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acknowledge has never been so readily available to everyone across the globe, but overwhelmed by information. can we distinguish the real signs from the one being imposed upon us? we're living in a world where there are many people who have a vested interest in fighting information, fighting scientific evidence, and discrediting even the notion that science could provide the truth about the natural world in the pursuit of business goals. launch corporations, a challenge strongly by scientific evidence if you're emotionally invested and free markets, then climate change is a serious emotional threat because dealing with it means we have to change our approach to business industries or on the war bond attempting to debunk legitimate science by producing new evidence in science fighting science. that's how even runs his manufacture, their attention only seeking to the rail science rolling using fire against the cell.
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move when else so seemed wrong. i just don't hold any world yet to see out is the, becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will support. we choose to look for common ground. ah, push the weight sold again, madness gale. say the meaning co you thought like was like what is sacred as a breaking that you put in on your plate and it's like, you saw a sort of context right in there. right? yeah. wait and 1st place to spring. i want to play a role in helping to raise the awareness of the american people about
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the impact of these drugs called sugar on b mental and physical well being of our communities. don't say i'm addicted. faster, william. the more of an dome in coats at mount in in baptist church and clinton, maryland are so in coca cola and the american beverage association writers do this . the war had moved to the courtroom. dillman coats dared to sick the law on the coca cola corporation with we know that the consumption of sugar in these products exceed the american heart association. what are you asking for from coca cola? well, what do you want this company? we want coca cola to in their deceptive marketing practices. they have spent
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$120000000.00 in 5 years between 201-2015 falsely advertising the product. the multi national retaliated by accusing the pastors of freedom of speech violations, and after suing for legal expenses, a threat with several $1000000.00. coca cola now demands that the case be dropped ah, coca cola statement. the allegations here are likewise legally and factually merit las and we will vigorously defend against them. the allegations are the coca cola misled consumers about the science of sugar sweetened beverages because several of their executives went out in the press and made statements like there is no link between sugar sweeten beverages and diabetes. and we know that is not the
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case with whenever the soft drink industry is in the dark, it adopts the same line of defense. a explains, you're basically if you didn't always, yeah, it's for lemma dirty. him one of the factorial complete whole or sort of carriers at our thought i didn't. it was unit dental ballpark on what was the rhetoric is so smooth that it seems like a broken record, repetitive b. okay. and i just want some research shows, you know, have shown a link between the conception of sugar beverages and obesity. why did you answer to that? come up there on time they are meant the lowest, he adds them, throw them out completely multi factorial. you didn't answer questions and we met different researchers and many of them compare of the fight against consumption of sugar, beverage to the fight of tobacco. what do you answer to them?
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a mother him with for over 20 years, the soft drink industry has denied any link between its products and disease. to maintain the illusion it employs all sorts of methods. since 2015 coca leaks has revealed that the lobby puts pressure on journalists, keeps discredit on studies. it dislikes finances, favorable research, and hub knobs with political leaders. to ensure those results contact was established within the senate. we will actively campaign to register that a off during tax is discriminatory, regressive, and will not address the challenge of obesity. we have commissioned the economic institute to complete a study which will prove inefficiency of such tax. it will be ready in 15 days, which will give us another tool to communicate both to the media and to avoid it. gains ground within the party or new york times from here. so long. get
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a hold of me. jasmine, several different cook cook echoed outfit ivy. the policy cleansing, do not know city better now. yeah. it is as wish as shown, spotty, maybe get imprinted on the number. i think this is on jacked mine the sugary drinks fast foods causing all these health problems. i mean look at that which is. ready look, the times revealed that between 2008 in 2015, steve player had received over 3 and a half $1000000.00 in research funding from coca cola. a pointed to serve as scientific expert by the city and county of san francisco. dean shillinger must untangle the truth from falsehood. when we did the analysis of the studies, we found that every study that found that there was no association between sugary beverage consumption and will be seen. diabetes was funded in some way by the
