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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 10, 2021 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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corporal punishment lou. oh, no words with which we're all familiar with the world you live in abolish slavery long ago. join me every thursday on the alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics. sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then ah ah
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hello and welcome to cross stock were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . you as president joe biden is hosting a virtual global summit on democracy. apparently, washington intends a nuclear said to save the world for democracy, at least as the foreign policy blob understands this political term. critics of this study claim, it's all about strategic polarization and an attempt at values based diplomacy. ah, cross sucking democracy summit, i'm joined by my guest, scott ritter and dollar. he is a former intelligence officer and the united nations weapons inspector in orlando. we have fiorella, isabel. she is an independent journalist and co host of the convo couch. and here in moscow we have alexi. now i'm of, he is an expert at the russian international affairs council,
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or it crosses rosen effect. that means you can jump any time you want. now is appreciate scott, let me go to you 1st year. what's the point of best summit? i mean, i am really at a loss. i mean this is, it's not if it's like 1950 or 1980 and the cold war is still going on. and can you actually in a, have a, a, a principal, a union uniting principal around democracy in the world today because the u. s. has its own issues with democracy. i would imagine we have done countless numbers of programs on the democracy deficiency in the european union. and now we're doing it in 2021. what's your explanation? go ahead. scott: well, got a couple things. first of all, we have to understand that this is a campaign promise that was made by your by this is major foreign policy speech a back in july 2020. i and the biden, you know, as is premised, his whole democracy campaign on the notion that america is
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a great country that had suffered egregiously under, for years of a donald trump. and that the key joe biden was going to build us back better. and, and, you know, lead us on the world stage. joe biden recognized that the american brand least, his vision of it had been damaged by trump both at home and abroad. and that it was necessary to repair democracy. again, the buy in perspective, you know, simultaneously that we couldn't speak of simply, you'll fiction our problems at home and then addressing the problems around the world. we had to do it in parallel. and, and that's one of the operating premises of this summit, is that, you know, the united states recognizes that it has problems at home that it must address. but at the same time, the united states has the potential of a to lead. now this is all fancy speak of this is the domestic political
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justification of what's really going on is that by has a world view of that. it's the united states versus the atop procedure united states versus russia and china. and the purpose of the summit is to create, trying to create a star contrast between those to the idolized vision america versus the overly propagandized. a pitcher that we've painted about the, you know, the evil nature of a russian and chinese rule. it's, it's purely a propaganda ploy. i don't think i'm 60. yeah, let me got alexa here in moscow. i guess, you know, it's a, it's a crating, some kind of global alliance against russia against china. i guess also hungry hungry didn't get invited. ok. oh, and you know, at the same time ukraine, sir, i suppose it's there because of the u. s. was behind a coup that over through the democratically elected government in february of 2014, so conveniently, they made it out on board here. i say this is just
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a farce. this is a propaganda effort here. and it countries have interests. they don't necessarily have values, values and interest coincide. that's great. but values are do not ra rule. they never have and they never will on, in international relations. go ahead, alexei. well, democracy has always been into the shed of united states and it's no different now . you say it's not ninety's and not 9050. jo, buying does remember that the 1980s vividly, and i think it's still lives in this mindset over the cold war of photography is versus democracies. and what complicates it is that actually there is no other ideology that is as all encompassing, that is as global as the democracy, that democracy ideology. so joe biden is playing cards that he's dealt, the u. s. is call arise, the level of political polarization, say the country is basically unseen, as is the times of civil war and democracy,
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something that can still get people under the banners because can still show that there is some unity laugh in the united states of america. so joe biden is, is, is, is not, is not stupid, he's a smart man. and he knows that he has to use every tour of a shadow, even if the tool that we are looking at is not particularly fresh or not particularly convincing. and yet the ideal for ukraine being invited in turkey not being invited to hungry, not being invited is basically shows the disconnect between the ideology and national interest. but our job id is using everything he has and we, we, we should not be gone there. we could call it a propaganda ploy, but if it's, if it gets you where some, you know, some value, some influence than joe, i think it has value for domestic reasons. as scott has says here, i don't think anybody really wants to. it's taking a very seriously, particularly if it's virtual i have to do is turn on zoom. ok, let's go to orlando here. they, this isn't about democracy bureau. it's not. it's about neo liberalism. if you're
