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oh yeah, that's been happening by high middle now. i own my head up my bad. i love that i, i didn't thought that where your left knee, knuckle, but my love bob again thought no along after being a well, i'm really happy donations forbid. i we thought he, i hate long, i didn't get that. and i ah, on own island in the philippines. boom, top pinot and barren gay. the philippines underwater. klondike were divers here. find gold beneath the waves just off the coast. ah,
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this is sabrina maha. just like all the others, he came to pendleton to make his fortune with him while he's doing so. civil rena tells us how things work around here. ah. ah. nice shape uncle. i no longer winkle mattress and the boy i met. oh no uncle mom. she said, i did, and i know nothing along the mac. you said with the 1st people to find gold here where the spanish, as early as the 18th century, but within a 100 years, a learned flood, got in the way in the 20th century, americans came. but was swept away by a typhoon. for decades,
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big corporations have kept selling the mine own could eventually we're driven out by low margins. and once they'd all gone, the gold drivers moved in and nothing it all i made up. i'll give you thought the hail ma zailynn named on my lab will with on will and known. the problem with the work carried out here is that the gold dive was cripple coastal integrity leading tunnels and bring sand and gravel from the bottom to the shore. and that caused his landslides and floods with wow, don't ha, ha them back. got my head up a got my she had, i'm enough ali boa from pretty soda up monkey not dial welcome. handled.
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j lane with cvre ha makena to completion. rollin must be. she had a long though, i don't say like that. so with 19th century replace, a mining looked much, it does now the air was pumped by people rather than generators, and they didn't have diving suits. other than that, it's almost the same with me. now been left, i mean don't i'm not on is on but i onions about it not met before her. i'm going thought none and the own stuff on that bill, but got up with john milling on but done on my billing now on angie's low. yeah.
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and i be because i wanna buy any thought civil rina's wife or as anita picks through the sand on the shore to find gold. her method may be less productive, but it's not as dependent on the weather. and i am from awful. from the last day i fell with i am with oh my god and i'm on the on the little like no, no mirror by phone. somehow i picked it up. i mean them by monday, because i don't i'm in on my bon bola, daniel, i'm out. oh no,
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you're not my lab on by that my head up on his id. i indic, i'm in. well, i mean, i'm not having my boss a c i a when i'm in the, i know i feel i got somebody with me. well, i'm a fan myself, i me ah, and it was her entire middle now i own my head off my lap and i hate them that i've done that in the middle middle. that is yahoo! my own not here. i'm not, i will and i'm not young. and on, gosh young oh and they on them the helena, the 1st year, lots of been younger, the one now heal up, not young. like i said, rina's talking about the bands for decompression sickness or contains
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nitrogen that the human body can't absorb. we'll have nitrogen in our bodies, but in a harmless, dissolved state. if pressure falls too rapidly went coming up too quickly from a di, for example, the gas forms bubbles in the blood, which some say start to boil. a badly calculated ascent can lead to severe paralysis, but sometimes you with may, may or may, may ah
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no, but they get up in the beefy stuff in up i up up up from the, you know, oh i see little but bobby this, you know what i have initial net is good, i mean up on that old vanilla. you know what i mean bottled ah, let them on didn't some i know, but the i don't, i mean if your, you know what i me say lately, but he only saw me. it's about all the mom and he thought they had a dinner. that was good. i mean a and also vivian is dependent on but in gay captain, it's an administrative position. the sort of district and the captain is one of the
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buyers of the divers gold. the problem is, this kind of mining by individuals is forbidden, but there are workarounds, commercial plays or operations emitted. so prospectors formed cartels to look like a big company in the eyes of the law. the captain thinks it's better to buy the gold rather than constantly send the police to drive the diggers away. ah, oh, it'll get ah lena woolly and a d. d bubbling up a belly, kumato gusio, unless you am lucky, keith tongue, a bumper on knuckle. meet that at my i hold of you on any line, a mark on it up. i mean, he auto auto this classic gold extraction method uses mercury. it's called pan amalgamation. after taking out the stones by panning they add mercury to the sand and mix them together. when combined,
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mercury and gold attract liquid mercury is not as dangerous as its vapor form, but it is advisable to use protection. of course, the mercury gold mixture is called amalgam. now you need to pressurize the mercury and boil the rest away. ah, remember the liquid terminator in judgement day? in reality, it would have had to be under constant pressure to express other particles, to avoid becoming an amalgam. now this part of the process is quite hazardous. so a gas mask is essential. mm. oh i wish i did was i, i know i had i got it back out
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on the map of that but not all of it for me to go with them. yeah. but he thought, i think i got the bad. you go, no matter what, 400 my la young bonia. oh, and my mac was 11, even though it means that was on the le young didn't come along the impression that you had a 1000000000 with any lena. one for you been done with the go number one is so much get more my more or less one and they don't keep them all he get diagonal. no, no, no one saw the no mirror up on us iowa india. so must i, manito nazi? i'm class, i'm up a little. i call it will unknown indic. i'm because i little knock. i'm in, i'm back. i'm not among the law.
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so how much does the captain pay for rosalie? his find? oh, oh it isn't. i thought, oh, let me now look at that. i dont seem to think when they're really gonna look at if we end up with this. if debbie hush and by and not being miliano, i had a 1000000 began a 1000000000. we got all of the guy that again i said, reno and his wife have become rich. i'm done. so if i made longer then he thought and he left it up. i'm bugging it now they can spend the money. so what can you get for $7.00?
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oh, really not. we're not happy. i missed something i would when like 11400, quite in miami gate. go hunt. and i just, i'm a new laptop. i, i, this isn't with my son. i'm on a school day wednesday that he thinks i am, i believe that it's in the prospect as are imprisoned by the gold then just enough to keep themselves alive in the luckiest might even manage to save just enough for their children's
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education. so that one day may be that kids can escape ah ah
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a she is not in theater. we video almost sure. they might be with the with can sure the coordinate a just stick with the boy lead you're likely to form the actual damage claim he does . candidly speaking a going you waking the lead on more than a visa that the gamma out will you will like with one. would you like somebody with figured out those they might not spanish videos yet good to launch the back end with
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ah back breaking toil forced labor stress. ah, industrial injury corporal punishment. mm. oh no words with which we're all familiar.


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