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tv   News  RT  December 8, 2021 9:00am-9:31am EST

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ah miss alice help headlines here. what are tea joe biden is accused by republicans of surrendering to vladimir putin by dropping russia punishments from a defense built while democrats, a drafting what that calling the mother of all sanctions targeting moscow. and it all comes off to the president of russia, and the u. s. held crisis talks ultimately triggered by tensions over ukraine. also in the program, we speak to an afghan family that found a loss hotline during august, us withdrawal implant desperate parents were just handing their children to western soldiers in any way to get them out of afghanistan and do it. suddenly i saw this baby on the ground, prying and paid. it was too hot, the baby was just wearing his shirts, so it was difficult for me to leave him. that had outrage boils of
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a forest. johnson's of former spokes person who's jokingly implied a christmas party was indeed held at downing street last year. i despite the highest restrictions locked downs, mosques and government denials. ah, quite quite the i'm here at moscow and a very busy program for you today here on this wednesday. welcome to it. it's haughty international. joe biden is being branded as spineless for not pushing forward with sanctions against russia's north stream to gasp, pipeline to germany. but the most vocal criticism was from republican senator ted cruz. this calamitous foreign policy disaster is jo biden's fault. this is the direct consequence of joe biden, surrendered of vladimir potent on nor stream to tirade came to drop us defense
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budget for next year. moved up to the senate, a number of anti russian measures were dropped in the house. and his previous form, the bill included a ban on americans buying russian debt and sanctions on north stream to the senate will vote on the defense budget next week. and i'll see america host, ben swan says the removal of sanctions from the bill basically means that's because the american president doesn't want them that the fairly big deal. consider the fact that obviously when the house version was written, as you mentioned, the sanctions were included. the senate version, they're not included, that's something called reconciliation, where essentially the bill has to match. and so it looks like those stations won't be there, which means that the biden administration is actually cutting ties with a lot of the rhetoric of the democratic party right now. in the u. s, which is insistent upon having these kinds of sanctions built into the us depend spending bills and it's pretty significant for a couple of reasons. one is because the president himself has been indicating for
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some time that he does not want to continue to push forward on sanction, specifically over north stream too, because of pressure he's getting from germany, the germans don't like this idea. remember, this is not a unilateral measure on the russian part. russia and germany together are saying we want the pipeline. russia says we want to send oil in natural gas that pipeline. germany says we desperately need oil in natural gas pipeline. but it does as you know, all go back to the issue of ukraine. the idea is that by russia bypass the ukraine, that somehow this will be harmful to ukraine, or they'll be able to have greater leverage over ukraine. and so the rhetoric doesn't necessarily match the reality, and again, you have to sovereign nation insisting that this is something they both want and both need. and i think the u. s. and finally, backing away from this idea that they now recognize they can't stop it from happening. well, it comes off for the russian and us leaders held these crisis talks as tensions over ukraine continue to mount. also, some people are pretty exasperated about nato expansion along rushes borders to an
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off to some initial pleasantries bite and apparently ramp top talk of sanctions against russia in the event of a war with ukraine. and since that time, a us officials have seemingly been proposing well, nearly any idea that comes to mind have a look at this. i would not rule out american troops on the ground. we don't do, you know, we don't rule out. first use nuclear action. pretty worrying words set right there, but with more details on the official us position and how the meeting went down. state side is our new york correspondent, caleb mama. here is what we heard from the biden administration. they talked about how biden raised concerns about the build up of russian forces near the border with ukraine and from there, talked about how the united states and its allies would respond with decisive economic and other measures if there was a military escalation. now biden called on to de escalate and to return to diplomacy. and he instructed the respective teams to continue dialogue on ukraine
