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tv   News  RT  December 10, 2021 6:00am-6:31am EST

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ah ah, i can use an arty weekly founded shooting assange canned the extradited to the united states. washington has one is to appeal in a london court against a previous ruling that block to san from being sent to the us to face trial on espionage charges. his whole case may ny return to a lower court to be re heard. and also this are a provocative and threatening action. russia slammed, she cried, pretending to breach its maritime borders near crimea. take intentions between the 2 to a new level. ah, good afternoon, welcome. just gone 2 o'clock here in the russian capital you watching art international. we'll start with that breaking news too because the london court has ruled that we can leeks founder shooting assange can be extradited to the united
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states or washington one. it's appeal against a previous ruling that block to san from being sent to the west to face trial on espionage charges. his fiance describe his decision as a grave miscarriage of justice. let's get more that now and cross live to london. and to our correspondent there outside the court shadowed, which dashti who, who's covering events over the last hour or so for a some shot he just run through then what's been said by this court. and what are the implications were the implication really? is that unit, sancha is yet another step closer towards being expedited to the united states. as the u. k. hi, court judges have now rule that it will overturn a decision not to exit ideas on to the united states. even though the judge back in january has said that it would be, quote, oppressive seeing as uranus on to that a high risk of suicide in u. s. custody. of course, back in october. then we had
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a 2 day hearing, went by judges, heard the u. s. his appeal against that decision on numerous grounds, including the very fact that it offered it so called unprecedented package of assurances that judas aunt would not be held under the strictest maximum conditions in prison across the united states. the old, they also said that he isn't as and well as being made out and that they could prevent him from committing suicide if he were to be expedited to the united states . as that is according to the us team. once there is an assurance of appropriate medical care, once it is clear, you will be repatriated, jaw straight, to serve any sentence. then we can safely say the district judge would not have decided the relevant question in the way that she did. ah, well, gina sanchez noise have continued to to warn that he is indeed at a high risk of the suicide. i am now joined by
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a lawyer here in the united kingdom to the legal observer from holden, our society. her name is dr. deeper. dr. a. thank you so much for joining us. this morning of entertainment. it's a devastating blow for jr. nissan jan has campaign is on the legal team working around the clock to defend tim, how are you feeling in light of this decision today as well as an independent observe of this process? what are the things that you're looking for is that you process is followed that that is a respect for the rule of law. but in this case we've seen some very interesting things is not often that the prosecuting state spies on privileged legal conversations. it is not often that the prosecutions prosecuting state seeks to potentially murder the defendant while they are in the custody. if a sovereign embassy, it is not often that the key prosecution witness is known to have light and who is it? has himself admitted that he lied as he did in unions case. so in,
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in all of this, it is very interesting. that is for julian, the process has never been straightforward. even look at today's hearing. nobody knew that it was taking place until about 3 o'clock yesterday, including the threats and people didn't have sufficient notice to be able to come together. yes, there is a huge gathering outside the court. and people recognize that this is a political prosecution. and what is, in terms of the judgement with some of the key grounds of the u. s. for example, the julian is not as mentally ill. people say he is that professor co pullman's testimony should not be regarded to be suitable. all of these are not appellate what was upheld was the fact was that the judge heard it not meant not accepting assurances before. she made a judgment and that the u. s. government offered what they called
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a comprehensive package of assurances. now, knowing that, you know that all the other facts, because we know that julian cannot get a free trial either in the u. k, or in the u. s. because alan duncan has clearly confirmed that the u. k. conspired with the us to be ecuador, a huge i, m f. like in order to extract julian from the embassy on the u. k, has been complicit in this. i just want to mention a point you say and mentioned the word political, of course, the united states is lawyers say that this isn't a politically motivated case in the backdrop of all of the examples. you said it is kind of hard to see that it is. and can you give me also? i'm not sure if you look at the u. s. superseding indictment, which is, of course, served on julian only on the 1st day of september, extradition getting you 5, but 17 of the crimes that are listed our primes under the espionage act. now, if there was anything that was political,
