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brown ah, the russian president and indian prime minister wrap up top level talks in new delhi just the day before vladimir putin planned video conference with joe biden. the kremlin spokesman who's in india with president putin slum nato's aggressive stance on moscow. mitre prescott spoke exclusively toward t. mm hm. as of now, we see that nato demonstrates it's extremely aggressive position. we, she miss the sultan, bugs rhetoric. we see the different, you se, there's rhetoric. we don't like that. we do everything to ensure are own interest with the message from president biden of the western media goes into overdrive with
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allegations of an imminent russian invasion of ukraine. ah, for a moscow to the world, this is our t pleasure to have your company. my name's union o'neill vladimir put on the indian prime minister and to render moody have rub. don't bilateral talks in new delhi, it's only the 2nd time the russian president has traveled abroad since the pandemic began. artillio per tranquil reports, not from india's capital. to understand russia's international priorities, this han allowed to understand where moscow stand on the global chessboard. it just worth realizing what the russian president vladimir putin was up to less than 24 hours before the crucial. i'd even say mega vital video conference with the u. s.
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president joe biden, he went to new delhi and left the indian capital late in the night, and you only arrived in saw cheap russia early in the morning. in the meantime, in the west, mainly by nato countries. moscow is being accused of plotting some sort of invasion of ukraine or a rust accused of being aggressive elsewhere in the world. and calls are a very loud to once again isolate russia. now, a while, all of this is happening. moscow wants to show that up. it's got friends in asia and it's ready to expand these kind of ties if the western countries aren't looking forward to building partnerships with russia. in fact, to have latimer potent and a renter muddy are always calling each other friends. and they've had this warm relationship for years now already. but of course it's not only about did the personal friendship between the 2 leaders in
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a joint statement that was already published on the kremlin website. there are $99.00 paragraphs outlining the things that either have already been done together or that will be done together in the near future. this shows how much share india and russia c i to why at this point and how they want to increase cooperation in so many fields ranging from science, nuclear cooperation, space exploration. but most importantly, a military ties as well. this is what i asked. 3 the kremlin spokesperson dmitri past gov. about when i was speaking him exclusively in the palace behind my shoulder injury. we're military technical corporation is a very important component of our bilateral relations with india. and as the president said today at the beginning of his compensation with mr. moody, these relations are quite unique in their essence because we jointly not only
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develop but also establish joint production of high tech military products. these are well known missiles that we're making together, and now the production of kalashnikov as being established here. and other equipment. this is extremely important and this is an advanced format of corporation, special privileged valued partnership. these are the words that are constantly being used by the members of the 2 delegations. i can remind you that india as buying rushes arms. india is buying the most advanced missile defense system. russian made the asset 400. russia is upgrading a nuclear power plant. here in this country, new delhi is ready to invest up to a $1000000000.00 in russia, and that in russia's far east, in particular, this is of course, something that is raising quite a few eyebrows in the west. and if we're talking this crucial military cooperation,
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frayed in arms and weapons, and there's a special program that outlines plans for a 10 year period. the previous one has just expired. and i can tell you that moscow in india have signed a new one, which is going to be valid until 2031. and yes, india has agreed to assemble the famous russian collage. think of guns, too. and geo politics specialists. dr. sharon chola believes that talks between britain and moody are a clear sign of the strength of their partnership. i think for, for russia it helps to show his that is and only china. it also has india on site. and that helps to counter you know, any less than adams to isolate russia. india has never gone along with any american initiatives to isolate or to impose sanctions or do y got russia. did that in 2014, also. after the crimea was due to russia. barack obama administration are
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reminded that we should join sanctions and by god, russia, we never did that. and so we would hope that better since prevails. we are also talking to the west on the issue of sanctions trenton sanctions on india, because we are buying the s 400 from russia and we can go to them with russia. it's a special partnership. we can never abandon them in our exclusive interview, or a correspondent the kremlin spokesperson treat your pesca also talked about tomorrow's call at between the russian leader and his american count for he sees it comes amid some fairly aggressive rhetoric against moscow. sydney digital can we are preparing for the video conference to morrow. president, putin and president biden will be having a talk. this is a very complicated movement for the talks. the rhetoric coming from the u. s. and e u leaders sounds pretty aggressive. we,
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she plenty of fake news about russia allegedly planning an aggressive invasion. at the same time, no one talks to key if no one wants key of against even thinking of military intervention in the dynette can lugens conflict. and given the complicated background of us russian relations, it will be a difficult talk for the leaders. now we see that nato demonstrates it's extremely aggressive position. we see mr. stoughton bugs, rhetoric. we see the different, you se, there's rhetoric. first, they will say that they don't accept any red lines. second, they say that native will do whatever it wants, furred it will do it on whatever territory it wants forth. all of this is aimed to deter russia. we don't like that. we do everything to ensure our own interests under previous administrations when at least something constructive remained in our relations. our countries had reached an agreement to establish a secure video cool line for the highest level contact. it had been abandoned until
