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and ah, join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah, with russia vows retaliation after germany expels to diplomats accusing the kremlin of ordering a murder on german soil 2 years ago, moscow dismisses the claim as baseless a frosty future. the you plans to drop all long term natural gas contracts after 2049, despite concerns that much vaunted green alternatives won't be able to meet european energy needs and jailed for trying to protect young girls. denmark's former immigration minister gets 2 months behind bars for separating
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refugee child brides from their husbands. we debate the issue if they've been valid, married in another country, then that is not for us to split them up on the basis if they don't comply with lee the laws in that country. what we've done now is we've created 2 societies, probably who's the society to be immigrants, what they have the rules. and then it's a society for essentially the white people who have that rules. ah, to am here in the russian capital and you're watching r t international. my name's donald quarter. welcome to the program. moscow says it will retaliate after germany throughout 2 of its diplomats and summoned the russian ambassador on wednesday and comes after a berlin court convicted a russian citizen of murder. the presiding judge stated that moscow ordered the
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2019 killing of a georgia national and the german capital acclaimed the kremlin fiercely denies our european correspondent peter oliver can tell us more. the courtier in berlin ruled there to well sentenced vadim kasey cove to life, imprisonment for his role in the murder of zaman hunger. surely back in august of 2019 anguish really was shot dead in a central berlin park in provide and hunting down that sentence. the court said that the killing had been carried out at the behest of the russian government. this is something that moscow has denied since the arrest was made of cassock cove. now it prompted analynn burbock, the new german 4 ministers to summon the russian ambassador to the foreign ministry here and which she told him, but swell to rush and diplomats would be being declared. persona non grata. these are much in startling mass murder on behalf of the state as determined that quite a day represents
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a serious violation of german law and of germany sovereignty. the russian ambassador wasn't formed that to members of the diplomatic step of the russian embassy were being declared undesirable. while maria's account of her spokesperson for the russian foreign ministry in moscow is said that there would 100 percent be a reaction to the expulsion of these diplomats moscow again maintains they had nothing to do with the murder of hun. gosh, really now, he was a georgia passport holder of chechen descent and was wanted in russia on tara challenges. he was here in germany with asylum status now he'd be wanted in moscow and connection believe to be directly responsible for the killing of almost 100 people in russia's north caucus region. he was also understood to be part of the planning for the 2010 moscow metro suicide bombings. now speaking more about this, the russian ambassador to add to germany said that the evidence that was presented by the prosecution and the timing of this announcement were all politically
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motivated. the absurd thesis about the involvement of the russian federation in biscuit was never confirmed by convincing evidence to accept pseudo investigations and unsubstantiated statements of the biased media, such as belling, cat. an insider and other speculations is at least strange. the time chosen for the announcement of the verdict is hardly accidental. obviously, some one is interested in overshadowing the dialogue between russia and the new german government. as yet to be amazing, not even a phone call yet between all r sholtes, the new german chancellor and russia's president vladimir putin. an awful lot to talk about as relations between moscow and berlin are strained at the moment between the future of the nord. busy stream to gas pipeline, the ongoing situation regarding ukraine, and now the hun gosh, really case, certainly going to be a lot to discuss when those 2 leaders finally get in contact. we discussed the issue with the former greek ambassador to canada. he thinks berlin is taking its
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lead from washington. i would be less diplomatic than the russian or busted the written in berlin was. i have the impression that berlin is receiving instructions from washington on this issue. oh must not forget that washington has expelled very many russian diplomats and we must almost take. we went sullivan was taken to consideration that 2 days ago to berlin stopped the pipeline, which shows a berlin is going to follow instructions from washington to be tough on, on, on moscow. because i don't think that them germany would, would like at such a critical, a face to create such an issue with, with russia. but of course, germany needs a washington's support job,