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industry. whereas among all the studies that found that there was an association between the consumption soda and sugary beverages that will be seen diabetes except for one were independently funded. so we now know and there's other evidence that industry has been i'm influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment to create controversy over the question of whether their products cause disease. mm hm. the junk food industry is cornered all over the globe activists are demanding tighter legislation to protect consumers. the battle has now become political. ah, in the 30 years since warning labels and other forms of regulation were placed on tobacco over 1000000000 of lives have been saved. thanks a that's
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a pretty good day at the office for people who make policy ah malia cohen and one of her fellow supervisors have made san francisco the 1st u. s. city to declare war on sugary sodas. when people realize how much sugar they are consuming in one can of soda, they stop and they think. so we had testimony right here in this chamber of doctors of nurses, a researchers that talked to us about the effects of sugar in our body. and it was through these ongoing dialogues for years that we came up with the idea to began to tax sugary beverage as long imposing a tax is virtually revolutionary in the united states. the industry rage, it's ads pitched the line that the government was interfering with grocery shoppers,
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leading a family is difficult enough in today's economy. now some politicians want the government telling me how i should do it. they want to put new taxes on a lot of groceries. i bought the beverage. a sugar beverage industry came out. they hired lawyers, they hired lobbyists, they found people within the community to come out and say, please don't tell us what to eat or what to drink. this is not a nanny state, we want to make decisions on our own. they spent millions of dollars. as a matter of fact, the out spent us almost $6.00 to $1.00. give me a break and i can decide what to buy without government help. the government is just getting to involved in our personal lives, tell the candidates government lease to to rummage, but public health advocates were able to mobilize citizen protests against the recalcitrant industry. we're going away, this bad doctors and politicians lining up outside of san francisco city hall framing the sugar sweetened beverage debate. as the people versus big soda, we no longer can sit back and let the big soda industry target and hurt our
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community. mm. mm. the tax was finally voted in that the victory was better. when san francisco moved to require health warnings on soda containers, like the ones on cigarettes, the soft drink lobby, sued once again and one on appeal. mm. the warning labels were shelved. a same method had been used in new york city when mayor michael bloomberg suggested a law limiting the size of jumbo soda sold and restaurants. bloomberg was marked as a scolding nanny and the courts ruled in the industries favor. ah, in this face off between corporate freedom and consumer protection, freedom once again seemed to be the private property of the most powerful. i
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represent a part of san francisco that was immigrate people. people who speak english as a 2nd language. people who live in subsidized housing, public housing, tenements and the one thing that we all had in common was that we were dying from preventable diseases dying. and you know, i was just really hard to accept and it seemed like people didn't care. the industry didn't care, they continued to target their money and resources to get people addict it so that they become
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wealthier. the. so what brings me to this entire conversation is that i don't want it to where people to die. and if it means changing policies, changing, educating people for that, they're aware of the choices that they have and bringing more choices to people than that's what i'm about. that's what i'm fighting for. and we can at least sit by and let them kill us. so that's why i am about 3 with a
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we suite in the world died because the market no longer were growing in europe in the us. so coke and pepsi and all the clones, all the local companies that do the same thing, exploded and marketing in the lower middle income countries. mexico was the 1st country to be colonized by these agribusiness conquerors for driven by dreamer shaped banks per cent. of those with theirs sinks, we dare to ask with
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to day 73 percent of the population is obese or overweight. 10 percent have diabetes, which has become the primary cause of death, doesn't shut. the middle is to make you compass. i would guess throw up us hung up
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for the continuous for it because we always had them grew up with the sugar imperialist, attacked one of mexico's greatest treasures. it's cuisine valued by unesco as part of our world. heritage echoes from all their fruit as she bare luda schedule during the present. it goes from willie for the whole guy, join, been daniel seen, went apportioned, and got those daniels and go some will they be, vs has got us because you're pointing to portion and making me johnny made you, they belong to the winter. they. vivia says, look at others, they call me the chip, them as soon as he dos young case. can you mean that by that loss, handles it up with each mexican drinks a whopping $144.00 quarts of soda per year. on the average, a world record is really junk food,
