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help washington wins is appeal against the ruling blocking juliana sanchez extradition to the u. s. this case, it may now return to a lower court to be re heard. we speak with ricky leeks, editor in chief. this is not a case that has been fought on the basis of the more this is an absolutely, travis deal, any legal process? a 1000 k sparks anger around the world with rights groups noting it comes as britain takes part in a democracy summit that hales the west. supposing freedom of the press and the provocative and threatening action, russia slams ukraine over an attempt to dangerously approach its maritime borders. near crimea, taking tension between the 2 states to a new level with
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that does it for me and the headlines this i'll be back in our with another look. see what it is. our international got to have a 3 year ah, on appeal legal setbacks for julian sanchez and donald trump, but the opera ain't over for either. meanwhile, names are being named in the maxwell sex trafficking trial. also this week been shell and beijing as winter olympics diplomatic snobs, snowball, baseball players, are locked out. will pitchers and catchers report. and what about these nfl players fibbing about coal? red? i'm holland cook in washington. this is the big picture on
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r t america. ah . the u. k. high court has granted the u. s. government's appeal to extradite wiki leaks, co founder julian assange, who has lived in isolation nearly 10 years. his fiance calls it a grave miscarriage of justice. this rolling can be appealed. but what if that is unsuccessful? let's ask. legal and media analyst, lionel, and madeline. pend lee of the 11th pap antonio rafferty law firm. welcome to you both, lionel a. if a san she is extradited, what charges will he face here? and what kind of prison time is he looking at? well, if he's extradited, he's looking at some form of espionage, but i remember,
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you know, extradition is, is pretty. i don't wanna say pro forma it, i'm not surprised, it was granted. but very, very quickly in the united states, we have a supreme court case called bart nicky against viper from 2001. and what it says is, as long as a journalist and we can argue what a journalist says, but as long as a journalist was not responsible in stealing information in, in the actual are legit espionage and merely reports. it like the pentagon papers and others, he is shielded by the 1st amendment. now that's what i hope is rings true. and when he comes to the united states, i hope his lawyers are 1st thing they do is cobra for a court claim bart nikki and get him released. because even though the information may have been stolen by by chelsea manning as long as it is alleged improving that
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he did not have any role in that, that he wasn't involved in the actual per lining. he is theoretically scott free, as we say, well, you said when it's still a matter of if and madeline until this ruling have you as a news consumer there in florida out there in america, have you been seeing much ongoing assange coverage by the domestic corporate media frankly, not much you know, until today we haven't heard much about it. we've heard a lot about maxwell trial. we've heard a good bit about jesse snell, latin, the way his child's been going and, and as well as steve bannon and other trump affiliates, all the stuff they've been up to. but until today we haven't heard a lot on the developments in these on case. yeah. i'm not surprised, but no this, unlike mainstream media in america are te, america is all over this assange story as it unfolds. meanwhile, and trump world steve band and goes on trial in july on criminal charges that he defied a subpoena from the house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capital
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and attempts to subvert the 2020 election bandit claim of executive privilege is dubious. because he was not a white house employee on january 6, but mark meadows was he was the president, chief of staff. and now he has a book full of details which trump has blasted as fake news and voluntary disclosure of which may under cut his claiming executive privilege. after initially refusing to cooperate with a committee meadows provided select documents before he clammed up again. and of course, he's got that book to sell. committee chairman benny thompson says the select committee is left with no choice, but to advance contempt proceedings, and recommend that the body in which mister meadows once served refer him for criminal prosecution. madeline, what would happen if you or i were subpoenaed to testify or be deposed in
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a civil or criminal case and we know showed essentially the same thing. so we will be held on what's called contempt of court. it's a crime. we can go to jail for it. we can pay fine for it. if it was a civil case and we were a party to it, the judge can actually issue a default judgment. allow the case to move along and be resolved against our favor . because we weren't present to continue litigating it, but in a criminal matter, if you're subpoena, then you don't appear, you'll end up with that contempt to court charge, go to jail, and paste them fine. may as well color between the lines the way we were raised. lionel quick predictions for abandon and meadows in this. first of all, there's a very important point that's being missed here. they are going to be mr. bank in particular will be acquitted if not this case dismissed altogether because he is going to allege that he lacks mens rea, the criminal intent, the criminal mind that what he did was was not show a recalcitrant and
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a tampa. can't you? matt? said he, against the congress, what he did it under perhaps color of law law, which would, which was a perhaps incorrect. but it is this, this is different than anything we've heard. because he is not merely being brazen . he is saying, i have a reason that nullifies the criminal intent and he will be acquainted about meadows quickly. lionel. oh diff difference. i'm sorry that you were different story completely a and that's the fact that the legal term plays no more laterally. italian, a calling their lawsuit to overturn the president biden's election when in michigan frivolous, united states, district judge has ordered sidney powell and other trump, lawyers to pay $175000.00 and penalties. the judge said plaintiffs attorneys filed this lawsuit without conducting the required degree of