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the same time we did hear from the national security advisor, jake sullivan. we still do not believe the president putin has made a decision. what president inviting did today was laid out very clearly the consequences if he chooses to move that, you know, seems to fly in the face of some remarks that we've heard from other us officials. there are new sanctions to be imposed on russia that are currently in the work. these are not run of the mill sanctions. what is being discussed is at the maximum end of the spectrum, or as i have call that the mother of all sanctions. so there seemed to be a desire on everyone's part for today's meeting to result in a de escalation. however, this hasn't stopped united states from talking of these new sanctions, and it hasn't stopped us media from playing up. this idea that there is somehow a russian threat or russian aggression. so quite an interesting day, we're waiting for more information from both sides about what went on in the
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meeting between the 2 leaders. the france and not giving sanctions is threatened to say if you move into ukraine will hiring, you know, knowing that if it were russian was into your brain. the us there is, isn't much the hindu besides high beside sanctions. but at the same time, i don't think that putting wants to move into ukraine. he is also, it is on and his own side, sending a message. there was in diplomatic agreement that nature would not go harder east. and, and normally in foreign policy, diplomatic agreements, i respect it. and in this case a separate a little bit afterwards, united states pretend, disagreement ever existed, which in my own research with europeans, every single european ashley come for him. it was there. so at this point, put in does not trust the ward anymore and he wants illegal commitment and and he's writing, asking it to be they frank o, a sanctions do remain a central tool of
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u. s. foreign policy with us under secretary of state for political affairs, victoria newland, once again to raising her head. and once again threatening russia. what we're talking about would amount to essentially isolating russia completely from the global financial system with all of the fallout that that would entail for russian business for the russian people, for their ability to, to work and travel and trade. washington's also just rubbed china up the wrong way by imposing a diplomatic boy caught on the upcoming winter olympics. it's also just imposed penalties on 14 officials on 4 entities and iran o end and syria over alleged rights abuses. well, we discussed the role and impact of sanctions with a panel of guests. essentially, you gotta, you gotta view it and walk into the u. s. american exceptionalism and,
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and supremacy. and they are basically, they're, they're, they're doing whatever they can. do you know where we're married? it's a very arrogant, aggressive policy that they use. and if it really is a means to be stabilized, the other countries sovereign nations and create economic hardships early, why do you think america is threatening to sanction russia for something that a has not happened? and b will not happen according to the kremlin. but i think in one way the political move on, on that side. the other part is that we need it. we need a bogeyman and i think partially, there were luther are in once it's kind of like a rabid dog. you know, you start to lash out in, in different ways, trying to protect yourself. and the only one problem we have is the thinking is this kind of destructive approach cincinnati and relations. but it's,
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it's just so silly because ultimately you saw and the brand he was sitting on, or do you think the continental united states is going to survive? if it makes a devastated mess of the rest of the world? do you think any western power seriously believes russia is about to invade ukraine? you know, it's hard to understand the logic. what could moscow stand to gain from, from starting a war? well, i think that the western governments do well know that this is rather at blame game . they make the public belief that russia is a real threat to the ukraine at the moment. russia is really in defense because they have to fear that ukraine will become a part of the nato alliance. and this is, of course, a major threat to the geopolitical setting of russia. cutting russia off. busy from swift would be the most extreme of measures deployed yet. it happened to iran
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devastated the economy there. is there any chance of washington pursuing what's being called a nuclear option based on their questionable diplomats that they potentially good. i think be very unwise move, very little impact, i think internally, externally it would, it would kind of back fire. i would think europeans would be very strongly lobbying against such an action. and if you're going to set off to do something like that, presumably not the goal. well, let's just like opening a black hole up under the international banking system. we're seeing what's happening and showing with a grunt warbling in the property market, possibly going down the drain. uncles if that happens, that's going to pull down the western banking system potentially. during the last summer's us troop withdrawal from afghanistan, many were moved by scenes of desperate parents passing their babies to western soldiers just to get them taken out of the country. and unfortunately,
