the move, throws away the rulebook. we could have managed as easily, but apparently the commission is not very interested in doing that. and as the omicron co variant grips dozens of countries, the world health organization tells our tea more time is needed to understand how
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potent it may be. we do not have report and the mirror that is causing more severe disease or that it is more he felt this is not something that he should speculate off. we really need a bit more time. ah, a testing lab direct from our studios in moscow. recapping the week with our weekly program, this is our t international, a lack of diplomacy, that is what rushes foreign minister accused nato of on thursday, sergey lab. rob also exchanged tough words with his us counterpart during the meeting of the organization for security and cooperation in europe and gave this start wanting ahead of the summit. because gifted this up as a nightmare scenario of military confrontation has returned to you. rip moscow categorically will not accept the transformation of the countries neighboring
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russia into a military foothold. i suppose you can't get to grips with bridging wat, divide to you unless you get all of those problems out on the table. it certainly seems to be the way diplomacy is being carried out here in stockholm it on the sidelines of this o se ministerial conference, as the foreign minister of russia said galen, for all held a meeting with the secretary of state of the united states. anthony, blinking, what we heard from said gala froth was a list of issues he has. and what russia has with the way that russia has being dictated to by nato, by the united states. and by the west. talking about treaties though, said gala, for all pointed out that there is a real lack of agreement in concrete written down when it comes to russia and the west for those are, the 2 continues to escalate the situation directly on our borders. and as for military security in the euro, atlantic region, it continues to deteriorate. there's only one treaty left between russia and the
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united states. the strategic arms reduction treaty, the treaty on short and medium range missiles and the open skies treaty were essentially torn apart by our american colleagues. so glover of also said that in the very near future, moscow would put forward a new security strategy. and you security packed that it wants to see, have some certain things written down in black and white as far as the relationship between nato and russia goes now antony, blinking. the u. s. secretary of state also has given a press conference following that me thing. he said, that's as far as he was concerned, and as far as the united states was concerned, russia posed a significant risk to the security of ukraine. there would be serious consequences for brushing aggression toward ukraine as well. was some of the efforts that we see russia taking to try to destabilize ukraine from within? well, the problem with sanctions, of course, is as they always result in counter sanctions and fight said gay law for all did
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say that there had been essentially a failure of diplomacy from his western partners and said that if serious sanctions were imposed on russia that there would be consequences going back, feel the way that usually possibly a group know if, if you as the say hellish sanctions follow of course or will react, we cannot not react. what will be our response? it will be seat. i don't want to guess what the west will decide to do threatening some financial sanctions, new sectoral sanctions. this is a debt and road and indiana, it will backfire. and the initiators of this illegitimate unilateral measures quote we may potentially take away from this is something that anthony blinking said after his and his meeting with said gay lover off. he said that had been a frank and full discussion and honest and sober and debates and that both of foreign ministers, both senior diplomats would take that away to their respective presidents. and we
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may well see some more discussion it that much higher level in the very near future . richard becker from the anti war answer coalition says it's not russia that's on the march presentation on what's going on from the us side from the secretary said, blanket sites is so lacking in credibility and so full of threat since $999.00. just 22 years, the number of countries in nato has almost double and it's from fire from the north atlantic, which is what it was called. you know, what? it's so it's called the north atlantic treaty organization. but it's clearly the strategy became to surround russia. presentation is false on the part of, of lincoln. it's not russia that's marching westward. and i, you know, every year surrounding the united states a little bit more or germany or france or britain or any of the nato countries. but
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that is what is happening in regard to nato and its relationship to russia. russia has accused the us of risking the lives of civilian airline passengers. following an incident in the black sea region on friday, russian air traffic control says they were forced to divert to the course of 2 airliners to prevent them colliding with a nato spy plane or to ski. taylor picks up the store for us. it's no secret that the black sea region has become something of a hot spot in relations between the us and russia. the presence of american warships, as well as those of its nato allies. how then the policy being a cause of serious concern for moscow, which considers the area to be it's fair of influence, but it seems to have crossed over from concern and political games into very real physical danger. a nice thought is, according to the russian foreign ministry. on sunday, it released a statement warning that washington and nato cannot put people's lives at risk
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without expecting some kind of consequence. so what triggered these was one on friday news came in that russian at traffic control had been forced to change the course of 2 planes which were flying over the black sea. no one was making its way from tennessee to moscow. the other from the resort city of thought she to move from macedonia. i'm for why that decision was taken. what apparently, a nato recognizance pain was flying dangerously close to those 2 aircraft. in fact, the crew of one claim that they could see the native bombarded with very own eyes. we have of course, requested a comment from nato and all yet to hear back. but from the russian perspective, was all the more troubling is the nature plane, allegedly ignored numerous attempts by ground crew to make contact, which meant that for that. and that was where you only one way out of a potentially very tragic accident. and i was, of course, to die bought those 2 passenger jets. we all talking about a total of $300.00 people on board. so in light of this,
