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ah, check out this dude here because this, this is one creepy android. so this device here has been designed forbes scientist, essentially whenever they inject a lab animal with anything with sarah, they're studying, it helps them show and helps them see where the substance that they're studying. the substance that they're injected. a mouse, in this case where it travels, if it accumulates in the right spot, like here. and if it accumulates in the right amount, the developers, he are telling me that it has great potential for medicine. while this conference it wraps up the official year of science here in russia, but the organizers say that, well, yes, they come and go, but there are developments. they are here to stay hamburgers done of reporting from . so t r t. no sir, wraps up our buddhist him for this. how that brings website back again with
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people should use key is lucia rule. and me will be cl, seymour. i mean really the condition is is in calhoun roberts. it is very, very long. she is moved into everything area that on the she with june the legal team manages to get the case discussed at the united nations. and sweden begins to feel the international political pressure, especially from that in america. promoting and respecting human rights for old women. men, girls and boys is a core value and a central priority for the swedish government. but she had been as she brochure
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when he toyota quicker, but a sooner video, brazil, toyota. regardless of the new web, mutual literature part of the hugh, i can't deny, recommend us where see, i don't want american good at that, but i say, would article i had anthea, in other words, lusan once out about us, i get about a so know we can throw the rest of that. he has to wake us in that a 2nd. he had our camera for he had to put him there to set up by east a healy saddles, make anees musical, but as your body the king can, unless you're now. but i got auntie saddle, leave you a pro se, so your specific, i'm in the, in loss of waste. those in law school up, it won't affect dollars. they brought the here, but who now they see, see on their see low oil, is that to talk therefore, shall if the question 1st to diplomatic asylum. that is, of course, no general international law obligation to recognize right of diplomatic asylum. oh, why? i'm just done vision. okay. i'm a shuttle embassy with ocean so you can push that
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she just finishing up with in this is a very complex manager in which government can only do things to show the same day. there's an impromptu meeting between wiki leaks and a high ranking swedish official. i don't talked about you. you limiting the time when pre child's attention, particularly in cases where the person hasn't been charged. yes. are you referring to the song, i really sorry to exit question, but we have certain questions that i submitted responses. a person who had suspected crime
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with that say in the human rights. yes. to take someone and definitely not more time than it's necessary for this to have that you don't have an imitation on that. no, we live and there is no obligation to fix the maximum. thank you. i thank you. in those countries, pre trial detention is limited to a few hours. but the problem for lawyers is that sweden continues to insist that a sons was not arrested at all. or is he arrested? oh not a lawyers have no doubt about it. hi, authority must confirm their arguments with the legal team's. next
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step is to bring the case to the un working group, an arbitrary detention. it's something fun always does to go to the international sphere when local laws are insufficient or too restrictive, to determine if somebody has been improperly deprived of liberty. this group of experts listened to the arguments presented by the governments involved sweden and the united kingdom take part in the process, issuing a decision can take several months. a time that will be increasingly difficult for the london repartee with their people and much worse situation. some, i mean, they're also peopling better situations. it just means that you need to be really
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diligent about dealing with charlton exercising lights because it's nice to try and what's going on at the right time of day of tires. mm. mm. just like people, portion of all the space station that you have to deal with the absence of light, the light is the queue that said, sure. mm hm. professor kelly, you see a story on us to sunday, the coffee them in go get stuck nearby. i must look in must explain it. yes, miss, it doesn't matter. i was gonna say, hinting that isn't a rollercoaster. the stinking the hampton that a santa cellphone will you?
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i remember high data thought the impression, think there isn't there. is he done that of commit comerica me ever isic isic way in front of the embassy. there's always an activist vigil. in 1998 gotham mass chief, investigating judge in madrid, ordered the arrest of ex dictator penal chad who was currently in london. mm . thus he applied the principle of international jurisdiction, the idea behind it. some crimes are so serious that they affect all of humanity and can be prosecuted by any judge regardless of where they were committed. peanuts arrest was a warning to dictators and leaders responsible for genocides quinn, joy,
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impunity, and the loss of their own country. crimes against humanity could now be prosecuted by any prosecutor or judge in the wild. i prefer some hacker is on hacker. this thing is on hacker can, can throw in hack in la les advantages. manels put up with you. i left the sailors gleaming. nobody ever called who it is, its own you have said esl mac. he is us hackers guessing his escambia us in his them. this is hacker scare him, one luciana love for my case, is still architect today. gwen brown wont be love. you have them by robinson atlas cuz it is the milk as a unit. while waiting for the decision from the you, the legal team maintains their offensive in the diplomatic arena. i
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talked to where you had with 1st let's review what has happened. be a bomber administration supported by varying degrees via the west. and i was in the last 8 years, has prosecuted and investigated, more publishes and journalists under the espionage act than all previous presidencies combined. jeremy hammond sentenced to 10 years buried brown, us journalists recently sentenced to 60 is john kerry aucker. the only person arrested and convicted in relation to see a torture. the only person in the united states, his role revealing the torture chelsea manning, an alleged force over helix. he has now being detained for 1760