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on the side of the neo liberal ideology and they're using democracy as a mask. ok? because i mean a, as a organizing this here they're, they're disrupting the election in, in venezuela. they won't recognize the outcome in nicaragua because that's that they're the, they don't like those democratic outcomes. okay, that's why this is such a far, sir, and i think just about everybody involved knows that. and i don't think joe biden is a smart guy. he's hasn't proven that in public life at all. go ahead in orlando. yeah, i mean, i think we're all in agreement that this is the actrix, right. the job in administration is basically a continuation of the obama administration, if we're really honest. and the reality is that the united states is trying to wage a proxy war b, a ukraine. once again, we backed united states back neo nazis and ukraine in 2014. and now they're using the excuse of, of military in the, you, in the russia,
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in the order. and we know the united states has more military bases, nearly any other country, any other nation in the world, and literally any other nation in the world. so we know this is all the tricks and you're absolutely right peter, they refused to recognize nicaragua, they continue to sanction their the, the entire country. people are living in dire need right now i just got back from there. i also got back from under as, and we were really covering that that as well in elections as well. the united states is refusing to recognize any of these countries and the job i didn't, jo, by them, isn't in charge really, a point i want to make. this is the continuation of the u. s. department, and of course their foreign policy. this is really nothing to do with democracy. it's more of an, it's more of the tricks. and by the way, the united states government, the united states military, is very rich in talking about democracy when they're jailing journalists like julian assigned. and i mean, it's just, it's just delirious for them to talk about
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a summit on democracy when in reality the united states is the number one, you know, per persecutor of journalists and any sort of descent. and they're basically trying to frame this as an attempt to really create more animosity towards china and russia. yeah, i'd like to also point out about the $500.00 plus people languishing in jail in the greater washington d. c. area because of january 6. okay. it's got read the, the way i look at it here. this is, it's very reduction, isn't there. thank. and here this is how it works. democracies versus a talk, crises, us against them. good versus bad, legitimate versus illegitimate. that that's not a principle of international relations. is it a real, maybe it's something new that i haven't come across, go ahead. well, this is, keep in mind that the last time we had a great ideological struggle wasn't the u. s. ambassador, the un under reagan administration. and she wrote a,
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a seminal article in foreign affairs, a magazine in 1979. that basically, you know, talked about a real politic in the need for united states to selectively embraced dictatorships yet because antis, we needed the support, the bad guys to win the overall struggle in. yeah, that's, that's, that's the real world we live in. you know, bike lives in a fantasy world, he can't even get his ducks in order in that a jet july 120 speech i spoke of during the campaign. he bragged about the obama administration's outreach in the latin america, and he bragged about the success we had in el salvador on doris guatemala think sagging. this is my success. he said 6 ads. you often think that yes and yet we didn't invite any of those countries to this so called democracy summit because of a failed. so. busy busy there's, this is an absolute inconsistency for, for, for, for, for the, by the ministration. this, if you're looking for a consistent theme,
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it's backed by reality, by fact, based data. you're not going to find it with this is, is a propaganda exercise. it's designed to create an us versus them mentality, but i'll just leave you with this thought. you know, when we have values based diplomacy, we fail egregiously, e t o p as a case, you know, we said ethiopia has one of these great success stories. we are, we did investment, their prime minister won the nobel peace prize, and now they have problems. they have a civil war and we're backing away. we're sanctioning them because they're violating human rights. they're doing x, y, and z. no. who's stepped in and taken over china time. they don't have value based diplomacy, real politics. and they're going to be really dominating africa because we're closing all the doors ourselves by insisting on standards that we ourselves don't meet was kind of, i can say to, before we go to the break here, i mean, a part of the world that doesn't get enough press but will i guarantee you is bosnia herzegovina, okay. the that the hash, the,
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of the whole place that was made of the dayton accords. it's all unraveling and you and i knew this and a lot of other people. this is exactly what was going to happen. so where's the democracy? where's the self determination? all of that, no, you have these outside forces primarily in europe, dictating, nation building. people forget about this nation building project in bosnia herzegovina. and it's a complete dead end grading, basically creating a narco state and then you have the service, it's a, we never want it to be part of this thing and the 1st place and where walking and nato and other countries saying, no, you won't. and they're having a democracy summit at this time here. we could give so many examples here. okay, we're going to, i'm gonna jump in here. we're going to go to a short break. and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion on the democracy summit. stay with our team. ah, ah.
