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in, ah ah, in the stories that shaped the weak intention spiral over ukrainian ship that approach russian waters without authorization, something moscow slammed as a provocative and threatening action. plus described as a dog day for journalism julian, a song supporters lash out of the london high court ruling to allow his possible expedition to the united states. yet another hearing is now needed to decide his fate. this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of that more. this is absolutely travesty of any legal process. devastating tornadoes tear through parts of the united states with deaths in kentucky, alone feared to be more than 70 and a child loves during august, chaotic us withdrawal in afghanistan may have been found out. he speaks to the family that took the boy in and joined in the search for his real parents. when
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suddenly i saw this baby on the ground crying in pain, was to haunt the baby, was just wearing a shirt. so it was difficult for me to leave him there. ah . then sundown r t, that means we're going to take you through some of the biggest stores we've covered here over the past 7 days and get you up to speed on the weekends developments to welcome to the program 1st. then attentions over ukraine ran high this week with russia slamming the west for fueling, the escalation and voting concern and nato's actions in the region. moscow says they could potentially lead to a large scale conflict of the escalation occurred after a ukrainian navy ship approached russian borders without authorization. on thursday evening, a move to russia regarded as a threat to the navigational safety of other vessels in the area. ukraine denied all allegations and insisted the ship was an unarmed centered rescue vessel that never entered restricted waters or posed any threat. the vessel did eventually
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change course or ukraine was the main topic of discussion between the d more potent and joe biden. on tuesday, the u. s president pointed out what he called the threatening nature of russian troop movements near the ukrainian border and said severe sanctions were being drawn up. moscow though, insists that it can move its troops, whatever it wants on its own territory, or saying that its nato, which is making dangerous moves kremlin spokesperson talk to archie about how the military alliance is action to being regarded him. roger is 3 to 92 acres, which the rhetoric coming from the u. s. and e u leaders sounds pretty aggressive. we see plenty of fake news about russia, allegedly planning and aggressive invasion. at the same time, no one talks to key of non warns key of against even thinking of a military intervention in the done yet elegance, conflict mechanisms toneta shown to most. now we see that nato is taking an extremely aggressive position burst. they all say they don't accept any red lines. second, they say that nato will do whatever it wants. 3rd, it will do it on whatever territory it wants forth. all of this is aimed to deter
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russia. we do not like that. we will do everything to ensure our own interests. now, while ukraine of the west caves russia of arming the self proclaimed republics in eastern ukraine, the u. s. is openly sending arms to care of washington revealed on 1st day that 30 javelin anti tac miss. our systems were delivered to ukraine in october as part of a $60000000.00 military aid package. and a further $200000000.00 could be on the table, as well as one of russia's long and unchanging calls is that nato doesn't expand its presence further east, closer to russia's borders. joe biden, though, doesn't seem to think that applies to him. yes, of course, the diplomacy is out and red lines of that to be crossed when the big bad wolf is planning a land grab ring a bell. a similar warning came in the spring when russian troops gathered for snap
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training exercises. and again, when military drills were conducted in crimea, and only recently moscow was supposedly the mastermind of a qu, in key of remember the currency of no mean either because it didn't happen. in fact, none of the predictions came true, but this time apparently it's different. this time, it's the real deal, and to feed the fair, they're even drawing up the criminal battle plans the new year offensive. and for the umpteenth time this year, russia is forced to defend the presence of its own troops on its own land. russia is not a threat to any country. the deployment of russian troops on the national territory is our sovereign roy and no one's business. it is nato on its members states a recklessly moving their military forces and infrastructure to the russian borders . so what is washes red line, us spy, pained jetting towards rushes, borders. passenger jets with hundreds of civilians on board, diverted because
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a nato re complain was to close and wouldn't respond to ground control. the actions by the u. s. air force created a threat to civilization and the fact that the catastrophe was averted over the backseat doesn't mean that the u. s. and nato can go on the risk in people's lives with impunity. the latest american war ship sailing into waters bordering russia. what the shows was nature, you know, a us warship has now entered the block, see what we can see it through binoculars or the crosshairs of a defense system system. a better one or multiple missile systems just across the it was a bit more to look at where nato's military infrastructure is located, just a short distance from our borders. in romania, poland bush, lansing, we saw defense systems have already been deployed and they can easily be converted into offensive missile systems that targets us. it only takes a matter of minutes to change the software. now instinct tells me that if a russian destroy was spotted steaming into new york harbor, it would be