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days, but he has been sentenced to 35 years. edward snowden, william b. similarly in relation to national security agency, are in swats. united states faced 50 years in prison, prison, and $1000000.00 to find a personal friend of mine, a volunteer for helix who ended up very sadly, being persecuted literally to death 2 years ago, al serra harrison who assisted us with transporting wood slaten from hong kong into a place of asylum in eventually, in russia. what a number of these cases have in common is not simply that they are recent or conducted sometimes without any charge and all that there abuses in the, in the formal process. it is that
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a technique has been developed in the west where the process was clearly the punishment. she and she i know it just full $9.00 evolution with saying when that unless you go see on it act, what i mean is that percentage that are sitting for those city don't they will make a lease. yeah. they're worse than one of the vehicle did good. no, no solution then discussions like women feel you know, which i mean to eat. so they will not just to that canadian just that i see that i know how to do. i have often said transparency for the powerful privacy for the palace, but it cares about privacy. there's some, there's some basic,
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maybe instinctual know, from privacy affairs, between lovers. when you go to the toilets or whatever one privacy, that's it actually human instinct. but if we look beyond that long, is it there about privacy, where people care about is power and the relative balance of power between small organizations, the smaller which is a family and large organizations. however, information is power and ish. a larger organization has a lot of information about you and you don't have information on that larger organization. it has even more power reviews than it otherwise would have. so privacy is a way for individuals and small organizations to preserve the small amount of power that they already have them in
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the merger of our societies with the internet and the internet with us societies has allowed a really amazing lateral trans where we're able to learn from each other, much more than we could. on the other hand, it is allowed state intelligence organizations and their contractors who work for them to collect more information. it is, in some ways the greatest theft of wealth that has ever occurred with most of the transfer of information has come from the bottom of these powerful intelligence organizations. and organizations like google and facebook where helix does it the other way. we take information from very powerful zation is the most
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powerful as ations, and we put it in the public record where everyone can use it. that's unusual. we're giving people a choice. if you have information about how the world is working around you, then you have a choice about what you support, but you don't support that you do with your life. with
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either financial survival guide, stacy plus, learn about, feel, love. let's say i'm a true i can hear it from greece on base of the fight. 9 wall street, broad thing. ah, joy, that's right, fell out dead slavery. ah ah, would you mix is back in the news after it published wednesday, part of the secret tax of a massive new trade pact called trans pacific partnership, or g,
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p. p. ah. nowadays to wiki leaks, we haven't even better idea of just how dangerous the t p p really is. to put a modeling the g p. p would sacrifice national sovereignty, public health and internet freedom. that was a huge struggle with governments and corporations want to keep information secret and others who the democratic rights should be pushed forward. and people have a right to know with the lawyers have found out that google in response to warren from the u. s. department of justice who has turned over everything from wiki leaks, journalist accounts, every email, contact matter data. for me, my google accounts, i was actually has the one that i have from a long time ago, which is why it makes the situation with regards to how the u. s. government is
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treating with what they were actually doing, like that he going off to a journalist, personal and private e mail accounts in the hope that this is yes, they should get a use with the organization. a very serious issue, concern. all of you can do the warrant for google confirms to the lawyers that the case the united states is secretly building against wiki leaks is not just paranoia. it has a case number. one of the charges is espionage. ah, you have an international espionage case that it has sucked in dozens of people to its grand jury process that has pulled in through warrants or from google
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and others, thousands of pages of information that has gone explicitly off the journals. that is what it calls a whole of government investigation. what other states call hall gum investigation, which is the largest investigation ever into a publisher, which is an extra territorial maneuver by the united states to engulf foreign publishes in claims of espionage. and it's a media case, surely this is the sexiest media case ever. but nonetheless, there is something that's even sexier than an international espionage case. and that is a sex case. and in sweden, there suddenly movement in this case. mm. although the appeals court declined to quash the arrest, boring for his sons, it also criticized the prosecution's passivity and demanded that marianna ne,
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move forward with the investigation. she may now change her mind about traveling to london to question a sons with the new billing days. i didn't really like that as you give us a thing. if your mental says you like to migrate, what big window in gone to manage on it. she will know you said it was like when we're sending those will be more enough. is comes with a law. yes it would you? yeah. the who has he has a lot of them. are you a made it? yeah. yeah. allowing them on the job comes in to the server while he's worked with
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cynthia one. okay. and when i put in kilowatt, we have breaking down a suite and a 40 there now offering to travel to london to question julian of dodge from the san juan, come to them, and they'll come in as somebody allegations come under 5 years down to their limitations who so it is possible to interrogate a fund in london and sweden in a hurry to do so. my lawyer said, i don't want to trumpet that victory because any correlation, even a victorious correlation with a sex case. his name, the prosecutor, marianna, knew arranges a meeting with the sons for the questioning, but that is not enough. ecuador in sweden, after sign a judicial corporation agreement for the agreement between echoed or in sweden is not ready in time, and the questioning is cancelled. ah,