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it is espionage. what is also interesting is within this the space of the espionage act, he will be tried without 1st amendment protections. and he's a non us national being tried on the u. s. law for crimes not committed in the u. s . was suppose it crime stuff committed in the u. s. to all of this, think of a political prosecution and that is excluded within the extradition of the you case judge earlier in january said that she would not exercise your massage based on medical grounds. now that this has been somewhat denied by the united states. where does the campaign go now and what ground does the u. k. i have to see with this on to stories going anywhere up to the grounds that have been tested mean that the medical condition has not been overturned by the u. s. all that has been overturned. is this idea of diplomatic assurances and we know from recent information provided both in the u. k. adam saying that the u. s. is diplomatic
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assurances are not work. the paper they're written on. there are several instances of people who were given assurances and who would then, you know, in the us treated up to a very different kind of the other thing they've, the judges have taken a decision on is the fact that he will not be detained on the sounds but sounds enough or session addresses and measures are not the only extreme isolation measures that the u. s. does they use various names for? they said it would be quite a mockery of justice. if we fail, we won't use sound good, we'll use something else and that's what the u. s. is doing. and getting away with we are hearing of course such an assault is out of high risk of suicide, a 175 years behind prison bars is an extraordinary amount of time. what will we see if you're an assigned is extradited to the and i can say, well, it is very clear that julian has the capability and the resourcefulness to be able
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to commit suicide. but this piece should not, you should not be discussing julian mental health. and julian personality, this case, it's about war crimes, serious war crimes committed, committed by britain, america. i'm there allies in iraq and afghanistan. don't check admitted in guantanamo torture, which to this day continues with 20 men still in guantanamo. so this is not about julian. this is about whether richard richard in america will respect democracy and human rights. you cannot have a democracy, stomach, a human rights state, and then kill will be the journalist who is willing to reveal the criminality of those in power in britain in america. yes. this is the backdrop of the military war complex. what does this mean for journalism worldwide? even if it's not on such a grand scale? it's not the decision in january by judge brett's already undermined, press freedom and criminalized journalism. so journalism has already taken a blow,
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the fact, but that judgment woke up a number of the mainstream media organizations who until they were willing to benefit from julian releases that we can equally says, but not willing to speak up for and shows you that they now realize that their next are on the line. they don't a number of human rights organizations of also tomato, the judgment, criminalizes, the activities that the press. and it is now important for people to recognize that this battle, although it has been taught in the course. and i say this is somebody, i'm not familiar myself, i'm an academic. but i think this is somebody who understands house lawyers work and how the court process is work to come instead. and i feel that the, the, the battle is outside the battle is in the politics of it. and people should mobilize because this is not, although this is a very sad case about julian assault and his family and is very young family being deprived to contact. what is more important is the assault on democracy in the free
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press. what is more important is that every time you hear you here, somebody holding fall or 2 accounts, they are crushed just as in the case of craig murray in scotland. this is the case of steven doesn't the guy sitting in the us now released yesterday. this was the case of w hail, the drone whistleblower who's kept in the communications management unit in the us, unable to contact, unable to even provide a statement when he wins a major prize. and this means that you know, you and i ordinary people on the street. we need to recognize that if you care about the environment, if you care about democracy, if you care about human rights, if you care about your child's school, if you care about the treatment of your family to nursing home or in a hospital, we need whistleblowers and we need to be able to success successfully secretly communicate what they know is going on behind the scenes. and if we don't allow that organization such as leaks,
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then the criminals will continue to be in power as they are in. but in, in america, just finally, then if i may, could you explain the legal proceedings going forward from now? well, it is not entirely clear what the legal proceedings will be. the 1st step will be that the case is batted back to the new magistrate score from where it will be referred to the secretary of state. at this stage, julian's lawyers will be able to put in something called a cross appeal, which is an appeal in relation to the grounds that they contest. because so far we've only heard the u. s. s. appeal. now, julian's lawyers were put in their appeal and we will then see what happens. it is likely that this case will go to europe in court of human rights. and i would hope that at some stage european parliamentarians as they have done recently in france and italy and germany, will continue to speak up and speak louder. because britain is in a lot of ways,
