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6 of this sub claim, it's all about strategic polarization and an attempt at values based diplomacy. we've talked about the rising chance of civil war and america. and it could either be between the ab yachts and the have nots. it could be between the big coin states like texas or florida between the non bitcoin states. but the rising tension is comparable because the rising genie coefficient as is found, they spread between the very top and the and the bottom is getting extremely why a i a my that is july i get
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back with lots of programs with a with wow, ah good. 6 0. 6 i'm
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in your building right? my medicaid here. i'm washing. we'll put out a new card house. i'm with home was our boy get a life you should did. he wouldn't have that need. you know, you'll start to start getting into more or pretty coordinate. the remote control when you deal with video, don't, michelle kraus. and when you need money, it already pretty. i know. i don't know what he's dealing with cultural. i've got to watch movies. yeah. with my that i'm content. nobody's on so little card on the euros in with a key or i with us or if is a good a wire to prescribe this jeff, go much, chris flores in the period. you gotcha, sebastian, i'm with florida. well, i don't know. don't even want to be out of my i'm with a book or machine. another bill, don't you? but sure. on book it was a whole dollar and we sitting there when you quickly to book us numberless didn't responsible scheme that might have look it up. yeah. unusual, what do you think?
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would you think that house with the holy spirit, with a company we can see then those of i still we didn't deal with. i knew your house. okay. you got flow over. would you be you with not receive it in the future. we know that we're sitting there, you're gonna slow your thoughts or your voice osh, exciting all day. i thought of some lease pieces. some hugs want to love you. ah, we're totally a pity. hope the not somebody that didn't ask them, go to a video when you were able to accept the billing address. the order of shows to watch was too much sheridan, but on the whole isn't here for you. okay. with easy style of your it'll tell her to perform a day new, but i do, i'm
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a costume tomorrow. can all be that particular so mean, yeah. and you bright and early yet issue for you. i see to them a need to be i can put your from there's a me to learn about what others are going to alicia near commercial practice or business get the business credit. i mean, if they're used to figure out on it when you hear the machine, you know, cuz i don't wanna reach it almost. and i'm gonna ask, was me see, marsh or even like, you know, my mom was mighty sent that inside of the class. no, no, no, i can video, it's gonna weigh a brush citizenship app. would you go? i would have garza inch. you might have easier if you go but i started so busy here to ask him to calm down. yeah, yeah. so boy, me, my short medica woke up cuz we should i deal with my papa. mm
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hm. mm hm. you are going to more we more from today's national, when was missionaries that warm st. augustine? yep. okay. to you and you know much about a dog, right? yes, moment, don't right. what patient also sure. yeah. chip among all of them. yeah. so i'll do is a after my gosh and get no entropy to me, a to bomb or she had a good diaper. my grandson, 3 a c r, savanna, medicine, national store. see id say list me, might me do this because i see we're just doing a bullet from a said you're here. so my said then to know you tube with us. so for the she did not see if when you, my gosh, the dean more boca contain t, you go to the question, how do you do me through to disease to proceed your come on a i, nancy,
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she alone you love and i am jane washed my computer to pull court by the watch. read your message, the up on top of america, or even given by court. the good is just too much material for the radio history channel with dish plus modem. router, no, but i watched controversial as to what show more traditional. it's just that there is i can understand madonna, you've just had a video card or a neat on you. you know, i need to jelly them like osmotic style a use venetia. do you put him on because that 3rd christabel as well as he's chested about them, it's like a c m y a day, and it's not a problem yet. would be me a short life. my old you thought it might show it assisting etsy, shown that he beth as blue a combat. sure. it got to simply be a slam with
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any form solution. you know that i was body blood given that took my mom got throw up. she put a fucking, if you mind it was a chimp that dog died with coastal venom or sydney and linda understood the deal more should i for the did that have a great voice in the middle which the delight, denise, the good with i was told to mazda, somebody from the up on a, in the middle of this month, marsha greer, denija, georgia and abortion star. and i was, i wasn't able to call you had a bad teacher. iranian voice, she had to push the dish again. yet if not ever i'm sure you're boucher. cosima was a boy. he does a process. i mean she blinked. you said it's just the boosting. yoga. stella williams. li. me sailing up in life to me. but i'm actually and we have to reach
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can yeah. yeah. custody of all episode tonight in the skin with dividers of dean can't. the bill of privilege, casualty is not action with him about the of the piece will go. so we have, you talked to somebody in the future so that you share with them and ask as much more get it to sort of start up when you, i mean, get, i want to talk with a piece of go somewhere did here. well, the circuit at the, both of them as a solution to main, wants to solution partials, cuz we have, cuz i want to g mustang this migration, like at a point it starts to horse get, you'll call probably emily. so don't come on with me. it's been around the zillow's voice with me.
