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ah, so so, so much so much. so with the facility to play one, be some continued ashley heights and infinity dash the one with our vs will be on and told me for my language by emilia lee, bob dylan, which model had a i love the mom, a hockey, my thought the homeowners wildly heavy i was ha, ha, be those you either me now there was other gods, but these are
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a lot had up and just wanna be hard to hear a month ago. but i had the, oh the, but i'm a bad little company, mother. i'm for columbia. why that, that georgia, lucy dawson, i'm gonna have yellowstone in our della sadie. stuff couldn't was up a lot, but he couldn't learn from somebody and i'm yeah, more to be solely you know, home maybe more hot or measure laughlin healthier from another bit for love, a few minutes a dealer to shed. and when i said, well yeah, you know, was i had a vehicle when i guess the shuttle and the sewer listed off for about a year, a studio turbo ah with mm hm. yeah. and also with the
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a gyms or more kind of an actor. so that gives of your health a helpful comfortable for the si se via a bomb shows a year with them to set aside. well. so we found to be show the anesthesia on cuz i feel with a can am a diamond out of letting you know, with, with a, with a 3 watson, either with
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a high level field or any with a 270 already on because it does, i don't do it, i look, but it does that. i took it and i think that a for the something that almost a decade. yeah. well yellow, a town and must matter. bay nasty law has jo, physician a a,
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a, a, a, a let them be the only one that had been a put up she born union with dana. my give me a shout. if we'd be dropped, can i help you with your model? them a lot to both of us to be another bottle too much from like the excel sheet on when i'm thought about what my video so a sorry, sorry. so the few comments with
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them on so i think that is how does she any so called so a how does she and i only saw a consent that i'm talking about was just sort dano and i've been bent portal and he said that my think self a lot of a our i'm a been kind of a short i don't want a law. who else to look with on i define the i would deny me a was a clear yeah. me a little you can assume to cook.
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i can when actually a with one of these and the mother of and to have these and pick it up or what i can look a b wise man a dr.
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joe, with wow, i mean, or a moment i will a, a, a
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a hyphen then with the highlight of i was on that. i don't watch a lot that will happen. and as i human had let is all on not a full essay i that id been on as i knew not land has involved. no one about this on that i was about how that goes. i wake up. i had that ugly as la are on the exam, but this a mom been his, i'm out the balance of the whole and i don't on 9 to mean not on the body is so to you by then i do wanna and how do you like i'm not doing a demo with
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a find a mac and by the way, nasty, no initial we any to see about last i i, i need don't on the phone on there, but then i can number, they gave me a call back. they bought a, a a bye. i sent over yesterday. if not i'll have them picked it up on my car in for tonight the fam can hi,
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paulette and han has somehow come home. i live with my then kathy said she home and are there by then it's a shift alone or a scotland and for sure for it's going on more i will not. i can i then i had the hasn't had them. awesome. and hong is only her son. hallo. so i thought when i had them, i'm a sunday. heck. and if it gets under the whole lot, one lot in the, in the sitting there saw stuff which is, well i can
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said there was a know for counter nickel and open up see was done. you should just on the beat a mac on my phone. i had that i was somebody out of our blues. it was at the shift of all fuckin, missouri, jani at martha, rob, i thought a saw up command fina on it or can or told what they had to do and have a debit. that'll come on the bottle bullshit. emailed her the she can she, sheila, yourself go on and on the start because not found. okay. miss sorta, you have to definitely help. oh, i'm sorry. mm
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hm. i wish you shut it off and i'm with people. i love lazy on with this with a yeah, mot, they'll let you know. let's just go on a nevada
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with him about that info on that as well. so he's on administrator can speak just hold on. mm hm. yeah. it's other than the highest all about our team, about how many to list off it. they've come on it, but i know i'm always out on a sort of help with a a, a,
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a, [000:00:00;00] a, [000:00:00;00] a blue right now. there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. is profitable to sell food. that is fatty and sugary and salty and addicted . it's not at the individual level,
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it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change this obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment. mm hm. what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's called with ah, naomi says and i am ah,
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a a, a the a palace mine a mean. just gotten to learn how to static my father. i had the i had, had, muff has got america in the background and how begin not
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a stomach mount hobby in or oh, not that christy bach. any. a a semi mad. that means you feel betty at the studio and i think i can work on the for me. okay. buddy, mist walk and it has human thought that the one was about the a. yeah. i know. i said, i mean i oh, in the hope like on of the a minute here now and the atlanta spin us, not the lights or finance and i had little up. the magic was cush had it. i know
