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tv   News. Views. Hughes  RT  December 8, 2021 7:30am-8:00am EST

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it really isn't acceptable and laughed to see unfortunately on the basis of this behavior. because it's not just about this. if it's a part of a prime minister repeatedly lies a prime minister, the company trusted, he should cool that he should go, no government broke the rules. they parted about laughing about it, the, treating the public with contempt. the promised nice to step up except what happened. i apologize. remember this isn't the 1st time that something like this has happened, dominic cummings, the prime minister, is former chief aid. well, he travelled 270 miles from london to durham to visit barnard, cause we remember that saga. last year. then, of course, the former house secretary at mac hancock founded an intimate embrace. both of these talk politicians breaching the coven restriction rules. if true, of course, now the prime minister today will be facing the house of commons and prime ministers questions. very interesting. what he will be is saying then will he stick
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with the number 10 line? and if he does and is found to be lying, well that is contempt of parliament, so later down the line or maybe not. so later down the line, we could see this getting very dramatic indeed. but on a less political note, more than an emotional level, the reality really is. many people here in the united kingdom were in very heart, wrenching a position, some deciding not to go and even visit their dying mother holding their dying mother's hand. meanwhile, seemingly the tories were out partying. story continues to the u. k. section of r t dot com right now. what about half off 3 wednesday afternoon? we are back soon with ah, join me every thursday. i'm alex simon short. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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the, the white house was being tougher on president biden. and his administration than how they treated president trump. this is the white house, is actively working with reporters to reshape the coverage of the current economic hardship which are causing it precedent by his approval ratings. to continue thinking we will discuss and it's a small world, especially at hollywood, did a high profile network anchor. do anything wrong when he did not disclose his role and shipping off jessie small as that he was being in breast care by police will give you some answers. and advocates begin pushing for white own properties, which were seized from a black owners in decades past to be returned to them after a landmark poor case in california returned a stretch of co sign. now thousands of cases potentially could be filed next, but will they have the same outcome?
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we're going to bring you all of the details. i'm sky now huge in this story and more on today's news views right here on our t america. ah, thank you for joining us. you. cnn has done lemon is taking heat for coverage of his buddy jessie small that's trial, or lack thereof by conveniently not matching his own role and reportedly tipping off the empire star about the police investigation. now this is small that testified in his own defense saying he was actually the victim of a racist attack. and that it wasn't a hoax. why? john hetty has more just the smaller took the stan once again for a 2nd day under cross examination, maintaining he was the victim of a hate crime attack and never paid anyone to carry it out. as prosecutors allege this, the smallest friend don lemon, cnn host,
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is taking heat for his coverage of the small while on a show. monday lehman got an update from a cnn reporter about the ongoing trial, but did not mention the fact he was mentioned in it. small testified, he received a text message from lemon early in the case investigation, reportedly letting him know that the chicago police department didn't believe small . it's account of what happened the night he said he was attacked by 2 men. limit had told viewers when the story 1st broke, that it was personal because of his friendship with smaller and that the 2 worrying communication about what had happened while later lehman while stressing small, was innocent until proven guilty. also raised concerns about smallwood story and said if untrue, he quote squandered the goodwill of a lot of people. but on monday, lemond did not mention his own involvement in the case. and even the trial was some critics contending, he did so purposely and in effect was being dishonest with his viewers. the new york post writes, quote, the testimony quickly spark comparisons between lemon and his former cnn brother
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chris cuomo, who over the weekend was fired for his own meddling in his brother governor andrew cuomo, sexual harassment scandal. but while cuomo refused to report on his brother's scandal, lehman ended his monday night show with a story on the latest news from the ex empire stars trial, with no mention of his own involvement lehman by the way, has also been accused of sexual harassment himself. now the post goes on to write that lehman's quote, straight face coverage without mentioning his own involvement, sparked outrage online with some calling him a crook and saying it was time for cnn to bid him goodbye. the post was mostly referring to tweets from conservative pundits. and keep in mind the new york post is owned by news corporation, which is owned by rupert murdoch, who also owns fox news. and, well, we know how fox news feels about cnn for newsies hughes. john hardy, you know, a lot of friends are in the media,
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but one thing that we can all say is that when the goal doesn't meet, when school was not to be the story, and yet in 2021, no one doubts the media has actually become a permanent character and almost every headline having to do with politics. in fact, today it seems the media often has its own story. but where are the lines between holding politicians accountable information tellers and pushers of political agendas? the white house chief of staff, ron clain, actually has just added a another role to the media claim, tweet out support for an opinion piece in the washington post, which argues, president bite is receiving worth coverage. and former president trump. and the articles writer also believes the media is serving as accessories to the murder of democracy when they print criticism about president by handling the various issues confronting the american public. maybe this is why senior white house officials have been giving a separate briefings to major news rooms in regards to what the talking points
