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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 10, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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manufactured, they are constantly seeking to the rail science. it's ruling using strong shell. ah, i'm ex kaiser. this is the kaiser report. yes. where you are amongst the palm trees . the flora, the fauna of south florida. oh boy. haven't good on here, stacy. we're also emits the fish face in clown cars. that's the episode this time. and i'm going to look at this 1st headline here. and i want to show you when i look at the u. s. dollar, when i look at u. s. dollar monetary policy, when i look at global monetary policy, this is what i see, and i see it's so much so that i actually tweeted it. the dollar after yet another
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round of free money injected into markets by the fed. this was referring to a new york post article in which you see this image of a woman before and after woman with the world's biggest lips is getting even more injections. you know, when i look at the u. s. dollar as it was in 1971. that's what i see when i look at the u. s. dollar. now this is what i see on top of that, this woman is getting more injections and the fed keeps on talking 1st. they say they're going to taper, i'm going to reduce the size of my lips on the, on the us dollar. but, you know, they'll inject it with more, you know, they'll inject more silicon into the economy, more free money, more free credit, more stimulus into the economy and we'll get even more absurd lips on this economy . oh, yeah. well, you know, this has been going on since alan greenspan, the 1980s, bernanke, you, janet yawn j powell,
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they live. they say that they might be reducing rates or tapering, but in fact, they're just going to print more money. and i think that to give people an idea of how bad the situation is or to be more honest about it, they should inject their lips some kind of feller every time they testify before congress because they are in effect lying. and over the years you'd have liked alan greenspan slips, would be stretching from echoes building and washington all the way to new jersey. j powell because he's relatively newcomer and the job, his lips might only be 3 feet long. you know, it's like the old pinocchio with the nose every time you lie, you know, your nose goes extension here, there should be out of the lips like they inject it right there. and the testimony just roll him on the floor, stick a needle on those labs, object and full of filler and get those lips out as much as possible to let the people know what the status is for interest rates and money printing in america today. this is an honest representation if you go shopping, however,
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grocery shopping, everything you need to eat, you need to pay your utility bills. you need to pay your rent or your mortgage. you need overhead costs. those are the basics. you don't have to be rich, you don't have to be poor. you don't have to be anything you have to pay those bills. those are the bills you have to pay. you can see that the lip injected economy there. you can see the price a chicken, the price of pork, the price of beat, the price of tomatoes, the price of ob ricardo, is that to make it anything you need to buy milk water, anything. it's if the price is gone up, that is the equivalent when you show up at the cash year at the grocery store to pay like it's, it's just big giant lips telling you, oh there's more, we're not printing money, we're not printing money. it's patently false. and there's a me, him out there, another mean talking about how inflation is good for poor people. of course, that's also a lie because they rationalize it by all the poor people can go as deep and dead as they need to, to pay for their basic groceries until such time as they get cut off from the credit lines in the living under
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a bridge and i suppose that's good for americans to. wow. so i just compared that woman and you know, fair enough is she, she seems to like the way she looks. j power seems to like the way the dollar looks . and i'm going to show you a me created by an internet artist. it's on the internet, there's no source is no boss gets named. there's no war haul named. it's just called the internet and the internet created this mean 1st we see j pow. there is no inflation, he said, remember when he said that last year, then we remember a few months ago, he said there is inflation, but inflation is transitory. so as we see, he's put on his cloud lips and his cloud eyes. then he said, inflation will ease next year. remember when he turned there? well, that's when he put on his clown nose, and then another injection of q, e and stimulus and money printing. and all of the price is starting to rise. well, inflation is good, he's gone full cloud mode, right? well, there's one missing, you know, and if you watch cars a report, you know, the,
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the one that they're missing is the one that comes even before those. and that's the one where they call deflation a lack of inflation. they miss labeled inflation as d flayson because like since the end of the depression in the thirty's, there has been never a time period when the u. s. dollar, we're not losing purchasing power. there's never, ever, not been inflation. there's only been fast or slow inflation. and there was a time the, you know, preceding the last time years where they had engineered the economy. so the assets went up for the top, 110th of one percent of labor to move because they were penalizing labor and sending it all to china. and thus i now you have a 100000 over doses of fentanyl america, your thank you. j. powell. and they call that deflation, but in fact, that's not even sure either. that was also inflation. ok. so we have the clowns in charge. we have a clown car, federal open market committee running things. and here we are max and stacy,
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and we've been reporting on the financial system, the monetary system, banking system, all of it. and what we see is what we started with at the top of the show. they think it looks normal, are happy with how they look, how the dollar looks. we see something shocking, right? and ray dalio also sees it. okay. re valeo is a beneficiary of the clown car, fish lip economy. he's a paper, multi billionaire who has lived well off front mounting all the feds clown car antics. and he sees this, this is in from his latest writing on linkedin, but the 0 hedge covers it this way. dalio dangerously high risk of civil war in america, in his new book, principles for dealing with the changing world order. why nations succeed and fail? dalio points to the 6 stages of an internal order disorder cycle and estimates that