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them, i like it. oh um how it in with other why not giving us a b sag as you had the back and i had to check with my dad a c r a. is it the bob la, la, buddy, a chicken dame and the cool thing may done so 40 pound has you? honestly believe me. so if you monkey it a month,
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a month, is there a particular shoes in beacon? i mean most who have to have a good, i'm a seller, i left a ah with a half other that allows me the most
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has of masada i love to the foreigner and none of soleah nor fee. i'm not sure why that was i'm so selling this house on this, i found that the zip is on a month and a half hour and it's half my income as our form in canada. he has had the lead that didn't sell them. i can fit them, sit outside of that in real life. oh, in militia to live mosacco, georgia lake and connecticut. and i know your local mac, my mac, got a bed up among the younger normally had to hear the longitude by with the song car father. how here, mr. know, he, i from the internet. why did you and i had as she could mark. no, could among dennis? no, no. good. my name is jill sean bassoon been
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a long time or a and medina that he, i come out to say, do, dad is a live body. i studio had our goal was to a more thoroughly admin at that. he ella dina, on them a ah, give access to solve it that you do inside the mom or not, but in a sort a little bit about loudly a model for have been i also think the highest for food so all right,
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now i left hand to put on that have been what kind of the food what is it but i had to buy with a lot of things. sure. awesome. how long of how long to slough miss. la. hm. this helps to be off the door for sure. for you a bit and i want to get with you on a and a be standing behind any sharlena now, but all the while a company will achieve the heidi and a honda i'm becky can't see undo
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it is t w i had the muslim anthem, i had came here weapons to have that in a black hole with get me to look at it, but i could be a bit on what the gun might a little before with i'm how will end up that about that amendment mccully. i think i'm sure as i'm already and so i don't know lana for a minute. i'm a bit of not, but i am a tele facility on canada, ga how much was he had all the had them be in a have them yeah. like you had the mom with the amount of come the subway them. it was on the one a how and it comes in. so he do a company in missouri. hernandez are just hobby and they are
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a little anti, had it. danny mckinney could been up for home, but at the math that she jumped was or been amounted on the pony feet that he called out of that little may. danny below bill payton and had a phone interview. we had to look we should because i have been, we knew mother min amphlett law firm working that our for president is that with home at the end of the year that be no big affinity at the mill. honestly not our burden for with that other law shall die and i will, i can ham dilemma them. they stop to be a, she won't, has a machine further fees or pays law. how would it's law firm for mr. had this family infinite and i didn't need this one. i've been talking to them
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on the, in the, on and off the and that if this had a late for me, that be with lisa angela. that other than that i said, are you not in the scene? are you how would one of the school into a better has a lot of my grandmother cannot learn a melody said a and the bessie at that not to be grandmother to. so he, william horner, assess for the mother, get theater, kind of torn about bella. now i've done manase along a snap. leave a soda. ah,
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an empty heidi cannot see a feed up female a loudly a b i have. i have a little confused a huh? lee came up with gonna weigh again. that is the whole flemish way, the coffee county level. i can hardly hear them now to welcome
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bye bye bye. at my hello bob with a quote with us. this is a loss with him. i wish you had me love him, maybe help me with those. you have a bond with the mob over by canada,
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and there were less than a bill or less any doug? hey, can you when you hey, we'll economically. i'm ready. i'm ready. who left us a, a b, blue london love polls, particularly when polls further
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a certain political agenda. when polling has a check her history as of late the last 2 election cycles tell us as much, should we put much stock into polling anymore. if so, then why scientific knowledge has never been so readily available to everyone across the globe, but overwhelmed by information. how can we distinguish the real science from the one being imposed upon us? we're living in a world where there are many people who have a vested interest in finding information, finding scientific evidence, and discrediting even the notion that science could provide the truth about the natural world in the pursuit of business goals. large corporations, a challenge strongly by scientific evidence if you're emotionally invested and free markets, them climate change is a serious emotional threat because dealing with that means we have to change our
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approach to business industries are on the war bond attempting to debunk legitimate science by producing new evidence in science writing science. that's how ignorant says manufactured their attention only seeking to the rail science rolling using sy itself ah, for headline stories this, our russia vas red cell ation after germany expels. busy to diplomats accusing the kremlin of ordering a murder on german soil 2 years ago. moscow dismisses the claim has brought us for the future that you plan to drop all long term natural gas contracts. after a 2049,


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