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seeking to the rail science, it's really using sy against the shell. ah, the pentagon says it won't hold any one liable for a botched drone strike in kabul that killed 10 civilians, including 7 children, performer, u. s. military drone operator. brandon bryant express to us his frustration over his decision to see that nothing has changed, even when it's blatantly out in front of everyone's face, how we operate and, and no one's being held accountable. like we've been talking about this for 10 years now. let me put in calls for immediate talks to stop further nato expansion towards russia's borders and a telephone conversation with british prime minister boris johnson. that's a made ongoing speculation over the situation in ukraine and accusations towards russia and the sudanese who say they've been betrayed and had their dreams
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destroyed. we've got a special report about a 1000 strong protests gripping the capital there since october's coup ah o. broadcasting live from moscow, russia, this is our t international. i'm your host donald quarter. welcome to the program. no us personnel will be held liable for a botched drone strike and couple in august that killed 10 civilians including 7 children after the government called it a tragic mistake. pentagon spokesperson says the decision to refrain from punishment was made after an internal review. do not anticipate there being issues of personal accountability to be had with respect to the august 29th here st. lou. busy
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u. s. military has apologized for the deadly error, citing a communications breakdown, we discussed the pentagons position with former u. s. military drone operator. brandon bryant, who was not surprised by the lack of accountability you know, it's been 10 years since i blew the whistle on the u. s. drone program will be 10 years and 5 days actually. um and to see that nothing has changed, even when it's blatantly out in front of everyone's face. how we operate. um and no one's being held accountable. like we've been talking about this for 10 years now. when i 1st started talking about it, people called me a liar. people tried to defame me, and now that we see it for what it actually is,
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innocence had been killed. majesty innocence, an innocent aid worker who was there trying to help because of a decision that they wanted to kill, that they were scared they were trying to hurt someone. no tactics haven't changed . i really think that the united states has lost her knowledge on how to conduct warfare. and it's now a business. they're not going to punish the people that make them money. they're just going to punish the people that are so the supposed enemies and the, the ones that they test this, munitions on who should be punished are the officers. they are the ones that should be held accountable if they said that there's a breakdown in communication, but that is mostly a lie. m, m must have been that there was there, there must been someone miscommunicating something or, but they have everything should be in a chat program. like it's not just a radio call instantaneous. you spin up your mess when you shoot. it takes like 5
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minutes to get ready to shoot a missile. so while the crew was preparing all the decision making should have already been made. and there should not have been a breakdown communication there. this was not an emergency situation. none was unders fire. no one was under duress, no one was under stress. and so they had all the time in the world to make a decision on whether to shoot or not. archie spoke with the victims, relatives within weeks of the deadly attack as they demanded an objective investigation. our special report on heard voices is presented in full on our website r t dot com. but here's an excerpt assault though the sandals belong to malika on the morning of the bombing, she came and kissed me and said, good morning father. it was her last meeting. i will never see her again. i just crossed the road and i heard an explosion. my daughter later told me that she saw
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a smaller craft, i dro, moving around in a circle which then fired and missile bout hitch or hold on. i turned to look at all that there was dust and smoke long ago. it was a terrible scene. i went in to my home on fun, my brother and a nephew. they were critically injured, but still alive and breathing while they later died in hospital. my brother and 9 others were killed in this horrific attack. my brother's daughter, who was soon to get married, also lost her life, as bob was maya, loved cosmetics. she likes painting her nails, but she like doles very much on the main coals of the instant was the american president planning this attack without any evidence and destroying our family? it was a catastrophe. i say, i says k lived in this house in this house, were these children members of isis a for next, a stupid thoughts without any proof, without any investigation. they attacked us and killed our children, and we will never forgive them. numerous us drone attacks have resulted in
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unintended deaths with more than 300 civilians killed in such straits and afghanistan since 2004. as, according to the bureau of investigative journalism brennan bryant again, reflects on the work of a military drone operator. there is no way that anyone who has ever done this job and sit there watching these people live their day daily lives. i cannot look at them and say, these are not people there. people because you go home and you go out into your own community and you see the same, keep same types of people doing the same thing. they're going to coffee shops there, go into bookstores, they're hanging out with their friends and family. there is no disconnect for a drone operator. there's so much connection. like if, if a drone operator were to go over there and to meet the people that they interact with. visually, they would probably have a emotional breakdown and cry because they would see these people are suffering and no different than themselves. and that we're perpetuating that suffering because of our actions. we're doing. a lot of our opponent has held