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so we've talked about the rising chance of civil war and america, and it could either be between the ab yachts and the have nots. it could be between the big coin stays like texas or florida between the non bitcoin states. but the rising tension is comparable because of the rising genie coefficient, as is now in the spread between the very top and in the bottom is getting extremely wide. oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's suitable to sell food, disease, fancy and sugary and salty and addictive. not if an individual level, it's not into the well now. or if we go on believing that will never change this obesity epidemic. that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment. mm. so what's driving the obesity epidemic?
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it's corporate. ah, ah ah, welcome back to cross stock. we're all things are considered on peter belt, remind you we're discussing the democracy summit. i okay, go to alexi here in moscow. you're a smart guy, i've been told a lot about you. so, and that's one of the reasons we have you on the program. so i'm going to ask you about 2 phrases because i don't know what they mean and because you're a smart guy, you're going to tell me what they mean. values based diplomacy, rules based order, or would those phrases mean anything to you at all?
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because i have no idea what they mean. as a matter of fact, when tony blake and speaks, i need an interpreter cuz i have no idea what he's talking about. go ahead. alexa. well, thank you for the compliment, but does not consider myself to be smarter than you. so i don't know the meaning of his words either, but what i can say is the united states is currently thinks that it's, it's at the peak of its power it's, it's sliding very fast, but it still has a lot of cloud, a lot of merit. so what i think the u. s. trying to do is using these stitch phrases to actually try to rearrange the world order that we have since the end of their world war 2 national security adviser of the 9 states. jake solomon recently told us that, you know, this, this don't seem to work. so he may be right, because because we see a green lock in the united nations security council and we don't see that any, any actual diplomacy being done. so i think that the u. s. a trying to catch the last moment. it has to actually rearrange the world order in it's in his favor and it thinks that it can succeed. it mobilizes everything as it mobilizes its army to
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mobilize. its diplomatic mobilizes its ideology, even if we say that the democratic ideology of united states is a husk of its former self, and it still has some power. so be united states is trying basically very hard to rearrange the world order. and russia is not as powerful as it was in the soviet time. so that is why i think russia tries to preserve the order was created after the world war 2. so we have this clash to struggle for the future of beams. national relations for the future of diplomacy. and i think the united states is on be offensive here and we're actually right to, to expose their, their efforts for what they really are. ok, let's go back to our lender, fiorella and jake's elvin was mentioned another political illiterate ok. another person i need a translator when he's talking with what we're seeing here is an imposed universalism. this is of what the u. s. is attempting to do, and it has a lot of hard power to do it. and we, and we tend to forget or the media likes to forget is that the power and now is
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sanction sanction every body ok and let god figure it out apparently. ok. so, and this is a, it, it's really abusive sanction. it's abuse of the dollar, which is very counterproductive to american hegemony. but that's, that, that's up to them to figure out here. also, you know, this, this, imposed universalism, this is one size fits all. well, every political culture, every society is different. and i, i've sent it many, many times. i like democracy, i support democracy when it's real democracy and it really works. if it doesn't work, i could give a hoot. go ahead in orlando. yeah, i mean, this is the united states continuing their version of the monroe doctrine. i mean, this whole idea that they must be the police of the world that they will allow and decide who is a dictator and who isn't. i mean, the guest of honor is going to be one way go who is relevant as well as you want to try to em him up. and of course, we're talking about sanctions continuing,
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not just, obviously in russia, but latin america and throughout the middle east. and the reality is that the united states is attempting to, can make itself look a lot more powerful than it is. we know that china is on the rise. the united states is losing power. it's no longer. i mean, it citizens feels a brunt of the post pandemic economy. i mean, the reality is most people are suffering right now. there's so much unemployment, the domestic issues of the united states, i believe, are starting to be so apparent the united states is trying to exert its sort of dominance, kind of like puffin chest in terms of foreign policy. but the vast majority of americans are not happy with joe biden. they're not happy with common harris. they're not happy with the current administration. the media makes it seem like it's otherwise, but to the vast majority of americans, the idea of having a so i summit for democracy while bite and has gone back on every single promise.
