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tv   News  RT  December 6, 2021 11:00am-11:31am EST

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ah, ah, pat lines right now here, what are t vladimir putin arrives in india on his own. the 2nd trip abroad since the pandemic kicked off, and it comes just a day ahead of the president's plan video chat with joe biden. this added the message from joe biden, as the western media goes into overdrive with allegations of an imminent, of the full scale invasion of ukraine. also in the program with europe in the grip of a winter of discontent. over soaring energy prizes, a group of monitoring fuel poverty, warns of household heating bills on the u. k. could soon double vaccination cooperation the best way to beat the pandemic? that's the warning from the president of the international federation of the red cross of speaking to us here at archie,
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international in boston. ah, well, it's already been a very busy monday. p. a worldwide headlines here were naughty international now or just after 7 pm here in moscow. a very warm welcome to you. so vladimir putin is in new delhi where he and the indian prime minister and the rent and marriage of modi . they've been holding a big bilateral meeting. all the press has been there are the 2 leaders are expected to exchange views on key international issues, including a joint work within the g 20 of the bricks group. and of course the out of the shanghai cooperation organization. i'm russia's foreign and defense ministers are also there. they touched down just about a day earlier, and i've already met with their indian counterparts. and the country's leaders have already expressed a positive outlook towards the upcoming negotiations. india, we see india as a great power,
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a friendly nation relations between our countries and developing and looking into the future. i'll positions on very many issues coincide. we continue to develop our relations both in the international arena and in the military sphere. they conducting joint military exercises both in india and in russia. we grateful for the attention to this part of our work. we intend to continue working in this direction. agreements concluded today in various fields will help expand our corporation. our defense partnerships are strengthened through joint development and joint production on finance carol to lead his details. now here's our correspondent artes roman culture. there is a lot of significance concerning this set, but indeed, this is russia, presidents only a 2nd. foreign visits during the pandemic are the 2 leaders of our russian india were supposed to meet in 2020. as
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a response to the render mode is a visit to the economic form in nav lighting, vosta. unfortunately, the global pandemic had al thirds of those plans and the, the meeting is taking place right now. indeed, the russian representation is acquired, big there in india with the foreign minister, sergey allowed rav and a russian defense minister survey shobel, arriving to speak with their indian counterparts. now, as for vladimir putin, in recent days, his stress, the talks about the importance of development of relations with india and his 1st that's the country of india, is one of the most authoritative sensors of multi polar world. at the moment. now tra, as for the trade relationship between the 2 countries, well it's been growing recently as well. if we're talking about the 2021 numbers they are at the 8800000000 earlier are russian foreign and defense minister met
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with their agent counterparts. and that 2 plus 2 of formats answer, they discussed key originally regional issues. and those include the asia pacific and the situation and central asia as well. russian foreign minister, sergey laval stressed that the 2 countries will stand together in the face of attempts to change a dialogue to some other kind of a different format. we will, as we've expressed our serious concerns to our indian friends about the activities that united states is engaged in here under the banner of the so called indo pacific strategies creating closed blocks structures here. now the russia, india summit is sake in place ahead of let him have pollutants on line thoughts with his american counterparts. joe boyd's and, and recent escalations of tensions regarding ukraine. meanwhile, back in india, early a russian defense minister sergey shaw ago said that corporation between russia and
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india is growing each year. and it's an old time high and i was certain contracts and protocols had been signed during this visit, visits regarding of small arms and also military operations. of course, we will hear more details about that when we hear the joint statements of russian president vladimir putin. an indian prime minister there, and ramadi, or just a touch earlier i spoke with a dean of the gender school of international affairs, had tacos for rama challah, who believes that talks between put in a, an modi or clear sign of the strength of their partnership. i think for russia it helps to show is that is not only china, it also has indiana to site and that helps to count better. you know, i knew western adams to isolate russia. india has never gone along with any american. and he should needs to isolate on law, impose sanctions odd rule, why court russia did that in 2014, also, or after the crimea,
