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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 9, 2021 10:30am-11:01am EST

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struggle with the government's corporations. want to keep information secret and others who democratic rights should be pushed forward and people have a right to know with watch how assange helped shift the conversation around transparency. um see what that battle has done to them. i feel like children's life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest, most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable to survive. ah, i'm match taiser. this is the kaiser report. i've just heard a new phrase, global stilling. what is that?
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i don't know. let's ask this will max, remember we just retired the word transitory. according to jerome power, the chairman of the federal reserve bank, he said we need to retire that word. well, global stilling as kind of a retirement of the climate cycles. so i've just heard of this word for the 1st time. as you mentioned, i did google it and i do see a lot of references going back over the past few years. so it's not something actually new is just something new in the headlines. and that is, the global stilling is essentially that though, in the past few decades, there have been 15 percent less wind power and an energy in the wind, right? that is partly due to, as we keep on saying right, the arctic area gets, is getting warmer and warmer. so there's less of of a discrepancy between the, the arctic temperatures and the equator,
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like it's not driving as much wind as it used to. we saw this, this is why not only has the money printing caused the price of natural gas and oil to rise. but we also saw over the past year, what has happened is that the wind energy was reduced throughout europe. and therefore, they have huge systems in the nor see across europe to provide wind energy. however, the wind energy did not arrive this past year, and that is called global stilling the headline on this reeds. where has the wind gone? global stilling is blamed as wind speeds drop across europe, cutting green energy production, threatening to drive up energy prices even further. for me, this is a great metaphor for essentially the financial system. we always talk about this
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fractal nature of our culture society, the economy, nature, everything around us as a fractal of each other. and we have a kind of global stilling in the money supply, this new velocity of money. they could print all they want, but there is no movement. there's no energy behind the economy. and thus the, the, the money to sit there like this doesn't move the same thing with a wind energy. it's not there. and we've set up these elaborate systems to capture the wind energy, and it's almost like a quantum sorta nature of it. that is, it sees us building the systems and decides what we're not gonna blow right. the money velocity we know is turning towards 0. you know, we've been reporting that for years, no matter how much money they print, sopping alone out. it's not causing velocity or wind in the economy. and that's why the economy is stagnating and people are saying, hey, we're heading into stagnation, but i liked the dynamism of the ecosystem of planet earth predictably is dying
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because there's too much pollution, whether it's landfill pollution collision or in the rivers, pollution in the oceans. pollution in the air, chemical pollution, permanent chemical, pollution, all the by all systems are dying. so humans effectively are committing mass, suicide, or species is becoming extinct. the good news is that big coin brings back the dynamism. that's why we should applaud the volatility and big coin when it's all trading wildly between, you know, 200023260230000. that's life. that's the way that's what we need to breathe. the wind of dynamism, back into the human experience on planner, that's what it's telling us. that's the hope. if we don't adopt global bitcoin standard and we keep the standard, then we are virtual and we are guaranteed to euthanize our species on this planet. nobody else in the met averse would care at this. we've overstayed our welcome with all of our garbage and obesity. so won't be a big loss. but that's, that's the trend. so again,
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back to the story of the global filling and comparing it to the global economy is that we have a situation where if you imagine a sail boat in the middle of the ocean trying to get from one point to the other. if there is no wind in their sales, they just sit there unless they want to get out and start rowing, right? so we're at that point in our economy that we have to either start rowing and that is perhaps moving to a plan b. moving to bit point, moving to an alternative system because at the moment the architects of the current system are stuck on stupid. they're stuck there and they don't wanna figure a way out of this. there's no wind in the sales there. the velocity of money on the pile of money is huge. we have massive m one m to any. so anyway, you count and they keep on trying to change it. but nevertheless, every single way you possibly count the money supply, there's an enormous pile of it. it's sitting with 2 or 3 or 4 guys, or 4 banks and a few, you know, oligarchs, it's sitting there, it's not moving. there's no energy into the system. it's not circulating in the
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system, the money is supposed to be the lubricant for the energy. the dynamism of the system, they've decided to just give up there, reminds me of during the black plague, years in europe. you remember this? well, i was reading about this and the churches would simply throw the corpses into the basement of the church. and they were pile up 1015 corpses high. and the parishioners upstairs would really complain about the smell. and they're wondering, you know, and we're getting sick from all the smell. why is that? you know, they don't understand that having rotting corpses in the basement, hundreds of them when make you ill. so the central bankers don't understand that by printing rotted, pos, infested fia money. black plague that enabled garbage and, and injecting it into the ecosystem and that hundreds of trillions of dollars would be like injecting cyanide in to somebody at the hospital. it's not going to be
