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tv   News  RT  December 11, 2021 4:00am-4:31am EST

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ah ah, for how long can this go on to day is international human rights day? what a shame! how cynical a dark day for journalism, a song supporters, law shouts at the london high court ruling to allow the possible extradition of julian a sound to america. now has to be yet another hearing to decide his fate. we call on russia to return to diplomacy and to the escalate. the west pia does russia to deescalate the ukrainian crisis, while sending $60000000000.00 worth of military a to care fund reportedly considering to donate the mob. and the american billionaire is forced to return $70000000.00 worth of antiquities that had been hoarding for decades with his anger after it's agreed,
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his cooperation means he won't face criminal charges ah, on those just to a mid day here in moscow house saturday, the 11th of december, good, happy with this this weekend on calling bry, we'll get on to i headline stories in a moment. first though schools work as it currently traps inside an amazon warehouse in the us state of illinois. after its roof collapsed when it was hit by a tornado, a local media, there are reporting that some workers have been transported from that warehouse. and up to a 100 people were inside the building at the time. according to the authorities, there were no reports though of any deaths. we want a neighbouring arkansas or it's believed that one person was killed and 5 seriously injured after that same story damaged to nursing home there at least 20 others were trapped inside that building. the severe weather also claimed 3 lives in tennessee
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. more details appearing all the time. we will update you on that story during the course of the day. a dark day for journalism is howard julian sanchez support has reacted to the british high court ruling that we can expound a can be extradited to united states. washington wanted to appeal against a previous decision blocking a song from being sent to america to face trial on espionage charges. a campaign slammed the latest ruling which was handed down on the un human rights day. we condemned today's u. k. high court decision to allow the expedition of julian so on, so the us, which will prove historic for all the wrong reasons. we fully believe that julian saw and has been targeted for his contributions to journalism. back in october, those a to day, harry, i was the united states try to appeal over numerous grounds, including the fact that it offered an unprecedented package of assurances, as i saw it would not be held under the maximum security the strictest maxim security conditions in prison. over there and that he isn't eyes on well is being,
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he's made out of continue to say that he is indeed active suicide risk. and that all of these assurances are meaningless and vague as they put it. they said that the united states can reverse any decision. not any point. class is also concerned about the trustworthiness of america guarantees to pointing to one of those reports in the, in the c i, a i had talked to kidnap during the saw and put it to kill them. speaking outside the high court here this morning, we've heard from stella morris to partner who's incredibly disappointed and she's saying why and how is this happening for? how long can this go on today is international human rights day? what a shame, how cynical to, how this decision on this day to have one of the foremost the foremost publisher,
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a journalist of the past, 50 years in a u. k. prison, accused of publishing the truth about or crimes about cia killed teams. many people have been supporting her outside many, many protests. is that also all similar questions there who is a glimmer of hope that you know, the british justice system might actually prevail for once. the british judiciary, as assisted on every level the u. s. campaign to get a 10 years 10 years in the streets of london. public opinion in the size of a sound. but obviously the judge's decision is not on the side of public opinion. it's absolutely devastating. so she, this time of year to another christmas without do you know that is children without their dad stay on the fight to free during the trial. so we will prevail,
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eventually many people outside as a high court to say, where is the human rights? in the case of june assange, obviously listed on the foreground of the royal court of justice, that they call it the royal court of injustice. a diplomatic now a, it was being announced a protest even through eggs at the side, directly behind me, which just goes to show the sentiment and feeling here on the streets of london. well, here's how we got to this point in 20. 19 julian songs was forcefully removed by british police from ecuador embassy in london. after the country terminated his 7 year resign. that it so refuge following sexual assault allegations in sweden,
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which were later dropped a british authorities that arrested him on a separate charge of jumping bailed. america wants the wiki, next founder extradited, old claims of conspiring to hat government computers, unpublished classified material. in january, this year of british judge ruled against extradited him over fears about his mental health, but also rejected his bail application claiming he may flee a sharing that reactions with us. an essay whistleblower william benny and raphael korea. the former president of ecuador, whose administration gave a songs political asylum bri ongoing a quarter. what a gift to london court gave to the united states on the human rights day that scream irony on human rights stated the rights of the journalist are blatantly violated and his sin was telling the truth. if assange revealed the secrets of china, russia, or left wing latin american governments such as mine, he would be applauded by the mainstream media 100 in the united states congress and the case parliament. but as he went against the had you money, the united states,
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you was called a criminal. the press is quite looks the other way or even supports described down on their colleagues. it's completely incomprehensible. it could be understood if it was secret information about the location of troops or intelligence facilities, but we're talking about war crimes. this cannot be a state secret. the world has to know about them. there must be transparency. that's what assange did. that's why he's being punished of the world has really turned upside down. and what we see now is blatant hypocrisy. it really both bad for freedom and democracy around the world, publishing data and violation of the espionage that we're now, that's the united states law. it's not a world wide law is not a law in other countries. so there's a real problem with this to, to bring to court ruling on that issue of the, of the espionage ack. suspending 1st amendment rights. they said it was justified in time of war. well, i was when i were not in the war now,