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you know, undermining democracy all over was and europe nice to speak up dr. the, for dr. a. thank you very much for joining us on our to you this morning. thank you . so there you have it. this becomes now a huge legal labyrinth for june assange on his campaigners and of course his lawyers as well. it seems that this will become a political football, a legal football go back and forth in various courtrooms in the united kingdom. all the more we see activists out here outside the royal courts of justice or as they call it, the royal courts of injustice. in fact, as soon as that verdict was announced, we had protested throwing eggs at the sign directly behind me. i am on the royal courses justice side because that's exactly what they think of this justice system at the moment. okay, well thank sir for that sherry that was shot. it was dash, the outside the court there in london which has just announced over the last few
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minutes that shooting assange can potentially be expedited to the united states that so returning a lower court decision out a few months ago that said he couldn't on health ground so that's the latest start for the moment. of course we'll have plenty of analysis more used to come on. i'm sure we'll come back. she shouted, but that was chatty of eustace there for issa in london, or the u. s. has been pursuing assange after he revealed that classified information on american military activities during board in afghanistan and iraq. ah with
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okay, well let's get more reaction to this. now with the wiki leaks editor in chief, kristin her atkinson and we appreciate you coming on at such short notice. yeah, um, well, what's your reaction to this court's decision this afternoon was actually in believable and so i run a good this decision should be handed on the united nations human rights day. this is unbelievable that the appeal court should overturn the magistrate court decision. and on the basis that the united states had given assurances
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that the, they would to treat the julian fairly and he would get to treatment and be housed in an adequate jail. and could even serve the center if he gets one in australia. all of these. so called assurance and have been investigated by human rights organizations such as amnesty international and found that the last 6 months worth of paper they're written on. they are simply not reliable. but this is the only reason why the high court decided to send it back and over termed the decision of the magistrate court. ringback this is, of course, will lead to an appeal by julian know if the magistrate court to which he will undoubtedly to change her ruling and sense the case to the secretary of state for ford expedition. but this is not over, but it is a dark day for journalism. this is still ongoing. after all these years. the julian
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sounds is still in bell most prism having been on remind for 2 years and 3 months, which is in itself a human rights violation. when it goes back to the lower court, what evidence and will sanchez law is try and present given the fact that today's hearing didn't really talk about his mental health. as the courts had sort of said, a few months ago, it was talking about the assurances that could be given on the us side. it just wandered from, from your perspective, what sort of legal arguments you'll be trying to make. well, it's interesting that the high court does not telling us to try to argue that the julian is in a very poor health and that he is suicide risk. the high court did not to overrule on that point. it simply pointed to the assurances and what i think it's amazing is
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that the high court comes to the decision that the magistrate court should have alerted the united states beforehand and, and offer them the opportunity to give such assurances. how can that be that a court is some how obliged to to alert one party to issues that could actually change the decision. just bear in mind that the united states has all opportunity and the magistrate court to make those so called assurances. it did not. it simply press them forward after they lost in the magistrate court in january. i think that it's extraordinary . and let me simply point out that this is it is it is, it is absolutely certain that the disappearance is not to work entity. and just bear in mind as well that deeper pointed out earlier in your interview that,
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that we are dealing here with a nation where individuals on the top level in langley, they're junior, the top level of the cia and in the white house, contemplated kidnapping or killing julian, that's on the high court in london, just came to the decision on you went to the right state. that it, it's ok to expedite an individual to a country where, which contemplated killing that into the job that is shameful in everyone that means listening to no christian, it's clear that you feel you have a very strong fundamental case in favor of digging the songs. but also to take this great pessimism you must have lost faith, have you in the judicial system in britain will for god sakes. i mean this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of the law. this is an absolutely, travis deal. any legal process every the, the case has been, is so destroyed by the united states, by the illegal activity,