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now, although it's technical working order had been maintained. but now i think since everyone has been using the video cool format for the past 2 years, we decided to revive this line, especially since it allows us to discuss the most secret topics allows the kremlin spokesperson mentioned, there are claims have been spreading that russia's poise to invade ukraine moscow's rubbish, the accusation saying there are no relation to reality. russia other than the americans who are acting belligerently in the region of media and politician, ratchet off the regulation, but a possible war. now, according to some reports, by the way, european intel agencies gave that 1st of events, little credibility to washington stuff in many allies, were not convinced that serious things were happening. we were surprised about this intelligence gap. how and why the u. s. we're seeing things that we were not seeing
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if i have to compare soundbites from before this info. and then at the nato meeting in riga, there was a big shift towards the u. s. version of things. and date, as we've been going through the new wave of tensions come as the us and russian presidents prepared to hold a video call on tuesday. but joe biden looks in no mood to negotiate. yes, oh, of course, the diplomacy is out and red lines of that to be crossed when the big bad wolf is planning a land grab ring a bell. a similar warning came in the spring when russian troops gathered for snap training exercises. and again, when military drills were conducted in crimea, and only recently moscow was supposedly the mastermind of a qu, in key of remember the currency of no mean either because it didn't happen. in fact,
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none of the predictions came true, but this time apparently it's different. this time, it's the real deal, and to feed the fair, even drawing up the kremlin battle pans the new year offensive. and for the umpteenth time this year, russia is forced to defend the presence of its own troops on its own land. russia is not a threat to any country. the deployment of russian troops on the national territory is our sovereign roy and no one's business. it is nato on its members states a recklessly moving their military forces and infrastructure to the russian borders . so what is washes red line, us spy pains jetting towards rushes borders. passenger jets with hundreds of civilians on board. diverted because an nato re complain was to close and wouldn't respond to ground control. the actions by the u. s. air force create the threat to civilization and the fact that the catastrophe was averted over the backseat
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doesn't mean that the u. s. nato can go on the risk in people's lives with impunity . the latest american war ship sailing into waters bordering russia. what issues was nature? you know, a us warships is now entered the bloodstream when we can see it through binoculars will the crosshairs of other than system the system a better one or multiple missile systems just across the face. it would be awesome with him. look at where nato's military infrastructure is located, just a short distance from our borders. in romania, holland bush, lansing, we saw defense systems have already been deployed and they can easily be converted into offensive missile systems that targets us. it only takes a matter of minutes to change the software. now, instinct tells me that it's a russian destroy. i was spotted steaming and to new york harbor. it would be a flaming red line for washington. but believe it or not for us all, this is a, a pink line at best. the real issue is nato, or rather, nato's expansion and expanded it has from this humble state in
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1990 to this empire in 2020. now, back in the day, russia was promised, nato would grow not one inch eastward of berlin. well, that's berlin. so no, it's not an ent, it's over a 1000 kilometers. and now it's knocking out rushes door. ukraine joining nato and we've been talking about it for a long time is a red line for us. the continual drawing of keys into the military over to the alliance, the de facto start of natives, assimilation of the military infrastructure of this country. and the desire to turn it into a foothold for confrontation with russia could all cause severe negative consequences and destabilize the military. and political situation in europe, but lucky for nato, it's got a get out of jail free card. because in politics whoa promises are made to be broken. where is that? where is that written down? where is that from? was written down. and under the rumor,
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this friend of mine will enrich current which i didn't catch her when i struck murray to do it. in the meantime, the u. s. unfazed, by its terrible track record of predicting russian behavior is covering its bases and drawing up some economic sanctions. you know, just in case, after all, nothing screams diplomacy more than getting your threats in a row before a high stakes meeting. yes, huskier mentioned an instant last friday that was when russian air traffic control how to divert to passenger airliners near ukraine to prevent a collision with us spy plane. moscow accused washington of causing a threat to civil aviation and risking lives at the pentagon has just now issued a statement all not denying that it's plain, put any one in danger before the talk of a russia ukraine. conflict has got you wondering what's really going on? why not check out the views of scott ritter on
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a website from us until officer does not by what various outlets are selling. read all about it from r t dot com. meanwhile, kia continues to push the moscow threat normative, the defense minister has no call in the u. s. the u. k. and calendar to provide military support to counter this suppose at risk of a russian invasion and he's warning of a potential migrant crisis. if war does break out, we spoke to political commented or crisp on brian why he thinks key of is raising the said. posted threats were always hysterical demands latino to join nato. and it should be supplied with high tech weapons by america in the west. so key ab is becoming more warm cervical because it's going to the situation and it's not getting what it was, the way it sounds, a nasal membership. but there are growing voices in the way. you are say, why is you create not being allowed to join nato?
