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tv   News  RT  December 12, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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ah ah, the stories that shaped the we turn our to international tension spiral after a ship belonging to ukraine's navy approaches rushing waters without authorization . something moscow has slammed as a threatening provocation. described as a dark day for journalism, gillian assange at the supporters lash out at the london high court ruling to allow his possible extradition to the united states. yet another hearing is now needed to decide his fate. this is not a case that is being pulled on the basis of the law. this is an absolute travis deal. any legal processing and devastating tornadoes tear through parts of america, claiming at least 80 lives in the state of kentucky. alone with the death toll feared to exceed 100, joe biden says it's possibly the worst tornado outbreak and us history
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ah, broadcasting live direct from her studios in moscow, recapping, weeks tops, stories with our weekly program. this is our t international crew. now tensions over ukraine ran high this week with russia criticizing the west for fueling, the escalation and voicing concern at nato's actions in the region. moscow saying it could potentially lead to large tail conflict. now, the escalation happened after a ship belonging to the ukranian navy approached russian waters without authorization. on thursday evening, a move that russia regarded as a threat to the navigational safety of other vessels in the area. ukraine denied all allegations and insisted the ship was an unarmed search and rescue vehicle that never entered restricted waters or posed any threat. and it did eventually change
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course. ukraine was the main topic of discussion between vladimir putin and joe biden. on tuesday, us president pointed out that he called the threatening nature of russian troop movements near the ukranian border and fed severe sanctions were being drawn up. moscow though, insisted can move its troops wherever it wants on its own territory. while saying if nato, they are the ones making the dangerous moves, the kremlin spokesperson talk to r t, about how nato's actions are being regarded in russia. just teach 92, which is rhetoric is coming from the u. s. and e u leaders sounds pretty aggressive . we see plenty of fake news about russia allegedly planning an aggressive invasion . at the same time, no one talks to kia, non warns kiev, again, even thinking of a military intervention in the guns conflict. now moving in on that issue and you know, we need that need. so even taking an extremely aggressive position, they all say they don't accept any red line. second,
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they say that nato will do whatever he wants, that it will do it on whatever territory a long day in florida that all of this is a to, to russia. and yet we do not like dining go we will do everything in show our own interest while ukraine and the west accused russia of farming the self proclaimed republics in eastern ukraine. the u. s. is openly sending arms to key of washington revealed that a 30 javelin anti tank missiles systems were delivered to ukraine in october as part of a $60000000.00 military aid package. and a further $200000000.00 are on the table as well. and with the ongoing military build up on russia's borders, the g 7 group of advanced economies has threatened russia with a severe response if it attacks ukraine. moscow though, denies any plans of invasion and insists. it is nato that poses a threat to russia by expanding further east, closer to its borders. but the white house believes that only it has the right to draw the line. yes,
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oh. of course, the diplomacy is out and red lines of that to be crossed when the big bad wolf is planning a land grab ring a bell. a similar warning came in the spring when russian troops gathered for snap training exercises. and again, when military drills were conducted in crimea, and only recently moscow was supposedly the mastermind of a qu, in key of remember the currency of no mean either because it didn't happen. in fact, none of the predictions came true, but this time apparently it's different. this time, it's the real deal, and to feed the fair, they're even drawing up the kremlin battle plans the new year offensive. and for the umpteenth time this year, russia is forced to defend the presence of its own troops on its own land. russia is not
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a threat to any country. the deployment of russian troops on the national territory is our sovereign roy and no one's business. it is nato on its members states a recklessly moving their military forces and infrastructure to the russian borders . so what is washes red line, us spy pains jetting towards rushes borders. passenger jets with hundreds of civilians on board. diverted because the nato re complain was to close and wouldn't respond to ground control. the actions by the u. s. air force created a threat to civilization and the fact that the catastrophe was averted over the backseat doesn't mean that the u. s. nato can go on the risk in people's lives with impunity. the latest american war ship sailing into waters bordering russia. what the shows was nature, you know, us warships now enters luxury. and when we can see it through an oculus will to cross has about hilton's usage system. a better one or multiple missile systems just across the it was a bit more to look at where nature's military infrastructure is located. just
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a short distance from other orders. in romania, holland bush planted, we saw defense systems had already been deployed. and they can easily be converted into offensive missile systems and targets was, it only takes a matter of minutes to change the software and his vision. now, instinct tells me that if a russian destroy was spotted steaming into new york harbor, it would be a flaming red line for washington. but believe it or not, for us all, this is a pink line at best. the real issue is nato, or rather nato's expansion. and expanded it has from this humble state in 1990 to this empire in 2020. now back in the day, russia was promised, nater would grow not one inch eastward of berlin. wel, that's berlin. so no, it's not an ent, it's over a 1000 kilometers. and now it's knocking out rushes door. ukraine joining
