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tradition of wiki leaks, founder joy and assigned to the united states congress with wells and before a judge ruled out against extradition. because january 4th, 2021. the latest chapters being written in london in a case that has made headlines time. and again, for 10 years, for the u. s. prosecutors are hackers on trial, a public enemy and cyber terrorist, for others, a pioneer of investigative journalism, on whose fate press freedom in the west could depend on the astonished case. it was a war with iraq to go into the mission. busy busy and this is, it's the same to you. this
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is quite, gosh, i don't catch don't mean if there is a response. is there just combines with a bunch and 50 new someone else i oh yes. monitor it by the way to people beside us. haven't when i go from unit it's it next time off. i switch on anyone's confusion. okay. and what do i do? fair.
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awe in august 2012. the british authority threatened to storm the ecuadorian embassy in london with his own. they want to arrest julian sons, which would provoke a diplomatic class. why is it so important to seize him at any cost? marilla move along. i mean, i move on to understand this. let's go back to 2 more years in 2010. julianna's hunch is at the height of his fame. wikileaks has published thousands of secret u. s. military documents on the was in afghanistan and iraq. there might be a couple of views of what you like for of julia. his got the hero view. he's got
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the dangerous double make of you all come on. the news caused an upper on the internet. where is the truth and all of this in this official document, both parties stayed the facts before the british supreme court during a visit to sweden, assange her sexual intercourse with 2 women, the women talk to each other and go to the police. they want to sons to undergo a medical exam to rule out sexually transmitted diseases. a preliminary investigation is opened, both women are questioned. the chief prosecutor and stockholm concludes that there are no signs of rape case. ready closed a possible game enough molestation is yet to be clarified. assange voluntarily, stacy sweden and answers every question during a police interrogation. but
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a higher prosecutor, marianna ne decides to reopen the preliminary investigation of a leech, gray. ready assange office to be questioned by mariani. ready but the prosecutor's l. in the end, she grounds assange commission to lee sweden. he has a lot to do. julian assange can claim his greatest clue yet. a quarter of a 1000000 confidential cables sent by us diplomats have been released to 5 newspapers. they contain many explosive claims that were never intended to be made public. a few days before the league, sweden issues a european arrest warrant for his sons, an interpol issues a written notice. a man who hasn't been charged is on the list of the most wanted criminals. in london, julianna's sons goes to the police again. this time he's arrested. he's kept in
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prison for 9 days, and so the tree then he's released on bail more than 280000 euros, raised by his support. his great. well fresh air, logan again, maureen. again it was a lot in much food to reject those shave if so a bunch res. fall in addition to wearing an electronic tracker asunder must report to the police station
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every day with when expedition seems to be unavoidable. asunder makes an unexpected move. june 19th, 2012 life within 30 square meters begins minnesota stansen and baja. stewart and and the liquor is applegate julian is 3rd through though young of the near own acilo t o. in nadia is that is the prism and does the fun to know. yeah, no, yeah. was he there? can you pull it? i believe danica stop by lisa yet. every so yet clinic technological medical sick
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with diarrhea. nas, today's date is the political mentor book, as he knows political he in pessimist going epic analysis, kim for that he has said lepers selectric on it that take on it. there are some anita when julian called me and said that he was going to ask of our cars on we thought that was the best idea you could ever have. because his international stature would allow him to deal with governments all over the world as well as he was a great lawyer. amazing prosecutor, when the senior los angeles video, if whether the director of the letter this with defense, i would either have to put kids for a c u. s t j or know the support. okay. can you okay. i somebody, li, unconverted deal and especially she was p authorial in woman, told them, you know,
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for a kiss here today we all are this ray ladder look at his place, sir, is still good. i will not practica much ish. i'm reduce the league theora leafy thought they moreover, lemme uria the uniform other sort of bully the guard kinda mccloskies enough with lighter saga fun already knew which leaks through the platform he had learned. his name appeared in u. s. secret documents. his work in the national high court did not go unnoticed. outside of spain during his 30 a korea guy fun investigated drug trafficking networks, all types of organized crime, terrorism against the state, but also the states dirty war on terrorism. and he was the only judge to prosecute osama bin laden,
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but he also investigated systematic torture at guantanamo. according to this confidential report from the u. s. embassy in madrid, he investigated everything. all this gave him a reputation as ambitious, wanting to be in the spotlight. i know the truth is that gotham soon understood that in a globalized world, justice cannot be limited by national borders from madrid. he prosecuted the leaders of the dictatorships in argentina and she left her he couldn't do the same at whom his attempts to investigate crimes committed on the franco were blocked by the spanish judiciary. his unorthodox interpretation of the law and him, many enemies in 2012,
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while julianna's son's room ins under house arrest, judge bust assad got on sits in the dock before the spanish supreme court deal with gun was investigating the country's largest political corruption network at the time which also involved the ruling spanish, conservative party peace accused of misconduct. and the supreme court delivers its verdict. in an unanimous ruling he's been bought from practicing for 11 years. the court said he could not appeal against the decision. ah, shortly after gotham opens a law firm, the judge becomes a lawyer and the lawyer takes on a son just case is