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there is a 30 percent chance of civil war. right. of course. and he said, he wrote that on linkedin, it sounded like he was talking about lincoln, you know, going back to the previous american civil war. but we've talked about the rising chance of civil war and america. and it could either be between the have yachts and the have nots. it could be between the big coin states like texas or florida, between the non bitcoin states. but the rising tension is palpable because of the rising genie coefficient. as it's found, the spread between the very top and the and the bottom is getting extremely wide. and people have this global insurrection against banker occupation mentality. we've been talking about for 10 years now. ray dalio finally figuring it out. this goes really with the theme from a couple of summers ago, where the folks out the hamptons and in new york, were afraid of the pitchfork and torch bearing deplorable that the hilary clinton
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called and they were building bunkers underneath there, east hampton estates to protect themselves against the deplorable well now ray dalio says that from his pedestal over there at a failing manage money firm in greenwich, connecticut, that he sees the civil war risk at 30 percent. well, i'll tell you this, the risk of civil war is at a 100 percent. at the top of the show, we pointed out the clown car and the clown that is j pow, that created the fish lips of nomics. that is the reason why we're having civil war is the can't tell you an errors. the conselium airs. are those giant inflated lips on top of our economy? anybody who looks from the outside can see this. they could see that we have giant fish lip economics, the wealth and income gap. i think that's why you're seeing all that sort of sense of deplorable all the of hoaxes created like russia, gay, all those sort of things in order to justify in their mind. now, i personally had
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a roommate many years ago 2025 years ago who had nothing until she inherited something like $50000000.00 overnight. and she became like this sort of thing where she justified it. she kept on having to write herself messages that she deserved this money. she worked hard for this money. she worked like she didn't work hard. she inherited a whole bunch of money from a random, great aunt that had just left her this money that she wasn't expecting. so they the justification is the projection all the psychological issues they have with it. the guilt is there every night on cable news? now ray dalio looks at it and what he says is that, for example, when close elections are educated and the losers respect the decisions, it is clear that the order is respected when power is thought over and grabbed that clearly signals a significant risk of a revolutionary change with all its attendant disorder, he writes, adding that
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a vast number of people, including high ranking officials, have openly doubted the validity of recent elections, and have expressed a willingness to fight for their beliefs. now this is beyond just the january 6 situation that is now playing out on the news. it is also 20162017201820192020. and all the john durham investigation finding that you know so far the people he's arrested, it suggests that high level officials in the democratic party. we're also concocting, just like the same guys cost playing on the capital there. they say there are 2 sides of the same fish lips is cognitive dissonance to a degree of fatality, a fatal cognitive dissonance that reminds me of this hillary and alec baldwin. story were alec was on a b c news and he said point blank that he pulled back the trigger, the gun released it, a bullet one off and killed somebody. and that is why the next day was on instagram,
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saying how much he loves her husband, and she hopes they find the guy who killed the woman. like, hello everybody home. this is essentially j. powell is saying, we printed 50 trillion dollars or 60 or 100 trillion dollars, and we're, we're gonna keep looking until we find out where this inflation came from. we're not going to stop until we find out who caused all of us inflation. like, hello, excuse me, but they are really doing this that exactly that they said with oil, as we mentioned, like when the oil prices went up, they want to investigate russia. saudi arabia, all these oil speculators, when food price is going up, same thing. they keep on cobalt prices. they want to investigate china, so they keep on blaming everybody else but themselves. elizabeth warren, remember she said that she wants to investigate these corporations. why are these profits going high? they're getting greedy is like know, sure, are the one printing money. you have giant fish lives. yeah. i release trigger on the gun. it is fired
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a bullet. the money printing gun money printing gun was fired and it caused inflation and people are dying. and i want to know who pulled the trigger. i know somebody did who put your hand up? who did it? well, if we had that money printing gun here, you would be like pulling it right now and it'll be spewing all the dollars. and that's what we're seeing, the clown car with the giant fish lip economy, a monetary system. i could see this, you could see this. that's why we buy bitcoin. that's why president mckelly of el salvador bought bitcoin while it was dipping this past week while we've been here in florida. so thank you for joining us from florida because you have an interesting next episode i might say we were on the beach, we ran into our friend, mark moss. and just so, you know, there might be some blurred out images in the background cuz i was just focusing on the 2 of them. i didn't see some of the g string sort of women walking by in the background. wow. all right. i'm going to check this out. hopefully it's on a clean car, but the real thing, all right, don't go it much more coming your way. ah
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ah, it's update on you being a no, no, no, no. what they did in a valuable mm hm. mapping my middle, now i own my head up my lap and i had a knuckle, but my love bob didn't thought now. well, i'm up at a bit a well, i mean a relationship with sonia nichols. i'm not in the that and
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privacy for the bell. this case about privacy or people care about is power. julian assange has become a symbol of the battle. the privacy information is power. that's what's going on in the world. a huge struggle with governments and corporations want to keep information secret and others who the democratic rights should be pushed forward. and people have a right to know like in our minds or to watch how assange helped shift the conversation around transparency. um see what that battle has done to him. i feel like children's life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest, most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable to survive.