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nato and we've been talking about it for a long time. is a red line for us. the continual drawing of keys into the military or bit of the alliance. the de facto start of nature's assimilation of the military infrastructure of this country and the desire to turn it into a foothold for confrontation with russia could all cause severe negative consequences and destabilize the military and political situation in europe. but lucky for nato, it's got a gas out of jail free card because in politics, well promises are made to be broken. where is that? where is that written down? where is that from? was written down. and under the rumor, this friend of mine will enrich good, which it didn't quote, go want us documentary to do it. in the meantime, the u. s. unfazed by it's terrible track record of predicting russian behavior is covering its bases and drawing up some economic sanctions. you know, just in case and now the ongoing friction have placed the recently completed nord stream to pipeline under a threat it runs from russia to germany under the baltic sea and is awaiting its
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official launch. however, the u. s. top diplomat, anthony blink, and have said it's unlikely gas will flow through it, repeating the claim of moscow's aggression against ukraine. general shaw a professor at the city university of new york questions whether other countries would be allowed to behave like america does. this is part of the ramping up of economic, military and diplomatic pressure on russia. it's nato in the us to continue to encroach upon rushes borders. the absolute hypocrisy that's on display here with blinking and biden's threats to try to cripple the rushing economy. imagine if it was russia surrounding the united states, the way the nato in the us continually encroaches into the black sea into estonia into ukraine. so ukraine is the latest justification to continue this new cold war . this new global class struggle was really behind. this is fear in us ruling
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circles of a sovereign strong russia you dark day for journalism is how jolena sanchez supporters reacted to the british high court ruling on friday that the wiki leagues founder can be expedited to the u. s. washington. one, it's appeal against a previous decision blocking his arms from being sent to america to face trial on espionage charges. campaigners slammed the latest move which was handed down on what was the un human rights de we condemn today's u. k. high court decision to allow the expedition of julian so on, so the us, which will prove historic for all the wrong reasons. we fully believe that julian saw and has been targeted for his contributions to journalism. back in october, those a to day, harry, i was the united states trying to appeal over numerous grounds, including the fact that it offered an unprecedented package of assurances, as i saw it would not be held under the maximum security the strictest,
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maximum security conditions in prison. over there and that he isn't unwell this thing he's made out. well, judas sanchez have continued to say that he is indeed a suicide risk. and that all of these assurances are meaningless and vague as they put it. they said that the united states can reverse any decision, not any point. class is also concerned about the trustworthiness of america's guarantees to pointing to one of those reports in the year that the c i a i had talked to kidnap during the saw and prompted to kill him speaking outside the high court. here this morning, we've heard from stella morris to partner who's incredibly disappointed and she is saying why and how is this happening for? how long can this go on today is international human rights day. what a shame, how cynical to, how this decision on this day to have one of the foremost the foremost publisher
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journalists of the past, 50 years in a u. k. prison, accused of publishing the truth about or crimes about cia killed teams. many people have been supporting her outside here. many, many protests is that also are similar questions. who is a glimmer of hope that you know, the british justice system might actually prevail for once? the british today as a system on every level with the u. s. campaign to get a 10 years 10 years in the streets of london, public opinion and business side, a sounds. but obviously the judge's decision is not on the side of public opinion. it's absolutely devastating. so she, this time of year to another christmas about,
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do you know that is children without their dad stay on to fight to free judy massage. that's what i say. we will prevail eventually many people outside as a high court say, where is the human rights? in the case of june assange, obviously listed on the foreground of the royal court of justice, that they call it the royal courts of injustice. diplomatic. now, a thought beyond a, just as i said, it was being announced, i protest even through eggs at this side, directly behind me, which just goes to show the sentiment and feeling here on the streets of london. briefly, this is how it got to this point in 2000. 19 joanna songs was forcefully removed by british police from ecuador is embassy in london. after the country terminated his
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7 year asylum there. he had sought refuge after sexual assault allegations in sweden, which were later draught british authorities arrested him on a separate charge of jumping bail. america wants the wiki leaks founder extradited on claims of conspiring to hack government computers and publishing classified material. meanwhile, assumptions fiance claims he suffered a stroke during a hearing in october rickie leeks. editor in chief, kristen referencing talked to us following fridays really was actually on believable. and so i run a good decision should be 100 on the united nations human rights. the united states had all oppertunity in the medicine court to make those so called, oh, sure, and it's not. it's simply for some food in the medicine court. in generally, the united states had given assurances that the they would to treat the
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julian fairly and he would get the treatment and be housed in an adequate jail. and could even through the sentence if he gets one in australia, all of these so called assurance and have been investigated by human rights organizations such as amnesty international and found that the us you are. and so some of the work and paper they're written on, they are simply not reliable. we are dealing here with a nation where individuals on the top level in the junior, the top level of the cia and in the white house contemplated, kidnapping were killing julian assaults. this is not a case that is being fought on the basis of the law. this is an absolutely try to steal any legal process. this is a political case, and the julian arrest us we have said for many, many years is a political persecution. devastating storms have ripped through central and