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diligence as to the truth of the allegations made or the merits of the legal claims asserted. a madeline define abuse of process, which i understand is a tort. and is this that why you're correct? a base or process is a toward it, but it is a fairly unusual cause of action and, and arises in very specific situations. the exact elements of it do very state to state. but the main idea is that a visa process occurs when the person has an all period motive and is miss applying the judicial process in order to achieve that motive. so an easy example is if somebody's taking a deposition and a lawsuit with the information they're trying to get isn't related to the lawsuit, they're trying to maybe blackmail or extort the other party. that would be a visa process. so in this case, i do believe we have some facts to support and it be a process claim, like those quotes you just showed. the judge seeing to believe that this case was
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not really about furthering the complaint. it was about undermining faith in our democratic process. so that will be your old terrier motive. however, somebody who is actually sued by this trump campaign, we need to bring the a be a process claim. it can't just be a judge intervening. looking at the complaint and saying that was to be for process . what she did was likely sanction sanction these attorneys under rule 11. so when we as attorneys bring complaint, when we file anything legal in front of the court, we certify under federal rule of procedure civil procedure 11. that the complaint were bringing has merit. that we're not doing it for an improper purpose. and so since this judge determined their claim was frivolous or not based on legitimate facts, they violated rule 11 and sanction under it. and what's interesting is they actually have to take ethics classes as a result. and may even get their license suspended, which again are punishment,
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comfortable evans sanctions rather than abuse or profit playing. gotcha. in 2002, donald trump called geoffrey epstein, quote, a terrific guy, a lot of fun to be with. and in an interview in new york magazine, trump added, it is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as i do, and many of them are on the younger side. donald trump is not on trial in this case, and the defendant is go lane maxwell. a former girlfriend and business associate of the late jeffrey epstein, the money manager, who hobnob with trump bill clinton, bill gates, prince andrew, among others. 6 counts. maxwell is charged with relate to sex trafficking minor women, the 1st witness, known only as jane claims. epstein took her to morrow lago to meet trump when she was for theme. she did not accuse the former president of improper behavior, and she says she remembered prince andrew being
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a board epstein private jet. and that pilot is also naming names now, in a court filing maxwell, the defense attorneys, assert that go lane maxwell, is not jeffrey epstein. ms. maxwell vigorously denies the charges and tends to fight them and is entitled to the presumption of innocence. lionel defense council accuses prosecutors of scapegoating maxwell for epstein crimes. tell us about what you lawyers call the empty chair defense. well that in this context, he is alleging they allege that's not me and somebody else you should be here today . but i may also wax by phonic. let me also read the entrails of the bees. did your article be, let me be vatike and predict what should happen. and that is simply this. delane maxwell is on trial for basically transporting cajoling, recruiting,
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grooming a man act violations. not having sex with jeffrey epstein, not giving him silly his foot rub, not any of that. and so far, this has been one of the worst prosecutions in the history of american jurisprudence. and she could very well be looking at acquittal because they're talking about everything but was charged. and one last point where is virginia you fray? even david boys are saying, where is she? so this case is doomed for a surprise, i submit up sometime this spring. the u. s. supreme court is going to rule on a mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks, a point at which many women don't know yet that they're pregnant. if the court oh case that laura over turns roe v wade altogether, things change quickly in a bunch of states. madeline, i've got a little under a minute. can you give us the elevator speech version of how these trigger laws
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work? yes, so essentially these various state governments anticipated that a conservative court would allow us to overturn roe vs wade. so anticipation of that already drafted the laws that could go into effect as soon as the court makes they're willing. so they don't currently conflict with federal law because they're not actually implemented, but they're written and they're waiting to go as soon as the court makes that order . madeline pend, lee levin papp, antonio rafferty and pensacola, lionel lionel media dot com. thank you for stepping into the pin picture and happy holidays coming up. no usa via peas at the upcoming beijing winter olympics. and while our athletes will compete, the diplomatic boycott is snowballing, and major league baseball's opening day will be march 31 or willis. this is the big picture on our t america. ah,
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we're watching television. we forget about the carpet. we couldn't find you in the living room and you plugged your experience into the tv. something were magic happens to romantic readings. somebody scary happens. you don't get to spend belief in reality and you literally follow the story if you like this on the television and in a sense it knows this is similar. oh, i
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oh, i did it on you being a little dominant, but they did in a valuable mm. hm, not been helping my middle. now. i own the heat up my lap. bad. that hail of that. i man thought mr. luck knuckle my love. bob again thought, no, well, i'm going up there a bit. a, well, i mean, happy donations, forbid young we tonia. hey jonathan,