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or was it integrated into russia? the barack obama administration are reminded that the, we should know, join sanctions and why got russia? we know what did that, and i stood by years, so we would hope that better sense prevails. we are also talking to the west on the issue of our sanctions threatened sanctions on india because we're buying the s 400 from russia. and we'll categorically build them with russia. it's a special partnership. we can never abandon them. moscow has rebuffed claims as poise to invade ukraine, saying they bad, no relation to reality. also adding, and that it's the americans who acting belligerently in the region. that's as western media and politicians ratchet up speculation about a possible war. and according to some reports, european intelligence agencies gave that version of events, very little credibility that is, until washington stepped in. many allies were not convinced that serious things
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were happening. we were surprised about this intelligence gap. how and why the u. s . we're seeing things that we were not seeing. if i have to compare soundbites from before this info and then at the nato meeting in riga, there was a big shift towards the u. s. version of things. well, the new wave of attentions comes out of the us on the russian president's prepared to hold a video called within the next 24 hours. i guess joe biden, though he doesn't look particularly well in the mood to negotiate. yes, oh. of course, the diplomacy is out and red lines are there to be crossed when the big bad wolf is planning a land grab ring a bell. a similar warning came in the spring when russian troops gathered for snap training exercises. and again, when military drills were conducted in crimea, and only recently moscow was supposedly the mastermind of a qu,
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in key of remember the currency of no mean either because it didn't happen. in fact, none of the predictions came true, but this time apparently it's different. this time, it's the real deal, and to feed the fair, even drawing up the kremlin battle plans the new year offensive. and for the umpteenth time this year, russia is forced to defend the presence of its own troops on its own land. russia is not a threat to any country. the deployment of russian troops on the national territory is our sovereign roy and no one's business. it is nato on its members states a recklessly moving their military forces and infrastructure to the russian borders . so what is washes red line, us spy pains jetting towards rushes borders. passenger jets with hundreds of civilians on board. diverted because an nato re complain was to close and wouldn't
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respond to ground control. the actions by the u. s. air force created the threat to civilization and the fact that the catastrophe was averted over the backseat doesn't mean that the u. s. and nato can go on the risk in people's lives with impunity. the latest american war ship sailing into waters bordering russia. what issues was nature? you know, a u. s. warship has now entered the block. see, we can see it through binoculars or the crosshairs of a defense systems to a better one or multiple missile systems just across the face. it would it be possible to look at where nato's military infrastructure is located, just a short distance from our borders. in romania, poland bush and to massage defense systems have already been deployed and they can easily be converted into offensive missile systems that targets us. it only takes a matter of minutes to change the software. now, instinct tells me that if a russian destroy was spotted steaming into new york harbor, it would be a flaming red line for washington. but believe it or not for us all, this is
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a pink line at best. the real issue is nato, or rather, nato's expansion and expanded it has from this humble state in 1990 to this empire in 2020. now back in the day, russia was promised, nater would grow not one inch eastward of berlin. wel, that's berlin. so no, it's not an ent, it's over a 1000 kilometers. and now it's knocking out rushes door. ukraine joining nato and we've been talking about it for a long time is a red line for us. the continual drawing of keys into the military orbit of the alliance, the de facto start of natives, assimilation of the military infrastructure of this country. and the desire to turn it into a foothold for confrontation with russia could all cause severe negative consequences and destabilize the military and political situation in europe. but lucky for nato, it's got a gas out of jail free card because in politics, well promises are made to be broken. where is that? where is that written down?