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a camera that let me see it on with the union. in through ivy, the latino. what do you think? well and my hi hello. hi, yeah, you got my diana grandmother. i did advise you must have my little life alone. this being locked up is not yet the main problem. a son has to defend himself on many levels. cyber attacks against wiki leaks website, and it service attempts to cut off their financial flows. he needs an army of lawyers. were sort of built up instructional terms, the legal team. we have baltazar and michael regular. and doris pierce. you're in the u. k. operating at the top, so we have a big legal team and why professor is responsible for overall strategy,
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especially where we intersect the spanish speaking with gotham has good context in ecuador, just at the time he's advising the ecuadorian government. on the judicial reform process launched by president korea with his 1st step as a son, just lawyer is to travel to ecuador, to convince the authorities to grant his client political asylum, not to flee swedish justice, but to protect him from the united states. whether continues leaks had generated any reactions within the government and the conservative media,
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ah, scientific knowledge has never been so readily available to everyone across the globe, but overwhelmed by information. can we distinguish the real science from the one being imposed upon us? we're living in a world where there are many people who have a vested interest in finding information, finding scientific evidence, and discrediting even the notion that science could provide the truth about the natural world in the pursuit of business goals and large corporations. a challenge strongly by scientific evidence if you're emotionally invested and free markets, them climate change is a serious emotional threat because dealing with that means we have to change our approach to business industries or on the war bond attempting to debunk legitimate science by producing new evidence in science fighting science, that's how ignorance is manufactured,
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their attention only seeking to be rail. this roy using science against itself. ah, along with other members of the administration that condemn the action that wiki weeks has taken. it puts at risk. our national security. we have an active, ongoing criminal investigation with regard to this matter. so let's be clear. this disclosure is not just an attack on america's foreign policy interest. it is an attack on the international community where to deal with this is pretty simple. at this guy's a traitor, a treasonous and, and he has broken every law the united states, the guy ought to be. i'm not for the death penalty. so if i'm not for the
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definitely wanna do it illegally, shoot the son of a, this guy, he's got to go and no one should hold this country. we do agree with each other, bob, a new and i'm with i think they're trying to make sure if you can never tell the course when to make sure you can tell them that was real, with
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monitoring with. mm mm mm a the a key for storming with doing it before peter met from announcement that i'll touch you. we won't need to focus on it. if it, if something happens, it's very frightening. as you get when a to think about how they respond to that point,
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if you're okay that more it is. okay guys. it's worse case scenario. someone comes into this window, right? yes. so obviously it will take, you ground that toilet. so when roy we assume us and then sometimes blows, i'm on the additional system. give me a good that's when i started a point that he will not meet. that is with a him a unit with you when it comes to them. you really profile with
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a new health in today because i cannot be reviewed today on wednesday a, this embassy and place descending on this building. you came up in the middle of the night to watch over the u. k. did not throw away the conventions. the other night it is because the world with what's in the world was watching a view a sound union. a song is what it is a penny dog. mm hm. i wonder. yeah. north east, cuz yeah, i mean,
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doug machines, i got to have what i'm going to leg committees off unless you were disappointed by the statement by eccles foreign minister today that accurate or has offered political asylum to julian assange. we will not allow with alcohol in them, nor is that any legal basis for us to do so. it's important to understand that was not about mr. hammond activities at wiggly, or the attitude of united states of america, is want to sweden, allegations of serious sexual offence. hm. mm hm. mm hm. yeah. to me, i get in there. and then he just, you know, fill them in as soon as he doesn't go for kicky and others either which i'm putting up a should put him in does,
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is it a little do you see where yeah, she left mistakes. yeah. but i know in that it manually less he was the heat of this like were soonish peer lang. what i get actually i'm gonna shoot you an hour and ritual. mental sheila, what did you notice? consider kinship with the school for in the last call i would, i feel better feel free to call shoot you an image is open for coming to can buddy wish to bug on for either cielo and whether good, assuming he julian or something from that. don't think i could have been living with tc showing up in our largest dealer group the federally, british regulatory though last sheila, belinda, goes into this implant removal of fluid in the world. another julianna's, you know, silly with executed, get her a new,
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see if you want to speak to me, that's what they said they wanted to do, then you don't make an expedition request. you pick up the telephone. like in any other case, you have a situation where i haven't even been charged where the acting a very abnormal matter and they can come to tell you if they are what they started, they got a feel what a community visit. i'm behind the longest enough machine. yeah, there was a me a day left. he's hell a standing up his career sanding and law in which one go back to go into the area. isn't loaner mother in law or beta, feel for the tail entities and interest places. but official documents, researched by journalists define jamari t show that britons and suites are cooperating, and that nothing is not mine. this case in an email to their swedish colleagues.
