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tv   News  RT  December 10, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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i, tony, i hate long. i've been with blue washington wins. it's appeal against a ruling clocking. julius sanchez extradition to the u. s. his case may now return to a lower court to be re heard, but meantime we speak with the wiki leeks editor in chief. this is not a case that is being pulled on the basis of the law. this is an aptitude tried to steal any legal process. sanchez, case fox and grew around the world with rights groups noting it comes at the same time as britain takes pardon democracy summit, that hales the west, supposed freedom of the press and provocative and threatening action. russia slams ukraine for attempting to dangerously approach its maritime borders. new crimea taking tension between the 2 states to a new level. we get reaction from residence on the peninsula that work. this is
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blatant provocation. they wanted to paint brushes guilty, they always blame russia for everything posted on the senseless. they're like me doing it on purpose to anger. russia on the sheets of a jazz is just a pleasant way, provoke people. ah, welcome to our international world news at 10 with me, kevin o' in here in moscow. first than that big story tonight, a london court has ruled at wiki leagues, found a julian assange can be extradited to the u. s. washington. one. it's appeal against a previous ruling that blocked his sons from being sent to america to face trial on espionage charges. his fiance described the decision today is a grave miscarriage of justice. julian exposed the crimes of ca, torturers of ca killers. and now we know that those ca killers were planning to
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kill him too. how can this court how can these courts approve an extradition request? under these conditions, well, june, the sun just now are step closer to being extradited to the united states. as the u . k. high court has decided that it will be overturning a decision not to expedite him to the united states. that decision was based back in january on medical grounds at the time the judge said it would be oppressive as student to sanchez out of high risk of suicide. of course, back in october, that was a 2 day harry, i was a united states try to appeal over numerous grounds, including the fact that it offered an unprecedented package of assurances, as i saw it would not be held under the maximum security the strictest maxim security. conditions in prison and that he isn't unwell this being,
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he's made out. well, judas sanchez of continue to say that he is indeed after suicide risk. and that all of these assurances are meaningless and vague as they purchase. they said that the united states can reverse any decision at any point. cost is also concerned about the trustworthiness of america's guarantees to pointing to $1.00 of those reports in the year that the cia had prompted to kidnap during the saw and put it to kill him. and even was spying and bugging him during his time at london's ecuadorian embassy. now june a song just noise. what they say is this is ample enough. evidence to not only throw out the court case entirely, but they say it's a 100 percent politically motivated. plus they of course argue that you're in the saw and should be walking free. when did you go back in you to fight for a sanchez freedom? it is unfair to keep him in custody when there is no crime or punishment for him.
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we continued to fight and this latest decision is not yet final. it's will take time. i remind you that extradition hearings have been going on for almost a year, and it may take us long again to get a final decision. however, sanchez health continues to deteriorate and all of this affects his physical and psychological condition. i called the journalist is being prosecuted for publishing, reliable information about especially great war crimes committed by the american military in iraq and afghanistan. and it is worth noting that the american court is not prosecuting the military who committed these crimes. but the journalist he published information about serious human rights violations. therefore, everything that happened became very indicative of the violation of freedom of the press by the american justice system in relation to other countries. now the united states on june is on for what they deem as one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the united states. and if found guilty and convicted, he could be sent to prison for up to
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a 175 years. thus because the us of indicted him on 18 counts under the espionage act for publishing. i classified military documents all related to the war in iraq and afghani saba. most crucially, i got included claims that in the military even killed thousands of innocent civilians. now, speaking outside the high court here, this morning, we've heard from stella morris the partner who is incredibly disappointed and she is saying why and how is this happening? how long can this really go on for? and many people have been supporting her outside here. many, many protests is that also are similar questions there who is a glimmer of hope that you know, the british justice system might actually prevail for once. the british judiciary as the assistive on every level, the u. s. campaign garcia and i to 10 years, 10 years in the streets of london. public opinion, and this is