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always quizzes, orchard office does last almost a bad day, but i was somewhat interested. are you guys there that you were for mr. nick? i nicholas. that was a defeat. get him a school with 2 more launch glasses from when again. yeah. because i don't but i think still to those sweet just woke up last night with a company and so it's, you know, those, those the fortune longer law. yeah. kind of what you've been dealing with as an yes, deeded daughter for slip them ashley, but be should say my about us command bikes, bmw dealer, and you must meet e, mid sprint. your school? mckee, ash at the vice president of the mac. yes. them all, but i didn't sit down, watch the immediate for slack course in here. you ian allows your crisis this year
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that i read more gifts of beauty, blood sugar, florida because we're on the premier, was the platinum, clean up was after that got up with distortion that i was in the to out a saw it listen. i said to mac, yes jim boyd is the most, etc. yeah. you can. yeah. option you could actually get those to me which place you in while it's at the halls yet a genius more. the rosa with, if you look at actually spoke with anthony. but if i feel like was the, we have a blue badge the what the idea. when the sheriff would, you will say this would be good to just listen. lots of the mug. you put, what did they go with? we block in their young, chargeable hodge with applied and you come back to coming up with what i you for
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you. but in the chrysler you, 4th column league, what's going to appear a with then you go new is a like a new the new year of changing your was martha in the program? yeah. uh huh. mean, yeah. with that, i just wanted make sure i pushed in one sitting is not they don't month me bad them month. the coil, my old one. we were asked you in the gloaming, you could do a good thing. did a good thing for you at the house and when yeah all but as 0 they
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a video or a house? one is what marcia? yeah, guys should be on a lease. but most of these more with the child control to talk with
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specialists, it was just a little to put you with your to how much agree with sure to coordinate a portable of your skill. but valley should, we should all me ability me manage it. so that is the feedback that i figured out of a student actually knew my fantasy, my to coin here. oh, she might are watching the logo on the phone with taco bell with show we'd love a provider with the block with a sort of
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a push it at the home. one of them are slowly teaching and while i do was it was going yeah. furthermore, you'd see the liquidity because she didn't give shoulder bible testify, you'll sit on a void with a good watching television. you forget about the carpet, the cartons, aside from the living room, and you plug your experience into the tv. something magic happens. romantic feelings can be scary, happens you don't get to spend belief in reality and you literally follow the story if you like this on the television. and in a sense it knows this is similar. mm. back
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breaking toil. forced labor stress industrial injury. corporal punishment. oh no words with which we're all familiar. are you certain that the world you live in abolish slavery long ago
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with joe sledge extra. what? yeah, no, i did. oh yes. ask lee. yes, he's on the scaling of i was going to and i was fish, mom, a daughter. they would, she was, she is good for you to look. going to tell them that she was a night tours go ritual. i saw a change you either. he's a control the as with angela lighting the concrete, misty thought. yeah. versus one day i see him on the go going and pick one. you don't want to come in and then you should. the q was a yellow shaheen or can so i small glass in the anthem, gamble hours at large. could we?
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i don't know. your book is the good. i mean, if you fish, but bishop, my chick ramirez elk. marsha good etha. when your dish chrome wasn't, you need a new year now. marshall recoil between when it's the little jug base. if these can, we have shall, is the campbell us go to the choir event, the genie. and i good if you have learned he doesn't for godaddy. yeah, we're just playing a doug's yell enough to see it. but in the language it's what you do it. but then so at your temperature it's the same. last name is usual, nick. nancy nancy, it is with that. 9 took away learning lucy was because those lawyers didn't choice. you knew vitamin bonnie julia, but i think i know that. ok yes. a glass but don't marsha uses that. i been there and i thought you sell them guys for coming in. ashley, mit comerica. even screaming at you, cookie di tico, and cbs in duncan with new human. i'm what did you still move on from who did you had to shut my seattle? read about the usually it of the writing to receive that. don't me extra team yet.
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we chose the board, you to still blue when you will of the singing and went to wife. yeah, glen the, even a producer, consented. my team, what you see a blanket of c o does yours to sean and show us the war storm would be an emotional our prospects due date is amazing process. you ban the youtube videos. i'm going to scope if you but basically the key principles and could you ask the money to watch the question? you might have been to watch them alana. so can i was to my 6 life members who are pregnant? yes. the hotel, a uniform visit with a classmate, a
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keystroke you bravo. 7 0, a reasonable and with this model that the students to go to the part of the school, but i'm so slower, i'm not sure if you guys you guys that shows them on like i was wrong with the question. how many british but also on the longer you when you are a little bit more people to last me on a global clipper. so you know, i wish i could get a bomb to dish with it. but normally at a, as in boy e, as there was actual pedal tech, when you're done with school and as with
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team, we played a part shuts with mr. beth, i'm with the bull mashing. gentleman wasn't barb. shirley skeleton's been tedious. no problem, but i bought that you did our life with the official nimble at the bus thought james for the sportage instagram e mail, actually the guy that i see the committee gets put on quickly a thought a yes. oh, okay. so with the small chip of you watching this for the, for them to prepared, are we doing with the mileage team? is somebody some stuff shame you don't want me to kinda talk to south carolina 2 days and a casualty machine there too. but i understand that you've been
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with the billing system by them. check them with with i'm not sure if it is in good at the more stuff with both good. okay. so i know what you, i think i know if there's no, it isn't the end. yeah. for do more that sure no problem with the terms and all of them. 6, all can help me out of the me out because story short for you with the 4th floor. is this your thumbs up with the charge doors? just a, just on your phone number with you. what should pete is?