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a flaming red line for washington. but believe it or not, for us all, this is a pink line at best. the real issue is nato, or rather nato's expansion. and expanded it has from this humble state in 1990 to this empire in 2020. now back in the day, russia was promised, nato would grow not one inch eastward of berlin. wel, that's berlin. so no, it's not an inch. it's over a 1000 kilometers. and now it's knocking at rushes door. ukraine joining nato and we've been talking about it for a long time. is a red line for us. the continual drawing of keys into the military or bit of the alliance, the de facto start of natives, assimilation of the military infrastructure of this country. and the desire to turn it into a foothold for confrontation with russia could all cause severe negative consequences and destabilize the military and political situation in europe. but lucky for nato,
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it's got a gas out of jail free card, because in politics, well, promises are made to be broken. where is that? where is that written down? where is that from? was written down. and under the melinda friend among the rich girl that you think, well, what you want us to do it. in the meantime, the us on phased by its terrible track record of predicting russian behavior is covering its bases and drawing up some economic sanctions. you know, just in case all speaking of sanctions, washington's already threatened moscow with some extreme measures and globally the penalties are a central tool for u. s. foreign policy. washington just from china up the wrong way by imposing a diplomatic boy caught on the upcoming winter olympics. it also just imposed sanctions on 14 officials and 4 entities in iran and syria over alleged rights abuses. we discussed the role and impact of americans, punitive policies with a panel of guests who agreed on that destructive nature essentially got you've got
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to view and walk into the u. s. american exceptionalism and, and supremacy. and they are basically, they're there, they're doing whatever they can. do, you know where we're married? it's a very arrogant policy. they use the sanctions. and if it really is a means to destabilize other countries, sovereign nations and create that can make hardships early. why do you think america is threatening to sanction russia for something that a has not happened and b will not happen according to the kremlin? i think in one way the political move on, on that side. the other part is that we need it. we need a bogeyman and i think partially, there were lose our influence. it's kind of like a rabid dog. you know, you start to lash out in different ways, trying to protect yourself. and with the only one policy we have of the sentence is
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this kind of destructive approach to international relations. but it's, it's just so silly because ultimately is throwing off the brunt he was sitting on. how do you think that the continental united states is going to survive? if it makes a devastated mess of the rest of the world? do you think any western power seriously believes russia as a by to invade ukraine? you know, it's hard to understand the logic. what could moscow stand to gain from, from starting a war? well, i think that the western governments do well know that this is rather a blame game. they make of the public belief that russia is a real threat to the ukraine at the moment. russia is really in defense because they have to fear that a ukraine will become a part of the nato alliance. and this is, of course, a major threat to the geopolitical setting of russia. cutting russia off. busy from
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swift would be the most extreme of measures deployed yet. it happened to iran devastated the economy there. is there any chance of washington pursuing what's being called a nuclear option based on their questionable diplomats that they potentially good. i would think be very unwise move. very little impact, i think internally, externally it would, it would kind of back fire. i would think europeans would be very strongly lobbying against such an action. and if you're going to set off to do something like that, presumably not the goal. but let's just like opening a black hole under the international banking system, we're seeing what's happening and showing with a grunt warbling in the property market, possibly going down. the drain. uncle says that happens. that's going to pull down the western banking system potentially a dark day for journalism. this how julian assigned to supporters reacted to the british high court ruling on friday. the wiki
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leaks found a can be extradited to the us. washington wanted to pale against the previous decision blocking a song from being sent to america to face trial on espionage charges. a campaign is slammed the latest ruling which was handed down on the you ends in human rights de we condemn today's u. k. high court decision to allow the expedition of julian so on, so the us, which will prove historic for all the wrong reasons. we fully believe that julian, a saw and just been targeted for his contributions to journalism. back in october, those a to day, harry, i was the united states try to appeal over numerous grounds, including the fact that it offered an unprecedented package of assurances, as i saw it would not be held under the maximum security the strictest maxim security conditions in prison. over there and that he isn't eyes on well is being he's made out. well, julia sanchez have continued to say that he is indeed after suicide risk. and that all of these assurances are meaningless and vague as they put it. they said that
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the united states can reverse any decision, not any point. class is also concerned about the trustworthiness of america's guarantees to pointing to one of those reports in the year that the cia had prompted to kidnap during the saw, and prompted to kill him speaking outside the high court. here this morning, we've heard from stella morris to partner who's incredibly disappointed and she is saying why and how is this happening for? how long can this go on today is international human rights day. what a shame, how cynical to, how this decision on this day to have one of the foremost the foremost publisher journalist of the past, 50 years in a u. k. prison, accused of publishing the truth about or crimes about cia killed teams.
