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or is it a game plan with a a . 6 6 building right? or medicaid?
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here i'm washing, we'll put out another car house. i'm with our boy get a life we should he wouldn't of that nature gave you just appreciation. arctic or getting into more or pretty. coordinate it with all michelle kraus. and when you need money to really put it on a car, so i got to watch whereas yeah, what i'm fairly amos unbalanced minded. i'm content. nobody's on story. got on new years in with a key or i was or physical wires with he has to prescribe this for my guess wasn't period you gotcha. so bachelor wood floors and well, i don't know, don't eat appear on my i'm with a book or machine. you're not bull, don't you? but show on book and it was a whole dollar and we sitting there when you quickly because it becomes numberless . didn't a unusual where you could, could you could, could house with the whole is better with no one there
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or j a. why new york? the house, a guy flow over w with her, she will need you to with not sure if even in the future we know that there were sitting there. you could, i saw your thought, i saw your voice, brush excited data lease goes to some hogs, one to one you want to we are pretty whole not somebody to do that. and then go to play a video when you have to chip steps to build the digits 9. the order of shows to watch was too much sheridan, but on the whole year the yellow green k a, b, e c, a book on monday. you but i do, i'm not a small. if you cannot eat, that's what you wish them. yeah. and you,
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brian. and yet issue i see to them a lot to me and then e t t i could for children. there's a need to learn about allergic one chalicia, near commercial practice. obviously it is all no credit. i mean, if they're used to figure out on it when you hear the machine, because i don't wanna read, don't western advisor may see marsh or even like, you know, my mom was mighty sent that inside of the class. no, no, no. i to media panel in william bra citizenship app. would you go to carson engine? you might have easier if you've already started. so because we need to cut him different again. yeah, yeah. so boy, me, my should be mad at the woke up with my e papa. a
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good deal more. we more from jewish nation. when was missionaries they had warm checkbook, registering your program to you and you want to go to dog, right? yes. moment, don't, right. what the small so should i yeah. chip among all of them. yeah. so all the way up to my gosh, and you don't have to be to me to buy more critical diaper my grand previous yes. volume medicine, national stores. do you say listening much to me do it because they're just doing a bullet from a said you're here. so my said then to know you tube with us. so for be she did not see if when you, my gosh, the dean will more focus, contain t. good question. what did you do to disease to proceed your come on a geniune last name itemize unit for will court by the watch reader message the up on top of america, even given by court,
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the good is just too much material for the reader. history channel would discuss in almost quite dorsal afterward show more traditional. it's just an interesting madonna. you've just thought a be dual credit or a new needle. i need to be jelly. i'm like, i was on the extent of it on the bus monitor with a use of us aneesha. do you remember that 3rd christabel isn't always chest about them into a week's life. my old you thought it yet. see somebody, beth? as blue a come with
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pushing it. i was gonna blow get another clements's throw up. she put a fucking. but you might have a chimp with those little impenetrable sydney and linda, i'm after the deal more with did the to look for it with like denise good with article i was told to master show me the on a and the mitt romney made my sure great denija, georgia and abortion star, and i was like, why does it call yet? according to the bad teacher, iranian voice, she had a question. did you again yet? implants ever, i'm sure you're most of the course on what was what he did. process i had ancient blanket stadium to chose the boosting. yoga salad williams. li, nice sailing up in my to me, but the most and i to many people reach can. yeah. gushing stovall if you sell us tonight in the skin of somebody v. e, with dividers of dc at the blue people casualty is not a big deal. now,
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misguided him at the abuse. we'll go. so we have, you talked to somebody in february so that you share with us and that has got as much looking at to sort of start up with you as me and get them on a couple of years. i go somewhere video or let's check it at the bull strike a solution. the main wants to solution partials, cuz i was able to g mustang, this migration bucket of formula. docile horse that you'll call probably emily. so done. come on the missionary alizay, los boys with me. always crazy orchard office does i spend most of them. but i was somewhat interesting. yeah, guys, mainly i thought you were premised
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a defeat . i'm a school with to was always glossy, was honest with me because i don't. but i think still to those toys, multiclass, nipple, quite yet, before i begin with ashley's or nikia, mac. yes. on the list of the, of the company. and so it, you know, those, those the fortune longer. no, yeah. you want me to clean deal with them. we seem, i'm today. but as daniel deeded daughter for slaves and lashley, but be sure maia, but if you ask mom bikes, bmw, dealer, can you most need me to put at your school? makia at the vice president of the mac. yes, no. alcohol or whatever, but they didn't sit down, watch the mediator slap course in groups can eat and the chill out could. i knew that i would use more get should be what you blood sugar, florida because the guy on the premier was that the platinum clean up was after