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the police report that i'm a guy like when to ask if the guy show will it unless just as a dish, 3 step on a guy i would sure channel with sure. is there a store it, i mean you so much of the work with your school and that is just sorta done what, what is it in your record that, that the you what that what with for my ticket organ, instagram leaves with contracts, likelihood, authentic, recei joy fortune shy, simply woocommerce today, which is missile will be in the hope chest mothers substitute some new management
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at the village other than what i special unrighteous. i think shawn all when you was now. mm hm. for the as amusing else. her go to cope with miguel mickey, the dancey vice mitchell, the suburbans bubble guys with that quote. yeah. for your system or what are, what are we actually pretty good only younger somewhat choice. nic. laneesa. no boy in your city we yeah. start with a little from what is your policy at oceans contribute year until crying down now, are you? yeah, we are a judge in crime. middle middle class with a mr. with you the story with? yeah, she tree was good eyes. no bush. okay. camper snuck wooster. stolid blair. oh, shide it. it was near to one which was too much school to know that he just did always contact her about the t. m. to grow. i think he had failed. ha ha.
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ha, ha. ha, ha, yes. awesome. throw on his you and you're still in tears. murphy, i me a door, there's a law boasteth oak style estate damage authors thumb. was it all? sleep a barb, ruskie badger which will kill sheila. i wish we spoke a while ago. yeah. was now for your proposal. listen, i told her that it is i talked on yes. so when you can answer me for to your other number, which i can see you at the house? no. wait a minute. yeah. just you up with me under carson other to order for me either way. j. e. what patricia ford. you registered as an
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eve, william. because i didn't look missing your form with fashion. easy enough with the distance yet may i go to the store? yes. especially if you room were still good ice cream coming at the bottom. i in the gym. yeah. bush, she cars incorporated luckowitz my or is the one to keep a piece of course, but says that the question seems to premier no choice was i didn't the person. yeah . a new boy true. did your call? i know that some of the old school with black or the programming to to with a slow mileage. it was through the snow chip with assa credential to the community ship predicted. yeah.
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a sarah with getting a blow me off core this out, slid them, was it worth? yes i was a producer house board chair therapy. yeah. a good as opposed to so introduce going off with the other one is a question regarding the medical quote, the president every and you know i used to go to the gulf. oh yeah. was the reason we was through i'm for 3. i'm why, again, the driver, i'm with a bar when i'm a better, it will still some yes, the relic debussy and she, we usually don't wish to says yours isn't the house and you should keep the ball got to you and you think you just don't bother when the, when you're a bought are theory, me, i've ocean all the way to work for me. then see guy that i
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use those going with them. you know, i knew that i would says michelle naval them. you know, you want to add some weight to me that i would see when will the ocean floor not only facilities on that it. it's a beautiful sterilization. what question george, move the court. a full scope for devices are numerous voice. i'm with, oh, shoot, susan, what she was with almost is, who did she took a quote with us. mm hm. if you go in there, sneaking things, and that in the mongers, near parker transferred to some shortcut. those you had left him who would be in cologne. you wasn't the lead the premium on the most. if you book even started, i unfortunately believe he's yeah. almost as visa that the, you know much doubtful. you will, like someone middle,
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with an option are going to affect me, don't be shipped or not sure about the widest. the last i'm so i called mission that and we don't have sort of chesapeake of maybe she get us with me system my alaska with that could, will educate gordon with janelle, and when your bill would be nice, his name. but be sure i'm real and i'm on the see 1000 with my and but be she come in. i think you that we've gotten yet apologize. 6 local police and all of them. he's now villas, ania, bring him to school, and nobody showed up the opportunity to explain to us in the least once a month. and then some of the mustang and the baltimore situation. are you doing what you posted to approach from? i believe she was shy of flesh because you can't go out and i want it to what i say, ah ah,
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many of us who the delta would be the pseudo p. i did i cool, you know, going to get a shoulder any more transmissible than delta and not what's happened. you got something which is pop weighs more than 30 changes in that spike protein that we're all interested. it's accumulated, all the mutations we've seen in different varies all in one virus. and that raises some very interesting issues about where did it come from in the 1st place. is it possible to get even more mute and what's gonna happen in terms of disease severity and maxine protection? so it is suggesting that know the virus has still got some way to go through the more surprises
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with both washington, when it's appeal against the ruling blocking joanna sanchez extradition to the us. this case, it may now return to a lower court to be re heard. we speak with ricky leeks, editor in chief. this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of the law. this is an absolute tried to steal any legal process. a 1000 k sparks anger around the world with rights groups noting it, britain takes part in a democracy summit, but hales the west. supposing freedom of the press and the provocative and the threatening action, russia slams ukraine over an attempt to dangerously approach its maritime borders. near premier, taking tension between the 2 states to a new love.


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