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at least one child was lost in the chaos at cobble airport that show used to haylock muddy. he was one of those carried along by the crowds. his mother and father are still desperately trying to find him with a number of organizations helping. one of which says they have a lead. it was in high off parents of fled to the united states. now there was a glimmer of hope. we've spoken to one afghan family who say they found a baby at cobble airport. and our contact on the ground says it is that very baby lost by the commodity family. they named him mohammed. and so he's become one of that. i love any brother mohammed, he's to important to me and we'll never hand him over to anyone. my system shall, it was late at night when my brother asked me to help him drive to the airport when he was leaving for the us. when we were there, there was a big crowd and chaos. everyone was pushing to get inside the airport. suddenly i saw this baby on the ground crying in pain. it was too hot and the baby was just
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wearing a shirt. i was confused, so it was difficult for me to leave him there. he was dying. so i decided to pick him up. then i moved to each family i saw in the airport and showed them the baby and asked them whether the baby belonged to them. then i asked each mother there to feed him because he was hungry, but no one agreed, his condition was deteriorating, so i took him to some water and put it on his body, washed him and changed his nappy. i waited until 4 pm to find his parents, but couldn't. i had just one bottle of water and i gave him a few drops when he was crying. because he was hungry, i was worried because his condition was not good. it was too hot and he was lying under the scorching heat of the sun. then i contacted my wife and told her that my brother had already left. but i'm still stuck here because of a baby. i told her we are humans, and i can't leave this baby alone here while his parents are missing. i also told my brother to leave, but i had to stay until i found the missing parents. are let us show you
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a couple of pictures right here. on the right is the missing boyce, a hail my, a commodity. but on the left is the child found and careful by the jan. finally, there was no been confirmed reports suggest they are one and the same. meanwhile, the jan say when they found mohammed, he was in such a bad state. they had to take him to hospital. they say he was just over a month old. what like the afghan man who found the child says he's now in touch with the parent parents regular. intellectually, we kept the baby and contacted many people to find the parents. we contacted the bbc and many others, failed to find them, then we uploaded his pictures on social media sites like facebook. later, some relatives of a missing baby in barrack shan province contacted us and told us that the parents of the baby are looking for their child. when they saw the images, they recognize him, but they didn't know the whereabouts of the parents. finally i found the contact details of the father of this baby i called and told him about his missing baby and
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asked him to send me the pictures of his child. so i could verify that he was the real father. then he sent me the pictures and we confirmed your son is with us, don't worry. his father was so happy to learn about his missing son or we are trying to establish whether it's a hail our commodity, animal 100 are the same child. meanwhile the jan's family say they have grown to love the baby so much they are willing to adopt. oh, but i looked off to him like my own baby. if we found his parents, we would not be able to keep you with us. of course we would hand him over to his real parents. i looked up to him like he was one of my own. i have 3 daughters, but i loved him too much. he was about 40 days only when we met him. we have seen difficult times with him, he's our soul and we love him too much. if his parents identify him, we will have no option but to hand him over to them. why the more that so nice the parents of the child are unable to take him back. i'm ready to keep this baby with me laid up. in fact,
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i would not be happy to hand over the baby because we found in this or if they don't take him on that we will keep him with us. we love him during class partial to come here. we're not see a recent arrest of a man allegedly involved in the motor of the saudi journalist jamal kashodi was a mistake. read officials class more on that in just a moment. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way? or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true?
