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tv   News  RT  December 6, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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a russian president and indian prime minister wrap up top level talks and new delhi just a day before vladimir putin's planned video conference with joe biden prevalent spokesperson, who's in india with president putin slams nato's aggressive stance on moscow. dimitri pascall, the spoke exclusively to our team and moving images on the push. now we see that legal demonstrations extremely aggressive positions, was he missed the stolen bugs, rhetoric. we see that many different usb does rhetoric. we don't like the language that we do everything to ensure. oh, interesting with that, the message from president biden, as the western media goes into overdrive with allegations of an imminent russian
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invasion of ukraine. ah, it's 4 am here in the russian capital, and you're watching ortiz international. i'm your host donald quarter. welcome to the program. vladimir putin and his indian counterpart have concluded their bilateral talks in new delhi, following the summit. a comprehensive joint statement was issued, covering everything from military cooperation to health care partnerships. it's only the 2nd time the russian president has traveled abroad since the pandemic began. art easily put ranko reports from india's capital to understand russia's international priorities, this han allowed to understand where moscow stand on the global chessboard. it just worth realizing what the russian president vladimir potent was up to less than 24 hours before the crucial. i'd even say mega vital video conference with the u. s.
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president joe biden. he went to new delhi and left the indian capital late in the night, and you only arrived in saw cheap russia early in the morning. in the meantime, in the west, mainly by nato countries. moscow is being accused of plotting some sort of invasion of ukraine or a rust accused of being aggressive elsewhere in the world. and calls are a very loud to once again isolate russia. now, a while, all of this is happening. moscow wants to show that up. it's got friends in asia and it's ready to expand these kind of ties if the western countries aren't looking forward to building partnerships with russia. in fact, of latimer potent and a wrench or muddy are always calling each other friends. and they've had this warm relationship for years now already. but of course it's not only about did the personal friendship between the 2 leaders and
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a joint statement that was already published on the kremlin website. there are $99.00 paragraphs, outlining the things that the either have already been done together or that will be done together in the near future. this shows how much share india and russia c i to why at this point and how they want to increase cooperation in so many fields ranging from science, nuclear cooperation, space exploration. but most importantly, a military ties as well. this is what i asked of. 3 the kremlin spokesperson dmitri past gov. about when i was speaking him exclusively in the palace behind my shoulder runs to general military technical cooperation, is a very important component of our bilateral relations with india. and as the president said to day at the beginning of his conversation, we, mr. moody, these relations are quite unique in their essence because we jointly not selling
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develop, but also established joint production of high tech military products. these a, well, no missiles that we are making together. and now the production of collage because he's been established here under the equipment. this is extremely important and this is an advanced form of cooperation, special privileged valued partnership. these are the words that are constantly being used by the members of the 2 delegations. i can remind you that india is buying rushes arms. india is buying the most advanced missile defense system. russian made the as so $400.00 russia is upgrading a nuclear power plant. here in this country, new delhi is ready to invest up to a $1000000000.00 in russia and in russia's far east. in particular, this is of course, something that is raising quite a few eyebrows in the west. and if we're talking this crucial military cooperation, frayed in arms and weapons, and there's a special program that outlines plans for
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a 10 year period. the previous one has just expired. and i can tell you that moscow and india have signed and new on which is going to be valid until 2031. and yes, india has agreed to assemble the famous russian collage stick of guns, too. now, in our correspondence exclusive interview kremlin spokesperson dmitri pess cove also spoke about tuesdays upcoming call between the russian president and his american counterpart. he said it comes amid some fairly aggressive rhetoric against moscow. video confidence ish has her nose. we are preparing for the video conference tomorrow. president putin and president biden will happen to order. this is a very complicated time to a rhetoric coming from the u. s. and e. u leaders sounds pretty aggressive, yet. we see plenty of fake news about russia allegedly planning an aggressive invasion. at the same time, no one talks,