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despite the fact wagner piece is very clear. this is a read why image russian will not want to be cross. good. simply, if you creating the joy nato, it will be what was over a 100 miles in some ways to 300 miles more school. something russia is going to you with absolute reputation breaks the promise given mikhail gorbachev. that need to know why he says alliance any members, any of the former satellite states over the soviet union, eastern europe, and indeed, the former soviet republics. i promised broke it and it was made. everyone knows it was made a quarter of an hour into the program. this is r t still ahead. many hands make a light work. president of the red cross tells the program, cooperation on vaccines is the only way to beat the pandemic. that story, and more sure. ah
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ah ah, ah ah, ah, ah, a ah, with oh, focused on ukraine, joe biden says, i don't accept any one's red line. russia's foreign minister southgate marlborough
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says. the nightmare scenario of military confrontation is returning on this edition of the program, we examined the significance of both statements. i say, oh hello again. in a controversial move, new york is set to become the 1st us city to require coven vaccines. for all private sector workers, maribel de blasio safe. the rule will take effect later this month, just days before his term ends. our teeth kill him up in reports. new york city mayor bill de blasio, who portrays himself as a national leader in the fight against colbert 19, has taken a pretty bold move and announced a vaccine mandate for the whole city of new york. for all private businesses,
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he cited the on the kron variant as well as cold weather and seasonal fluids and other factors in making this decision. quite a big move from the new york city mayor, who is outgoing, he will soon be out of office. here is what he said. as of today, we're going now say, 1st in the nation, measure our health commissioner. well, now's a vaccine mandate for private sector employers across the board. now, vaccines are already required for all city employees that teachers, firefighters, police officers, emergency medical workers, etc. furthermore, they are required for the staff of all religious and private schools in new york city. but this new mandate will hit a 184000 private businesses across the city of new york. they will be required to have vaccinations for all of their employees. quite a dramatic move and there's been quite a negative reaction and response. may
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a de blasio will impose a 1st in the nation vaccine mandate for all private sector workers in new york city . build up last year. isn't a mer he's a tyrant. just spoke to catherine wild, the president of a prominent n y c business group. we were blindsided, there is no full warning, no discussion, no idea about whether it's legal or who he expects to enforce it. new york city announces covey vaccine mandate for private businesses going where no city has gone before, because it's potentially unenforceable, and will probably get stuck in the courts until well off to the med to parts at the end of the year. now the new york city mayor expects that this will survive any legal challenges. we already saw a situation where for a moment jo biden's, federal mandate was put on hold by the courts. but then later upheld in the court of appeal. and bill de blasio expects the same except expects that the courts will uphold this mandate and it will move ahead. now it's important to note the mandate
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will go into effect on december 27th, which is the day. it's actually 4 days before bill de blasio is set to leave office and be replaced by new york city. mayoral elect, eric adams, the new mayor, will be coming in and replacing bill de blasio 4 days after the mandate. now eric adams, the incoming mayor, who was elected in the vote a few months ago, says that he plans to meet with people who are critical of the mandate and listen to what they had to say. and if you taken notice of the tone in the city right now, and the anger that may prove to be a little bit more than he is bargaining for your in russia, the country has reported dates 1st cases of the new cobit variant on the chrome. it was detected in 2 out of 10 people who just returned from south africa. the new mutation which was 1st detected in southern africa, has been steadily spreading. more than 40 countries have no recorded cases. the new strain is said to be more contagious than previous ones,
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although at present that's not linked to any debts at all. scientists are working to adopt existing vaccines. the site, it's a microbiologist. explain to us how the new variant works against immune systems. so i'm looking very carefully and i know people are other people are also looking very carefully at the data coming out of south africa to get a glimpse of what will happen in russia. and right now the growth of the, the spread of this wires against the background of immunity to delta does not look good. there is the very little date on that, unfortunately, so far. one piece of data when we have is that the people who got infected previously with delta are more likely to get re inspected with alma chron compared to the people who are how people who got alpha green fact. so on the chrome looks somewhat different from the viewpoint of our news system up now the delta and all on for this there is good. and so that might mean that we may
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need some additional explaining to the community of what the bar season, that is actually the same parts. and maybe the, the vaccines will ultimately have to be tweaked or that from the health error. you point, assuming it's probably be a good thing because, you know, there is 40 percent of its unaided people that we have here in russia are definitely unacceptable. we have a functional, ah, but seen with proven efficiency brought both within and outside russia. sputnik and the people that really should take it. failure to provide equal world wide access to vaccines may result in new covet strains, emerging fast. the warning from the president of the international federation of the red cross. in an interview here with r t earlier, francesco iraq, i discussed not just the warren cove it but also the poland, belarus. michael crisis and there were some county