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particularly these are you covered with now. as part of the use push to go green and consign fossil fuels to history, the european commission has suggested an end to all long term natural gas contracts . after 2049, they use sam, electricity, gas, and hydrogen networks filled with planned and developed in may integrated manner. avoiding locked in nonstandard assets and long term gas contracts should not extend by 2049. or the e. u energy commissioner went on to warn of the risks to europe. scow supplies, if particularly cold winters like this one are seen. european energy prices have surged since autumn. jo, due to market fall volatility, risking more than 6 times compared to a rising more than 6 times compared to the same period. last year. europe's largest gas supplier, russia has repeatedly spoken in favor of long term deals saying they bring much
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needed stability subs. no good if i knew that the students, if they made mistakes, we talked about this with the previous european commission or of its activities were aimed at containing long term contracts for gas supplies, giving priority to exchange trading. and it turns out this policy was wrong rusher is ready to work to stabilize the world energy market. but this activity should be built on a commercial basis. taking into account the interests of old buttons happens. and electricity bills in europe are skyrocketing along with the price of natural gas in spain. they're approaching in all time high despite government assurances to bring rates back to 2018 levels. the cost of a megawatt hour is expected to be $7.00 times higher than last december. and electricity bills in spain, in november. we're up 50 percent compared to the year earlier. people across the country are feeling it in their pockets. mental economy. uh well it valerie's mm. hm, and it changes every tune, but if you have a salary that only cover certain things,
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it affects you and everything else. if you have 500 euros and spent a 100 on electricity, you barely have anything left over. what are people going to do? you live in the if i were in cherokee, i would eat people in government a low salary and see how the quote is very low. julius reached this level because no one regulates it or good. glad albert gay. of course, if you pay a lot for electricity and charge you climb to low price, it's effect he a lot. if you charged lions 15 euros and you have to pay rent, electricity cetera, what do you have left being so we're struggling to make ends meet, but hopefully things will be fixed good. the reason i gave them spoke with independent journalists to luke, prevail. he thinks the decisions coming from brussels are only making the energy crisis worse unit would be completely crazy if they decided to suppress long term contracts for gas or to trying to suppress gas b, a fossil fuel, you know, to, to be discarded. this is wrong. why?
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because they choose their renewables, wind energy, and solar energy. these are intermittent. so if you're billed when turbines you need to st capacity in gas turbines, when there is no wind, they will take over. so you absolutely need gas. if you bet on renewables, everybody understands that a long term contract brings you better prices over a long term and stability. it's the same for gas prices. i mean, the price of gas now all the spot market in europe is incredibly high. is it what europe wants? is it what mrs. fall, the lane ones, we would be crazy to go that way. completely crazy. so this is really something which is trying to enjoy moscow. a clash of cultures has seen, denmark's ex immigration minister jailed finger stolberg was to sentenced to 2 months behind bars for illegally separating refugee couples. back in 2016,
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under danish law couples can marry from the age of 18, but during the migrant crisis, girls as young as 15 years of age who had legally married in their home countries arrived in denmark. that minister ordered the young wives to be separated from their husbands. a danish court ruled that that was unlawful as the decision was made without consideration of individual circumstances. mr. berg says she was only trying to protect children and has no regrets. yes, may i have? i see it. yeah, i can only see that i am very, very surprised by this bird dick. and it is as it were, the only scenario i had not prepared for before. well, because i thought it was completely unrealistic. mean, but here we are, and i take my punishment and they do it without bending my neck. oh no. oh boy, an argona said her notable to little. no, there is nothing over that. so i mean, simply one has a moral and compassionate obligation to protect the girls, and that was what i did. we heard from our guests on whether the danish foreign
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ministers actions were warranted is absolutely justified what she did. just think of the morality of a country that says that it's wrong to separate people in the case where one of them is a child bride and the fact that we are making an effort to stamp them out some black should be something we celebrate. not throw ministers in prison for if they've been valid married in another country, then it is not for us to split them up on the basis that they don't comply with the, the laws in our country that needs to be pragmatism. but where there has been a marriage that has been sanctioned under the lower of another country, then there is already existing provision to to actually accept. and to legitimize some of those marriages, i mean, marriages, for example, under sharia law. and what we've done now is we've created to society subway, who is the society to be immigrants,