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the key of non warns key of against even thinking of a military intervention in and onions and look guns normally. and have given the complicates in the background of u. s. russian relations near him. it will be as difficult discussion for the leaders here and large in vars laws you linelle a very important statement was made in the ukraine. defense minister interview to u. k. media 40 of your century called u. s. canada accounts and the u. k. military to the front line, the law and put out there. and i do that online by passing nater, vanessa lampa. can you tell us about the last quote, how much of a bree more is of the alliance? the all the red lines monumental eugene has defined no and the my well ceiling. we have had similar statements from a number of european capitals, including as far as i know, a message from the british military. and they were ready to send their troops over, not only those in training, but those in combat units as well in this is something we are obviously very concerned about earlier. this is something we do not lie at all. and it forces us to take some protective measures to defend our interests,
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but laughing at dom could what about the potential actions of the nato alliance? no movie jim. now we see that nato is taking an extremely aggressive position. we see mister salt and bugs rhetoric and we see the different u. s. leaders, rhetoric. first, they all say they don't accept any red lines. second, they say that nato will do whatever it's once and 3rd, it will do it on whatever territory it wants. and 4th of all of this is aimed to deter russia. we do not like that. we will do everything to ensure our own interests of telephone, little go, or, and mentally watch will be fundamentally different about this video conference compared with an ordinary telephone calls on a face to face some entity, answer the warm switching to the well, whenever presidents meet via video or just by phone, they obviously concentrate as much as possible on each other's words, under previous administrations, or when at least it is something constructive remained in our relations. our country said we'd at an agreement to establish a secure video cole line for the highest level contacts with them is had been
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abandoned until now, although its technical working order had been maintained labs. but now, i think everyone has been using the video coal format for the past 2 years. so we decided to revive this line, especially since it allows us to discuss the most my sensitive topics. here, as far as i understand, the process of arranging this conversation was a difficult one. and we remember in donald trump and cancel the meeting with la maya pearson of the g. 20 summit in 2018. am it escalations right before the new year? how did the 2 presidents managed to agree now just given, as you mentioned, that we're seeing rising tensions in the end of the president's obviously have the need to talk to each other. even in the most strained of moments when attitudes are not what i would call rational or sober, but emotionally magnified. so as the escalation gets stronger every day, than the president's and you obviously bear the responsibility to feel the need to discuss the issues. for today we heard russian foreign minister of sir gala rocky
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say that russia expressed concerns to india, a us activity in india. pacific logins come oregon. mr. laval also told me about the quarter lateral security dialogue, great, a line which for us, in addition to only deals living to little to her name was trailer and the u. s. no, you're actually in this trend by the u. s. and other countries for me such a membership clubs, harold housing here together just cuz miss la la rod lifestyle in schools in the asia pacific region is not something that volatility insecurity or insures medical ability or is it allow or the big and the breaks group different warranty, the clubs are, those groups don't prioritize the same issues. love says he, for instance, they don't seem to mind that basic principles of the nonproliferation regime can vineyards do we actually believe the security should be indivisible and we have enough h math maintain in when years per se training. we spoke with a geopolitical a political expert who believes the talks between putin and modi are clear sign of the strength of their partnership. i think for russia,
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it helps to show is that it's not only china, it also has india on its site. and that helps to counter you know, any restaurant items to isolate russia. india has never gone along with any american any. she needs to isolate or la, impose sanctions audible why court russia did that in 2014, also often of the crimea, or was it integrated to russia? the barack obama administration are reminded that the, we should know, join sanctions and a wide corporation. we know what did that, and i stood by us and we would hope that medicines, williams. we are also talking to the west on the issue of our sanctions threatened sanctions on india because we'll bind as 400 from russia. and we'll categorically pull them with russia. it's a special department should. we can never abandon them as the kremlin spokesperson mentioned, claims have been spreading that russia's poise to invade ukraine. moscow's denied these accusations, saying they bear no relation to reality. and that it's the americans actually who
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are acting belligerently in the region and says media and politicians hype up speculation about a possible war. according to some reports, european intel agencies gave that version of events, little credibility until washington stepped in many allies, when not convinced that serious things were happening. we were surprised about this intelligence gap. how and why the u. s. was seeing things that we were not seeing if i have to compare soundbites from before this info. and then at the nato meeting in riga, there was a big shift towards the u. s. version of things. now, as we mentioned, the new wave of tensions come as the u. s. and russian president's prepared to hold a video call on tuesday, but joe biden seems to be in no mood to negotiate. yes, oh, of course, the diplomacy is out and red lines of that to be crossed when the big bad wolf is