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you can probably now appreciate that strong reaction from the foreign ministry. according to them, you've got an unregistered foreign plain, which is refusing to make any contact with local authorities. what's more, it is a very close to hundreds of civilians, so it is in the eyes really paying politics with with innocent knives. now this latest incident follows a period of tensions that was off top on approved nature drills took place in the waters on top of that, a couple of days ago we had that to russian fight to jets, had been scrambled to escort spy pains away from its borders and at the same time, in recent days, really been hearing pretty hostile rhetoric from both american un nato officials, which are absolutely convinced that russia is planning some kind of invasion of ukraine as soon as the new year. partly, but once an aggressive rhetoric is part and parcel of modern diplomacy, i think we can all agree that creating potentially a very volatile situation, which put civilians at homes way is neither fat nor clean play
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violating asylum writes, that's the verdict of campaigners angry at an easy solution for migrants attempting to get into europe through the bell russian border. there are still roughly 2000 of them, stranded in bella. rue said temporary shelters. now brussels wants to extend the asylum processing time by months and keep the migrants in special camps while it happens. rights groups have warned that the plan sets a dangerous precedent. if the you can allow a minority of member states to throw out the rule book due to the presence of a few 1000 people at its border, it throws out any authority as on human rights in the rule of law, stopping detaining, and criminalize and people trying to find safety in europe, brakes international and european asylum law supporting the detention of migrants at e. u. borders puts politics over people's lives. the e. u is trying to get tough on migration, particularly on its east in bo,
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does. now in a bid to tackle the issue that it's gone to in 3 countries, controversial emergency asylum measures that will give poland lithuania and latvia. the power to hold people in special asylum processing centers, up to 16 weeks. that is a massive increase on the current timeframe that they can do that full weeks. the moves have shocked your human rights organizations. they've accused that you are playing politics with people's lives and bowing to pressure from eastern european member states. and that said that this is fueling an empty migration agenda. these new rules will also extend the time that these countries have the even officially register asylum applications that could now increased up to 4 weeks up from a maximum of 10 days. at the moment. now tensions on the eastern borders of the e,
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you have been high for many months. the you is accused bellow roots of frying migrants to minsk and dumping them with the buddha. the e. u says minsky is attempting to destabilize the union by flooding it with migrants in reaction to sanctions. it's placed on beller roost. minsk though, rejects these allegations. there are currently thought to be around $8000.00 migrants being held in centers in eastern europe in countries after they crossed over the border from belarus around $7000.00 more. a said to remain in belarus itself and what the commission describes the situation as improving. it still defends the idea behind these new measures to protect our borders and to protect people. we are giving flexibility and support to member states to manage this emergency situation without compromising on human rights. this should allow the
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member states in question to fully uphold the right to asylum and align legislation with the you a quiz. quit even you diplomats and nor makers of finding this pretty hard to swallow. they describe the move as lowering you standards and even violating you law, leaving many to question how the you can hold itself up as a protector on human rights on the one hand and implement these measures on the other. charlotte, even ski r t, paris. the proposal suggests that migrants weight in special closed camps on you territory while their applications are being processed. however, the head of ox firms, you office told r t the conditions there undermined basic loss. you're saying in substandard conditions. there's no legal aid for them and no health services, so they won't have a fair and your main asylum process. and that's the 1st concern. and then the 2nd concern is but because of the florida side and procedures in,
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in these border border detention center, it will also make it much easier to send people back to, to harm. we choose a clear violation of international refugee long. so those are the 2 main concerns for us. the commissioner also has said that these are not the highest number of migrants, right? it's a few 1000 and the you should be able to manage that in a fair and humane way. unfortunately, we've seen that every time when a situation at the border rises, whether that's now in, in poland and the baltic states, or whether it's on the southern border with greasy to lee or, or spain. there's hispanic, to reaction. and instead of managing it and working as you member states together to share the responsibility for hosting asylum seekers and for sharing responsibility for the for them aside and process. we see that is every time this is instead of political crisis this week
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a new variant of covered caused concern and has been rapidly spreading around the world. the omicron stream has now been detected and dozens of countries. my colleague unit o'neill, has more. the new variance 1st emerged in botswana late last month, and then in neighboring south africa. all micron has not been detected in almost 40 countries with the united states estrella among the latest signed to say it appears to spread twice as fast as the delta variant. let's get into that indeed, italian researchers have published the 1st images of the new strain on the left here is the delta variant, the right all me chron, which is the red area show has many more mutations on just to show at present. it doesn't appear, we need to say any more dangers with no debts in the world being reported from the street. the spy thought the world health organization is raising the alarm. we