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he made students at forgiveness, you know, childcare credit, all of these things that he promised health care. he went back on all of these things. and so people are really, they have no, no desire to participate. this is why the media is answering so many journalists that are talking again the current regime because now you can even show this likes on youtube videos because bio was getting so many dislike on his videos that they were like, oh no, we absolutely can't allow people to see this, so while the united states is talking about, you know, voting rights and better voting the united states as some of the worst election systems i've gotten, experience here in compared to 3rd world countries. the united states is boating. this is an absolute just disaster in a no, scott, i mean is using this democracy motif here. and is this it to conjuring up a new cold war because the cold war was very, very simple. you know, it was us and that it was a soviet's in that it was an american, it's allies,
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i and, and had some value. okay. i don't doubt that here. okay, that's fine with me. but it seems to me that people like biden, in others, that's a very convenient way to maintain empire, you know, with democracy who's against democracy. that that's what i'm getting at it it's, it's very much a cover for maintaining hegemony and the status quo. and his all of you have mentioned on this program that had gemini, is the diminishing with every passing day. and then, and the i see this democracy some, it is more for the american foreign policy, a lead to reassure itself that it's still in charge because it ain't go ahead. scott was keep in mind that during the cold war, um, is this, this notion of democracy ill because we were the forge of democracy during world war 2. and then we extended this and we became the leader of the free world. and, and during the cold war, but this, this ideological shroud was anchored on and on, on, on
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a framework that was solid. we were the most powerful military in the world. we were the most powerful economy in the world. and we were asserting our power in the aftermath of a world war that had virtually destroyed all competition. and so, you know, we were able to sustain ourselves for decades on, you know, and as if people say, well, you know, that's what we need to recreate, understand this one, this framework is corroded. we're not the most powerful military. what i mean it, we have the if you include nuclear weapons, yes we are. but um, you take where nuclear weapons and we're shadow of what we used to be. we used to be able to fight in when 2 and a half wars. i was our doctrine of i don't think low it right now. we say we do one war, but which i'm a control rush in china at the same time. that's to, in my math. and there was some problem in the middle east. the half, we can't do that. so we're over extended militarily. and then when,
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when we talk about our economy, you know, we got this reality called china. we've got brazil, we've got the 3rd world that is quickly coming in and we have the market changed. they're not controlled by the united states, right? so we want a fantasy world. if we think we can recreate the dish and existed at the end of 2nd world war, it somehow sustain ourselves based on that model of the only thing we have going is this veneer of democracy. so i said that just a shroud and it will collapse in a stiff one because the frameworks no longer there. yeah. well, having a sol dollar would probably be a better idea and they don't anymore. like same to me. you know, instead of talking about democracy and all of this, why don't we talk about what everyone are more or less agrees with is international law, the trump administration, they didn't like international law, obama didn't biden, doesn't that none of them talk about, you know, most americans have no idea what international law is because they've never heard
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about it before. no one ever talks about it across the entire spectrum of media. no one talks about an international law. but when i look in china, india, russia, brazil, everybody talks about international law. ok. and if we would just have that, that is what everyone recognizes. but no, we have values based diplomacy and rules based order. i have no idea what those phrases mean. but i know what international law is in almost every but every sovereign country at the united nations knows what international law is. legally b, atlanta says the washington consensus, that is an inconvenience. go ahead. like say, i'm not sure the u. s. is accustomed to, to abide by the law. so that is what i does not. it does not really maybe on the law and respect the law. so the problem with international law is that there's actually no one to enforce that. when you, when you, when you have nato, is the only power who could basically bomb countries and bade countries or have the