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planning a land grab ring a bell. a similar warning came in the spring when russian troops gathered for snap training exercises. and again, when military drills were conducted in crimea, and only recently moscow was supposedly the mastermind of a qu, in key of remember the currency of no mean either because it didn't happen. in fact, none of the predictions came true, but this time apparently it's different. this time, it's the real deal, and to feed the fair, they're even drawing up the cremins battle plans the new year offensive. and for the umpteenth time this year, russia is forced to defend the presence of its own troops on its own land. russia is not a threat to any country. the deployment of russian troops on the national territory is our sovereign roy and no one's business. it is nato on its members states a recklessly moving their military forces and infrastructure to the russian borders
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. so what is washes red line, us spy pained jetting towards russia's borders. passenger jets with hundreds of civilians on board, diverted because a nato re complain was to close and wouldn't respond to ground control. the actions by the u. s. air force created the threat to civilization and the fact that the catastrophe was averted over the backseat doesn't mean that the u. s. and nato can go on the risk in people's lives with impunity. the latest american war ship sailing into waters bordering russia. what issues was nature? you know, a u. s. warship has now entered the block, c and william. we can see it through binoculars will the crosshairs of hills ancestors excused him? a little one or multiple missile systems just across the face. it was a bit more to look at where nato's military infrastructure is located in just a short distance from our borders. in romania, holland bush grants and we saw defense systems had already been deployed and they can easily be converted into offensive missile systems. and targets was it only
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takes a matter of minutes to change the software distribution. now, instinct tells me that if a russian destroy was spotted steaming into new york harbor, it would be a flaming red line for washington. but believe it or not for us all, this is a pink line at best. the real issue is nato, or rather, nato's expansion and expanded it has from this humble state in 1990 to this empire in 2020. now, back in the day, russia was promised, nato would grow, not one inch eastward of berlin. wel, that's berlin. so no, it's not an inch. it's over a 1000 kilometers. and now it's knocking at rushes door. ukraine joining nato and we've been talking about it for a long time is a red line for us. the continual drawing of keys into the military orbit of the alliance, the de facto stuart of nature's assimilation of the military infrastructure of this
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country. and the desire to turn it into a foothold for confrontation with russia could all cause severe negative consequences and destabilize the military and political situation in europe. but lucky for nato, it's got a get out of jail free card because in politics, well promises are made to be broken. where is that? where is that written down? where is that from was written down and under the validity, fern. but one will enrich current which didn't co, erica, one aspect not to go in. in the meantime, the us unfazed by it's terrible track record of predicting russian behavior is covering its bases and drawing up some economic sanctions. you know, just in case, after all, nothing screams diplomacy more than getting your threats in a row before a high stakes meeting. last friday, russian air traffic control had to divert to passenger airliners near ukraine to prevent a collision with us biplane. moscow accused washington of threatening the safety of civil aviation and risking lives. the pentagon has now issued a statement, though,
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on that denying that it's plain put any one in danger. and if all the talk of a russia ukraine conflict has got you wondering what's really going on, why not check out the views of scott ritter on our website. the former us intelligence officer doesn't by what various outputs are selling. and you can read all about it on r t dot com. meanwhile, t of continues to push the moscow threat, narrowed it defense ministers calling on the u. s. u. k. and canada to provide military support against the alleged risk of a russian invasion is also warning of a potential migrant crisis. if war does actually break out. we spoke to political commentator, crisp ambrey, on why he thinks kia is being, is becoming increasingly aggressive. ukraine is becoming more, more almost hysterical in demand, so they'd be allowed to join nato. and it should be supplied with high tech weapons by america in the west. so it's becoming more warm cervical because it's going to
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the situation and it's not getting what it was totally, something needs to membership. but there are growing voices in the way. you will say, why is you create not be allowed to join nato despite the fact was no peace is very clear. this is a read why image russia will know to be cross. good. if ukraine was to join nato, a little over a 100 miles in some ways to 300 miles from boston, something russia is going to do with accidents. reputation breaks the promise given to mikhail gorbachev, that nature would not, not. hello. so lines, any members, any of the former satellites, these over the soviet union and eastern europe, and indeed, the former soviet republics are promised broken, and it was made everyone knows it was made. now we've got some news for you, just in israel has reportedly conducted a missile strike on the port and the syrian city of latasha that's according to the