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southern parts of the u. s. in what joe biden has described as possibly the worst tornado outbreak in countries history. the state of kentucky has suffered the worst damage with the governor saying the death toll is currently at 80 people and he is fearful. it could exceed $100.00. in the city of mayfield, more than 100 people were trapped inside a collapse factory building while emergency workers have managed to rescue about 40 of them. shelters have been set up with the help of the red cross and the governor has declared a state of emergency a worst most devastating, most deadly tornado of that. and kentucky's history there's our own town and it's just devastating. everybody's walls there was were shaking, house collapsing i guess you could see where the whole house was buckled. all back
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side of this house is all total devastation for all town. most of our historic buildings are now golf, [000:00:00;00] with one of the largest tornado breaks in our history. entire towns were destroyed as some 30 powerful tornadoes, ravaged across thick us dates the worst affected can. saki needs help support and relief 8. and so it turns to the government and fellow americans, but politics is politics and his themes, not even a monumental disaster,
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like this one can bridge america's political divide. and some believe it's a perfect opportunity to show that you reap what you sow. when hurricane harvey's hit in 2017, the 17 senators who voted against a bill to provide billions of dollars in relief. we're all republicans among them. kentucky's senator rand, pull once again thousands of suffering, but there's no time like the present for political punches. we should do what we can to help our kentucky neighbors. good be wisdom. they're hurting, but do not for one second. so good, that rammed pull has voted against helping most americans, most times bear in need. we know ran poll is a heartless hypocrite. the people in kentucky dissolve the relief regardless of their buffoon ish leadership. much of the dams dont use this against him and his party in the future. it is a missed opportunity for some it's not even off limits to suggest that if you vote read,
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then you had it coming vote for climate change deniers and see what happens. tornadoes in december rad that weather climate change, while the fact is not clear at this point. still as the country reels in shock and concerns either climate change peak, it could also play into the democrats hands as they bid to push a $1.00 trillion dollar climate package through the senate. all i know is that the intensity of the weather across the board has some impacts as a consequence of the warming to a planet and the climate change. and so it seems something as devastating as this can only wet the appetite for those looking to score political points. so i had the program of the us government and struggling to impose hefty fines on journalist to write for a blacklisted publication. one of them shares his story with us. this is the weekly on our team international.
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ah ah, ah ah ah ah. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation,
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let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. it's very difficult time. time to sit down and talk oh matter. the weekly on rti international. now, a new poll shows a noticeable change in the political choices of hispanic voters in the u. s. a cause for concern for the democratic party, which has traditionally had overwhelming support from the ethnic group or to kill them up and comments. growing number of americans who identify themselves as hispanic, are being drawn to the republican party. this long time, democratic party block has been softening. according to the poles, latinos more and more becoming swing voters. they are
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a swing vote that we're going to have to fight full. you see in this whole that was a group of hispanic men who will, without a doubt entice by trump and have become more republican. yet i desire, while they're all the same, once they get their position them on the forget about everybody, especially on the immigrants. they ignore us on the, in some aspects they're fulfilling their promises. but in others, they've forgotten about us, such as education or the pandemic. in the recent virginia governor's race, more than half of latino voters gave their vote to glen young. can the republican compare that to just a year previously? when over 60 percent of latinos voted for biden, it appears the issue at hand. is joe biden's performance more than 54 percent? don't approve of the job that he's doing. more and more are switching parties saying the democratic party no longer reflects their values. the ideology of defendant, the police of destroy the oil and gas industry and the chaos that our border is disastrous for those of us who live here in south texas after much consideration
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and prayer with my family, i feel that my fiscally conservative pro business and pro life values are no longer in step with a democratic party, up to date being hispanic, and also black eyes. i should be democrat, i'm going against their narrative. and i feel like right now, and everything is crumbling for the democrats bite, and he's completely destroying the economy. right now, and people can feel it in their pockets. now there's plenty to be upset about across the united states these days, and latinos are certainly among those affected 12 major cities in the united states have record homicide rates this year, and the price of food and gasoline just keeps staying high. apparently the democratic party is now reaching out to latino voters calling them latin x, a gender neutral term. but apparently not all of this particular demographics are impressed. defense and offense links itself. that's why i don't, i don't like i don't, i don't think we should be changing words because like
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a new generation, whatever, you know, i feel like it's a bunch of white liberals that are just trying to coach or on, or someone else language. but you know something that's natural, it's like how did you like someone reading 1st for a lot and i like ok this pretty cool. i'm pretty sure i'm in that group. and then after, wow, like why do we make money? why, why, why are we adding extra words? i mean, i'm so part of it. cool. but i'm still latino. right? i'm so consider latino, latino, it's a sharp wake up call for the democratic party who presumptuous. lee assumed that latino would vote for them as usual. and the democrats are now having to earn their votes. now, the problem is, with all these negatives around the democrats and their performance. some think these efforts may come to little to late. caleb martin are to new york.