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the british prosecutor's office recommends that a son should not be questioned in london, because his case would just not be treated like any other. mm. that does not have an affair here to see who have not done. what asked for sandra said so matthew had a laugh table with his on voice and this sounds from miss of what to do. do you hope all is over there for you in your field? not for the next 2 years. the front will not move, although the case is at an impasse. as soon as not just sitting back from his confinement, he continues to send his messages out into the world and the world. all part of the world comes to him in the world. your propaganda may in 2013 assange beats the u. s. secret services,
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once again with help from sarah harrison had of research at wiki leaks, he organizes edward snowden se escape from hong kong. in a moment. okay. as, as know that the sierra less but the diplomatic us sir, is of way concerned of what the us and in plain on esl said earlier. celia the discourse. young, you know this young so some way is better and better for you. it does not believe that the union with those highways, it will usually look well or they will. they lament a search. she'll flee owner and seek to she will not rise i believe because neither a my phone in it or those i will have my cell just i'll give you
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enough. look on the dealers near deal, lia, showing by the way chandler corbett as you would with killing well or of the seal. the comment does an adult that has been very significant miss reporting on this case, the asylum stand of total quality because it is so complex to fulton, falls to report that women in sweden have accused me all with serious crime of right. that is, for, i have not been charged with them for in sweden, at any time. like you can even imagine being detained in various ways in this
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country without charge for you. and it is embassy for 2 years, which has no outside area. no sun life, it is environment in which a healthy person would find me so soon enough with certain do be united nation medium is one hour day on outside exercise with he just said that it's an untenable situation under the solution to be found that he could at least, leave the embassy on our, the time, like he was actually allowed to do what he will. the ones with
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can perform the surgery shortish and told them the same as they can shoot it out to you are sealed and you have less. he just, you know, he'll tm, pokey julian, j m a c panel a year, cannot september wash law? should cush e. k is the only style gisela was to change the student. she's tv kids in it's that much increase your fuel and they will not please young indira, singing one of those that i just completed. don't appreciate paranoia. he put it on the radio until in the city. if he's yes, yes, either leave me does hear much kick around a lot pro. so lose lepper. best. i mean yes, this down, but for some reason i decide we
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buy a u b. b lot with a narrow spectrum you. the b stimulates the production of vitamin d. b over that was working was on my right. and doing some work for about an hour. and then i started to go a bit when we turned off to fix it anyway. and just now we notice from about 2 hours later, so much doing the on the left side. right side it'll say to people who call be riding in pain. a join me every thursday on the alex simon,
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sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then jojo, stuff. she is a woman is. yeah. but i, she has a video on the share of pretty much with can sure to coordinate a video like you to form a but what i want to talk somebody with along
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with ah, many was school. the delta would be the sort of p i'd, you know, well, you know, going to get a car. sure. any more transmissible than delta. and what type of you got something which is popped up with more than 30 changes in that spike protein that we're all interested? it's accumulated, all the mutations we've seen in different very, it's all in one bar. and that raises some very interesting issues about where did it come from in the 1st place. is it possible to get even more me what's going to happen in terms of disease severity and maxine protection? so it is suggesting though, the virus is still got some way to go from the mall, surprises
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the stories that shape the way 10 shows are allowed to recovery. can crania navy ship approaches. russia is without authorization, something moscow slammed as provocative and threatening described as a dog day for journalism. julie, the son support his lash out at the london high court's ruling to allow is possible expedition to the united states. yet another hearing is now needed to decide his fate. but this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of law. this is an absolute troubles do any legal process. and devastating tornadoes tear through parts of america with more than 75th dead in the state of kentucky alone. ah.


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