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a good outcome. they don't get it. they are, oh, you know, kind of like the, their serial killers. well, whatever you want to call them, you can call and serial killer psychopath. sociopath murderers, elite kings, monarchs, oligarchs, whatever you want to call them, they have no wind in their sales. and you the passengers, the bottom 99.9 percent deplorable passengers. you could either sit there and wait for your elite and oligarchs to figure out what to do. or you can get off. you can find a different way around this because, i mean, you know, they obviously haven't invested in the system. they just keep doubling down on the system fails. even the u. s. banking system still runs on cobol, which has, and it's a 60 year old software program, right? but with this energy grid. and it's interesting because the energy underlines everything, as you mentioned on the economy, can't move forward without energy, without the oil production without energy production. we can't have anything,
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right? so they're trying to reduce the energy, perhaps, maybe to make their economy look better. but they're, they've built these systems, these renewable energy grid. they've invested a lot. and now all the things they thought were, what it was can be like, the past doesn't necessarily equal what the future returns will be i, the winds are not there. so just look at some of the data of what happened in the united kingdom, especially this past summer. britain, the wind powered output as a total percentage of installed capacity, hit just 11 percent between february and march of 2021. that amounted to the countries longest spell of low wind and over a decade reports the f t. and as recently as september, 6, wind power provided less than 3 percent of the case total extra city generation compared with annual averages of 18 percent. so there's a huge collapse in it at the same time. you know,
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just as we mentioned on the previous episode, they have to blame somebody else. so they use it as an excuse, the hype of the war and tensions with russia and other oil producers saying it's their fault. not that we invested all this money into this wind power, and the wind power has failed. it's like you can see it in the actual data, the cause of the electricity price situation in the united kingdom at the moment, right. in the joke about the kid he kills his parents, he goes to the front of the judge and the judge says that he played, he says innocent, please be lenient with me because i am now on orphan. right. so there's great britain. they killed the economy, they killed their wind generation capacity. they are stupid, and they want to the world to bail them out again. you know, we already bell them out like 3 or 4 times in the last 20 years. i'm not bailing out great britain again. well, you know, that is just the situation we reported out. we're looking at it now. i'm sorry,
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it's the daily mail. people compete, you know, complain about that, but the daily mail is the only one not behind a paywall. we can go to reuters, you can go to financial times, but they're all behind pay walk. so we're covering it using that out. that's the case. the main is usually quantifiable. they, they, they did something stupid, but what was the last time they did something smart? exactly, but there is an entropy, a rod and decay as we've covered over the last year, especially in the institutions in the elite in the thinking class. the people who are supposed to have the answers and i'm saying there is no more wind in their sale, not only economically and financially, but culturally and societal wise. so either step off and that's what i'm gonna leading up to tell you that this episode is our last episode right here. this year in 2021. in north carolina, we're going to head south because that energy crisis of these leaders in the sale boat with no wind and they're stuck out there. so either we stay here and we freeze
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over christmas, or we had south to florida to mexico and then to l. salvatore, we're going to chase, you know, that's putting wind in our sales are going to be like we're getting out of here. we're not going to sit in the bottom of this freezing boat. no. waiting for some answer. we are answering the clarion call of security. we go worse a tow, she calls us, you know, he's calling us to el salvador to continue the work. he called us in 2011. when bitcoin was a dollar and said, we want you max a, stacy to spread the gospel of big coin to the world, we did that. we created millions of big coin millionaires. and now we're on a new mission from soto. she is taking a south to the equator and i only do what's the tow. she tells me to do. well, we're heading south, we're actually going to make a special program. we'll be making special programs for our c in espanol we're gonna be trying to learn spanish while taking the 6 part series that we're gonna do
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for in mexico, in el salvador, we're going to be, you know, showing chronicling our adventures of not only escaping the energy crisis, but also putting the as i keep on saying the wind in our sales, because we don't want the global stilling this show does not stay still we keep moving forward. we progress. and if we have to sacrifice, you know, but the problem is when you tell people in britain that there's a global still problem, they think that you're referring to the whiskey still referring to alcohol. and you know, if it was a problem, britain you were cutting off the alcohol supply, they would do something. but it's not that so they won't do anything. but max reads, where has the wind gone? wow, yeah, i hear you. that's like gone with the wind us for they could be referring to the fact that joe biden has left the country. he was there recently, blowing wind, letting rip wind. you know, it, may i meet you at the beginning that this was going to head toward
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a flatulence joke. i knew that the 2nd you read the headline 56 minutes ago. this was all one big build up to a joe biden flatulence joke. so i didn't want to get in the way of that joke. so i thought, you know what, i'll just let this joke develop. it's going to take a long, long time, and the pay off won't be all that funny. however, let's go with it. well, i think we've had a bit of global stilling in this episode, so we're going to turn to the 2nd half, whereby we will be joined by michael hudson. there's no hot air there. no, jeez, pure signal. i'm excited. don't go away much more coming your way. ah no one else seemed wrong when old fools just don't hold any you? yes to sheep out. disdain becomes the african and engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground, awe back breaking, toil, forced labor, stress, industrial injury. corporal punishment. oh no. words with which we are