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congress is not declared war. we had no declared war. why are they indicting the a senior editors at least of the, of the guardian in new york times the washington post. all them who have also published this kind of material. why aren't they doing that? that's a violation of our laws. they're not equally applying the law. when was the last time you had a verifiable truth from the united states government that they put out to the public? when, when can you just divide from through other sources and means and methods? the validity of what they've been telling you can't, they've lied, they lie to congress directly. they get caught lying and they just ignore it. nobody does anything. i mean, they're exempt from the laws that they pass. that, that's why we have here in the united states, 2 sets of laws, one for those of the people and the rest. and those in power have a different set of laws. a washington may be offering diplomatic assurances over saunters potential incarceration, but classified documents have laid bare how the u. s. appears to have broken those
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promises in another extradition case. david mendoza says he and he agreed to be expedited by madrid to the us on the condition he be allowed to serve any potential sentence in spain. he says, even sign a document with the american and spanish governments assuring him as such. but as the u. s. held him in jail for almost 7 years before eventually returning him. and that was only after he took legal action against america. journalist, which of med has revealed the case papers and told us more you know, they've told a song that he can serve at any potential sentence in his home country, australia. they said the exact same thing to mendoza. they told him just just let him come to the us and he can serve any sentence given back in spain. in mendoza's case, the united states signed a contract, an explicit contract with mendoza, and with spain saying that he must be returned to spain. he cannot be given a life sentence, he kind of tried for conscience structuring. they violated this, the u. s. kept him for 6 years and 9 months. the only reason mendoza was allowed to go back to spain is because he sued spain twice in the spanish supreme court. and
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he won and spain threatened to cut off the extradition treaty with the us. that is when the u. s. felt pressure, they wanted to keep extra dining people from spain. and so it's only because this was imperiled and in danger of being cancelled that they then sent him back to mendoza, which was extradited for drug trafficking and money laundering. and he told me, if they did that to him, if the united states did that to mendoza, what are they going to do to julian thought. this is a common practice. the united states violates its assurances. it's diplomatic agreements, whether it's iran, nuclear deal, whether it's, you know, a prison transfer assurances for a saundra window that they're going to violate the mark my words. this is going to happen. mendoza is certain of this, and i interviewed him for this and he's seen dozens of people from spain, from columbia, from mexico, from all over the world, who've been given assurances. and once it gets to the us, it's violated these documents that i published. they weren't seen by the court yet . they weren't submitted in court. and i'm convinced that if the judge had seen them, if the judge's study these documents, they could not let the extraction go ahead because they've accepted that
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a song just suicidal. they've accepted the judge, apply the test correctly, that he would be even more suicidal. he would, he would drive an extradition to deal with, drive him to take what they except it all this. so the only reason they allow the appeal to go ahead today was that the judge should have allowed us to give assurances before and that they trust the us assurances, well, i'm very sorry, but these classified documents say otherwise. let's knock out on notice that the expedition ruling came, not only on the human rights day, but also on the same day. the u. s. wrapped up its multinational summit for democracy, of which president biden pushed for people to be able to breathe freely during criticism and the process for doing the exact opposite towards the wiki leaks founder. and as we close out the 1st gathering, let's let, let us together reaffirm our determination. the future will belong to those who embrace human dignity. not those who trample one wish to potential. other people aren't those who stifle and who gives people the ability to breathe free,
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not those who seek the suffocate there. people with an iron hair. this shameful verdict, in the political case, against a journalistic and public figure is another manifestation of the cannibalistic world view of the anglo saxon tandem. the west marks international human rights day and the end of the summit for democracy with dignity. this news is devastating. the persecution of julian assange as a disgrace. meanwhile, biden is holding his cynical democracy summit and the hypocrisy and the cruelty of all the years is busy promoting democracy in other countries. its own seems to be a risk. a stock on base to think tanks, annual review of democracies around the world has for the 1st time put the u. s. and the backsliding category, san freedom campaign, or john re says that supporting democracy in other countries doesn't mean it's doing the same at home. i think it's remarkable that especially on human rights day that the judges in this case should have found that it would be safe to extradite julian assigned to the country where it security service lead cia has
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previously been threatening to kidnap all kill him. the problem with many modern states, they're all for a democracy and freedom of speech and a free press in other people's countries, but not necessarily in their own. and until we get past that hypocrisy and understand. but freedom of the press is a universal human right. because it's part of freedom of speech, we will be making very much progress. tensions over ukraine are running high with russia, slamming the west for fueling escalation the hand voicing concern at nato's action said the region. moscow says they could lead to a large scale conflict. a cause has been set to draw ukraine into nato. such irresponsible behavior is an unacceptable threat to our security provoking serious risks for all parties involved up to a large scale conflict in europe. of separately, they give her fail on thursday that 30 javelin anti tank miss. our systems were