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a telephone conversation with british prime minister boris johnson with the situation in ukraine. a main highlight. the president also are urged immediate talks to create a global legal framework to stop nato's expansion towards russia's borders. ortiz correspond, and daniel hawkins has more. well, he talks between the u. k. prominence and russian president follows similar discussions between the presidents of russia and the united states just a few days ago. and the focus was very much the same ukraine and the tensions on the ukraine, russian border. and after this conversation, it is clear that differences do remain in terms of threat perception, ideas on where exactly the threat is coming from, and where the problems lie. the russian president pointed out ukraine's use of heavy weaponry and combat drones on the d more cation line. so i think that as a violation of them is protocols which of course should bid the presence of foreign
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troops in the break away by region and the use of heavy military weaponry on that location line of lottery. putin pointed out that this use of the weaponry as well as discrimination of russian speakers in ukraine or violations of the men's protocols. indeed, the biggest concern for the russian president was the increasing presence of nato military nato troops in ukraine, and indeed nato expansion. eastwards that is something that has been a concern for the russian president for russia, for a number of years and has often been a spanner in the works on improving relations between russia and the west for quite some time. this is a suggestion that flooded me and brought to the table in terms of resolving those concerns from both sides. fly them are put in stated the need to immediately begin negotiations with the aim of working out precise international legal agreements that would exclude and further nate expansion, east and the deployment of weapons threatening russia neighboring states,
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primarily in ukraine. now, the crime prime minister came up things of the thought, a different approach cooler than russia to reduce tensions from their own side. citing the importance of respecting ukraine's sovereignty and integrity. that, of course, that comes as a reference to the, let's build up a russian troops on ukraine is border. he did call for all okay, and respectful to miss protocols from both sides though, but it is clear from miss nathan differences do remain between how to resolve this ongoing crisis in terms of the good news. both leaders did agree that progress had been made on climate change. g suzette, the cult, 26 in glasgow. and did agree that collaboration between moscow and london is crucial to make progress on international issues. so at least some good news box there in the run up to christmas. oscar recently criticized the group of g 7 countries for a statement, warning, rush of severe consequences if it pursues it. suppose it military aggression
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against ukraine. russia should be in no doubt that further military aggression against ukraine would have massive consequences and severe coasts in response to presidents and shoot me as for the of a round of threats towards russia, warnings, all threats. we absolutely understand the position and that is no need to repeat it 10 times. we would like that position to be more balanced. but if we're talking about the need for the escalation, ukraine, we want to see coles for kit to stop the provocative activities on the demarcation line. western media and high ranking senior officials are alleging that moscow is planning and offensive on its neighbour of ukraine, citing russian troop movements near the ukrainian border. the kremlin has consistently denied these claims and notes that it can move its troops wherever it wants on its own territory. with the foreign ministry spokeswoman adding that ukraine is being militarized. but going even further, germany's foreign minister caught as stated that russia's newly completed gas
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pipeline nord stream to might not be given the green light in case of any escalation. earlier we spoke to karen can esal a and, and the former foreign minister of austria about many issues, including threats to block the pipeline. oh, there is a text that was written by the american and by the german government in july, in my reading. it's a rather unreadable text because it's very complex. and inter alia, it's mentioned if there is some sort of militarization of ukraine conflict, then the china government cool to reconsider sanctions. so it's very ambiguous the whole thing and nobody has a real definition. what is such a situation that the germans will go back to car to sanctions, or that, or the u. s. government, what you sanctions, there's a lot of our unilateral world threats around and the situation is
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a very ambiguous effect is that contract treaties have to be kept have to be preserved. and if ever, the what now start tool impedes the consortium of companies to make this pipeline operate if which is the expansion of an already existing pipeline than that would yield tremendous problems and, and has have a tremendous impact on german economy in general. because it would mean a complete loss of credibility in general. this always seems to be here a political will to block it. this political blow to pluck it has been rising. was president trump 20172018 because it had less to do with russian supply of gas to the europeans. that has always been the case. it had more to do with grating market for north american alan she again, it's more a politic a game and it's a risky game. busy than it really has to do with
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a fundamental loss of market economy, supply and demand demand ultimately comes from the consumer, which would be the voter. i mean, why would they want to spend more money on american gas when they can get it from russia? well, 3 times as cheap. exactly, this is one inspect and the other one is our gas storage is very tight. it's much below where it should be at this time of the year. there's even talk about temporary cap to balance of gas provision or even risk off of something like a black out. would you expect this nord stream to gas pipeline to go ahead sooner rather than later? because it sounds like it's needed, but politically, it's awkward. you're fully right. and if the terminal regulator that bond, again, tour would have continued its procedures as calculated still in september. and the deadline was 8th of january 2022 than the regulator said, no, that's a problem. that means that instead of meeting the deadline of eights of 10,