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a sound. but obviously the judge's decision is not on the side of public opinion. it's absolutely devastating, especially this time of year for another christmas without doing that is children without their data stay on to fight to free. judy massage. that's what i say. we will prevail eventually. well, interestingly or ironically today is international human rights day. and many people outside as a high court say, where is the human rights? in the case of june assange, obviously listed on the foreground of the royal court of justice, that they call it the royal court of injustice. and just as i did was being announced, i protest even through eggs at the side, directly behind me, which just goes to show the sentiment and feeling here on the streets of london. yes, comprehending back story, i'll briefly recap, who for you in 2019. he was forcefully removed from the british police or rather by
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the british police from ecuador, and embassy, london after quito terminated his 7 year asylum, the very public. we captured it. he had sought refuge in the building following sexual assault allegations of sweden, which have now been dropped. america wants to wikileaks found a extradited on claims of conspiring to hat government computers and publish classified material. in january this year, a british judge ruled against expediting him to the u. s. over fears about his mental health, but also rejected his bail application at the same time to claiming he may flee. early we spoke with the wiki leaks editor in chief, kristen have from some was actually unbelievable. and so i run a good this decision should be 100 on the united nations human rights. the united states had all opportunity in the madison court to make those so called us you are and it did not. it simply press them forward after they lost in the menus court. in
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january, the united states had given assurances that the they would to treat the julian fairly and he would get that treatment and be housed in an adequate to jail and could even serve his entrance if he gets one in australia. all of these so called assurance and have been and been investigated by human rights organizations such as amnesty international and found that the, those are your system of the worth, the paper they're written on. they are simply not reliable. we are dealing here with a nation where individuals on the top level in langley, the junior, the top level of the cia and in the white house contemplated, kidnapping were killing julian sons. this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of the law. this is an absolute travesty of any legal process. this is a political case,
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and the julian arrest us we have said for many, many years is a political persecution. the us being pursuing assange after he revealed classified information on american military activities during wards and i've got to start an iraq ah with the mileage mm. i
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mean, a major publications like the guardian in london or the new york times. they're spiegel, they all published this material, in fact one awards for it. ah julian, in fact it was leaked the material and did what any publisher would do, which is to put it out. he's never been charged with publishing. material that is false or incorrect is a pretty amazing track record are. but yes, it's very myopic on the part of a u. s. media outlets not to understand that if julian is extradited, which is unfortunately looking more and more likely are this will set a legal precedent that any journalist who has in their possession classified material or any publisher that publish it, numer rushes for ministry slammed the code. fertig highlighting that it coincides with the end of a summit for democracy hosted by the u. s. this shameful verdict in
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a political case against a journalistic and public figure is another manifestation of the cannibalistic world view of the anglo saxon tandem. the west marks international human rights day and the end of the summit for democracy with dignity. this news is devastating. the persecution of julian assange as the disgrace. meanwhile, biden is holding his cynical democracy summit and the hypocrisy and the cruelty. we condemn today's u. k. high court decision to allow the expedition of julian sans to the us, which will prove historic for all the wrong reasons. we fully believe that julian assigned has been targeted for his contributions to journalism. so classified documents were laid bare, showing how the u. s. appears were broken diplomatic assurances and another extradition case to similar to which julian assange no faces. deborah mendoza says he only agreed to be expedited by madrid to america on condition he be allowed to serve any sentence in spain. he says even sided document with the american and spanish governments assuring him of their condition. but the u. s. held him in jail
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for almost 7 years before eventually returning him, and then i offered to legal action against america. we spoke 2 independent jealous, which had med hurst to release the documents in the case. you know, they've told a song that he can serve any potential sentence in his home country australia. they said the exact same thing to mendoza. they told him just just let him come to the us and he can serve any sentence given back in spain. in mendoza's case, the united states signed a contract, an explicit contract with mendoza, and with spain saying that he must be returned to spain. he cannot be given a life sentence, he kind of tried for conscience structuring. they violated the, the u. s. captain, for 6 years and 9 months. the only reason mendoza was allowed to go back to spain is because he sued spain twice in the spanish supreme court. and he won, and spain threatened to cut off the extradition treaty with the us. that is when the u. s. felt pressure, they wanted to keep extra dining people from spain. and so it's only because this was imperiled and in danger of being cancelled that they then sent him back.