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ah welcome back to the kaiser report, i max kaiser time now to bring back mark loss of market disrupters podcast. he was on recently how to have him back because the guy is on the bleeding edge of everything that's vital to our lives. mark, welcome back. thanks racks. always a pleasure to hang out with you. especially in a beautiful place like this. yeah, feeling i'm feeling a son. i'm feeling a love ebara. you mentioned something we were chatting before, which i thought was a good place to begin this 9 meals to anarchy. sounds like a great hollywood movie. what. what does it mean? well, it sounds or it does sound like a movie and it means almost exactly what it sounds like, which is anybody that goes 9 meals or more without eating skips 9 meals is ready for anarchy. right? and the reason this is interesting is that the play block that america's occupying forces, you could, the cia are foreign intelligence that they played in foreign countries for decades
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. now they seem to have run out of countries to occupied mess up, and they're applying a lot of that knowledge to america. is that correct? yeah, it's unfortunately true. i mean, that's what i've been told. anyway, i'm not special forces, but i was recently with some special forces guys that were kind of advising us. and i said, hey, we've been deployed all over the world to destabilize nations, and we're telling you that the same playbook that we run there. the same thing that we see happening here and that the food becomes a problem, right? and that's always the trigger point, right? and we know that food price inflation is sitting 1011 year eyes it, it got to very extreme levels in 2011 and we saw things like arab spraying. and our global phenomenon, it seems to be heading that way again now, dissipating this. if you look at markets, the other discounting mechanism when they're very sensitive and they kind of take the global pulse in a lot of ways. some might say this is why be coined at $5060000.00 a coin is that it's anticipating a certain global. this auction your thoughts?
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well, i think, i think that's definitely true. i think a lot of people also would look at gold and say, why is it gold do mean it's being in the area that we've had the highest inflation goals kind of stat flat. and i think it's because bitcoin is sucking up a lot of that retail goal demand. and so to your point, yeah, i would agree that bitcoin is kind of responding or i should say preparing for that event. yeah. and when you talk about big coin in a period of political upheaval or political change, people start talking about, well, what's my strategy if things start to get harry? certainly the politics in the united states is getting very uncertain. yeah. and people more and more are talking about so called citadel. see, our people are kind of aggregating in communities. a like minded people. yeah. aren't afraid from you a little bit ago, which was i hadn't heard before. i masha del masha now. what is that? yeah, so a mesh network would be typically it's used for phones, although now you go by a why fi router for you home. it's a mesh network, and so
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a mesh network would be like in, for example, in hong kong, when china was going in there before the pandemic, they shut down the internet, they shut down the, the self cellular. and so people could use a mesh network with their phones and kind of greater networks. and so mesh, the dell is a similar way where i can create my own citadel, but i can mesh it with other citadels because at the end of the day, if things could potentially get as bad as some people think it could. we may have to be able to really be have to produce a lot of our own stuff, a lot of our own food, a lot of our own goods, our own equipment, et cetera. and so obviously with specialization, we can't do it all. and so if we can mesh network with other citadels, then we can have, you know, be much more resilient, right? and interestingly, i will people, and they talk about bitcoin, they say, well, what of the electricity goes down? well, in fact, that's not a problem because of these mesh networks that can pop up their battery operated nodes on the mesh network that is based on the you know,
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many of them a swarm of them in areas and there are a block stream can stream satellite data on the big going block down to planet earth as it were. so we really would be protected against the huge failure of telecommunications. yeah, i think anyone that, as asked that question is probably not really thought through either even asking that question. i say so what's the probability of the entire world electricity going out the exact same time for a long period? i mean, it's not 0, but it's almost 0 like why do you ask that? right? when we have generators, we have solar, we're not going to go without electricity into your point with the mesh networks, we can keep them bitcoin network going. yeah, i can run on batteries and, and satellite streaming though, and that's already in place. now let's talk about outside or even outside, or even on the ground or even having an area or surfing afficionado. there is a big surfing contest, actually there. now one of the biggest in the world in el salvador. yeah. and so what, what's your perception, what's your take and what's going on there? the president kelly has made a big point. legal standard. what's going on?
