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ah, ah, a provocative and threatening action. russia slammed ukraine for attempting to breach its maritime borders near crimea, taking tensions between the 2 to a new level for to police, investigate 3 parties allegedly help left to set. but by members of the government, despite strict coven restrictions for every one else of the time, reminisced devoris johnson faces growing cold to resign. democrats who support from a key group of voters as pulse show the hispanic population. shifting to the republicans disappointment grows with politicians, performance and yet i just wanted, while they're all the same, once they get their position, we forget about everybody law and a popular twitter account monitoring the trial of accused child sex traffic. delane maxwell has been suspended, latent concerns that it was dropped because of reporting on links to the global
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elite ah, all of our life, our worldwide, this is not international from moscow. and collin bray with the developing stories were tracking for you this our 1st then her ukranian naval vessels sailed dangerously close to russian waters on thursday evening. in the coach straight that the bridge connecting crimea tooth brush and mainland the ship named dumbass approach. russia bought us without prior notification to the russian side, but eventually changed calls. russia slammed the move as a provocation, saying it posed a threat to the navigational safety of other vessels in the area. with the ukrainian defense ministry denying the threat existed. ortiz more, i guess the, have talked to kevin over in about what happened. there's also much to be said about the timing the dope, because it happened as president salads gave president biden, but holding a phone call. apparently, according to sentence,
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kate biden told him what he talked to putin about the united states. also saying that they will provide ukraine with will, the weapons they need to fight back a if what comes to was was comes to worse, whatever, whatever that means. but there was also a un general assembly session in which they cooled on russia, the un general assembly, to guarantee the safe passage of all vessels from the black sea to the sea of as up and vice versa. and this is again happening yes, the backdrop of a major. this isn't being talked about as much or at all. major ukrainian military build up at a, at the dumbass region in the east of ukraine. and vladimir putin himself has come out and has spoken with tremendous concern about what is happening in the east of ukraine, georgia family. i should say that russo phobias the 1st step towards genocide of
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what's going on and on bass now very much resembles genocide. we see it and we know about it. the similar thing on a slightly bigger scale out back in 2018, didn't it? didn't we were there the next day. are film qu, filming those ukranian vessels, which had tried to run through the, through the straight. and we found them pounded so there was 2 gun boats and a tug boat. they had again approached the coach straight from the black sea from the direction of the black sea. so the other direction they had refused as well. oh hales, they are only inform the f as b, those guarding the to the shred that they were passing through, and that these were their territorial waters, referencing of course, the fact that ukraine claims crimea is its own as its own territory. and it came out there was an escalation, there was a shoot out. fortunately, no one died,
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but the gradient sailors aboard those vessels were arrested the vessels impounded. both the crew and the vessels were later handed over to ukraine. but that was an international incident. and ever since then, and also before that ukraine has abided by the rules of transit to the trade of coach. they have always filed a notification with russian authorities and for their intend to pass through the street. so any attempt the de craye makes to pass through the street without fighting the notification. according to russia currently be viewed as a provocation. i liked the crime in peninsula now at the corresponding jojo shop of oliver's that high urea. we've just had some of the contextual this where we on the brink of serious problems here, what happened? right. so not far away from where i'm standing right now in the crime, in a city of courage, a collision between the russian and ukrainian fleets and the crime they encourage
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trade. have nearly been avoided when they ukraine ship called don bonds had been moving towards russian territorial waters. stop says kilometers from the border and then turned back. according to they f as b. the incidence started on december the 9th at 12 minutes past 9 in the morning when the ukrainian ship called dunbar sled the port of merrier pole, and began to move towards the coast trade. according to the russian side, it hadn't received any requests for passage as required by russian legislation. so let's take a listen to the at as b, the command ship dumbass has reversed course away from the coach straight. it is not responding to enquiries. the excess of the cronyn ship's crew are regarded as provocative and, and entering navigational safety. meanwhile, the ukrainian signed reported that the ship did not plan to posture the trade. it was on armed. it was sailing in the back door toward because straight and later wrong today got to return calls,