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you were going to attempt an interview, which was just 3 days after you set the request when you had agreement with that go for this. so i just want to understand how you can justify the claim that you want treating him like anybody else will be stand behind in the military. you can actually put it in sack of cfo government court yet. see it or not to just let us know about somebody which i assume that is on it school board. and so member friend where you to have an on that suite. your or you have a song shred will house before i go to the steward sickening. get through or the flu shot your back and i was out last summer to be in the plot that on julia and i saw on joint us. none. i mean,
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you'll make statements off to you violates his rights by his name coming out. i mean, i'm sorry, but for some reason or everybody, you know, the 3 left, the legation expire, they will never be clarified. now, what has happened? they are talking about swedish, because we're talking about the swedish case and no one's now talking about the case. there was there in the beginning that it's still ongoing, which is as far as i'm concerned, which is the great danger to me and to the organizations a whole, which is this massive s b investigation. mm. let's be serious. we are in a conflict situation with the largest, most powerful employer. that's what it is that has ever existed
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in such a situation. it's remarkable to survive though. hey, how are you all about today? it's good to see you again. we know that there's been a grand jury against against wikileaks. in essence, now, the attempts to prosecute wikileaks have lasted over 5 years. the procedure in the united states is that before someone can be prosecuted for a serious crime, the constitution, the constitution requires an indictment by a grand jury. welcome to the federal grand jury service. you are here today because you've been asked to take part in our democratic process by serving as a member of a federal grand jury. it's a job of great, important, grounded in the constitution that guarantees are freedoms. the drafters of the
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constitution knew that deciding whether or not to accuse someone of a crime is an enormous power. so they created the grand jury. but the problem is that the grand jury, it happens in secret. the grand jury can compel testimony. they can issue search warrants on, they can use the patriot act to conduct surveillance. so when the prosecutors prosecute, they decide, i mean, they look at the map and they decide where to bring the case. so they decided to bring the case in the eastern district of virginia. now, where's the eastern district of virginia? eastern district of virginia is the home of the national security agency, all the intelligence agencies. so guess why? oh, and so they pick, they pick the jurors. well ok, you were here and i say your wife is and i say everyone's connected. exactly. thank you. i hope all of you will enjoy your grand jury experience. we do know that the
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prosecution of wikileaks and includes espionage computer fraud, conspiracy, and theft of u. s. government property, but now the obama administration is using it to prosecute whistleblowers and publishers and the free press. for example, chelsea money, a former military intelligence analyst. my name was accused of leaking to wiki leaks, thousands of confidential documents about the was in iraq and afghanistan. her punishment was harsher than the one imposed on the service men accused of committing war crimes or torture in the same conflict. during 3 years of prosecution and trial manager was the victim of humiliation. in humane treatment and torture. san just defense fears he may suffer the same fate if he's indicted and extradited to the united states.
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his telephone ish, his tactical, harass or bother law. a could show loudon that shouldn't. i don't know if you're known cassie loretta. he was in a moment or put a piece, you know, i said a book and dinner. okay. no, i son quadarius cuz he seen growing a seamless seal on the part of this boy's loss. hm. would you say that he's been denied medical attention. passengers been suffering from severe upper body pain and limited movement on his shoulders and in a doctor's recently been in the undersea to try to diagnose it. but the doctors included that for full diagnosis as on needs and m r i. and this is not possible that you and younger caesar sanjay needs to go to the hospital.
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in the southern look at in the america said is even dangler forma there on a secrecy of the amount of healthy law in october 2015 and ecuador requests safe passage to take a psalms to a hospital the u. k. d nice the petition. sanchez, health problems are not only physical in december 2015. a medical report evaluate at the impact that indefinite confinement could have on his mental health . the report wants that his health will deteriorate if he remains in his current situation. it concludes such stressful circumstances with no end in sight, can lead to unforeseen and destructive consequences with the potential to become life threatening. if as he does in the emitter, hosea says february, underneath them is momento for a kin nasir list on go, teresa, feel but
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a salute. if you are actually something happens, he has to exceed the place because it's his life is increased. i mean, even if i'm to borrow them as the interface that situation, i don't know what to, you know, this is something we would not understand that there is no proceeding and you're good for such an emergency handle bus. had it in this scenario, did they know her local education better than others in north them are sending commerce not for them or sister, gondo in element this you know, i say motion now the local meant the electric ignacio got normal. men didn't get it . if you can, why you're not premier i with k can equal a given a got the runners one the the she miss others up to an emotion and they got to wrap this with auto negative. are they got their auto? they got us. yeah. ordering latera was controller has something to do with them for
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their machine. come much water. i'm working group. i committed just through my nose . i'll tell you that. or you got a missed somebody under carpet again medical ah a wrong i just don't know. i mean, you have to figure out this thing becomes the advocate and engagement because the trail when so many find themselves, well the part we choose to look for common ground. the
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i said i'm no longer a beacon of democracy. perhaps never was a major international poll, reveal startling thoughts about america's image abroad, especially as most countries question to take in part right now in a democracy summit posted by united states. elsewhere the us treasury threatens american journalists with hefty find if they work for certain publications. one offered daniela's chairs, his story with us treasury power is the norm of an individual, free that journalist, microscopic that some of them are self. right. and they're unwilling even to give interviews like this one in the u. k. report play, members of the ruling conservatives of admitted no da hostings, one of those parties in their westminster head.


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