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imperialism where, you know, big western countries going, spreading their junk throughout the world. and obviously they've been welcomed with open arms. it's cheaper than stacy convenient. what's not to like a, at the corner grocery store, an apple costs more than a bottle of coke with less and less and less endorse the ask it when i say to my c by maybe it was part of the sand. so the do those little you meant to study your knowledge. they love yet that me he got ah see to meet us on my back. what is where can yonah embossed young jerry doughty al dallas bay ma thank at his keen at dell of the analyst. better saw naz parcels, van mass, depth units of paula that said west that either somehow their own app colo nissan yarn. and he meant the idea ah, in
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a country that elected a former coca cola executive to the presidency challenging the food industry might appear to be impossible, but not for alejandro kellyville. you just have to pay for it. i forget that. yeah, i salute for mr. frank estate, it's in body shop, hold. if you go to provincial middle richey, doug junker, the other good. the web not going to be bigger than he showed up with other vehicles, but i was head of a small consumer advocacy group. alejandro castillo organized the resistance. he found a precious ally within the health ministry itself. simon by kara, a researcher and nutrition aiyona gala interest doesn't b, c on it. so they did is ella settled either la paula on elian, that is economy, who is going to win los altos for cook, then i will let us on it took 11 years of fierce
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struggle battling sensors who rejected clip after clip before the researcher and the activist finally succeeded in taxing sodas and junk food in mexico. it was the 1st so to tax in north america. he is top us, i do them want your book. it, you know, see it is all sinus said a mustard out. whenever i look soon in a causal more they baby us will get us in michigan, michigan into middle know it by soul. they sit in the middle know, acquired total radical somewhat of asks encouraged by the success of the tax 20 associations, joined the effort led by cal video and bow, kara amanda nutritional labeling system. and they also hoped to raise the tax from 10 to 20 percent. but apparently these demands were unacceptable to mysterious nameless opponents.
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you're receive humans or can we deliver? no one is a may say, even you know, league, joy sick, leak in this julio. he me or would your love by hiena, they loved ones, he palate from natalia. they make equal in those as joint endears hook on when i'm in nasa. seamen doing here it is a little bit of a mika dulness. it entailed them always to go. is dumb. will get abbey in a low speed does. is he kiddos estate a days yet only inc. simon, your daughter is just had an accident. it is very serious. come quickly, she has been taken here. if she can pick, sorry, am more chal than me familiar, and was way, way of way. they're leaving. simon, you fool. while you're at work, i sleep with your old lady. here's the photo. last telephone, the same, the,
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i don't know you sent on on dos. he is in love the ink on that. i don't good i will he stay most to knocking big assholes probably got up all night and put his hat if i leak as he or my in the show room, he came in. this was his, they must, i lose will be ups. don't go. viola penalties have only come in the but our competitor gleam in oregon. the saddle symbolical style. did you sandal and gone through and with that, he said would, i mean did, but i was, i mean for the machine ally endorsed to him all drill specialness this digital pull that doris in barcelona. i stuck going to school. mrs. con bottex young. ah, police are still trying to identify the suspect, who sent these threatening text it was to level of viciousness was way beyond what they've done before they attacked
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us in the media. they attacked was 2 other scholars, but they had never done something to threaten our children to threaten our families, to, to what they did in mexico. that was a new level of attack. ah, in the end, the tax increase failed. and the bottled mineral water, veronica buys at the corner store costs more than a bottle of soda. ah, [000:00:00;00] with the revolution came from a country at americas southern tip chile. despite the fact that for 30 years it has
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been the darling of free market enthusiasts. the anti obesity movement is led by a senator. for years he has been fighting to dislodge his people from their rank as 3rd world wide in overweight and obesity. if he thought he handled the or, you know, the hope you don't go get it, i'll be, i will give us a year and a for this and put a fabulous in more than you can if you got your net. i mean, nasa, i see on this, but up, see not we want you are going to be more to you know what the new meal contractor, traditionally before it was like in the past several years. senator guido gerardi, a former pediatrician has attracted the industries ire. he has been a fearless crusader in public health protection. first, he braved millionaire president, sebastian can years official veto. then he had to overcome the industry's campaign