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i think there's a couple things though, to your point. yeah, i've spent a lot of time in central america, mexico, central america, surfing. i go to very rural areas and so i've spent a lot of time there in el salvador, specifically. i think one big thing is like the president, he's a 40 year old guy. he gets technology understands the younger generation versus the president of the united states is a pretty glaring difference there. i would say though, he also doesn't have, you know, he doesn't have the world reserve currency to predict, so they don't have a lot to lose their. so he's willing to try and expand with other things. but i would say that he seems to be embracing bitcoin and i just because i think it from the outside perspective, again, i haven't met with him personally. but it seems like he might have been trying to find ways to bring economic prosperity with country. you know, by embracing the coin, but now just like most people, once they take that, once they're orange build, they start going in all the other pieces of the coin,
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which is freedom and sovereignty. and i see that he's doing a lot of great things for the country. right. you know, success in business ethics for countries over the past half century or so tied to economies of scale. right, so the united states, you have burger chain, another part of the economy get huge because of the economies of scale and rolling out to 250 or 320000000 people in an economy that's protected by a lot of rights with the constitution. but it seems like in the 21st century, renting into kind of the reverse of that. those countries that are smaller, entrepreneurial and agile are going to beat the big, the haymens. it aimed. what do you think? well, that's exactly right and, and, and i would add to that, that i think that el salvador, so much more important than most people realize. because obviously the big one piece is, it is important. but i think it's even more important that because it's easy to kind of the point you're making that the whole world is trending towards authoritarianism. in technology is, is evolved to
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a point where they almost have the tools they need to have like permanent enslavement. right? history is a story of cycles of, of oppression, revolution, freedom, oppression, revolution, freedom and just repeat. the cycle could be forever broken because technology could give these authoritarians a way to keep as permanently enslaved. i think the only thing that breaks that trend is not war. what breaks that trend is, competition? when country, when states compete, when texas and florida al competed new york in california, both governors found themselves on the chopping block. right? they were, al, competed by states. but what about when nations outcompete? so the present of all, salvador has said, hey, we have no mandates, we have no restrictions, we have no taxes come, make all the money you want. well, guess what? a lot of people want to go there. and once other country start seeing that and seeing all the investment capitalist come in, they're gonna want to do the same thing. and that competition, i believe, will force these giant nation states to relax and open back up. right attention is
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really what made the u. s. a great power in the 20th century, but seems like people in washington now are talking about the neutering all competition by flooding the system with free theat money streams, where there's no competition needed. you're simply gifted all the see out money, which is nice at the beginning where you end up losing confidence in the currency you end up in a hyper inflationary currency collapse. it's hard to imagine the you, i started going into a hyper inflationary collapse, but there is now some speculation about that. how do you weigh in on that? well, i've been talking about what mrs calls that crack up, boom, quite a bit. and in the crack boom, he says that suddenly when the people realized that inflation is intentional and forever, which of course it is 2 percent. right. and if for ever so when people realize that all the sudden the people will have a loss of confidence in the currency and it will all fall apart. basically, i'm paraphrasing, and i think that's exactly what we're seeing. so people,
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you know, the internet has now kind of shown the emperor has no clothes, we start to see that, hey, they do of this permanent goal of inflation that's permanent. we can see where that leads and the confidence is crashing really fast. as a matter of fact, there was a recent all that was done, a pretty big study, i think was 11000 people, bold and 76 countries. 46 percent of the people said they trusted bitcoin more than a local currency. and so that trust is very fragile. it's fine up our people realize, and inflation is here to stay that trust as me last and because there to be the to reap the rewards, right? the crack up, boom. and what happens when you have currency collapse? they saw to why mar germany and this be got of course, the speculative attack against the central banks. a lot of industrialists in germany, they were borrowing money from the central bank, buying assets with it that went up in value in the currency collapse. they became very, very wealthy. here you have a couple of examples. michael. sailor of micro strategies are owing money on the wholesale market at pretty low rates and buying big coin with it. they also have l