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should be regarding present biden's economic situation to discuss to bring in steve gruber, hosting the steve group or show and reuben, of are it is syndicated columnist thinks it'll be stephen reuben going to be here. i give you, i'm going to start with reuben on this. you know, it's printing criticism of the current president policy aiding in the murder of democracy as a white house chief of staff has alluded to. got back with you again. yeah, it was one of those comments, dana milbank is that that's a really far stretch. you know, getting back to basic, it's precisely the role of the washington post and other newspapers and media companies to scrutinize the president. no matter who the president is, no matter what party the president belongs to. we've lost sight of that. we've now divide our media. it's blue and red different gaps. unfortunately, i'm ribbon in the center. i have, i have a kicking off post. i can see very clearly when people step over the line, this is a case of data, no bank over stepping really and really confusing his role. a champion and
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a cheerleader for the jo vita ministration with his proper role as a washing post columnist where he should be acting as a check and balanced against those. when i'm writing editor at the table, because be ivy, i've never been popular that either side either and i wear that as a badge of honor to be on there. now the guy that i think probably was probably one of the popular kids, but he still tell us the truth is steve brewer. i'm on to steve the walk with me down memory lane and see what klein is saying is act if it's accurate regarding tougher coverage for biden, his predecessor, one way that that is not an invasion. honestly, i think you should let me run the country. you run cnn or, and if you did it well, you're reading, let me, i'm not sure if i'm a, i was one of the question was present, right? so i don't ask one of the other folks. that's enough for me, ma'am. i'm miss rosalie. that's enough. as present or i'd want to, you know, i may ask you on, on the rush investigation, and are you concerned that, that you may have not concerned about anything with you?
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may i shine the investigation because it's a hoax. are you well enough? put down the mike, i'll not listen to what he wants the conclusion he asked for it somehow. i knew i didn't ask for details before it was completed because as the chairman union said, and again, i'm just gonna make it clear because he said that he wanted to make it very clear that the discussion and the revelations that he had were not regard did not regard anything to do with russia, and he wanted the president to understand that. but there seems to be this obsession with the process. okay, now those are like clips biden has not had a cakewalk either. there were reports that we're servicing that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who are separated from their families at the porter up to $450000.00 each. possibly a $1000000.00 per family. do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? if you guys keep sending that garbage out? yeah. but it's not true. so there's a garbage report. yeah. it does. the person have
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a sense that most the criticism is not of leaving afghanistan. it's the way that he has forward it to happen by holding the troops before getting these americans who are now stranded. does he have sense of that? first of all, i think it's irresponsible, say americans are stranded. they are not. we're committed to bringing americans who want to come home home or know american strand is the white house is official position on what's happening here. i'm just calling you out for staying that we are stranding americans in afghanistan. when i say we are a show, every caught eat, the press that focuses on that the we could have gone for hours based on comparing the 2. but is there any truth? do you believe in this climate that that bite is having a much more difficult time with the press and trumped in that? that's not even a real question to anybody that observes any of this, you know, that is the right. when it was donald trump, it was a feeding frenzy, was parameters in the pool. you showed, peter do see only from fox news. one guy is giving them a hard time and he gets,
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you know, push back. the fact the matter is dana milbank worked for the watch, impose a company that got the pulitzer prize free, largely debunked story about russian collusion, and the darcy, it's been completely destroyed. and now we find out that these folks are behind curtains talking to the administration. how to shape the stories about the economy of it's not a shock to anybody. it is repugnant, but you think back to data, brazil giving hillary clinton the answers to the debate. questions data, brazil worked for one of the major news, news companies at the time cnn. you've got george stephanopoulos or clinton, staffer who is ology a newsman out a b, c news. this runs wide. it runs deep, the biases by the media against the republicans, and for the democrats is so well documented for them to be even the suggestion that somehow joe biden, who answers almost no questions at any time from anybody. and please the podium and
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an almost daily basis face the kind of scrutiny the donald trumpeted, is absolutely absurd on every level. and i don't care if you're a democrat or republican, an independent. everybody sees this. joe biden is given what one press event in the last 6 months, 3 weeks ago, jen, saki said there would be a bevy of appearances by joe biden in the media. so far in that 3 weeks we've seen exactly 0 is the number you're looking for. i mean, this is just so beyond the pale, but again, that's what gas lighting looks like. it's how it works inside the beltway, and here it is, front and center. and guess what? one might think it's actually working to ruin. i've got to ask you this administration of the chief of staff is not happy about the coverage that he felt the president by miss giving it as getting white bread fair coverage for this administration extraction look like, according to them. so i can answer those questions. got a lot of democratic friends when they criticize the things that i've written,