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where they have their rules and then the society for century, the white people who have their rules. i think that is not acceptable either should be a universal sense of morality, who should be universal set of laws thought. i mean, at the end of the day, we can't impose our own laws on the rest of the world. what they want. his own controlled immigration in order to destroy europe, that they not bothered about the damage system to civil society. and they want to find a way of attacking any politician that attempts to stop people coming out of the border and look at the end the day. we are perfectly happy not to port illegal ladies who are perfectly happy to take on foreign criminals. and the idea of what comes to jail, the midst of that said to stop it robin jail, the people responsible is obviously bothering well, it does seem very severe. um, but if i it sends a message, the immigration ministers around the world. busy have got to be more careful about
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the way they make decisions and to actually lawfully then it, he has a welcome. and if every time an immigration minister made an illegal decision on the being quite a number of those others right over the years the if they was sent to jail. but it would really. busy change things quite dramatic, could he's a very, very worrying trend. this criminalization of politics. well, what you do with your potency, ralph, and debate them, you attempt to find a criminal, a fast to convict of all the idea that you're not shown to take action against people. the children, i think, really just shows a bold bankruptcy. if this whole immigration debates this is our key international, the story of the harry potter author and the great trans backlash, no book or more or movie this time though, just a whole lot of abuse on social media coming up in just about 90 seconds. ah
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ah ah, mm should be noted that we also see the us dollar going up at the same time and other currencies around the world falling and entering into a high bar place during collapse. that's my design to us by supporting bankrupt companies like roots can buy supporting stock by bags and crowds like warren buffet . they are driving that were all t global complex, which is unconscionable,
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because you know, just because bill gates wants to make a few more $1000000.00, we're going to go to war. the rest of the world is so sad. this is america today ah, welcome back. now facebook users may have to reassess the information they've been getting from the site after its parent company, meta admitted in court, that so called fact checks are simply based on opinion. the revelation came during a journalist, the legal battle launched after his posts were flag, does misleading. ortiz saskia taylor reports turns out the famous fact checkers who are busy labeling things false party, false misleading. i've actually been a bit loose with well, the facts. facebook yet again, found itself in court. this time up against to john list. he didn't like the bay slapped partner full sticker on one of his post. so he sued for defamation because
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facebook where he spent millions of dollars on legal fees over the years, it got creative this time and claimed that front check was don't decide what's false or not based on fact, what to ridiculous idea, but on their opinion. hence the title, fact checkup i'm because opinion in america is sacred yukon, so it, it's a very, very nifty loophole. but just to really escape any liability whatsoever. facebook double down on how it gives it. fact check has a very long leash 0 matter, identifies potential misinformation, for fact checkers to review and rate. it leaves the ultimate determination whether information is false or misleading, to the fact checkers. and though meta has designed its platforms so that fact checker ratings appear next to content that the fact checkers have reviewed and rated. it does not contribute to the substance of those ratings. now you won't find
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any of these details in the giant fact tech inspection on facebook dot com. instead, you'll learn about how they interview thought, says and consult data and look for facts you know, to really drive home. the point about how it's all based on opinion. i think some of it's 3000000000 uses, worldwide, one, sorry, pleased. after all, many of them had probably used these fact jackson arguing with their friends. and now it's turned out they were just quoting some random person's opinion about embarrassing railing, so that campaigning for facebook not be let off the hook. court filing. facebook admits its fact checkers. don't check facts. is facebook admitted here, that it's fac checks are not really fat checks at all, but merely opinion assertions also by facebook claim. and it's labels constitute opinions than doesn't that make it a publisher. facebook, your opinion piece is not exempt from being fact checked, even when they are clearly labeled as op eds or editorials. also, facebook are fact check labels cannot be false or defamatory because they consist