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or it might be if everything works smoothly, then april may, by april, may we don't have to same pressure on, on the gas provision. as we do have right now, it's most probably going to be a cold winter. we see as sequence of unit at ro, statements by different protagonists. whether it's mrs on the line with aids, president biden, whether it's different voices, and the german of parliament. and all that is, is not very helpful to say the least because all doors unit that was statements feeding the media. you have some german media which even publish a question plans and text plans even to which day the, the russian army is going to invade. i mean it's, it's really getting sarielle such a language was not present in the cold war days in the seventy's eighty's. maybe because we still had people in office who knew what war meant. unfortunately,
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we are in times of a decline of diplomacy, diplomatic practice. it's, we are in a world of unilateral statements post afforded. look at this armament of worse. i mean this terminology is, can cannot be continued as, as it has been the case over the last few weeks. the media should act in a more responsible way of quoting this, this john and paper debates which, which had this effect planets on still days. many people are very quiet to act in a, in a, in a, in a more responsible way. because the stakes are simply too high, i believe that those president put in and president biden are aware of the stakes. but there are many, many otherwise this mandates inside natal, whether it's inside ukraine prices who are making this unhelpful unit actual statements. and now a special report,
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the ones envoy to sudan says military leaders must rebuild trust with the opposition, especially younger people. many say they feel betrayed by october's coo and are rejecting any negotiations with the military. ortiz senior, corresponded more. i'd gazda of witness the 1000 strong protests in the capital of khartoum, and talk to people who say their dreams of a better life have been destroyed. the full version of an exclusive report is available on our youtube channel. but for now, here's a smaller part of the story. ah, she's cooled mina. like countless others. she's a beggar. she doesn't play with her friends or go to school. she spends her days begging outside the hotel. mina is just one of millions and saddam forced to beg to help feed herself and her family in these desperate times.
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and saddam, so a sick wounded disease by years of strife and disappointment, least wasn't what democracy promised. the fool of the dictator, omar al, by sheer and 2019, was supposed to harold, a new age for, for god, a transition to a democracy. but the democratic age of prosperity that millions hopeful has turned into an age of hunger. i'm not mad. i don't know if they're still hope to be honest. my oldest son now is finding something to eat and so much sleep. hello as everything that's happening, i just don't know. i don't care anymore. i just try saying something against the government. they'll label you and islamists are a former rating sympathizer, or a military supporter. in reality,
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all we want is to tell the government that we're hungry, that we have huge problems. people can't even go to school because of roadblocks or protests. after the revolution, the people put their faith that a man called abdullah ham doc, korea bureaucrats who promised as prime minister to lead the country to democracy. he won the hearts of millions only to break them. in october, the military intervene and what some have called a to it arrested prime minister ham dock in his cabinet. the argument was that they were running the country into the ground on the transition to democracy, needed a correction. the ham gulch cabinet of ministers included many with foreign citizenship. allegations of corruption were rife, ministers were accused of enriching themselves while spouting platitudes. about democracy. the prime minister has since struck a deal with the military. they now ruled jointly to the displeasure of the revolutionaries. then it lash at none of those. here we'll go to these protests. we
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protested then and we were betrayed. why would we protest again for him, for what? what will change? nothing. we will i t once and life only got glass. we will sit and wait for our deaths here. yet every week, hundreds, sometimes thousands, gather across, so darn and champ their demands, the freedom food or to meet him. what traditional thursday protest i now underway, ties a burning in central at all. this is how these protest happen. people gather and group several 1000 several 100. in this case, abs, i've written 50 people here. burning ties are the major intersection, or objectivist, of course, this rupture. they're charging now against the military government who they see as being responsible for their school. ah, the crowd, these schindler thousands. and we had seen many small columns,
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swarming in various neighborhoods before converging here. and what they all want is for power to be handed over by the military toys, civilian government. properly this time, without any acceptance, they bought the military. the step down many people here field, but trade by prime minister ham dot, who found that agreement with the military, giving up a lot of civilian bower to the military resistance committees of holland g, a groups across many neighborhoods which nominally help organized protests and run civilian life in practice, they increasingly hassle businesses or deny people, water will cooking gas if they so want asking them about it only got us the on, so they have in their booklets. so we've, we've spoken to people on some support, the resistance committees, other people say that resistance committees intimidate bullying, scare people. but you would, you have to say about that. i,
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can they scan whatever ice people that just ordinary civilians. they're not related to the military for intelligence agencies. all they do is how quick hogan i zation and dialogue, no matter who we are. of people weren't about to speak about the resistance committees on camera. they were fearful like this hard enough at ease, tragically ironic democracy activists have morphed into what they so hated ham docs . army some pulled themselves twisted version of the secret police, but once enforced. a dictator's rule ah, here on the outskirts of come to leave some of the most impoverished and the city people who survive on one meal every 23 days who drink water that is barely fit for capital. who were on the front lines of the revolution and who the revolution