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but continue not to respond to requests from the russian border guards. that's according to the f s. b. the russian special service regard to the actions of the crew as provocative and threatening the safety of navigation here in time, the ukranian science that it did not enter the sensitive zones. it was before being taught penance, territorial waters. and after that began returning to the base and also according to the ukrainian defense minutes that they don't ship was not legally if it was a shed water area express his surprise most. so a threat from an on, on session rescue, but, so, by the way, on december, the 9th, which is yesterday, russian fighters escorted 5 us french military aircraft over the block, the, according to the russian national defense control sensor. well, the ship turned back had the same time. when reports came that the conversation between the president of the united states and ukraine, joe biden, and let him know the landscape had finished. and various sources say the 2 presidents, among other things, were just canceling and online meeting between joe biden and russia left him
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a person that took place on tuesday. like base. yeah, enable it to them in the black, the, off, the crime in putting you on june the 23rd. so, russia's lead period accusing the u. k. u. s. military of staging, a complex provocation. after the british warship, h. m as defense sales near because the crime in as well as ukrainian ships previous violated russian borders. so back in november 2018 to both. and the tongue of the ukrainian navy entered the temporary temp of robert a rather close russian. walter era making dangerous many that ignoring the demands of the border guards, according to the russian side, i only say ukrainians when the western support regularly tried to violate russian territory was it. and crimea officials express concern and the un security council to discuss the problem. but can leave, so widespread confrontation, so we are following all the developer. pay in cash right now. and of course we'll
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bring you more information as we get this latest incident over fairly quickly course. but it certainly has to things up ok, your shop of all of all the banks of the coach straight. thank you for that. well, that's the story unfolded guess we spoke to agree that the incident appeared to be a publication by the ukrainian military from the ukrainian point of view is after the disaster because they don't want to increase tension. it's been so much talk about rushing the troops on the border of ukraine. ukraine saying that the russians we invaded song. and this is the type of saying that ukraine doesn't really want. it's david and goliath is to cause an unequal contest. so therefore, it's up to ukraine not to revoke russia, not to produce a situation where the russians might use force. well, i'm sure that a ship called don bass just coincidentally, happened to test russian resolve near the,
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near the bridge. i think it was definitely a provocation. we've seen in the media over the past couple of weeks, particularly here in the united states, a lot of coverage about how russia is massing its troops inside of russia. and somehow that's a threat. russia has gone as your viewers well, no, to this point is saying yes, you can go through. you can go through the straight, but you do have to file in advance. and that certainly according to, in accordance with international law, the last person to congratulate president bind, but i think he's trying to walk it back. i think he's looking for a way out of this. if that's the case, you should be applauded for trying to do this for telling the landscape, hey, why don't you look at the minsk agreement and try to go a little bit further toward fulfilling these obligations you've taken on? if you want to dig deeper on the russia, ukraine, and maritime row and the wider consequences in history to all this in the bigger issues surrounding moscow, key of relations, head to r t dot com right next for you. britain's prime minister
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is engulfed in turmoil after a scandal broke over parties at downing street last year. christmas celebrations were allegedly held, despite strict locked down restrictions in england at the time. and after video emerged this week, at the pm's top aid seemingly mocking the coven curbs. police are investigating 2 more similar events. charlie, edward, ashley report. well, things have unfold as much like as much as the nation would have really expect it to be honest, more and more revelations and allegations of gatherings and christmas parties. now the conservative party has admitted at least one party took place. last december on december, the 14th, when the prime minister was hang the rest of the country to think very carefully about what you do and how you can protect others. obviously though, the big one in question is the party the allegedly took place on december the 18th, even though the restrictions at the time when no end or mixing with any other households. now, boys johnson is accused of lying and trying to cover