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criticising for instance, job izing for his immigration policies. as i continue to do recently, i hear this, they either say that biden is doing a very good job, or he's doing the work in progress. just give them time, give him a chance to turn things around. just be patient. in other words, the choices are very clear, either perfect talk now, or he will be doing a terrific job in the future just given time. and it's completely different. these are completely different than the way we've covered all where we would constantly work into our news coverage and reporting corrections. if we thought proper competitions, that's something with ally, we would call them out for line even now, and we cover joe biden, we might say something like, well joe biden approval rating is, is very low as 45 percent. and then they'll say something like, but then again at this time as president, the dollar a through ring was just as low. so there's always a qualifier. got a, there's always an excuse. there's always some sort of nuanced modification. the favorite word from the washing press corps, the profile washing press court is yes,
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but yes, that's true, but there's always something attached to it to help negate what came before the button. well, there is no but accept, but we have to go, but we'll have you guys back on. it was again, thanks for this conversation. now for the break, you think you're your own land, but what have generations ago it belonged to another family and was unfairly taken away. we'll bring you the story of how one family has been given back the land, their family used to own all way back in 1929 and why others are hoping to do the same. what is the national mood? i suppose it depends on what kind of media you consume to say the nation is divided in highly partisan is an understatement. this is certainly what the no media wants us to think. but are we really so divided on what really matters? my dad is financial from i'm a guy today. read all about money laundering 1st. it is
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a few different. oh good. that's a good start. well, we have our 3 bags all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas in the cayman islands, you know, all these banks are complicit in the procedure. we just have to give him a call and say, hey, i'm ready to do some serious my laundry. ok, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice laundry watch for max and for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about ha ha. luxury automobile again for mag, you know, it, money laundering is highly legal. don't watch as a record. ah, ever a family had success in getting their land back from the city of los angeles, the sheer others with a similar case are hoping they see the same type of justice. but some advocates aren't so sure others will have the same kind of success or to correspond natasha suite has more on one families at victory. this is,
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bruce is beat off the coast of southern california and a small town called manhattan beach, about 20 miles south of santa monica. and nearly a century ago, a black family had this land seized by eminent domain. and after getting it back, other families are hoping for a similar type of achievements. this is the land and my people own back in the 19 twenties and what was called bruce's resort. as you can see is only a small piece of land at, but he was the whole world to the african american community at that time that this was the only place on the entire coast of california were african americans could come and enjoy the water. dwayne shepherd is a descendant of the bruce family who own this coastal property 100 years ago. shepherd said his family owned a business that was called bruce's lodge resort. so the property started right there at the brick wall beer and extended down here to the beach. and then from here, all the way over to the other side of that building, it has the observation been shepherd said his family was harassed by the ku klux
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klan and land developers who own properties in the beach city. ah, they slouch tires ah, the i started fights with people ah, the burn duck crosses, they burned a house down here. they burned a mattress under the porch of the resort itself. here, there are people here there don't want, you know, to see change him and beat, and we're not here to change manhattan beach. we're here to right or wrong. you're probably trying to get property back to belong to us that was illegally taken for the from fraud and shepherd. got his wish, california governor given you some signed a law transfer and a property known as bruce, as beach, back to the family. you can see what it was purchased for back then and what it's 4th to day. so now an organization called where's my land is hoping to bring the same type of victory to other families who have their land taken. but some advocates say other cases being brought up or not as straightforward as the bruce's beach case, william dirty junior, a scholar at duke university said i just think there are thousands of these cases and a very small percentage of them have the degree of specificity that the bruce beach
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cases were you know, exactly who owned the property, how it was taken, and by whom, while makers in minneapolis have created b. minneapolis 2040 plan legislation points out the impact if we re construction has historically hands on minority communities and the level compensate block families and their descendants who were raised near the freeway construction. now the per family says that they don't plan to sell this plot of land, but rented back to the county of los angeles at fair market value, or 40 for new. if you choose to wait to pay for parent company is taking on revenge porn. the social media platform has partnered with a u. k non profit, all but a tool less people prevent their into images from being uploaded to facebook, instagram, and other participating platforms without their consent. trinity chavez has more on this story. to day a facebook's parent company meta is taking new steps to detect and prevent the spread of bench. corn metal previously known as facebook has announced that support
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of stop and c, w dot org and initiative by the u. k. revenge porn helpline to prevent the sharing a ben c double eye or non consensual sharing of intimate images, often referred to as revenge porn on its platform. the tool which builds on a pilot program, facebook started in australia and 2017 launch thursday, allows people who are worried that their intimate photos or videos have been or could be shared online. for example, by a disgruntled x partner to submit the images to a central server, the global website stop and c devil i dot org. here's how it works during a submission process. stop and c devil i dot org gets consent and asks people to confirm if they are in an image. people can select material on their devices, including manipulated images that to pick them nude or nearly nude, the photos or videos will them be converted into unique digital fingerprints, known as hashes, which will then be passed on to participating companies starting with facebook and instagram sophie moore, to more of the help lines manager said in a statement,