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should a need another wake up called. we should all be wide awake to the threat of this virus, but all me, chromos, very emergencies. another reminder that also many of us might think we're done with global 19. it's not done with us on response to the new cobit strain. numerous nations have restricted travel from south africa with israel, japan going so far as the band all incoming travelers. i'm indeed many people have found themselves stranded in south africa as trouble buns are imposed. ortiz policy, a report from the countries busiest airport, destination desperation, aspiration and anger. these are just some of the emotions that people here in south africa all the experiencing. i'm here on the tambo important one is that this is the main international april in south africa. and as you can see, the airport is practically deserted. a far cry from the scene he saw just
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a short time ago when the people were arriving here. but to get on any available flight, often announcement was made that most international travel in and out of african states was being implemented. the situation such is that you now have tens of thousands of people who are stranded here in south africa. people who need to get back to jobs and families, and at the same time you have so many people have brought many from south africans desperate to get into the country. many of them have not been able to visit for at least 2 years. i think to them, okay, i'm coming to check in will i be able to get home? i'm only going 15 days just my my bash and she started computer interested all the flat for the same but had been cancelled. so if you go, you can get back within 3 days. i mean, it's all just completely changed and there's no way that i can go, i've been vaccinated 3 times, so i am as fascinate as to be i wouldn't make any difference. i do congratulate the
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leaders for taking such quick action, but i do think that they really need to fall before making decisions that really affect the lives of so many people. prices for the few remaining slice out of here have skyrocketed, as has the cost of mandatory coven testing. international community is cognizant of the fact that as many as 7 out of 10 south africans have not been vaccinated. now, south african scientists have been very vocal in saying that they were the 1st to come forward and be transparent about this new variant that has been found. it's not a south african very end, and that it is elsewhere in the global community that instead of being applauded, south africa has now been pushed on the blacklist policy r t to hannah's book, south africa. and right now, scientists are rushing to adopt existing vaccines to fight the new stream. that's the big challenge. alma aspect, a representative of the w h o and russia told us for when a mutation shows
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a number of i would say change is a number of rotations that we can relate to something either to previous knowledge . for example, the buyer. this variance has invitations many more mutations on this piper are pain is actually these the needle that the virus is using to get into the salad, make us infected, to actually cause infection to spread further. and this is why, because it has many more than other viruses at the very end, it has immediately come into concert. so i think i'm saying just acknowledge, but we don't have a logical noise. it's telling us at the moment that this is a more deadly virus. what do we know from south africa? is that maybe young people and this is where the cluster was detected. and we do know that callie's been young. people is lighter. we do not have reports and he's
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no man that is causing more severe disease or that it is more he thought this is not something that we should speculate off. we really need a bit more time. and this is why we have said that there is no place for planning, but there is place for preparedness, proportion, and action. while coated mainly poses a threat to elderly and vulnerable people. children aren't entirely immune. we visited a child health clinic where here in moscow to find out more ah what age are the children here and what condition are they into one of our children at age from one mumble to 17 years, the conditions varied severity for children here is severely ill and in the
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intensive care unit, unlike adults, co related pneumonia is less common among children, but it still happened listen, showing 3 to full and c t severity for 3 years. oh i thought so this means complete lung damage, almost 100 percent or store or what is especially alarming is that very importantly, just like an adult, there's a tendency for the disease to rapidly develop. meaning that at some point, no 10 percent of the lungs are affected. and then suddenly it's up to almost 100 percent. yes, that's exactly what we've been seeing. especially when parents wait too long to call a doctor. how old are you? 10 years out there. exactly. how do you feel? no, sometimes i have a headache, but i'm okay. that's not a my point. how long have you been ill? 10 days already? oh yes, i'm in my 2nd week, which are age puts are at risk, which is we've actually seen the highest incidence right among teenagers, 2 thirds of the children, escalade kid,
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look between 7 and 17 years old. why is because they are hanging out together and contact and each other all the time. right. among other things, yes, you now to them, it's mostly tmj is the become and thank you. sure, because they all was hanging out together here also because statistically, they demonstrate a more severe cause of illness than individuals of other ages to go get rid of them because their bodies are growing so fast. and because of their hormonal processes are yes, mono, bye grounds. and the physical transformation can influence deonna see more that the lessons are affected by more risk factors related to the course of the disease for you to chew with a name is and in their money is their thing. it's not a harmless disease, it's not sorry that we sound the alarm and there is a disease for which there is no medicine. we have to day the course of the disease is unpredictable. we don't know why someone has it hard and someone else has an easy human. we, as we know there are risk groups, but for some unknown reason with a severe case of the disease and i can be observed among healthy children.