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spying on legally privileged communication between julian and his lawyers, spying on him, extensively planning to kidnap or kill him and, and what have you. it's the end of the argument that this should have been put on a long time ago. this is not a case where, which is called on the basis of the law. this is a political case, and the julian arrest us, we said, for many, many years is a political persecution. it is obvious to everyone. all the arguments are, they're made out and it is a need now for individuals, for the people to rise up and say enough is enough. this is a political persecution happening in the center of london and by the united states who have no who trying to portray themselves on the 3rd and love stay
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o u. s. democracy summit to be the vanguard of the democratic values all over the world. i should just, this is shameful. united states, it is shameful for britain, what is happening today? and how is judy and christian if you have you managed to speak to him? since this verdict has been an answer, this court ruling has been and i am still. when was the last time you were able to get in touch with him can give us some idea of how he is. it is very difficult to have a communication with belmont prism. it's a maximum security prison. so but is he is holding out but barely just bear in mind that on september 20th he had been for 2 years in prison on re month. most of the time he was in isolation. before that he was 70 years in the ecuador, an embassy as a political li. so it has been a very long time,
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and of course it takes its toll. so i worry deeply about his health and well being . if we can, we can just talk more broadly than about what genius ologist done. his work with wiki leaks, and i say this because it's all about freedom of speech, isn't it. and highlighting, as many people say, the wrongs that governments have doing and making people aware of what has happened and putting in the public space. before i get your reaction to that, i just wanted to play a clip by the us, every state anthony blinkin and just listen to what he has to say about media freedom. you're reporting plays an indispensable role in informing the public holding governance accountable. and telling stories that otherwise would not be told, all of which is critical to the health of democracies like ours, the united states will continue to stand up for the brave and necessary work of journalists around the world. when you listen to that, how does that fit bit genius sounds use case. well, these are very hollow words when the government is blink and government is
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basically pursuing this case. it comes juliana songs and it's meaningless. you cannot, on the one hand say that you are fighting for democracy and freedom of speech and accepting the importance of journalism in the democratic process. when you are fighting and to get an imprison, julianna's psalms were 175 years. that is impossible. you can square that together, that is obvious to everyone. julian sanchez being tortured and he is now being prosecuted on the basis of his work. as a journalist, he has been a certified journalist for a decade and a half and most trailer. he has one more than 2 dozen journalistic awards throughout this period where when he, since he established weekly. so there's, this is basically an attack on journalism and it's being accepted as such. but all
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major human rights organizations in the world today. but strangely, i suppose tristan is not been accepted by mainstream media. well, the mainstream media is coming aboard more and more. if you look at that, a tauriel is in and but his newspaper, american newspaper, they've all spoken out on. most of them spoken to a tory ally about the seriousness of this issue. and actually for the united states to drop the case against, you know, signs with the court. they shoot in terms of the time scale, then a is it clear at the moment how long it would take for this case to be refered back to the lower courts and get some sort of decision then? and i'm assuming either way, each side would then try and pail that final or that decision. so can you give us an idea of just how many more months or years a potentially ahead it is difficult to say. it will take
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a few weeks to send the case back to the magistrate court for the judgement, or it will come a point where what julian's lawyers will be able to log. ready on and that will then go on other circles if a love in the court system. so this will take months and months. but the big issue here now is to focus on the on, on julian's health. stop is tortures. stay in belmont prison with human rights of violation. so do you have a lot of hope that will or any hope you just sort of give us an indication in terms of getting him release from belmont prison, perhaps going to a prison that isn't so extreme in how it treats his prison. suppose because if people don't know it is a high security prison, what are the chances of him being perhaps put under house arrest or something like that? a physical as a whole is something that's become brother spares when. when you are relying on