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and ah, ah, it is rare that congressional republicans agree with the biden administration on anything, but many are on board with our diplomatic boycott of the 2022 winter olympics and beijing. some say we're not going far enough to shun the games. citing with the white house calls china's ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity responding. the chinese foreign ministry claims that out of ideological bias based on lies and rumors, the u. s. is trying to disrupt the beijing winter olympics. this will only expose its sinister intention and further erode its moral authority and credibility. wrong
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move of the u. s. has undermined the foundation an atmosphere for china, us sports exchanges, and olympic cooperation. it has shot itself in the foot. the usa should understand the grave consequences of this move. the politics of usa, china relations seem to be in the early endings. but what about those china us sports exchanges? let's ask steve chris docos from r t sports h q. steve, welcome. good to have you. nice to be with the major league baseball story the year was the angels show, hey, oh, tiny, the american league most valuable player. and he's double trouble, a fearsome picture. it's so well that he was getting a lot more than barry bonds used to. and he's the fastest based runner in the a l show time is from japan, which has produced generations of m. l. b stars, late grade dodgers, manager, tommy, unless sorta once quipped for starting pitchers. we have 2 dominicans, one italian,
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one mexican and one japanese. in the bullpen, we have a vent as well, and a mexican, a guy from the united states, a guy from st. lois in red sox nation, where i live. we know austin price, but i didn't realize he was born in hong kong. a korean players are also prominent in the majors. but steve, chinese players have not figured as much in the baseball as they have in the n b a correct. and how about n h l one? nfl? how big a hit would big league player personnel take? if china shut us off on terms of player personnel, it doesn't seem like it would take much of a hit as you said, and then baseball. you don't see the n h on nfl as well. you don't, but the n b a of course we had major stars such as the arming who has since retired, but jeremy lynn as well of china. but it would take a bigger hit for the n b a in terms of streaming rates. for example, as you saw a couple years ago when former houston rockets g m. darrow maury spoke out against china and they cut off houston rockets,
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games from $0.10 streaming platform. and then when he moved to the philadelphia 6 years, they cut off 6 years games. so if you speak out against china and they be a, you don't hear players doing it, it's a struggle balancing player activism with a lucrative chinese market. so you're not hearing that a lot because they obviously have a very big presence in china. the mba is huge, there, so it would mostly affect the m b. i hadn't thought about that streaming. it's a world wide web there. golden lex right? yes. hey, let's be clear about these upcoming winter games usa teams will compete. and has this diplomatic big chill chased away any of that because zillions of dollars and the nbc sponsorship money? well that's to be determined if at all it does. but of course we know that nbc does have a $7700000000.00 deal for it's for streaming the lympics exclusively for the next 7 games until 2032. so it's going to be possibly sponsors could be pulling out as 10 of the top 12 sponsors make about $110000000000.00 in revenue in china. so we'll see if they take a hit through that there will be pressure put on nbc,
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but it's still to be determined whether it will affect them at all. so, but in terms of the players, of course, the athletes will be playing in the games. of course, it won't affect them at all. really, there just won't be a high delegation of government official set, like we saw 1st lady joe biden, to lead the us delegation in tokyo olympics. you won't see any of that fanfare, but other than that, it doesn't seem to really be affecting the athletes. new zealand says, although they disapprove of china, the reason they're not going is covered in the last olympics and tokyo. the only spectators allowed were from the host country. that's how they're going to do it again this time. right. so we're really talking about a tv show, aren't we? exactly a and b, c. they had their peacock streaming platform. now that 6 has exclusive events to that, so yeah, we're talking about the production value without fans. they did it pretty well, i think with tokyo as we saw, but you're only going to see minimal local fans there so it won't have the same effect. so i don't think not the diplomatic boycott, it really does, unless it affects the streaming aspects with sponsors pulling out from advertising on nbc. it really doesn't seem like it will have a huge effect,
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but we see canada that you can, australia join the u. s. in that diplomatic way. yeah. and there may be more to come, but perversely, the fact that it's controversial could actually help the ratings. i guess we'll see the major league baseball owners of locked out the players pending a new collective bargaining agreement. i think you and i will hear more cheers than cheers when max sure is there shows up at national park and it's new met uniform this coming year, assuming that game will be played. what are the issues at stake in this baseball stand off? it seems like it will happen, but basically money as we've been talking about already in the segment, it's all about money. it's basically the main issues involving our revenue, sharing, luxury tax rules. aside from that player as being able to negotiate with arbitration, comparing salaries to other players who start big contracts expanded play off, feel the draft lottery and the minimum salary for players is always a big thing for them as well. but the interest industry consensus seems to be that they will is still pretty early will reach a deal by january or early february at the latest. so of course,