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was is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess what the world politics sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. ah ah good to have you with us today. london police are now examining new evidence that downing street staff party last year during a strict national lockdown. apartment is devoris,
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johnson denies any rules are broken yet recently emerged, video shows 2 staff members joking about the christmas party suggesting it certainly did happen. well, that's cross live to london, now find out more about this a policies at shoddy edwards, dr. joining us here on the program a shadow, the pri minutes is coming under some pretty intense scrutiny about this. it seems that scandal is just not going away. well, it seems as though this latest soc, i may be the final nail in the coffin full boris johnson, as he is now accused of lying and trying to cover up a christmas party that happened. wait for it last year during the k bed restrictions. now it all comes after a video was late that came to see a number 10 officials joking about this, so called defend his. the itv exclusive video. you recognize i went home is fictional policy was a business means and it was not associated so thought
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exchanged happened in the rehearsal of the daily press briefings that were happening almost daily last year. and when it came to show is that the party was thought to have taken place a few days before that video was taken. now if it's all true, it would have broken the code of it regulations, which said no and or mixing our with mixed households. obviously that would be a totally a breach there. now multiple sources say the party absolutely happened. and the leader of the opposition says that the tory part has been caught right hand. it valued was a party. they knew it was against the rules. they knew they couldn't admit it, and they thought it was funny. prime minister has been caught right handed, wide, awfully envy investigation right now. but just admitting it, i've been repeatedly assured i probably can big news. bad news. but there is a risk of doing a great, a grave injustice to people who,
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frankly, obeying the rules, the speaker, the prime minister, the government, spent the week telling the british public. there was no party. all guidance was followed completely. millions of people now think the prime minister was taking them for fools. well, has the public being taken for a full the reality of last year is that while the tory party may have been out partying people who are making really hot, wrenching decisions and having to not go and see their dying parents on the death bed because they were going to stick with the rules and things have now escalated so much of the police are looking into whether or not they need to launch an investigation. or as johnson does say that he will cooperate with any police proceedings. but remember, this isn't the 1st time the tory party have been embroiled in a legit rule breaking if we cost our minds back to the height of the pandemic.
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dominic cummings, at the prime minister's former chief aid, he travelled 270 miles from london to durham, allegedly of course that would be breaking the rules then indeed map hancock, the former how secretary he was seen to be intimately embracing a colleague again breaking the rules and that's why people are so angry at the moment. these are the people making the rules yet they think it's okay to break them and the political opposition and simply say, this can't go on. and the prime minister's time is up downing street willfully broke the rules at the moment. the sacrifices we have all made, the prime minister has our duty, the only right and moral choice left to him. it is for his resignation. countless children now growing up without parents while parties were held at number 10. it is an insult for everyone. he wasn't allowed to say that final.
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good bye. my question is very simple. how does the prime minister sleep at night? well, in the meantime, the united kingdom is gearing up to announce the plan, be a new coven set of restrictions. firstly, is this simply a huge distraction from the late to saga? and secondly, if not, more importantly, well, anybody really follow these rules given the political climate right now, it really does feel like the atmosphere here in westminster is the time of the prime minister in his current position up. oh, i shot you. thanks for that. saudi arabia claims yesterday's arrest by french police of a man suspected of involvement in the motor of jamal half trogie is a case of mistaken identity ortiz sharla. do buskie fall this report from pears?
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well to say that this is an embarrassment is a bit of an understatement. the report went viral on tuesday that this man named hailey dela tubby, who's arrested at near port here in paris, was one of the men that killed that journalist back in 2000. and 18, what happened we understand is that he presented his passport at the airport, trying to catch a plane to his home country of saudi arabia when he was detained. now, the saudi arabian ministry of foreign affairs immediately denied that this was one of the team that murdered jamal kasha g, back in 2018 at the is that the consulate of saudi arabia in is stan bull. we would like to clarify that what was reported in the media is incorrect, and that the person who was arrested has nothing to do with the case in question. therefore, the kingdoms embassy expects his immediate release. the saudi judiciary has issued