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9 european union, for example. we administer that there dosa. while in africa we sta, louisa raised that tisa temper sandy moodle need engrossed with 0 percent. so something that says morgana said that what we're ready to go so far, we are ready to scale up our activities in africa. but daddy, the shoes about validated the, the vaccines to have access to the vaccines. we have to put pressure on the pharmaceutical companies. there, you will be an union, the united states, u. k. we invested the b unsolved dollars, so ins researcher due to the dual to make this vaccine accessible. so why the boy discount ended up being county is that, that does not derive that to have access. so i think these, it should be a common gold, not something that said belong to the, to the, from a central young company is the beginning. there. believe me, i did it on them. it has been politicized to look at they, they did,
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they did the level of the fake news or their day even political lisa had to spread . busy around award. so this is something that unfortunate has been 40 decisive bukasa. it has to do with the fear of the people. it's up to the political leader to follow they, they advise is coming from their sankey community to least and not to them, to walk with them to avoid the total, to vote at the, on the same level and diesel to the media is an important responsibility. this and tv community and people the media and the governments are continuing to ring the alarm bells over this very end. but we're having the w h o, the chief australian medical officer and the south african medical association saying don't panic. what do you say we should follow the. the advisors coming from the debris had shaw and his and d. v. community saw dwarfed, and a political lead us and the government's out substituting. go there this and give you the community in dealing with a call in 19 and, and this is the,
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the deal to may davie and sat in terms of our over, ah, did, did, did the reason why we have these new very answer. so we have cold, it will you may, davy, the incident that without i brought my boxing issue without giving access to any human being. so to live up sees the risk of new variance, sir, is asia, very high aga, and we can not blame. also, these is another aspect of it, for as is it is of concern windata. we can not blame a day. so definitely a scientist, a tool to hook for a heavy anger. i opened the door to the scientific community about these new discovery galaxy i think was i was with a dea, unfortunately is not working as expected. so the number of distribution of the vaccine swell comb michael that so he's i ism, is not so high aga, and we, we expected much more ride themself. general she from the international community and, and they had the idea. it was a good idea. he will start to,
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to give the priority and then she'll distribution my callback. so today medical doctors to the note says that that, working on the front line, and unfortunately this is workinger, lest if you keep a sense or fire. so then i'm by saturday, very, very law and that is, is her eyes and i did aspect of the international committee should take as easily in consideration. so we have to do more intensive distribution and giving access the better will split cross with this part of the international federation. i see that the moment is dead winger i good job. of course this is now not a mid term, a long term solution that area hosted in a shelter dera, but so far they are in a warmer environmental. and then we are engaging in ag sketch when we de mer men, the government of mendosa tool to find other solution out for them and put on the unfortunately we don't have access said to the board to unfortunately i'm not even nineties i so he's on a full consent for myself, that i'm not surprised about 30 european union now,
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and there were just county ira reacting in dealing with the human beings. this is eyes and i'm wondering if we are losing our humanity because he's not about every county has the right to say that policies for migrations. we are not questioning if some outside of the, the humanity or which we have to, to treat every human beings. this is the only point that we are raising. the red cross is francesco iraq at to the program earlier. a deeper dive into that's or indeed any of the stories this are just a click away on our t dot come fresh content. lively discussions always to be fun. there i'm unit are real by for 9. ah. 100 mic. no, certainly no borders on this block. to nationalities and
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you various as a merge, we don't have a charity, we don't have a vaccine, whole world needs to take action to be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together. ah ah
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ah ah hello and welcome to cross stock where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle, focus on ukraine. joe biden says i don't accept any one's red line rushes foreign minister saturday. margaret says the nightmare scenario of military confrontation is returning on this edition of the program. we examined the significance of both statements. ah, discuss these issues and more and joined by my guess, george samuel, we in budapest, he is a podcast or the goggle which can be found on youtube and locals. and in oslo we
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have gland deason. he is a professor at the university of southeastern norway as well as author of the book, great power politics in the 4th industrial revolution, or a gentleman cross hoc rules in effect, that means you can jump any time you want, and i would appreciate it. again, it's glen 1st in our slow i, i don't think we can you underestimate the significance of the 2 sentences that i cited in the introduction. i don't accept anyone's red line and the nightmare scenario of military confrontation is returning. i don't think anything. we've heard anything like that since the end of the cold. where am i over reading this, exaggerating this? go ahead. oh, it's our danger statement to make a step over the red line. and that will trigger our response. so, and i think that's why it's problematic because we're now in the game of chicken. a expansionism is a special threat and it will intervene militarily, if it's red lines are broken.


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