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windows was expedited for drug trafficking and money laundering. and he told me, if they did that to him, if the united states did that to mendoza, what are they going to do to julian thought. this is a common practice. the united states violates its assurances. it's diplomatic agreements, whether it's iran, nuclear deal, whether it's, you know, a prison transfer assurances for a saundra window that they're going to violate this. mark my words, this is going to happen. mendoza is certain of this because i interviewed him for this and he's been dozens of people from spain, from columbia, from mexico, from all over the world who've been given assurances. and once i get to the us, it's violated these documents that i published. they weren't seen by the court yet . they weren't submitted in court. and i'm convinced that if the judge had seen them, if the judge's study these documents, they could not let the extraction go ahead because they've accepted that as long as suicidal. they've accepted the judge, apply the test correctly, that he would be even more suicidal. he would, he would drive an extradition to deal with, drive him to take what except it all this. so the only reason they allow the appeal to go ahead today was that the judge should have allow us to give assurances before
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and that they trust us assurances, well, i'm very sorry, but these classified documents say otherwise coming up fail to break the rush of all the west of a potential sleggs in europe after a ukrainian ship sailed dangerously close to russian waters while stating that authorization, costly fuss. i'll tell you all when we're back. ah, ah, ah ah,
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you're watching television. you forget about the comp, it cousins, the fighter in the living room and you plug your experience into the tv. something romantic happens to feel romantic feelings to be scary happens. you get your suspend belief in reality and you literally follow the story if you like. this on the television and in a sense it knows this is similar. i oh, russians for ministries criticize the west for its behavior after ukrainian ship approached russian territory warning that it could evenly to conflict in europe. i
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got the latest from our correspondence night kennebunk, new york and hughley ship of oliver in the crimea. and that's what we had 1st. and not so long ago, it had from the russian foreign ministry regarding the latest incident in the economy and cursed trade, whether ukrainian a ship called don bonds had approached russian territory waltzes and then turned bank without reporting to the russian coast guard. also on thursday, december, the 9th russian flies, his is halted, find us in french miniature aircraft over the blank. see, according to the russian national defense control center. and the russian foreign ministry added that nato supports ukraine and its aggressive actions instead of holding it bike. moscow is concerned that nato con place was try miss. so systems with a minimum fly time to russia on ukrainian soil. so let's take a listen to the ministry, had to say a cost has been set to draw ukraine into nature. such irresponsible behavior is an unacceptable threat to all security provoking serious risks for all parties
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involved ought to a large scale conflict in europe. earlier the f as b has called the actions of the ukranian shipped on boss in the c, a bizarre, a provocation, and a threat to the safety of navigation back. just to remind you not far away for wound standing in the crime in see to have courage, a collision between the russian and ukrainian fleets and the curse trade have nearly happened. it started when they don't boss ship, lead the port of mar you pull saturday morning and moved towards the curse trade, that ukrainian defense minister said they don't boss ship was in the seo bazaar legally since it was a shed water area. express his surprise at moscow, so a threat from an unarmed search and rescue vessel. and also the ship incident took place at the same time when the talks between the president sold the united states on ukraine, joe biden and vladimir zalinski war and away crimea. officials expressed concern and urged the you unsecure to cancel to discuss the problem that can leads to
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a wide spread confrontation. meanwhile, here encourage local people also see the latest incident as provocation, and he has some of the opinions the young civil will provoke us. this is blatant provocation of it was intended to show that as biden's lensky spoke. russia was restricting passage for ukrainian ships through the cut straight. i am confident that there was a tv crumbled ready to film and record it all as it happened. they wanted to paint russia is guilty. they always blame russia for everything in stone. you deal with senseless? well, the words that the crane would continue with the provocation, and they're likely doing it on purpose to inc, russia, all the sheet of the jets is just some pleasant way provokes people to see you. yes, i'm a piece with russia. so for example, your told me to, and i say the wound to be of all were heard for really ever have feelings are running high in order to go see ations and the diplomacy than we going on that very day. so was this unexpected, this incident last night, given everything?