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where is that from? was written down and under the from religious friends among the rich girl that you think what you want us to acknowledge it. in the meantime, the us on phased by its terrible track record of predicting russian behavior is covering its bases and drawing up some economic sanctions. you know, just in case i'll throw nothing screams diplomacy more than getting your threats in a row before high stakes meeting. when all of us talk of invasion is what you're wondering just what is going on. why don't check out the views of scott ritter on our website. that's called richer as an x u. s. intelligence officer. he says he's not buying what the tabloids is selling right now. you can read why it r t dot com. well, meanwhile, ukraine is also pushing the moscow threat narrative or the defense ministers calling on the u. s. u. k. and canada to provide military support to counter the suppose at risk of a russian invasion, and his warning of
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a potential migrant crisis. if war does break out, that might seem like a bit of a threat to some people. let's learn more about this now. crossing live to crick, i'm very, a journalist and political analyst joining us a live here when he international chris a very good evening to you. you've heard the reports. you've seen the tabloids. russia has repeatedly denied any plans, the military action against ukraine. why is key of right now raising the supposed to threat, do you thing? so this is still on here. i think there's the restaurant for joe biden. i'm a grown for this service you encounter with you. korean is becoming more, more almost hysterical in demand. so that, you know, to join nato and it should be supplied with high tech weapons by america and the west and the britain. when i was thinking pro is as agree just recently to supplier with software software. so kia is becoming more and more cervical because it's going to the situation. it's not getting what it was,
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the way it's of the national membership. but there are growing voices. and the way you are say, why is you create not being allowed to join nato? despite the fact that this is very clear, this is a red wine which russian will not allow it to be cross good simply, if you crave to join nato, it will be over with over a 100 miles no less to 300 miles more school. on the traditional invasion route, taken by the nazis before that. and that is something which brings back memories, role memories, in the case of the 2nd world war. and is something russia is going to do with act suit, transportation. and as mentioned in pack, it breaks the promise given to mikhail gorbachev. need to not, not a alliance, any members, any of the former satellite states over the soviet union, eastern europe, and indeed the former soviet republics. i promised broken and it was made ever and there was, was a promise, but it was a bit of
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a gentleman's agreement wasn't had and it was never put on paper and that, and that's why you've got the western press going going well. well, this was never on paper, so there's no promise, you know, violation, blah, blah, blah. i wanted to ask you, ukraine's defense minister once western powers to get involved. but as far as i remember, they never really left chris. i mean, the 2014 might on revolution. that was basically a case of u. s. regime change. and since then, nato weapons have been flooding into eastern you crate. i mean, i read a report recently, the u. k. military chiefs, a training ukrainian soldiers and american weapons are still pouring into ukraine. now with a defense minister in kiev saying he wants western powers to get involved. how much more involved, could they be? the quite correct. of course, we've also see these needle exercises in the black sea with british america and other vessels, not just going into russian territory waters, but also bit busy, crazy busy government ministers in ukraine and providing stuff back up. no. so what the west is doing here, by the way, you're right. it's also providing somebody as
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a back up of these need y exercises. not just trying to reassure you cream, but also trying to threaten russia. know where the russian church they were in russia. the not invasion ukraine. why don't use an excel, i say, is using the presence of those troops to pull up our call in the build up of these talks, the july to like, my hope is when the to meet by video league. actually, they will cram things down and come to an arrangement, come to a deal because we need this. we had a very dangerous situation or nato expansion nationwide highway coming in to the region natal troops, british american troops of british troops and now in the bible restored up and backing up. the poles, as you mentioned, is out of train actually gradients. you know, this situation as we know from history can add to it because when you have
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a miller to build up and entrees was taking place regionally, the slightest mistake can suddenly went to a competition and a compensation could spit out of control. well, i think there, chris, that's right, i do say it's a jump. so get law for all from vladimir putin that, that, that, but they both wanting, if, if they want they, they both said the threat of a war in eastern europe has now returned. but they're blaming it on nato war games in the region. and this kind of war based rhetoric coming out of kia. i mean, do you think, is it possible that all of a sudden, invasion rhetoric, chris, could it just lead to an easy way to sanction russia again, because russia is always getting sanction for some thing just to keep coming. i mean, i think your support to see the, since the elected president, joe biden has taken a very talk actually that we spoke with russia and china. a, one of the reasons for doing that is domestic way. there is this rupture, which is the democrats and republicans, this, they've not been working together. he sees the partners general agreement. we're
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taking a hardware, it's more russian, china, as a way of rebuilding the relationship with the republicans, which is necessary for america to be ruled in that way. so as a domestic agenda, but by didn't extremely tough. what we were talking about on this, i mean, said that if push came to shop, i mean, it wouldn't be a very strong position to resist any russian invasion. but that's unlikely to happen. you know, russia is not, it's how stupid it knows that if it was to invaded it, it would risk an occupation. it was draw resistors. we've been here before. i think it's highlighted by that. good. it's my hope is the reference from woodside. you've been ratcheted up in the build up to this up as you encounter at that meeting. actually things will settle down. i know we some sort of deal on this and in the american sports health care. com don't just calm down, keep going. well, i'd, i'd my, your optimizon, chris, because, you know, we, we've heard this anti russian rhetoric in this war. rhetoric is so many times over
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and over and over again. i, i just don't know how much more patience russia has left. i mean, to be perfectly frank with you. listen before i let you go, chris, i just want to ask you one more question. before i let you go, the ukrainian defense chief mentioned the risk of a new refugee crisis. if western powers don't jump in and help ukraine with this russian threat, do you think of that might help to persuade europe? i think it might well to because in that we're seeing the militarization of european border. we've seen that in poland and a mediterranean, we've seen this way. the way you talk about these refugees, little weapons in the hands of bells and russia. really human beings trying to flee chaos, the west and america has cause in places like iraq. you know, it's g human additional them. so i think this is another lawyer right here to try and get, are you support by scaring them this idea?