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it's a massive step forward. the key for me is about putting this control over content back into the hands of the people directly affected by this issue. so they are not just left at the whims of a perpetrator, threatening to share it. still though the initiative has raised significant privacy concerns and criticism. despite facebook saying that the images would only be stored for a short period of time. meta says that the images or videos do not leave the smartphone, and the company will not have access to or store copies of the original images met along with facebook. ireland are among the 50 non governmental organization partners globally to join the efforts of stop and c devil i dot org. medice says that its platform is the 1st global initiative of its kind to help people who have faced their intimate images being shared without their consent. for news use use trinity chavez are teeny york. we're going to enter there may disruption to daily live here in america. that you're not hearing much about for some reason around 12
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pm eastern amazon web services actually went down. let me just tell you, this is not just about getting your package delivered on time, or watching the latest episode of the marvelous miss mayes. everything from communication to security, to popular business apps, we're all found to be non operational following. the amazon cloud computing unit being out in the u. s. east one region. so let's bring in bench. wanted to discuss what has happened to the popular service and the ramifications. ben, even here were suffering technical glitches. i have to tell you, i'm a little kind of shocked right now cuz i didn't realize how much my personal and my professional world is dependent on things that have links to this amazon web services. do we know what has happened to cause this outage? yeah, so apparently it is some kind of a disconnection that's taking place on the east coast in a centralized location. i don't know all the details of it, but the centralized location which indicates that all these different cloud services that are being used by and you mentioned
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a few of them right now we're talking about disney. plus, we're talking about tinder, we're talking about mcdonalds. we're talking about bin mode, we're talking about ring doorbell. i mean, there are so many different applications for the night. people couldn't play a fortnight today, right? cuz they're built on either of us. and so it is, seems to be a centralized location on which a lot of these cloud services are operating that went down. and because it's, it's not for lack of a better term, decentralized or broken up in various locations so that they have redundancy. it seems like it's a single issue from one particular technological source that's cutting off all these different apps, all these different functions at the same time. and it's incredible what you were just saying in terms of how much of the internet is built on a w s. get the 40 percent for 040 percent of the entire internet right now is running amazon web services. it's an insane number to even think about how much control amazon has over everything that your smartphone is accessing everything
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that's online it's, it's absolutely stunning. well, and that's what gets me about this because like you said, it's everything you didn't realize that you have. and you know, the corona virus only caused amazon in this web service to become even more relied on by the general public what they wanted. but now you have a situation like this, there raises a lot of red flags even like i said, i'm trying to figure out where people are. i'm having to read refocused re route people because everything on my phone that has my schedule on it has now gone down . why are we not here about that? i think that's just. a as alarming, i've kept checking twitter, i've kept checking social media, no one's talking about it, but i guarantee everybody who has any sort of technologically connection, whether it's personal private, have notice the media is not covered. i think we're probably one of the only television stations that we're dealing with right now. why not? this is a major big deal. it shows us how much of us are reliant upon one thing. we are reliant upon one thing and one of the reasons media. we won't talk about it is because a w s is
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a major advertiser on almost all networks right now. if you watch any kind of sporting event, especially in f, l, a w s is, has a massive amount of money that it's pouring into advertisement. right now, so you don't want to say anything that's going to make a w as angry or make jeff diesels angry. and so everyone's kind of keeping quiet about it. but the truth is, there are a lot of failures for lack of a better term, have been revealed about how a w s was conducting themselves here, vulnerabilities about how they're conducting themselves. if they were hit with some kind of cyber attack, how much of the internet as you mentioned, is being built upon this structure right now. so it's not healthy in that way. but also remember this, let's say that it's not an attack, it's simply the aid of the us decides that they want certain websites to go away. certain applications did not exist. what was one of the things that is revealed here is how much power a w s has to cut off your access to information. and so i think we always have to look back at that part of it too. if, if a to b was always act in
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a benevolent manner, you have nothing to worry about other than competency, which is what we thought today. but if they act in a manipulative manner, been you have a lot to worry about because it might not be a lack of ability for them to get online. it might be a lack of willingness for them to allow you on line. so we have to be very cautious about that as well. and this is a lot of power that we are choosing to put in their hands. and yes, it's out of convenience and we're choosing to do it. but a lot of chances, you know, you don't have very many options, they've really taken a great monopoly of the market and they have the best product to do it. so you get into situations like this, and it really makes you reassess, you know, what is going on. but is this something that we're only feeling here? i mean, seeing it reported in international press, not the domestic press. so is it happening in other parts around the world, or is it just like i said, i do have friends in chicago, they're having problems with their alexa we found out earlier. so i'm trying to figure out where they said, you say it's just here and out of virginia, it's kind of where the basis is, is there is happening, other places?