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ah, there is a child and eventually wearing an oxygen mask. well yes, the child is really missing his mother, which is logical. that's why we always talk to him. the doctors are always with him . otherwise, he can tear off the mask that children are getting much sick than in the 1st way. and worse than the 2nd. and 3rd or yes, worse than waves 2 and 3, which in joker is yours or for us near your full complications develop very often after covered you, i do not depend on the severity of the disease is covered. this even children who have shown no symptoms face complications. what do you think about vaccinated adults? i think it's a very good idea. you 3 me hasn't died. there is no time to wait for children. also a source of infection, which if children are not vaccinated, we will not be able to grade the necessary collective immunity, which we have all been talking about her so love yet that works in that are both
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with the vaccine work. so what should the concerns be here? the theoretically, we understand that this vaccine cannot be more dangerous than ada. no virus infection. well, some of the vaccine is infectious for cell will, but not for the body in between. at the level of the organism, the virus does not reproduce the earth, doesn't have any real sinew, priesthood. ah, britain is led by a clown. that's how the french president repeatedly branded boys johnson this week . as francis, former u. k. envoy warns relations have hit their lowest point in more than 200 years. many micron allegedly made the remarks in a private conversation after a number of public rouse, bo talks to me, full speed, everything's going well. we have grown up conversations, but he strikes me before and after, as having an inelegant way about him. it's always the same circus. it's sad to see such a great country with which we could do so much led by a clown. well,
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in the latest spot, micron took offense to a letter. johnson tweeted that appeared to blame france for the record flow of asylum seekers. parents promptly scrapped its invitation to the u. k. to a european meeting on immigration r t host and former m p. george galloway says people on both sides of the channel are being let down badly by their leaders only old fashioned, but i don't think the heads of state and heads of government should be publicly talking to each other and about each other in this way. it is indeed a toxic on tong corby all that we have now. but if but as johnson is the circus clown, i'm afraid the manual micron is the circus dwarf and the british and the french deserve better than the leaders that they have. but they're the only leaders that we've got and they have to get on with resolving war on i think post partum
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politics. this is a anti nato, a post natal depression, on the part of the french and b, e u. in general. we have left them, they find it impossible to bear. they want us to fail. they want us even to suffer, and they are ready, as is abundantly clear every day to permit the flow of thousands of people every week trance has the opportunity to elect a new president. soon i hope they take the opportunity to make a change. just as i wish that the british people could make a change, i'm satisfies with neither of these 2 leaders. but as long as they are the leaders, then they have to obey diplomatic norms with political tension already fraught in france ahead of next year's election fighting broke out at the far right
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presidency candidate, eric the more raleigh in paris. on sunday, the, the brawl broke out after anti racism. activists stood up wearing no 2 racism, t shirts. media reports say at least 2 activists were left bleeding. in a related scene, at the event, reports have emerged of the presidency candidate himself being caught up in the chaos and briefly held in a headlock my protesters. really a local, if you'll be in community gathered to protest in the lebanese city a route on sunday. they are against us interference in ethiopia, which is gripped by conflict. the main rebel group fighting the government is the key gray people's liberation front. the country which is under sanction by the us, has slammed to washington for actions. it says legitimize the separatist group, 14 people have been killed and more than 50 injured after the mountain. so mayor
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volcano, on the indonesian island of java erupted on saturday after colossal ash clouds mud slides and fears of further major or options. a large scale evacuation is now taking place over a 1000 people have reportedly been driven to find shelter in emergency accommodation and hundreds are hurriedly relocating after livestock amid the disaster. and it does ring this r. i will be back in just under 33 minutes with another look at your weekly stay with us or to international the i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to great trust,
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rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot most protective own existence with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offensive, very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time, time to sit down and talk with
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it. i have to say that the stand, the criteria in germany for many years has been compatibility with public opinion. those politicians past has competent react in line with what people expect from them, but public opinion is produced or shaped by mass media. those are shaped by journalists, most german journalists are sympathizers of the social democrats of the green. therefore as long as of course, you read my social democratic policy projects, you parents is a competent leader with
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ah, with you a tool that was bad for your eyes and your post. yeah. it would still be you from having real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they failed to mention is that you could make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video games. a couple of them because i always wanted to listen to wesley with georgia, was me. he who comes with his older phone, of course, to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quickly. i'm going to open up with that information in people's lives near him and miss thompson. yeah. will i.


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