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julia's just said, these provocations haven't simply been going on for a couple weeks. they've been happening for quite some time. there's been quite a pattern of escalation of the u. s. media has been playing up this idea that russia is planning an invasion of ukraine. a russia has been adamant that they are not doing any such thing. we now have joe biden coming forward and saying that as a result of his recent talks with putin or the threat of russia supposedly invading ukraine, a has been lifted up. but we have various voices in us media who were saying they're not so sure about biden's effectiveness in terms of diplomacy. and they think there could be a danger of war on the horizon. here's some of what we've heard. do not discount no matter how far fetched it may seem, a hot war with russia. yes, that is a lunatic idea. but that doesn't mean joe biden won't do it. now these statements don't seem baseless. if you look at what's actually been taking place along the border, you can talk about the intensification of activity from
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u. s. strategic bomber aviation. and russia has come forward and said that the united states is actually where her sing, dropping dropping nuclear bombs near the ukranian russian border. this point, members of the u. s. congress are coming out and saying that they would consider bombing russia. now, there's been a firestorm of criticism from their colleagues. i would not rule out american troops on the ground. we don't do, you know, we don't rule out. first use nuclear, an action, any one who would propose or even consider what he is saying as an option must be insane. a sociopath or a status launch a nuclear attack that would start a war that would destroy the american people, our country and world. so that we can save ukraine's democracy. i mean it, it, it literally is insane. now, the backdrop for all of this is the intense division within u. s. society, i,
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we have a situation in the white house, says one thing. other politicians are saying something completely different, will be waiting to see how this further develops. here, where there are other development snyder comes as well as ukraine's president. zalinski says he doesn't rule at a referendum on that on bus reach and breaking away. meantime, the u. s. revealed on thursday that 30 javelin anti tank missiles systems were delivered to ukraine in october. at his senior correspondent, board goes to have fir sake. so wide a look. now the ukraine tensions and the situation on the ground in the country. the situation on the ground in ukraine is perhaps worse to war because that is where people are dying. people are dying. people are suffering. people are going through through hell and have been going through hell for many years now. we have, we have seen of the united states, specifically pumping weapons into ukraine for the ukrainian military. and these are weapons b, b, b, they a javelin miss are supplied by the united states or by dr. drones supplied by
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turkey. these are, these are weapons that are flowing into ukraine and immediately going to the conflicts of where the civil war is being fought in the east of ukraine. there are more than 2000000 civilians are trapped in the conflict soon in east than ukraine. and they're just having to break it out, people going to sending their kids to school. they will have to worry about a tang cello, a mortar round landing there on the grounds of the school. vladimir putin is like and what is happening to a war cra? so she, i should say that russo foby as the 1st step towards genocide. what's going on and on bass now very much resembles genocide. we see it and we know about it, or we hear about is these potential plans emanating from the she i of the white house, the british government. these plans that no one previously knew about that russia was planning to invade. a huge area of ukraine was unclear how they would
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be able to achieve this with, with, even if we believe the see i and others with, with such a small force. but let's look at what is happening again on the ground. you have the o. s. c, that reporting on c's for violation. so their work is constant and round the clock . ukrainian artillery enforces destroyed or damaged 5 times more civilian infrastructure at schools at workplace as that is people's homes. 5 times more infrastructure was destroyed and damaged by ukrainian forces. the vice versa, you also have the situation in which you, ukraine, still still 6 years on, refuses to negotiate with the breakaway republics. aside from that, there are also all manner of promises and assurances that ukraine keeps on hearing from, from britain, from the united states that they've got their back, that thou help them, that they'll keep the russians away. and what i,