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the government in the early kingdom and it's due to the issue. so i will keep my hope for you know, realistic, but this is the right thing to do. he should be out and they'll ship it with his family, with stella and the 2 boys and, and celebrating christmas, actually with them. but i, i'm not sure that's going to happen, but this will not change until people basically rise up and say, you know enough is enough for this is totally unacceptable. and it's a shameful, shameful episode that is happening now in england. okay, we'll look, we're going to leave it for the moment, but we really appreciate coming on to our team to national this afternoon with kristen robinson, the wiki leaks editor in chief. thank you. thank you. now, another news this afternoon. the tiny naval vessels approach. russia was rushing
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waters and crimea has been described as a continuation of nato's provocations in the black sea by a russian regional official ukrainian shit. named the dumbass failed dangerously close to russian waters on thursday evening. reporting that from crime in his art to julia, shop of oliver, russia's f as the household occasion this read for marie craig and navy ship heading towards the coach trade in crimea, as the collision between the russian and ukranian fleet in reclining me and coach trade have me avoided, it happens when the ukrainian ship quotes don't have been moving tools russian territorial horses to kilometers from the border and then tend to find according to the f. s. v. the incident started on december, the 9th at 12 minutes past 9 in the morning when the ukrainian ship called don't boss left the port of nor you, and began to move towards the coast trade. according to the russians side,
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it hadn't received any requests for passage as required by russian legislation. let's take listen to what the f is. we have to say the command ship don't bus has reversed course away from the coach straight. it is not responding to enquiries. the extra, so the grant and ship's crew are regarded as provocative and endangering navigational safety. while the ukranian side reported that the ship did no harm to pass for this trade and it was on, on saving in the sea of his own tools, the coast trade and late a throng, the day started to return. the 2 continued not to respond to request from the russian or to god. according to the speed, the russian special service regarded the actions of the crew as provocative and threatening the safety of navigation. in turn, the ukrainian side said it did no end to the sensitive says it was before being tossed in. it's very toil horses. and also that began returning to the base also according to the ukrainian fence minutes that they don't bought ship was in the sea over legally since it was
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a shed area. and he expressed his surprise rather than most so a threat from an unarmed session rescue. but so apart from that on december, the 9th, which is yesterday, russian flight is, is quoted, a flying us and french miniature aircraft over the black sea, according to the russian national defense and all sense f l at this yet enable an incident in the black sea of decline in peninsula on edge in the 20 said a. so russia that imitated keesing, the u. k. and u. s. military of staging, a complex publication. after british a warship, h, a mass defend that sailed near the coast of crimea, as well as ukrainian ships previously violated russia. buddhist crimean officials expressed consent and at the un security council to discuss the problem that can lead to widespread confrontation. so we are here for like all the developing in a culture right now, and we'll bring you more information as we get the leash up of oliver reporting now
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. okay, let's bring in a senior correspondent, but against the as he said, of course, across this story for some more ed, we should explain shouldn't be this incident happening against the backdrop of severely increased tensions between the 2 countries recently. well, there is the, the international tension, but there is also the tension and sod you credit and that is along the conflict live where the civil war is still being fought, where it has continued to be fought for for many years now. and the situation there is as severe as it was ever since the, since the civil war began, there are endless. she's far violations more and more of them. and fact her there are, there is also the use of more, a new weapons along the conflict. large ukraine we, we've seen gleefully and enthusiastically telling the world about how it has acquired turkish drones were more javelin missiles from the united states. and little time later than showing how it is using them along the conflict,
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lied and on boston in the east. the new crate, and that is the horror of life there that there is ceaseless bombardment. there are ceaseless sees while violations, including with weapons that aren't supposed to be there. that according to the she's far agreements that ukraine and the breakaway republics of side. both sides must remove heavy weapons. they haven't, we, we see every month we, she new violations, those weapons rolling and rolling into east you credit. and lately the u. s. c, itself has said that it has detected more and more troops and armor ukrainian making their way towards the breakaway republics. vladimir putin in this vein has also spoken about the tragedy of civilian life. more than 2000000 civilians trapped in that conflict. so enduring this, endless bombardment than he himself has likened.


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