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us military. and the only military, who can i beg globally. you do not have international law. you have the u. s. big status. international law. so the problem, the problem is that the national law does not work and everybody's trying to actually make it work. russia is trying to make it work chinese trying to make it work. but the u. s. i think it's, they're really interested in making it work because it's because international law may make russia right on some issues may make china right. and somebody here and i don't think the u. s. is likes to be told that it's not right. or some of the issues and a couple of words about democracy. sure, it's not as powerful as it was before, but no actually has any alternative. china, but not constant tucker system in russia does not have done. i don't know traditional value summit. so that's where the us actually seems to have the upper hand. i need to have something to show for it for a while while we don't. and i think that international law is something that may help us driving forward, but i don't think until the us is taken off. it's purch asked a so super power or,
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or and until it realizes it is no longer a sell super power. we cannot have a functioning international law unfortunately when, when they have a countries, as far as the united states, which is not real, like to be told what to do and, and what is right and what is not really in orlando, you're agreeing, go jump in. yeah. i know like the united states, i mean the international law doesn't apply to the united states. the united states constantly violates international law via sanctions, the cooing. i mean, the country under us just got through 12 years of struggle in attempting to, oh, to get rid of a politician government. the u. s. facts and 2009 under secretary of state, hillary clinton and the obama administration. the united states consistently is the reason why we have an immigration issue in europe because of the syrian refugees. it's more of a refugee issue that you have in europe, and that's because of the united states is
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a foreign policy in the middle east. so international law doesn't apply to anybody . that is not a quote unquote ally of, of the united states. i mean, this is, this is the reality, and it's just a gigantic facade to, to, to the american people. because the american people right now don't care about a summit on democracy that they like and the rest of the world to seize the united states. once again, attempting to stay in this image of relevancy well, it doesn't have any more. i think a lot of americans are still trying to figure out what happened in 2020. we'll leave it at bad folks. many thanks them i guess in delmar orlando. and here in moscow, and thanks to our be worth for watching us here to see you next time. remember cross top roles the ah,
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i just thought you know all pretty much when when is your video on monsieur carlos? pretty much what the police can sure. the coordinator is dealing with a blue sky don't. yeah. but with a smile on the left of the customer, the initial, the job was just, hey dan, it's like i said like a boy did you like to form a but what i want to talk somebody isn't that you could waste figured out those. they might not spanish videos net correct the long term with
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ah, many was full. the delta would be the sort of peak i did. i could, well, you know, put together or should any more transmissible than delta and what happens, you got something which is popped up with more than 30 changes in that spite protein that we're all interested. it's accumulated. all the mutations we've seen in different varies all in one bar, and that raises some very interesting issues about where did it come from in the 1st place. is it possible to get even more me what's going to happen in terms of disease severity? and maxine protection, so it is suggesting that know the virus is still got some way to go through the more surprises i have often said transparency for the powerful privacy for the bell. this is about privacy or people care about is power. julian, a son just become
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a symbol of the battle, the privacy information is power. that's what's going on in the world issue, struggle with governments and corporations to want to keep information secret and others who the democratic rights should be pushed forward. and people have a right to know what you are doing. watch how assange helped shift the conversation around transparency and see what that battle has done to him. i feel like children's life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable piece of august. i agree with
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washington wins. it's appeal against a ruling blocking joanna sanchez extradition to the u. s. case may now return to a lower court to be re heard. we speak with ricky leeks, editor in chief. this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of law. this is an absolute traveling steel. any legal process. sanchez case, sparks anger around the world with rights groups noting it comes as britain takes part in a democracy summit that hales at the west. supposing freedom of the press and a provocative and threatening action, russia slams ukraine over an attempt to dangerously approach its maritime borders. near crimea, taking tension between the 2 states to a new level. can we get a reaction from residents on the peninsula? there are goddesses blayton.


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