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many people perhaps have been supporting her outside here many, many protesters, but also are similar questions. so who is a glimmer of hope that you know, the british justice system might actually prevail for once? the british judiciary, as assistive on every level, the u. s. campaign to get a 10 years 10 years in the streets of london. public opinion in the side of a sound. but obviously the judge's decision is not on the side of public opinion. it's absolutely devastating. so she, this time of year to another christmas without doing that is children without their dad stay on the fight to free judy. massage the troy, so we will prevail. eventually, many people outside the high court say, where is the human rights? in the case of june, assange obviously listed on the foreground of the royal court of justice,
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but they call at the royal court of injustice. a it was being announced a protest even through eggs at the side, directly behind me, which just goes to show the sentiment and feeling here on the streets of london or his how he got to this point in 2019 julian songs was falsely li, removed by british police from ecuador embassy in london, after the country terminated his 7 year asylum that he'd saw refuge after sexual assault allegations in sweden, which were later dropped. of the british authorities arrested him on a separate charge of jumping bail. america wants the wiki leaks founder extradited on claims of conspiring to hack government computers and publishing classified
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material. meanwhile, the sand, his fiance claims he suffered a stroke during a hearing in october. wikileaks, editor in chief, kristin robinson talked to his following fridays ruling. was actually in believable and so i run a good this decision should be handed on the united nations human rights. the united states had all opportunity in the madison court to make those so called assurances it did not. it simply press them forward after they lost in the menus court. in general, the united states had given assurances that the, they would to treat the julian fairly and he would get that treatment and be housed in an adequate to jail. and could even server the sentence if he gets one in australia. all of these so called assurance and have been investigated by human rights organizations such as amnesty international and found that the, those are the worth,
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the paper they're written on. they are simply not reliable. we are dealing here with a nation where individuals on the top level in the junior, the top level of the cia and in the white house contemplated, kidnapping were killing julian assaults. this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of the law. this is an absolute travesty of any legal process. this is a political case, and the julian arrest us, we have said many, many years is a political persecution. know what are some of the weekends developments on the way for you. powerful tornadoes has been wreaking havoc across the central and southern united states, leaving dozens dead, many others india. it's all next story. when we come back, i
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking the guess when the world politics sport. business, i'm show business, i'll see you then. oh, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths all remain in the shallows.
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ah ah, hello again. devastating storms over it through parts of the central and southern united states with the most damage in kentucky. president biden says it might be the most disastrous series of tornado strikes in american history. rescue workers have already found more than 40 missing people in the damaged buildings. there are concerns that the number of deaths could exceed a 100 shelters have been opened with the help of the red cross. and kentucky's governor has declared a state of emergency. he is local reporter edgar costa. this is the severe destruction that we can see in many places across different states where several tornadoes have heated, really hard. the worst part here in mayfield, kentucky, the governor of the state to announce that 70 people lost their life on these tries, you get the so this has been the most devastating tornado event in our states
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history. the level of devastation is unlike anything i've ever seen. satellite far too many homes, that people were likely an entirely devastated this will be, i believe, the deadliest tornado system to ever run through kentucky. the devastation we can see here in the city center. he says something that will take a long time to recuperate. but many people took the streets. we can see lots of citizens that got together to do all. they can wendy's hard time with their face. and all these images show the destruction of what was a candle factory. it roof collapsed after the tornado struck. the authorities say the more than a 100 people may have been inside when the building was hit by the stool. tornadoes of also reeked havoc in other parts of the central and southern u. s. 6 people are dead in the state of illinois where the roof of an amazon warehouse was brought down during the storm. in all console, one person still to have been killed and 5 seriously injured after a tornado damage to nursing home. there many others were trapped inside the survey
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where there's also claimed at least 4 lives in tennessee, of a shock in the russian capital on tuesday when a man opened fire during a dispute of a wearing masks killing 2 employees and a public services office. here's how the deadly incident unfolded. the the the, the solution. i knew alexei versus we worked together for about 4 months. why was the cloakroom attendant? he was a security guard. he was a kind, hard working man,
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a good man. there were never any problems with him, and he always told me funny stories and anecdotes i found out earlier today that there was, i'm building system police here. we thought it was a bomb threat. well, there had been a fire. we found out that there had been a shooting with dead and wounded, and among the dead, i saw the name of the man i worked with. ah, he pointed the gun at me, but apparently something jumped. he bounded against his leg and a shot she. the floor walked up when the girl lined by a receptionist shouting, help me, please. what's wrong with my legs? the lot of which i was at my workplace and heard of far alarm as well as a sound similar to gunshots. then i saw a man running towards the exit of the building. at that moment i made a decision to detain him and i ran off to him. he resisted arrest. i saw that he