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this is down you to refugees going to be alone into easton ukraine and then on to towards the borders with a scare tactic used by care, along with many others. this idea is russia is behind everything. there's going role in the west from, you know, the cat lands wanted independence. no, it was the russians is behind it. and it's just a pile of mistress, chris brown, very journalist and political analysts joining us live on our team international really enjoy that. thanks for the chat, chris brits could soon have to pay double to heat their homes. that is according to the u. k. fuel poverty monitor, citing a planned increase to the energy price cap next april. the cost of living in the u . k. is that its highest level in a decade with household energy bills, the biggest driver, when the costs of essential services go up. those on the lower thing can get his hardest. it is estimated some 4000000 british households are currently behind on
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their energy bills. and each and every winter, roughly $10000.00 deaths nationally caused by cold homes. the latest pollings address tough, the country is more worried about the cost of heating the homes and it is to do with anything related to cov, it was changed around us and the founder of a company that provides emergency heating to the elderly. so the u. k. government is not doing enough to help those either in fuel property or those facing fuel poverty. the few quite sure the united kingdom is betty. so we're because the usage is very high. the cost is very high with usage. people that have to pick between he think of the whole all put on the table, in my opinion, my honest opinion, the comments are not taking any steps at all to reduce you or who publicly within the united kingdom in the correct manner. so failure to provide equal,
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worldwide access to vaccines may result in new strains emerging. that's the warning from the president of the international federation of the red cross. i had a big chat with him in the past 24 hours that we talked about covey. we talked about a whole bunch of issues including that of the ongoing migrant crisis in eastern europe. and there were some county 9 european union, for example. we administer that there dosa. while in africa, we sta, louisa raised that tisa temper, sandy boonies, engrossed with 0 percent salt. something that says morgana said that what we're ready to rule so far, we are ready to scale up our activities in africa. but daddy, the shoes about our audited the, the vaccines to have access to the vaccines. we have to put pressure on the pharmaceutical companies are there, you will be an union, the united states, u. k. we invested the b unsolved dollars, sir. and researcher, due to the dual to make this vaccine accessible. so why the boy discount ended up
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being counties that, that did not derive that to have access. so i think these, it should be a common gold, not something that said belong to the, to the, from a central young company is the beginning, their bellamy, a did it on them. it has been politicized to look at they, they did, they did the level of the fake news or their day even political lisa had to spread . busy around the world. so this is something that unfortunate has been 40 decisive bukasa. it has to do with the field to people. it's up to the political leader to follow they, they advise is coming from they sankey, community to least and not to them, to walk with them to avoid the total, to put at the, on the same level and diesel to the media is an important responsibility. yes, and tv community and people the media and the governments are continuing to ring the alarm bells over this very end. but we're having the w h o. the chief australian medical officer and the south african medical association saying don't
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panic. what do you say we should follow the. the advisors coming from the debris had shaw in this and given community saw, dwarfed, and a political lead us and the government. substituting a there this and given community in dealing with a call in 19 and, and it is day the deal to may davies and sat in terms of our over, ah, did, did, did the reason why we have these new very answer. so we have cold, it will, you may davy. the incident that we'd outta i brought my vaccinations without giving access to any human beings to the maxine de risk of new volumes. sir hays age of very high aga, and we can not blame also, these is another aspect of it, for as is, it is of concern. we kinda, we can not blame a day. so having a scientist, a tool to hook for a heavy anger, i opened the door to the scientific community about these new discovery galaxy i think was i was a good idea. unfortunately is not working as expected. so the number of