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. salvatore's floating volcano bonds. it's actually in dollars, but they're using the proceeds to buy bitcoin. and is this the sign that the era of central banks or their fear money is over? because some very smart people in our country with many more to follow. i figured it out these central like george soros did in 1093. we had broke the bank of england and a speculative attack. yeah, i mean, how do you can't put that knowledge away. now people understand that the central banks have let themselves open to the yeah, well, i would say that we're not only we're seeing it obviously, from the michael sailors in the l. salvatore's, but even people to day are doing it. and so i think we're seeing, shoot, i better go buy a house today because gonna be too expensive in the future. i got a better go buy that new that used car today cuz me too expensive in the future. what they're really saying is my dollars are losing value so fast. i better go spend them kind of like in y m r republic. they had to go get paid multiple times a day because the value of the crunch response you fast. and anybody who is buying bitcoin instead of paying off debt is technically due in
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a speculative attack. right? well, it was a little deeper in that for example, the democrats or the left wing party in america is trying to get the government to print more money to go to m m t monetary theory. yeah, but what's been figured out is that this cheap bonnie can be used to buy assets and buy. he's a cooking your own goose. yeah, you're, it's financial suicide. i don't think the democrats realize that the cat's out of the bag and every dollar they give away, they're creating a $100.00 more bullets against the central bank to the point where they're going to kill the central bank. and the golden goose laid. the post world war 2 american egg . i don't think they get it yet. they are, they certainly don't get it. i mean, they've been trained in this kenzie and viewpoint and they don't understand how that works unfortunately. and you know, per the kids multiplier,
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once we get over 90 percent debt to gdp, the debt doesn't get enough growth to be able to grow away out of this. and so at this point they're just continue to dig the whole deeper and deeper and deeper. and now that we have big coin right now that we have the safety release valve, this, this safety boat as you will, it just is only accelerates this, right? so the more that people move into because out of the currency, the currency collapses and bic when goes up, which makes more people go and it is kind of accelerates that into that cracker room scenario. now i was in el salvador and i saw sampson now on stage, who had president who kelly. he thinks that volcano bonds will enable the country to pay off their debt. approximately 20000000000 in within 10 years or so. i think that's a possibility i do. and i think there's, i think there's massive demand for this because we've already seen sale or do multiple rounds. now we've seen like 6 between mining companies do the same thing. so there's massive appetite for it. i think it's gonna work out really well for all righty. mark matthews from the market disruptor podcast. thanks. bring on cars
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report. yeah, max, always a pleasure. thank you. and i was going to do it for this. this has to report with me mac guys wednesday server like to think, i guess mark mark until next time. i'll give you a new or pre coordinate, which when did you know that she might have better we video that almost show house pretty much be with the with can sure the coordinate a quick way to blue your skin don't ever for the i from on the kind of coin for quite a little less than that, then you should the humans and yet just those could they danielle and i just can't marginally to boise and actually to form the actual damage claim he does. candidly speaking a good morning. you wake him to let one more that a visa that the, you know much doubtful you will. but why would you talk somebody yesterday and
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asked him, you should wasted out those they might last a long time with ah, many was full. the delta would be the sort of p i did, i could, well, you're not going to get a shoulder any more transmissible than delta and not what's happened. you got something which is popped up with more than 30 changes in that spike protein that we're all interested in. it's accumulated, all the mutations we've seen in different varies all in one bar. and that raises some very interesting issues about where did he come from in the 1st place. is it possible to get even more mute and what's going to happen in terms of disease severity? and maxine protection is suggesting that know the virus is still got some way to go
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with proximal surprises. ah, how long can this go on to day is international human rights day? what a shame, how cynical a dark day for journalism, a san supporters latch out to the london high court ruling to allow the possible expedition of julianna's songs to america. that has to be yet another harry to decide his fate. this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of law. this is an absolute travis deal, any legal process, a risk of large scale conflict, moscow slams the west over fuel intention enough to ukraine dangerously approaches rushes maritime border with crimea. we get reaction from residents on the peninsula that this was blatant provocation they wanted to paint. russia is guilty. they
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always blame russia for everything. those tony is.


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