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american journalists are being threatened with massive fines if they work for what are perceived to be the wrong publications to contributors to a site called the strategic culture foundation have received a stern warnings from the us treasury. now this letter was sent to daniel lazar and michael virchow, who are both in new york based journalist. it says, the f. c, f is on the list of band organizations accused of electron meddling, and that us citizens who engage in transactions with the foundation are liable to fines of at least $300000.00. daniela's our shared his experience with us. it was a warning regarding future articles. so essentially if i write for the, for i find gate and any kind of transaction, which i assume means any, an exchange of money i could be had with massive fines that were completely destroy my finances. i was taken aback. i was, you know, concerned certainly, but actually i stopped writing for se yes, since the previous, you know,
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of 4 or 5 months earlier. so i didn't feel personally threatened. but others who, who want to continue writing for the f works dreamily frightened fair. they have all stopped writing from the site because really there's just, it's, you know, it's impossible to, to battle the us treasury in this kind of case. the us treasury is power is, is, is enormous. and that of a, of an individual freelance journalist is microscopic. but some of them are so frightened, they're unwilling even to give interviews like this one. so you know, so this is what it's showing effect means they're, they're unwilling to write and they're unwilling even to talk about why they, why they're too afraid to write the threats make up part of a targeted sanctions campaign announced by the treasury secretary back in april treasury will target russian leaders, officials intelligence services and their proxies that attempt to interfere in the us electro process or so bertie has democracy. this is the start of
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a new us campaign against russian line behavior. the u. s. government claims the strategic culture foundation is in fact, controlled by russia's foreign intelligence agency, the f b r, and that it is also linked to the russian foreign ministry. the foundation denies this and calls itself a research platform about your asian global affairs. but daniela's arm again says a dangerous precedent has already been set. i think of the that the at the s c f, the foundation hosts honest journalism. even though out i don't, i don't agree with much of it. this is, this is serious work by serious journalists and that as a supporter of a free speech in a free press, i believe that readers should have access to this kind of stuff. and, and yet the, the u. s. government is trying to close down and therefore trying to stop information, which is usually at variance with official us policy, from reaching from reaching audiences, including audiences in the us, to stop journalists from writing for these kinds of websites as
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a new step. and i think that and i was surprised because because the united states, in fact has a very good track record on when it comes to a free press. i mean, in america, we can say anything we want. yeah, i can write the most outrageous things about george w bush or joe biden and not have to worry for a moment about a the search secret police crashing through my door. but now. 2 things may be changing slightly, and it doesn't the order well. from other headlines in brief this weekend, multiple people are confirmed, killed, and numerous. others are still missing after a massive gas explosion on the italian island of sicily. the blast completely destroyed buildings including homes, emergency services have already pulled out survivors from the rubble and are continuing rescue operations. thousands of australians have rallied in sydney and melbourne against vaccine mandate and new 10 demik law, including those,
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introduced by victoria state from you, daniel andrew. demonstrators want andrews to withdraw an order that requires residence to have had to cover jobs and workplaces and other venues. and on a jolly or note, new york fans con advantage was, it has turns for the 1st time since the pandemic with santa clad party goers enjoying top d jays. and even if not waterfall drinking contest, he tradition is essentially an all day bar crawl with worse for wear crowds known to get a little chaotic and radi at times. whoa, whoa, whoa, this is art international, the weekly, on the back of another. look in about 31 and a half minutes. stay with us. ah .
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with awe back breaking, toil forced labor stress
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. industrial injury. corporal punishment. oh no. words with which we are all familiar are you certain that the world you live in abolish slavery long ago to shop it on you being on your own or not, but they did a lot.


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