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a top. but the leader of the opposition says the prime minister and his party have been caught right hand it. they knew there was a party. they knew it was against the rules. they knew they couldn't admitted. and they thought it was funny. prime minister has been called right handed. why definitely an investigation right now, but just admitting it, i been repeatedly assured, oh, i probably can big news. the news. but there is a risk of doing a great, a grave injustice to people who, frankly, obeying the rules with the prime minister. the government spent the week telling the british public. there was no party. all guidance was followed completely. millions of people now think the prime minister was taking them for fools. well as the prime minister, taking the public for full because the reality of it really is the very fact that the next day christmas was cancelled. that was the announcement from the government,
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meaning that people couldn't even go and visit people they love in hospitals. was worse though, for the public with all of this is not just the fact that the government may not been following their own rules, which is bad enough. but the very fact that people in government with law thing and mocking about their situation as a leaf video, showed a former press secretary to the prime minister, laughing when being asked about this so called downing street party. and she recognizes, i went home, is fictional policy was a business meeting. i mean, it was not associated well, she has become the 1st casualty of this soccer, but we can easily expect more, especially as the police are now weighing in and potentially will be launching an official investigation into this matter. so this isn't the last, we hear of it by any stretch of the imagination. but as the saga was all unfolding to the government decided to announce the restrictions,
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the new restrictions plan. b, meaning mosques are backer, back as being mandatory and public spaces working from home is now advise hancock cove at passports. i will be enforced in large scale events, but the timing of this announcement seemed far to all the us as a distraction. but morris johnson insist, it wasn't one people say that we're sort of making this announcement to, to coincide with events in, in politics. well actually imagine if. 2 this step were to have been delayed because of a political or events of one kind or not. what people say. then you got to act to protect public health. all those words don't convince form a london mac can livingston. he says, the prime minister's deliberately deflecting from the downing street parties, candles his long face without a proper planning of pretty consulting as many of the scientist children. and it's
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just to distract attention from all the news coverage about the parties going on in downing street. there will be a lot of people who do do that. they'll have their own private little parties in film because they think it's a prime minister can do this. why can't wait? but i think the vast majority of people in britain are aware of just how dangerous base viruses and they don't want to put their lives at risk, or the lives of their partners or their parents all over my country. here people are stuck at home. i need a isolated and then they see this prime minister organizing all these ridiculous dangerous parties. i've been told they mustn't do. and of course, that's making a lot of anger. so i do think that there's a real prospect he might be pushed out of office by his own m. p. 's. first for a european country, austria has given details of its plans to impose mandatory vaccinations from february. the 1st compulsory vaccinations will be applied to people over the age of
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14, and people who refused will face fines of up to 3600 euros. kevin, when discussed with such measures and justified with a top medical official in austria, is there severally mutation, send this spike area, the virus, which obviously cause it's a in more infectious, a straight strain. but the, on the other hand, to be hoped that the illness is not so serious as it used to be. but it will have to wait for a couple of weeks in order to be sure epa actually, we don't know enough. they don't know enough to be worried, and we don't know enough to be relaxed at the moment. we very much hope that the vaccines bert, and prevent this a severe illness. however, we need 3 showed so far, rick, seen, in order to be effective. how to get the m belizean believe as if he liked
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vaccinated. it's a heck of a job, not on your country, it's. it's a world wide problem. it's going to be a very difficult job to motivate some of the, the people who don't want to be vaccinated. because they believe in fake news, which has spread things through another come through. so every managed a depend that mc without serious problems, you have more people who are reluctance to be vaccinate distance would believe in fake news by people's natural freedom of male. choose what they want to know on this thing in their arm. i suppose the flip side of that is all right, when you get your freedom taken somebody else's freedom away because of lot of times they can't get out even if they've been vaccinated. and the argument goes out in a circle, but are mandatory vaccinations being forced to take a vaccination? read the way forward. we have $6560.00 saying 6 percent of explanation rate, which is by frown. not enough to stop this pandemic that will do when we are now