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to denigrate him. finally, the law passed in 2016. it was the type of bon agribusiness dreads most. a he will have until the middle, the single colony that is to us. however, if in it law, j, a law simpler which permit and are happy with us, i will see them. we'll just kind of see that in which a fancy dinner mucho saucy. they will chuckle you, it'll be, like i said, it's a one dos you know, shuttle to new york just when you're say sun you want in your face on your vehicle . brenda. the philosophy of i out there a fee here. went down on it. and, you know, lisa lincoln brown in with, went to 3 of them,
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were looking at the international go this year. there certainly saw glossy. yes or not. i live that is look at that goes away. the boy elemental. wow. you know, we want to get an what, hello, look, way than a pool. you sell it in a shown, put a nice about it. you know, i saw that thing. i want to see another. you should not more than a police any internet, no point. there was no point in to just no way than it again to for to see that you're not with us into winter. but like i said in your classroom to set you up with a policy and yourself. good a little. when all of the new unit bought those in the bathroom, now they just will creep on us for this. we're the if in signing tejeda for what mean you want me to have someone had been offered us for kit. who them, in abortion up in you are your boy so they will go from pursuer. we looked at them
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in the industry argued that the legislation would be ineffective and would penalize the poor that only 2 years after it went into effect. a virtuous circle formed a formula about killing both dental. have you have it? i think the government in policy let our down because saw the lumber. howard. i saw that elaine will see, i mean, melissa giving a formal allow your little boy, i see people going through some i guess i think you love it with in that same 18 months, we saw 25 percent reduction in purchases of sugar re beverages and show it that unprecedented,
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and we're seeing large reductions and all the ultra process junk food as well. mm hm. that is the 1st time we've seen the glimmer of a country that might change the norms toward healthy eating to lay in food revolution has inspired action and neighboring countries. peru has instituted the same labels and uruguay is about to do so. and dramatically, mexico is joining the new president and congress have just passed new legislation requiring the same kind of labeling chilly feels he went by your job on the other side of the atlantic. the contrast is striking. europe's nutri score labeling is fairly timid compared to the black labels and chilly. only a few countries have adopted it and it is not even mandatory or is any duty vehicles of latent history? i would say there was system that does it, we,
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it was actually them all i did it completely possible or hybrid because i'm ya know, are looking for on fishy jack. there will be at walking riders live soon shoe. so another winning strategy for corporate interests in germany has been to play the role of allies and the fight against obesity. in this commercial produced by a supermarket chain promises a commitment to promoting healthy foods to help children make their dreams come true. but is it really wise to trust the industry? ah, for i know villa and if i could respond and he put it as crazy and soon amulet of deutschland, so deeply take their disney vom yet as associate offered to see about us. and as it was, it was to not to ent does the same garden, but i still live in soon saw which whitley has does had him to go in. the dusty village huffed amana and his ash darkened lobby,
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and our talent had as much hastily shouldn't cousin emma not a hug of edwin at schools on tightly her belong on. i am the german government counts on the industry's realty, to regulate itself. it does not impose either taxes on sugary beverages or restrictions on advertising and just try toes until it's exposed to you and mention media. it has been met on mitzy hyde ohio, and this has come out with
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. ready ah ah, all central banks, all banks, all unfair bible committees on verifiable centers of our, our to run. some of them are very corrupt. some of them are extremely around here in el salvador. their money system is completely absence of any corruption because it's only dealing towards the pure monetary premium and truth of bitcoin. and on top of that bedrock of trip, you can build a fantastic country that fantastic culture. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. the only personally i'm going to resist, i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very difficult time time to sit down and talk ah, pentagon says that it won't hold any one liable for a botched drones striking. cobble that killed 10 civilians including 7 children and form a u. s. military drone pilot told us of his frustration about the decision to see that nothing has changed, even when it's blatantly out in front of everyone's face. how we operate and no one is being held accountable like we've been talking about this for 10 years now. and angry scenes and demands for the british prime ministers arrest all over his plans for dealing with the only chronic cove at variance. even centurion thies though have compared the pm's proposals to nancy germany i'm all the west


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