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all familiar. are you certain that the world you live in abolish slavery long ago? a ah welcome back to the kaiser report, i max kaiser time that return to our conversation with dr. michael hudson. he's out with the 3rd edition of super imperialism. it's a book that is a classic. it's being re read again as we see kind of the american us dollar gemini,
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empire di, i mean what you predicted what happened dr. michael hudson. i believe the book came out in 19 seventies. you know what you said was in place and laying out the road map to imperial decline in the u. s. dollar. germany is now it seemingly playing out in the year 2021 and 2022. and in the next year or so, is that, is that the case? no other countries are understood how the dollar standard works. they don't want to be a part of my book. super imperialism is less than china. i think the 1st edition was 60000 copies. right. away and some book stores single bookstores and sold a 1000 copies. so this became a guide to china. i was invited over to meet with numerous party officials there and they decided, well, j america print ours and buy a fire in the spray and buyer exports for creating them electronically. we don't
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want to be part of that. our spending is once the wrong thing is with military base was the last thing we want is to recycle our savings and our foreign exchange reserves in the us dollars because that'll simply strengthen americas new gold work . so the, the decision is they wanted the dollar rise and by the dollar rising, this was the source of america's free ride, really since $970.00, since we want to build a 1971. right? so the shock troops that work on behalf of the us dollar buyer work at the m f from the world bank, seemingly. and they're the point people that go out there. you know, john perkins wrote a great book called confessions of an economic hit man talking about how the u. s. in depth corp countries, particularly in central america in ways that are impossible to pay back. and so when they don't pay back, they ask for assets and other things in return,
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effectively, that's the empire they, it's an empire, a debt, and they threatened violence. the cia is also an instrument of monetary extremism or monetary violence. i would say the primary purpose of the c i would be to enforce the dollar, which as part fragment of the new york times points out is backed by men with on this end quote. is that true? it is true because if the t 2 american control over the rest of the world is financial, is establishing a banking and financial system control, then anything that threatens this is going to em, america's ability to control other countries. so yes, the ca job is to promote what is america means financial leverage and everything now over argentina, which is now running into trouble weekend and the pro us argentine and
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government looked like it was going to lose the election that i m. s. and the normal amount of no money to our data. so the all the wealthy argentine and some of the american companies there could move their money out of argentine, currency into the dollar. and then after the wesley took over the i m. s. r, as in tina dropped and the foreign speculator is moved against argent, tina. and so the united states can say, you know, whether your country has an oligarchy or democracy. if you have a democracy, we're going to crush you. we support oligarchy. we said, and that was actually, i think it's vitamins and having the summer between next week between democracy and authoritarian americans, banking autocracy, where they are soccer, our enemy are in the granite countries that actually follow voters to like serial
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libya and china, russia. so you're having the whole fight against them are for see being coordinated monetarily by the federal reserve and the treasury. and militarily, by the c a and the defense department, they seems like this fight against democracy. as you describe habit using us dollar as a weapon. as we run out of countries to exploit, the policymakers are looking inward. and so america is now being eaten out from within that a fair characteristic. exactly. what's happening. this is what happened in rome when you're can't exploit other countries anymore, you're turn with in and the class for his banking business there. and you're having a very wrapping polarization of the economy and the american politics. all right. now, when he wrote super imperialism back in the 7 days, and it's got a 3rd edition coming out and everyone's embracing it,
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looking at it again because it's such a brilliant but you are at the time kind of transitioning out of your role as a credit analyst a chase manhattan bank, you know, as how you kind of major bones initially as an analyst. i gotta ask you to put your credit analyst on for a 2nd. what's going on in turkey. they currencies in free fall, aragon is lowering interest rate. is that what you would recommend him to do? what is basically committed a financial suicide and turkish banks for the last 2 years. and let customers choose whether they want to keep their deposits in lira or us dollars. and so more and more citizens, many friends of mine, and we want to holder money in us dollars. so there's been a huge flight out of a if you're going to lower interest rates to try to spurt capital investments,
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you have to have capital controls. and instead of having capital controls, or early gun has said anybody who wants to make a killing, who wants to make a rewrite, all they have to do is go to their local bank and say, can you please turn my lira and the dollars? so this throws yet more earlier on to the foreign exchange market, and it's been brief all and going down and down and down. and somehow the air to gun believes that this is going to make 30 more competitive. and what it does is lyric goes down, you're in a weimar, hyperinflation. situation where the lower the currency goes. the higher the price in the works is turkey has to import. if oil it's fuel, minerals, it's irons is products and all of a sudden, all of the depths, the turkeys you run up and bowers has to be paid with more and more domestic lira. and where is he going to get?