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going to do is ill. there was during government is deciding no when you law, which will force people to be become vaccinate into us. the, the only way out of the situation, the government didn't want to go into these directions. mandatory vaccination with it was really the last possible step to take here without say on the way us democrats. so losing support from a k group of voters, as polls showed that the hispanic population is shifting, the republican will tell you why they're unhappy among all stories off in the break . ah, ah, you're watching television. you forget about the comp, it cousins, the fighter in the living room and you plug your experience into the tv. something
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romantic happens to romantic feelings to be scary happens. you get your suspend belief in reality and you literally follow the story if you like, was on the television. and in a sense, it knows who similar ah ah ah
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ah hello again, a popular twitter account posting news about the trial of accused child sex traffic again, maxwell has been abruptly band re igniting speculation about the future of free speech on the platform. according to twitters rules, apparently the account was artificially amplifying information. i'm not sure what i was amplifying and how i was doing that. the account got insane engagement, which by the way, was all organic. all we did was report information from the trial that the mainstream media was failing to do hate to it to support. why are you so concerned with protecting child sex traffickers and their accomplices? is it not censorship? when the most powerful people in the world, they're implicated in a child sex trafficking ring. and the reporter was silenced. would i be trained to hide? we know platforms providing cover for evil pianos is in you shameless. lo,
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pretty incredible. the length these big tech companies go to you to hide the truth and the name of saving the people from misinformation. or the account have more than half a 1000000 followers before the social network band. it for alleged manipulation and spam. and he counts owner has launched an appeal against that ban maxwell, who was a long time companion of late convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein has pleaded not guilty to charges of trafficking teenage girls for him. some say the account was removed because it was regularly brought about scenes report a connections with global elite i electron integrity activist and journalist nico house described the treatment of the maxwell trial tracker account censorship. i a 100 percent believe that this is centered censorship. this, this claim that they are manipulating people. last, i check if you didn't want to follow an account, you don't have to follow them. in fact, you can actually block them if you don't like the information that's being put out there. the freedom of movement of information is so pivotal in today's world,
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and we have twitter more concerned about the fame, not only twitter, but twitter of politicians and other people. other people in the media are more concerned about like censoring people who disagree with them and getting rid of a cows than they are about the fact that none of the names of the people that have been brought up in a case involving a man who was prosecuted for sex trafficking, none of the leads have been brought up on charges. but sure. let's pretend as if this a cow that just merely kept track of a trial is actually the problem. like it, it doesn't, honest, it doesn't make any sense. it only makes sense if you're trying to protect those people who are being charged right now. another trial is making headlines in the u . s. a. chicago jury has found accent, jesse se millette guilty of lying to police and staging a racist and homophobic attack on himself in an attempt to boost his career. he now faces sentencing. we got the latest of elements and reaction for you online at auto dot com. okay,
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let's that again after the u. s. midterm elections and polls suggest worrying. trend for the democrat latino voters who showed huge support for joe biden in 2020, a repairing to break away as kind of open explained. and growing number of americans who identify themselves as hispanic, are being drawn to the republican party. this long time, democratic party block has been softening according to the polls. latino is a more and more becoming swing voters. they are a swing vote that we're going to have to fight for. you see in this poll that there's a group of hispanic men who will, without a doubt, entice by trump and have become more republican while they are all the same once they get their position. and they forget about everybody, especially the immigrants. they ignore us, in some aspects they're fulfilling their promises, but in others, they've forgotten about us, such as education or the pandemic. in the recent virginia governor's race, more than half of latino voters gave their vote to glen younger. the republican.