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sheet protected opinion, even though we present them. as fact, my question though is, what does facebook need these opinionated fact checkers for anyway, after all, over the years, it's proved, it's committed to free speech. it is giving people a voice, especially donald trump. it's dedicated to openness, transparency, and of course democracy. i mean, it says all the time, if your democracy can't tolerate the speech of people, i'm not sure what kind of democracy it is. i do believe in giving people more access to information and more access to connect with one another and not reserving those as tools for some small number. really, people, i don't feel comfortable at all saying they don't get to have a voice because i don't agree with. they said our ability to know what is misinformation is itself in question. and i think reasonably so fact checkers. facebook favorite friends, protecting it from defamation. setting it free for accountability, someone to hide behind and times of trouble, but most importantly, always ready to get their opinion. facebook has found themselves back against the
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wall and if they try to cling to the idea that they are fact checking in court, they're going to lose. and not only is it gonna cost them big time, but it's an open the door to a flood of similar lawsuit in the near future, and it could be more than they can handle. i think they're hoping that by admitting that fact, jack just means opinion jack, when facebook puts a label on there, hoping to get out of this lawsuit without harm. and then just sink the story into the daily fountain of news events and hope people forget about it. in due time and in the, in the future, you'll see changes in their labels. they'll stop using the word fact and they'll come up with some other way to express it where they still exercise their dictatorship right to control speech on their platform. but it won't be a false presentation like the word fact jack is false. ah, if you want more analysis and insight into the facebook revelations, it's just
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a click away for that and plenty more. besides, over head over to r t dot com, you author of harry potter, j. k. rowling has landed herself in hot water. she is infuriated the transgender community by criticizing the police in scotland, who allowed raped rape suspects to identify as women. that's even if they haven't legally or physically changed their gender, saying only that their female rollin channelled george or wells novel, 1984 on twitter to make her point. where is peace? freedom of slavery, ignorance, his strength, the penis thing to vigil her aim to you is a woman. many people have shared rawlings concerns saying that the new approach will clearly distort crime statistics and thereby render them useless. but the authors faced a heavy backlash from activists and people on social media for her views. vast majority of sexual souls are committed by men who don't identify as anything other
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than men. perhaps you might consider using your public profile to come by this. instead, you created an entire universe filled with wonderful characters, fantastical beasts, magic and wanda. but can't fathom the trans people exist. you've gone downhill from the inspiring woman who wrote harry potter from her call. why does it sound like you am upset about trans people than rapists? hills like you pro, it's is a wrong here baby. so the 1st time rawlings been chewed out by trans rights campaigners back in 2020, she was accused of trans phobia. after ridiculing an article that used the phrase, people who meant straight instead of women that prompted protests outside of her house and even death threats all the while the writer insists she has nothing against transgender people themselves. earlier, my colleague niel harvey spoke with the director of the project. keep prisons, single sex who believes a dangerous precedent has been set in scotland. i think this is another
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example of institutional catcher of our public and private institutions by the transgender low bay. the intention was to then be able to roll out to other sexes. so i think the capturing of the criminal justice system, whether it's crime statistics or it's the prison service, has been a very key tactical made within the crime statistics. we know that sex is an incredibly important variable for analyzing the causes of crime and the response to crime. so if you substituting gender identity to biological sex, you're really messing up the data right at the beginning and you can never formulate an appropriate response. so men are just exploiting a loophole here to get themselves into female prisons and that there's great danger to the family mates. i mean, how do you feel about that side of the argument? once you start pretending that biological sex doesn't matter,
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then you start opening up spaces, team, males to men, and 2 boys on the basis of what they believe about themselves on the basis of gender identity. and that puts women at risk as j. k. rowling says, this is fundamentally, it's about protecting the rights of women and girls is about protecting the safety of women and girls. are mere putin and his chinese counterparts. seizing ping have held a video conference both publicly committed to strengthening ties, amid increasingly strained relations between the east and the west. russia's leader also reiterated his desire to attend the beijing winter olympics. opening ceremony in february ortiz acres dotted has more. it comes amid, as both nations, they face very similar geopolitical challenges, and most of them are coming from half the world away from the united states, both nations, both russia and china, are no stranger to nato,