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was carrying a knife and a firearm. when i was detaining him, i made sure he couldn't use these weapons and neutralized him. or the judge was during last summer's at u. s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan. many were moved by the scenes of desperate parents passing their babies to western soldiers to get them taken out of the country at one child were missing in the chaos at cobble airport. but now there's a possibility that the baby boy may have been identified. the care of picks up the story. the hasty us decisions are poor trips out of afghanistan. as a taliban gained a tight grip. so a wave of panic in the capital as thousands desperately tried to flee. amongst the chaotic scenes that cobble airport were merged, our commodity and his wife sariah and the 5 children, and the pushing and shoving the parents fit that tiny baby would be crushed. and so
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i handed him to a us soldier who offered to help, but amid the crowds of people struggling to enter, it took them over 30 minutes to make it through. and once they did, the hail, the baby was nowhere to be found. the house parents who were now in the united states and still desperately trying to locate that son. and now comes a glimmer of hope. all's he has spoken to one african family, the johns, who say they found the baby amid them a hand cobble port. he's been well taken care of the john family named him mohammed and say he's become one of their own. i love my brother mohammed. he's too important to me and will never hand him over to anyone. my to show it was late at night when my brother asked me to help him drive to the airport when he was leaving for the us. when we were there, there was a big crowd and chaos. everyone was pushing to get inside the airport. suddenly i saw this baby on the ground crying in pain. it was too hot and the baby was just
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wearing a shirt. i was confused, so it was difficult for me to leave him there. he was dying. so i decided to pick him up. when i moved to each family i saw in the airport and showed them the baby and ask them whether the baby belonged to them. then i asked each mother there to feed him because he was hungry, but no one agreed. his condition was deteriorating, so i took him to some water and put it on his body, washed him and changed his nappy. i waited until 4 pm to find his parents, but couldn't. i had just one bottle of water and i gave him a few drops when he was crying because he was hungry. i was it because his condition was not good. it was too hot and he was lying under the scorching heat of the sun. then i contacted my wife and told her that my brother had already left, but i'm still stuck here because of a baby. i told her we are humans and i can't leave this baby alone here while his parents are missing. i also taught my brother to leave, but i had to stay until i found the missing parents. let's take
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a look at these 2 pictures on the right is the missing boys, the hail arc monte. while on the left is the child found and cared for by the john family while there are clearly similarities. here is yet to be established. if this is the same child, the afghan man who found the boy saith, he's now in touch with. the parents have been missing baby. intellectually, we kept the baby and contacted many people to find the parents. we contacted the bbc and many others, but failed to find them. then we uploaded his pictures on social media sites like facebook later, some relatives of a missing baby in barrack sean province contacted us and told us that the parents of the baby are looking for their child. when they saw the images, they recognize him, but they didn't know the whereabouts of the parents. finally i found the contact details of the father of this baby i called and told him about his missing baby and asked him to send me the pictures of his child. so i could verify that he was the real father. then he sent me the pictures and we confirmed your son is with us.
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don't worry. his father was so happy to learn about his missing son. we would love to see the hell reunited with his parents, that they were still trying to establish whether the hail anton haneke are the same child. we go to work on this. we've been in touch with both families, the new york post. reuters the u. s. state department and the afghan refugee relief the jan family say say they're eager to see the child re united with his family, although they are also happy to provide a loving home themselves. i looked up to him like my own baby. if we found his parents, we would not be able to keep you with us. of course we would hand him over to his real parents. i looked up to him like he was one of my own. i have 3 daughters, but i love him too much. he was about 4 to days only when we met him. we have seen difficult times with him. he is our soul and we love him too much. if his parents identify him, we will have no option but to hand him over to them. so if the parents of the child
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are unable to take him back, i'm ready to keep this baby with me. in fact, i would not be happy to hand over the baby because we found him there, sir. if they don't take him on, we will keep him with us. we love him darling. well, here at our tea where all high thing for a happy ending to this story say we will keep you updated on our progress. ok, that's the weekly for this. our next, the story of the filipino gold divers risking their health to collect nuggets of gold from the bottom of the ocean just to earn a minimum wage. ah, ah, many of us hold the delta would be the sort of p i did. i could, well, you know, but again, it shows any more transmissible than delta and not what happens. you got something which is popped up, weighs more than 30 changes in that spy protein that we're all interested in. it's accumulated, all the mutations we've seen in different varies all in one bar. and that raises
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some very interesting issues about, you know, where did it come from in the 1st place? is it possible to get even more meat? what's gonna happen in terms of disease, the very say, and maxine protection is suggesting that know the virus is still got some way to go a little drops, the more surprises ah that breaking toil forced labor stress. industrial injury corporal punishment.
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words with which we're all familiar are you certain that the well do you live in abolish slavery long ago? ah, is it are you being a yes or no? no, no, but they did the not valuable. mm hm . not that big my middle now. i own my head up my lap and i had a new knuckle mala
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bob megan thought no along up there a bit. a well, i mean happy correlations forbid. i tonia take longer than that then. ah, i don't island in the philippines. home tucked in on barren gay the philippines underwater klondike. we divers here find gold beneath the waves just off the coast. ah, 3, this is civil emma. just like all the.


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