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compare that to just a year previously, when over 60 percent of latinos voted for by it appears. the issue at hand is joe biden's performance more than 54 percent, don't approve of the job that he's doing. more and more are switching parties saying the democratic party no longer reflects their values, the ideology of the funding, the police of destroying the oil and gas industry, and the chaos that our border is disastrous for those of us who live here in south texas, after much consideration and prayer with my family, i feel that my fiscally conservative pro business and pro life values are no longer in step with a democratic party, up to date being hispanic, and also black eyes. i should be democrat, i'm going against their narrative, and i feel like right now, everything is crumbling for the democrats biden is completely destroying the are going to me right now, and people can feel it in their pockets. now there's plenty to be upset about across the united states these days, and latinos are certainly among those affected 12 major cities in the united states
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have record homicide rates this year, and the price of food and gasoline just keep staying high. apparently the democratic party is now reaching out to latino voters, calling them latin acts a gender neutral term. but apparently not all of this particular demographic are impressed. half of latino voters are actually offended by the term land next. plus they want the administration to focus on more pressing issues, humans, them, that they're not doing enough for latinos and immigrants. and general poverty level continues to increase, and government checks are not what's needed. they have to create decent jobs and work with the private sector. and work as a country noble as a young guy you, they trick us. the politicians lie. god made us perfect one blood. there is no white or black blood is red, but the president lies to the people. that moses and now we're disappointed. the democrats have forgotten about us, but they do a little more than the republicans were locked in. it's a sharp wake up call for the democratic party who presumptuous. we assumed that
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latinos would vote for them as usual, and the democrats are now having to earn their votes. now, the problem is, with all these negatives around the democrats and their performance. some think these efforts may come to little to late. caleb martin r t new york. $100.00 countries are taking pos in the virtual event summit for democracy which is intended according to the u. s. president to strengthen democracy and confront. we'll talk, receives around the world. this gather, it has been on my mind for a long time for a simple reason in the face of sustain alarming challenges to democracy, universal human rights and all around the world. democracy needs champions. the guest list could raise some questions though, according to the latest index participants, like zambia pakistan and nigeria, a classed as a hybrid regimes, not democracies, iraq and his year a declared as or for a tarion and the democratic republic of congo as early topped on the list by north
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korea and we spoke with british communist party activist, alex golden and the economics professor jack rasmus, who think it's never been about democracy? it's more about the containment of russia and china. summit for democracy is not really about democracy in discussion democracy. it's really about the united states and post trump or era here, trying to rewrite rally it's allied friends. here are both democratic and national democratic to develop a coordinated policies to contain russia and especially china. the guardian newspaper in britain is referred to this democracy summit called by biden as a diplomat. suppression of a charity bill. and it appears to be a list of pre selected favorites clients sitting at non governmental organizations and politicians from various pro
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u. s. pro western campaign groups either early was about democracy then you know, some countries like columbia and some african countries and others that are very undemocratic would not have been invited to this conference. so the proper way of understanding this is that summit for democracy is just a catchy term or covering upwards, really about and that is developed and coordinated strategies. and, but i think undermining the summits. intention really is the fact that the usa is in no position to convene a summit on democracy just in the last year or 2. united states has intervened illegally to subvert democratic elections in numerous countries from bolivia to nicaragua, to honduras. and of course, in venezuela,
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where they even went so far as to recognize a fake president part of the ideology and how you were gotten a label and personify in these countries is not done or cry, democratic not in order to justify some of the policies dealing with them, or empire, no deals with these aberrant countries here in a number of ways, you know, economically, financially, imperialism going on. and then the u. s. provide support for challengers, you know, like this, this clown, guido and venezuela. and, and it's all part of an ongoing attempt to contain aberrant countries to try to break from us global generally. hey, dennis miller's plus one moment is for my nfl star. now sports broadcast off my rashad. i'll be back here in round half an hour to update you on the developing stories. we're tracking here in moscow. newsroom,
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this is out international. thanks for watching. ah. join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah, a folks next up, a convivial bloke, a great broadcaster and was a beast on a football field. a mod rashad will be here. i'll talk about a mod golf game, he's got a new game show over there, something a tug of words. he says a tug a word with the binoculars rolled in over on the game show network, but whatever he's doing, i guarantee it, he's having
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a blast doing it because my man takes a big bite out a life mod rashad right after this. and dennis miller plus one thing, walk of the dentist miller plus one excited to see an old friend. good cat. why? very sweet guy, man. and always fun. a mod rashad, a mazda t, v host broadcast the who's good at it, and not a lot of people step across the al and kill it. him he, him, some are all about as good as it gets. and he was a great, great professional football player. i go back with a mod, i had a sports illustrated subscription. i's young as bobby moore. he's playing for the ducks in oregon. he had the kelly's green jersey on the yellow is tell me like use leadin the odd tor defroster irene. think that any detail on the helmet at that point, it was old, civil, drafted, his 72 to the saint louis cardinals.


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