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bolstering its military presence, either close to the national borders, or when it comes to china in the asia pacific, hence in an area, the china that beijing views as its own backyard here, both vladimir putin and cheating ping, they criticize the so called all cause deal saying that while essentially it undermines the well, the global nuclear stability and that it is essentially a threat to global security have listen, cuz some was expressed by the activity of the americans in re configuring the current situation in the asia pacific region. and in this regard, both from our side and from the chinese side, a negative assessment was expressed about the creation of new alliances such as the indo pacific quad and the american anglo australian union orcus basically this orkin deal is the united states and the u. k. uniting and helping a strange lawyer create its own basically expand its nuclear capabilities, expand the nuclear capabilities of its fleet. this is an attempt by washington and
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london to make us trailer, into more into more of an atomic superpower. in fact, on the side note at this deal has already caused quite a scandal between the allies, because initially, france was about to do more or less the same, but washington and london, well, they muscled out their partner, their ally, paris, out of a very lucrative contract but going back to the meeting between a, going back to this virtual conference between vladimir putin itching ping, they also expressed a desire to move further away from exchanges in dollars when it comes to bilateral trade and well increase the volume of deals or in our local currencies, in fact, staying was there, the subject of economy. vladimir putin, has revealed that more than a 150000000 of doses of russia's vaccines against covert. sputnik v and sputnik light will be produced in china as contracts with 6 chinese firms have been
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signed and in general, during 2021. the or the amount. the volume of bilateral trade has increased by 31 percent, which is basically it has reached to levels higher than a before the pandemic. so there you have it in seems both leaders, they well they see i to i and this meeting, this virtual summit seems to have lamented the alliance between moscow and beijing . word from politics. professor joseph gregory mahoney, he thinks that russia and china are reacting to u. s. aggression, frankly, with the office deal, basically proliferating nuclear weapons toss kalia ostensibly against china with reports. us troops are now in taiwan with biden, undermining strategic ambiguity repeatedly in verbal remarks with ongoing attempts to rally a new alliance in asia against beijing, with constant provocations in the south china sea, with washington propaganda machine constantly dehumanizing china unfairly accusing
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of genocide and gross human rights violations. i wouldn't say the u. s. is being careful, i would say rather, that it's being extremely aggressive. we're in a very fraught moment. the pandemic, of course, has made things even more tight. and so i think what we're saying is 2 countries. and the case with russia and china that have a lot of shared teaching interest and finding that close consultation benefits. most of them, i think that they have some shared strategic interest. but i think we see it on, on multiple fronts. i think both of them are tired of the dollar as the global reserve currency. i think they're both tired of this sort of irrational flip flop politics coming out of washington. i think they understand that to move forward. they need to find a way to transcend the american lead order, and i think that's what they're working to do. you can find more information on your top news stories on our website, r t dot com or by following up on your favorite social media platform. i'll be back
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with more news in just about 30 minutes, so stay tuned with oh, right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that he's pricey and sugary and salty and addicted. it's not at the individual level, it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change this obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply, the medical and scientific establishment. so what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate. in a shaped center, some of those with
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who dares sinks, we dare to ask each other mike with guilt, but on that no was on a bit if got the law i'll j shell out of your story. i tele study so well, let the kind of mostly financial bellamore to let you know about. hum my uncle and
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much more outlet hobby and myself, hopefully for sure. maria, showcase celebrity are allowed to whom one had that visual obviously so so so much so much, much so with sylvia with us 40 to please on be some continued actually heights and infinity. darsh. the wonder with just obviously on unfolding my language. i'm ellia the piece, the bottle in which was a little above the mom by those alex with a double had that.


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