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it doesn't exist. so the turkey step basically cannot be paid as long as air to gun and what's the banks are convert domestic lira into into dollars or other foreign currency. the market is find the plunge and plunging lunch. he doesn't have any idea about how banks work, which is why he's fired the last 3 central bank managers. right? but yes, you describe it that sets up here to man for dollars and america to keep its own bank solvent. can't let those dollars go into default and that drives the huge money printing by the fed. and that now is turning into inflation in the united states. right? well, eric is not going to suffer from turkey's problems. the american banks and the banks so contain the turkish banks. so the foreign turkish bank own,
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or the u. s. european head offices may go under, but it's not going to threaten the united states that all turkey doesn't really matter what those matter to the united states. and turkey of being lost to nato altogether, and turkey was becoming politically unpredictable country that may move much closer to russia or china if they choose to help them with that. but doesn't this fall under the category of the quote, tristan dilemma explain how that is. i don't described it, you know, where the global reserve currency. we've got to print dollars to keep the empire going. and when these things start to fall apart, we end up having to finance the entire globe, which has a blow back, essentially to buy, undermine air on economy. it seems like the guy who the whole term driven the women i think is a misnomer. the dilemma was the u. s. running a deficit by having the dollar,
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the world currency and having other countries hold their treasury. i use, well, the real dilemma is going on. a real is for you and foreign countries holding the us guarantee. a real dilemma because you cut off america's ability to get a free lunch by foreign industry or nothing and bank bankrupt. other countries need dollars in order to pay their foreign or by american grain or whatever. all right, fair enough, i stand corrected. let's talk about super imperialism. you know, where can people get a copy of it? now it's in this 3rd edition is coming out of super popular, even in the big going community. why should people be reading this now? well, because toward the end i give a, the last few chapters around dollarization. and the question is, what are the countries going to do? if they don't hold hours, are they going to all the gold, are they?
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some countries are holding. but going, as we've discussed before, so if you're trying to figure out this massive central bank savings, what is it going to be invested in? well, anyone a buy is probably going to think of other alternatives to the dollar to. so this explains how the world foreign exchange market works and essentially how you can understand what's happening and if you want make money. right? so continuing on with this dollar or the printing of dollars, we've got a massive money pump going on. us dollars are being pump liberally and to be economies as you've just described it. and us consumers to some extent, are benefiting because they're out there spending on a lot of stuff. but it seems like precursor toward something on the other end of this, but very unpleasant. can you walk us through that? what was the amount of debt that has been going up?
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people are spending money on the housing which is gone up by about 20 percent last year. they're spending money on mortgages. they're spending money on that they bought. and a lot of these debts, especially in new york state, where i live, who if you own a mortgage stamps, or you haven't been able to pay rent because you've been there's been a moratorium on that service and for closures that expires in february. and everybody is thinking there and february, they're going to be tens of thousands of new yorkers evicted out on the street. losing their homes, the crime rates are going to go up. so that that is the debt that people are expecting to explode domestically just. it exploded and you know, and other countries. all right, so we have about 20 seconds left, debt bomb sounds, very poetic. i suppose. what's the timing on this? it looks like it's happening. i got a feeling i'll talk in the next 2 a month. oh,
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february is when it's scheduled for maria when a whole monitor him expire. that's fair enough, february that bomb. thank you dr. michael hudson. the book is super imperialism man . a 3rd edition. pick it up. it's a classic. thank you. oh, thanks for ahead of me on that. all righty and that's going to do for this additional the kaiser report with may max kaiser and stacy her but want to thank our guest doctor michael hudson. the book is super imperialism until next time. bio? ah. i have often said transparency for the powerful privacy for the bell. this is about privacy or people. care about is power. julian, a son just become a symbol of the battle, the privacy information is power. that's what's going on in the world. a huge struggle with governments and corporations to want to keep information secret
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and others who the democratic rights should be pushed forward. and people have a right to know what they're going to watch. how assange helped shift the conversation around transparency. come see what that battle has done to him. i feel like julie's life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the law just most powerful employer in such a situation, it's remarkable to survive. oh, when i was showing wrong, i just don't a sheep out the same because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will
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depart, we choose to look so common ground the longer the can of democracy in behalf never was so major international po, rubio, staffing ports, and americans image abroad. especially as most countries question deny, taking part in a democracy is some it posted by the united states in the us treasury. pressing american journalists with have to find that they work for certain publication. one author shares his story. the us treasury power is enormous. that individual freelance journalist is always microscopic. some of them a self, right. they're unwilling even to give interviews like this one you members of the ruling conservative have admitted to hosting a party in western headquarters during rope. dan last year is that rage flows over
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video members, forest.


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