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when pitchers and catchers, of course are reporting and players would like a longer post season. right? absolutely expanded, play up and more teams in that as well. so to give everybody some bonuses tied to that, i imagine that it's all about them. it's all about the money. well, about the money cove. it has been the wild card in every aspect of life and for the better part of a season, we had cardboard cutouts sitting there. so they gotta be hurt. and absolutely, we're talking a sports of all sorts with our t. steve christ goes, who was with us here back when the pandemic shut down 1st had back to the future. 79 and f l players tested positive in november. several are and hot water for faking or fibbing fascination status. steve, how much is cove it impacting major league schedules in our games? getting calder, they are, they are now. we're not seen in the n b a so far this season. it's only been a couple months. no games have been postponed, but the players are getting the rate of positive cases because they're tested every
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other day are rising, but it's not affecting whole teams yet and be it. but we'll see that's to be determined as we get into the season. now. you mentioned the nfl were seen individual players such as antonio brown, for example, in the tampa bay buccaneers. speaking of vaccination card, he received the 3 game suspension without pay. so kind of a slap on the wrist for that which sum, i guess it could be a felony in certain areas if you take a vaccination card. so he only got that, but were seen in the n h l, it is affecting that we already had the ottawa senators, the entire team have to take a break from plane. and now the 2nd team recently, the islanders had an outbreak in which they had to stop down from playing games as well. that slap on the wrist was probably 6 figures that it wasn't a 3 game again without pay. oh, yeah, a sleeve is just back from a double header in dubai where rugby rocked, set the scene while, let me just tell you. yeah, i got back on monday from dubai. we were there for an entire week covering the cato world games. and the dubai rugby sevens. now the rugby summons is different than your traditional fifteens. it's 7 on 7 to 7 minute halves with one minute break in between. so it's real fast paced,
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high energy and out into by that venue. it's the 7 stadium out in the middle of the desert. so these guys are just the energy. there is amazing. it was the 1st time fans were back in 2 years at this venue because of the pandemic. and i got a chance actually to catch up with the usa national rugby sevens coach mike friday . and i just asked him to kind of set the scene for what that venue was like. so take a listen to what he had to say rugby. a community guy, it's a bad experience about enjoyment. it's about it together and you know, having the pants back and i've, you know, the rugby guy on the outside painted it exactly what the game of rugby is about. it's a family, it raises value. thank you. i meant that on that special atmosphere and the games are regular. hey, you mentioned being out in the middle of nowhere. you mentioned k h l, a hockey, which we have all over the place on portable tv. but i got a salute you when i was looking at your coverage from dubai last week you asked the most obvious question, which i would have asked them. you're in the middle of the desert. how did you make
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ice? and here's the high tech answer. well, it wasn't really tough because they arena never how the ice competition. so there was a huge international team working on making the ice here. so we brought the ice maze from italy decide was from finland. so we had a lot of specialties from a boat, from russia, from europe, of holding the ice rings there, because the temperature outside is like plus 30 now. so it's, it's really complicated, but a walk in d p for one and a half weeks. so now we have one of the best ice in the world here, i hope in the desert. yeah, let me say i was there. i did see the ice. it was perfect for their 1st actual hockey game in dubai. so not only the 1st cage i'll game there, but 1st hockey period, a lot of those spans showing up. we're seeing the game played in person for the 1st time. there was an amazing atmosphere and like i was saying,
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we would be out in the desert for the rugby sevens out in the 90 degree. he had some day on the side and then we would go to the hockey arena for practice or for the game. when that took place on last friday night and it was freezing, so i was kinda like, you know, my body didn't know what to do with herself. well then i was called, we're about mid season and k h l right now. yes. yeah. about midway through act bars who played there and ivan guard the defending champs from last year, played each other there to the hottest teams. it was a great competition there. and of course, like we've mentioned on our portable tv app, we have all the k h l games streamed every single one. we've got our guys been holding that harm, hartman calling the games daily. so it's really exciting what we're doing with that . the k h l is expanding. now that was the 15th different country. they've had how the game enough. we think in terms of hockey night. i see these guys here, 1st thing in the morning and then i realize i call a game on the other side of the world. exactly. so some of them are in beijing, you know, there it's russia, europe, there are certain parts of asia, so all over the place. yeah. 2014 steve chris tacos, r t sports h q. thank you again for stepping into the big picture. thank you very much. and thank you for watching the big picture. we're going to be back same time next week
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. if you're watching real time. and if you don't, you can find us on portable tv, which is free in the app store or google play, or on any connected devices, portable dot tv. look for our live stream on youtube, youtube dot com slash r t. america. and all of my shows are at you tube, dot com slash the big picture r t. holland cook in washington, and at holland cook on twitter, where the deal stands. if you follow me, i'll follow you. happy holidays and question more. ah ah
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but they did a mapping my middle now i own my head up my lap and i had a millionaire. my well i'm bob again thought now along with it a bit a well, i mean a relationship with donia midlothian and ah ah, how are going to so because visionaries me sophie shevardnadze hip.


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