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well, it's happening into any one worldwide who is using a service that is reliant upon that east coast. so anyone who's reliant on that. so again, certain apps are working because they're based where they are located. they're getting their cloud data specifically from that one part of the country. but it is also important, you know, you mentioned how they have the best product. i would actually argue with that i would say one does not have the best product out there. part of the problem though, is they have the best name out there because amazon is so well known. one other note on this to it's not just consumers who were getting hit because of the lack of application to the internet. some of the warehouses that amazon uses are also built on the system. and so they haven't been able to get deliveries out today because the warehouse robots, remember, so much of amazon is automated, can't communicate with the warehouse workers. and so there's actually been a huge delay for products that were supposed to be shipped out today that couldn't get out because warehouse worker systems all went down as well. and don't forget the drivers, there's lots of pictures. the one things that i don't think i do,
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the amazon drivers are saying, hey, i'm kind of grounded right now. don't know where to go, don't know where to take the packages. so the people that are right now, you know, we did a little test here. we, you can still order on amazon and think that it's working, but you don't get the confirmation of it. are people going to have to go back and re check and make sure that they, you know, that they fit every t cross? i's dotted and other patches have been ordered right now or is this gets going to go back online and people are going to keep flowing again? yeah, i think you'll have to go back and double check those things. because again, if you're not doing the confirmation, then it might be that the system is just not communicating. and so it's not going through, especially this time of year, a lot of people are waiting on packages and of course supply chain issues have already been such a big problem. so far this year it only gets worse when you have a moment like this and who knows how long it will be down. i mean, it might be delayed even until the next couple of days, possibly. and all of these cars chain reactions, right? slow downs and chain reactions. so hopefully amazon can get that running to get a lot of people are dependent on a too many people dependent on it. just as a personal note here, i actually told my family, please,
7:58 am
when you tell me what you want for christmas, that's not biased to amazon. don't want to do that anymore and just find other ways to do it. it might be less can be in, in terms of time, but that's a feeling that be, that's very conscious of you. but you know that i'd like to say next to you been heard what you just said and everything else. were there magically going to show up on that? well, let's just say i'm glad we didn't have a shot would space today. this would been really bad to timing for any amazon product to go down. if we had our, our friend william shatner up in the air, thanks for joining me. thank you. thank you for covering this for me. you've got to think about it. and then i in time follow me entre scotty and he's, he's the hash tag team and b h. make sure that you download the part of that to be at your apple or android device because we're always here and thank you for watching a recording that much when your job but i,
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she and i didn't better we video almost closer. pretty much be with can sure the coordinate a way to your skin don't. yeah. both for the lx model on the go pick one for quite a little less than the cost and then you should begin with from one to 9 to boise. and like you to form a good one, you waiting to lead or more than i was visa, that the gamma out will you will like you. but what i want you to talk to my media studio and that, jim, you 2 ways figured out those pay might not spanish videos net good. the long term with with,
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with the headlines here. one asi international joe biden is accused by republicans of surrendering to vladimir putin by dropping russia punishments from a defense build while democrats are dropping. what they're calling the mother of old sanction is targeting moscow. ah, now it all comes off of the president of russia and the us health crisis told ultimately triggered by tensions over ukraine. also in the program, we speak to an afghan family that found a loss of toddler during august. celtic us withdrawal when desperate parents were just handing the kids to western soldiers just trying to get them out of afghanistan. do it to show. suddenly i saw this baby on the ground crying in pain was to haunt the baby, was just wearing a shirt. it was difficult.


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