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syrian state television service. they are strike allegedly struck containers in a cargo area of the port setting. some of them ablaze. israel has not yet commented on the attack and no casualties have been reported so far. will of course keep you updated on that story as we get more information. white house has announced a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 winter olympics and beijing, citing concerns about a legit human rights violations in china. as the by new ministration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympic games given the peer scenes, ongoing, genocide and crimes against a humanity engine. john and other human rights abuses. the athletes on team usa have our full support will be behind them 100 percent, as we cheered them on from home, who will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games. the stand off comes amid
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already tense relations with washington, frequently accusing beijing of mistreating minority groups. earlier chinese media reported that it would technically be impossible for washington to stage a diplomatic boycott. given that no american diplomats had been invited to the games in the 1st place, u. s. athletes will still compete, however, and the i o c has said it respects biden's decision and reiterated the importance of leaving athletes out of politics. china has called the move in outright political provocation, but has given no details as yet on how they may respond. we spoke with a shanghai based politics professor and a professor of history at the new mexico state university about the issue. they said that biden is trying to politicize the winter olympics. it's an unnecessary slide against paging. it looks like a reactionary attempt by a week president. well, you know, it does signal at the, by the ministration wants to politicize the olympics. somewhat similar to what we saw between the u. s. and the ussr during the cold war. now this will indicate the
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many by does not subscribe the life experience of peaceful, athletic competition. we should keep in mind, however, that it's not a total boycott as your lead and noted. american athletes can feel compete. furthermore, it's not as provocative as what we see from the u. s. f. respect to ukraine against russia or taiwan against mainland china, or how the u. s. stand or the proliferation of nuclear weapon to australia. the bigger question now is whether other countries will follow washington fleet. and in post, similar boycotts, and how china will respond. it's always unfortunate when you know the olympics is, is politicized. but i do think that the trend in american china relations, despite the brief moment of call that seemed to be expressed in the, in the video conference between general secretary, she and president biden, that that seems to have passed. and we're back to a more overtly hostile attitude. it's interesting, of course,
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that american athletes will still be competing. american corporations that sponsor the olympics and broadcast out on television, of course don't want to lose out on their revenues. so i think that there's a very interesting dichotomy here between this attitude on the part of the government and the broader position of the olympics. new york is set to become the 1st us city to mandate vaccines for all private sector workers. mayor build a blasio says the rule will take effect later this month. just days before his term ends or to kill him up and reports from new york. new york city mayor bill de blasio, who portrays himself as a national leader in the fight against colbert 19, has taken a pretty bold move and announced a vaccine mandate for the whole city of new york. for all private businesses, he cited the on the kron variant as well as cold weather and seasonal fluids and
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other factors in making this decision. quite a big move from the new york city mayor, who is outgoing, he will soon be out of office. here's what he said, as of today, we're going now say, 1st in the nation, measure our health commissioner. well, now's a vaccine mandate for private sector employers across the board. now, vaccines are already required for all city employees that teachers, firefighters, police officers, emergency medical workers, etc. furthermore, they are required for the staff of all religious and private schools in new york city. but this new mandate will hit a 184000 private businesses across the city of new york. they will be required to have vaccinations for all of their employees. quite a dramatic move and there's been quite a negative reaction and response made of last year will impose a 1st in the nation vaccine mandate for all private sector workers in new york city
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. build up last year isn't a mayor heat a tyrant just spoke to catherine wilde, the president of a prominent n y c. business group. we were blindsided. there is no full warning, no discussion, no idea about whether it's legal or who he expects to enforce it. new york city announces covey vaccine mandate for private businesses going when no city has gone before, because it's potentially unenforceable, and will probably get stuck in the courts until well off to the mer to parts. at the end of the year. now the new york city mayor expects that this will survive any legal challenges. we already saw a situation where for a moment jo biden's, federal mandate was put on hold by the courts. but then later upheld in the court of appeal. and bill de blasio expects the same exact expects that the courts will uphold this mandate and it will move ahead. now it's important to know the mandate will go into effect on december 27th, which is the day. it's actually 4 days before bill de blasio is set to leave office