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entirely passed by. and so, sir, dawn remains in wretched stasis chain didn't hunger frozen by corrupt and self serve in elite, and held together by a military bent on preventing collapse. ah, and now it's time for some world news updates. oh, for testers gathered outside the u. k. parliament in london to vent their anger against coven passports and other restrictions as they called for prime minister boris johnson to resign. there's outrage over him and other officials, apparently throwing parties, despite having imposed strict measures against public gatherings. more than 100 people are feared dead after devastating tornadoes ripped through other through parts of the u. s. over the weekend in the city of mayfield, kentucky. over
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a 100 people were trapped inside a collapsed factory building, 8 of them died and the same number are still missing. instruction was also reported in arkansas of missouri, tennessee, and illinois. okay, prosecutors say the wife of a u. s. diplomat charged with killing a teenager will face criminal proceedings after all, and cyclists fled to america. after her car collided with motorcyclist harry dunn outside the pentagon, military base and central england, our correspondent, shoddy edwards dashti, has more. well, it's been over 2 years now since harry don lost his life. but now the family are a step closer to justice. that's his answer. clueless. the women accused of killing harry done is due to face criminal proceedings here in the united kingdom early next year. so the 44 year old wife of a u. s. diplomat fled to the united states claim this diplomatic community shortly
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after the incident that happened on the 27th of august of 2019. she was late to charge with causing death by dangerous driving. but an extra addition request to face the justice system here in the united kingdom was refused. now that refusal initially was made final by the trump administration and later reaffirmed by president joe biden. so it's a monumental moment for the done family who say they're feeling incredibly emotional and overwhelmed. charlotte done, his mother has read relentlessly. campaigning full such a moment to cobb. in fact, she says all she ever wanted is for answer coolness to face the justice system. here in the united kingdom, so that time will now come as the case will be heard at westminster magistrates court on january the 18th. next year, we believe and synchronous will be appearing via video link. and we also have a statement from the crown prosecution service that says, well, the challenges and complexities of these case is now known. we remain committed to securing justice in this matter. but of course, this is a long time coming now,
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especially as there's been various twists and turns to this story earlier this year . in fact, of emerged the answer as was working for the intelligence at the time. now that would fundamentally change the principles of this diplomatic immunity, which diplomatic community, by the way, has been controversial from the get go less. it was a legal loophole which has now been closed under a revised agreement between the united kingdom and the united states. as the answer coolest herself, latest position, her latest public position is that she is currently apologetic, has accepted responsibility for the accident. as i say, this is a huge of moment for harry don. family, all they've ever wanted is to see this moment when an secluded faces the justice system here in the united kingdom. because what they have always argued that till this justice only then they will be able to grieve, democratic party,
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alarm bells ringing in the key state of florida after republicans overtook them for the 1st time and modern history per number of registered voters and the next and with next year's crunch, mid term elections looming, democrats are now wondering how to reverse their historic slide as ortiz, caleb marketing reports simply a matter of mathematics. for the 1st time in modern history, the republican party has more registered voters in florida than the democratic party does. now, local democratic party leaders are at this point, reacting, realizing that something seems to be very wrong. of course, this price will not be easy, but it's about so much more than any $1.00 of us. and there's florida democrats. we have lost so many times that donors and ponders have given up on us. now florida's governor de santis gave a statement celebrating these new numbers, saying that this shows that the residents of his state reject government control
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from the democratic party and value liberty as put forward by his administration in florida and by the republicans. now at this point, there is a fear on the part of some figures within the democratic party in florida. the national donors to the democratic party is rational, as well as national party leadership will at this point, consider florida to simply be a red state. they'll consider it to be last territory and, and not really work on fighting for voters in this very important state that has generally been considered a swing state and us presidential elections. it's not as if floridians can't be swayed one way or the other. we need more coordination with the national party. now this comes amid a drop in the approval ratings of us present, joe biden, at this point, the approval rating of joe biden, when it comes to handling the vital issue of inflation, is pretty low, only 28 percent of american say he's doing a good job only 54 percent within his own party. and when it comes to the handling
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of coven 19, while he still maintains a 53 percent approval rating. that number has dropped 10 percent since july. now at this point, joe biden's approval ratings have been continuing to drop back in march. he was 20 points higher in terms of approval with the u. s. public than he is now. many wonder what the implications could be as the mid term congressional elections are less than a year away. that's the news for this, our stick around and just about another 30 minutes for your world news headlines. ah ah, ah. ah,
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all central banks, all banks, small, unfair bible committees, under a viable centers of our, our to run some of them are very corrupt. some of them are extremely around here in el salvador. their money system is completely absent depending corruption because it's only dealing towards the pure monetary premium and truth of bitcoin. and on top of that, been rock of true, you can build a fantastic country. the fantastic culture for is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere?
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direct? what is true? walk this way. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah ah .


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