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that got up with the good to you yet distortion that i us in the to out there some of the day as a jolla saw it. listen, i said to mike, yes, jim boyd is so much, etc. yeah. you can. yeah. but she and you could actually get those to which place you and why did that the halls yet a genius more. it also with still look at i, so it was still a focus bump on it. if i feel like we're the we absolutely badge the what that idea when that shape would you we have will say to just listen lots of things coming in love. you put, what did they go, but after the what the mother will block in the young children will hodge with it and as applied. and you come back to coming up with what i usually about in the classroom. you 4th column, you get to have shipped a with a push,
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then you go new is the like a new, the new yet of changing your eyes. mark a. uh huh. me now is that i just wanted a piece to you. i'm sitting is not they don't month me bad them month to boy and like i love the loaning you guys because india with you or the house. i mean yeah. all but as a
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year to house for the one is what marcia? yeah, guys should, beyond i live with switch off, catch out, talk with specialists. you're just a switch it with your for how much agree with
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sure to coordinate a portable your skill, but valley should we should get you all you have to really manage it. could you send that is the same doctor to figure out a new climate or so that i should use new my you might have thought you might know what she meant. logo on the phone with on punishment near tiptoe. would you do it in your with show, with a surgery of that event, you don't have a class, a mom, a lot with exclusionary dvd molecules investigator via the more you'd see like what would the person give shoulder by
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those if i use it on a ah, look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to great trust, rather than fear a very job with artificial intelligence. real. somebody with
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a robot must protect its own existence with ah ah, with ah, ah ah ah, ah, ah! awe
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back breaking, toil forced labor stress industrial injury. corporal punishment. mm. oh no word with which we're all familiar. are you certain that the world you live in abolished slavery long ago?
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ah, yes. okay. so i talked to a white man my. oh yes, nice clear. yes, he's on the scaling of i was a mom a daughter. do what she was tedious with them that she was a brochure. i would, i for a christmas stock, e a l, a c my, i'm gonna be going and pick one more time to get the new service because of the other issues or concerns my glass and the anthem gamble our have a good, i mean, things efficient. bishop my belongings don't clash a good a yellow marshall recoiled patrol when yes, a jealous the gamble is gone. if the choir event, the jigging,
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and i good if you have learned he doesn't go to a in a but i see it. but in the language what you see up with and so i can show you, i'm pretty sure it's the same. last name is oh goodness, danty it is with a lawyer. you enjoy it. you know i can go on enjoy it. but i think i know that, okay, yes. glass, but on russia, yes. is that i've been that and i thought you sell them on guys with somebody initially, a micro monica, even on screening at you, cookie di tico, and flippity them along with me here. what i'm, what it is to move them from duty to here to shut my seattle here. i bought the new rid of the writing to receive that. don't me. it's a team yet. show the blue get of the blue. when you bring in your me to right. yeah, glen the even a producer consent to him. my team, you see a blanket of zeros is the sean joyce,
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the war storm with flow to scope. if you petition to keep the prince who doesn't continue rush the want to watch, the question might, might have been the most of us. okay. now with my 6 life ah, emotional corporate. yes. if the what it was all, nobody did the daughter on a board just to talk much of talk at the end, any action or the 2nd more little boy region to to form this, it will go to the back of your school board. glassman know your community better if we can use with dr. young cook with which to not so good liberty voided the keystroke rival. oh. 7 0 oh. 2
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with a reasonable and with these terms to one of the pros, yonkers quit, but i'm so slow. i'm not sure if you guys you guys and shows them on a home. but also on the longer you, when you are a little bit more people to ask me on a chemical clip with normally at a excellent a portal to coordinate on what's happening with your team would play a part shuts with a bull mushroom. get them on
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a board with initial nibble at the bus. so she can start to start the instagram e. i see with a, a, [000:00:00;00] with a, with
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ah, with, i'm always here that she is in good. the more stuff with mr with both get on to. so i know what for you, i think i know which there's no, it isn't the enter your for do more of it. sure. no problem with terms and all of them all can help me out of the me up a car. so i show your a 4th floor. is this your thumbs up with it? is a charge course test plan. yeah. check another condition. our look at up to 5 years from now both i'm with you. what should be to stay with that? i'm glad you neglect going to be there. ask if the guy sure will it, unless just as a dish or 3 step,