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of be replaced by new york city. mayoral elect, eric adams, the new mayor, will be coming in and replacing bill de blasio 4 days after the mandate. now eric adams, the incoming mayor, who was elected in the vote a few months ago, says that he plans to meet with people who are critical of the mandate and listen to what they have to say. and if you taken notice of the tone in the city right now, and the anger that may prove to be a little bit more than he is bargaining for failure to provide equal access to vaccines worldwide may result in the emergence of new cove. it strains, that's the warning from the president of the international federation of the red cross. in an interview with r t, francesco rocha discussed not just the war on cove it but also the poland bella ruth migrant crisis. and there were some county 9 european union, for example, we administer that though dosa while in africa, we asked you, louisa raised that tisa temper, sandy boonies,
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engrossed with 0 percent. so something that says morgana said that what we're ready to rule so far, we are ready to scale up our activities in africa, by deity, the shoes, about 30 they did. the vaccine still have access to the vaccines. we have to put pressure on the pharmaceutical companies. there, you will be an union, the united states, u. k. we invested the be on solve dollars, sir ins researcher due to the dual to make this vaccine accessible. so why the poorest counting the developing counties that, that they have not de, right that to have access. so i think these, it should be a common goal, not something that said belong to the, to the, from a central, you know, company is the beginning. they believe me, i did it on them. it has been politicized to look at they, they did, they did the level of the fake news or their day even political lisa had to spread around award. so this is something that unfortunate has been pretty decisive. bukasa, it has to do with the fear of the people. it's up to the political leader to follow
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they, they advise is coming from they sankey, community to least and not to them, to walk with them to avoid the total, to vote at the, on the same level and is also the media is an important responsibility. yes, and tv community and people the media and the governments are continuing to ring the alarm bells over this very end. but we're having the w h o. the chief australian medical officer and the south african medical association saying don't panic. what do you say we should follow the. the advisors coming from the debris had shaw, and this and d. v. community so dwarfed and a political lead us and the government's out substituting go there. this and given community in dealing with a call in 19 and, and this is the, the deal to may davie and sat in terms of our over, ah, did, did, did the reason why we have these new vari answer. so we have called it will give me davy to insulate. so we'd outta i brought my vaccination without giving access to
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any human beings to live accedes de risk of neil volumes. sir hays age of very high aga, and we can not blame. also, these is another aspect of it, for as is any, some of concern. we cannot, we cannot blame the south africa scientists at all to ha, for a heavy anger, i opened a door as with this antique community about these new discovery galaxy i think was i was a good idea. unfortunately, he is not working as expected. so the number of distribution of the vaccine swell go own michael, that he is, i ism, is not so high aga and i, we, we expected much more ride themself. general she from the international community and, and they had the idea that was a good idea. he was, are to, to give the priority and things of distribution. my callback sir, to the medical doctors to that note says that are working on the front line. but unfortunately this is working a leslie, 50 percent, so fire. so then i'm,
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they said ready very, very low and that is issa eyes and not the aspect of the international committee should take as easily in consideration. so all we have to do more in terms of distribution and giving access the better was good cross. we just spoke of an international federation. i think that the moment is dead doing a good job of course disease and i'm not tommy time or long term solution idea hosted in a shared data but so far the out in a warm environment and, and we are engaging in attic discussion. we de been the governmental mendoza to will to find either solution. now fold them and put on the unfortunately we don't have access to the board to unfortunately i'm not even nineties i. so he's on a full consent for myself that i'm not surprised about a european union, and they were cas county ira reacting in dealing with the human beings disease. and i'm wondering if you're loosing about humanity because he's not about every county
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has the right to set that policies for migrations. we have not question. it's about idea, the humanity on which we have to, to treat every human beings. this is the only point that we are racing. and now it's time for some world updates with many austrians and sensed by tight corona virus laws and allegedly corrupt government officials. a group gathered outside a government building to slam the appointment of the new federal chancellor. karl new hammer, the 3rd to take the role this year. police were deployed and took a heavy handed approach in standing, their grounds and sedans, capital of cartoon, thousands attended to rally against the military government, canvassing against abdulla hom, ducks, reinstatement as sedans, prime minister heavy calls for a civilian government will make stating a qu, the sudanese military took power in october over throwing the military and civilian transitional government and a sea of santa's painted the ski slopes red at
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a resort in the us state of maine. on sunday, over $200.00 santa skiers took part in the annual charity event called santa sunday, raising thousands of dollars for local education and recreational programs. that's all for this, our stay tuned for more news and just about 30 minutes. lou . awe. back breaking toil. forced labor st.


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