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verdicts against all of those who participated in the heinous murder of jamal cash or g. hold of them are currently serving their sentences. now the murder of casual g, unleashed global criticism, all the saudi arabia and of its de facto leader mohammed have been selma. and it happened back in 2018. and the journalist who had gone in to the consulate in a stumble, merely to do some paperwork as a formality, was never seen again, their accusations that the are the go ahead. the green light for that mission came all the way from the topping saudi arabia from n b s himself. and as a result of that, the diplomatic blown back was huge, with many countries giving the not just saudi arabia, but also it's de facto leader at the cold shoulder. as a result of that, that is until coincidence. just a few days ago, frances president, emmanuel mac old, became the 1st major western leader to go to saudi arabia and to me to with any yes,
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it will be done. we talked about everything absolutely. without any taboos with been solid and we were able to raise the issue of human rights, it doesn't mean that i endorse any thing that i forgotten that were not demanding partners well massive criticism of that visit by president mac on with many accusing him of putting politics ahead of human rights, but whatever way you look at it, this arrest wrongly or rightly of this saturday citizen is certainly become a pretty sticky wicket for president mack gone. plenty more stories available for you right now online at auto dot com, including that of the us government sells about 1100000 barrels of iranian petrol products confiscated by the u. s. navy in the arabian sea, but was the sheet seizure in the sales where they legal read about that online for now turning dislike into dollars. a butting entrepreneur in the us state of
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massachusetts has opened a shop selling some unique anti biden merchandise. and while many business owners have been angered by the president's policies, this particular store owner says, well, we owe our success to the president a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a. yeah, i bought this had a lot this really cool that i got some other things in the office make it a really good quality affordable. still granted. a dollar a
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a, a a, a a fantastic, a absolutely job. i'm glad that people are starting out with people. most surprises for them. yes, and good commentary on that right now online at odds, t dot com. thanks for joining us for this program live from moscow. of course it is alta international. we were talking in about half an hour's time with more of your
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news blue . what is the national mood? i suppose it depends on what kind of media you consume to say the nation is divided in highly partisan is an understatement. this is certainly what the national media wants us to think. but are we really so divided on what really matters disappear on you being a you or no? no, no, but they did a valuable mm hm. mapping my middle now i own my head up. not bad, i love that i can double your left knee, knuckle blood,
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my love, bob again thought, no, well, i'm up at a bit a well, i mean happy to lation suburban. yeah. now it's sonya natal. i'm not in the and i am as soon as an senior watching going undergrad, coming over the show will the on the con very and sink the u. k. government already drowning on the allegations of sleep, travel apartheid and drug use. and can you imagine a world with no bosses,
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we explore a new economy for a better world up to 40 is a factor reagan, the on the burly can all makes. it's arguably the reason for 1000000 children in the u. k. one of the world's richest nations are in poverty. this christmas. all this of all coming up in today's going underground with 1st amongst 2 years since the 1st case occurred. 19, it was confirmed in china and the years since the 1st to find a job injection was administered in the u. k. however, with a new current of ours, very into emigrants and we detected in schools of countries and cases rising rapidly in south africa. have the sacrifices and innovations of the past 2 years been in vain, or could omicron be the beginning of the end of cove? it joining me now from carlisle to discuss the potential impacts of this new mutation is dr. john campbell. john, thanks so much for coming on your hero to millions of people as you know, full well despite this modesty that you can always exhibit on the videos. and even if people haven't seen the videos on your youtube channel, they've got to seize millions and millions of people all around the world. in fact,
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that's why i'm gonna ask you, why do you think your videos are that popular? what's wrong with the so called mainstream media coverage that they're not getting it from public service broadcasters or so why do they need to watch a, a, an expert in public health in nursing and so on to really understand what it means to their lives. i must say that's been a bit of a mystery to me. i shall i actually started making videos way back and nearly ninety's on v h s tapes and we used to send them to various places on the world. then we went on to our on to d, v d 's and used to send those around and we d materialized online and youtube. and it's just like paid taken off after the omicron knocked down mc on after the coffee thing started. it just the numbers great, greatly increase for some strange reason. i really don't know why it is. i think mainstream media awesome. what constrained in what they can say? i'm constrained as well. i have to qualify a lot of things, but i think the key thing is i try and give the evidence for everything. so obviously i end up with a few opinions of meyer, but i try as far as possible to go back to the experts to go back to the papers and
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just try and make it as evidence based as i can.


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