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i'm a guy i would sure center which was the question or it could what i do with her and you so much in the work group is deal with that is just sorta done with blood as it in your records, the you with for my tick tock, instagram, leave with him to christian radio. fortune shy, step your where you can watch the today, which is missile will be in the hope chest. what starts to eat? something you pretty much with the damage of special adviser. you know, when you was now i'm using yeah, i got a quote with my cookie, the darcy,
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vice versa. the suburbans bubble guys with the new system. well, what are, what are we actually pretty good? only young go somewhat choice nickname usa. no boy, in your city. we asked our with over the phone or to see if i was here thought which with them thought grinding down was now you. yeah, we are the judge in crime. it on little craft with a much that with you the story with you, i've seen tree. it was good eyes, no bush to work on campus like wooster style, a warrior shide each posley at the one which was too much school knowing that he did always contact the t. m. figure out a soviet is, wasn't, there was no use you and you're still in tears murphy and the atlantic law
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posted the oak style estate damage all this done. what was it all slew a bowsky badger which morticia always truly supposed morgan. oh yeah. was not for your proposal to listen. i told her that it was 6. talk down yes. for when evening to me for dinner, which will go it was for which i shall see you at the house. no quicker. my m f just show up. right. if you need was rather than me and the custom of others, they are for the order for me. will you j e. what patricia ford, you registered his eve, william to carson. look with look one is go for. so for the 1st question,
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i should say easy enough with this cooking, may i go to the store? yes. especially if you room were still good ice cream coming at the bottom. i mean, the jim? yeah. bush with m i r e a. the one of the kid a bishop says that she had a question, seems to be later a, a boy true. did you know just to kind of some of the old school with black or did the program in here with a she has lice with asa credential to an a coefficient predict. yeah.
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with getting blood we all core this out, slid them was jack and birth. yes. i was a producer, shas bo, charity affinity gala. a good as opposed to showing to discontinue the she other one is a question regarding the medical quote, the producer and everything. i know i used to go to the collision guy. oh yeah. most of it was through snowboard, 31, and again with a bar with no violet that it will fill in. yes, the little abusive and she, we're gibberish. one of them were store of yours to get the house into the keep the bug out to you down bar when the, when you bought the ocean all the way into stairs to the store, you didn't say got it. oh yeah. with a lawyer i knew that i was, shall never come, you know, that i had some way cx,
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me that i would see when was okay, the ocean floors in the facilities on that it seems to be a fairly fish marketing joke model called a couple of bars to start with my coach, it's even where she was, but almost 8000 on the account. when there's anything things that the mongers near pucker transferred to some shortcut, those you adopt him going to noise in the left, the premium on the more if tick book even the guy wouldn't laser leave his. yeah. one more that as visa that the you know much doubtful you will like someone middle will deleon optional account you back to me on my piece of dark it? not sure about the would have lost them. so our commissioner, me don't of sort of should be, should go, maybe she get us with me to some lawyer, alaska, where the cabal edge that are going with janelle,
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and when will it be nice is lane, but be sure i'm real and i'm on the see 1000 with my but be should come with bush isaac, applicable license. now it was ania, but yeah, just got to know what to show that the yeah. with us they had to wait a moment. and then some of the mustang in the ball doors that i shot you boom. which opposed to proportion to like true? yeah. nick belushi, we're showing much because you can go out on the east to want it to work with
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for many of the school, the delta would be the sort of p i did. i could well, you're not going to get a car. surely. any more transmissible delta, and what type of you got something which has popped up with more than 30 changes in that spike protein that we're all interested it's accumulated. all the mutations we've seen in different varies all in one bar. and that raises some very interesting issues about where did it come from in the 1st place. is it possible to get even more me what's going to happen in terms of disease severity and vaccine protection? so it is suggesting that know the virus is still got some way to go from the mall. surprises to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic. development only personally,
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i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk ah, in the stories that shaped the weak intention spiral over ukrainian ship, that approach russian waters without authorization, something moscow slammed as a provocative and threatening action. plus described as a dog day for journalism julian, a song supporters lash out at the london high court ruling to allow his possible expedition to the united states. and yet another hearing is now needed to decide his fate. this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of that more. this is absolutely travesty of any legal process. devastating tornadoes tear through parts of the united states with depths in kentucky, alone feared to be more than 70 and a child loves during august,
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chaotic us withdrawal in afghanistan may have been found out. he speaks to the


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