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delivered to you crate in october. as part of a $60000000.00 military aid package with another $200000000.00 donation, still an option on washington's table. all the while brushes being urged to respect borders by both nato and the you military build up in and around ukraine. this races tensions and undermined security in europe. we call on russia to return to diplomacy and to the escalate the about. and we expect russia to deescalate and refrain from any aggression towards his neighbors and respect the rights of sovereign states. that comes after a ukrainian navy ship named dumbass approached russian waters without authorization . on thursday, a move, the russia regarded as a threat to the navigational safety of other vessels in the area. you cried denied all allegations and insisted that the ship was just an unarmed search and rescue vessel that never entered restricted waters or posed any threat. the vessel did eventually change course and sail away from crimea coach straight. they give you
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some broader perspective here. the eastern ukraine region of dumbass has been making the headlines since 2014, when war broke out there, the unrest has become a seat of discord between care for moscow. ever since our senior correspondent, i guess they have discussed events of the region with andrew pharma. as some background to all of this. i mean this latest incident does come against the backdrop of a rapid escalation has no intentions in recent weeks between ukraine m. russia. well, an escalation, both rhetorically, we would, we have seen this hysteria reach fever pitch about the situation over ukraine. a bad potential plans to invade us. some countries say, but the situation on the ground in ukraine is perhaps worse to war because that is where people are dying. people are dying. people are suffering. people are going through through hell and have been going through hell for many years that we have. we have seen the united states,
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specifically pumping weapons into ukraine for the ukrainian military, and these are weapons b, b, b, they a javelin miss are supplied by the united states or by dr. drones supplied by turkey. these are weapons that are flowing into you creed and immediately going to the conflicts of where the civil war is being fought in the east of ukraine. there are more than 2000000 civilians are trapped in the conflicts own in east and ukraine. and they're just having to break it out, people going to sending their kids to school. they will have to worry about a tang shallow mortar round landing there on the grounds of the school. vladimir putin is like and what is happening to a walker. sorta see, i should say the risk for me as the 1st step towards genocide. what's going on and on bass now very much resembles genocide. we see it and we know about it. the western narrative on this is potential russian aggression, amassing its shapes within its own borders on the edge we with ukraine, but very little said about ukraine's actions in recent weeks. or we hear about is
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these potential plans emanating from the she, i of the white house, the british government. these plans that no one previously knew about that russia was planning to invade. a huge area of ukraine was unclear how they would be able to achieve this with, with, even if we believe the caea and others with, with such a small force. but let's look at what is happening again on the ground. you have the o. s. c, that reporting on sees fire violation, so their work is constant and round the clock. ukrainian artillery and forces destroyed or damaged 5 times more civilian infrastructure at schools that workplaces people's homes. 5 times more infrastructure was destroyed and damaged by ukrainian forces. the vice versa, you also have the situation in which ukraine still still 6 years on,
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refuses to negotiate with the breakaway republics. aside from that, there are also all manner of promises and assurances that ukraine keeps on hearing from, from britain, from the united states that they've got their back, that thou help them, that they'll keep the russians away. and what i, what that does is it emboldens you credit. and unfortunately, the situation is such that aside from very one sided coverage, you have a situation in which piece simply isn't desirable. a journalist and author thomas fast pender explained to us that there's a real risk of a full scale european more there is. so something that has not been here for decades. that is the perspective, the real perspective or for a major european war. so he and now the key for a potential war in europe lies now 100 percent with the key of government. if key, if decides to provoke a russian invasion and that there will be
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a russian invasion as soon as key of starts a major offensive against the break of a republics, in that case, automatically. busy the blank check will be full of western support for the ukrainian side. so the western narrative says that whatever crimea, or whatever a key if does to reclaim or even reconquer the breakaway republics, or even crimea, would be executing their sovereign rights on their sovereign territory. and we should hope that both the washington and moscow and of course, all to wall. so paris and berlin understand that there is a real risk of a european war here. here with us here the we can good to have you were the south on the way bad news for american shoppers as prices surged to a near 40 year high. will tell you all about that among all stories after the break . ah
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ah ah, is your media a reflection of reality ah, in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation or community? ah, you going way or are you being led to some well, direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us and the death will remain in the shallows.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking the guess when the world politics sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. oh, other headline story next then, and an american billionaire has been forced to surrender antiquities that he'd been hoarding for decades. the case of hedge fund, pioneer and philanthropist michael stein, houses shocked archaeologists and historians. the world over his collection of plundered art is estimated to be worth about $70000000.00. well, let's have a look at some of those precious items that many of which were looted and a legally smuggled one is the stags had righten crafted in the 5th century b t to day. it's valued at a $3500000.00. another rare masterpiece was the land axe, the small chest for human remains us girl itself