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what that does is it emboldens you credit. and unfortunately, the situation is such that aside from very one sided coverage, you have a situation in which piece simply isn't desirable. i found for this update american to just is small. it's been found guilty of lying to police failure, but a hate crime against him which turned out to be stage. not everyone's willing to accept the decision b, l m brands jessie small leg trial as a white supremacist charade. pledging support for the actor ahead of the burden. we can never believe police. it's not about a trial or a verdict decided in a white supremacist charade. it's about how we treat our community. when her up systems are working to devalue their lives. racial identity, a reliable indicator of trust for the alarm. but what if everyone in the trial is actually black? just the small, let found guilty of staging,
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a hate crime against himself. awesome de ro, brothers the attack as he paid to beat him and yelled racial slurs to cargo police department superintendence. could have been a tough one for b, l m. thank god, there's always an enemy to be a scapegoat. we find ourselves once again being forced to put our lives and our value in the hands of judges and juries operating in a system that is designed to oppress us the bird. it was a fair in just and i'm glad we are just the system is working out well here lately . i think it was, are just a made out of fake tissues are the only lecture cycle on the 2020 electron those. a lot of things came out that was fate tissues to make the site look bad and america and it backfired. so these are things that we are dealing with. the 2 part of the system here. it calls all more. do beeson ah,
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between the races instead of we being uniting, is that divided now? swipe odds ah yeah. implemented different things throughout both all races here in america to cause to visions when we love a lot. so it's, he's, well, these at 10 live for moscow reporting fee has been kevin, i'll it, thanks for checking in wherever you are around the world. stop by 90 seconds away news news here. oh, so we've talked about the rising chance of civil war and america. and it could either be between the have yachts and the have nots. they could be between the big coin stays like texas or florida between the non bitcoin states. but the rising tension is comparable because of the rising genie coefficient that is found, they spread between the very top and the and the bottom is getting extremely wide
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back. breaking toil, forced labor stress, industrial injury corporal punishment. oh no. words with which we're all familiar with how you certain that the
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world you live in abolish slavery long ago, scientific knowledge has never been so readily available to everyone across the globe, but overwhelmed by formation. can we distinguish the real signs from the one being imposed upon us? we're living in a world where there are many people who have a vested interest in fighting information, fighting scientific evidence, and discrediting even the notion that science could provide. the truth about the natural world in the pursuit of business goes large corporations are challenged strongly by scientific evidence. if you're emotionally invested in free markets, then climate change is a serious emotional threat. because dealing with that means we have to change our approach to business industries are on the war, bomb attempting to debunk legitimate science by producing new evidence in science and writing science. that's how ignorant is manufactured. their attention only
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seeking to the rail science rolling using sy, or to give the cell the ok, who doesn't love a good party and regressive prosecutors gathered to celebrate the one year anniversary of los angeles county district attorney george guess gone. now this is one year of him being an office, any aggressive a radical agenda of criminal justice for form that he had implemented within the city. however, their champagne toes were cut short run, those pesky reporters started to asking about the rapid growth and violent crimes that have happened under your guys gone. so we're going to bring you the latest and why the 2nd recall vote for an elected official could actually be in the near future as a result. and the most expensive pay for play high i've ever heard of is actually
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now coming to life 5 years after the deal was made. and between one of the largest most popular technology companies here in the united states, in a world a super power. so we're going to tell you why apple ceo tim cloak, actually decided to strike a deal with the chinese government for a tune of $275000000.00 in parents on both coast and in between are absolutely furious with educators. so in the west we have children who are being vaccinated at school all without parental consent. and some even being told don't tell your parents. now all the way across the united states schools are deciding not to open on friday. and on friday they want to keep their learning via remote. we're going to tell you where and why. and if either trend looks like it could expand outside of the major metropolitan areas to a school system near you.


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