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distribution out of the vaccine swell. comb michael that so he's i ism, is not sole high aga and i, we, we expected much more ride themself. general she from the international community and there. and they had the idea that was a good idea. he will start to, to give the priority, and then she'll distribution my callback, sir, to the medical doctors to the note says that i'm working on the front line. and unfortunately, this is workinger. lest if you keep a sense or fire, so then i'm, they said very, very, very low and that is issa eyes and i did aspect of the international committee should take as easily in consideration. so we have to do more intensive distribution and giving access the better will sit cross with this part of the international federation. i see that the moment is they're doing a, a good job of course disease and i'm not tommy tamar, long term solution that area hosted in a shelter area, but so far to the out in the warm environment and,
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and we are engaging in attic discussion. we de been the government of mendosa tool to find either solution of them and put on the unfortunately we don't have access to the board to unfortunately i'm not even nineties. as i said, he's on a full consent for myself that i'm not surprised about a european union not. and they were just county ira reacting guy in dealing with the human beings. this is, and i'm wondering if you're losing global humanity because he's not about every county has the right to set up policies for migrations. we have not question. it's about diety, the humanity on which we have to, to treat every human beings. this is the only point that we are racing that get back to our top story for you here. we're not you international. those talks between the leaders of russia and india while they've just wrapped up in new delhi . let. so learn more on cross live now to the indian capital parties are ilia patricia. now joining us earlier, good eating to you a do we know much about what was agreed upon in this big,
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high profile meeting for a good evening. whoa, sorry, i couldn't talk to you because i was actually inside the palace where the talks were happening and we didn't have a chance to establish connection to go live. now, finally out i am outside the talks of just wrapped up. it's almost 10 pm id. be at the indian capital and i of water by bruton is in debt, as for the not wanting to write leap back to rush up because we understand that the next day and he will have a very port protected conversation with you as president joe vide now what makes sir this visit to india? absolute archival is that the, the last french or by the russian president vladimir putin was to geneva,
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where the grand summit between the leaders of the western russia happened. the 1st one with joe biden, in that capacity. and of course, we do understand as that the west is watching. some eyebrows are a being raised as a russia maintains what moscow's calling highly privileged partnership with delhi b. understand that russia is building and actually upgrading a nuclear power plant in the big contract to sandra, sorry, to sell missile defense systems when the b s. and some of russia's most advanced military technology and the uh, production of a classic of machine guns will start in india, and that is one of the agreements that have been signed today. now i spoke exclusively to the kremlin zer as spokesperson. dmitri pasco, about this,
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and that he is what exactly he told me. yes, to go at it or if we talk about how high the early of pace of development of military technical cooperation between us and india was looking at when for example, an agreement was reached on the sale of the s 400 missile complexes. and what has been agreed upon now, how can this be compared to lunged asian was military. technical corporation is a very important component of our bilateral relations with india. and as the president said today at the beginning of his conversation with mr. moody, these relations are quite unique in their essence because we jointly not only develop but also establish joint production of high tech military products. these are well known missiles that we're making together, and now the production of kalashnikov as being established here. and other equipment. this is extremely important and this is an advanced format of corporation. now, at the same time out there, arkansas have been voiced by moscow as well. in particular by the foreign minister
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was also here. the russian ministry of defense was also present at the meeting. now we heard from them that they're concerned about the bill to be 50 of the us in the indo pacific. and we understand that under prime minister modi that ties between india and u. s. have been a precinct and improving, but at the same time we've learned today that india is ready to maintain that balance and they see russia as a friend clearly. so perhaps in the way they're building their relations with us, that there's a certain point beyond which they won't go now. i'll be coming back with more details in about half an hour. so rory, i hope i can talk to you soon. all right, on caesar, leah patricia, thanks very much for that. are near ha, past 7 right now. actually on monday evening here at moscow. thank you so much for spending time with us. it's been a very busy monday for you. well do,
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i'd headlines. it will continue into the evening hours with my colleague union o'neill, he's out the desk and half an hour's time for the meantime. thank you for joining me. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. oh i the.


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