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a $1000000.00 pound price tag hanging off it. and also among the ancient artifacts a set of death mask stating back to 7000 b. c. happy looking chap is an 8th. now the thing that the rub for his critic steinhoff gave up the treasures as part of a deal, which means that he's not going to face any criminal charges. and the geographical origins of these limited antiquities stretch across 11 countries, among them, italy, greece and israel, all robbed of part of their cultural heritage. i experts say that the damage that he's inflicted is immeasurable. jim's damage has been done to the countries of origin. so if you're looking to call sites, the main damage is cultural in the sense that we are losing the history of his objects. our common sort of past. and this is the, the biggest crime that it is being performed by looting on the global level. the loss of history, the loss of information, and apart from paying trophy cabinets. the hardship for michael stein house is
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a lifetime ban on acquiring any other relics in the future. and the public outrage at that with the overwhelming majority of respondents to uphold, insisting on greater punishment for the 1000000000 the justice system in the us was constructed primarily for 2 reasons. punish the poor, protect the wealthy. no jail for the rich and powerful. this country has been sold to the highest bidders. our country's legal system as a joke, stolen 70000000 in art, and no jail time. i remember again louisiana getting 40 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread because he was starving. there is no justice if you're rich. i'm sure that all the world beats answers to pick up the case. again, my preference would have been to be breasts are, do some carving, could possibly earn a conviction as well. i'm not very happy or above. the final result, it is demonstrated very clearly that michael stein card knew that there were
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serious problems with the provenance the collect, the history that these of the objects she was acquiring water at least should have had very, very strong indications about her, the possibility of being looted, there's always a talking, a painful price is america's in the grip of surging inflation levels not seen since the 1980s with prices sitting across many sectors for 6 months in a row in november, price is for you as consumers jumped in 87 percent compared with just $1.00, the previous year, triggered by the corona virus pandemic inflation sid. everything from food and energy to house rentals and cars. but the u. s. federal reserve is still hesitant to take serious action to curb the spike, like raising interest rates. economists, peter earl, told us that higher inflation drives people to take on debt. there's a view that low level inflation is, is good for the economy. i'm not sure i subscribe to that,
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but certainly the kind of inflation we're seeing now is a very pernicious that makes life it down. as many aspects of the economy may wage in the pandemic, or rather the central banking response of the band. and it is the main factor that's great in the place right now. last year, the federal reserve increase the years wanted to supply by between 30 and 40 percent. and the root cause inflation is lots of money chasing the same are fewer goods and services. so that's the main one that is going to try to lift interest rates to tap down this in place, but they can't do they stop to open market bond purchase as nate said they won't stop back until april or may of next year. so it's gonna be a while this employees may get a bit higher before they're able to do that. it will really benefit from high inflation, systematically r, r, r r creditors. because you take debt and inflation rises, you wind up paying off that debt in cheaper, which is a mess, less valuable currency, whether it's dollars or pounds or whatever. so in a sense, we should hires a inflation rather promotes a higher levels of debt, which is also bad thing. langler,
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the president biden's handling of the economy isn't bad. he's for everyone. a butting entrepreneur, the state of massachusetts, is tending dislike into dollars, and there was a shop setting, some unique anti biking merchandise. and a says his customers feel deeply unhappy with what's going on in the country. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm mm mm mm. mm mm. mm mm. mm mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. yeah, i bought this hat. i thought this is really cool that i got some other things in the office making a good quality affordable. it still granted black my, their dollar a month
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with a with a i think it's fantastic. i'm from out of town and i am with absolutely job. i'm glad that people and defend the right people most surprises for them. i know that people have always had different views,
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but this is not about the division. this is about unhappiness with our president in what's going on in our country. there are some liberals that are definitely on board unhappiness that they have with our leader right now. our president is not doing what he said he was going to do and what the people want. and there's a lot of different major topics that are issues with our president. people were chanting in the stands and colleges. busy high schools, it seems to be, it seemed to be catching on really well in our customers because we had some knowing on the trump stores our customers were asking for it. so we started carrying it and it went over. it was taking up 80 percent of our sales. so i said, let's just do a theme store. just let's go brandon story and that's how we started. and those are just some of the stories we're across here at our tea this weekend. if you check us out online, we've got a wealth of other stories and shows for you all t dot com and all you tube channels where to go. i'm calling brian,
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have your next update here in just over half an hour. see you then? ah ah ah oh oh oh oh a ah oh
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